Service Leader rotation:
Nov 09 September H
Nov 16 Arnie Weber
Nov 23 Armand Ramer
Usher & Coffee Rotation:
Today Arnie & Alvera
Nov 09 Armand & Wesley
Nov 16 Dale & Darlene
Children’s Feature
Nursery Rotation:
Nov 09 Prayer of Blessing Today Steve & Anna R
Nov 16 Jen Baerg
Nov 09 Cindy & Sheriff
Nov 23 Prayer of Blessing Nov 16 Kevin D & Jason S
Music Rotation:
Nov 09 Melanie Robinson
Nov 16 Susan Mitchell
Nov 12 TBD
Sound System:
November: Rob Schmidt
December: Mark Porter
Upcoming Messages:
Nov 09 Alvin Penner
Nov 16 Nathan Ramer
Nov 23 Alvin Penner
Prayer After Service:
Today Alvin & Team
Nov 09 Sara & Team
Nov 16 Arnie & Team
The Duchess Mennonite Church Welcomes You Here Today.
9:30 a.m. Sunday School/Upper Room Prayer:
An opportunity to intercede for our church and learn together
10 a.m. Coffee Time:
An opportunity to visit and get better acquainted
10:30 a.m. Morning Worship Service
Connecting with God & one another to celebrate what He is doing
Note - service is available on 101.5 FM
Pray for Our Leaders:
Our Admin Team– meet weekly to pray, plan, and
make decisions: Susie Thiele, Shyla Lauber, Alvin,
Sara, Nathan
Council of Elders:
Gary Thiele
Arnie Weber
Dale Rempel
Charles Hansen
Jason Baerg
Richard Wiens
Our Pastors Posted Below:
Senior Pastor:
Women’s Care Pastor:
Alvin Penner,
[email protected]
Sara Driedger
(403) 378-4064
[email protected]
Associate Pastor:
November 02, 2014
Office Hours: 8:30 am.-12:00 pm Tues&Thur
Nathan Ramer,
Office: 378-4966 Fax: 378-2332
Erin and Family
E-mail: [email protected]
(403) 378-4016
[email protected] If anyone would like prayer for a physical,
emotional, or spiritual need, feel free to apCell: 403-376-NATE
proach one of our pastors.
Service Outline
Call to Worship: 10:30 a.m.
Nathan Ramer
Praise & Worship Music:
Gary Thiele
Jason Baerg
Children’s Feature:
Nathan Ramer
Jason Baerg
Special Feature: Melanie Robinson
Prayer Time: Jason Baerg
Sermon: “Control”
Nathan Ramer
Scripture: 1 Samuel 24
Closing Song & Benediction
Kid’s Church :
Dismissal for grades 5 &
under is after the Children’s
Nursery: (downstairs)
Begins at 10:45 AM for ages 15. Please pick up your child as
soon as the service is done.
Nursery Care Today:
Steve & Anna Ropp
Our Vision Statement:
“As followers of Jesus Christ
and empowered by the Holy
Spirit we desire to proclaim
God’s kingdom and to grow in
grace, joy and peace so that
His healing and hope will flow
through us into our community and beyond.”
Prayer ministry after the service on Sundays on the front pew by the projector.
Upcoming Events :
Crossroads Fall Banquet: Don’t
miss out on this event with comedian Leland Klassen on Nov.6th. Registration deadline is Nov.1st. Call
403-362-6665 or register online at
November 2nd: Guess Who’s
Coming to Dinner– enjoy fellowship with others you may not usually connect with! You will find out
right after the morning service who
you are paired with. Talk to Shannon Vanderloh if you would like to
join as a guest or a host.
Weekly Groups :
onesies. We were able to make 50
layette bundles for MCC.
Thank you kids church for helping
assemble some of the layettes.
Men’s Drop-in Shinny Hockey: at
the Duchess Arena, Sunday evenings @ 8pm. Cost $10 per evening.
Youth activities can be
at (there
is a link on the Church website).
Parables Group– Meet Thursdays
in the fire side room at 7pm.
DMC Christmas Banquet will be
held on November 29, 2014. Mark
and Ronda Porter will be catering
the meal and Lauren Mann will be
our entertainment! Invite your family and friends! Tickets are
adult. Call Melanie Robinson to prebook your tickets at 403-363-5191.
November 2nd: Family Night at
4pm– meet in the church basement. Theme– Community Service
and Ephesians 2.
November 5: WMSC meeting
Hostess Mica Valman Devotions
Linda Lauber
Thank you for the sleepers and
(Events are located at D.M.C. unless otherwise indicated)
WMSC meets every Wednesday.
Bring a bag lunch. All ladies welcome.
Prayer Meetings Tuesdays at the
church in the fireside room at 6 am
(for an hour). Tuesdays also designated for fasting, if interested.
For up coming announcements about
Celebrating 100 years in 2017
Opportunity to Give :
Donations to the Meserete Kristos College and Stansberry Children’s Home
can be received at any time in the church offering. Make cheques payable to
“NWC” for the College and “Stansberry Children’s Home” for the home.
Automatic Deposits are available to set up with the church. Talk to Erin
Ramer for details.
Offering envelopes available for use. Contact office if you would like some.
Opportunity to Pray :
Weekly Prayer Rotation:
EID Ministry of the Week:
Brooks Alliance Church
Northwest Conference Ministry
of the Week:
Hispanic Mennonite Church– Chestermere
Pray for unsaved loved ones
Pray for those dealing with cancer
Don Dafoe
Pray for those involved in missions:
Todd and Jennifer Miller in central
Stephen & Anna Ropp IVCF High