The Altar flowers are given to the glory of God by
Mr. & Mrs. Tom McGowan and children in loving memory of
mother and grandmother Peggy Cowdery, father and grandfather
Ben Cowdery, and sister and aunt Nancy Cowdery.
Prayers of the People
Witnesses Remembered
Nov 1
Nov 2
All Saints — Merle Musselman, 1990; Frances Roeder, 2008
Commemoration of All Faithful Departed —Eleanor Paine, 1978;
Marjorie Rauscher, 1984; Robert Swenholt, 1991; M. Bruce Martin,
2001; Mary Nel Sieman, 2006; Donald Knauss, 2010
Nov 3 Richard Hooker, Priest, 1600 — Elizabeth Baum, 1977; Adalbert
Weisbrod, 1981; Bella Harman, 1986; Shirley Jean Vitale, 1999
Nov 4 Edward Rainey, 1995
Nov 5 Bruce McKelvie, 1991; Christine Brown Hall, 2004
Nov 6 Harriett O’Loughlin, 1993; Laurence Pruitte, 1997; Richard W. Johnson, 2001
Nov 7 Willibrord, Archbishop of Utrecht, Missionary to Frisia, 739 —
Mary Tyner, 1980; Kay Currey, 1992; Jane Bock, 2009;
Birthdays Remembered
Porter Asche, Lauren Proctor
Doug Hokenstad
Sue Beller, Jack Kubat
Matt Beiriger, Joe Dmuchovsky
Dalton Douglas, Megan Gustafson, Cheri Harris
Connie Heiden
Courtney Barber, Dick Cowman, Sam Fredrickson, Brian Sattem
Anniversaries Remembered
Nov 1
The Rev. Judi A. Yeates ordained
If your birthday or anniversary is not on the list, contact the office: 402-393-8612
The Pomegranate Gift Shop
Can you feel it! Well, yes Big Red football is in the air...but
so is Thanksgiving! It’s our special American holiday and it is just
around the corner. We have many special items to help you celebrate
Thanksgiving. Come into the shop and see our fall and Thanksgiving decor,
flags, reading material, cards and so much more. Hope to see you soon.
A “Note” on Hymnody
from Dr. Laura Palmer, Director of Music Ministries
“For All the Saints” was written by William How, a bishop of the Anglican church,
and published in 1864. It originally appeared with the heading Saints’ Day Hymn.
A Cloud of Witnesses. Heb. 12:1. In addition to the Hebrews scripture, the text also
reflects upon a phrase from the Apostles Creed: “I believe in…the communion
of saints.” The melody now associated with this hymn was written by Ralph
Vaughn Williams in 1906 for The English Hymnal. At first the tune was rejected as
“jazz music,” but later came to be acclaimed as one of the finest English hymn
tunes ever written.
Deadline for the next Witness is Monday,
November 10th before noon!
Readings appointed for November 9:
Joshua 24:1-3a, 14-25
78:1-7 Page 694 , BCP
1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
Matthew 25:1-13
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Contact Information
The Rev. Judi A. Yeates, Rector-In-The-Interim([email protected])cell 402-690-4733
The Rev. Jay Gabb, Part-Time Associate-In-The-Interim ([email protected])
cell 402-740-4621
Dr. Laura Palmer, Director of Music Ministries ([email protected]) . ext. 115
Jerry Gray, Music Associate ([email protected]) .......................... cell 402-657-1395
Jeremy Vogt, Ministry Coordinator ([email protected])cell 845-206-2644
Judith Stribley, Lay Pastoral Assistant ([email protected]) ................. cell 402-630-7384
Liz Pettinger, Youth Minister ([email protected]) ................ cell 402-290-8644
Laurie Hamilton, Dir. of Christian Ed. ([email protected]) cell 402-917-5817
Theresa Newell, Program Assistant ([email protected]) cell 402-238-8325
Dn. Stephanie Ulrich, R.N., Health Ministries ([email protected]) ext. 114
home phone: 402-496-2632; cell 402-515-3147
Pageer (Joseph) Alaak, Sudanese Leader ([email protected]) cell 402-972-6278
Joy Hooyboer, Parish Administrator ([email protected])
Tracy Peterson, Facilities Manager ([email protected]) .. cell 402-305-7781
Cassie Arneson, Financial Administrator ([email protected] ) ..... cell 402-212-7326
Dn. Bob Brown, Sexton ([email protected]) .............................. cell 402-213-4955
Deacons: Lynne Bacon, Bob Brown, Stephanie Ulrich
Wardens and Vestry
Senior Warden
Junior Warden
Phil Cosimano
Mark Fredrickson
Lynn Pirruccello
Lori Schneider
Paul Prentiss
Mike Wheeler
Doug Lacey
Kathy Kresin
Maureen O’Connor
Roy Phillips
Barbara Schaefer
8:30 AM Celebration Breakfast [undercroft]
9:30 AM Celebration Brunch [undercroft]
11:30 AM Celebration Lunch [undercroft]
11:30 AM Staff Meeting [L]
6:30 PM
1st Thursday M&E Society [RC]
7:00 PM
Loved Ones Remembrance Liturgy
8:30 AM Men’s Retreat [RC]
Exultation Ringers
Youth Group
Celebration Ringers
Handbell Choir
Chancel Choir
R-13 Sponsored Breakfast [UC]
Christian Formation for Everyone
WELCOME – Consecration Sunday Speaker
Dani Bradford
Sam Brown
John Bush
Greta Vaught
Chairs: Mark Fredrickson and Gayle Smith Watkins.
Bill Anderson, Pam Barsness, Jonathan Bradford,
Dean Hokanson, Michael Kresin, Jack Kubat,
David McCain, Craig O’Connor, Kay Owen, Matt
Payne, Kim Phillips, Mike Roth.
Search Committee Prayer
Almighty God, we pray for the guidance of your Holy Spirit as we seek a new rector
for our church. You know our special needs and the task that lies in our hands.
Direct us in our search and give us insight to perceive the leader you would choose
for us. And we further pray, O Lord, that in this time of waiting we may all devote
ourselves afresh to your service, so that nothing will be lost of the faithful work
of the past, but rather that it may be brought to a rich harvest in the years to come.
This we ask in the Name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
Char DeWitt, our guest speaker, for Consecration Sunday.
Char currently is the Gift Planning Officer for Nebraska/SW
Iowa Region of the American Red Cross. She has served the
Episcopal Church Foundation and the Diocese of Kansas as
their Stewardship and Planning Giving Officer. She currently
attends Trinity Cathedral in Omaha. Please give her a warm All
Saints welcome. Thanks, Char, for being with us today for our
First Sunday Food Offering
“...just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live your lives in him, rooted and
built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with
thankfulness.” Colossians 2:6-7
We are strengthened in faith and overflowing with thankfulness as we
continue to receive your generous donations of food for those in need!
Many thanks
All Saints Flockfeeders
Children in Worship
Each month on the first Sunday, we invite children of all
ages to join us at the altar at both the 9 and 10:30 services. We
are blessed by their participation in the Eucharistic Prayer.
Christian Adult Formation
Youth in FOCUS at All Saints
During November we will have two Adult Christian Formation offerings. You
are welcome to come to attend any or all of either series!
Youth in Focus, our All Saints Youth Group, is held on Wednesday evenings
from 6:00-7:30 in the retreat center. All youth in 7th through 12th grade are
welcome! NEXT WEEK we will be meeting at the Amazing Pizza Machine
with an amended time - 530-7pm. The Youth in Focus will be joining in the fun
with the All Saints Choristers.
contact Liz Pettinger at [email protected]
Sunday mornings -9:45 - 10:30 am
The Historical Journey of All Saints
Take a walk down memory lane! Come review with us the roots of our church and
explore what’s next. This offering will take place in the Activity Room.
November 9 - Transition from 26th and Dewey to 90th and Blondo presented
by Jean Lewandowski
November 16 - EFM and the Diaconate presented by Lynne Bacon
The Diaconate-what you always wanted to know about deacons and were afraid
to ask!
November 23 - What Comes Next? Presented by Father Mike Tan Creti
Behind every story, is a story? After every story, is a story that is yet to be told?
What is the story behind the “Great Crowd” and whose job is it to tell the yet-tobe-told story?
A Historical Journey through the Synoptic Gospels
By request from our suggestion box, Mother Judi will offer a class on the Synoptic
Gospels. Get an overview of the history and perspective of the writing of these
beautiful works. This offering will take place in the Library. Everyone is
welcome to attend one or all of the series.
November 9 – The Synoptic Problem and Gospel of Mark
November 16 – The Gospel of Matthew & the Q Source
November 23 – The Gospel of Luke & Special L & M
Loved Ones Remembrance Liturgy
Friday, November 7 at 7:00 pm
During this season of the Feast of All Saints, we remember and
honor loved ones that have passed away. Everyone is welcome
to attend the Loved Ones Remembrance Liturgy on Friday,
November 7th at 7:00 p.m. in the chapel. This service is a time
for reflection and to remember a special person we have lost, of any relationship and
time of life. You are invited to bring a photo or momento in honor of your loved one
to be placed on the altar.
1800’s Evening Prayer & Potluck
Wednesday, November 12th at 6 p.m.
Join us as we journey to the past, and experience worship as
it would have been 150 years ago! We will have a brief
service of Evening Prayer followed by an Old-Fashioned
Harvest Potluck. A meat dish is provided, but please bring
a side dish to share. 1800’s-inspired attire is welcome!
First Communion Classes for children
Mother Judi will be offering first communion classes on Saturday, November
15 at 1:00 pm and Saturday, November 22nd at 10:00 am. If you have any questions
or would like to register your child for one of these classes, please email Mother Judi
at [email protected] or call the church office at 402-393-8612.
Thanksgiving Service
Tuesday, November 25th at 7:00 p.m.
A Holy Eucharist with traditional Thanksgiving
hymns and liturgy, along with the Chancel & Handbell Choirs.
Worship will be followed by a Pie Feast! hosted by the Handbell
Choir. Look for a sign-up sheet in the narthex to share your favorite pie!
*Please bring a non-perishable food donation for the Dean Fricke Food Pantry
Want to rid yourself of the bad taste of the long and nasty
political campaign? Come taste the wine and food at the
November meeting of The First Thursday
Marching & Eating Society, this Thursday,
November 6th at 6:30 PM in the Retreat Center. The
Thanksgiving themed program on The 1947 Friendship Train and The 1949 Merci
Train will remind us of the good in the world and of the good all of us can do. It
will give you the same warm glow you get from the story of The North Platte
Canteen. Please come. Bring a friend. Bring your table service and a food dish to
share and join the warm fellowship. All our All Saints Family is welcome.
Supporting Our Journey –
Consecration Weekend –
November 1-2
A huge thank you to all who have worked so hard to make Consecration Sunday
a big success!
Chairs: Your Vestry; Paul Prentiss, Mike Wheeler, Phil Cosimano, Mark
Fredrickson, Lynn Pirruccello, Lori Schneider, Kathy Kresin, Maureen
O’Connor, Roy Phillips, Barb Schaefer, Dani Bradford, Sam Brown, John Bush
and Greta Vaught.
Adult Forum Speakers: Fr. Jay Gabb, Char DeWitt, Jeff Pirruccello, and
Theresa Newell.
“My Journey with All Saints” speakers: Roy Phillips, Greta Vaught,
Maureen O’Connor and Paul Prentiss.
Stewardship Members: Kevin Long and Bill McSharry.
Finance Committee: John Hancock, Doug Lacey, Jim Landen, Craig
O’Connor, Paul Prentiss and Mike Wheeler.
Consecration Weekend Reception Coordinators: Dani Bradford, Anne
Baxter, Kay Owen, Patty Bradford and team.
Special Thanks to our guest speaker: Char DeWitt
Results of Consecration Sunday will be announced next Sunday and printed in the next Witness.
Home Dedication
Nov 8, 2014 ~ 2711 Crown Point Ave ~ 2:00 pm
You are invited to a home dedication by Habitat
for Humanity of Omaha. Join us as we celebrate
with the new homeowners:
Khamba & Mangala Gurung
Men’s Ministry Annual Fall Retreat with Fr. Jay Gabb
Saturday, November 8, 2014 ~ 8:30 – 12:00p in the Retreat Center
“Seeking and Understanding God’s Dream of Shalom”
What does the Lord require….
“He has told you human one, what is good and what the Lord requires from you:
to do justice, embrace faithful love, and walk humbly with your God. [Micah 6:8
CEB] Using resources primarily from theologian and teacher, Robert C. Linthicum
and the writings of The Most Rev. Katharine Jefferts Schori, Presiding Bishop of
the Episcopal Church, Fr. Jay will lead us [MMAS] through seeking and
understanding what is meant by “Shalom” and why Bishop Katharine would say
“Together, we can partner to build a world that is more godly and more humane…
a holy, whole, and healed place for all God’s creatures.”
This retreat is open to all men of All Saints and their invited guest. Please RSVP
with Bill Ricketts at [email protected] by November 6.
by Gini Thomas
Calm, pleasant work atmosphere! Thoroughly enjoyable volunteer position!
Ability to read.
Familiarity with the Dewey Decimal System.
Knowledge of basic computer skills.
Desire to sustain an organized library.
Availability to work 1+ hours weekly.
Willingness to perform basic maintenance chores.
The All Saints Library is fully functional. Only weekly maintenance is now
required to keep this extraordinary facility operating as it should for the All Saints
community. “Be not afraid…for the LORD thy God is with thee…” and the
Librarian’s Handbook will guide you through any instructions you might need to
be comfortable in this position. If God is nudging you in this direction, please
contact any staff member.
This is your Library! Enjoy!