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November 2, 2014
“A Christian Community in the Roman Catholic Tradition”
1807 Bedford Street
Rome, NY 13440
Rectory 315.336.3082
Fax 315.336.3083
email: [email protected] web:
5748 Stokes-Lee Center Rd. Lee Center NY 13363
Rectory/Parish Center 315. 336.2661 Fax: 315.336-8418
email: [email protected]
Daily M-F at 9:00 am
Saturday Vigil 4:00 pm
Daily Wed., Thu. at 8:00 am
Saturday Vigil 6:00 pm
Sunday 9:00 am
w/Children’s Liturgy of the Word (Sep.-May)
11:00 am
Rectory/Office Hours
9:30 am - 4:00 pm
Pastor Rev. Robert L. Kelly
Deacon Ed Doyle (H) 336-6647
Kathy Sledziona, DRE
w/Children’s Liturgy of the Word (Sep.-May)
Pastor Rev. Robert L. Kelly
or by appointment
Rectory/Office Hours
7:30 am - 12:30 pm
or by appointment
email: [email protected]
Music Director: Mark Radlowski
Organists: Jean Burgdorf, Rita Ossont
Secretary/Bulletin: Sherri Coia
Grounds & Maintenance: David Wheat
Webmaster: Karl Hahn
Business Admin.: Patricia Pagano
Parish Council President: Craig Brown
Trustees: Mary Marlar, Thomas Wick
Ken Puchalski
email: [email protected]
Music Director: Scott Rutledge
Secretary: JoAnn Gardner
Bulletin: Sherri Coia 336-3082
email: [email protected]
Children’s Liturgy of the Word (C.L.O.W.): Mary Jane Gruver
Grounds & Maintenance: Volunteers
Parish Council President: Patrick Hetherington
Trustees: Charles Engelbrecht, Patricia Box
WELCOME! If you are new in the parish, please introduce yourself after Mass or at the rectory. We want to know and serve you!
St. Paul’s:
Sat. 3:30-3:45pm
St. Joseph’s: Sat. 5:30-5:45pm
or by appointment
PARISH MEMBERSHIP: Parish registration (census) forms are
available at the exits of church; you may indicate that you would
like a registration form on the visitors envelopes found in the
pews and they may be placed in the collection basket.
planning to be married at St. Paul’s or
St. Joseph’s should notify Father Kelly as far
in advance as possible ~ at least 6 months.
Please notify the rectory if you know anyone who is unable to
get to church but wishes to receive the Sacraments.
At Mass or on Sunday
~ by appointment only ~
The Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults is a process of inquiry,
learning and faith development for people interested in
becoming a Catholic. Call the rectory for information.
Weekly Bulletin (in color) can be found on-line at
This Weekend - November 2, 2014
Monday, November 3rd:
9:00 Jane Wager Doherty ~ Welcome Hall Friends
*** Hank Krull ~ Jessie Didio
Tuesday, November 4th: St. Charles Borromeo
9:00 Fred Pelose ~ Wife, Sophie
Wednesday, November 5th:
10:00 (Bethany) Dr. & Mrs. Edward Reid ~ Reid Bequest
Thursday, November 6th:
9:00 Ward Inglesbe ~ Mary Murphy
Liturgical Cycle A
This weekend : 11/2
Wisdom 3:1-9
Romans 6:3-9
John 6:37-40
Next weekend: 11/9
Exekiel 47:1-2
1Corinthians 3:9c-11
John 2:13-22
Wednesday, November 6th:
8:00 Lois Rockwood ~ Donna Grygiel
Thursday, November 7th:
8:00 Joan Szalkucki ~ Barbara Szalkucki
Friday, November 7th:
9:00 Ernestine Coluccio -Birthday ~ John & Genie Barry
Saturday, November 8th:
10 am Memorial Mass ~ Margaret Vernon
Next weekend: November 8/9: Dedication of the Lateral Basilica
4 pm C. Bryant Fitch, Jr. –3rd Anniv. ~ Wanona Carey
*** Robert Klein—30 Day ~ Pat Riedel
11 am Florence Hagen ~ Friends
Next weekend: November 8/9:
6 pm Joan M. Szalkucki ~ Husband Ben
9 am John McLaughlin ~ Pat Bigalow
*** Howard Kirk, Jr. ~ Wife, Children & Grandchildren
St. Paul’s Devotional Candles:
Special Intention
St. Joseph’s Memorials:
Sanctuary Light ~ People of the Parish
Bread & Wine ~ Special Intention
Daylight Savings
ends this weekend.
Fall Back
We ask you to pray for the sick of our parishes listed below and for all those not listed and in need of our prayers.
Call the office to add a name to our list or remove a name when the crisis has passed. New names added will appear in italics for 1 month.
Names will be removed after 3 months if we do not hear from anyone.
Eileen Gurecki
Jean Hawkins
Marie Howard
Rev. Jim Culver
Suzanne Hoyt
Laura Dahle
Cheryl Kegley
RuthAnne Duckworth Tom Kraeger
David J. Fiore
Peter Mastracco
Sally Gay
Marge McDonald
Joseph Genovese
Margaret OˊConnor
Joseph Gomes
Pam OˊConnor
Kari Barber
Bob Clark
Joe Crossman
Randall Bowman
Frances Plesniarski
Andrea Pouliot
Sharon Reilly
John Ringrose
Amelia Ritz
Jackie Rolewicz
Bernice Salce
David Stephan
Chris Trophia
Kathy Wajda
Kellyne Brown
Herb Brown
Jerry Cooper
Jaxon Cope
Ayden Davis
Bill Gavin
Kathy Gavin NiCastro
Susan Haggert
Chester Kirk
Ron Lamandia
Doris Ludwig
Marge McDonald
Loretta Marsh
Dianne & Joe
Irving Moyer
Betty Riggleman
Debbie Roe
Chris Rushton
Peggy Rutledge
Sharon Schultz
Fr. Joseph Sestito
Dr. Paul Temple
Karen Tomasi
Walt Von Matt
Special Intention
Liturgical Ministers for next weekend: November 8/9 — Dedication of the Lateral Basilica
4pm Reneé O̕ Connell
Eucharistic Ministers
A. Lanckton, L. Lanckton,
A. McGuire, N. McGuire
Mike Gluck
Nick Pantazis
L. Coluccio, J. Mullin, N. Pantazis
David Bunker
P. Hagerty, M. Marlar, M. Post,
L. Sturtevant, Volunteer
Thurifer (SP)
J. Gavin, J. Goetz,
J. Ortolano, D. Piersall
H. Bowers, B. Falk, M.
Finster, H. Hesler
H. Skibitski
B. Salce, Q. Salce
C. Coluccio, A. Tarbania
H. McCullough, J. McCullough,
A. Platis
Hospital Visitor (SP)
C.L.O.W. (Childrens Liturgy)
M. Mercurio SP 4pm 11/8 S. Toth
Week of 11/9:
R. O̕ Connell S. O̕ Connell,
A. Winberg
K. Winberg
P. Box, M. Gluck, Volunteer
Eucharistic Ministers for Rome Hospital
Nov. 9th - Team 6 – St. Paul̕s
Ushers (SJ)
Sundays at 9am
Money Counters (SJ):
Team 1- Carpenter, Maitland
Fr. Bob’s
Wednesday: November 5th:
Today, our message is from Fr. Simeon
Gallagher, OFMCap and his thoughts for
SP Faith Formation Grades K-4
us on our Parish Mission this week:
“Spirituality For Relationships”
SP Parish Mission “Breaking Relationships”
Fr. Simeon, welcome to St. Paul’s in Rome
and St. Joseph’s in Lee Center !
Thursday: November 6th:
“Upon reflection we realize that the core experience of
all life is expressed in relationships. This defines the
inner life of the Trinity itself. It is relationships that
grow and mature us in our life journey; nothing escapes
this inescapable reality. It is within relationships that
we experience the greatest joys of life and also the
most bitter disappointments. In the four presentations
of this Parish Mission fundamental aspects of spiritual
development are reflected through the lens of relationships: Faith, Prayer, Conversion, and Community.
All four are intricately linked one to the other.
The end result of this Parish Mission is a ‘spirituality’
that will enable us to recognize God in each other”.
This weekend November 1/2: All Souls
7 pm
SP Parish Mission “Building Better Relationships”
7 pm
SJ Choir Rehearsal—New members always welcome 7 - 9 pm
Next Weekend: Nov. 8/9: Dedication of the Lateral Basilica
SJ Faith Formation Grades 1-8
10:15-11:15 am
Children’s Liturgy of the Word (C.L.O.W.)
Children K-grade 6 are welcome to attend their own liturgy
of the Word in the Parish Center during Mass.
SP C.L.O.W. Saturdays, during the 4pm Mass.
SJ C.L.O.W. Sundays, during the 9am Mass.
Hope Appeal 2014 Update:
Second Collection: Seminary
In our country, compared to 50 years ago, there are 20,000
fewer priests and 129,000 fewer religious sisters. During Vocation
Awareness week, please pray that young people in today’s
society will hear and respond to God’s call.
8 am
All Soul’s Remembrance
We remember all those from St. Paul’s and
St. Joseph’s who have died during this past year.
Please note that all pledges for the 2014 campaign
must be received in the Diocese by December 31,
2014. Anything received after January 1, 2015 will
be applied to the 2015 campaign.
St. Peter’s Church
Rectory 336-5072
Veterans Day Celebration
Freedom Isn’t Always Free
Please Welcome
Fr. Simeon Gallagher, OFMCap at all
Masses in our Parishes this weekend.
All are welcome to join us at St. Paul’s for
our Fall Mission led by Fr, Gallagher this
week “Spirituality For Relationships”
Mon.—Thurs. at 7pm (abbreviated talk after 9 am Mass)
SJ Faith Formation Grades 1-8
SJ Faith Formation Grades 9 & 10 9 am Mass—11:15am
During this ecumenical service, we will honor all veterans
giving special honor to those who have died since Veterans
Day 2013. Please join us in this celebration which will pay
special tribute to those who served in the Vietnam War.
Candles honoring or memorializing loved ones who served
may be purchased by contacting St. Peter’s Rectory.
Rome Twigs
Sun., Dec. 7th * 6:30 pm
Monday: November 3rd:
SP Faith Formation Grades 9-10 only
Sunday, November 9th
6:30 pm
Honor or memorialize a loved one with the purchase of a
light on the Rome Memorial Hospital Tree of Lights.
A $5 donation per name will help buy equipment for the
Tuesday: November 4th:
hospital. Donations need to be received by Nov. 20th.
SP Election Day
6am - 9pm
Parish Center The tree lighting ceremony will take place in the main
lobby of Rome Hospital. This year the Twigs are honoring
SP Parish Mission “Communication in Relationships” 7 pm Dr. Paul Temple for his many years of service to Rome
Hospital. Please make checks payable to: Rome Twigs
SJ Quiet Time With Jesus
7-7:30 pm in Church
c/o Rome Memorial Hospital
1500 N. James St., Rome, NY 13440
SP Parish Mission “Sustaining Good Relationships” 7 pm
you missed Mass during the week, our weekly
bulletin is published on the website (in color)!
Please visit us at
Knights of Columbus
112 Ridge St.
The next meeting:Thursday, November 13th at 7 p.m.
Bingo is at 7:00 p.m. each Wednesday.
St. Paul’s Parish News
The Eastern Region of the Syracuse Diocese
Meets at St. Paul’s Church, Rome, NY
The group is open to and welcomes all veterans.
Our purpose is to provide a welcoming community
for all veterans, recent returnees from deployment in particular.
We want to provide an environment where all veterans can feel
free to share their experiences. For more information:
Please contact Gene at 225-1520 or send him an e-mail at:
[email protected]
Actual Income
Budgeted Expense
Oct. 26
$ 121,715.00
$ 114,614.00
Total (over) budget: + $ 7,101.00 Thank-You!
Faith Formation News
Kathy Sledziona, Director
(315) 334-9570
e-mail: [email protected]
November Schedule
Mondays: Nov. 3**, 10, 17 24
6:30 pm
“JOURNEY” & Faith Formation Grades 5-10
Wednesdays: Grades K-4 Nov. 5*, 12, 19 8:00 am
* Circles of Care - Nov. 5 (Wed.)
** Parish Mission -Nov. 3rd—Only Confirmation Classes attend
First Reconciliation
First Reconciliation Saturday, Nov. 22nd
10 am
Social Ministry News ~
Our “DOOR TO DOOR” canned good
collection for Thanksgiving begins.
Place donations in wire baskets at exits.
Next Meeting: Monday, November 17th at 3 pm
Please use the GOLDEN ENVELOPE in your
packet to support the important year-round “corporal
works of mercy” of our Social Ministry Committee.
St. Paul’s Faith Formation invites you to the 1st Annual
The annual Giving Tree program will
Feast of the Immaculate Conception Celebration
begin BEFORE Thanksgiving this year.
Celebrant: Bishop Thomas Costello
All are welcome to join us for at Mass 6:30 pm
The Christmas trees will be set-up the weekend of Nov. 22
“Baby Shower” for Mary (bring a package of diapers) in the vestibule & Parish Center. Collection weekends will
be the weekends of Nov. 29 & Dec. 6th. (Deadline Dec. 8th)
Art Exhibit (entries due: Dec. 1) and Reception
The trees will have many star-shaped ornaments with a
requested gift (and size) for a local family in need.
“Art Exhibit & Reception”:
EVERYONE in the Parish is invited to participate in our Art
St. Paul’s Church
Exhibit; children, teens, adult & family projects are welcome. Parish Center
Entries must be original works of art featuring Mary, Jesus,
or the Nativity All art media permissible; painting, drawing,
collage, sculpture, etc. as long as it is an original work.
Entries should be ready for display and no larger than
Saturday, November 15th 7:30 pm
20” x 30” and must be received by December 1, 2014.
The St. Paul’s Catholic Faith Community invites
“Baby Shower for Mary”:
Sherry Anne Lints
Our offering of diapers (huggies, luvs & pampers sizes 3-6)
We welcome through the saving waters of
Baptism those who were recently baptized:
Brynn Madison Stockbridge
Please pray for:
Peggy J. Wilson, Dale Moshier,
Terry D’Attilo and Ted Prusinowski
who died recently, and their families.
Please check bulletin boards in the front of Church
for upcoming and ongoing local and Diocesan events.
you join us for an evening of relaxation, inspired
by the multi-talented Sherry Anne.
A native of upstate NY, Sherry is a Doctor of
Chiropractic, Singer, Songwriter, Speaker, Author
and Actress with a passion for sharing God’s
message of unconditional love and forgiveness.
Born with a bilateral hearing and speech
impairment, she has a special ministry and
connection to individuals with disabilities.
Bring a friend, you won’t want to miss this event!
Casual Atmosphere
Free Will Offering
Contact: Ken Puchalski
St. Joseph’s Parish News
St. Joseph’s Faith Formation November Schedule:
10/25 ~ $500
Richard Vonuso
Nov. 2,9,16,23:
Grades 1-8
10:15-11:15 am
Nov 2,16,23
Grades 9 & 10
9am Mass - 11:15 am
No Class November 30th—Happy Thanksgiving !
Children’s Liturgy of the Word for children in K-6th grade
during the 9:00 am Mass
10/26 Regular. . . . . . . . . .$ 5,155
Capital Improvement . . . .$ 180
Loose Cash . . . . . . . . . . . .$ 387
Respect Life . . . . . . . . . . . $
Fuel . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . $
Mission Sunday . . . . . . . .$ 92
All Souls Day . . . . . . . . . .$
Around Town
Rome First United Methodist
HOPE Appeal Update as of October 27, 2014:
St. Joseph’s Parish Goal:
Pledged to date:
$ 15,411.88
(from 121 families - average pledge: $127.37)
We still need:
$ 7,635.12
Please consider making a pledge if you have not done so.
This weekend, Nov. 1 & 2 is our next share weekend.
We are in need of ketchup, mustard, relish, non-dairy
creamer and cake mixes. Thank you for your continued
support of our pantry.
Holiday Bazaar
The Center at Ava Dorfman 305 E. Locust St.
Saturday, November 15th 9am –4pm
30+ crafters Raffles Food for purchase
Santa will be available for pictures at $4, with children, from
10am-2pm. Come start your holiday shopping with us!
St. Peter’s Church
200 N. James St.
Beginning this weekend, St. Peter’s will have one Vigil Mass
on Saturdays at 5pm. City wide Saturday Vigil Mass schedule:
4 pm St. Paul
5 pm St. Peter’s
4:30 pm
6 pm
[email protected]
St. John’s (w/LifeTeen)
St. Joseph’s
400 N. George St.
New Grief Support Group
2nd & 4th Mondays 5:30 pm
A new grief support group is being formed for those who are
in the process of grief. We are pleased to start this group with
the caring leadership of Beckie Guthrie who has been working
with individuals and families nearly 20 years. Beckie has a Master
of Arts Degree in Professional Counseling and Pastoral Care. She
has worked with over 50 families in the Hospice Program since
Beckie is a committed Christian and United Methodist. She
has worked with many people of faith, but she is most committed
to helping anybody move through the process of grief. Rome 1st
UMC is pleased to provide the central location for people of the
area to meet. The support group will have it’s startup meeting
on Monday October 27th at 5:30pm.
Grief is a common, yet nearly overwhelming experience. It is
not good to be alone with your thoughts and feelings when they
press in.
Further information and reserving a place in the group can be
done through the Rome 1st UMC office.
Call 336-1740
Family Life Education sponsors the
29th Annual Healing Weekend
For those affected by divorce or separation
November 8 & 9, 2014
The Church is here for you. For more information, see
Fr. Bob, or go to or
call Dean 315.472.6754 ext. 5
Project Rachel Ministry
Do you have unresolved feelings about an abortion?
You are not alone. Contact Project Rachel Ministry.
It is a confidential ministry offered to help begin your
healing process. God loves you and offers hope and
reconciliation. Call toll free 1-855-364-0076 or email:
[email protected] Peace starts here.
November 2, 2014
Mass of Remembrance
Saturday, November 1st 4:00 pm
Sunday, November 2nd 11: 00 am
Mass of Remembrance
Sunday, November 2nd
9:00 am
We remember those for whom we have celebrated a funeral mass or
memorial service between November 1, 2013 and November 2nd, 2014
Robert Griffin
Nancy Carrieri
Christine Linn
Mary Fiore
Leo Draper
Sam J. Myers
Frances Gorski
Anthony LoVaglio
Kathryn Zilnik
Helen Senecal
Frances Myers
Sally Brauer
Gerald Jordan
Mary Willenburg
Janet Donahue
Susan Pelton
Richard Mackey
Dolores “Dee” Coia
Eva Berning
3 /20/14
Jane Wager Doherty 5/13/14
Patricia Walsh
Joseph “Joey” Pocchiari 7/6/14
Michael Preputnik 7/10/14
Theresa Valdner
Sophie Pelose
Helen Preputnik
Evelyn Stefanik
Wife of Stanley Stefanik
Anne S. Lucas
Mother of Patricia Baker
Charles M. Leffert, Jr.
Husband of Beverly Leffert
Kirk Spencer
Son of Norman & Mary Spencer
Charles W. Bowler
Husband of Betty Bowler
John Domenico
Husband of Pat Domenico
Barbara Sorokas
Wife of Tom Sorokas
Rose Mary Walker
Wife of Glenn Walker
Francis Brennan
Brother of Peggy Rutledge
Roosevelt Kilpatrick
Father of Devin Kilpatrick
Anne E. Kelly
Mother of Rev. Robert L. Kelly
You’re Invited!
St. Paul’s Church Parish Mission
Led By:
Fr. Simeon Gallagher, OFMCap
November 3
3--6, 2014
7 pm
With abbreviated version after the 9 am Masses
Fr. Robert Kelly
1807 Bedford Street
Rome, NY 13440
Fr. Gallagher will preach at all Weekend Masses:
St. Paul’s: Saturday, Nov. 1st 4 pm & Sunday, Nov. 2nd 11 am
St. Joseph’s: Saturday, Nov. 1st 6 pm & Sunday, Nov. 2nd 9 am
email: [email protected]
“The core experience of all life is expressed in relationships.
This defines the inner life of the Trinity itself.
In the four presentations of this Parish Mission fundamental
aspects of spiritual development are reflected through the lens
of relationships: Faith, Prayer, Conversion and Community”.
“Sustaining Good Relationships: Faith as Foundation”
Hebrews 11: 1-16
“Communication Relationships: Prayer as Model”
Psalm 23
“ Breaking Relationships: Sin as Interpersonal”
Romans 7:14-27
“ Building Better Relationships: Graces for Growth”
1 Cor. 12-12-26
All Are Welcome!
No Fee. No Reservation.
Come each night, or when you can.
Bring a friend!
Fully accessible entrance at link
(between Church & Parish Center)