Corner of Albert Drive and Pollokshaws Road
Service Times
Sunday Services
8am Morning Prayer 8.30am Eucharist (said)
10.15am Sung Eucharist
Weekday Services
Thursday 9.30 am Morning Prayer
10am Eucharist (1970)
Saints’ Days Eucharist as announced
Clergy and Ministers
The Right Revd Dr Gregor Duncan, Bishop’s Office,
5 St Vincent Place, G1 2DH
Tel 0141 221 6911/6912 Fax 0141 221 6490
E-mail: [email protected]
The Revd Paul Romano, 32 Glencairn Drive, G41 4PW
Tel 0141 423 1247
E-mail: [email protected]
NSM Assistant Priest:
The Revd Dr Eamonn Rodgers,
Mr Paul Whitton,
Eucharistic Assistants:
Mrs Liz Booth
Mr Vivian Davey
The Diocesan News can be read online at
Rector Writes
The past month has seen me grapple with the issue of prayer. One of the
readings for the Thursday mid-week Eucharist considered Christ’s
injunction to “ask and you shall receive…” and so was an opportunity to
discuss prayer. Then I had one of the regular meetings and Eucharist for
our Prayer Circle colleagues (not to be confused with the monthly Prayer
Hour at the Rectory). The prayer circle folk undertake to pray for the
sick and to maintain the “sick list” sheet (those double sided sheets you
see in the vestibule). This was another opportunity to give a mini-sermon
on the power of prayer in the context of our healing ministry. Finally, I
was teaching a class for the Episcopal Institute (what used to be the old
TISEC) theology students on the subject of prayer and spirituality. So
all in all I have been thinking a great deal on this subject. Some folk take
to prayer like the proverbial duck to water and some struggle with the
notion all their life and most are somewhere in the middle. It was very
instructive to listen as the students described their experiences of
discussing the topic on their placements and in their own charges with a
wide variety of people. The responses of the people the students met
seemed to fall into four categories - (a) personal prayer was not for
them except for formal prayer in church on a Sunday and anything
beyond that was for the “professionals”; (b) you have to be in a “special”
place to pray and you have to do so in a “special” language or else it
doesn’t count; (c) “I don’t know how to pray”; (d) “what’s the point? – my
prayers never get answered”.
Does any of the above strike a chord with you? I have to admit that I
have never asked any of you outright what the state of your prayer life
might be. Maybe such a bold approach would be regarded as intrusive and
embarrassing. On the other hand I can’t recall many coming to me (with
one or two notable exceptions) and talking to me about the positives and
negatives regarding personal devotions. The encounter with the theology
students, when they in turn talked of their personal experiences of what
worked and what did not, has inspired me to make an appeal to all of you.
I would love to hear from you about the issue of prayer. In a sense I
really don’t care what you might say to me. There is no “correct” or
“incorrect” answer. I want to hear the positive and the negative. I have
to admit that I don’t have a specific agenda in mind. I’m not sure where
(if anywhere) this all might lead. I have this strong feeling that I should
tackle this topic at this stage in our pilgrimage together at St Ninian’s.
So, over to you: as the old BT advert used to say – “it’s good to talk!!”
The Rector
*** indicates use of incense
2 Sun
All Saints
8am Morning Prayer 8.30am Eucharist
10.15am Sung Eucharist 1970 Liturgy***
3 Mon All Souls
10am Eucharist
9 Sun
Remembrance Sunday
8am Morning Prayer 8.30am Eucharist
10.15am Sung Eucharist 1982 Liturgy
16 Sun
Pentecost 23
8am Morning Prayer 8.30am Eucharist
10.15am Sung Eucharist 1982 Liturgy
23 Sun
Christ the King
8am Morning Prayer 8.30am
10.15am Sung Eucharist 1982 Liturgy
30 Sun
Advent 1
8am Morning Prayer 8.30am
10.15am Sung Eucharist 1970 Liturgy
Wednesday November 12: 2 pm
Heather Wright, a member of the
Tapestry Guild, will speak about
the History of Scotland Tapestry
and the Commonwealth Tapestry.
All are welcome!
Aileen Grieve, Secretary
November 8th
The Remembrance
coffee morning is
being organised by
Rosemary and
Valerie. In addition to the usual
stalls there will be one in aid of the
Erskine Hospital for ex-service
men and women.
September Coffee Morning
Belated thanks to all who
supported the September Coffee
morning. A pleasant day and a
great result money-wise.
Many thanks DS and CZ
Duruflé Requiem
Sunday November 2 6.30pm
Glasgow Chamber Choir returns to
St Margaret's with organist
Christopher Nickol to perform
Maurice Duruflé's sublime
Requiem for All Souls-tide. The
meditative programme will also
include music by Elgar and Judith
Weir, plus another opportunity to
hear Judith Bingham's new
commission, 'Glass Beatitude'.
A ‘Time to Remember’ Service
Saturday 8th November 3pm at St
Margaret’s Episcopal Church
Please join us for a time of peaceful
remembrance with music,
readings, prayers, reflection and
Refreshments will be provided at
the end of the Service.
If you would like further details,
please contact Eileen Smith on
0141 423 2801.
Magazine Donations
Many thanks for your generous
donations: Ms R Laidlaw, Mrs D
Merrick, Canon and Mrs J Taylor.
Edna sends all their best wishes to
all their fiends in St Ninan’s. They
have now moved to Kirriemuir.
We all wish them the very best in
their new home. JS
HOST is looking for kind, friendly,
hospitable people in Scotland who
are inspired by the idea of
welcoming an international
student at university here, far from
his or her own family, to their
home. This could be for a day, a
weekend or Christmas, and you
don't need to live near a university,
as students will travel for the
privilege of meeting you, learning
about real life in this country, and
sharing their own culture. HOST is
a voluntary activity which makes
ambassadors for international
goodwill of us all. Please see or call regional
organiser Anne-Marie Nicol on
01738 621633. Thank you.
Your prayers are asked:
for Eric Coleman, whose health is
failing rapidly;
for Jean Whalin, Kate Zochowska's
Mum, who is too weak to undergo an
operation - please pray that her
health will improve;
for Brian O'Hara who continues to
have problems with his lungs;
for Catriona Graham who is
undergoing hospital visits;
for Audrey MacAulay who, although
being well cared for in Mearnskirk, is
a very poor wee soul;
for Nora Mall who is undergoing
chemotherapy in hospital; and
for June and John Sweeney who
recently lost their son Cal in tragic
Thank you so much for all your
prayers which are always most
November Mindings
Jack Gravell
Douglas Gennis
Margaret Scott
Alan Lyell
Hilda Pickford
Artemio Lumbag
Douglas Marr
Thomas White
David Sharpe
Kathleen Tait
Jeanette Neesham
Alaster Hinds
Elizabeth Irvine
Amanda Rowson
Gilbert McDougall
Hilda Kirk
Margaret Beattie
James Beattie
John Lowrie
On Saturday 18th October St Ninian’s hosted the Autumn Council Eucharist
and Commissioning Service of the Glasgow and Galloway Mothers’ Union.
At the Service we welcomed our new Diocesan Chaplain, the Rev Lucy
Ireland, and commissioned our new Diocesan Secretary Elaine McAlpine.
We thank Paul our Rector for taking the service and our new Chaplain for a
fine sermon. After lunch in the hall, our President, Ann Glenesk, took the
Chair for the Business Meeting. Elaine McAlpine and Margaret Horrell both
spoke about their involvement in the Commonwealth Games: Elaine was a
“Clydesider” and Margaret and her husband provided hospitality. Margaret
also spoke about matters of risk assessment and insurance as they affect the
MU. Lesley Lucas and Esther Muchena reported on their visit to Sweden on
behalf of the MU.
Once again St Ninian’s people did us proud. We are grateful to David for the
music, to Sandra and Paul as servers, and to Val and Graham as welcomers.
Our thanks go also to the folks who contributed to an excellent lunch: we
thank Kate (and also Lesley) for making the delicious soup, Isobel, Val and
Lesley’s friend Heather for the home-made cakes which went down a treat;
Kitty, Peter and Chris contributed most efficiently in the serving and
clearing-up roles. (With Kate unable to be present, being urgently obliged to
attend to her mother, it was very good of Chris to come and bring the
supplies, serve out the soup and tidy up afterwards. We send our good
wishes to Kate’s mother.) Finally, we are grateful to Kitty for collecting and
bringing Elsie along to the meeting. As an “elder stateswoman” of the MU
Elsie is very well known in the Diocese and at this event was welcomed by
many friends.
Aileen B Grieve Secretary
Children are hardest hit by emergencies, losing lives,
families, homes and schools. UNICEF provides lifesaving help and protection for these children. With a
permanent presence in more than 190 countries,
UNICEF can respond rapidly wherever and whenever
disaster strikes, to deliver vital food, medicine and clean water.
For example, the crisis in Syria has forced more than 1.1 million children
and their families to take refuge in neighbouring countries. Many of these
families are exposed to harsh conditions and live in makeshift settlements,
facing increased risk of disease.
Khalil is just one year old and was born in a refugee camp in northern
Iraq. He is frail and underweight for his age. UNICEF is working to provide
care, support and supplies to Khalil and his family to ensure he can grow up
happy and healthy, despite his uncertain start in life.
Copies of this year's UNICEF leaflet giving more information are
available on the table at the back of the church. To create a Jar of Grace
simply cut out the label on the back of the leaflet and stick it to the jar.
In the last year we have raised £190 to protect children from diseases
which can be prevented by vaccines, so thank you to everyone who
participated. It must be mentioned, however, that in recent years the
number of people in St Ninian's supporting the appeal has declined and
some new participants would be very welcome. The principle of the appeal
is that you put a coin in your Jar of Grace each time you have a meal.
NOTES FROM THE PAST: From Canon Bullough’s Diary
Monday 29 July 1957 (Dunoon)
Tonight the girls and I went to meet Dorothy at the pier on her return from
Glasgow where she had been on Saturday and Sunday. . . . she was full of
information about the church, the garden and Colin’s departure for the
Jamboree. . . . The amusing event of the weekend seems to have been Allan
Marr’s going to sleep during the Curate’s sermon at evensong and remaining
asleep in the server’s seat in the sanctuary through the prayers and the
concluding hymn!
Tuesday 01 April 1958
An amusing incident tonight. As I passed the manse gate next-door, Mrs
Grieve called to me and offered me a “lift” in her new car. Roy drove us to St
Ninian’s. When we reached there I showed them round the church which they
had not seen inside before. On their return to Glencairn Drive Roy was just
about to take the car into the garage when Dorothy passed on her way to
church. Thinking that Roy was just going out, she asked for a lift to the nearest
point to her destination. She popped into the car. In a few minutes, not
wanting to take him out of his way, she suggested that he could let her walk
the rest of the journey, and asked what his destination was? “To St Ninian’s, I
presume” he replied, “I have just driven your husband to church, and was in
the act to putting the car into the garage when you came past.”
By Stuart Ardern
Directed by Joyce Maxwell
Wednesday 3rd to Saturday 6th December
St Ninian’s Church Hall
Wed to Sat at 7.30pm
Sat at 2.30pm
Tickets £8 (£6) from 616-2391
2nd November
9th November
16th November
All Saints
Pentecost 23
E Graham
L Lucas
J Mclean
A Marr
M Montgomery A Caldwell
G Vahey
V Vahey
T Baylis
Rev 7.9-17
1 John 3.1-3
Mt 5.1-12
Job 19.21-27
1 Cor 15.51-57
John 6.37-40
Zeph 1.7,12-18
1 Th 5.1-11
Mt 25.14-30
R Anwar
P Ward
C Zochowski
I Nairn
I Nairn
R Anwar
C Zochowski
P Ward
P Whitton
C Zochowski
Y Grieve
P Whitton
I Nairn
T Baylis
L Booth
B Smith
E Graham
J McLean
R Anwar
J Sinclair
Y Grieve
K Falconer
A Marr
T Baylis
A Forrest
D Sinclair
V Rodgers
G Hunge
E Graham
B Smith
R Laidlaw
23rd November
30th November 7th December
Christ the King
Advent 1
Advent 2
J Sinclair
D Sinclair
G Vahey
M Arroll
E Graham
L Lucas
R Anwar
V Davey
S Walker
Ezek 34.11-16,20-24
Eph 1.15-23
Mt 25.31-46
Is 64.1-9
1 Cor 1.3-9
Mark 13.24-37
Is 40.1-11
2 Peter 3.8-15a
Mark 1.1-8
S Whitton
I Nairn
C Zochowski
R Anwar
P Ward
C Zochowski
I Nairn
P Whitton
C Zochowski
A Caldwell
S Walker
T Baylis
L Booth
B Smith
E Graham
J McLean
R Anwar
C Shearer
J McLean
J Maxwell
J Sinclair
Y Grieve
K Falconer
A Marr
T Baylis
A Forrest
A Caldwell
E Graham
B Smith
Lay Officers
Lay Representative
Alternate Lay Rep
Regional Council Rep
Rector’s Warden
People’s Warden
Vestry Secretary
Vestry Treasurer
Child Protection Officer
Property Convener
Chris Zochowski
Rory Anderson
Liz Booth
Irene Nairn
Vivian Davey
Rosemary Anwar
Peter Falconer
The Vestry
The Rector, Liz Booth, Irene Nairn, Vivian Davey, Chris Zochowski, Rory
Anderson, Rosemary Anwar, Kitty Falconer, Angela Forrest, Moira
Gemmell, Nicola Gordon, David Pritchard, Kate Zochowska .
The Church
At St Ninian’s, as in nearly all Episcopal Churches in Scotland, we
reserve the sacrament of the Eucharist. From this reserved sacrament
Holy Communion is given to the aged, sick or infirm at home, in hospital
or in hospice to assure them of Christ’s love and presence and to enfold
them in the communion and fellowship of the church. The sacrament is
also reserved to assure us all of Christ’s constant presence with his
For Baptism, Visitation of the sick, Funerals, Marriages and Confession
please speak to the Rector.
At St Ninian’s we meet our needs largely through planned giving
envelopes. Every member of the church is urged to pledge a definite
amount and, if possible, to GiftAid their offering. Please apply for
information and envelopes through either the Recorder or the Treasurer.
The Vestry has reluctantly decided that it is unwise to keep the church
open on weekdays. If you need access at times other than the services
and events posted on the notice board please email the Vestry Secretary:
[email protected]
Life at St Ninian’s To contact any of the people listed below, please email
[email protected]
Bible Reading
Graham Vahey
Christian Aid
Flower Guild
Rosemary Anwar
Sandra Whitton
The Rector (Editor)
Joyce Sinclair (Sec & Treasurer)
Mothers’ Union
Lesley Lucas (Branch Leader)
Aileen Grieve (Secretary)
Rosemary Anwar
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Sandra Whitton
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Susan Walker [email protected]
St Ninians Episcopal Church; Glasgow is a
charity registered under no. SC010966