The Spire
Irvington United Methodist Church
November 2014
Greetings, Irvington UMC,
It has been a joy to serve you over the past ten months! I have met so many delightful
people, and you have ministered to me in a way that I can only hope to return as part
of your community.
The music ministry of our church is in an interesting place right now. I do not use the
word "interesting" in a sarcastic way here. I am genuinely interested and excited by
the potential I see. In the Gallery Choir (a.k.a. Joyful Echoes), we have about ten very
dedicated and hard-working members. Week after week, they diligently prepare music
for Sunday worship, both as an offering to God as well as for your Christian inspiration
and edification. Choir members are indeed ministers - in a very real and vital way.
So, what's this potential I see? It is potential for an even more vibrant and effective musical community within the church. I am very passionate about fine sacred
music, and as long as I am your organist/choirmaster, that is what I will seek to
offer. I need help, though, and it must come from YOU, the congregation.
As part of my vision for our church's music, I would very much like to see the choir
swell in numbers (we especially need low voices). With the program under new
leadership, this is a perfect time for ANYONE in the congregation, regardless of age or
musical background, to give choir a try. Let me stress: your level of musical skill does
not matter! If you can match pitch, you can contribute something significant. You will
not be alone as you learn how to read music and develop your singing voice; I will help
Keep in mind, also, that the choir is not only open to church members; this is an
outreach opportunity! There are people in this city and neighborhood yearning for a
sense of community and belonging, and that is what I am working toward in the music
ministry. Let's reach to the outside and show people that we have something meaningful to offer them, that there is a place for them.
With your help, I am confident that we can make a positive change for the church's
worship, and offer something of beauty and significance to our community. Any and
all - please consider being involved!
With warmest regards and sincere gratitude,
David Harrison
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November 2014
There are still three more suppers you can catch!
You w ill sure w ant to hear Melissa Huber' s talk
on November 5th about the human trafficking
menace; and, on November 12th, be brought
up- to- date on the Guatemala Committee' s plans for next year! Of course, don' t miss out
on the food, fun, and fellow ship (did w e mention food--such as in 5 star dining?) at our
November 19th finale, the annual Preschool Dinner and Auction!
See you there! Dinners are served starting at 5:45. As usual, child care w ill be provided.
"Open Doors! It's not just part of our motto, it's what we actually do. On November 7 our doors
will be open to all for an evening of music, fellowship, and coffee. Please to bring your kids, your
parents, your neighbor, and yourself and be ready to relax. The doors will open at 6:30 and the
music will begin at 7 PM. If you have a busy Friday, just stop by whenever you're able. We will
wrap things up by 8:30. A variety of local artists will be sharing uplifting and positive songs. This
is a great event to invite someone to who isn't sure about Church, but is looking for a place to belong. "Open Door Coffee House" is the place to be. And if coffee isn't your thing, we'll have some
tea on hand, too."
The Trustee Committee has scheduled a w ork day for Saturday, November 8th,
9:00 am to noon w ith a light lunch being served. The focus of the w ork day
w ill be emptying the attic of combustible materials.
The Food Pantry is needing volunteers. (w e have lost several regular volunteers due to
health concerns, moving, et c.) I w ould appreciat e it if you could let the congregation know
of this need. The help is needed on Thursday from approximately 12 noon until 3:30
pm. The volunteers w ill be involved in set ting up and putting aw ay for the Food Pantry
(w hich is 1-3 pm) and the w ork areas are different. If anyone is interested, please call
Nancy Schoen @ 319-4780. Thanks so much!
Question of the month: How many steps are there at the north end of the building?
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The Spire
Our Facebook page has been up
and running for a little over five years
and we have averaged about 100 additional “Likes” each year. “Likes”
are people who want to follow the
news on our page and receive it on
their newsfeed. I have been saying for
several years that Facebook is one of
our best ways to get information out,
and recently we gained the 500th
“Like.” That’s five hundred people
interested in our story! Very few
churches ever reach that major milestone.
This year’s Charge Conference
will be held at Broadway United
Methodist Church at 6:30 p.m. on
Thursday, November 13. All are invited. Church Council members need
to be there. Come hear our District
Superintendent preach as we worship
together with several other churches
in the Central District.
November 2014
When you go to bed Saturday
night on November 1, remember to
set your clocks back an hour.
On November 2 we will remember loved ones who have passed
away since last All Saints Sunday.
Send your pictures in so they can be
displayed on the screen and projector.
If you would like to read one
of the scriptures on Christmas Eve,
just call the Church office and mention which service you plan to attend: the 6 p.m. Family Service, or
the 11 p.m. Traditional Service.
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The Spire
November 2014 –
a. Is there anyone who would like to have help signing-in and setting up your
account to donate to IUMC on If you would like help,
please send an email to [email protected] and direct it to Ellen Foster.
Ellen can then contact you to offer some help or answer questions.
b. Have you seen the “offer” link on They change frequently
to give you multiple choices. If you order something, you will see the
amount of money donated instead of a percentage.
c. Are you using the “easy give” button for the UMCmarket purchases? This is
a quick and easy way to shop and donate. If you don’t know what that is, go
to the website and view the “apps” link, where it explains how it works.
2 0 1 5 AN N UAL HAN GI N G O F
Please join the worship team on
Saturday, N ovember 2 9 th at 9 :0 0
a.m. as we take some time out of
our hectic Thanksgiving weekend
to decorate the church for the
Advent & Christmas season. Coffee & donuts will be available as a
small token of the team' s appreciation for your time & assistance. Thank you.
Jeff Petry, Worship Team Chair
Christmas Caroling
The nurture committee is sponsoring an all
church caroling for our shut ins. We will
have lunch right after church on Sunday,
December 14th and then carpool together
to bring Christmas cheer to those who are
either hospitalized or in rehabilitation or
convalescing. We need to have a number
of participants to plan for lunch, so please
let Yvonne Oropeza know by December
3 rd .
You can email her at
Yvonne.o[email protected]
or 2943503. Thanks and even if you can’t carry a
tune in a bucket, we would love to have
you join us to meet those who are unable
to be with us in church.
Anna Circle has recently purchased twelve card tables for the use of IUMC members. To
prevent disappearance and damage, these tables will be signed out and returned in the
same condition they left. Just call Sue Hudelson at 353-1247 and leave a message (or call
her cell @ 407-1881) a few days ahead of time and she will make arrangements to meet
you at the church to get them and return. They are not to leave the church.
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The Spire
November 2014
7345 East Washington Street (317-375-9007)
Irvington United Methodist Church
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The Spire
November 2014
November Youth Group Meetings
November 2 - Summer Party
It may be the middle of fall, but that doesn't mean we can't enjoy some summer
activities. Thanks to new scientific discoveries, we can enjoy the fun of sandcastles during the cold of winter. We got 11 pounds of kinetic sand (look it up
online)! What's that mean? A Miniature Sandcastle competition and other
summer games. Don't forget your Sunglasses!
November 9 – Talent Show
You got any skills? Singing,
dancing, gymnastics,
whatever it is now is your
chance to show the rest of
the youth group what you
have been working on.
November 16 – Turkey Bowling
November 23 – Decorating the Youth Room
It is the Hanging of the Greens! We will be decorating the Youth Room.
If you have anything you would like to bring or have any decorating
ideas let me know. This should be a very relaxed time, probably listening
to music and chatting while decorating. OH, and FOOD!
November 30 – Winter Party
Now that the decorations are set it is time for a PARTY! But this
isn't your ordinary holiday party and gift exchange. Not only will
there be gifts and prizes, but we are going on a Bear Hunt! Don't
ask me how or why, but you will need to come prepared! We are
going to need to suit up. So bring a hat, gloves, sunglasses, a
jacket/coat, shoes (don't forget socks), and a scarf!
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The Spire
October 2014
Mark your calendars!
This year will be an Advent celebration like never before. We will have a Parking
Ministry for our guests and members, special greeters, carolers, a Christmas concert, and a live Nativity.
The following is the Advent schedule that was set:
November 30 - Parking Ministry conducted from the east circle door (8:30AM – 10AM and 11:30 - completion).
December 5 – Everyone is invited to a dinner in the fellowship hall starting at 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM.
At 6:45PM to 8:45PM, 100 lights and luminaries will light the night sky, a Christmas quartet will sing
carols, and we will have a live Nativity. There will also be a bake sale for the Guatemala Mission Team.
December 7 - Parking ministry and special greeters who will seat people in the sanctuary (10:10 10:30AM).
December 14 - Parking ministry, special greeters seating people, and carolers in the hall between 10AM
to 10:30AM.
December 21 - Parking ministry, special greeters seating people, carolers, the Christmas Concert
(4:30PM), and luminary on the church circle (at dusk).
December 24 - Parking ministry from 5:15PM to 6PM and after the service to completion, special greeters
starting at 5:30 PM to 6:00 PM for the family service at 6pm. The Candlelight Service parking ministry will
start at 10:10PM to 11:00 PM and after the service until completion, special greeters seating people from
10:15PM to the beginning of the service at 11PM.
Plans are being made for this joyous occasion. We need as many volunteers as possible to make this
happen. Please contact the church’s office or Scott McCutchen if you would like to volunteer.
MARSH gift cards are available in the church office
or contact Ellen Foster to
purchase them. Some of
the products for the last
Wednesday Night Supper
were bought with them.
It is like using a debit
card and they can be used
at any Marsh store.
HELP REQUESTED: Is there anyone who
knows about “grant writing” for non-profit
organizations? Please contact the office if
you can be of any help
Condolences to……..
The friends and family of
Julian Mount who passed
away on October 1, 2014.
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The Spire
November 2014
Imagine Jesus from Mary’s point of view—proud of her son,
in awe of his gifts, and guided by her love for him. In this series Dr.
Adkins will begin at the end, with Mary at the Crucifixion and
Resurrection, then travel back in time through Jesus’ life and
ministry, and end at the beginning in a stable. The final sermon
will be on Christmas Eve. The series is based on Adam Hamilton’s
new book entitled Not a Silent Night.
November 30
Acts 1:8-14
Beginning with the End
December 7
Luke 2:33-35
The Piercing of Mary’s Soul
December 14
Luke 2:41-51
Amazed and Astonished
December 21
Luke 1:26-33
Mary, Full of Grace
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The Spire
November 2014
Page 10
The Spire
October 2014
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The Spire
November 2014
Live Nativity – December 5, 2014
This event will give everyone a chance to take part. It will literally “take a village” to
accomplish the “Live Nativity Event” and the Advent Celebrations during the month of
December. Check the list. If there is a position you would like, contact Scott
McCutchen or Ellen Foster. These positions will be finalized during the first two weeks
of November, so costumes and other preparations can be accomplished.
A. Positions available in the nativity scene:
1. Roman Soldier (at least six needed) – Adult men – 20 to 75 yrs. Old.
2. These individuals will be in the role of traffic control.
3. Angels (at least eight needed) – Young teen or adult/ men or women
4. Inn Keeper and Wife – (at least 2 adult men and 2 adult men needed)
5. Mary (at least 3) – young women – 15 to 30 yrs. old
6. Joseph (at least 3) – young men – 15 to 30 yrs. old
7. Wise Men (at least 6 needed) – 30 to 65 yrs. old
8.Shepherds (at least 6 needed) – men or women; any age.
B. Positions available to help with candles to be lit in the church windows at
6:30pm sharp:
● Must be old enough to be able to move about the church in the dark (with a
flashlight). Children should be accompanied by adult for the sake of safety.
● 20 to 25 people needed, (unless we can develop a remote system to
turn-on all of the candles at the same time.)
C. Coordinator for the dinner at 5:30pm (to be served to those working with the
event, though the entire congregation is invited. This will be a simple menu with
soup, sides and dessert. It will be prepared with the idea of a quick clean-up
D. Volunteers to help with preparation, delivery and clean-up of the meal. At
least 10 people will probably be needed.
E. Parking ministry service people are needed. There will be a meeting of the
parking ministry volunteers after church, November 2, 2014, in the library. (At
least 10 will be needed / any interested persons are welcome) Men and women
can be part of this ministry.
F. Special greeters during the advent weeks of December 7, 14, 21 and 24
(both services Christmas Eve) At least 4 people are needed each time.
G. A person or persons who would like to develop handouts to offer during
the live nativity.
a. Brochure or flier about IUMC and programs we offer.
b. Invitation to Advent Celebrations and Christmas Eve Services.
c. Invitation to location of the Guatemala Bake Sale after leaving the nativity scene area.
Answer to question of the month: 17
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The Spire
November 2014
Page 13
The Spire
November 2014
Teacher Appreciation
If you have ever been a Sunday School Leader/Teacher you understand what an
obligation that position is. The preparation time is about the same whether there
are 10 children or 1 child. That one face, however, can make your day better in
knowing that you didn’t let the one (or the ten) down by not being there or not being ready to share the love of our Lord in any way you can. There are some wonderful volunteers in our Sunday School program and some are new to the general
congregation. Therefore, please take the time to thank them for giving their time
an effort each and every week.
Meghan Schlebecker and Susie Ammerman (new member)
Middle Elementary:
Marsha Petry and Lisa Hedges
Older Elementary:
Kevin Flint, Tiffany Flint, and Ellen Foster
Youth: (6th – 12th grades) – Rev. Andy Rutar
Young Couples: Josh Paul and John Worthy
Whole People of God: Members share in leading the class
Amy Peddie
Bible Verse Study Class:
Fa Ho Lo:
Sherril Franklin
Jean Spinks
Others who have stepped in when the need is there and do a great job are: Lori
Steuer, Shannon Ammerman, Jo Campbell, Craig Campbell and Susie Garriott.
Most of these people would welcome a chance to go to a class with their peers occasionally. If you see an area you would be willing to help, please contact Ellen
Foster and/or the person listed as a teacher/leader for that group. You can determine how you can be a part of this elite group. They are very special people and
Christmas tree sales will begin on Saturday, November 29th and
will be sold on Saturdays, 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and Sundays, noon
to 6:00 pm until all the trees are sold.
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The Spire
November 2014
David has been our organist since January, and has now added the role
of interim Director of Choirs. In 2013 David served as Organist/Director of
Music at First Presbyterian Church in Natchez, Mississippi. From 2009-12
he was Chapel Music Coordinator at Mississippi College and organist at
Madison UMC in Madison, Mississippi. From 2007-09 he served as Organist/
Choir Director for Calvary Baptist Church in Pacsagoula, Mississippi.
David graduated in 2013 from Mississippi College with a Bachelor of
Music and is currently enrolled at Indiana University in the Master of Music
Organ Performance Program. He plans to continue at IU and pursue a
He is the recipient of numerous awards, including the Mississippi
All-State Honor Choir, and multiple First Prizes at the Clarence Dickinson
Organ Competition and Mississippi College Organ Competition. David was
a four year member of the Mississippi College Singers, First Prize winner
of the Young Organist Competition (twice), and competed in the Southeast
Regional Competition for Young Organists. He also twice won the Alton
Woolfolk Waggener Memorial Scholarship.
We are delighted to have David accept this interim position. He is
willing to hold the job as long as possible, with the realization that he needs
to position himself to grow in his profession and it would obviously be preferable to be closer to Bloomington. Let us enjoy his God-endowed talent as long
as he is here. Please greet him with joy.
God Bless,
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The Spire
Hello everyone!
What a fun month, lots going on! There’s going to be a men’s breakfast
on Saturday the 8th followed by an all church work day. They are going
to clean out all the old wood, I will be able to crawl in and out pointing out
what’s good and what needs to go.
The Worship Team is having a coffee house on Friday, November 7th with
all kinds of special music and a poetry reading. I will help clean up the
popcorn and maybe play my guitar. They found me one in the Turnover
Shop, come join me and we’ll sing together.
There are three more Wednesday Night Suppers. Wow! Such good
opportunities to eat. (I wonder what the Guatemala Team will be fixing?)
We will hear about human trafficking. Hmm, I’m sure that is not about you
two-legged folks driving. Harry says that it is something about people held
against their will. Sort of a scary thought. Our biggest affair is the
Preschool Thanksgiving Dinner & Auction. I try to direct traffic and there
is lots to do afterwards. My friend with the pink nose and I make out quite
well on the clean up that night. He still doesn’t have a name, any thoughts?
Keith said that I couldn't bring any of my four-legged friends in for
Thanksgiving, but I’ll sing and pray for all of us here at IUMC, will be a
good day.
Don’t forget to wave!
November 2014
Page 17
The Spire
November 2014
Order your poinsettia today!!!
IN HONOR OF:_______________________
IN MEMORY OF:_____________________
Cost: $10.00 per plant
Please return your order form to the church office or put them in the offering plate.
Orders must be in the office by Monday, December 8th. Payment is due at time of order.
Order your poinsettia today!!!
IN HONOR OF:_______________________
IN MEMORY OF:_____________________
Cost: $10.00 per plant
Please return your order form to the church office or put them in the offering plate.
Payment is due at time of order. Orders must be in the office by Monday, December 8th.
Irvington United Methodist Church
30 N Audubon Road
Indianapolis IN 46219
9:15 A.M.
10:30 A.M.
Our Staff
Dr. Keith Adkins, Lead Pastor (Cell: 847-5041)
Rev. Andy Rutar, Associate Pastor
Kim Fulton, Office Manager/Financial Secretary
Lori Steuer, Preschool Director
Kristen Morris, Director of Choirs
We are on the Web at::
Our email address and telephone number are:
[email protected]
(317) 356-7231
Visit us on Facebook
*Spire deadline for December will
be November 21st.
Page 18
The Spire
Our Stewardship
2015 US 40 Yard Sale
January-September Weekly Average
Sunday School
Worship Attendance
General Budget Offering * $4,124
November 2014
If you are interested in
working on the 2015 US40 Yard Sale, (May 29 and
30), please contact Ellen
Foster. Preparations will
begin in January.
* Weekly needed for 2014—$4,948
Looking for Volunteers to….
*Take over updating the flash drive that runs on the TV monitor in the welcome center.
*Learn Mediashout (Sunday worship projector program) and eventually take over the weekly
implementation into Mediashout.
If you are interested in either of these positions, call or email the church office.