New Chairs in the Parish Hall

All Soul’s Day
New Chairs in the Parish Hall
November 2, 2014
Next week’s Readings:
Ezekiel 47:1
47:1:1-2, 88-9, 12 1 Corinthians
Corinthians 3:9c-11, 1616-17 John 2:13-22
“God’s infinite love for each one of us helps us to grasp our identity and our worth. The recognition of this dignity
leads us to respect and protect each person’s life.”
2014 Respect Life Program pamphlet, Advance Medical Directives:
Planning for Your Future, USCCB Secretariat of Pro-Life Activities)
Stewardship: Mahalo
Today, and during the month of
November, we remember in a very special
way our loved ones who have died. We
ask for your prayers for all those family
members who are listed on the board in
the front and back of the church. Please
pray for the repose of their souls.
The families of the following people who
have died this past year and celebrated
their funeral Mass here at our parish were
invited to come and honor them during the
special All Souls Day Masses:
+ Rodolfo Agmata
+ Paulina Amorin
+ Eduarda Ancog
+ Aurelio Bungcayao, Sr.
+ Perry Calotis
+ Herminigilda Carinio
+ Irene Castillo
+ Marcela Correa
+ Albert Costanios
+ Theresa Fajardo
+ Margaret Bucao Fidel
+ Juan Gabriel
+ Bonnie Heu
+ Barbara Lobetos
+Emiliona Anne Mesiona
+Regino Miguel
+ Kathy Nolan
+ Damaso Obenario
+ Edward Pedro, Sr.
+Gregorio Rivera
+ Pablo Samante
+ German Tagama
+ Josephine Verdadero
It’s the simple “acts of kindess” that
reflect how we understand “Stewardship.
This week, we acknowledge Tom who
worked on our Solar
gate controller. He is
rust-proofing the tower
column. Also, we thank
Mary and Liza who cut
grass and pulled weeds on our church
property…making it more presentable and
!!! ThanksGIVING food drive!!!
For the month of
November the Confirmation students
will be hosting a
canned food drive to
donate to the homeless
families that are served by the Franciscan
Sisters of Our Lady Of Kea’au. Please
drop off your donated non-perishable food
(water bottle, canned food, rice, etc.) at the
table under the tent after every mass.
Monetary donations will not be accepted.
Thank you for continuing to be stewards of
International Pilgrim Statue
Our Lady of Perpetual
Help Church, Ewa
Beach, will be hosting
a night of prayers in
honor of our Blessed
Mother on November
7, 2014.
Procession of the statue of Our Lady will
begin at 2:00 p.m. Mass will begin at 6:00
p.m. followed by the Exposition of the
Blessed Sacrament. All are invited.
Capuchin Yearly Appeal
Each year, Bishop Larry allows a Second
Collection to be taken for our Capuchin
Franciscan Community. This year that
collection will be taken up during the
weekend of November 15 – 16, 2014.
Your generous donations will assist our
retired priests who currently reside in our
Friary on Guam and our seminarians who
are in California and Guam. Mahalo and
God bless you.
Going on Retreat
This coming week…Father Mike will be
taking time ‘away’ for his annual spiritual
retreat. It’s a time to spend in reflective
prayer (both for himself and for all of
us)…to immerse himself in the scriptures
and catch-up on some spiritual reading.
During his absence, there will be
Communion Services on Tuesday,
Wednesday and Friday this week.
Keep Father in your prayers and he
promises to pray for all of us!
Duncan Strong
Age: 16, Confirmation II Candidate
Dear Immaculate Conception Church,
Hey! My name is Duncan Strong, a 16 year old Junior attending James Campbell High School. I am currently in
the Confirmation II program in hopes to receive the sacrament of Confirmation this coming May. Why am I in
this particular class? I have been in CCD since I was young and I been too far in to stop now. Being in this class
has changed me to be closer to God. I have friends that I could talk to and support me, teachers who care and help
me and a family to love and care for me. They all give me a reason to go on with my Catholic Faith. Anyone who
knows me sees me smiling and laughing my heart out but I have had trouble just as much as any other person.
Even now I have trouble with family as by the time this letter is sent out, my grandmother had recently passed.
But I don’t ever lose hope, I have the will to continue to live and never give up. So I ask you to pray for me and especially for my family
to continue to hold on during this difficult time. Pray for the soul of my grandma and for my father, aunties, and uncles’ loss. With
prayers, we will be strong and I thank all of you for your support. Thank you and God bless!
Name: Bree Aleviado
Age: 16, Confirmation II Candidate
Dear Immaculate Conception Church,
My name is Bree Aleviado and I am one of this year’s Confirmation Candidate. The reason why I chose to receive
my Sacrament of Confirmation is because I want to be much closer to God by acknowledging my Catholic Faith
more and to feel HIS strong love. I will forever cherish this in my life. After confirmation, I’m going to keep my
faith alive by participating more in youth ministry events such as Praise and Worship and retreats. With my faith
journey, I want to achieve the understanding of love. By practicing my Catholic Faith I know I will understand
that love from God. I ask with all my heart to please pray for me because I would want to express what I learn
about my faith to the future confirmation candidates who are going through their own faith journey with advice
and through my experiences.
Nov. 1st, Saturday, ALL SAINTS (not
a holy day of obligation – USA). First
mentioned in the 4th c. Eastern feast of All
Martyrs (13 May) and attested to by St.
Ephrem of Edessa (+373), this feast came to
be celebrated on other days as well in the
East, e.g. Easter Friday, and the Sunday after Pentecost, the day
of its observance in some places in the West. In 609-610, the
Roman Pantheon was dedicated on 13 May under the title S. Maria
and Martyres. Many see in this the origin of All Saints Day. For
reasons unclear, Pope Gregory IV (827-844) transferred the feast
from May to 1 November, adopting perhaps the English-Gallican
practice dating from the 1st quarter of the 18th c.
Nov 2nd, Sun., The Commemoration of
all the Faithful Departed (All Souls
Day). Rooted in ancient Christian tradition
(2nd c. and Tertullian), St. Odilo of Cluny (1
Jan) established a memorial of all the faithful
departed in 988. It was accepted in Rome in
the 13th c.
Nov. 3rd, Mon. Saint Martin de Porres,
religious. St. Martin, +1639; born in Lima,
Peru of a Spanish father and a black slave
mother; O.P. lay brother who humbly
ministered to the poor and the sick, especially
African slaves; devoted to the Holy Eucharist; a
close friend of St. Rose of Lima; patron of
social justice and of the peoples of mixed races.
Nov. 3rd, Mon. Charles Borromeo,
+3 November 1584 at age forty six;
cardinal and secretary at age twenty-two
for his uncle, Pope Pius IV; implemented
reforms of Trent in his diocese of Milan;
founder of seminaries; considered a model
pastor by many bishops, including St.
Frances de Sales (24 Jan.) held five provincial councils and eleven diocesan synods; patron of
catechists and of catechumens.
Church Cleaning
Nov 8th:
Nov. 15th:
Nov. 22nd:
Nov. 29th:
Knights of Columbus
San Miguel Society
Couples for Christ
Volunteers needed
Stewardship of Treasure
Weekly Offering $ 3,851.80
Building Fund
BF – Sewing Class
Mass Intention
Rep & Maint 15.00
Spec. Int.
All Souls
World Mission Day - $15.00
$ 7,859.91