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Thursday, October 30, 2014
The Westfield Leader and The Scotch Plains – Fanwood TIMES
Hale Speaker to Discuss
Volunteering at Museum
WESTFIELD — Former Westfield arts, loves learning about it, and can
resident Freia Mitarai will discuss afford working without pay should be
“The Volunteer Program at the Met- happy to have the opportunity of volunteering in a museum.”
ropolitan Museum of
A past executive diArt, New York City” in
rector of the Westfield
the final 2014 presentaFoundation and former
tion of the Anne and Lee
president of the
Hale Speaker Series. The
Westfield Day Care Centalk is slated for Wednester Auxiliary, Ms.
day, November 5, at 7
Mitarai also was active
p.m., at the Westfield
in many other commuMemorial Library. The
nity organizations durlibrary is located at 550
ing the years she resided
East Broad Street.
in Westfield.
Ms. Mitarai, now a
The Speaker Series,
Manhattan resident, behosted by the Friends of
came a volunteer before
the Westfield Memorial
working her way up to
Library, is named after
serve as the museum’s
Freia Mitarai
the late Anne Hale, a
volunteers manager, a
post she held for a few years begin- library patron who died in 2007, and
ning in 2008. Under her direction, her husband, Lee, a longtime comapproximately 1,400 volunteers as- munity volunteer who passed away
sisted the museum as tour guides, last year. Funding is provided by the
information desk workers, research- Thomas Glasser Foundation and the
ers and in other capacities. She re- Anne and Lee Hale Fund.
This talk will be open to the public
mains a member of the museum’s
Volunteer Organization Executive but pre-registration is required by registering online at wmlnj.org and clickCommittee.
A native of Germany, Ms. Mitarai ing on the Online Calendar, or by
has said that “anyone who enjoys the calling (908) 789-4090, extension 0.
F-SP Service League Shop
To Hold Doll and Toy Sale
Fanwood-Scotch Plains Service
League Thrift Shop, located at 1741
East Second Street, Scotch Plains,
will hold its annual Doll and Toy
Sale from Tuesday, November 4, to
Saturday, November 8. Service
League volunteers have collected
merchandise for this special sale
throughout the year.
A wide variety of items will be
featured, including books, games, toys,
Legos and dolls. The dolls will include baby dolls, international and
holiday dolls, collector and vintage
dolls, and a couple of American Girl
dolls. This year’s sale will feature a
MarianYu heirloom doll and anAshton
Drake Galleries “Peggy Sue” doll.
Accessories such as clothes, cradles,
beds and carry baskets also will be
available. According to the Service
League, all dolls and toys are new or
gently used and are in great condition.
Customers also will find the shop
decked out for the upcoming holidays with a huge array of seasonal
decorations, wreaths, ornaments,
linens, china, glassware, wrappings
and other merchandise. This will be
in addition to the usual selection of
modestly-priced clothing and accessories for the whole family.
The Fanwood-Scotch Plains Service
League is an all-volunteer, non-profit
organization that has served the local
communities since 1974. Since its
founding, the League has donated more
than $1.1 million to local causes. Any-
AARP Chapter Posts
Meeting on Monday
WESTFIELD — The Westfield
Area A.A.R.P. Chapter 4137 will meet
on Monday, November 3, at 1 p.m., at
the Scotch Hills Country Club, located at Jerusalem Road and
Plainfield Avenue in Scotch Plains.
Sharon Morgan, admissions director at the Genesis Eldercare Westfield
Center on Lamberts Mill Road in
Westfield, will discuss the importance
of good nutrition for the senior population. She will give attendees examples of healthful breakfasts,
lunches and dinners. Additionally,
she will address the topic “Hospitals,
Then and Now,” which will cover the
many changes over the years in a
hospital setting. The emphasis will
be on admission versus observation,
where people think they are going to
be admitted when they are only being
observed. One person will be the
recipient of a $25 gift card in a drawing, compliments of Ms. Morgan.
A business meeting, refreshments
and fellowship will follow the program. Those planning to attend the
chapter’s holiday lunch on Monday,
December 1, at Giovanna’s Restaurant in Plainfield are asked to pay at
the November meeting. The cost of
$30 covers the full meal and gratuity.
For details and reservations, call Chris
Weiss at (908) 322-6198.
that the following Ordinance was passed
on first reading by the Township Council of
the Township of Scotch Plains, County of
Union, New Jersey on the 21st of OCTOBER 2014, and that said Ordinance will be
considered for final adoption at a meeting
of the said Township Council to be held in
the Council Chambers, 430 Park Avenue,
on the 12th day of NOVEMBER 2014 at
7:00 p.m., at which time and place a public
hearing will be held prior to final passage
of said Ordinance and all interested persons will be given an opportunity to be
heard concerning the same. Copies of
said Ordinance can be obtained from the
Township Clerk’s Office at any time prior to
final adoption at no cost to any member of
the general public who requests same.
Municipal Clerk
1 T - 10/30/14, The Times Fee: $30.09
one interested in learning more about
the League or League membership is
invited to call (908) 322-5420, visit
scotchplainsthriftshop.weebly.com or
speak to any volunteers at the shop.
Individuals also are invited to check
out the organization’s Facebook page,
“Fanwood-Scotch Plains Service
League,” and give a “Like.”
Thrift shop hours are Tuesday,
Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, 10
a.m. to 2:30 p.m., and Saturday, 10
a.m. to 1 p.m. Gently-used donations
are always welcome during business
hours. Free parking is available on the
street and in the rear of the building.
Visitors should enter the parking lot
via Willow Avenue.
Tiny Tim Fund Seeks
Carolers For Dec. 3
SCOTCH PLAINS — The annual
Tiny Tim Fund Caroling Night is scheduled for Wednesday, December 3, between 4 and 8 p.m. Small groups of
residents of Fanwood and Scotch Plains
will sing seasonal songs door-to-door
in their neighborhoods and collect donations for the Tiny Tim Fund.
This non-profit organization,
formed in 1983, provides financial
assistance where necessary to children with medical needs who reside in
either town. Since this is the
organization’s sole fund-raising event,
many groups of both children and
adults are needed to make it a success.
Anyone interested in doing a community service while having fun is
encouraged to form a new group or to
join an existing one. For further information and to receive materials
for participating groups, call Barbara
Anilo at (908) 322-4472 or Mari
McDevitt at (908) 233-6513.
Light refreshments will be served
at the Stage House Inn on Park Avenue in Scotch Plains, where carolers
will return their canisters with the
donations collected.
F-SP Announce Parade,
Contests For Halloween
FANWOOD — The annual
Fanwood and Scotch Plains Halloween Parade and Costume Contest will
take place tomorrow, Friday, October
31, sponsored by the Fanwood and
Scotch Plains recreation commissions.
The festivities will begin at 5:30
p.m. with Trunk or Treat. Trick-ortreaters who come to the Fanwood
Memorial Library parking lot, located at North and Forest Avenues,
will be able to select treats from car
trunks full of surprises. The trunks
will close by 6 p.m.
The parade will start immediately
afterward. Children and adults should
assemble in front of the library by 6
p.m. The parade will depart at 6:15
p.m. for LaGrande Park in Fanwood.
Once the parade arrives at LaGrande
Park, at approximately 6:30 p.m., the
Costume Contest will begin for children of all ages. Anyone who wants to
enter a pumpkin in the Jack-o-Lantern
Contest should bring his or her carved
creation to the park and fill out an
entry form by 6:30 p.m. Prizes will be
awarded for the best costumes and the
best jack-o-lanterns. Free cider, doughnuts and coffee will be available.
that the Township Council of the Township
of Scotch Plains has changed the date of
their November Conference/Business
Meeting. The regularly scheduled meeting
November 11, 2014 has been changed
to November 12, 2014.
Meeting start time is 7:00 p.m.
The meetings will be held in the Council
Chambers of the Scotch Plains Municipal
Building, 430 Park Avenue, Scotch Plains,
New Jersey.
The Township of Scotch Plains does not
discriminate against persons with disabilities. Those individuals requiring auxiliary
aids and services where necessary must
notify the ADA Coordinator of the Township of Scotch Plains at least seventy-two
(72) hours in advance of the meeting.
Municipal Clerk
1 T - 10/30/14, The Leader Fee: $22.44
Recent Home Sales
Brunswick Universal Realty, LLC
to Public Service Electric and Gas
Company, 1532 Front Street,
TovahSegelman, 1533 East 2nd Street
Unit D13, $224,000.
Joanne A. Hall to Youssef Nan, 545
Farley Avenue, $220,500.
John Andrew Ploeg and John Ploeg
to Patrick and Magalie Bolivar, 1616
Front Street, $310,000.
Christianna Trust to Anthony Di
Donato, 327 Hoe Avenue, $215,000.
Christopher and Winnie Kistler to
Alexandra Legrou and Christiane
Miguel, 335 Sycamore Avenue,
Birten Kafescioglu to Nicole
Drawsand, 18 Village Park Court,
Adam and Barbara Matty to Megan
E. Murray, 416 Flanders Avenue,
Harriet C. Lifson to Leonid and
Ellana Tsvayberg, 530 Park Avenue,
Herbert H. Goss Revocabletrust to
Patricia Fabizio, 530 Park Avenue,
Alex DiPace to AIS Partner, 511
Park Avenue, $325,000.
Gus and Dianne Rotella to 426
Forest Road LLC., 426 Forest Road,
Robert Casey to Daniel and Abigail
Priece, 1993 Westfield Avenue,
Melissa Schwartzman to Jason and
Emily J. Guerrasio, 2012 Birch Street,
Pantaleao and Maria Rebimbas to
Andrew and Angela Koutoudis, 2072
Mountain Avenue, $465,000.
2266 Westfield Ave LLC. to Gary
T. and Gary M. Pupa, 2266 Westfield
Avenue, $465,000.
Stephanie A. Mitterhoff to Christopher and Sheila B. Racinez, 3 Nicole
Court, $696,000.
Mathew D. and Elizabeth Mason
to Ashwani and Alokparna B. Monga,
7 Nicole Court, $678,000.
Richard K. Gans to Edward and
Fiona Cholar, 2320 Coles Avenue,
Louis and Maria Mattielli to Jessica M. Fessock and Marisa Lobrace,
2347 Gales Court, $460,000.
George De Rose to Matthew and
Mary Chliek, 239 Elm Court,
Eleanor V. Fuller to Carlos E.
Marques and C. Rodrigues, 210
Watchung Terrace, $270,000.
Francis P. and Ericka J. Briamonte
to Thomas Edward and Marisol L.
Eisner, 429 Henry Street, $465,000.
Adrianne J. Gaal to James P. and
Carolyn R. Reilly, 506 Victor Street,
Timothy and Ericka Schreck to
Thomas and Annie Schaefer, 2397
Westfield Avenue, $405,000.
Dianne Stanton to Michael and
Christine Davis, 543 Victor Street,
Richard Leibowitz to Diane Di
Muzio, 549 Jerusalem Road,
Edward J/Lee Shin and NancyYing
Ying to Kawei Tsang and Ali F.
Kayaten, 103 Donato Circle,
Monday, October 20, Lauren M.
Rawicz, 44, of Bridgewater was arrested on an active Bridgewater warrant for $165 pursuant to a motor
vehicle stop in the area of West South
Avenue near Hort Street. She was
transported to police headquarters,
where she was processed and released
after posting full bail.
Tuesday, October 21, John H.
Clark, 48, of Jersey City was arrested
on two counts of shoplifting on the
300 block of East South Avenue.
According to police, merchandise
valued at $490 was taken from a
business during two separate incidents. Bail was issued in the amount
of $2,500. Authorities also confirmed
that there were four additional outstanding criminal warrants for Clark
from the municipalities of Greenwich, Wayne, Roselle Park and
Lawrence, totaling $1,900 bail. Police said Clark was held in lieu of
posted bail.
Wednesday, October 22, Justin
Shefton, 27, of Newark was arrested
on an outstanding Newark warrant
subsequent to a traffic stop at Rahway
Avenue and Lamberts Mill Road. He
was transported to police headquarters, processed and released after
posting $50 bail.
Saturday, October 25, Alex
Benavides, 33, of Westfield was arrested on an outstanding Union Township warrant after turning himself in
at Westfield police headquarters. He
was released after posting $215 bail.
Sunday, October 26, Terrell Bagley,
19, of Linden was arrested at Roselle
Park police headquarters on an outstanding Westfield traffic warrant for
$378. He was released after posting
Sunday, October 26, a resident of
the 1000 block of Seward Avenue
reported being the victim of a burglary and theft. Someone unknown
gained entry to the victim’s motor
vehicle, but it was not known at the
time of the report what items had
been taken. The incident occurred on
Seward Avenue.
Sunday, October 26, a resident of
the 600 block of Willow Grove Road
reported being the victim of a burglary
and theft. One or more unknown suspects gained entry to the victim’s car
and removed items valued at $220,
according to police. The vehicle was
parked in the victim’s driveway at the
time the incident occurred.
Saturday, October 18, Dylan
Ferrao, 22, of White House Station
and Robert Espaillat, 23, of Colonia
were arrested on charges of possession of suspected marijuana and possession of paraphernalia following a
stop at a DWI (driving while intoxicated) checkpoint.
Monday, October 20, Jessie Brooks,
51, of Piscataway was charged with
DWI following a motor vehicle stop.
Tuesday, October 21, Jeffrey
Siberon, 49, of Elizabeth was
charged with DWI following a motor vehicle stop.
Fanwood: 07/03/14
Douglas and Elizabeth Herko to
Robert M. and Dawn M. Wiseman,
71 Watson Road, $530,000.
Mitchell L. and Cheryl A. Bruntel
to Defa F. Bintou Kane, 43 Ashworth
Court, $375,000.
Scotch Plains: 07/03/14
IN APPRECIATION...Scotch Plains Mayor Kevin Glover, left, and Fanwood
Mayor Colleen Mahr present Peter J. Chemidlin, president of Family Investors
Company in Fanwood, with a plaque in gratitude for his company’s support of
the annual Memorial Day concert.
NYU Professor to Spotlight
Bavaria Oktoberfest Nov. 5
WESTFIELD — Bavaria and its
Famous Oktoberfest will be the topic
of Professor John Rossi at the First
Wednesday Luncheon of the
Westfield Historical Society on November 5. It will begin at noon at the
Echo Lake Country Club, located at
515 Springfield Avenue in Westfield.
The First Oktoberfest was held in
1810 to celebrate the October 12
marriage of Bavarian Crown Prince
Ludwig to Princess Therese. The
citizens of Munich were invited to
attend the festivities, held on the
fields in front of the city gates, to
publicly acknowledge this royal
event. They served the stored beer
before the beginning of the new
brewing season.
For more than 25 years at New
York University, Professor Rossi has
educated and inspired numerous students on subjects such as South
American Studies, the Alaskan Frontier, Economics and Finance. During
his tenure there, he has given many
lectures and traveled extensively.
Some of his adventures include travel
to Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Mexico
and Alaska. Professor Rossi has published several articles for McGrawHill and has been a guest speaker on
the popular cable program BIZTECH,
where he discussed finance. He has
presented enrichment talks, for the
cruise industry, on subjects including
the Final Frontier, the Mayan Civilization and the Panama Canal. He also
volunteers his time teaching senior
citizens basic computer skills at
All those who wish to attend the
luncheon are asked to make a reservation by calling (908) 233-2930 by
noon on Monday, November 3. The
cost of the luncheon is $30 for
Westfield Historical Society members and $35 for non-members and
includes a three-course meal, coffee/
tea and gratuity.
Joyce Greaves Codrington to
Federico and Rosijer Lopez, 242
Pinehurst Avenue, $281,000.
Union County Sheriff to LNV Corporation, 319 Myrtle Avenue, $1,290.
Jeffrey and Venessa Romond to
Rebekah and Steve M. Unger Jr., 188
Watchung Terrace, $337,500.
Stephen J. and Nancy L. Salvati to
William R. and Alexis T. Bickford,
333 Henry Street, $477,500.
Alexander and Maya Kovalyov to
Camaal M. and Laura A. Benoit, 73
Glenside Avenue, $487,000.
JP Family Home Investment Inc.
to Jessica Giangaspero and Natalie
Zarrillo, 1611 Cooper Road,
John and Susan C. Morrow to Mark
J. Ericksen, 7 Karen Court, $675,000.
Walter L. and Jean A. Schroder to
Jinal and Marina Shah, 2 Kevin Road,
Scotch Plains: 08/15/14
Westfield Area Y to Host
Medicare Health Fair
WESTFIELD — The Westfield
Area Y, located at 220 Clark Street in
Westfield, will host a Medicare Health
Fair on Tuesday, November 11, from
9 a.m. to 2 p.m. It will be free for
Medicare beneficiaries. Lunch will
be included.
This comprehensive event will include bone density testing for osteoporosis, abdominal aorta ultrasound for aneurysms, a cardiac care
assessment, computerized vascular
and nerve testing, a podiatric evaluation for lower-leg circulation, tobacco-use counseling, vision testing,
lab testing and other services.
Dr. Robert Boyd from the
Woodbridge Medical Group, along
with his staff, will meet with participants, gather medical and family history, and develop a testing and screening schedule and personalized prevention plan for each patient, including recommendations for diet, exercise and safety. A five-year health
plan which outlines health recommendations for the next five years
will be included.
Individuals are welcome to participate in as many or as few of the
services as they choose. All services
are completely covered by Medicare
through the prevention services program. Within two to three weeks of
the Medicare Health Fair, copies of
all reports and tests will be provided
in a sealed envelope for each participant. The packets will be dropped off
to Lynne Applebaum, the Y’s associate health and wellness/membership
director, for distribution directly to
the patients.
Interested persons are required to
register by Saturday, November 8,
online at westfieldynj.org or at the
Welcome Center at the Main Y Facility. For more information, call Lynne
at (908) 233-2700, extension no. 239,
[email protected]
CSH to Host Free Workshop
Regarding Estate Planning
Children’s Specialized Hospital (CSH)
Foundation will host a free estate planning workshop on Friday, November
7, from noon to 2 p.m., at the 150 New
Providence Road location in
Mountainside. The workshop will include practical advice and tips on where
to start estate planning, provided by
trust and estate attorneys Anita Siegel,
Esq.; Barbara Doyle Frantz, Esq., and
Robert W. Cockren, Esq.
CSH, the largest pediatric rehabilitation hospital in the country,
treats children affected by brain
injury, spinal cord injury, premature birth, autism, developmental
delays, and life-changing illnesses
at 12 sites throughout New Jersey.
The Children’s Specialized Hospital Foundation supports the programs and services at the hospital
including outpatient therapies, physician specialty services, acute rehabilitation, medical day care and
long-term care.
A charitable bequest in a will or
that the following Ordinance was finally
adopted by the Township Council of the
Township of Scotch Plains, County of
Union, New Jersey, on the 21st day of
October 2014.
1 T - 10/30/14, The Times Fee: $20.40
trust allows a donor to make a contribution to CSH without affecting the
donor’s cash flow during their lifetime. The seminar will address estate
planning and charitable bequests.
This workshop also will include
lunch for attendees and tours of the
facility after the program. Interested
persons are asked to respond by Friday, October 31, to Kimberly Armenti
[email protected]
ACGNJ Meeting
On Tap Nov. 7
SCOTCH PLAINS — The Amateur Computer Group of New Jersey (ACGNJ) will offer part two of
a survey of UNIX commands (kz), Linux presentation at its meeting on Friday, November 7, from 8
to 9:30 p.m.
Club member Scot Jenkins, who
previously spoke to the group last
month, is giving an a-z tour of
some of the programs found in /
usr/bin and describing their usage.
The focus will be on commands
that are found on the widest range
of most UNIX variants. Programs
with more peculiar usage will be
The intent is to make audience
members aware of the varied utilities that are available to them and
to explain commands with more
unusual usage. During this second
talk, Mr. Jenkins will pick up with
commands in the k-z range.
Meetings of the ACGNJ are held
on the second floor of the Scotch
Plains Rescue Squad building, located at 1916 Bartle Avenue. There
is no charge to participate. For directions to the rescue squad building, visit acgnj.org or call (908)
Senior Council Health Fair
To Be Held November 9
MOUNTAINSIDE — The Senior Citizens Council of Union
County will hold its ninth annual
Health and Lifestyle Fair on Thursday, November 6, at L’Affaire Fine
Catering, located at 1099 Route 22
East in Mountainside.
In addition to providing health
screenings and a wide range of
information on health-care concerns and lifestyle issues, such as
recreational programs and in-home
care, this year’s event will focus
on “Sight, Sound and Motion.”
Doors will open at 8:45 a.m.
with exhibits and free on-site
screenings. A continental breakfast will be served, followed by a
special presentation beginning at
10:15 a.m.
Among the guest speakers will
be Phil Colombrita, orthopedic service manager at the Joint Replacement Center at Robert Wood
Johnson University Hospital,
Rahway, who will discuss what a
person can expect in terms of preand post-replacement, length of
hospital stays and what the future
holds in terms of implantation. Also
on the panel will be Drs. Smita
Hiremath and Linda DiLiberto, audiologists from Overlook Medical
Center, and Dr. Ari Eckman from
Trinitas Regional Medical Center,
who will speak about the effect of
diabetes on eyesight.
As in the past, attendees also
will be able to take advantage of
the free on-site health screenings
from local hospitals including
Overlook, Trinitas Regional Medical Center and Robert Wood
Johnson, in addition to hearing
tests. Screenings will be available
from 9 a.m. through noon. Additionally, Walgreens will provide
on-site flu and pneumonia shots.
“The goal of the Union County
Senior Council Health Fair is to
provide our seniors with useful information,” said Ellen Steinberg,
chairwoman of the Union County
Senior Citizens Council. “Tips and
strategies to improve our health and
lifestyle are at the top of our list.”
There is no charge for this program, but interested persons are
asked to RSVP. For more information or to respond, call the Union
County Senior Citizens Council at
(908) 964-7555. The Union County
Senior Citizens Council is a notfor-profit organization devoted to
the needs of older Americans, their
families and caregivers.