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lTf{d s{tDR/ Government of India
3lr{ro-t fuTIrf / Income Tax Department
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The pr. chief comrnissioner of Income Tax, NWR. Aavakar Bhawan. Sec-178. Chandieafh
Dated: 03.11.2014
Pr. CCICHD/CB-III I 72 / 20 1 4 - is/ l-aaf--
The Chief Commissioner of Income Tax,
Shimla/ Panchkula/ Ludhiana/ Amritsar
The Director General of Income Tax(Inv.),
The Commissioner of Income Tax-Illl,
Chandigarh & Patiala
Audit/TDS/ CO /Appeals/ ITATJ / II,
The Director of Income Tax I&CI/DTRTI
The Add1. Commissioner of Income Tax (International Taxation),
Sub: Compliance to the Transfer & Posting Orders - reg.
Kindly refer to the Transfer & Posting orders passed by this office in
respect of the cadres of Income Tax Officers/Income Tax Inspectors/Sr. TAs/
I am directed to convey that pendency of representation should not be a
ground for non-compliance of transfer and posting orders unless prior approval
has been obtained from Pr. CCIT, N.W.Region.
It is reported that a few of the officers/ officials under orders of tralsfer
have not been relieved. Such officers/ officials should be relieved forthwith and
complialce should be reported alongwith reasons for non-complialce to the
orders within the time specified in the order.
Non-compliance to the transfer orders, as aforesaid, may be brought to
the notice of this office by 10tn November by the ccIT/cIT to whose charge
officer/ oflicial was transferred.
Yours faitltfully,
Dy. Commissioner of Income Tax (Hq.)(Admn.),