(ICRABR-2015) February 25-28, 2015 1

February 25-28, 2015
Sardar Swaran Singh National Institute of Renewable Energy
(An Autonomous Institution of the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, Govt. of India)
Kapurthala, (Punjab) India
Sardar Swaran Singh National Institute of Renewable Energy (SSS-NIRE) is an autonomous Institution of
the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), Govt. of India. The Institute is an up-coming R&D
centre with its mandate to focus on Bio-energy and develop innovative technologies in the area of
renewables and biofuels. The vision of the Institute is to carry out state-of-the-art R&D covering the entire
spectrum of bioenergy leading to commercialization and their integration with other renewable energy
technologies. One of the important roles envisaged for the institute is human resource development at all
levels in the field of Bio energy. R&D activities have already been initiated in the area of Biomass and
Energy Management, Thermochemical Conversion, Biochemical Conversion, Chemical Conversion,
Electrochemical Processes including hybrid energy systems.
Energy security and environment are the primary and important issues to any country. The exhaustive
use of fossil-fuel sources has raised the serious concerns worldwide not only about energy security but
also for negative impact on environment. Now there is a need to shift the current energy spectrum to
green energy by creating the advance technologies to utilize the renewable resources (agro-forestry
biomass) for bioenergy production to keep the pace with the growing demand of energy for sustainable
development. The research activities in the area of bio-energy including biodiesel, bioethanol,
biomethanation, biomass gasification, biomass cookstove, etc. is receiving unprecedented attention all
over the world due to their potential in finding replacement of fossil fuels. Agricultural biomass is an
abundant renewable resource, which can be converted not only into liquid biofuels but also attracting the
R&Ds to create alternative biofuels as potential substitute to fossil fuels. This natural biomass consists of
highly complex polymer called lignocelluloses. Key barriers in the production of biofuels from biomass are
the processes that release valuable sugars entrapped in lignocelluloses and advanced conversion
technologies that utilize all the components of lignocelluloses.
Three National Conferences on 'Recent Advances in Bio-energy Research' have been organized at the
Institute since 2011; these captured government policies, field experiences, and R&D efforts in the
development and promotion of bio-energy in India. As part of our efforts to extend the scope of these
conferences to cover global scenarios, the first 'International Conference on Recent Advances in Bioenergy Research' ICRABR-2015 will be organized at the Institute between February 25-28, 2015.
SSS-NIRE is located in India at the latitude and longitude of 31° 22' 45" N / 75° 23' 4" E in the state of
Punjab on Jalandhar-Kapurthala Road, 18 km away from Jalandhar city towards Kapurthala. The
Institute is located between Punjab Technical University and Pushpa Gujral Science City and it is well
connected by both railways and roadways with the nearest railway station at Jalandhar City and
Jalandhar Cantt. and nearby airports at Amritsar, Chandigarh and New Delhi. The climate of Kapurthala
during February varies between 15oC to 25oC with the humidity in the comfortable range.
Submission of Abstracts
Intimation of acceptance
Submission of full length paper
Original research/status papers, research findings, etc. are invited from academicians, researchers,
research scholars and industry in the area but not limited to the following:
 Biofuels Policy and Strategies
 Economic Evaluation of Bioenergy Processes and
 Biomass Resource Assessment
 Feedstock availability
 Life Cycle Assessment
 Mapping and GIS systems
 Area selection
 Supply Chain Management
 Biomass Collection
 Transportation
 Storage
 Biomass Characterization
 Pretreatment
 Solid biomass
 Briquetting
 Pelleting
 Algal and Marine Biomass
 Algal Cultivation
 Algal Harvesting and Extraction Systems
 Products from Algal Refining
 Bioenergy Production, Optimization and Planning
 Biomass Combustion, Gasification and Pyrolysis
 Clean Development Mechanism (CDM)
 Improved Biomass Cookstoves
 Bioethanol Production and Separation
 Biobutanol Production and Separation
 Biohydrogen Production
 Microbial Hydrogen Production
 Biomass Reforming
 Photobiological Hydrogen Production
 Biogas
 Production
 Cleaning
 Bottling
 Genetic Modifications for Improvement in Biofuels
 Integrated biorefineries
 Metagenomics for Biofuels
 Aviation Biofuel
 Biodiesel
 Production
 Purification
 Engine Testing
 Techno-economic Evaluation
 Hydrocracking for Green Diesel Production
 Catalysis for Biofuels
 Electrochemical Processes
 Hydrogen Fuel Cells
 Microbial Fuel Cells
 Methanol Fuel Cells
 Alkaline Fuel Cell
 Biomass based value-added products
 Techno-economic Modeling of Biofuels Systems
 Socio-economic issues for sustainable
 Waste Water Treatment
 Conversion Technologies for Municipal and
Industrial Wastes to value-added products
 Hybrid/Integrated and New Energy Systems
 Climate Change
 Merits and Demerits in Bioenergy
 Ecological and Biodiversity Issues
Fee Category
Research Scholar/
Persons from Industry &
Corporate sector
Accompanying Persons
Till Jan 31, 2015
INR 5,000
USD 400
After Jan 31, 2015
INR 6,000
USD 450
INR 2,000
USD 150
INR 2,500
USD 200
INR 10,000
USD 600
INR 12,000
USD 650
INR 3,000
USD 150
INR 3,000
USD 150
The guidelines for abstract and full paper submission are available on the website ‘www.icrabr.in’.
The abstract, full paper and registration will be made online through the website The registration
fee must be deposited through NEFT before registration. The details are available at the
conference website.
The selected full length papers will be published as conference proceedings through internationally
reputed publisher. A souvenir will be distributed to all the delegates along with the kit. The sponsors
from Industries/ stakeholders are encouraged to support the conference and will be advertised in the
souvenir. The details are available on the web site ‘www.icrabr.in’.
 Dr. Robert Dekker, Lakehead University, Canada
 Prof. Mohammed Farid, University of Auckland,
New Zealand
 Prof. S.C. Bhattacharya, International Energy
 Prof. B. S. Pathak, SPRERI, India
 Prof. Rajesh Sani, South Dakota School of
Mines and Technology, USA
 Prof. Toshinori Kojima, Seikei University, Tokyo,
 Prof. Rakesh Bajpai, University of Luisiana, USA
 Prof. S. K. Sharma, PU Chandigarh, India
 Dr. Samir K. Khanal, University of Hawaii, USA
 Prof. Mohammad J. Tahezadeh, University of
Boras, Sweden
 Dr. M. O. Garg, Director, IIP, Dehradun, India
 Dr. Giuliano Grassi, European Biomass
Industry Association
 Prof. Giuliano C. Premier, University of South
 Prof. I. M. Mishra, IIT Roorkee, India
 Dr. Badal C. Saha, US Department of
Agriculture, USA
 Dr. Lalini Reddy, CPUT, South Africa
Dr. Praveen Saxena, Adviser, MNRE
Sh. A. K. Dhussa, Adviser, MNRE
Prof. Subhash Chand, IIT Delhi
Prof. S. Dasappa, IISc Bangalore
Prof. A. K. Jain, CUP, Bathinda
Prof. U. C. Banerjee, NIPER, Mohali
Prof. V. Sivasubramanian, Director-Tech,
PERC, Chennai
 Dr. D. K. Adhikari, IIP, Dehradun
 Dr. Dilip Ranade, ARI, Pune
Prof. D. Das, IIT Kharagpur
Prpf. Pranab Goswami, IIT Guwahati
Prof. V.K. Vijay, IIT Delhi
Prof. M. M. Ghangrekar, IIT Kharagpur
Prof. M. K. Jha, NIT Jalandhar
Dr. Ashok Pandey, NIIST, Trivandrum
Dr. D. K. Sahoo, IMTech, Chandigarh
Dr. R. K. Behl, HAU, Hisar
Dr. S. S. Sooch, Director, SES, PAU, Ludhiana
Dr. Kaustubha Mohanty, IIT Guwahati
Sh. Piyush Goyal,
Minister, Power, Coal and New & Renewable Energy
Sh. Upendra Tripathy, Secretary, MNRE
Dr. N.P. Singh, Adviser, MNRE
Prof. Yogender Kumar Yadav, Director, NIRE
Dr. S. K. Tyagi, Scientist ‘E’, NIRE
Dr. A. K. Sarma, Scientist ‘D’, NIRE
Dr. Sachin Kumar, Scientist ‘B’, NIRE
Sardar Swaran Singh National Institute of Renewable Energy,
Jalandhar-Kapurthala Road, Wadala Kalan, Kapurthala-144601 (Punjab) India
E-mail: [email protected] / [email protected]
Web: www.icrabr.in / www.nire.res.in
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