INVITATION FOR TENDERS    Sealed  Tenders  are  invited  from  the  interested  contractors  for  construction ...

INVITATION FOR TENDERS Sealed Tenders are invited from the interested contractors for construction of food grains storage godowns at the location of Tilouli Village, Robertsganj Tahsil, Sonbhadra District in the state of Uttar Pradesh. SCOPE OF THE WORK: 1. We offer ten godowns for construction at the place mentioned above. 2. The offer is only for Civil construction with all electrical fittings and without roofing. 3. The storage capacity of each godown will be 5000 M.T.s a. Plinth area of the godown: 2,805 Sq. Meters (approximately) b. Plinth area of the Verandah : 230 Sq. Meters (approximately) c. Carpet area : 2,664 Sq. Meters (approximately) 4. The maximum offer price is Rs. 1.00 Crore per godown. 5. Construction should be done strictly as per the Food Corporation of India specifications. 6. Detailed specifications are furnished as Annexure 1 to this document. PROCEDURE FOR PARTICIPATION & SELECTION: All the Interested contractors should fill up the Rate & Amount column in the format of BOQ at Annexure 2 to this document. The so filled BOQ should be signed and stamped. The offer should be submitted in a sealed cover superscribing “Quotation for construction of Civil Godown‐Sonbhadra” at the following address either personally or by post / courier so as to reach us latest by 13th November, 2014: To, The Vice President (Operations), C/o Veena Constructions, House No. 83, Bal Vihar Colony, Faridi Nagar, Picnic Spot Road, Near Sahu Palace, Indiara Nagar, Lucknow ‐226016. However, the company will reserve the right to extend the time to receive the offers from contractors, for a further period as decided by the company. The so received offers will be scrutinized and select the contractors for appointment. The work will be allotted on a proportionate basis, based on the number of contractors selected. No disputes regarding selection of contractors and allotment of number of godowns will be entertained under any circumstances. The company’s decision will be informed only to the selected contractors on or before 17th November, 2014 before closer of the office hours. The Company reserves the right to accept or reject any or all the offers even without assigning any reason/notice whatsoever and is not bound to accept the lowest offer and reserves the right to scrap the offer enquiry at any stage without assigning any reason and company will not be liable for any costs and consequences incurred by the contractors. ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA: Contractor should have valid registrations with all the departments concerned in the state of Uttarpradesh for the purpose of undertaking the contract. Contractors are also requested to provide the following information in a separate paper other than the BOQ 1. Financial ability : 2. Intended to deploy number of skilled / unskilled labour: 3. Intended to deploy number of Technical Staff : 4. Intended to deploy number of Supervisors : 5. TIN Registration Number in Uttarpradesh (attach a zerox copy) 6. Labour Cess Registration in Uttarpradesh (attach a zerox copy) 7. PAN Registration Number (attach a zerox copy) 8. Address for correspondence 9. Contact person name / phone no. / email address All the selected contractors need to sign an agreement that all the information provided by him/her is correct and bound to bear the consequences, if any, in the absence of meeting the statutory obligations. Company will never contribute anything to meet the statutory obligations of the contractors under any circumstances. Terms & Conditions: 1. All the selected contractors are to commence the construction within 3 days from the date of signing of the work order. 2. Time given to complete the construction is 4 months (including weekly holidays, festivals and other holidays). 3. Selected and appointed contractor has to submit his bills only four times in the entire project work i.e., contractors can submit the bills only once he completes the work to the tune of minimum of Rs. 25.00 Lakhs. 4. Payments will be made in 15 days time from the date of certification of the bills submitted by the contractors. The bills will be cleared only on physical verification and to the utmost satisfaction of the company. However, no deviations will be accepted as regards to the quality. 5. All the payments to the respective contractors will be made directly to the bank account of the contractor by way of RTGS payment. All the successful contractors need to provide his/her Bank account details and RTGS details without fail on confirmation of the award of the work. 6. No mobilization advance / other advances will be paid by the company at any stage during the entire period of the construction of the project. 7. All the costs incurred by the contractors in the process of submission of his/her offer are to be incurred by them only. Company will not re‐imburse/pay anything on this account and no claims will be entertained. 8. No extra costs will be paid by the company at any stage during the entire period of the construction on any account other than the agreed cost for the project as per Annexure 2. CONFIDENTIALITY: All the documents, papers, information, data submitted by to the contractor are confidential in nature and he/she shall not disclose the said confidential information to any third party under any circumstances. ANNEXURE –I
1. Godown Centre to Centre
: 125.55m X 21.80m
2. Out side to Out side
: 126.01m X 22.26m
3. Rail/Road side Varandah Width : 1.83m min. on one side of the godown and other side of
godown Isolated platform of 0.9m wide to be provided in front of shutter only ( size 2.44 m X 0.9
4. Plinth Height
: i) For road-feb -0.80m
: ii) For rail- feb -0.91m
5. 6,000 MT godown consisting 3 Compartments.Each Compartment C/C length 41.85m and
capacity = 2,000 MT
6. No.of Stack in each Compartment 12Nos.
7. Size of Stacks = 6.10m x 9.15m (20’x30’)
8. Godown height at eve in respect of Road-feb =5.60m & Rail-feb=6.35m.
9. Varandah Truss height on road side = 3.35m and on Rail side 3.95m above plith.
10. No.of rolling shutters = 12Nos. of size 1.83m X2.44m each.
11. No.of Collapsible gates = 12Nos. of size 2.44m X2.44m each.
12. Top Ventilators size 1.50m X 0.60m bothlong walls.
13. V8 ventilators 0.39 m X 0.80 m (Bottom inside air entrant) and Exanded metal on outer wall 0.6
m X 0.6 m ( Bottom outside air entrant).
14. R.C Column to be provided at 4.65c.c in long wall & 4.36 m c/c in GW & PW
Any specifications not mentioned above will be as per the FCI existing specifications for
conventional godowns. In case FCI does not have any specifications, CWC specifications for
godowns will be followed.
In case specifications not covered by FCI and CWC then relevant IS code 607 of 1971 for
construction of godowns will be followed.
1.FOUNDATION: The depth of foundation is proposed for Gravelly Ordinary Soils at 1.30 M for
columns and 1.20 M for panel walls (foundation design is based on for soil capacity of 10.93 tonnes per For other type of soils, foundation should be suitably designed. Cement concrete (1:5:10) (1
cement: 5 coarse sand: 10 stone aggregate of 40 mm nominal size) is provided under columns and panel
wall respectively. R.R. Masonry/Brick Masonry in cement mortar (1:6) (1 cement: 6 coarse sand) is
proposed for the foundation and superstructure. The excavated good quality of earth shall be reused to
fill in the basement and remaining filling is proposed with selected earth and fine sand under floors.
2.PLINTH BEAM, TIE BEAM & COLUMNS:_R.C.C. mix of 1:1½:3 (1 cement: 1½ coarse sand: 3
stone aggregate of 20 mm nominal size) is to be provided in column, foundation of column, plinth beam,
lintel beam, tie beam around godown at 2.44 m level and roof beam at roof level in long and short walls.
3.SUPER STRUCTURE: All the walls are to be provided with 34 cm (13-1/2") thick in brick masonry
or 38 cm thick in RR masonry with cement mortar (1:6) (1 cement:
6 coarse sand).
4.SUN SHED / CHAJJA : To be provided as per requirements.
5.FINISHINGS: 12mm thick cement plaster with cement mortar (1:6) (1 cement:
6 fine sand) on both sides i.e. internal & external walls, 6mm thick plaster with cement mortar (1:3) on
exposed surface of columns with 3 coats of white wash on inner walls & colour wash/ snowcem on
external walls.
6.FLOORING: (A) 230 mm thick sand filling for base. (B) 100 mm thick P.C.C. (1:4:8) (1 cement: 4
coarse sand: 8 coarse aggregate 40 mm nominal size) (C) Fixing of glass strips 50 x 4 mm size in flooring
for panels. (D) C.C (1:2:4) (1 cement: 2 coarse sand: 4 coarse aggregate 20 mm nominal size) flooring
50 mm thick with neat cement punning.
7.WINDOWS, VENTILATORS, ROLLING SHUTTERS : Rolling shutters (clear opening) of size
1.83m x 2.44m (6' x 8') fixed on inside wall, Windows of size 0.6m X 0.6m (2'.0 X 2'-0") and ventilators
of size 1.54m X 0.60 m (5'-00" x 2'.0") with angle iron frame as shown in drawing.
8.ELECTRICAL INSTALLATION : External tube light /sodium vapour fittings on out side of
godowns at equals and providing of necessary 3 pin power / light plug points near rolling shutters.
Suitable lighting to be provided in side the godowns as well as on plaiform with the sodium vapour or
fittings with cfl lamp lighting fixtures for operation of godowns during late hours.
ANNEXURE ‐ 2 S.NO 1 2 DESCRIPTION Earth work excavation for footings , RR masonry complete digging and cleaning of pits Filling inside basement with excavated soil
QTY 700
Cu.M. 602
3 P.C.C (1:5:10) with required cement & 40mm metal sand including material and labour . Cu.M. 107
4 R.C.C (1:11/2:2) for footings,pedestal,plinth beam,tie beam,roof beam,columns with truss bolting including material and labour Cu.M. 265
5 Filling inside basement with randoum rubble masonry / Brick masonry in cement mortar (1:6) prop Cu.M. 454
6 Brick masonry for main biulding with brick/cement brick with mortar cement(1:6) Cu.M. 574
7 A) Plastering quantity below ground level 20mm thick with Cement motor (1:6) B) Plastering quantity below ground level 12 mm thick with cement motar (1:6) Reinforcement steel for footing,pedestal,columns,plith beam , tie beam, roof beam and sun shed Sq.Mt. 435
Sq.Mt. 4110
MT 20.5
8 9 Shuttering steel for footing,pedestal,columns,plith beam and tie beam Sq.Mt. 10 Paint Sq.Mt. A) 2 coats of white wash on inner walls Sq.Mt. 2410
B) colours wash/snowcem on out side walls Sq.Mt. 2085
C)Enamil paint for rolling shutters , collapsable gates, windows Sq.Mt. 380
11 A) Rolling shutters making and fixing on wall ( 1.83 M X 2.44 M)
NO 12
B) Air entrant ( windows ) of size 0.62 m X 0.62 m including glass fixing NO 42
C) Top ventilators of size 1.50 m x 0.6 m with angle iron including glass fixing NO 54
12 Flooring Items A) Back filling building foundation from out side soil for main building and varandah B) Filling with local sand or Rock dust below P.C.C for a thickness of 230 mm after compaction C)100 MM Thick PCC (1:4:8) for fooling inside godown and verandah D) 50mm thick C.C (1:2:3) flooring with neat cement punning with glass strip panels above C.C flooring. Cu.M. 3350
Cu.M. 630
Cu.M. 296
Sq.Mt. 3000
Electrical Instalation 14 External tube light/sodium vapour fittings on outside of godown at Lumpsum eual intervals and providing of necessary 3 pin power/light plug pointa near rolling shutters.suitable lighting to be provided in side the godowns as well as on platform. Rate 13 T O T A L UNIT Cu.M. Amount