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Election Day Tuesday
Heavy Ballot: Judges, Congress, Senate
Photo byWoody Jenkins
Gov. Edwards: Election
Strong in Race Tuesday, Nov. 4, 2014
On the Ballot in SBR
For Congress
United States Senate
OLD-FASHIONED POLITICAL RALLY — Tony Perkins addressing 250 supporters at his home.
Perkins Backs Maness for Senate
PRIDE - Former Rep. Tony
Perkins, who represented
Central in the state House
from 1996 to 2004, has endorsed Col. Rob Maness for
the United States Senate in
the Nov. 4 primary.
Maness was one of the
candidates Perkins honored
at an old-fashioned political
rally at his home off Liberty Road in Pride Saturday.
More than 250 residents attended.
Perkins said Maness is the
true conservative in the race
and has the best chance to
defeat Sen. Mary Landrieu
in the Dec. 6 runoff.
He cited Maness’ record as
a B-1 bomber aviator and
Col. Rob Maness
a Wing Commander and
his ability to lead men in
combat. Maness gave an
inspirational talk and emphasized the necessity of replacing Landrieu and stopping the lawlessness of the
Obama Administration.
Other speakers included
Sheriff Sid Gautreaux and
Central Mayor Jr. Shelton.
The center of attention
was the Duggar family, including Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar and a number of their children. The
Duggars are the subject of
the hit reality show, 19 Kids
and Counting, about dayto-day life in their family.
BATON ROUGE - Although
the media and the political
pundits don’t like to talk
about it, former Gov. Edwin
Edwards remains the candidate to beat
in the race
Congress from
the 6th Congressional
District to
replace Dr.
Cassidy, who is
running for
Edwin Edwards
the Senate.
With eight Republican candidates still in the race, the
Republican vote will be divided, and the chances of an
all-Republican runoff seem
unlikely. The conventional
wisdom is that the Republican who makes the Dec. 6
runoff with Gov. Edwards is
a sure-fire winner. But Edwards remains an articulate
speaker with a vast knowledge of issues and an understanding of people. If Edwards does make the runoff,
a slight stumble by his GOP
opponent, such as a scandal
or an embarrassing gaffe
could open the door for Edwards to take advantage of
the opportunity and win the
runoff. Some pundits speculate he is in the race to help
Mary Landrieu but he and
Landrieu have never been
political allies
St. George: How Many Signatures Needed?
See TONY on Page 8
BATON ROUGE - Organizers
of the proposed City of St.
George have turned in their
petitions to the Registrar of
Voters for verification, but
now there is a question as to
the number needed.
Organizers turned in
18,200 but some of those
are likely to be invalidated.
The registrar, Elaine Lamb,
said it could take a month to
validate the signatures. If
there is a deficiency, state
law provides a 60-day grace
period to get additional signatures. Some time between
now and March, the City of
Baton Rouge is expected to
file suit to try to block the
election from happening.
St. George incorporation chairman Norman Browning (left)
with attorney Steve Myers
Bill Cassidy
Mary Landrieu
Rob Maness
— and 6 others —
Congress - 6th District
Bob Bell
Dan Claitor
Rufus Holt Craig
Paul Dietzel II
Edwin Edwards
Cassie Felder
Garret Graves
Craig McCulluch
Trey Thomas
Lenar Whitney
— and 2 others —
District Judge • Div. J
Gideon T. Carter
Trudy White
Alfred C. Williams
District Judge • Div. K
Tiffany Foxworth
Nina S. Hunter
Bonnie Jackson
District Judge • Div. I
Mike Caldwell
Randy Piedrahita
Juvenile Court • Sec. 1A
Adam J. Haney
Dedrick Moore
Kathleen Stewart Richey D
Juvenile Court • Sec. 2B
Gail Atkins Glover
Pam Taylor Johnson D
Family Court • Div. D
Hunter Greene
Annette Lassalle
EBR School Board •
District 1
Jennifer Andrews
Mark Bellue
Mary Lynch
District 5
Jerry Arbour
Patty Merrick
Evelyn Ware-Jackson D
W. T. Winfield
District 7
Barbara Freiberg
Anthony Nelson
District 8
Christopher Bailey
Connie Bernard
Charles O’Brien
Joan Wallyn
Blue have been endorsed by
Democratic Party of EBR Parish
Red by Republican Party of EBR.
2 CITY NEWS Thursday, October 30, 2014
Congressional Candidates
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Col. Rob Maness Recommended for U. S. Senate
Woody Jenkins
In 1996, I had the privilege of serving as the Republican nominee for
the United States Senate against the
Democrat, Mary Landrieu. More than
847,000 Louisianians voted for me in
that election. Now Sen. Landrieu is on
the Nov. 4 election ballot, and our citizens will decide whether to return her
to the Senate.
In Monday night’s Senate debate
on WWL-TV in New Orleans, Sen.
Landrieu referred to the 1996 runoff
against me as her toughest election
ever. But it is my hope and prayer that
this current election will end up being
her toughest ever and indeed her last.
Her liberal voting record and slavish adherence to President Obama’s
agenda have made her one of the most
vulnerable incumbent senators in the
Discover Your New
I know the three major candidates in
this race rather well and have carefully
considered how I should vote and what
recommendation to make to my friends.
Based on my personal knowledge
of the candidates,
their philosophies,
and their voting
records, I am very
confident that Col.
Rob Maness is
is a true conservative, a real leader,
Woody Jenkins and an articulate
spokesman for the
free enterprise system, a strong national defense, controlling illegal immigration, the right to life, and adherence to
the Constitution. I am impressed by his
service to our nation as a B-1 bomber
aviator and wing commander and by
and the New
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Trey Thomas (R)
Lenar Whitney (R)
It seems so obvious to me that an authentic
conservative who is a dynamic and inspirational
speaker, a decorated combat veteran WITHOUT
POLITICAL BAGGAGE is the Democrats’ worst
nightmare. He would be the strongest candidate
in a runoff against Mary Landrieu.
the outstanding, positive campaign he
has run. He is exactly the kind of leader we need in the Senate today, and I
am confident that he will make a real
difference in the Senate if elected. The
colonel has developed an organization in every corner of the state, raised
nearly $2.5 million, and has more than
30,000 individual donors and more
than 500 volunteers working on the
I respect the other Republican in
the race, Congressman Cassidy, but I
believe Maness is the best choice for
conservatives Nov. 4, that he will be
the strongest candidate against Mary
Landrieu in the Dec. 6 runoff, and that
he has the best leadership ability to influence the Senate and the nation.
It seems so obvious to me that an authentic conservative who is a dynamic
and inspirational speaker, a decorated
combat veteran WITHOUT POLITICAL BAGGAGE is the Democrats’
worst nightmare. He would be the
strongest candidate.
More than $6 million has been spent
by the Democrats to exploit Congressman Cassidy’s vulnerabilities on the
border fence, illegal immigration,
Obamacare, the national debt, and
more. And the negative attacks will
continue relentlessly. As a result, his
negatives are sky-high.
I am also concerned about his reluctance to debate. A candidate running against a Democratic incumbent
should be eager to debate the issues,
because the issues are all on our side.
You should want to carry the fight to
voters and make your case at every op-
portunity. In any case, the argument
that Maness can’t win seems nothing
more than spin to me. Far from that being the case, he seems to me to be quite
obviously the best candidate to defeat
Landrieu in the runoff.
Something happened in the 1996
election that put a scar on the history
of Louisiana politics. In addition to
the Senate and Presidential race, voters
faced three gambling propositions —
land-based casino, riverboat gambling,
and video poker. Gambling interests
poured in more than $20 million, most
of which was spent on the streets, much
of it illegally. Their illegal activities
benefitted not only the gambling propositions but Landrieu as well.
Because of reports of election fraud
in New Orleans, the U.S. Senate Rules
Committee conducted a year-long investigation of the 1996 election. I
claimed vote-buying, multiple voting,
mismatched signatures on the voting
registers, and numerous illegalities resulted in more than 35,000 illegal votes
being cast.
We presented solid evidence to back
up our claims. However, the committee ultimately decided that while election fraud did occur, they could not
determine whether it was sufficient to
have changed the results of the election.
Now Louisiana has the opportunity
to correct that wrongdoing from long
ago, and I believe Col. Maness is the
best person to defeat Landrieu and go
to Washinton and represent the best interests and the authentic views of the
people of our state. Please join with me
in voting for him.
• Backed by over 20 years of clinical research**
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CITY NEWS Thursday, October 30, 2014 3
GOP Candidates for Senate and House
Responses to Questionnaire from Republican Party of East Baton Rouge Parish
Note: All Republican candidates for U.S. Senate and U.S. Congress responded to the questionnaire, except Senate candidate
Bill Cassidy and Congressional candidate Trey Thomas. Thomas recused himself because he is a member of the party’s executive committee. Congressman Cassidy had from Sept. 13 to Oct. 16 to respond but did not. *=Did not answer Yes or No
Graves Thomas
Felder Lieberman
t Claitor t Craig t Edwards t Graves tMcCullucht Whitney
Oppose more gun control
Marriage one man, one woman Y YYY YY Y
Oppose hate crimes legislation Y YYY YY Y
Death penalty for treason, murder Y YYY YY Y
Recused from Participating
Special rights for homosexuals N NNN NN N
Balanced budget amendment Y YYY YY Y
Support Keystone Pipeline
Withdrew from Race
Did NOT Respond
Oppose additional taxes
Preserve Right to Work law Y YYY YY Y
Oppose Obama troop level cuts
Fund Missile Defense System Y YYY YY Y
Continued aid to Israel Y YYY YY Y
Controls on CO2 emissions
Oppose Global Warming Treaty Y YYY YY Y
Oppose free trade with China
Y Y * Y N Y Y
Return illegal aliens home Y YYY YY Y
Build border fence
Oppose abortion as const’l right Y YYY YY Y
Support Human Life Amendment
Oppose Common Core YY*Y *Y Y
Seale Funeral Home
9995 Hooper Road, Central, 225-236-0800 •
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4 CITY NEWS Thursday, October 30, 2014
Candidates Meet Voters on Campaign Trail
Rep. Lenar Whitney, running for Congress
Judge Richard Anderson (R), District Judge, Division G
Judge Kathleen Richey (D), Juvenile Judge
Photos byWoody Jenkins and Jolice Provost
Paul Dietzel (R) running for U. S. Congress
Trae Welch (R) for District Judge, ES2, Division G
Herman Cain campaigning for Dr. Bill Cassidy
Beau Higginbotham (R) for District Judge, Div. M
Jamie Moran Zanovec (R) for District Judge, Div. M
All of our fAmilies
C An Count on Be Au
“I have dedicated my entire legal career to the justice system
In thIs dIstrIct, and while prosecuting cases for 11 years,
I have prepared myself to serve as your trial judge.”
My Core Values:
• Christian
• Protecting our Constitutional rights
• The sanctity of life
• Traditional Family Values
• The right To Bear arms
• Protecting all of our Families/Property
• Tough sentences for repeat/Violent offenders
• Victim rights and restitution
only candidate in division M
exclusively endorsed by:
election Day
november 4, 2014
The Republican Party of
East Baton Rouge Parish
Zachary Police Union
Baton Rouge Union of Police
district court Judge division M
Greater Baton Rouge AFL-CIO
The Baton Rouge Association of Firefighters
four Generations of Beau’s family
CITY NEWS Thursday, October 30, 2014 5
Paul Dietzel
Republican Party
Henson Moore
Mike Huckabee
Tea Party Express
Ascension Republican Party
Next Generation Republicans
& Tea Party Leadership Fund
Christian • Conservative • Republican • Businessman
Fighting for Your Family and Our Future
Pro-Traditional Marriage
Pro-2nd Amendment
November 4, 2014
6 CITY NEWS Thursday, October 30, 2014
EBR GOP Squares Off with EBR Demos
BATON ROUGE — With the primary election scheduled for Tuesday,
Nov. 4, the national election is focused on the battle between Democrats and Republicans, but that
is not the case here in East Baton
Rouge Parish. In this parish, most
districts are either heavily Democratic or heavily Republican. Only
in a minority of districts do Democrats and Republicans run against
one another in competitive races.
In this election, Democrats face
head-to-head races against Republicans in four judgeships.
Perhaps the race getting the most
attention is District Judge, Division
G, which covers Baker, Zachary,
and Central. Long-time Democratic
District Judge Mike Erwin is facing a strong challenge from Metro
Councilman Trae Welch, a Republican. Erwin was first elected in
1991, the last District Judge to be
elected parishwide, before subdistricts were created. When sub-
Mike Erwin (D) vs. Trae Welch (R) for District Judge, ES2, Division G
Judge Todd Hernandez
Attorney Colette Greggs
districts came along, Erwin was
assigned to the district in the north
part of the parish. He has continued to reside in South Baton Rouge
and has not moved into the district.
That is permitted under the law but
is a legitimate campaign issue, and
Welch has been using it.
Some black leaders are making a
strong push for Mary Landrieu, and
this is expected to help Erwin, both
in early voting and on election day.
In two other races, incumbent Republican judges face Democratic
candidates who are not well financed. District Judge Todd Hernandez (R) is being challenged by
local attorney Colette Greggs (D).
District Judge Richard Anderson (R)
faces attorney Joyce Plummer (D).
Another incumbent Democratic
judge faces a strong Republican
challenge. Juvenile Court Judge
Kathleen Richey (D) is opposed by
former Assistant District Attorney
Adam Haney (R).
In East Baton Rouge Parish
School Board races, in District 1,
Democrat Jennifer Andrews faces
Republican Mark Bellue, and no
party incumbent Mary Lynch. In
District 5, Republican Jerry Arbour
is running against Democrats Patty
Merrick, Evelyn Ware-Jackson, and
W.T. Winfield. In District 7, incumbent Republican Barbara Freiberg
faces Democrat Anthony Nelson.
In Central School Board, District
6, Republican Ruby Foil is opposed
by No Party Nick Carmena.
T. Hernandez (R) vs. C. Greggs (D)
R. Anderson (R) vs. J. Plummer (D)
K. Richey (D) vs. A. Haney (R)
Spotlight on Democrat-vs.-Republican Races
CITY NEWS Thursday, October 30, 2014 7
City News
Yes on Four
BATON ROUGE — The Capital
City News and Central City News
are making endorsements on the
following propositions on the
Tuesday, Nov. 4 election ballot:
Constitutional Amendments
•No. 1 - To create Medical
Assistance Trust Fund - NO
•No. 2 - To create Hospital
Stabilization Fund - NO
•No. 3 - Sales of property
seized by government - NO
•No. 4 - To create Infrastructure Bank to finance capital
improvements such as Baton
Rouge Loop - NO
•No. 5 - To allow judges to
serve past age 70 - YES
•No. 6 - Increase taxes in
New Orleans - NO
•No. 7 - Allow disabled veterans $150,000 deduction on
property taxes - YES
•No. 8 - To dedicate funds
for Artificial Reef Development
- NO
•No. 9 - Waive annual filing
of adjusted gross income by disabled in order to get property tax
exemption - NO
•No. 10 - To provide 18month redemption period for
vacant property sold at tax sale
- NO
•No. 11 - To increase number
of departments in state government from 20 to 21 - NO
•No. 12 - To requrie two
members of Wildlife and Fisheries be appointed from North
Louisiana - NO
•No. 13 - To allow New Orleans to sell property in Lower
Ninth Ward without submitting
to public bid - NO
•No. 14 - To prohibit consideration of tax rebates or exemptions in legislative session in
even-numbered years - YES
East Baton Rouge Proposition
•No. 1 - One-mill property
tax for mosquito abatement YES
District 4
VOTE #108
NOV. 4
Will Easley • School Board
[email protected] • Phone: (225) 261-3142
8 CITY NEWS Thursday, October 30, 2014
Tony Perkins Hosts Old-Time Political Rally
Sheriff Sid Gautreaux
Saying the Pledge of Allegiance
Central Mayor Jr. Shelton addressed the old-fashioned political rally at Perkins home.
Tony Perkins on the stump
Col. Rob Maness
Pam Reid, Kristie Cross, Jill Dasher, and daughter
PRIDE — Former State Rep. Tony
Perkins, now president of the Family Research Council hosted an
old-fashioned political rally last
Saturday at his home on Liberty
Road in the rural community of
Pride, LA, just north of Central.
Perkins welcomed the crowd and
encouraged them to vote and get
their friends to vote in the Nov. 4.
U.S. Senate candidate Col. Rob
Maness asked those in attendance
to support his candidacy against
Democratic Sen. Mary Landrieu.
Maness has been endorsed by
Perkins and his organization, Family Research Council Action PAC.
Sheriff Sid Gautreaux of East
Baton Rouge Parish pointed at the
sign on the side of the FRC bus
and said these are the keys to a
great community and a great country. The sign said, “One man, one
woman = Marriage,” “Religious
Freedom,” “National Security,”
“Protection of Life,” and “Economic Liberty.”
Fifth District Congressional candidate Zach Dasher explained the
spiritual roots of America’s problems and urged a return to the principles of the Founding Fathers and
to the Bible.
Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar,
who are featured on the reality
show, 19 and Counting on TLC,
emphasized the importance of
buidling strong families and being
well grounded.
Ever Wondered About Big-City Crime Coming
to Your Neighborhood?
Judge Richard D. Anderson, a longtime Central resident, is concerned too!
Many people live in Central for our schools, quiet neighborhoods and low crime rates—
let’s keep it that way. We are members of the Committee to Re-Elect Judge Richard D.
Anderson. He is widely regarded for his fairness, honesty, integrity and protecting
victims’ rights. Judge Anderson has handled thousands of criminal cases including
some of the most heinous and violent crimes in the state, including convicted serial killer
Derrick Todd Lee. He promised to be tough on violent and career criminals…and
he has! Now that’s one campaign promise we can all be thankful for!
Let’s Re-elect a Proven, Conservative Criminal Court Judge…Richard D. Anderson.
Paid for by the Committee to Re-Elect Judge Richard D. Anderson, Kent Parsons, Chairman.
_Anderson CCN.indd 1
Endorsed by:
• Chief of Police James Salsbury, Central Police Dept.
• Chief of Police David McDavid, Zachary Police Dept.
• Chief of Police Mike Knaps, Baker Police Dept.
• Baton Rouge Police Union Local #237
• Baton Rouge Association of Firefighters Local #557
• Republican Party of East Baton Rouge Parish
• Greater Baton Rouge AFL-CIO.
10/27/14 11:08 AM
More than 250 attended the rally.
CITY NEWS Thursday, October 30, 2014 9
for Candidates at His Home on Liberty Road
Zach Dasher of 5th District
The Duggars
The Duggar family spoke at the rally and urged voters to support conservatives.
Col. Maness and GOP school board
candidate Jerrie Williams of Baker
Central Mayor Pro-Tem Kim Fralich
10 CAPITAL CITY NEWS Thursday, October 30, 2014
Tea Party Rates Louisiana State House
THE TEA PARTY OF LOUISIANA has announced its Legislative Scorecard for the
2014 session of the Louisiana. In ceremonies at Café Américain in Baton Rouge, Bob
Reid of the Tea Party presented the Champion of Liberty Award to legislators who assembled from across the state. For more information, go to
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CAPITAL CITY NEWS Thursday, October 30, 2014 11
Legislative Scorecard for La. Senate
SEN. ELBERT GUILLORY, the only black Republican state senator in the U.S., received
a Champion of Liberty Award from Bob Reid of the Tea Party, for his conservative record.
12 CITY NEWS Thursday, October 30, 2014
Open Judgeship Draws Five Candidates
Clarence Coons
CENTRAL - The announced
retirement of District Judge
Kay Bates led to a host
of candidates seeking her
post. Four Republicans
and one Democrat qualified to run in the Tuesday,
Nov. 4 primary election. A
runoff if necessary will be
Saturday, Dec. 6.
The district includes the
north part of East Baton
Rouge Parish, including
Baker, Zachary, and Central. The candidates are:
•Clarence Coons, Democrat, has taught at the
Southern University Law
School since 1989. He is
an associate professor of
•Republican Mike Davis
is an Army National Guard
veteran with 15 years experience engaged in the
Mike Davis
Sean Higginbotham
Chris Oetjens
Jamie Morain Zanovec
general practice of law. He
resides in Central.
•Republican Beau Higginbotham served for 11
years as an assistant Dis-
trict Attorney and prosecuted all felonies and misdemeanors.
•Republican Chris Oetjens has practiced both
civil and criminal law since
2001. He is also an Emergency Medical Technician.
•Republican Jamie Morain Zanovec grew up in
Central and has practiced
law in 15 parishes before
30 different judges. She
says she shares the values
of the people of Central.
BATON ROUGE - District
Judge Mike Caldwell faces
his most serious challenge
in 18 years on the bench
from Baton Rouge attorney
Randy Piedrahita.
Piedrahita has criticized
Caldwell for refusing to
hear criminal cases for 17
of the past 18 years and
carrying a light load of civil cases. He says the state
Constitution and the backlog of criminal cases necessitate that district judges
hear both civil and criminal
Caldwell has hit Piedrahita for being a Democrat
until two years ago and for
being a trial lawyer.
Piedrahita was named
one of the state’s TopLawyers and given an 10AV rating by his peers, the highest rating that attorneys can
give one another.
Caldwell says he is well
respected by the bar and
tries cases fairly. He says
that the 19th Judicial District has divided judgeships
into civil and criminal and
that it is accepted practice.
Judge Mike Caldwell
Randy Piedrahita
Caldwell vs. Piedrahita: Hottest Judge Race
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CITY NEWS Thursday, October 30, 2014 13
One of Our Own.
Deep Roots in Our Community.
Experienced in the Courtroom.
Jamie Morain Zanovec has practiced law extensively in civil courts
throughout Louisiana. She has the actual civil court experience
our next judge needs. It’s time to put experience to
work for us. On Tuesday, November 4, let’s elect
Jamie Morain Zanovec District Court Judge.
[email protected]
Paid for by Friends to Elect Jamie Morain Zanovec Judge
4 Born and raised in Central
4 Second generation graduate of
Central High School
4 Graduate of LSU Law School
4 Hometown family-centered values
with a common sense approach
14 CITY NEWS Thursday, October 30, 2014
Fall Festivals Kick Off at St. Alphonsus
St. Alphonsus Halloween Fair • Sunday, Oct. 26, 2014
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Central City News
CITY NEWS Thursday, October 30, 2014 15
Craig McCulloch Looks to Replace Bill Cassidy in the 6th District
Local businessman “fed up” with politicians in Washington, DC, seeks to bring small town,
conservative values to Congress
Local business owner Craig McCulloch has entered the race
to succeed Rep. Bill Cassidy as Congressman from
Louisiana’s Sixth Congressional district.
A graduate of Baker High School and member of the Baker
football hall-of-fame, McCulloch took his athletic skills to
Nicholls State University on a football scholarship where he
was one of the first starting quarterbacks on their first varsity
team. In 1975, he finished his pre-physical therapy schooling
at Nicholls and in 1977 graduated physical therapy school at
Louisiana State University.
During his breaks from school, McCulloch would work on
oil platforms in South Louisiana.
“I was always at the bottom of the totem pole,” McCulloch
said of the experience. “They would have me wading waste
deep in the muck and sometimes it would be close to freezing
outside. Without a doubt though, I can say that experience
coupled with football taught me the definition of hard work
and the value of a dollar.”
McCulloch said that passing a balanced budget amendment
would avoid “government shutdown fiascos” and “endless fiscal cliffs.”
“It was definitely a risk,” McCulloch said. “No one invested
in me and the government definitely didn’t help start my business. We built it from the ground up. It’s a family business.”
“I balance my personal and business checkbooks,” McCulloch
said. “Why can’t Washington do the same? If a small business
spends more than it takes in, we call it bankrupt, but Washington is allowed to just kick the can down the road and write the
federal government a blank check. Enough with the special
treatment for Washington, D.C. This kind of mismanagement
is hurting our children’s futures.”
Today, Baker Physical Therapy continues to serve residents
of the Baker, Zachary, Central and Greater Baton Rouge area.
McCulloch said his top priorities are creating jobs, getting our
fiscal house in order, and true healthcare reform.
In 1984, Baker Physical Therapy opened its doors and
McCulloch began his career as a small business owner.
“I’m the only candidate in this race who is in the healthcare
industry,” McCulloch said. “We need real healthcare reform
that is based on competition and the free market, not that rests
on the backs of hard working families and individuals.”
McCulloch said another key issue facing our nation is energy
“The President’s war on energy is costing Louisiana residents
jobs and it’s harming our national security,” McCulloch said.
“We need to promote domestic drilling and encourage international exportation of energy. We will create more jobs, become
energy independent, strengthen our national security, keep our
kids out of harm’s way overseas and take power away from
our enemies abroad.”
McCulloch said he made the decision to enter the race after
much thought and prayer because, “we can’t afford to settle
for status quo career politicians or for candidates who don’t
share our values or have the life experiences necessary to
help fix the mess in DC.”
“I want to preserve the American Dream for my children
and grandchildren,” McCulloch said.
McCulloch says he also understands the needs of District
Six’s numerous small towns.
“Career politicians seem to neglect our small towns because
there are just not a lot of voters there,” McCulloch asserted.
“That’s not me. I’ll fight for all of our plant workers, our
farmers, our fishermen and our countless other hard-working individuals, no matter the size of your business or how
many people live in your town.”
McCulloch is an up front advocate for term limits. “I think
that’s a big part of the problem up there,” McCulloch said,
“People get elected and suddenly they get starstruck and start
falling in line with the Washington establishment. Political
service shouldn’t be a career, that’s not what the founders had
in mind.”
McCulloch describes himself as being “100 percent pro-life
and a firm believer in traditional Louisiana values.”
“My view on marriage is simple: One man. One woman.
Period,” McCulloch said.
“I’m a proud conservative, and not ashamed to say it,”
McCulloch said. “I don’t think believing in traditional marriage is a radical view. I’m also no career politician and I
haven’t been waiting to do this my whole life. I don’t have to
take a poll to know my positions, and I believe in doing what
is right and just being honest. Our grandma’s were right, just
tell the truth and work hard, it’s what I’ve done my entire life.”
To learn
learn more
more about
about Craig,
Craig, visit
Paid for
for by
by McCulloch
McCulloch for
for Congress
16 CITY NEWS Thursday, October 30, 2014
Fall Festivals Highlight Upcoming Events
CENTRAL — Events coming up
in and around the Capital City:
October 31
Fall Festival
First Baptist Church Zachary
First Baptist Church, 4200 Main
St., Zachary will hold a Fall Festival on Friday, Oct. 31, 6 to 8 p.m.
Hay rides, snacks, games, face
painting, and candy! Costumes are
encouraged. Nothing scary, please.
Admission is one bag of candy. For
information, call (225) 654-2755
October 31
Fall Festival
Zoar Baptist Church
Zoar Baptist Church will hold its
Fall Festival on Oct. 31 from 6 to 8
p.m. They will have games, hot air
balloon, and inflatables. Hot dogs
and chips will be served.
October 31
Fall Festival
Greenwell Springs Baptist
Church will hold its Fall Festival on
Oct. 31 from 6 to 8 p.m. There will
be games, face painting, hayrides,
horse rides, a maze, and a concession
stand serving free hot dog dinners.
October 31
Fall Festival
Sandy Creek Baptist
Sandy Creek Baptist Church,
22834 Liberty Road, will hold its
Fall Festival on Oct. 31 from 6 to
8 p.m. Candy, games, prizes, food,
and drink. Join the fun!
November 1 - 2
Roots & Promises
(A Genesis Musical)
First Presbyterian Church B.R.
First Presbyterian Church Baton
Rouge is proud to present two performances of Roots & Promises:
A Genesis Musical. Performance
dates and times are Saturday, November 1 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, November 2 at 3 p.m. Free and open to
the public. The musical chronicles
the book of Genesis from Creation
to Abraham & Sarah, showing audiences their roots and ending with
the promise of salvation through
Jesus Christ. Both performances
will be held in the church sanctuary. The main entrance is on North
Boulevard. Parking is available
on North Boulevard as well as the
Convention Street parking lot. For
more information, please contact
Nancy Spiller at 225.620.0233 or
[email protected]
REDEMPTORIST BASEBALL — Some of the Wolfpack Baseball Players of
Redemptorist High School in Baton Rouge are volunteering their time this fall to
help children with disabilities have a chance to play baseball. They volunteer each
Wednesday night during the fall session of The Miracle League, held at Cypress
Mounds. Standing: left to right Connor Callihan, Tyler Donaldson, Trent Myrick,
Cameron Callihan, Matthew Lanoux. Kneeling: left to right Jeremy Gajan, Dylan
Iueli and Hunter Harris. Also pictured are three of The Miracle League Buddies.
November 2
Ultimate Destiny- Drama
Comite Baptist Church
Ultimate Destiny is a high impact
drama presentation that makes use
of multimedia, sound and lighting
effects designed to inspire people
to consider where they will spend
eternity. This drama is based on
the Biblical reality of life after
death and beyond the grace. A
cast of more than 40 people (made
up of volunteers from the church)
act out a series of vignettes about
people who live, make their choices, die and find themselves outside
heaven asking the question, “Angel, is my name in your book?”
(Revelation 20:15). Parental discretion is advised, suggested for
children 8 years and older, child
care provided. Comite Baptist
Church is located at 12250 Greenwell Springs Road at Flannery
Road. For more information you
may call the church office at 2753382.
November 9
Veterans Service
First Penecostal Church
The First Pentecostal Church,
1020 South Range Ave in Denham
Springs, (across from Walmart).
will hold a special veterans service
9:45 a.m. to 12 noon. Speakers include Pastor Wm. Ray Johnson,
Col. Rob Maness, Mayor Jimmy
Durbin, and other guests.
Real Experience...
The Real Difference.
The Judge Todd Hernandez Difference Makes ALL The Difference
Paid for by the Committee to Re-elect Judge Todd Hernandez
An effort is underway to locate
the 1964 graduates of Central
High School. If you’re one of
these graduates, and you’ve
not yet received a phone call
or e-mail about plans for an
upcoming 50th reunion, please
contact Connie Mack Dickinson at [email protected]
net. Please pass this along to
any 1964 CHS grads you know.
Central High Class of 1974
is holding a 40 year class reunion on February 28, 2015.
The reunion will be from 7 p.m
to 10 p.m. at Elegant Memories, 14328 Frenchtown Road
in Central. Cost of the event is
$55 single or $110 per couple.
Cost includes a dinner buffet,
DJ and lots of fun reminiscing!
Send check made out to: Central High Class of 1974 to Carla
Strickland Tarver, 17112 Mary
Lillian Lane, Central, LA 70739.
CITY NEWS Thursday, October 30, 2014 17
In the Fine Print, Central Won Many Honors
Central Schools Climb to No. 3 in State
‘A’ Rating for 3rd
Straight Year for
Central Schools
BATON ROUGE— The Louisiana Department of Education has
awarded the Central Community
School System an A rating for the
third straight year.
Central earned a District Performance Score of 108.2, making it
the third highest rank among Louisiana’s 69 school systems.
But in the fine print of the DOE
rankings were many achievements
of the Central school system:
•At Central Intermediate School,
88 percent of the students scored
basic or above — the highest percentage in the state.
•Central High School ranked
No. 1 in the state for the percentage
of students – 83 percent – scoring
Good or Excellent on all End-ofCourse tests.
•The school also saw increases in
its ACT scores — up to 21.3, which
is above the national average. This
is particularly significant because at
Central High, every student takes
the ACT. In many states and districts, it is optional. So only college
bound take the tests in those places.
•As a district, Central had the
highest percentage of 3rd, 4th and
5th graders who scored basic or
above when compared to all other
school systems in the state.
•Central schools improved the
academic growth of students tested.
CENTRAL COMMUNITY SCHOOL BOARD — Shown (left to right) are Will Easley, vice president; Ruby Foil; Jim Loyd,
former president Sharon Browning, current president Dr. Jim Gardner, Roxanne Atkinson, and Dr. David Walker.
This translated into a higher school
performance score for the district.
Central schools Supt. Mike Faulk
thanked teachers, administrators,
parents, and students for their outstanding performance.
“We are very pleased with our
continued growth and ability to
push toward greater levels of excellence. We saw significant improvements across the board, at every
grade level,” Faulk said. Neverthe-
less, Faulk said the system will continue to make improvements.
“Our district’s unwavering success in this fluctuating environment
is testament to your commitment to
excellence,” he said.
Faulk said all of Central’s five
public schools saw improvements,
which contributed to the district’s
higher overall score.
Central Intermediate School
maintained an A rating and raised
its score from 101.0 to 106.
Central Middle School maintained its A rating. It improved its
score from 104.9 to 105.6.
Central High School earned a B+
with a score of 97.37, increasing
from 94.9 last year.
Faulk said that Central’s state
scores have improved every year
since it was allowed to compete
with other districts in 2009.
Trae Welch Knows OUR Community and Its People
Qualified • Experienced • Professional
Tr ae
ion D
ay is
r 4th!
For District Court Judge
Division L
A Lifelong Resident of Our Community
An Experienced Legal Professional
Qualified and ready to be Our Judge!
A Dedicated Community Leader
A MESSAGE FROM TRAE: “As a long time resident of Division L, I believe this court division belongs to the residents here. Unless you’ve
lived in Zachary, Baker, Central, Broadmoor, Sherwood Forest and all points between you really can’t relate to our issues and concerns.”
Paid for by Campaign to Elect Trae Welch
Paid for by Campaign to Elect Trae Welch
18 CITY NEWS Thursday, October 30, 2014
Central Wildcats Fall to Broadmoor 34-22
Central Travels to Walker Friday Night
Central High varsity cheerleaders with Central coach J. R. Owens
DB Logan Prudhome
Central High at Walker • Friday, Oct. 31 at 7 p.m.
OL Hyatt Harris
Cheerleader Jordyn Graham
WR Terrell Chatman scores TD
The Wildcats score!
CITY NEWS Thursday, October 30, 2014 19
Clarence Brown controls admission
to the field at Wildcat Stadium
This Senate Race is Between
One of Us and Two of Them!
Rachel Seidel and Cheer Dad
Morgan Blanchard and Cheer Dad
James deGraauw, cameraman
for WAFB-TV in Baton Rouge
Endorsed By:
• Governor Sarah Palin
• Tony Perkins, Chairman of FRC Action PAC
• Family Research Council Action PAC
• Americans for Legal Immigration PAC
• National Association for Gun Rights
• Tea Party Express
• Eagle Forum
• Gun Owners of America
• Conservative Majority Fund
• Madison Project PAC
• Senate Conservatives Fund
• Patriot PAC
• Restore Americas Voice PAC
• Marine Vet for Freedom
• Conservative Campaign Committee
• Special Operations Speaks
• National Defense PAC
• Combat Veterans for Congress
• Tea Party Leadership Fund
• Former GOP Senate nominee Woody Jenkins
• Commentator Mark Levin
• Tea Party Patriots Citizens Fund
• Wayne Allyn Root, former Libertarian VP Candidate
• Erick Erickson / RedStat
Paid For By Friends of Col. Rob Maness
20 CITY NEWS Thursday, October 30, 2014
How to Carve a Pumpkin
for Halloween
Baton Rouge Business Directory
3-month contract $50 a month
6-month contract $47 a month
Call 225-261-5055
Dirt Work
Aerobics by
Since 1983 • Good For Your
General Sand & Gravel Co.
Limestone, Gravel, Mason Sand, Clay, Top Soil,
Riversilt, Crushed Concrete, Tractor Work,
Swimming Pool Demo & Fill-In
Need Amway Products?
Good Furniture That Lasts
Experienced Distributor
Can Set You Up as Customer
7330 Florida Blvd.
Home Maintenance
Appliance Repair
Saul Newsome, Michael Karaty, and Gabrielle Savoye carve pumpkins with a jigsaw!
Lloyd’s Home
Appliance Repair
Photo byWoody Jenkins
9-month contract $45 a month
12-month contract $42 a month
Maintenance and Repair
No job too small
Service to all major brands
Shop Central First!
Auto Glass
Lawn Care
Wind Shield Repair & Replacement
We Come to You • 225-791-7440
Mowing & Trimming • Tree Maintenance
Flower Bed Maintenance
No Contracts • Free Estimates
North Store
7777 N. Airline
South Store
12116 S. Airline
Carpet Cleaning
Carpet, Upholstery,
Tile & Grout Cleaning
Locally owned and operated
Randy Falcon
20 Years’ Experience
No Job Too Large or Small
225-454-2961 (cell)
LAFLEUR’S Plumbing
Full Repair Service
Monday - Saturday • Same Rates!
Appointment Necessary on Saturday
(Make Appointment Before Friday)
Keep Up with Central — Go to
David P.
P. Fargason,
Fargason, M.D.
NEW LASER Cataract/Implants
Eye Glass Recycling
at St. Alphonsus Church
State Inspection
Tecnis Multifocal and
for Astigmatism
• Glaucoma/Laser
Contact Lenses
Diabetic Eye Exams
David P. Fargason, MD
all to Schedule Your Eye Exam
Central Professional Plaza
Sullivan Road
M-F 7am-5:30pm
Sat 8am-3pm
[email protected]
Bill Simon
Central Resident
Since 1974
Airline @ Choctaw
Pot Hole
2 or 4 Wheel Alignment
Balance 2 Front Tires
and Tire Rotation
Airline @ Cloverland
Lewis Wrecker Service, Inc.
Family Owned and Operated since 1956
Remember When?
Lewis Cafe on
Airline Highway
in the 1950’s
9555 Joor Road
Central, LA 70818
You have tried the rest! Now USE the BEST!