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Student Uniform Guidelines
Thank you to all of our parents and caregivers for entrusting us at Kankakee Junior High School
with the education and well-being of your child by sending them to our school. Each year we
continue to improve our academic and social/emotional interventions. All of us at Kankakee
Junior High School are off to a great start. We began the year by instructing the students on the
instructional and non-instructional expectations through our PBIS efforts. Our drama classes, led
by teacher Deena Cassady, created videos featuring our own students to highlight expectations
and building procedures. Our teachers are continuing to develop and revise curriculum based on
the new Common Core standards. The new Standards call for more rigor and focus learning
expectations. Our Language Arts and Math Departments will be piloting new textbooks second
semester, in order to adopt materials that are current and meet the needs of our students and our
educational focus.
We hosted our Family Reading Night and our Family Math Night in October. We send out a big
thank you to all of those who attended. Each year our community participation grows and grows.
I would also like to thank those who attended Parent/Teacher Conferences. Without your
participation in your child’s education we will not be as successful as we could be. I am lucky to
be working with a staff who are so dedicated to their profession. Our staff puts in countless hours
to plan, implement, and monitor instruction and individual student needs.
In January, District 111 will implement mandatory student uniforms. Many students have already
voluntarily participated in the uniform movement. Those students look professional and have a
pride when they walk the halls. There is more information about the uniforms and uniform policy
in the newsletter. If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call.
Please take a moment to talk to your child about replenishing their school supplies. By this time
students may be in need of paper, pencils, folders, or class-specific items. As a parent myself, I
know that I did not always remember to do this. Please talk to your child about how they are
doing at school and any concerns they may have. It is helpful to students to have a dedicated
comfortable, quiet place at home to do homework or to study. If your child does not have
homework on a particular night it is always a great idea to read, read, read. The more our
children read, the stronger their chances are for success. We love all of our students, but as their
parent or caregiver, you are their greatest advocate. Again, thank you for sending your child to
Kankakee Junior High School.
Chuck Hensley
November 5th: Early Dismissal at 10:50
November 10th: Field Trip to Art Institute in Chicago
November 11th: Veteran’s Day (No School)
November 26th-28th: Thanksgiving Break
December 10th: Early Dismissal at 10:50
December 17th-19th: Semester Exams
December 22nd – January 6th: Winter Break
Alequin, Michaela A.
Gutierrez, Amairany
Orr, Jacob D.
Varela, Maria I.
Andrew, Airrielle M.
Gutierrez, Daphne
Ortega, Yadira L.
Washington, Malik K.
Ardson, Alvin K. III
Guzman, Juan Jr
Pena Pacheco, Sergio R.
Waterford, Aniyah J.
Arellano, Leslye V.
Guzman, Linda
Pentuic, Robert D.
Wei, Jennifer L.
Autman, Toree
Hennessy, Jamaira L.
Pereda, Adilene
Wiley, Tamia D.
Barajas, Overath
Hernandez, Lizbeth
Pereda, Ashley
Williams, Kayla-Jonae A.
Benolerao, Jessa Mae
Herrera, Yolanda Y.
Perez-Gaytan, Becky
Williams, Kyra A.
Benolerao, Kenneth
Hitz, Brianna K.
Pizano, Allen
Willis, Tahjnalia A.
Boice, Giannah J.
Hoekstra, Riley J.
Price, Kendall M.
Zeedyk, Seth O.
Brown, Anyia R.
Hunter, Dierra S.
Ramirez, Valerie
Boudreau, Elise
Iler, Nathaniel W.
Regnier, Lainey D.
Bullock, Chayil M.
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Butler, Ma'Keya L.
Jackson, McKenna A.
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Cabrera, Emely
Jefferson, Eltiana
Rogers, Kara
Calderon, Karina A.
Jimenez, Ashley
Salazar, Yoselin
Campos, Anette Y.
Johnson, Clifton L.
Sanders, DeZure D.
Campos, Michel A.
Johnson, Daisha L.
Saxon, Michael M.
Carmona, Pricila
Johnson, Deylon R.
Schalk, Jeremiah C.
Cerrato, Wendy
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Chicke, Madelynn M.
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Shannon, Tyler M.
Cleary, Alexus N.
Kendrick, Keanu W.
Simms, Breana I.
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Crowell, Jocelynn M.
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Cunnington, Christopher
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DOnofrio, Sophia R.
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Mietzner, Britten A.
Torres, Fatima
Gray, Makayla
Miller, Noah
Tovar, Adam
Griffin, Starr B.
Orozco, Janet
Tudor, Halia B.
HONOR ROLL 3.0-3.5
Alba, Fatima
Allen, Jaheim
Allen, Precious
Alsup, Autumn S.
Anderson, Sierra C.
Andrade, Michelle
Andrade, Rubi A.
Arbour, Dakota R.
Arseneau, Sophie M.
Autman, Dorian
Barnes, Javion J.
Barney, Kiahnevaeh M.
Barrera, Fernando J.
Beck, Shytori
Bedolla, Juliana E.
Bell, Darius J.
Farlins, Kayin I.
Felton, Jacob
Fleming, Janae M.
Foster, Maxwell L.
Franklin, Kylah
Frye, Abigail
Fuller, Izaac J.
Gamboa Medina, Osvaldo
Gamino, Luis
Garner, Ja'Nisha L.
Gates, Jabria J.
Goodman, Preston M.
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Guerrero, Ivan
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Martinez, Agueda M.
Martinez, Esmeralda A.
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Mcalister, Jaheim D.
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Stevenson, Tasshia
Stokes, Kamiah
Strong, Rachel L.
Sullivan, Anthony III
Tate, Erik Jr
Taylor, Aja M.
Taylor, DeTaurrean
Dear Parents/Guardians:
At the August 25, 2014 Board of Education meeting, the Board voted to begin Mandatory School Uniforms on
January 1, 2015. The District has slightly modified the student uniform guidelines. The guidelines are as follows:
All slacks, pants, capris, skirts, jumpers, or shorts must be a solid color khaki, black, or navy blue.
Jumpers, skirts, or shorts must fall between their fingertips and kneecap or longer; pleat or flat fronts
are acceptable. Pants must be worn at the waist.
All gentlemen in 7th grade through 12th grade must wear a belt. Belts must be dress type with plain
buckles. Belts must be a solid color white, black, navy blue, or brown.
Shirts and blouses must be collared, long or short sleeve cotton or knit polo, or golf shirts in a solid
single color white, navy blue, Columbia blue (light blue), or maroon.
Sweaters, cardigans, vests, and suit jackets (when worn during the school day) must be solid single
colors white, navy blue, Columbia blue (light blue), or maroon and have a collared shirt underneath.
District letter jackets and District logos are allowed.
Shoes allowed with uniforms are athletic, loafers, or dress shoes. All shoes must be closed-toed and
closed heeled; fastened or tied; and must match each other. Shoes should be brown, black, white, navy,
or maroon. During the summer months, sandals may be worn as long as they have a strap on the back.
No flip-flops are allowed.
** The Building principal is authorized to designate days on which this uniform policy is relaxed.
Preliminary discipline for non-compliance will be that the student will be given a uniform to wear and return it at the
end of the day. Further discipline consequences are currently being developed.
One Community, One District, One Vision, for ALL Children,
Dr. Genevra A. Walters
Superintendent of Schools
Estimados Padres de familia/Tutores:
En la reunión de la Junta de Educación del 25 de agosto del 2014, la Junta votó para comenzar el uso de Uniformes
Escolares Obligatorios el 1 de enero del 2015. El distrito ha modificado ligeramente las normas para los
estudiantes. Las normas son las siguientes:
Todos los tipos de pantalones de vestir, pantalones, capris/pescadores, faldas, jumpers o pantalones
cortos deben ser de un color sólido: color caqui, negro o azul marino. Faldas, jumpers o pantalones cortos
deben estar al nivel de la rodilla o más largos; serán aceptados de pliegue de tablas o frente plano. La
pretina de los pantalones debe estar en la cintura.
Todos los hombres de 7º a 12º grado deberán usar cinturón. Los cinturones deberán ser de vestir, con
hebillas lizas. Los cinturones deberán ser de un color sólido, blanco, azul- marino, negro o café.
Camisas y blusas deberán de ser con cuello, camisa/blusa estilo polo o golf de manga larga o corta de un
color solido: blanco, azul cielo, azul marino, o color guindo.
Suéteres, chaquetas ligeras, chalecos, chaquetas de traje (cuando se usan durante el día escolar) deberán
ser un color solido: blanco, azul cielo, azul marino, o guindo y se deberá usar una blusa/camisa de cuello
abajo. Las chamarras del distrito y los logotipos en las prendas serán permitidos.
Zapatos permitidos con los uniformes son los deportivos, mocasines o zapatos de vestir. Todos los
zapatos deben ser cerrados y no destalonados, sujetados o atados y los dos deben de ser igual. Los
zapatos deben ser color café, negro, blanco, azul marino o guindo. Durante los meses de verano, los
huaraches pueden ser usados solamente si tienen una correa en la parte de atrás. Sandalias no son
** El Director de la escuela está autorizado para asignar días en los cuales el uso de uniformes no será obligatorio.
La disciplina preliminar por incumplimiento del uso de uniforme será que el estudiante recibirá un uniforme para usar
durante el horario de clases y deberá devolverlo al final del día. Actualmente se están desarrollando otras
consecuencias de disciplina.
Una Comunidad, Un Distrito, Una Visión, para TODOS los niños,
Dra. Genevra A. Walters
Superintendente de Escuelas
7 T H G R A D E M AT H N E W S
We are finishing the Shapes and Designs unit which covers two-dimensional geometry. We will begin the Variables and Patterns
unit for an introduction to algebra. The math department will focus on similarity in the Stretching and Shrinking unit towards the end
of 2nd Quarter. The accelerated classes are finishing Stretching and Shrinking. We will move on to Comparing and Scaling and
Moving Straight Ahead units. We will wrap up these units before winter break.
Here is a link for the Parent Guide for Variables and Patterns:
(English) (Spanish)
Here is a link for the Parent Guide for Stretching and Shrinking: (English) (Spanish)
Here is a link for the Parent Guide for Comparing and Scaling: (English) (Spanish)
Here is a link for the Parent Guide for Moving Straight Ahead: (English) (Spanish)
As a reminder, you may register for the Parent Portal through the Guidance Office. You will
access to view your student’s grades, assignments, and contact information for teachers.
8 T H G R A D E M AT H N E W S
The Kankakee Junior High School Math Department held its 4 rd Annual "Tricks for Treats" Family Math Night on Thursday,
October 30th from 6-7 pm in the KJHS Library. It was an exciting evening as KJHS students, friends, and family members of all
ages complete math-related fall activities with a member of the KJHS staff.
First quarter was a busy time for our math students. Eighth graders completed a unit in the Algebra 1 book and are currently
working on a unit entitled, Thinking With Mathematical Models. This unit involves concepts such as: slope-intercept form of an
equation, how to solve one and two-step equations, and inverse variation. The students are also working diligently on the internet
program, IXL. This program allows the students to work independently on various concepts/skills chosen by the teacher. Eighth
grade teachers usually have students in the computer labs approximately twice a month to work on the program.
Field Trips: On October 10th, seventh grade students had the opportunity to go on a field trip to The Chicago Botanic Gardens in
Glencoe. 150 students, 6 teachers and 6 parents were able to participate in this walking tour of the gardens. This field trip was
planned to encourage an awareness of conservation, ecology, and gardening practices. On November 10 th, 120 seventh grade
students will get the opportunity to participate in another school field trip, as we will be going to The Art Institute of Chicago.
Students will take a guided tour of some of the institute’s most recognized exhibits. There will also be enough time to take a brief
stroll through Millennium Park. Students, don’t forget to take and post your “Seen at the Bean” selfie!!
Curriculum: As we wrap-up our unit on overcoming obstacles with the novel, Freak the Mighty, we look ahead to our new unit
focusing on stories with twist endings. We would like to remind parents that students should be reading at least 20 to 30 minutes
each day. The amount of free reading done outside of school has consistently been found to relate to growth in vocabulary, reading
comprehension, verbal fluency, and general information. Students who read independently become better readers, score higher on
achievement tests in all subject areas, and have greater content knowledge than those who do not.
A Note to Parents: A healthy and positive attitude coupled with books and supplies can fill our classrooms daily with the energy
to make outstanding achievement. Daily classwork begun at school should be taken home for extended practice and returned to the
school and classrooms the following day. Having this conversation with your children can be helpful. Please remember, there is no
such thing as “no homework!”
The eighth grade Language Arts students are starting a new quarter strengthening their academic vocabulary in order to help
improve reading and writing skills. During this quarter students will begin the Suspense/Horror unit reading stories from Edgar
Allen Poe, Lucille Fletcher, and Roald Dahl, just to name a few. Throughout the school year, they will continue practicing their
writing skills leading to essay writing.
7th grade READ 180 completed their first workshop which coincided with Hispanic Heritage Celebration. They studied how
“America is a Nation of Immigrants.” Students used text and video to discover where immigrants come from, why they come to
America, and what challenges immigrants face when they arrive in our country.
8th grade READ 180 just finished studying and reading about Nelson Mandela and Apartheid.
System 44 students continue to work on the computer software and supplemental resources to improve reading skills.
Congratulations to the many students are reading library books at home!! Independent practice of the skills students learn in
school is essential for optimal growth in reading skills.
High Performers from 1st quarter READ 180 READING COUNTS QUIZZES
From Ms. Sorrell’s class
1st place – Keasia Jones with 19 points
2nd place tie – Dazuana Bostic, Kimberley Ortega with 18 points each
3rd place - Demarco Gaines with 13 points
From Mrs. Smith’s class
1st place Shamyia Scott with 14 points
2nd place Isaiah Coiley with 12 points
3rd Place tie Damond Autman, Yulitza Ayala, Ednovi Medina with 9 points each
From Mrs. Grabow’s class
1st place JaCaru Little with 26 points
2nd place tie - Nasari Smith, Nathaniel Iler with 20 points each
3rd place tie - Kenneth Benolerao, Devalon Keys, Dakota Fuller with18 points each
High Performers from 1st quarter SYSTEM 44 READING COUNTS QUIZZES
1ST place Alex Alba 5 points
2nd place tie Serjio Barbosa, LaCarlynn Corbett, Mark Dorsett 4 points each
3rd place tie Brianna Hardy, Steven Hurtado, Bryan Naranjo, Luis Ramirez-Guzman
Kankakee Junior High School is proud to be a school that collects paper for recycling. If you
have any papers that you would like recycled please feel free to send them to school with your
student, they may place them in any classroom-recycling box. The monies that are received
from the recycling are used at Kankakee Junior High School for our students, so make sure to
not throw out any paper!!
The Science Department has been hard at work this school year teaching our students how to think critically and to ask
The 7th grade science students are wrapping up a unit on the Scientific Method. They learned about the steps of this process and its
application to solving science problems. Ask your child to share the steps of the Scientific Method and how they applied them to the
Reaction Lab or River Project.
Seventh graders will be moving into a unit on Matter, including its properties and changes, the states of matter, the structure of
matter, and its measurement. They are looking forward to going back up to their lab stations and applying the scientific method to
problems involving matter!
The 8th grade science students have finished their unit on Rocks and Minerals, where they learned about the various properties of
minerals, the three main types of rocks, and the rock cycle. We created rock cycle posters and listened to “rock” music. Your student
should be able to share with you about how rocks can change from one type to another and back again!
8th grade students have already begun their mini-unit on Maps and Landforms, where we are learning about the various parts of a
map, how to use latitude and longitude to find locations, and the different types of landforms we have in the United States. We will
then move on to our unit on Plate Tectonics, Earthquakes, and Volcanoes.
Just a reminder that 8th grade students will take a comprehensive final exam in December over all of the topics that we learn about in
the first semester. The students are being reminded to be sure to keep all of their notes and work until the very end of the semester.
7th grade social studies classes have just finished a Colonial Regions Powerpoint projects and are looking on towards the Causes of
the American Revolution. Mr. Niemann's class will be putting together fake Facebook pages for different American Revolution
heroes and heroines. The students have been focused on analyzing what life would have been like during the colonial period. Our
students are pushing towards working together to improve cooperative learning and analyzing skills.
Students in Mr. Bretzlaff's Hispanic Cultures classes have recently finished their unit on various Hispanic artists. Students examined
artwork by Salvador Dali, Diego Rivera, Frida Kahlo, Fernando Botero, Marisol Escobar and many others. As a culminating
activity students created "commemorative stamps" to celebrate the life and work of an artist of their choice. In addition students
were asked to write a short biography of their artist. Students have also been working very hard to learn the geography and flags of
Central and South American countries. Students can use the website, to practice their map and flag skills at
home. During the upcoming weeks the class will be learning about several styles of Latin music and dancing.
8th graders just finished a the unit on Immigration and Westward Expansion. The students have also completed two DBQ
(Document Based Questions) projects so far and are getting better with them each time! Coming up in November the 8th grade will
be covering the Industrial Revolution, Progressive Movement, and World War I. During the month of December we will begin
reviewing for the Midterm Exam.
KHJS Staff picture 2014-2015
Art students have been working hard on Artist reports, Hispanic Heritage
projects and learning how we use art every day. Below is a picture gallery
art students have put together.
Ms. Gathing 815-802-5815
Mrs. King 815-802-5813
Mr.. Culver 815-802-5816
Mr. Dayhoff 815-802-5808
“News From the Gym”
Hello to everyone from the Physical Education Department. Within our department we
have four outstanding P.E. teachers. These teachers work daily to help your child
obtain a healthy fitness level, while encouraging them to continue making healthy life
We have completed our third unit within the rotation of our curriculum schedule and by
now your child should be more acclimated to the classroom routine and expectations
for them to earn an excellent grade for P.E. Please take the time to talk with your son
or daughter daily about their grade and their effort in class. Discuss and practice with
them different ways to help them perform better in class. If they are forgetting their
uniform or swim items at home, help them to set it out the night before. If doing pushups or curl-ups are difficult for them, practice with them and make it a fun family
At this time all students should have purchased a lock for their P.E. lockers. All
students have their own P.E. locker and need to purchase a lock for $5.00 from the
school. The money will be returned to you at the end of the school year upon the
student returning the lock. Please keep in mind that the instructor is not responsible for
any valuables that are lost or stolen.
Fit Kids Are
Smart Kids!
We are looking forward to another great year within the Physical Education classes.
The students are working hard in class and seem to be having a great time. As a
department we are committed to helping your child do the best that he/she can do.
Please feel free to contact your student’s teacher if you have any questions. We are
here to help them enjoy the school year along the way. Thank you once again for all of
your help and support.
KJHS Physical Education Department
There are a couple of new faces around the KJHS guidance department and we would like to give you this opportunity to meet
our staff:
Ms. Lenfield - 7th grade counselor. This is her 4th year at KJHS. Before she came to KJHS she worked alongside many
local agencies in Kankakee County as a SASS worker. Ms. Lenfield completed both her undergraduate and graduate work at
Olivet Nazarene University. Ms. Lenfield loves basketball, music, Dunkin Donuts coffee, and is an avid Michigan sports
fan….GO BLUE!!!! Her favorite part of working at KJHS is the opportunity to see the faces of students when they truly
realize how much potential they have to go out and succeed…. when they believe in themselves and continue to work hard!
Ms. Lenfield can be reached at (815) 802-5716 or [email protected]
Mrs. Glenn, formerly Ms. Hupe – 8th grade counselor. Mrs. Glenn completed her masters in School Counseling at Lewis
University and her undergraduate in Secondary Physical Education at Olivet. Mrs. Glenn has four boys, ages 13, 7, 4, and 4
(twins). When she is not at work she is at a baseball field, soccer field, or basketball court. She enjoys outdoor activities and
spending any free time she has with her family and friends. Mrs. Glenn’s favorite food is undeniably peanut butter. What she
enjoys most about her job is having the opportunity to help students’ foster best choice behaviors for doors of opportunity to
open rather than close. She says there is nothing more rewarding than when a student reaches a potential they otherwise did
not think could be reached.
Mrs. Glenn can be reached at 815.802.5717 or via email at [email protected]
Ms. Salcedo – Guidance Secretary. Ms. Salcedo is new to us this year but certainly not new to the district. Ms. Salcedo is
coming to us from Mark Twain Elementary where she was a bilingual office clerk. Ms. Salcedo LOVES her Latin music so if
you happen to stop by one day be prepared to bring your best salsa moves :-) Ms. Salcedo’s favorite part of being at KJHS this
year is working with an amazing team. She is so excited to be here this year and KJHS is certainly happy to have her!
Ms. Salcedo can be reached at (815)802-5715 or via email at [email protected] Se habla Español
We have a lot of great opportunities for your student here in the guidance offices that provide extra support both with social/
emotional and academic needs. If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact us anytime!
Congratulations to the following students who have been selected to serve on the 2014-2015 Peer Mediation Team!!!!
Autumn Alsup
Omaree Boswell
Elise Boudreau
Jabria Gates
Eltiana Jefferson
Harley Knickerehm
Yadira Ortega
Sergio Pacheco
Rebecca Sackett
Trevor Shaw
Marisa Swortz
Ariyan Thomas
Halia Tudor
Tahjnalia Willis
These students are viewed as individuals who are seen as leaders in the classroom and throughout the school. The listed
students have shown qualities such as; giving their best academically, having good judgment, respected by their peers and are
individual’s that other students feel they can talk to and trust.
All of our peer mediators will go through ongoing training that will teach them how to facilitate a proper mediation process and
help strengthen their communication skills. Our peer mediators play a vital role in our school as they help their peers find
resolution to minor conflicts.
We here at KJHS appreciate our Peer Mediators and thank you for your commitment to serving as a mediator this school year!
Recently our PTO, led by Past-President Erica Ritsema, joined forces with the members of
our BETA Club and our Student Council to improve the landscaping of the front of our
building. There was a great deal of weeding, digging, planting, and sweating going on.
The results of their efforts are a beautiful welcoming area to our school. We thank them
all for their hard work.
At our first PTO meeting in September we had numerous new faces join us to make up or
committee for the school year. Joining our group is Annette Boudreau, Margaret Cooper,
Jan Gathing, Imelda Gomez, Dawn Landwehr, Ashley Murrell-Edwards, Maron Ramirez,
Keisha Smith, Angela Walls, and Marshea Washington-Sykes. This group will be working
to support efforts to assist students and staff in our building.
It is not too late to join us. Our next meeting is scheduled for Thursday, October 30 th at
4:30 in the school’s library.
Two Kankakee Junior High School staff members have been selected to work with the
ISBE Math Curriculum Team. Math teacher and Department Chair Michelle Puffer has
been selected to be a Curriculum Reviewer for the ISBE Mathematics Model Curriculum
Team and Math Teacher Laura Shellie was selected to be a member of the ISBE
Mathematics Model Curriculum Team. Mrs. Puffer and Mrs. Shellie will be creating,
implementing, and monitoring math curriculum for the entire state of Illinois.
Science teacher and Science Department Chair, Melissa Fierro, was recently selected as a
STAR Discovery Educator. Mrs. Fierro will be joining forces with other teachers from
around the state to improve the use of technology in Illinois schools.
Way to go ladies; we are all very proud of you. Thank you for representing our school so
At Kankakee Junior High School we test students three times a year using the Performance Series program. These results help
us understand how each student is doing in making progress in math and reading skills. Included in the student’s report card
was a copy of their data. As a parent, you should understand how to read the data about your child and then use that information
to help your child make better progress. Below is a sample of the test data with an explanation of what it all means. Please feel
free to contact us if you have any questions.
BETA Club has been working hard to provide service to others in the school community. They started their community service
projects by helping out at registration and the Back to School Bash which were held in the summer. They also held their first
fundraiser, the back to school dance in August. Since then BETA Club had the opportunity to work many events for the district,
including Reading Night and Hispanic Heritage Night. BETA Club looks forward to serving the school and surrounding
communities in the upcoming school year.
Project CHOICES is an initiative at KJHS that encourages inclusion and differentiation in classrooms. Currently, the majority
of the students in the school have taken a learning styles inventory that indicates how each student learns best. Each teacher has
this information and they use this information to plan lessons around the students learning strengths. The teachers had an inservice in September incorporating ideas of how to make differentiated lessons. By differentiating instruction, teachers will be
able to meet the needs of all of their students in a variety of ways.
Softball: The KJHS Softball had a year of transition and growth. After losing a huge group of 8 th graders last year, it was up to
Coach Johnson and Coach Kunz to start re-building the team. At times the team outshined their competition and showed such
potential. The real excitement came at regional time. Being down by a considerable amount of runs in their last inning, the team
rallied past Momence to win in the first round of regionals. It was a win every girl will remember for a long time. Next year the
team will be looking for new players, so if you know a girl that would be interested in playing, please have them contact Mrs.
Baseball: The KJHS Baseball team had a successful year, despite the weather reeking havoc on the season. Under the direction of
Coach Dayhoff and Coach Latham, the team grew in size this year. A large group of 7 th grade boys came out to play and this
provided the team with new experiences and abilities. The team won their first game in regional play against a very talented
Bradley team.
Girls Basketball: At the half way point of their season, the girls’ basketball teams are having quite an eventful year. The 7 th grade
team is small but very mighty. Due to Coach King’s efforts, they are learning so much and really coming around to play like a
unit. They have won some impressive games and in other games that they have lost, they have been able to keep it close. On the
8th grade side, the team is dominating their opponents by outscoring the other teams by double digits. Mr. Culver, and company,
have only lost one game and that was to a very talented Summit Hill team. Both teams are looking forward to regional’s where
great things are expected to happen.
In other sports news: Cheerleading and Boys Basketball have just started their seasons. Volleyball try-outs will be in early
December, so any girl interested should have on file: an updated physical, insurance form, and participation form.
New to the Junior High this school year is a program that we are piloting with a small group of students. This program, that we
are calling a Structured Study Support, involves students who, in the seventh grade struggled with their academics. Now, while in
the eighth grade, these students are monitoring their grades and are getting additional help with their classes. They are learning to
stay organized and to utilize their planners; we are also learning how to ask for help from our teachers. Quite a few of the students
have been eating their lunches in their classroom, so that they can continue to work on homework and classwork with additional
help. Their hard work is paying off! The majority of the students were extremely successful this quarter! We are hoping to all
make the Honor Roll by the end of the school year!
Congratulations to the KJHS Library
A big congratulations goes out to Lynda Cohagan, KJHS Librarian, for receiving a 1500.00 grant to purchase
new books for our library. Mrs. Cohagan applied for the LBSS Endowment Fund Grant. We received news that
KJHS won the grant and will be able to use the money to purchase non-fiction books.
Student Musician Will Travel to Festival
Every October, talented musicians throughout the state audition for a festival that is sponsored by the
Illinois Music Educators’ Association. Passing the audition is a very high honor. This year KJHS will be
represented at the festival by cellist and 8th grade student, Jimmy Springer. Jimmy will travel to Illinois
State University on November 22, 2014 to attend rehearsals and perform in a concert with other gifted
junior high musicians from across the state.
Congratulations Jimmy!
Team Quest Students Winning Top Honors
On Thursday, October 23, 2014, the Kankakee Junior High School Team Quest students participated in their first competition of
the year in Ashkum, Illinois. There were sixteen teams from around the county. Our school sent two teams. The team
comprised of Tyleah White, Christopher Cunnington, Adilene Pereda, and Tabitha Jones placed first among all competing teams.
The comprised of Bob Pentuic, Karina Calderon, Jennifer Wei, and James Springer placed second among all competing teams.
Congratulations to all of our competitors. We are so proud of this huge accomplishment.
Students of the Month
Each month staff members nominate students for excellence in academics, leadership, and service to the school to be Students
of the Month. Each month we have numerous nominations so it can be difficult to narrow the list because there are so many
outstanding students at Kankakee Junior High School. We are proud to announce the following students as our Students of the
Pricila Carmona
Ajairany Gutierrez
Deylon Johnson
Yareni Martinez
Sergio Pena-Pacheco
Valeria Santana
Ashton Singleton
Jennifer Sotello
David Sun
Maggie Thompson
Maurice Tucker
Isaiah Watson
Airrielle Andrew
Chayil Bullock
Alexus Cleary
Jamaira Hennessy
Lizbeth Hernandez
Brianna Hitz
Riley Hoekstra
Zioni Israel
Aaliyah Magruder
Yakelin Pizano
Kyree Robinson
Kemia Smith
Dear Parents/Guardians:
I am happy to introduce the VIRTUAL BACKPACKS, which will eliminate thousands of various fliers we would normally send
home in your child’s backpack throughout the school year.
Because open communication is vital to your child’s academic success and social well-being, the VIRTUAL BACKPACKS will
allow us to keep you informed of the most current upcoming events and activities.
You will find the VIRTUAL BACKPACKS in two different locations. The first place is by going to the District 111 website at Once there, go to the Parent Information tab and click on VIRTUAL BACKPACK. There, you will find fliers
from community agencies for upcoming athletic tryouts and activities, i.e., YMCA, Kankakee Public Library, Kankakee Park
District, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, etc.
Additionally, each school also has its own VIRTUAL BACKPACK that will provide you with specific information and
announcements pertinent to your child’s school. To access this information, click on your child’s individual school under the Our
Schools tab to learn about exclusive school events.
This great news is one more way that Kankakee School District is GOING GREEN through the VIRTUAL BACKPACKS.
One Community, One District, One Vision, for ALL Children,
Dr. Genevra A. Walters
Superintendent of Schools
Estimados Padres de Familia/Tutores:
Me da mucho gusto presentar la MOCHILA VIRTURAL, la cual eliminara el envío de varios volantes y avisos que normalmente
le enviamos a casa en la mochila de su hijo/a durante el año escolar.
Porque la comunicación abierta es vital en el éxito académico y bienestar social de su hijo/a la MOCHILA VIRTUAL nos
permitirá mantenerlo informado de muchos de los eventos y actividades.
Usted encontrara la MOCHILA VIRTUAL en dos diferentes lugares. El primer lugar donde la puede encontrar es en sitio de
internet del Distrito Escolar #11 en Ya estando en la página, vaya la pestaña de “Información para los Padres”
y seleccione MOCHILA VIRTUAL. Ahí usted encontrara volantes por parte de agencias de la comunidad acerca de deportes y
actividades, por ejemplo de la YMCA, Biblioteca Pública de Kankakee, Distrito de Parques, Girls Scouts, Boy Scouts, etc.
Además, cada escuela tendrá su propia MOCHILA VIRTUAL que le dará información y avisos específicamente de la escuela de
su hijo/a. Para tener acceso a esta información, seleccione el nombre de la escuela de su hijo/a y aprenda acerca de los eventos en
su escuela.
Estas buenas noticias nos hacen saber que el Distrito Escolar de Kankakee está reciclando.
Una Comunidad, Una Distrito, Una Visión, para TODOS los Niños,
Dra. Genevra A. Walters
Superintendente de Escuela
Do you have a 3 or 4 year old who is not in preschool? Please call Jennifer
Kravat at (815) 802-7804 to set up an appointment for a free preschool
screening for our Preschool For All program.
Tiene un hijo(a) de 3 o 4 años de edad que aún no asiste a prescolar? Por
favor llame a Dora Méndez al (815)802-4549 para obtener una cita para
una evaluación para prescolar para nuestro Prescolar Para Todos.
No appointment necessary
Bring Medicaid card if you have one for your child.
Must be a resident of Kankakee School District