50c Donation: the town crier in yellow

Volume 29
Issue 40
Wednesday 29 October 2014
Donation: 50c
In response to the town crier in yellow
tartan and red hat, and to the sound of
bagpipes, a happy crowd of residents,
family, staff and volunteers and wellwishers assembled on the front lawn of
the Maryborough Nursing Home for the
celebratory photo shoot.
Then it was back to the lounge where we
packed in to hear the speeches in a
programme emceed by Bob Osborne, a
Board member with a history of
volunteer activities with MDHS and a
fund of stories spanning some fifty years.
presentations to residents representing
their fellow residents from each of the
four wings: framed photographs of
Maryborough. Chairs were then pushed
back to allow for entry and cutting of an
Two residents enjoying their cake.
enormous cake followed by
performance of Scottish dancing which included that famous New Year’s Day highlight – the girl dancing on the
drum. Two residents wrote poems especially for the day, one of them being our own well-known contributor to
The Welcome Record’s poetry page, Elizabeth Rickards. (For all those who love her work, she told me she had
‘another batch’ to send us.) All this was followed by a sumptuous afternoon tea and a wonderful display of photos.
The Nursing Home we have today replaced Clarendon House in 2004 and is one of three MDHS residences, the
others being located in Dunolly and Avoca.
Jean Anderson for The Welcome Record
The Bealiba township came to life with the ‘Thru the Lens’
photographic competition. Judy and Wayne McKail impressed
Queen Victoria with the sewing machines from the Victorian
era. Her Majesty is trying to work out how to use one. Wrong end
for the needle ma’am. Fun day for all.
Rachel Buckley
- Friday 31 October 2014
Please note that the time of 8.00pm specified last week refers to
the commencement of the projection show. The event actually
begins at 7.00pm with a sausage sizzle, followed by
entertainment from the D Sharps at 7.15pm and then A Cappella
Gold at 7.30pm. Come along and enjoy this great event at the
Court House.
Page 2 Vol 29 Iss 40
29 October 2014
Decorate Dunolly!
It's that time of year again.....and it's been suggested
that it might be a good idea to get together and do
something to brighten up Broadway for the festive
season. There is a stash of whirligigs kept from last year
as a starting point, so get your thinking caps on and
come to the Dunolly Neighbourhood Centre next
Monday, 3 November at 1.30pm to see what ideas we
can come up with. If you can't make it but would like to
be involved, ring Anna, 0490 077 902and leave a
message, so that we can keep you posted.
Anna Ashton
Welcome Record Inc. A0013872F ABN 19 299 170 473
Published by community volunteers at the Dunolly
Town Hall, 85 Broadway, Dunolly, Victoria 3472.
Phone: (03) 5468 1054.
Email: [email protected]
Tuesday 9.30am - 3.30pm
Wednesday 9.00am -1.00pm
Contributions are accepted up to closing time on
Tuesdays. Exceptions are made only by prior
arrangement, or for important community notices for
the Classified pages. If in doubt please ring us before
2.00pm on Tuesday to avoid disappointment.
All letters, articles and classifieds must contain the
writer’s full name, home address and daytime
telephone number.
The Welcome Record aims to present the diversity of
viewpoints which reflect the concerns and interests of
our community. It will not print contributions which
are defamatory or being used as an alternative to a
personal approach in dealing with a personal issue.
The opinions expressed by contributors are not
necessarily those of The Welcome Record.
Phone 5468 1054
We have a very dedicated team of volunteers at The
Welcome Record who give up their time to present you
with our local paper each week. It is not always smooth
sailing, but it is very rewarding, especially when we get
good feedback as has recently happened with the
introduction of colour, and the new fonts and some
changes in format. Pictured above is Faye Arnold, Assistant
Treasurer & Co-editor on the left and Jan Brock, Treasurer
and Printer. These ladies are instrumental in compiling the
Trade Directory. Any advertiser who wishes to appear in
the Trade Directory now is the time to send in your copy as
we will be printing it in a few weeks. Thank you.
The Welcome Record Team
Nov 1 Oozin Blues at The Elphinstone Pub.
Nov 8 Wild Turkey at The Royal Hotel Dunolly.
Nov 8/9 ‘Strangers in Paradise’ A delightful concert of
popular show tunes. Buckley’s of Dunolly 2.00pm
Nov 22 Oozin Blues at The Shamrock Hotel
Nov 30 Oozin Blues at St Andrews Hotel 3.00pm -6.00.pm.
Dec 13 And 14‘Operatic Delights’ Music from The Merry
Widow and other popular operas at
Buckley’s of Dunolly. 2.00pm
NY Eve Oozin Blues at The Royal Hotel Dunolly.
For any Gig updates, please email:
[email protected]
Jan Stephenson
Gig Guide
Dunolly Primary School
Church News
Important Dates
Cookery Corner
Dunolly Neighbourhood Centre
Poetry & Puzzles
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29 October 2014
Thank you for your recent support of the Woodside
Open Garden event. The day was a great success and
each community group was thrilled with their
fundraising efforts. We very much appreciate our
story being published on two occasions in The
Welcome Record, together with photographs.
Thank you again for your support, it really means so
much to us and to the success of the event.
Kindest Regards
Jayne Newgreen - Evansford Community Centre
I enjoyed Coral Christensen's article about Betley last
week. It was interesting to hear that the transported
room at Dunolly Primary School called Betley was in
fact the school my grandmother attended. Her great
grandchildren used that room about one hundred
years after she did.
Vicky Frizzell
Vol 29 Iss 40 Page 3
Specializing in all aspects
of butchery.
It’s that time of year again.
Start placing your orders for Christmas.
Hams, chickens, turkeys and pork.
94 Broadway, Dunolly 3472
Ph. 5468 1046
Please note: The government is making an
announcement regarding local issues at Dunolly Town
Hall on Monday 3 November at 12.00pm.
Any interested parties, please attend.
Rural & Domestic Fencing,
Bathroom & Kitchen
Roofing Repairs & Painting,
Painting & Plaster Work,
Fully Insured & Free Quotes
CONTACT TERRY—0413 805 946
Page 4 Vol 29 Iss 40
A great day was had by volunteers, participants and
visitors alike last Sunday here in Bealiba.
The Historical Society hosted their third annual
photographic competition and open day, with over 60
entries across the age groups with the majority in the
open section. We need, of course, to thank all of the
generous sponsors. Without their support we would
not have had a competition. Donations of cash
totalled over $200 and this was distributed across the
categories for prizes. Plus we had donations of goods
which we raffled off. (A prize was a hand knitted jacket
that many had their eyes on). All of this helps to cover
our costs on the day. We could not hold this
community event without the generosity of everyone
who donated their time and money. A big thank you
to you all!
On the day we had an amazing display of antique
sewing machines from ‘Sew What Maryborough’.
Wayne and Judi McKail are treasures themselves,
donating their time and effort. They then surprised
everybody with a donation of an oven door from
Pennington’s store in Bealiba that had been part of
their personal collection in their museum in
Maryborough. I am quite sure that Maryborough has
no idea what they have lost in the closing of the Flour
Mill Gallery; let’s just hope they can find a home for
their amazing collection before it is lost from this
Ann Jeffree, from ‘Sketched Spun & Warped ‘in
Clunes, donated her time and expertise to run a photo
workshop. All the participants came away with
knowledge about their cameras, plus tricks and tips of
how to take a great photo of their pet. I heard that
some were still up in the wee hours reading their
camera manuals, discovering more about the
technology and honing their skills. Next year we hope
to expand on the workshop idea; not only camera
skills but presentation skills, encouraging participation
from all sections of the local community.
We also need to thank Georgia McGuire from Dunolly,
who stepped in at the last minute to judge our photo
competition, and all for a plate of sandwiches!!!
Georgia brought her artistic skill and eye to this task.
What an interesting time it was to work alongside her
as she viewed and selected the winners. While
Judging is a subjective process, there is a range of
criteria that would be of interest to our budding
photographers, there is potential there for a workshop
We had visitors to the gardens that were open in
town. While it has been such a difficult season with
29 October 2014
the roses only just coming out now and many of the
seasonal flowers just not lasting more than a day or
two, there was still much to admire. Nola McClelland
put a great deal of effort in compiling the garden list
including historical facts about the properties that
added great interest; we look forward to a better year
in our gardens...maybe some rain???
Our Historical displays were also very popular. A table
of just a few of the boxes of photos we had donated
was laid out and so many people pored over them,
identified the pictures, and added names to the many
faces. It was quite a talking point.
The CWA kept us all fed and watered through the day;
as always this was a good spot to sit and catch up.
Again we thank everyone who donated goods and
prize money, plus all the volunteers, visitors and
supporters who came and helped, making this a really
great community effort. We are all looking forward to
staging this event again next year. We learn a little
more each year, and know we can build on this
success. We are constantly reminded of the spirit of
Adrian Cook and his passion for photography,
community and our local history. We hope to see you
all next year.
The 2014 Winners were:
0-7 yr Isabelle Duell 1st
Highly commended – Marissa Soupe
With encouragement awards to all participants.
8 – 15yr
1st Luke Tachell 2nd Luke Gamble
3 Allana McClelland-Duell
Highly commended Luke Gamble
16 – 21 yr 1st Sarah Tachell
Open Age 1st Carol Craig
2nd Marlene Stork
3 Marg Pascoe
Highly commended Joanne Swanson
Our special category ‘ My favourite Animal’ went to
Emu resident Lisa Walker .
Judy Meldrum
The lovely hand knitted jacket that was the prize in the raffle
29 October 2014
After being called out to attend several ‘burn
offs’ that developed a mind of their own at the weekend,
the CFA would like to remind local residents of the
necessary precautions and regulations around burning off
at home.
Paul Tangey, Community Education Co-ordinator for the
CFA North West region, has urged residents to consult
weather forecasts before lighting fires. A cool, calm
morning can quickly deteriorate into a windy afternoon
or evening and fires travel very quickly when fanned by
Residents must always check with their local shire
regarding regulations around lighting fires and a call to
the Victorian Burn-Off Notification Line is always
advisable. It may save an unnecessary call out by the local
CFA when a neighbour reports smoke or flame.
Fire Restrictions for Summer come into force in the
Loddon Shire at 1.00am on Monday 3 November.
The Goldfields Shire will introduce restrictions in a few
weeks time. Mr Tingey emphasised that the time to
clean up around houses for the Summer season is well
and truly upon us.
Simple precautions homeowners should take now
 Mowing and slashing any long grass, especially around
the house.
 Making sure gutters are free of leaves and debris.
 Cutting back overhanging tree branches close to the
house or sheds.
 Raking leaf litter or bark away from the house.
 Removing any piles of firewood that pose a threat to
the house.
 Making sure any flammable liquids, including petrol
and old paint tins, are stored safely away from houses.
For any further details or information go to:
The CFA website, cfa.vic.gov.au, Victorian Bushfire
Information Line, 1800 240 667 or install the FireReady
app on your phone or ipad. This app enables you to
create a ‘watch zone’ around your area and sends you
notifications of any fire within that watch zone as soon as
they are reported to the CFA. There will be a CFA display
and an opportunity to ask any questions you may have at
the next Dunolly market on 9 November.
Faye Arnold
Raffle tickets are now being sold prize is a trailer load of wood.
The raffle will be drawn on
Saturday 8 November at the
Uniting Church Market.
Please contact Georgie Christensen with any queries
on 0417 537 096.
Vol 29 Iss 40 Page 5
General Merchant
Another very busy cold season has now passed and I
would like to thank all of our loyal LP Gas customers
right across the Central Goldfields Shire and beyond
for their continued support.
As we enter the warmer months I have altered our
opening times due to seasonal commitments.
The new times are:
Tuesday & Wednesday
8.30am to 1.00pm
Thursday & Friday
8.30am to 5.00pm
8.30 am to midday
I realise these new times may take a while to get used
to and may inconvenience some people. For this I
You can place orders over the phone outside opening
times by calling 5468 1035.
Peter Daly
Page 6 Vol 29 Iss 40
After visiting the photo display, buying a ticket in the
raffle for the gorgeous hand knitted jacket which I can
see myself wearing, and enjoying a lunch made by the
hardworking Bealiba CWA ladies, it was time to visit
the Bealiba reservoir.
There is something very satisfying about coming onto
a body of water in our dry landscape, and Bealiba
Reservoir did not disappoint us. It is a small body of
water as reservoirs go, but is set in natural bushland
filled with birdsong. Edged with green algae and
rushes, and with a high water mark from wetter years
clearly visible, it is a lovely spot. No wonder there are
a number of sticks in place to hold fishing rods.
Campfire remnants indicate it is popular camping spot
as well.
Plenty of birds including honeyeaters, swallows, and
some type of stilts were calling to each other in the
still air. Little bushflies greeted me with well-placed
stings and hurried me back to the car in search of nonexistent insect repellent.
A gravel road goes all the way around the reservoir,
crossing the dam wall at one point. Access to the
water is very easy as there are no steep banks. Bealiba
people are lucky to have this great recreation area at
the foot of Mount Bealiba for their use.
Vicky Frizzell
Despite a stormy night and a blustery wind, Joan
Cook's roses made a beautiful welcome for the
depleted Dunolly Garden Club last Monday. The red
roses were in full bloom, but the white ones were only
starting so Joan will be able to enjoy her roses for a
while yet. The irises were in full bloom and seemed to
be unaffected by the dry spring we're having. Joan's
son Chris was on hand to discuss his role in the
garden's maintenance. The pair has made extensive
use of a variety of succulents which work well with the
bigger shrubs. Chris has also put down a thick layer of
mulch in all the garden beds and has used soaker hoses
to allow for quicker watering time and less water
waste. Gardening practices have had to evolve for
gardens to remain viable in our changing climate, and
Joan and Chris have done that successfully. Helped by
their lovable and attention seeking dog, the work they
have done has created a very pleasant place for
everyone to enjoy. Thank you Joan and Chris for a very
enjoyable afternoon, and for the banana cake
Vicky Frizzell
29 October 2014
Beyond the Garden Path
with Maz…………..
The last Sunday of October turned out to be ideal for a
drive to Bealiba to see the Photographic Competition in
the Community Hall.
First sight though, as we walked through the door was
the amazing display of antique sewing machines.
Wayne McKail, the owner of this collection, or should I
say part collection, was there in person to show people
around and impart to us his impressive knowledge
about them.
I personally found them quite fascinating. From the
more simple designs, to what could be termed ‘Over
the Top’ inventions. Not to forget the artistry and
creativity of these beautiful pieces.
It was just a mere 60 years ago that I was taught to
sew, by my mother, on one of these similar machines.
But of course by then we’d moved on from hand
turning to treadle power.
Photography of course is a similar time frame, minus
five minutes or so in the scheme of things. From
viewing crystal clear copies of black and white photos,
from WWI (found in a French attic) to our modern day
coloured pieces of art, such as those displayed at
Bealiba on Sunday.
What a long way we’ve come in a relatively short time.
Animals were a favourite subject through the lens,
especially family pets.
First prize in the kids’ section of the old dog in the
trough could have been titled ‘The things we do for
love’. It’s a positive sign to see the work of young
people interested in the arts. Keep up the good work.
And who says the camera doesn’t lie. Some of the
fabulous scenery and garden shots, could not possibly
have that dreamy romantic perspective in real life
could they?
And I’m almost sure I put on half a kilo, just staring at
that colourful display of cakes pictured. Every picture
tells a story, albeit a different one to each set of eyes.
My personal favourites were the Proud Rooster and the
tasty Pomegranates.
Casual lunch served with a cuppa and lots of smiles,
after the viewings were over, was as always, excellent.
See Ya Maz
29 October 2014
Vol 29 Iss 40 Page 7
Mobile Library users in
the Goldfields Region
are set to benefit from
a new Mobile Library
vehicle which is now on
the road.
The Mobile Library has
been providing service
to communities in the Goldfields Library region for
over forty years.
Currently it services 17 community stops across the
City of Greater Bendigo, Buloke, Loddon and Central
Goldfields Shire, covering 971 kms per week.
Goldfields Library Corporation CEO, Chris Kelly said the
new vehicle will provide a more reliable service for the
communities it serves.
‘Our previous vehicle was manufactured in 2004 and
has covered over 380,000 kilometres.
The new vehicle has a
more efficient engine and
a larger fuel tank which
will allow us to better
utilise our time schedules
visits each of the 17 stops
once a week, giving our
regional and rural communities access to browse over
10,000 items to borrow and an opportunity to reserve
books, magazines, DVDs and CDs from the regional
collection of over 300,000 items,’ said Ms Kelly
The current mobile library timetable can be viewed on
Goldfields Library Corporation website at
www.ncgrl.vic.gov.au or phone 5449 2700 for further
Bridget Robertson
Goldfields Library Corporation
Tarnagulla Community Centre
Open every Sunday
10.00AM to 4.00PM
8 Sandy Creek Lane Behind the Victoria Hall.
Homemade cakes, pastries,
soup and sandwiches
Come along and enjoy a coffee or Devonshire tea
Eat in or take away
We also have a range of local
crafts and produce.
Support your local centre run by volunteers.
Page 8 Vol 29 Iss 40
Stars of the Week
This week’s awards go to the following students –
Prep 1 – to be announced
Grade 1/2 – Alice Milburn & Chloe Goodwin
Grade 3/4 – Levi Ryan
Grade 5/6 – Trisha Schnoor
Principal’s – to be announced
Auslan – Tyler Johnston
29 October 2014
Sun Smart
Our School is a Sun Smart school and we require that
students wear hats when outside at all times during
Terms 1 and 4. Please ensure that you send your child
to school with their hat.
Students without a hat are not able to play outside
whilst at school.
Awards are given to students at assembly each week.
Last Week’s Stars of the Week!!!
29 October 1919
Following the example set by the school children at
Maldon, the Dunolly Sate Scholl children are also
going barefoot; parents say it will be a saving in
boots, shoes, socks and the time spent darning socks!
Melbourne Cup Public Holiday
There will be no school on Tuesday 4 November due
to the Melbourne Cup Public Holiday.
PHONE COL ON 0434 142 654
Call for a personalised quote at any time.
40 years experience!
Can do any size removal to
anywhere within Vitoria.
Professional service at discounted rates!
Puzzle supplied courtesy Susan Day
29 October 2014
Vol 29 Iss 40 Page 9
Page 10 Vol 29 Iss 40
St John’s Anglican Church
Celebrating 145 Years in Dunolly
Leading up to the service to be held on Sunday
30 November 2014, I would like to write about the
buildings and their history, also about the organ,
which is really very special.
The Common School
During the 1850s Dunolly was a bustling gold mining
town. Its population consisted mainly of ‘Diggers’. On
23 March 1857 the foundation stone was laid by the
Bishop of Melbourne, for the Church of England
School, Dunolly.
By January 1858 the building was almost completed,
except for the roof. In typical church style a ‘Bazaar’
was held, and helped raise 70 pounds towards the
building fund. By April, the stonework was completed
and a government grant of 100 pounds almost paid for
the completion of the building.
The ‘Common School’ which had been functioning
since March 1857 in premises in Broadway,
transferred to the new building in May 1858. Known
as the Church of England School, it became ‘Common
School’ No. 189, after the passing of the Common
School Act in May 1862.
Mr and Mrs Joshua Thomas were in charge of the
school. By 1872, nearly 200 pupils were attending the
school. The two school rooms were so overcrowded
that the infant classes were taught in the Dunolly
Town Hall (now the Courthouse). Mr Thomas was in
charge of the school for 18 years and retired when the
school closed on 31 May 1875. At this time there were
390 pupils on the roll. On completion of Dunolly State
School on 1 June 1875, the pupils all transferred to
the new school building.
The ‘school’ or as it is now known as ‘St John’s Hall’
has been used by the Church and the community ever
(Taken from History of St John’s by R.L. Carless)
Pam Brodie
(More next week)
29 October 2014
This rather splendid cup was brought to the Dunolly
Field and Game Gun Club shoot on the weekend. It had
been rescued from a Ballarat opportunity shop where
it had come to rest, unloved and tarnished - without a
name or any history!
The inscription on the cup reads –
WON BY ___________________________
The Dunolly Field and Game Club would love to hear
from anyone who might know who won the cup in
1938. They are also interested in collecting any history,
records and memories of the Gun Club from the time
before it amalgamated with the Field and Game Club
in the early 1980s.
If anyone has any information they could contact the
Welcome Record and we will put you in touch with a
member of the current club.
Faye Arnold
29 October 2014
Vol 29 Iss 40 Page 11
Invite you to worship God and welcome
you to their services:
Sunday 2 November 2014
St John’s Dunolly Anglican Parish Service
8.00 am – Holy Communion – Rev Andrew Eaton
St David’s Bealiba Anglican Services
1st and 3rd Sundays monthly at 8.00am
Emu Anglican Services
2nd and 4th Sundays monthly at 11.30am
Catholic Services: Dunolly
2nd and 4th Sundays Mass at 8.30am
1st and 3rd Sunday Assembly at 8.30am
5th Sunday Mass at 8.30am
3rd Saturday Mass at 11.00am
Bealiba Uniting Church
2nd and 4th Sundays at 11.00am
Dunolly Uniting Church
9.30am Service - Joy Turner
Laanecoorie Uniting Church
Service at 11.30am
Blessed are those who are persecuted
for righteousness’ sake,
for theirs is the Kingdom of Heaven.
Matthew 5 : V10
This week our Lay Minister Joy Turner will take our
November service. We all love her services, so come
and join us at 9.30 am you will not be disappointed. A
cuppa at the end of the service is something we enjoy
too. We all wish one of our dear leaders in our
Church, Rhonda Heather, a speedy recovery. She is in
hospital at the moment and we all miss her leadership
at Church. UCAF will meet at on Thursday
6 November at 1.30pm. This is our Annual General
Meeting and our activity for the month is for you to
bring along an item of a happy memory. A small plate
of food to share also.
Our last service with Rev Youn Kim is on
23 November and it will be at a later time of 10.30am
with a bring and share lunch to follow.
Jean Richardson
Father Tuyen said his first Mass at Dunolly on Sunday
since his ordination. There will be Mass at St Mary’s
next Sunday 2 November at 8.30am. As we now have
two priests in the Parish, there will be more Sunday
Masses at Dunolly and Avoca.
We were admiring the lovely embroidery on Fr Tuyen’s
vestments – he told us his parents had given them to
him when he was ordained.
Prayer cards for the Family Synod are at the churches.
There will be a community day at Highview College, on
Thursday 6 November with a school tour at 2.00pm
and activities from 4.00-6.00pm.
There is an Angels and Icons exhibition at the gallery at
428 Possum Gully Rd, Adelaide Lead from Saturday 1
November to 6 November inclusive, and every
weekend until Sunday 30 November.
Spiritual Renewal day for St Augustine’s Parish,
Saturday 8 November from 10.00am to 4.00pm.
Early notice – Ecumenical Christmas Service on
12 December at 7.30pm. Mass at St Mary’s Dunolly on
Sunday 2 November for All Souls Day.
P.S. Thanks to St. Anthony for the re-appearance of the
Church key.
R. Mecredy
‘It is a holy and wholesome thing to pray for the dead. ‘
We welcome Rev Andrew this coming Sunday at
8.00am to celebrate the Eucharist.
Please accept our apologies. Due to circumstances
beyond our control the cake stall will not happen on
Saturday 1 November. We apologise for any
inconvenience. The winner of the $50.00 Meat Voucher
will be notified when it is drawn.
Our next meeting will be held on Tuesday 11 November
at 2.00 pm - all welcome!
The next gathering and bible study will be held on
Thursday 20 November at 11.30am. Sunday
30 November at 10.30 am. Special celebration for
145 years in Dunolly.
For any further information please contact Pam Brodie
on 54681 183 or Trina Kay on 5468 1709.
Pam Brodie
Page 12 Vol 29 Iss 40
Bealiba Playgroup meets every Friday from
10.00am to 11.00am in the Primary School during
school terms
29 October 2014
Dunolly St George Lodge
4th Saturday each month
Dunolly Town Hall/Court House Committee
4th Tuesday each month 3.30pm Town Hall
Bealiba Progress Association meeting,
2nd Tuesday each month 7.30pm Bealiba Hall
Dunolly Traders meeting
1st Tuesday each month 5.30pm Town Hall
Bealiba Bingo 1.30pm in the Bealiba Hall
2nd Monday each month
Community bus – every Friday to Maryborough and
back. RTC 5468 1205
Dunolly Unit Vic SES meeting 6.30pm
3rd Tuesday each month.
Training every other Tuesday
Dunolly Community Garden Wednesdays at Pre-school:
2.00pm AEST/5.00pm Summer
Dunolly Uniting Church Messy Church
4th Wednesday each month 4.30pm to 6.00pm
Dunolly CWA 1.30pm RSL Hall
1st Wednesday each month
Dunolly Day Support Tuesday and Thursdays
10.30am to 2.30pm Phone 5468 2907
Dunolly District Auxiliary
1st Monday each month at 10.00am
Hospital Day Room
Dunolly Field and Game meeting
1st Thursday each month 7.30pm
147 Broadway
Golden Triangle Archers
4th Sunday each month 10.00am behind Deledio
Mobile Library every Thursday 2.00pm to 5.00pm
outside Town Hall
Newbridge CWA meeting Newbridge Hall
3rd Tuesday each month 1.30pm
Old time Dancing 7.30pm Mondays
Anglican Hall Barkly Street Dunolly
Dunolly Fire Brigade meeting
1st Monday each month 7.30pm Fire Station
RSL meeting 12.30pm RSL Hall Dunolly
Last Friday each month
Dunolly Community Market
2nd Sunday each month 8.00am to 1.00pm
Senior Citizens cards each Tuesday 1.30pm
Dunolly Neighbourhood Watch meeting
3rd Wednesday each month 10.30am Bakery
Dunolly Supported Playgroup meets Wednesday
9.30am to 11.30am
Dunolly Preschool
Dunolly & District Probus Cub meeting
3rd Thursday each month 10.000am
Senior Citizens Hall
Dunolly Museum meeting
3rd Monday each month 75 Broadway
Senior Citizens luncheon
3rd Wednesday each month 12.30pm
Talbot Farmers Market
3rd Sunday each month 9.00am to 1.00pm
Tarnagulla Playgroup each Thursday 10.30am to 12
noon – behind the hall
Tarnagulla Action Group - Community Centre
3rd Monday each month 7.30pm
Welcome Record Committee meets 2.00pm
2nd Monday each month - office
Friday 31
Museum of Truth and Lies - Dunolly Court House - 7.30pm
Monday 3
Thursday 6
Saturday 8
Saturday 8 and
Sunday 9
Tuesday 11
Saturday 15
Saturday 22
Decorating Dunolly - Neighbourhood Centre - 1.30pm
UCAF AGM at Uniting Church - 1.30pm.
Wild Turkey at The Royal Hotel
Strangers in Paradise - Buckley’s of Dunolly - 2.00pm
Free Hearing Screening - Resource Centre Nolan St Maryborough - 10.00am - 2.00pm
Ruddigore (Savoy Opera Company) - Dunolly Town Hall - 2.00pm
Handel’s Messiah - Dunolly Town Hall - 3.00pm
29 October 2014
Melville Caves
Get to your feet for our
inaugural Walk4BrainCancer. Australians are walking
against the deadly statistics of brain cancer this
November. Come and join us on Sunday, 9 November
At Melville Caves, Kooyoora State Park, and choose from a
number of different walking tracks. After you complete the
walk, enjoy a community event with a BBQ.
If you wish to donate items to be raffled, we will be happy
to pick up your donation. Please visit the link above to
register and donate or give Nicole a call on 0467268576
with any questions. We thank you in advance for your
Great family day out raising money for a much needed
cause. Please register and donate. Save the date and invite
your family and friends.
Ticket Price
Adult - 16 Yrs. +
Child – 5-16yrs (Under 5 Free)
Family - 2 Adults/2 Children
When: Sunday 9 November , 2014 10:00am To 1:00pm
Location: Melville Caves Rheola, VIC, 3517
Contact: Nicole Liddicoat 0467 268 576
[email protected]
KW Hardefeldt Pty. Ltd.
49 Alma Street,
Maryborough 3465
Vol 29 Iss 40 Page 13
Bits and Pieces ---When we were watching the street scenes in the film
about Gough Whitlam the other night I couldn’t help
but notice how slim the majority of people in the
street seemed to be. There was something else too –
no-one was stuffing their face with some sort of fast
food – could there be a connection? No one ate in the
streets so much in 1972. When did the Golden Arches
etc. arrive in Australia?
Heard on the ABC, a description of the Crystal Cup
horserace on Saturday – Donkey Drop is heading to
the rear of the field. Was this horse running the wrong
On the subject of the races – why fascinators and how
the heck are they attached to the head of the wearers
– Super Glue?
What is the idea of that little man following people in
the APIA ad? It is really ridiculous and irritating!
Are court artists only allowed to draw two or three
facial types? The similarity of the faces of criminals in
their sketches is puzzling. No wonder they are hard to
identify – they all look the same.
After the invasion of ‘flying ants’ the other night there
were heaps of their wings left outside the windows.
They are nearly impossible to sweep up – being so
light they just keep wafting about.
Have you seen the toasters that were for sale in
Maryborough a while back? Not only do they cook
toast, but there was a section attached where you can
poach or boil eggs. When I mentioned them to the lad
in the shop, he said he wanted to know where he
could cook his bacon!
We conduct a Mobile Veterinary Service throughout
the Maryborough area. We are available for:
House calls for small animal consultations ,
vaccinations etc
Routine farm consultations
All appointments for calls must be made before
midday Tuesday
Tel. 5461 4466
Goes where the big cats can’t
Post hole borer
150, 450 & 300mm augers
Site Clearing and Trenching
Backhoe Attachment
4 in 1 Bucket
Phone Tom Fankhauser
03 5468 1660 0417 649 756
Page 14 Vol 29 Iss 40
The Victorian Coalition Government is investing
$865,000 to fund programs in the Ripon electorate
that help young people develop skills, build confidence
and make new connections for life after school.
Minister for Youth Affairs Ryan Smith today joined
Liberal candidate for Ripon Louise Staley and Nationals
Candidate for Ripon Scott Turner to announce that
seven groups in Ripon will receive funding to support a
range of local initiatives for young people.
Ms Staley welcomed the funding from the Napthine
Government's Engage program that will help more
young people in the Ripon area connect with their
local community and live active, healthy and fulfilling
‘These programs build on the Napthine Government's
commitment to give young Victorians more
opportunities to get involved in their local community
and develop skills that will help them in education and
along employment pathways,’ Ms Staley said.
There are seven groups involved; those pertinent to
our area are:
 Central Goldfields Shire Council which will receive
$125,000 to fund programs that help young people
connect with the community;
 Inglewood and Districts Health Service which will
receive $100,000 to deliver the Engaging and
Supporting the Youth of South Loddon Program; and
 Goldfields Employment and Learning Centre which
will receive $90,000 to deliver employment, work
placement and training programs for young people.
29 October 2014
Mr Smith said the investment in the Ripon electorate
forms part of the Napthine Government's $12 million
Engage program.
‘Through the Engage program, more than 100
Victorian organisations are assisting young people to
make the most of volunteering and mentoring
opportunities, enabling them to develop wide-ranging
skills for education, training and employment,’ Mr
Smith said.
Mr Turner said the Napthine Government is
committed to partnering with local organisations to
support young people.
‘The Engage program is another example of how the
Coalition Government is working with the community
to give young people more opportunities to follow
their dreams and achieve their best,’ Mr Turner said.
For more information: www.youthcentral.vic.gov.au
We are located in the big shed.
29 October 2014
Vol 29 Iss 40 Page 15
Prep + Cook Time 25 Minutes. Serves 4
⅔ cup (130g) jasmine rice
600g chicken stir-fry strips
1 medium red onion (170g), cut into thin wedges
8cm piece fresh ginger (40g), grated
1 large carrot (180G), sliced thinly
1 large red capsicum (350g), sliced thinly
½ cup (125ml) water
300g sugar snap peas, trimmed
¼ cup (60ml) sweet chilli sauce
2 tablespoons salt-reduced soy sauce
½ cup loosely packed fresh coriander leaves
1. Cook rice in a medium saucepan of boiling water
until tender, drain.
2. Meanwhile, combine chicken, onion and ginger in
a medium bowl. Heat a lightly oiled wok over high
heat; stir-fry chicken mixture, in batches, until
chicken is browned and onion softens. Remove
from wok.
3. Add carrot, capsicum and half the water to wok;
stir-fry until carrot is almost tender. Return
chicken mixture to wok with peas, sauces and the
remaining water; stir-fry until vegetables are
4. Service stir-fry with rice; sprinkle with coriander.
Recipe from Eat for Health, 2012
1 cup chopped dates
1 scant cup lightly packed brown sugar
60g margarine
1 cup boiling water
1¾ cups SR flour
1 level tsp. carb soda
2 tsps. Vanilla essence
1. Put dates and sugar in a mixing bowl. Slice in
margarine (so that it will melt quickly).
2. Pour boiling water over above mixture and stir until
the margarine has melted.
3. Add sifted flour, soda, beat well.
4. Flavour with vanilla.
5. Bake in a well-greased loaf tin in a moderate over
for 35 to 40 minutes.
When cold cut into thick slices and spread with butter.
This loaf keeps moist for about one week.
Recipe from Australian Good Taste Magazine
May 2012
Extensions ~ Pergolas ~ Decks ~ Renovations
General House Maintenance
20 Years Experience
Free Measure and Quote
Attention to detail
Personalised Service
Peter and Shelley Davies
18 Drive In Court Maryborough 3465
Butch Kennedy (Owner)
107 Field St Maryborough 3465
Mob: 0428 741 052
Email: [email protected]
Telephone 5461 1000
Page 16 Vol 29 Iss 40
On Saturday 25 October at 2.00pm the Carisbrook
Historical Society hosted an official opening of the Tilly
Aston Memorial Centre in Carisbrook. An introduction
was carried out by Carisbrook Historical Society
President Judith Healey, and Alex Stoneman OAM acted
as MC for the program.
Guests included Anthea Taylor from Vision Australia
Heritage section, Maurice Gleason OAM from Blind
Sports Victoria, Heather Helzingen, Secretary of the
Australian Esperanto Association, Russell Jack, founder
and Director of the Golden Dragon Museum, Bendigo,
Dimity Mapstone representative from Culture Victoria
and Arts Victoria and Ruth O’Connell Manager of Vision
Australia Bendigo region.
Mayor of the Central Goldfields Shire Barry Rinaldi
attended and addressed the crowd of over 120 people
present, and Barry revealed that the council will soon
place a Braille Tactile sign at the site.
The representatives from Rotary in Maryborough, Bob
Osborne; Midlands Historical Society Betty Osborn; and
Goldfields Historical & Arts Society John Tully, were also
present. Representatives from local Lions Clubs
attended, as well as Alby Thomas (Lions Club of
Northcote) and his wife Helen.
Rosalie Fitzmaurice from the Maryborough & District
Garden Club spoke about sensory plants and their
benefits, and Edith Rabone read out a funny but heartwarming story from Tilly Aston’s book ‘Memoirs’.
Sue Tully, a volunteer with Vision Australia for 15 years,
explained how this memorial centre came about, Sue
lives in Carisbrook and has an interest in history. Sue
stated that many people were travelling past the
memorial cairn not knowing that this was placed here
Rod May for Ripon
[email protected]
TW: @capck
FB: /Rod.May.14
Authorised by K Dimozantos.
Lvl 1/362 Lt Collins St Melbourne VIC 3000
Printed by 5th Colour Print Management.
Lvl 5/11 Queens Rd. Melbourne VIC 3004
29 October 2014
to honour a great lady of history who was born in
Carisbrook in 1873. Now with a memorial centre close
by, the cairn is clearly noticed and visitors can read the
information boards on Tilly’s achievements and gain
the benefits of the surrounding sensory garden.
A show of support came from Dunolly with the honour
of Queen Victoria and her entourage in attendance.
Aston family descendants attended and some came
from as far away as the Grampians to celebrate Tilly
‘The year 1895 began with the six colonial Premiers
meeting in Hobart to discuss Federation and make
decisions. It ended with eight insignificant unknown
blind people led by Tilly Aston meeting to discuss the
future of blind people and make decisions. Not in their
wildest dreams could either group have imagined the
outcome ‘- J. W. WILSON AM.
Sue Tully
Visitors studying the display boards at
Tilly Aston Centre.
29 October 2014
Vol 29 Iss 40 Page 17
What’s going on at
There was a great turnout for this
month’s archery meet. Great
weather brought out the families to
enjoy the fresh air and get involved in an ancient sport
that the whole family can enjoy. It is a great way to get
the kids outside for the day. New members always
welcome, come and join in the fun.
Monday—Saturday: 7.00am - 6.00pm
Art Group
The art group are gathering here
at the Centre on Monday mornings
usually about 10.30am. They are
using the big craft room and are using all different
mediums, so come join in the fun. They will soon have
their own Art Room where they can store their
D Sharps
The D Sharps will be singing a tall
tale at the Museum of Truth & Lies
on Friday 31 October, show starts
at 7.00pm, Dunolly Court House. The D Sharps practise
at St Johns Hall Mondays at 3.30pm. Any bookings or
enquiries for the D Sharps please call Shelley Di Biase
on 5468 1817.
The Woodworking Club is always
seeking new members so you are
always welcome. Just pop up to the
centre on a Tuesday morning about
9.00am and talk to Mike about joining
in.. If you have ordered a set of the Adirondack Chairs
thankyou for your patience, hand crafting takes time but
rest assured they will be finished soon.
Want more information?
Phone 5468 1511
Email: [email protected]
Painter & Decorator
Phone: 03 5469 7282
Mobile: 0429 697 282
No job too small
Page 18 Vol 29 Iss 40
29 October 2014
Supplied courtesy : The Puzzle Wizard
Solution 38
We apologise for inserting Crossword # 38 again last week.
Solution for 38 is above. We will omit # 39 to keep the sequence of
publication issue and crossword number the same; therefore the
crossword number this week is 40.
The Welcome Record Team
Solution to Sudoku is on page 19
29 October 2014
Vol 29 Iss 40 Page 19
Most people like chocolate, but I prefer chips
I can feel them going through my lips
With that lovely salty taste
Not one of them would I waste.
I did something I’ve not done before
I locked the keys outside the door
I realised the mess I was in
Some days you just can’t win.
I sit at night watching TV
With a big bag of chips on my knee
They do make a bit of a mess
But I just couldn’t care less.
I rang up all the people I knew
Although I only know a few
To climb out the window would be a risk
And I may even break a disc.
Chocolate does awful things to your hips
But you don’t have to worry with chips
I don’t have to worry because I am slim
And very healthy and full of vim.
I then had a feeling of panic
Just as if I was on the Titanic
I never liked being locked in spaces
Where I couldn’t see any other faces.
People give me chockies as a gift
But they don’t ever give me a lift
I always give them all away
Or keep them until someone comes to stay.
I decided I would do some chores
So I cleaned out cupboards and washed the floors
The house had never looked so clean
And no one here for it to be seen.
I like to go out and see a movie
Something real good and groovy
And just sit and munch and munch
I’m sure people would like to give me a punch.
The cat then started to cry and cry
And I knew exactly why
He’s always been such a clean cat
And wouldn’t do a thing like that.
When we go for nice long trips
I always take my bag of chips
Without them I know I’d die
As there’s nothing else I would try.
Elizabeth Rickards
At last a friend came and let me out
And I felt relieved without a doubt
Tomorrow I’ll get a new lock on the door
And I won’t do that anymore.
Elizabeth Rickards
SUDOKU Solution 41
Solve the word pyramid - 18 letters
___ ____
_____ olly (township) (3)
Stan’s mate (4)
Welcome Record in sin (crypt)
(initials) (1,1,1,1,1) (5)
To paint in (6)
2. Unscramble the 18 letters to reveal:
It finally happened (7,1,1,1,2,6)
Solution to last edition’s puzzle:
Page 20 Vol 29 Iss 40
29 October 2014
Hundreds of forest and park tracks and roads across
Victoria will re-open in time for the Melbourne Cup
weekend - starting on Saturday 1 November 2014.
Department of Environment and Primary Industries
(DEPI) Planning Manager Tony Dowler said: ‘Roads and
tracks are closed temporarily to protect them from
damage during the wetter months each year as part of
DEPI and Parks Victoria’s seasonal road closure
‘These roads and tracks were closed over winter and
spring for public safety and to protect track surfaces as
well as water quality and the forest environment,’ Mr
Dowler said.
‘While most of the closed roads and tracks which we
are re-opening are part of the regular seasonal
closures, there are also some being opened following
the completion of repairs to damage caused by storms
and bushfire.’
‘Some roads may remain closed because of ongoing
repair works.’
Chris Rose, Parks Victoria’s General Manager Regional
Services said: ‘While we have made every effort to
ensure visitors have access for the opening weekend,
drivers need to be prepared to come across fallen trees
and other debris in some places.’
‘DEPI and Parks Victoria thank the many Four Wheel
Drive Victoria volunteers who put in hundreds of hours
of work to assist with the maintenance and promotion
of seasonal road closures for the ongoing protection of
Victoria’s parks and forests,’ Mr Rose said.
‘It’s great to see volunteers so committed to working in
partnership for the betterment of Victoria’s natural
Visitors are encouraged to obtain the most up- to-date
information on access into forest and park areas before
they travel.
For more information about road closures and changes
of conditions go to http://www.parkweb.vic.gov.au
or check the Public Access Map on the DEPI website
visiting-parks-and-forests for any prolonged closures.
DEPI Media Release
Mark Marson
Servicing Maryborough & District
Ph: 0419133181
Opening times:
10.00am to 5.30pm daily
(Sundays 10.00am to 5.00pm)
Dunolly DVD Hire
Overnight and weekly hire
Telephone 5468 1623
68 Broadway, Dunolly
29 October 2014
Slashing for fire break.
Ph: 0407 881 771 or after hours 5468 1149
Stock up on firewood. Still supplying during summer.
Redgum firewood, split - $90.00 per metre.
Ph: Chris 0439 550 950
Blue budgerigar, on Broadway, Sunday 26 October.
Ph 0417 766 616
Will be conducted by the Australian Hearing Bus in the
forecourt of the Resource Centre at 91 Nolan Street
Maryborough on Tuesday 11 November between
10.00am and 2.00pm for Pension Card holders or their
partners (e.g. Aged and Disability).
Please ring 5461 2643 between 9.00am-3.00pm
Monday to Friday for an appointment. Get in quick as
appointments fill fast.
Drawn : 24.10.14
5, 6, 12, 13, 14
No winner Jackpot $800
Approaching four figures. Five numbers out of 15.
Have a go!
T Long
Vol 29 Iss 40 Page 21
Pursuant to Section 36(2) of the Health Service Act
(1988), notice is hereby given that the Annual General
Meeting of the Maryborough District Health Service will
be held in the Pearson Room of the Maryborough
Medical Centre, 4 Neill Street, Maryborough, at 6.00pm
on Wednesday, 12 November 2014. We invite
community members to join us for refreshments prior
to the meeting at 5.30pm. All welcome!
At the Dunolly Primary School in the multipurpose room every Friday 9.30-10.30am.
Enjoy an hour of rhymes, songs stories and
play with your child. Morning tea also provided. We’d
love to see you there.
For more information please contact Denise 0428 681
496, or Jacinda (Dunolly Primary School) 5468 1111.
Tuesday 18 November at 7.30pm in Dunolly FNC
Clubrooms. All positions will be declared open.
For more information please contact Callum Liddicoat
on 0428 948 739.
The Dunolly Preschool will host its AGM on Tuesday 18
November at 7.30pm in the preschool building. All
interested members of the public are warmly invited,
Committee positions open are: Vice President,
Secretary and Fundraising Coordinator.
FLETT Colin Edward passed away peacefully at
Maryborough on 25 October 2014 aged 88 years.
Dearly loved husband of Shirley, loved stepfather of
Sandra, Danny and Elizabeth and their families.
In God’s care.
FLETT Colin Edward
Loved brother/in-law Roy and Dot Flett (both
dec.). Uncle to Lynette and Mic, Charlie, Rhonda
and Doug and their families. Reunited with Mum
and Dad.
R Gloury
FLETT The funeral service for the late Mr Colin Edward
Flett will be held in St John’s Anglican Church, Dunolly
at 11.00am on Thursday 30 October 2014. Following
the service the cortege will proceed to the Dunolly
Cemetery for burial.
The CWA annual General meeting will now be held in
the SES building. The AGM will begin at 10.30am on
Wednesday 5 November. Members are asked to be at
the SES about 9.30am to set up. We will have to bring
more food each for lunch as our numbers are down. All
those who expressed interest in joining are invited to
come to the AGM. Our regular meeting will be held
after lunch and we will be able to work out the details
of future meetings. Members could bring ideas for the
schedule for next year. Subs due $58.00.
Our thoughts are with Shirley at this sad time for her.
We hope Rhonda is feeling a whole lot better and will
be home soon.
R. Mecredy.
Due to circumstances beyond our control the cake stall
for the St John’s Church will not be held on Saturday
1 November as previously advertised. We apologise for
any inconvenience.
Pam Brodie
Page 22 Vol 29 Iss 40
29 October 2014
Men’s and Ladies Hairdressing
Tuesdays 1.00pm—late
(by appointment)
Wednesdays 9.00am to 5.30pm
Thursdays 9.00am to 5.30pm
Tarnagulla first Monday of the month
(excepting a long weekend)
For professional hair care
Call Julie on 0408 179 657
427 460
23 Spring St Maryborough
Opposite the community house
ph. (03) 5461 4779 m. 0428 963015
A reminder that hard drives do fail.
How would you be if you lost everything? I am offering
a one time deal of a full re-image of your hard drive as
it stands today for only $195.00. This includes a brand
new hard drive with your system as it is today. If your
hard drive goes down tomorrow you can simply put
this new drive in and you are back up and
running with nothing lost - get your drive re-imaged
once every 12 months, and after that for only $95.00!!
Payment plans available at $50.00 deposit and three
monthly repayments.
Photo copying
Computer Training
V/Line Bookings
Dry Cleaning
Community Bus Shopping Run
Post cards
Tourist brochures
[email protected]
03 5468 1205
Trading hours
Monday to Friday 10.00am to 4.30pm
29 October 2014
Vol 29 Iss 40 Page 23
PENNANT TEAMS – 01/11/14
PENNANT TEAMS – 11 November 2014
Dunolly Blue versus MHS Tartan at Home
L Parker
M Davies
V Mortlock
C Dahl
H Freemantle
J McHugh
F Nielsen M Webb
H Weir
J Cox
A Raven
N Stevens
Manager: Marian Webb
Emergency: A male
Set Up:
Loretta Parker
Dunolly Gold versus Golf Blue at Home
L Whiley
S Chaplin S Deason
H Cooper E Murphy Nancy Pike
M Mortlock M Shay
N Whitehead
D Spiteri
K Stephens K McKenzie
Manager: Elaine Murphy
Emergency: A male
Set Up:
Lesley Whiley
Dunolly Blue defeated MHS Gold – 98-54
Dunolly Gold lost to Carisbrook 54-87
Dunolly Blue versus Avoca Red at Dunolly
G Dobbin
R Pickering
P Mortlock
A Weir
C Williams
T Galofaro
J Smith
G Davies
B Mortlock
S Rogers
K Howard
J McHugh
Manager: C Williams
Dunolly Gold versus MHS Tartan at Highland
P Freemantle
D Mortlock
T Long
L Thomas
B Lanfranchi
W McLeish
C Dahl
H Taylor
H Freemantle
A Larpent
J Haigh
S Howard
Manager: A Larpent Cars Thirds Leave Club 12.30pm
Dunolly Green versus Newstead at Dunolly
K McKenzie
A Britten
G Ray
K Mottram
S Whitehead
P Chase
M Webb
I Flett
C Lawson
D Coe
S Shay
D Conlin
Manager K Mottram
Dunolly Reds versus Golf Green at Golf
A Deason
K Neilsen
J Lillico
R Weir
D Price
G Cain
R Cain
F Dunieville
Manager: R Weir Cars Seconds Leave Club 12.30pm
Results of Pennant matches
played on 25 October 2014
Dunolly Blue(67)
G Dobbin (20)
R Pickering (24)
P Mortlock (23)
lost to
lost to
lost to
Dunolly Gold (49) lost to
P Freemantle (15)d
D Mortlock (18 ) lost to
T Long (16)
lost to
MHS Tartan (69)
W Towers (22)
M Kane (15)
G. Shay (32)
Talbot Gold (75)
L Prentice (24)
R Johnson (32)
R McLoughlin (27)
Dunolly Green (had a Bye)
Dunolly Red (45) drew with
A Deason (22)
lost to
K Nielsen (23)
MHS White (45)
C McArdle (27)
L Wadeson (18)
The first Members Draw for the season was held on
Saturday evening with Nancy Pike taking home the
prize. The next Members Draw will be held after the
round 8 games on Saturday 22 November.
Jill Morse is putting together a monthly Club
Newsletter. So if you have any items of interest, or
spicy gossip, pleas forward them on to Jill.
Melbourne Cup Day: This year the theme is ‘ODD
Bowls’, so bring along your old bowls. At midday a
chicken and champagne lunch will be served, followed
by a fun game of bowls. The cost is $12.00. There will
be sweeps and raffles and lots of fun. Name to the club
for catering ASAP.
A Larpent DBC
Tyson Templeton plays a shot on the side during
Laanecoorie Dunolly’s loss to Clunes
It was an unfortunate defeat for the LDCC, A grade
team on the weekend. Playing at Dunolly, Clunes won
the toss and batted impressively to finish the innings
with a score of 6/182. Liam Mottram was the only
Laane bowler to take multiple wickets with figures of
2/26. Laane Dunolly replied with a total of 74 runs and
was bowled out in under 28 overs. Tyson Templeton
top scored with 27.
The A Reserve team had more success, defeating
Clunes who were all out for 98. Laane-Dunolly
responded with figures of 6/102. I McKenzie top scored
with the bat, making 48 runs.
Faye Arnold
Page 24 Vol 29 Iss 40
29 October 2014
Heritage listing is being sought for this
historical site in the Gordon Gardens.
The monument commemorates the
proclamation of Dunolly as a borough on
21 May 1858 as part of Queen Victoria’s
Jubilee Year celebrations.
Other sites around Dunolly are also
seeking heritage listing.
Susan Anderson