VOICE – November 2014 First Presbyterian Church of Dunedin 455 Scotland Street

First Presbyterian Church of Dunedin
455 Scotland Street
Dunedin, FL 34698
VOICE – November 2014
As our thoughts turn to the season of Thanksgiving, I wanted to share a discovery that I made while studying the
Book of Acts. Toward the end of Luke’s incredible history of the Christian church (the same Luke, who wrote the
gospel that bears his name,) we see the Apostle Paul reaching the climax of his three missionary journeys as he
approaches Rome, the seat of imperial power. Paul is under arrest for his preaching, but as a citizen of Rome he has
the right to make his case before the emperor.
Paul understood what his arrival at Rome meant – either he would be freed, or he would be executed, especially
since the emperor at this time was Nero, who had no love for Christians. As Paul approached the city under guard,
there must have been a great deal of fear in his heart, for his death was not only possible, but likely.
In the 28th chapter of Acts, Luke narrates the events as Paul reaches the edge of the city: “And the Christian
brethren there, when they heard that we were nearing the city, came as far as the Forum of Appius and Three
Taverns [this was about 33 miles from the city] to meet us. On seeing them Paul thanked God and took courage.
And when he came into Rome, Paul was allowed to stay by himself, with the soldier that guarded him.”
The source of Paul’s moment of thanksgiving is the effort made by the Christians of Rome to meet him before he
faces the emperor. Seeing their love, embraced in their fellowship, Paul’s immediate response is to offer thanks that
he is not alone. Out of that spontaneous prayer of thanksgiving comes a gift that perhaps the Apostle did not expect
– courage. When Paul was loved by his sisters and brothers in Christ, he knew he could face Nero, and even go to
his death because he was surrounded by, as he had already written in the Book of Hebrews, “a mighty cloud of
Often we look at our act of Christian thanksgiving as an opportunity to give something back to the Lord in
exchange for all he has given us, but even in offering our thanks, Christ gives us something in return. For Paul, the
gift was courage, because Paul needed courage. For us, it is whatever assurance, encouragement, or strength we
need at this particular time in our lives. Perhaps we are struggling with life-changing decisions; perhaps we are
challenged by seemingly insurmountable obstacles; perhaps we are seeking to bear or recover from heartache or
grief. Regardless of the circumstances, the act of Thanksgiving opens another channel to the Holy Spirit of God,
and through that channel our Heavenly Father sees our needs and provides us with the spiritual resources to endure
and overcome.
In November I hope we will all take a moment to look around and see the mighty cloud of witnesses that
surround your life. Our church, those we love and who love us in return, and our Lord, are all with us and for us, no
matter the challenges we may face. This realization should make us thankful people. The wonderful news is that,
with thankful hearts, God provides other gifts of faith and courage, along with the blessed assurance that, with Christ
on our side, we can never fail. So let us be thankful, and give our Lord the glory for all of God’s love.
Dr. Mack
455 Scotland Street, Dunedin, Florida 34698
727-738-4297 (Fax)
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October 31, 2014
Total Income
Total Expenses
December 10, 2014
6:00 p.m. – Potluck
(in Hager Hall)
7:00 p.m. – Holiday
Concert (in Sanctuary)
Get into the holiday spirit
with an evening of special
Bay Voices –
a men’s ensemble
conducted by
Stephen L. Allen
Handbell Choir of First
Presbyterian Church
Sylvia Rockwell, Soprano
David Eichenberger and
Carol Harp, Violin
November 23th at 10:30 am
Our annual service for giving thanks
to God for the bounty of the land
will be held on November 23th at
10:30 am. Please note that it will be
a combined service. It is a tradition
at this service to bring a donation
of fresh fruit (apples, oranges,
bananas), fresh vegetables (onions,
potatoes, carrots) or packaged
breads, flour, rice. The children will
bring their food laden wagons into
the sanctuary to be blessed, and
the following day it will be
transported to RCS Food bank in
This is such a joyous service, full of
joyful music and pertinent lessons,
as we give thanks to God for His
many blessings. Please feel free to
invite family members, friends and
neighbors to join us –
The fall enthusiasm is
contagious at First Friends
Preschool as the children
prepare for “Giving” by
bringing in one canned food
item to school to fill up our
“Wagon of Gifts” that will
be presented at First
Church’s November 23rd
Harvest Fest Service.
Thanksgiving takes on a new
meaning when the children
become a part of the
donating. It feels so good to
As the weather cools, the
outdoor playground games
take on new vitality. The
indoor activities are filled
with stories of the first
Thanksgiving, pumpkins,
pumpkin seeds, lots of
hand-turkey art, pictures
designed with orange,
yellow and brown paints.
The children learn a new
word: Cornucopia! There
are more stories about
Pilgrims, Native American
Indians, and giving thanks to
God for our many blessings.
Each classroom creates a
festive hat or headdress in
celebration of Thanksgiving
We would like to wish
you a Blessed
To have a loved one honored or remembered please
complete a “Sanctuary Flowers Request Form”
(next to the Flower Chart on the bulletin board in
Hager Hall) providing the preferred Sunday date(s)
and to whom the flowers are to be dedicated. Put
the form with your payment ($27.50 per
arrangement) into an envelope and put it into the
offering plate or mail it to the church. Payments
MUST be made before the week of your request.
Payment can be made by “online bill-payer” from
your bank, in cash, or by personal check, with
“flowers” on the memo line.
Rejoice with your family and God’s family with the
celebration of the Sacrament of Baptism. For
information on Baptisms contact the church at 7332318. Information is also available online at
Couples are urged to contact the Church
Administrator for an application and a copy
of the wedding policy. Information is also
available online at www.fpcdunedin.org
For inquires about medical supplies and equipment
available for loan, please contact our custodian, at the
church office 733-2318. We also accept donations;
however donations must be approved through the
church office. Please do not leave your items.
“TOLL-FREE THREE” Simplifies Phoning
Callers to the national offices of the Presbyterian
Church (USA) now can reach the information,
resources, or people they need without consulting a
lengthy directory or paying long distance charges.
Callers may choose from the following numbers:
1-800-728-7228 for connection to a staff
person at 100 Witherspoon Street,
Louisville, KY.
1-800-872-3283 to reach PresbyTel
information about PCUSA
1-800-524-2612 to order resources from
Presbytery Distribution Services (PDS).
Fax number 1-502-569-8099
Website of PCUSA is www.pcusa.org
Dear Congregation,
How can I possibly express my thanks and gratitude for your overwhelming demonstration of love and
support on the 25th anniversary of my coming to First Presbyterian Church of Dunedin? Simple words fail
It seems like only yesterday when I played my first worship service on October 22, 1989. It has truly been
the blessing of my life and career to not only serve as your Director of Music/Organist, but also to be a
member of this congregation.
I look forward to the future and to many more services of worship and the opportunities of sharing God’s
gift of music with you.
With sincere thanks and a heart full of love,
is November 15th.
The church office will be closed
November 27th for the
Thanksgiving holiday.
Remember to look ahead and
send articles for January too!
Daylight Savings time begins
on Sunday, November 2nd.
Set clocks back one hour!
First Church contributed 136 lbs. of food in
August and September. This is
super! Remember, everything counts! The
holidays are coming up, and RCS families are in
desperate need for baby food, canned food, canned
milk, and peanut butter. Even diapers are
needed! Financial gifts are welcome and may be
designated in your check to the church by
indicating on the MEMO line the amount that you
wish given to RCS. On behalf of RCS and the
shelter, thank you!
For information on the Religious Community
Services (RCS), contact Elizabeth Saunders (727403-9249).
Rev. Mack will be on vacation
November 20 and returning on November 30th. Eric
Houghton will be preaching the one Harvest Fest
service on November 23rd at 10:30 am.
The Fall Supper Club series is off and running! We have
already had delightful September dinner parties, and
now are getting ready for our October parties. If you have
just heard about us for the first time and would like an
opportunity to gather with other church members once a
month for dinner and lots of fun, please contact a
member of the Supper Club committee. Or, if you
would like to be on call, you may also sign our Wait List
which is located in Hager Hall. Also, mark your calendar
with a reminder to sign up in January for the winter series
of dinners. Our First Church Supper Club table will be
set up in Hager Hall for most of that month.
Your First Church Supper Club Members:
Candy Barnette
Peggy George
Carol Harp
Lois Matocha
To all my dear friends at First Church:
Thank you ever so much for all the cards, flowers, and
phone calls while I was sick. You have no idea how
much your thoughts and prayers lifted my spirits. I
genuinely miss each and every one of you.
God Bless.
Elizabeth Johnston Saunders
Diana Carsey
November 1
Jessica Hamrick
November 1
Lynn Burks
November 2
Barbara Nourse
November 4
Margie Skinner
November 5
Lucy French
November 6
Ginger Watson
November 7
Iris Poppler
November 8
Norma Watkins
November 8
Dorothy Bishop
November 9
Betsy Hall
November 9
Christina McFee
November 10
Les Marsden
November 11
Jonathan Quizhpe
November 11
Nell Juergens
November 12
Debbie Brashear
November 15
William Hall
November 15
Sally King
November 16
Hans Faust
November 17
Joyce Marsden
November 20
Jude Zentmeyer
November 20
Kasi Narine
November 21
Elizabeth Rodzewicz
November 23
Ann Hemme
November 24
Tina Hemme
November 24
Lorene Tutell
November 24
David Eichenberger
November 25
Elizabeth Johnston Saunders November 26
Freddie Webb
November 28
Andy Howell
November 29
Janet Hilder
November 30
“The Second annual Hanging of the
Greens /Chili cook-off”.
Mark your calendar on November
30, and plan to attend.
Bring your best chili and see if you
can win the coveted award. We will
have the chili cook off/eating at 5:30
followed by the hanging of the
greens throughout the church. Don’t
forget about the cookie decorating.
It wouldn’t be the start of Advent
without decorating some sugar
cookies. So pack up your family and
bring some friends to a fun filled
night at First Church.
Thanksgiving dinners take eighteen hours to prepare.
They are consumed in twelve minutes.
Half-times take twelve minutes.
This is not coincidence.
Erma Bombeck
Hello dear Readers ~
"Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance,
chaos to order, confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, a stranger into a
friend. Gratitude makes sense of our past, brings peace for today, and creates a vision for tomorrow." - Melody
Didn’t Gayle Hill do a masterful review of GONE GIRL by Gillian Flynn? Leila Bugenhagen will surprise us with
our November Koinonia review. Leila gave a really inspiring review of DEFENDING JACOB a few months ago. I
know she will make a superior review on Tuesday, November 18 at 2 PM in the FPC Library. Make some new
friends and bring them to Koinonia!
Come in to browse our books. The Christian novels moved north and the Mysteries have moved into their space.
Several free books are also on the top shelf under the window.
Those ‘Reminder Cards” hit the mailboxes this weekend. Call Mary at 727-733-4609 if you do not have the listed
book. If you do have an overdue book, just drop it off in the library book box. No questions asked! We will just be
grateful! If you received a card under false pretenses, I do apologize.
Iris Poppler brought many Amish fiction books to our library. Please come in to peruse them if this is your genre.
Also, a big thank you to Bobbie Eichenberger for sharing many of her DVD’s. They are conveniently displayed on
the shelf below the Courtyard window.
Look for the following new books on the shelves immediately to your left as you enter the library. They might be in
the window—or they might be checked out.
P. T. Deutermann
Deutermann's tense mystery set in and around
the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis is
sleek, sharp and scary. When a plebe at the
Academy mysteriously falls out of a sixthstory window and dies, energetic Midshipman
First Class Julie Markham, an acquaintance of
the dead…just read the book!
Louise Hall Tharp
Saint-Gaudens was the son of an immigrant
cobbler who worked as a cameo cutter. This
book is the story of his Paris training and the
Americans he met in Paris.
Lynn Austin
The first in The Refiner’s Series. FPC also
has FIRE BY NIGHT (Book 2) AND A
LIGHT TO MY PATH (Book 3). Lynn
Austin is a wonderful Christan fiction writer.
Cynthia Nilson recommends her work.
Michael Hingson and
Susy Flory
The True Story of a Blind Man, His Guide
Dog, and the Triumph of Trust.
We have several new puzzles thanks to Jackie Chalk and Betsi Knapp! Bring a friend and puzzle! By the time
you read this, the kitten jigsaw puzzle should be finished. The next puzzle will be one of Jackie’s newest donations.
Call the Bookworm at 733-4609 or leave a note in the library closet if you would like to recommend a book for
our FPC Library. If you have read a book that should be in our library, tell us about it. We are always eager to
respond to your suggestions. Propose other activities or displays for the library. Call Mary at 733-4609 with
your ideas.
Keep right on reading!
Your FPC Bookworm.
“A great book should leave you with many
experiences, and slightly exhausted at the
end. You live several lives while reading.”
― William Styron
Help us decorate our
sanctuary on Sunday
December 21st by purchasing
poinsettias. $10.00 per
plant. A signup sheet will be
posted in Hager Hall the first
week in December.
November 2014
Can you ding-a-ling? Would you like to be a ding-a-ling? The
Handbell Choir has recently “lost” a couple of ringers due to
circumstances beyond our control. To ring the 3 octave set of
handbells that we have, 11 ringers are needed
(with compatible schedules!).
Knowledge of music reading is helpful, but not required!
Contact Stephen Allen if you are interested in joining this
group. Rehearsals are on Wednesday evening at 6:30 p.m.
The 2015 Flower chart is now posted in
Hager Hall! Arrangements are $27.50 each.
Sign up early to honor or remember a loved
one. Please complete a request form and
return it to the church office with your
Monday - November 3, 17, 24 –
Welch & Carole Anne Agnew
November 10 – Paul & Lynn
Tuesday – November 4, 11, 18,
25 – Dave & Nell Thomas
Wednesday – November 5, 12,
19, 26 – Sue Legg & Babe Young
Thursday – November 6, 13, 20,
27 – Paul & Lynn Burks
Friday – November 7, 14, 21, 28
– Donna Shaffer & Barb Arndt
Want to become a Meals on
Wheels volunteer? Contact Iris
Poppler at 727-733-1672
The Scrips Shopping Card program is up and running!!
Please stop by the table on Sunday and look at the large
number of cards available. Remember the holidays are
coming and what better way is there to send a gift card
and help First Church! You can also learn more about the
program at www.shopwithscrip.com or talk to Bill Hemme
(727-474-7689) or Betsi Lewis Knapp (727-733-2318).