Seva Detroit Brunch · Sunday · 11 am -... Brunch Specials from the Bar

Seva Detroit Brunch · Sunday · 11 am - 3 pm
Brunch Specials from the Bar
Orange, Grapefruit, Cranberry or Mango Mimosas 7
Danger Cider Hot cider spiked with Courvoisier & St Elizabeth Allspice Dram 8
Bloody Mary (try it spicy!) 6
Beer-mosa Hamm’s & fresh OJ 6.50
Chai-der Half & half hot cider & Chai 3.50
Big Shay Dog’s Hash
Hearty breakfast bowl of hash browned potatoes cooked with soy sausage,
red onions, red peppers and broccoli, topped with guacamole and your choice of
feta or almond cheese, served with cantaloupe wedges 10
Strawberry-Ricotta Pancakes
Light, moist pancakes made with more ricotta cheese than (rice) flour, topped with
fresh strawberries and served with real Michigan maple syrup 8
Eggs Genovese
A split, toasted English muffin topped with basil-cashew pesto,
fresh tomato slices, smoked mozzarella cheese and two over-easy eggs,
served with rosemary potatoes and grilled soy “sausage” 10
Buckwheat-Banana-Pecan Pancakes
(v, gf)
with real Michigan maple syrup 8
Baja Burrito (*)
Scrambled eggs (or tofu), pinto beans, tomatoes & sour cream,
topped with broiled cheddar (or Daiya cheddar) and ranchero sauce 9
Big Breakfast (*)
Two eggs (or scrambled tofu), soy sausage, rosemary potatoes,
toast, ricotta pancakes (or vegan buckwheat pancakes),
with real Michigan maple syrup 12
Toast choices:
Multigrain (v) · Rye (v) · Cinnamon Raisin (v)
from Rumi’s passion bakery: Gluten-free rice flour/flax ~ add .50 (v)
(v) = Vegan (*) = May be ordered vegan (gf) = Gluten free
‡ Eggs may be cooked to order
The consumption of raw or undercooked eggs may increase your risk of foodborne illness