Data Action; core banking, responsive digital and managed services for the

Data Action; core banking,
responsive digital and
managed services for the
mutual & finance markets.
Advanced architecture
and open design
facilitating speed
to market
The advanced architecture of DA Banking provides
flexibility to meet our client’s core processing
requirements, whilst enabling integrated technologies
to provide a best in class solution. These technologies
include loans origination, reporting, analysis, collections
and archiving, et al.
The open design provides flexibility to meet all your core banking requirements, including
a wide array of service channels, such as internet, mobile and branch, to ATM and call
centre, across a multitude of devices.
DA Banking has been specifically designed for Australian small to medium sized financial
institutions with a data model built around the customer, not the transaction, to help you
better understand and serve those customers.
The solution helps financial institutions offer competitive commercial and retail
products, drive down costs and deliver superior customer experiences. Its design
divides responsibility for core processing functions across discrete, but fully
integrated applications.
Customer and member
facing solutions that are
available on any device,
anywhere, any time
DA Digital not only provides traditional Internet Banking such
as transfers and payments facilities, balance and transaction
lists; but deeper service and relationship offerings such
as account maintenance, electronic statements, lending
applications, business banking, real-time alerts and personal
financial management.
DA has partnered with leading industry payment providers including Cuscal, Visa and
Western Union to enrich your Digital Banking with the latest payments options for your
customers and members.
Wrapped in EPiServer™ Content Management System, your teams can engage through
customisable designs, content and layout as well as bring your traditional website and
digital banking into a seamless user experience.
Personal Financial Management (PFM) is a suite of functions integrated with DA Digital
that allows customers and members to develop a single financial picture across all of
their accounts.
It provides customers and members with tools to categorise and group transactions,
analyse their spending habits and set goals for spending and savings targets including
a customisable ‘safe to spend’ threshold tool across selected accounts.
DA have partnered with Fusion as an innovation and digital agency to bring a fresh design
and integrated user experience into PFM as a part of DA Digital.
Along with DA Digital, our PFM product is responsive across traditional desktop, tablets
and smartphones to ensure a seamless user experience. Modules within EPiServer™
Content Management System also ensure you can configure insights and targeted
marketing offers based on customer and member savings and their spending goals
and behaviours.
DA Bank brings digital banking and payments functionality into client-branded native app
for both Apple and Android powered devices.
Again DA have partnered with Fusion to bring simple designs and fluent user experiences
into an App powered by the stability and security of the DA Digital platform and
integration services.
It provides your customers and members with in-pocket, 24/7 access to their account
information and allows them to perform transactions, payments and access other
functions such as an integrated ATM & Branch locator.
DA Banking
DA Digital
DA Cloud
Capacity and managed
services on demand
across multiple
production data centres
DA operates a mix of highly available and
secure private cloud services that represent a
turn-key solution for the Australian mutual and
finance market.
DA Cloud comprises infrastructure deployed across multiple production facilities to
ensure high levels of availability are maintained for our clients. Prudent selection of
tier 1 infrastructure ensures a robust environment which is able to respond to the
challenges of demanding workloads. Engineered with multiple layers of redundancy,
the cloud is resilient to the impact of failures, ensuring business continuity in the
event of environmental disruption and natural disasters or the complete failure of a
physical site.
DA’s turn-key banking solution comprises a secure private cloud that delivers
multiple layers of resilience and security, consistent with the requirements of the
Australian regulatory framework.
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