Nomination of additional supervisor for demolition work licence

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Nomination of additional supervisor for
demolition work licence
Work Health and Safety Act 2011
Please refer to the information papers D1 ‘Approved criteria for a certificate to carry out demolition work’ and D2 ‘Requirements to supervise
demolition work’ available at or by phoning WHSQ on 1300 655 986.
Note: Unsigned or incomplete nominations or nominations not accompanied by the required documentation cannot be processed and may
be returned.
A separate form must be completed for each additional supervisor
1. Licensee details
Name of licence holder (as it appears on the licence):
Licence number:
Contact person
Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms):
Family name/surname:
First given name:
Second given name (if applicable):
2. Details of supervisor
Title (Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms):
Family name/surname:
First given name:
Second given name (if applicable):
Date of birth (DD/MM/YYYY):
Residential address (must be an Australian street address and not a PO box):
Unit number/ street number/ street name
Email address (if applicable):
Postal address (must be an Australian address)
PO box number:
(details continue over page)
GPO box number:
Private bag number:
Locked bag number:
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JAG 12/4304
Tick this box if the postal address is the same as the address above
3. Declaration by applicant
I declare that:
• I have authority from the corporate body to complete and submit this nomination (corporate body applicants only).
• The information supplied in this nomination form is true and correct to the best of my knowledge.
• N
one of the information supplied by me in this of nomination form or in any documents attached to or submitted in support of
this nomination is false or misleading in any material particular.
• In making this nomination I have not failed to provide any material information relating to the matters addressed above.
• I acknowledge that it is an offence under the Work Health and Safety Act 2011 to provide false and misleading information in this
nomination or in any documents submitted in support of this nomination.
• This nominated supervisor is at least 18 years old.
I consent to Workplace Health and Safety Queensland making enquiries and exchanging information with work health and safety regulators in
other states, territories or the Commonwealth regarding any matter relevant to this nomination.
Name in full (please print):
The Department of Justice and Attorney-General is collecting your personal information in order to process your nomination of additional supervisor in accordance with the Work
Health and Safety Act 2011. It is the department’s usual practice to disclose this information to the applicable Commonwealth, state or territory health and safety regulator/s in order
to obtain information relevant to making a decision on your nomination. The department may also disclose your licence status to employers or prospective employers and members of
the public who wish to check this status.
4. Checklist of additional documents required
Return original licence document (for endorsement of proposed amendment)
For each nominated supervisor
Evidence of identification
A statutory declaration attesting to a working knowledge of the workplace health and safety management system held by the applicant
Evidence of three years of relevant demolition industry experience and experience in supervising a minimum of three major building /
structural demolition projects
Evidence of the successful completion of 30765QLD course or equivalent
Where to send the completed and signed form:
[email protected]
(07) 3247 9453
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JAG 12/4304
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