Mitel Teleworker Solution Simple, Scalable and Secure Remote Teleworking Solution Key Benefits

Mitel Teleworker Solution
Simple, Scalable and Secure Remote Teleworking Solution
Key Benefits
• Full access to all office phone
system’s calling features, voice
mail and audio conferencing
• Simple and quick to configure
multiple Teleworker Solution
• Support over 5,000 users on a
single solution deployment
• Uses secure real-time Protocol
with 128-bit AES encryption of
voice connections and uses SSL
to encrypt the call control
As a service of the Mitel® MiVoice Border Gateway, the Mitel Teleworker Solution makes it possible for your business to
reap the benefits of teleworking: increased employee productivity, lower real estate costs, higher employee retention,
and more.
As part of the MiVoice Border Gateway - a comprehensive
solution to provide a reliable, secure network - the Mitel
Teleworker Solution enables your business to deploy a
wide range of MiVoice IP phones and SIP devices securely
The Mitel Teleworker Solution is ideal for businesses:
• With remote offices / home-based employees that
require access to the corporate office phone system -
for external (or internal) voice connectivity.
including voice mail and conferencing
Through the Teleworker Solution employees are provided
• That have employees who regularly take work home with
secure access to the corporate voice network in order to
obtain full access to your business’s Mitel communications
solution - including calling features, voice mail, and audio
conferencing - thereby providing a complete in-office
experience without being physically in the office.
One enabled employees are able to take their phone off
them or whose jobs require they be accessible outside
regular business hours
• Looking to reduce real-estate expenses
• Businesses wishing to reduce absenteeism and improve
productivity levels
site and plug it into any broadband Internet connection
• Wanting to reduce long-distance charges to and from
(residential DSL, cable or satellite) without any special
remote offices
configuration at the remote location.
Mitel Teleworker Solution is supported by the following
Mitel communications platforms: Mitel MiVoice Business,
MiVoice Office 250 or Mitel SX-200 ICP.
and Teleworker Solution gateway fail the Line Interface
Module provides PSTN fail-over. The Line Interface Module
also enables a user to select a local analog line via the Mitel
IP Phone for local, emergency or personal outgoing calls.
Reporting: HTML reporting is provided, enabling the
system administrator or IT manager to obtain important
and useful information on Teleworker Solution usage,
this could be used to aid the provisioning of additional
teleworkers, monitoring bandwidth use at peak periods or
simply for cost analysis purposes.
Key Benefits
Mitel communications solution without any special
configuration at the remote location.
Simplicity: System administrators can simply and quickly
configure multiple Teleworker Solution phones. Alternately,
they can use an installer password to reduce the time
needed for large installations. (Entering the installer
Additional Features
password automatically adds the phone’s ID to the list of
Support for Multiple MiVoice Business Solutions: In a
network environment where multiple MiVoice Business
allowable IDs.) End-users require no training; they simply
plug in the Mitel IP phone and start working.
solutions are deployed within the enterprise, only one
Scalability: A single Teleworker Solution gateway
Teleworker Solution gateway is required to provide
supports up to 5,000 users per server (MiVoice IP or SIP)
teleworker services. This reduces your capital costs and
and can scale beyond 5,000 users through clustering
increases network simplicity.
of multiple servers together - up to five servers can be
SIP Phone & Softphone Support: The Mitel Teleworker
Solution can provides users of SIP phones and the
MiCollab Client Softphone with access to your corporate
communications solution without the need for a
VPN connection back into the corporate office. Full
clustered together. This configuration can also be useful
for more complex network environments when there
might be a need for one Teleworker Solution gateway
in the demilitarized zone (DMZ) and another being used
MiCollab Client functionality, including visual voice mail,
Security: The Mitel Teleworker Solution uses Secure Real-
collaboration, and presence & availability are all supported
time Protocol (SRTP) with 128-bit AES encryption of voice
in a non-VPN environment.
connections and uses SSL to encrypt the call control.
Increased Resiliency: In the event of a primary
communications solution failure, the Mitel Teleworker
Solution will automatically fail-over to a secondary MiVoice
For more information on the Mitel Teleworker Solution,
Business solution with no interruption in service. When
please visit the Mitel MiVoice Border Gateway page on
used in conjunction with the Mitel Line Interface Module
should the link between the Teleworker Solution phone
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