HHS FY2014 Records Management Training Due: October 31, 2014 A. INTRODUCTION

HHS FY2014 Records Management Training
Due: October 31, 2014
Guidance for Alleviating Technical Issues
This guidance provides tips to help alleviate common Learning Management
Portal/System (LMS) technical issues and points of contact.
B. Accessing the LMS
Access to LMS is granted through the Access Management System (AMS)
https://ams.hhs.gov/amsLogin/SimpleLogin.jsp. You will find step by step instructions on
how to log on by viewing this reference guide:
For PC users, please use “Internet Explorer” (IE) as your browser. Firefox and
Chrome are not compatible.
For Mac users, please use “Safari” as your browser. Firefox is not compatible.
Use the Skillsoft Browser Capabilities Check to ensure that your computer and
web browser can access the training: http://browser.skillport.com/bh/default.asp.
If your computer is spooling/spinning you’ll need to update Java by contacting
your local IT support.
If you are running IE9, IE10, and IE11 and your Java is up to date and you still
experience problems, please try running your browser in IE8 Compatibility mode:
The LMS automatically tracks completion of the course once you complete it.
However, if you would like to view a copy of your LMS training transcript, please
utilize the following reference guide:
D. Launching the Course
The link for this course is located on the LMS home page at the very top of the screen.
The course is called FY2014 Records Management Training. Once you click on the
link, the course will automatically launch in a separate window.
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HHS FY2014 Records Management Training
Due: October 31, 2014
Guidance for Alleviating Technical Issues
E. Completing the Course
Once you have launched the course, click “next” to navigate through the training.
You must complete the entire course to receive credit. Once you have done this, the
LMS will automatically track your completion. Note: The course can also be marked
complete manually by IC LMS Administrators.
Chances are, your account has been locked out if you haven’t used the LMS in a while.
You may need to complete the two steps to gain access and complete this training.
Note: The HHS Learning Management Portal/System (LMS) is located within a larger
HHS database, the Access Management System (AMS). So, your AMS and LMS
accounts are tied together. AMS accounts are locked after 60 days of inactivity based
on HHS security policy and LMS accounts are locked after 366 days of inactivity (i.e.
without a log in).
“How to Unlock Your AMS Account”
• To re-enable a disabled AMS profile, please utilize the following tip sheet:
• Note: If your account cannot be re-enabled, please submit a ticket to the AMS
help desk at [email protected] It will take one business day for your AMS
account to re-link with the LMS.
“How to Unlock Your LMS Account”
• To re-activate a de-activated LMS account, please contact your IC LMS
Administrator for assistance.
• IC Administrators: LMS Local Learning Registrars (LLR) or People
Administrators (PAs) can utilize the following tip sheet to reactivate disabled LMS
accounts: http://hr.od.nih.gov/hrsystems/benefits/lms/documents/TS56A_ReactivatingADeactivatedAccount.pdf
• Note: It takes one day to link with AMS after the LMS account is re-activated.
NIH LMS Help Desk
LMS Administrators List
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