Orientation Facilitator 2015 Centre for New Students

Centre for New Students
Orientation Facilitator 2015
Period of Employment:
(See Below for Specific Dates)
Winter Semester, part-time
Spring/Summer Semester, full-time
First Week of September, overtime
Remainder of September, part-time
Mandatory Training:
Saturday, December 6th, 2014 (Afternoon)
Saturday, January 10th, 2015 (Full Day)
Varying; see below for specifics
Reporting to:
Coordinator, Transition Programs
The Centre for New Students (CNS), a unit in the Department of Student Life, provides support to
undergraduate students in their first year at the University of Guelph in order to help ease the personal
and academic transitions to university life.
The Orientation Facilitators (OF) support the planning and implementation of Orientation Week in a
manner that is consistent with the Mission and Objectives as set out by our Advisory Committee. They
will act as a team and will share responsibility for all aspects of creating and implementing Orientation
Week 2015, including: communication, volunteer management, event planning and support, creating a
response protocol for urgent situations, continual improvement, logistical preparation, academic
transition, inclusion of diversity, and partnering with student organizations.
Before You Apply
Please ensure:
 You meet the academic requirements listed in this posting
 You are available to work on the dates listed under “Time Commitments”
 You have fully read and understand this document
 You meet the semester completion requirement listed in this posting
 Robust knowledge of campus resources
 A solid understanding of the first year experience
 Understanding of, and sensitivity toward, diversity-related issues
 Awareness of the objectives of Orientation Week
Ability to differentiate Primary and Accredited Student Organizations, Special Status Groups,
and University Departments
Understanding of experiential learning and application in leadership or student staff roles
Areas of Experience
 Strong academic standing with completion of at least two years (four semesters) of an
undergraduate degree
 Leadership roles that emphasize helping relationships
 Demonstrated success in both small-scale and large-scale event planning
 Thorough knowledge of and direct experience with Orientation Week
 Managing projects that require balancing the needs of multiple stakeholders and team members
 Recruiting, training, supporting and motivating volunteers
 Building positive, collaborative relationships with groups that support students from diverse
 Demonstrating leadership abilities among students from racialized backgrounds or international
students and the ability to advocate for the needs of under-represented populations on campus
Verbal and written communication skills, emphasis in active listening
Demonstrated initiative, self-motivation and enthusiasm
Self-reflective, patient and empathic
Ability to creatively solve problems
Interpersonal, conflict management and group process skills
Problem-solving skills, administrative abilities and high level of professionalism.
Graphic design and/or proofreading skills
Facility in the use of social networking as a marketing and communication tool (e.g. Facebook,
Instagram, Vine, Twitter, and YouTube)
Time Commitments & Remuneration
Time Period
Weekly Commitment
January 5 – April 16
Approx. 10 hours/week
Maximum Hours for
120 hours
May 11 – September 4
September 5 - 13
September 14 – October
Approx. 35 hours/week
Approx. 60 hours/week
Approx. 10 hours/week
574 hours
60 hours
30 hours
$12/hour + 4%
vacation pay
Combined salary of
$12/hour + 4%
vacation pay
1. Number of hours per week is an approximation, particularly while working part-time and in
relation to Orientation Week.
2. Training, planning/debriefing meetings, OV Selection, program implementation and clean-up
result in an uneven distribution of hours.
3. Orientation Facilitators are expected to take four unpaid days off in August to offset overtime
hours during Orientation Week.
4. Must be available on January 30th and 31st for OV Team Leader Selection
5. Must be available in the evenings on March 19th, 20th, 21st, 22nd, 23rd for OV Selection
6. Must be available on March 28th for ROL/OVF/Team Leader Winter Training
The responsibilities of the Orientation Facilitators include, but are not limited to, the following tasks:
Shared Responsibilities, Ongoing
1. Commitment to learning in all areas of responsibility. Attend all training sessions required by the
Centre for New Students.
2. Remain flexible and adaptable to time demands that occur outside of normal business hours,
including being available some evenings and weekends.
3. Maintain regular office hours during the full-time employment period in the summer, as well as
regularly scheduled hours during the spring and fall part-time periods as approved by the
Coordinator, Transition Programs.
4. Provide day-to-day support to the other members of the Orientation Team.
5. Attend regularly scheduled meetings with the Coordinator, Transition Programs and provide
regular and systematic feedback.
6. Participate in the Orientation review process and submit a portfolio-specific review and
transition report by the last contracted day in September.
7. Facilitate transition seminars for incoming students.
8. Other duties as assigned.
9. Check-in with the Coordinator before initiating contact on behalf of CNS with any senior admin,
and copy the appropriate staff on all communications.
Winter 2015
1. Meet with Primary and Accredited Student Organizations, Special Status Groups and relevant
University departments to assist their inclusion in Orientation Week.
2. Promote applications to the Innovation Fund.
3. Assist the CNS Peer Helpers with Orientation Volunteer Recruitment.
4. Participate in promotion of other events and programming offered by CNS.
5. Develop and implement Orientation Week Event Planner training.
6. Assist in developing plans to implement changes suggested in the assessment of previous
Orientation Weeks.
Summer 2015
1. Assist in the coordination of the event proposal review process, including shared responsibility
with all O-Team members to ensure proposals are appropriately assessed, the events database
is maintained and updated regularly, and that revisions are made as required.
2. Assist with coordinating the rental, delivery and pick-up of all equipment needed for Orientation
Week, liaising with campus groups to take advantage of collaborative and cost sharing
3. Participate in supervising and coordinating the duties of Orientation Volunteers during
Orientation Week.
4. Assist with developing the Orientation Guide and summer mailings to new students.
5. Assist in the planning and training for Move-in day.
6. Participate in all student staff training as prescribed by the Coordinator, Transition Programs.
7. Work collaboratively and in a supportive fashion with all Orientation Team members to
accomplish the goals, and complete all tasks associated with the central coordination of the
8. Participate in event planner training and provide support to event planners throughout the
winter and summer semesters.
9. Assist in developing strategies to gather feedback from new students and stakeholders about
their experience with Orientation Week.
10. Engage in developing programming initiatives that facilitate incoming students’ transition to the
academic environment of the University.
11. Help to identify opportunities for collaborative and campus wide programming initiatives.
12. Assist with the development and maintenance of a communication plan for the Orientation
website, Facebook Page, YouTube, Flickr and Twitter accounts.
13. Assist with Summer Orientation Programs.
14. Participate in the development contingency plans for Orientation Week (i.e. in the event of
unfavourable weather, emergencies or other unavoidable challenges) and assist with the
implementation of such plans as directed by the Coordinator, Transition Programs.
15. Ensure all expenses relating to Orientation Week that are to be paid by CNS are approved by the
Centre for New Students according to prescribed procedures. Documentation (i.e. quotes,
invoices and receipts) must be formally submitted immediately upon receipt.
Fall 2015
1. Fully participate in the implementation of Orientation Week.
2. Assist in the clean-up and storage of all Orientation Week resources.
3. Assist the Coordinator, Transition Programs with debriefing Orientation Week stakeholders.
4. Create and submit an Orientation Week Report.
Other Information
Applicants must be enrolled as a student at the University of Guelph at the time of their application, and
may not be on the executive of any Primary Student Organization in the Fall Semester of 2015.
Time off must be negotiated in advance with the Coordinator, Transition Programs and will be approved
based on the operational demands of the Centre for New Students.
Time sheets (payroll) for September will not be processed until final reports, debriefing and clean-up
activities have been fully completed and any keys or CNS equipment returned. Once approved, a final
lump sum payment will be issued.
The process for selection is competitive and academic performance may be considered. By applying for
this position you give permission for staff of the Centre for New Students to check your grades.
A cumulative average of 70% or higher is normally required for this position. Any students falling below
this average may choose to provide additional information in writing about how extenuating
circumstances may have affected their prior academic performance with their initial application.
Consideration may be granted on the basis of evidence that the applicant is in a position to be a strong
academic role model.
How to Apply
Please submit resume and cover letter to:
Rosanna Beattie
Coordinator, Transition Programs
Centre for New Students, Student Life
[email protected]
Deadline to apply: Wednesday, November 12th, 2014 @4:30pm
Please note that this job description is subject to change.