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401 The Black Baroness had managed to challenge / defy /
* udfordre / trodse / >
stand `against / stand `up to the authority of her husband.
* sætte sig op imod >
Her standing against / up to the Black Baron,
is an event in which the baroness reigns supreme.
* ngs. myndighed
* … ng.
* rangere i top
være i højsædet
The White Baron and his son together with the Black
Baroness and her daughter are called to the court by the king. *
It has been a tumultuous time in their life.
* forvirret
The king wants to amass information, express / show
* samle ( information )
* udtrykke / vise >
his appreciation, and praise the conspirators’ exploits.
* påskønnelse
* bedrift
10 Having shown great courage in the face of adversity,
* modgang
the baroness in particular extorts admiration from the king.
* aftvinge ngt. fra ng.
Having overcome many adversities, all three of them
receive an `accolade from the king for their deft leadership.
* overvinde ngt.
* genvordigheder
* anerkendelse, hyldest
* dygtig
The king allows the White Baron to incorporate
the disputed land into his barony in return for a promise to
* løfte om at -
continue the tilt at anarchistic barons.
* kamp mod ng.
Ruling their baronies by `arbitrary decisions,
* vilkårlig
many barons have managed to usurp power.
* tilrane sig ngt.
Growing anarchy threatens to tilt the balance ( of power )
20 in favour of the barons and away from the king.
As the situation seems to tilt in favour of the barons
the crises threatens to tilt the situation away from the king.
So the king must keep a curb on baronial anarchy
* vippe / tippe >
* over mod ng.
* vende ngt. ufordelagtigt for ng.
* holde i ave
* drejning mod ngt.
prevent the situation from tilting toward(s) anarchy.
* hælde mod ngt.
and political turmoil, the king has to stymie the barons
in order to curb their exploitation of the lower classes.
The arbitrary barons must be foiled in their attempts to
30 arrogate ( to themselves ) more and more power.
The king must foil the barons’ plots and plans,
at (the) worst / worst of all an attempt to usurp the throne.
He must thwart the usupers’ ambitions, plans and efforts,
* væk fra ng.
* tippe / vende sig til fordel for ng.
in order to prevent a tilt toward(s) baronial anarchy /
Worried at the prospect of emotional, religious, economic,
* ( magt- ) balancen
* tummel
* lægge hindring i vejen for ng.
* bremse / dæmpe
tøjle / styre ngt.
* egenmægtig
/ -rådig
* tilrane ( sig ) ngt.
* forhindre i ngt.
* forpurre / ( for- ) hindre ngt.
* i værste fald
* i værste fald / allerværst
* tilrane sig ngt.
* forpurre / ( for-) hindre ngt.
if the worst comes to the worst /
* hvis det værste skulle ske
(A&) if worst comes to worst, an attempt to usurp the king.
* =
As the White Baron and the baroness now emerge as
* udnyttelse
* magttilraner
* tage magten over ng.
* træde frem /
fremstå som ngt.
key figures in the king’s campaign against tyrannical barons,
* nøgleperson
the barons are thwarted in their attempts at usurpation.
* ( fo- ) hindre ng. i ngt.
* magttilraning
402 The end of the tumultuous years of feud could
* forvirret
`herald a new era of peace.
* indvarsle >
Every squire looks forward to be knighted by the king
and receive a knighthood.
* æra
* ~ udnævnet / slået til ridder
* modtage ridderskab
The king wants to dub the White Baron’s son a knight
* slå ng. til ridder
The king decides to confer knighthood (up)on him.
* tildele ng. ridderskab
When the king `designates him (as) a knight
* udpege ng. til >
he makes him a knight.
* ridder
* gøre ng. Til >
The White Baron, the baroness and court officials attend
10 the accolade, the ceremony of conferring knighthood.
-`fê~ -
In the accolade the king will strike the candidate lightly
upon the shoulder with the flat of a sword.
* =
* akkolade
* overføre /
tildele ngt.
* ~ ved udnævnelsen til ridder
* ridderskab
The king solemnly gives the White Baron’s son
* højtideligt give ng. >
the accolade, a light blow upon the shoulder with the flat of
* ridderslag
a sword.
The White Baron’s son proudly receives the accolade.
* modtage …
When he swears an oath / a vow of allegiance to the king, * sværge > * en ed / et løfte om > * troskab / loyalitet
he swears / pledges allegiance and loyalty to the king.
As he now owes allegiance to the king,
20 he has a duty to give allegiance to the king.
Taking an oath of chivalry, he `solemnly promises
to assist the king by doing knightly deeds of chivalry.
As a knight, the son must have his own knightly armour
overfor ng.
* sværge / love …
* skylde ng. troskab
* yde …
* aflægge …
* ridderlig
* højtidelig
* ridderskab
* riddermæssig
and equipment (U): a horse, a sword, a suit of armour,
* rustning
a (coat of) mail or a chain mail and a surcoat
* brynje
with a coat of arms.
* våbenskjold
Making a suit of armour, the armourer rivets metal plates
* ridderlighed
( = ridderløfte )
* bedrift
* ringbrynje
* våbensmed
* nitte
and leather together, punching in rivets.
* nitte
The baron’s son is a horse fiend / fanatic.
30 Years ago the son got a male foal sired by the baron’s
* fanatiker
finest stallion.
* hingst
* han-
* føl
* avle
The sire and dam are only used for breeding.
* fader-
* moderdyr
Next time the mare foaled, it gave birth to a female foal,
* hoppe
* fole
a fine filly.
The son has carefully trained the young male horse
so the colt is now ready to serve as his knightly stallion.
* hoppeføl
* hingsteføl
Dressed in his suit or armour, a rider risks serious injuries
if he takes a spill on his horse.
* komme ud for et fald på / fra ngt.
403 He has to have a page and a squire in his service.
If anything goes wrong either the page or something else
is always accused of being the villain of the piece.
* skurken
den / det der er skyld i ulykkerne
Serving as a knight, a squire or a page is a taxing job.
* krævende
A knight must have the requisite qualifications for the job. * fornødne, påkrævne
Requisite skills and experience in chivalry
* kvalifikationer til ngt.
* nødvendig, påkræven
are a requisite for entry into knighthood.
* ridderskab
* krav / nødvendighed for ngt.
The knights educate the squires and pages in chivalry:
* indtræden i ngt.
* uddanne ng. i ngt.
the sum of ideal qualifications of a knight, including courtesy,
10 generosity, valour, dexterity in arms and art of war.
* tapperhed, mod
The apprenticeship as page and squire is more taxing
than (it) is generally believed.
* krævende
* end almindeligt antaget
Some of the problems tax the apprentices;
* bebyrde ng.
the questions really tax their brains.
* udfordre ngs. tanker
The pupils sometimes tax the knight’s patience.
* sætte ngs. tålmodighed på prøve
trække veksler på ngs. …
When the baron’s son and his apprentices practice fencing, * fægtning
they fence with foils.
* fægte
20 As the White Baron’s son is engaged to the daughter of
* blive trolovet til / forlovet med ng.
the Black Baron, the couple are engaged to be married.
* … for at blive gift
She is his fiancée and he is her fiancé.
* kårde
* trolovet, forlovet
* =
The engaged couple marry soon after their turbolent
and tumultuous courtship.
* forlovede par
* forlovelsestid
People from far and near are invited.
* fra nær og fjern
It’s a matter of common courtesy to acknowledge a letter. * … et spørgsmål (sag)
It’s only common courtesy to do so.
om almindelig høflighed
* kun / blot …
People would at least have the courtesy to write and say
* have høflighed nok til at
* bekræfte modtagelsen af /
takke for ngt.
they'd be prevented from coming / are otherwise engaged. * forhindret i at komme / optaget af noget andet
30 The church is decorated with a dazzling array of `daffodils,* blændende af skønhed * række, stribe * påskelilje
the first bright heralds of spring.
* budbringer
Snowdrops, winter aconites and crocuses flower while
* vintergæk
it’s still winter, while the white narcissus ( pl: narcissi )
* pinselilje
flowers later than the daffodil.
The church keeps most of it’s religious curiosities
* blomstre
* kuriositet
usædvanlig ting
locked up but the church itself is a historical curiosity.
* =
* erantis
* krokus
* blomstre
404 The aristocracy pay courtesy calls on the king.
The White Baron fully realizes that `progress is shackled
by a mass of feudal regulations.
* aflægge høflighedsvisit hos
* hæmmet af ngt.
The White Baron assiduously courts the court officials.
* flittigt
The White Baron pays a courtesy visit to the king.
* =
Within the time allotted, the king lets him know that he
* indenfor den afsatte / tildelte tid
* bejle til ng.
opposes shackling the trade with heavy taxes and duties.
The production has its basis in the village, a cluster of
houses and housholds, usually joined together by a common
* modsætte sig /
* hæmme ngt. med ngt.
kæmpe imod ngt.
* klynge
10 livelihood such as farming, fishing, wooding, mining, etc. * levebrød
In some deprived areas, the deprived people live without
* skovbrug
&/ brændesamling
* & afsavnlidende
* forarmet
having the things necessary for comfortable and happy life.
The baron frees the villeins from villeinage / villainage
on condition that they in return agree to buy their farms
and pay by annual instalments.
* afdrag
The villeins become freeholders and villagers.
By giving the farmers the possibility for making a profit
of their own the White Baron encourages exploitation of
* udnyttelse
agricultural production especially wool.
20 The White Baron’s vision is being heralded as a blueprint * udråbe ngt. som ngt.
for the future of the barony.
* ( blåtryk )
plan, rettesnor
The baron wants to allocate a piece of land,
* tildele / bevil(li)ge ngt.
and allocate money for the foundation of a mill.
He wants to allocate the village a piece of land,
and allocate the villagers some money.
* … til ngt.
* … ng. ngt.
* =
He intends to allocate a piece of land to the village
and allocate some money to the villagers.
* tildele / bevilge ngt. til ng.
* =
The baron allots the village a piece of land
* tildele ng. ngt
and allots the villagers a sum of money.
* =
30 He allots a piece of land to the village,
* uddele ngt. til ng.
and allots a sum of money to the foundation of a mill.
* =
The allotment of land and the allotments of money
provide a breeding ground for private enterprise.
* tildeling
* skabe grobund for >
The allocation of land and the allocation of money enable * tildeling
the villagers to start businesses on their own initiative.
It is expected that trade and economy will progress.
* privat initiativ
* =
* sætte ng. i stand til
* forretninger
* på eget initiativ
* det forventes at -
* gøre fremskridt
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405 A spinning mill is founded (by) courtesy of
* spindemølle / -fabrik
the White Baron’s allotments and allocations.
* tildeling
When it opened, the mill was heralded as a new way
forward in local prosperity.
* ~ takket være >
* udråbe ngt. som ngt.
The baron claims that the rise in production is the herald of * varsel om
forløber for
economic recovery.
People who work at the mill settle down in the village
together with tradesmen, shopkeepers and craftsmen.
The baron establishes a business and trading company
* slå sig ned
10 which thrives on commercial and economic exploitation
* trives ved ngt.
of agricultural products especially cloth.
* udnyttelse
Encouraging the exploitating of mineral resurces the baron * <<
takes steps to exploit the iron ore from veins in the local rock. * udnytte >
Little by little the village grows bigger and gradually
* by
or thousands of inhabitants, having definite borders
* indbygger
and certain local powers of government.
The farmers carry their goods into town.
* ind til byen
The town `hall is a civic building containing
* rådhus
In Britain the civic `centre is an area where the public
buildings are.
In the US the civic center is a building where public
entertainments and meetings are held.
Many citizens who have a sense of civic pride,
* malm
* bystyre
* officiel bymæssig
* borger-
* ledere
* byadministrations- og servicecenter
* forsamlingshus
* borger
* borgerstolthed
civic spirit, and civic responsibility feel that they
* =
have a responsibility / duty to serve the town.
* have en forpligtelse / pligt til at -
So doing their civic duty for the town a great part of
the citizenry of the town and join the civic guards (pl.)
* åre
developes into a larger community, a town of hundreds
20 the civic government consisting of civic leaders.
* jern-
* borgerlig ansvarlighed
* gøre sin pligt
* borgerskab
* borgervæbning
30 As they have a responsibility to the children, the parents, * have en forpligtelse overfor ng.
the church, and the schools are responsible for teaching
* være ansvarlig for at -
the children good citizenship.
* borgerdyder
A town dweller is either a townsman or townswoman.
* byboer
Some townspeople, townsmen and townswomen,
* borgere
rent allotments (E) for growing vegetables.
Manufacturers and business people are courting big city
distributers and export businesses with a view to sell their
* kolonihave
* bejle til ng.
* med henblik på at -
products in the emerging markets of the big cities and abroad. * fremdukkende
* dyrke >
* grøn(t)sager
406 The town develops into a borough, a fortified urban
* købstad
* befæstet
`bûrê E/A - rou
community organized as and having some of the powers of
an independent country or city-state.
* bystat
People who come to sell their products in a town or city
have to pass one of the town gates or city gates where they
* byport
have to pay a duty on their goods.
A borough today is a town or part of a big city
that is responsiible for managing its own affairs.
A borough may be a constituency, a town or an area,
* kommune
* valgkreds
10 represented by a Member of Parliament.
The emergence of parliamentarism is one of the greatest
* opdukken, -ståen
triumps of civilized countries and emergent democracies,
* triumf
nations or states.
In a democracy the parliament must remain sovereign.
* & spirende
* suveræn
Some people have strong political allegiances while others * have … tilknytningsforhold
are more inclined to switch / transfer / change allegiance.
* skifte >
In England a city is a large town that has been given
* ( stor- ) by
an official title by the reigning monarc, the king or queen,
* regerende
and usually having a cathedral.
* katedral
20 In US a city is a town of any size that has definite powers
officially given by the state government.
A descendant of the White Baron has a house in town (U);
* tilknytning
* i byen
it’s a house in the town of Woolfield in the town `centre (E). * i byen …
He and his family live in the rich part of town.
* bydel
In the summer they leave town to stay out of town
* forlade byen
for weeks.
As poverty begets violence it’s no wonder that
* bymidte
* væk fra byen
* vold avler vold
* ikke underligt at -
the rough parts of town are out-of-town neighbourhoods
* udenfor bymidten
where the poor people live.
30 The poor are more subjects to diseases than the rich.
* være genstand / udsat for ngt.
* bydel
One of the advantages of living in the town is to be able to * leve / bo >
hide in the crowd and hide from the ( long ) arm of the law.
* lovens lange arm
and avoid being caught in the meshes of the law.
* fanget i >
His children become towneis who know much about life
in the town and not much about life in the countryside.
Especially his daughter becomes a real townei ( townee ),
* i byen
* maske i >
* lov
* bybo / -menneske
* bybo
a city `slicker who looks down upon small-town values
* storbygøjser
and small-town views.
* =
* småbys-
407 A rich nobleman from out of town falls for the daughter * ~ udenbys fra
hook, line and sinker / like a ton of briks.
* falde > for ng.
* krog * line * sænk
She isn’t just one of his `conquests.
* som >
* ton * mursten
~ helt og aldeles / ~ med voldsom kraft = pladask
* erobring
The out-of-town aristocrat, wants to take the daughter
* tage ng. >
out for a night on the town.
* med ud til ngt.
* ~ en tur i byens natteliv
She graciously accepts his invitation.
* venligt, elskværdigt
So they go out on the town one night.
* tage i byen
The nobleman wonders how to raise the subject of
* komme ind på emnet / få rejst spørgsmålet om ngt.
engagement, and get onto the subject of marriage.
* =
10 He has to broach the prickly subject of settlement to her. * bringe > på bane
It’s a thorny subject so he is dreading having to
broach the subject: to broach the subject with her.
Although where to settle is a very touchy subject of
conversation, debate, and discussion late at night, it’s very
tage hul på >
* ømtåleligt
* =
* emne
* overfor ng.
frygte / være bange for at -
* <<
* følsomt
* ( samtale-, debat-, diskussions- ) emne
much a subject for their conversation, debate and discussion. * emne for ngt.
As she has a `quicksilver temperament, he’d wish
she’d drop the subject and change the subject.
Conveniently, she just then rises gracefully to her feet
to go to powder her nose, and when she returns,
* livligt …
* droppe / forlade >
* ( meget ) belejligt
* emne
* skifte …
* rejse sig > * yndefuldt
* pudre >
* (op)
* næsen
& ~ gå på toilettet
20 they conveniently seem to have got off the subject.
* komme væk fra …
Having let it drop, she apparently keeps off the subject.
* ~ lade det ligge
So letting the subject drop, he stays off the subject too.
* =
The daughter keeps a diary.
* føre dagbog
When the nobleman has to leave town for some time,
* forlade >
he is the subject of the daughter’s diary every evening.
Some subjects have to be considered under a broader /
* emne i ngt.
For the sake of his business they have to settle in his
* dagbog
* under en bredere /
* af hensyn til ngt.
home town and there is no more to say on the subject.
* hjemby
30 After careful / mature { consideration / deliberation,
* grundig / moden
on thinking it over, on second thoughts,
* =
on ( furter ) consideration, the daughter agrees to
* =
move to the home town of her fiancé.
* forlovede
fi`ånsei E/A fi~a~n`sei
When the marriage is settled, her fiancé goes to town.
* slå sig løs
He goes to town on organizing the wedding festivities
* … med at -
fi`ånsei E/A fi~a~n`sei
* byen
* … synsvinkel
wider / larger canvas.
for his fiancée.
* holde sig fra …
* forlovede
* om emne
* overvejelse / eftertanke
408 The married couple hold / give a wedding reception.
Among many other things, the married couple get
oil paintings for a wedding present.
* holde bryllupsreception
* olie-
One artist is revolutionary in both subject matter
and technique using bright / delicate / rich shades of colour.
People admire his deft command of technique.
* maleri
* revolutionær
* indhold
emne, motiv, tema
* nuance
* beundre ngt.
* dygtig
* beherskelse af ngt.
Portraits, landscapes, seascapes, townscapes
and cityscapes are popular subjects with most painters.
Still life(s) is ( are ) popular with some painters.
* portræt
* landskab
* marinebillede
* bymotiv
* motiv hos ng.
* storbymotiv
* stilleben
10 It takes deft hands and deft fingers to be a skilful painter.
* behændig
* =
Her husband has studied at a university.
As they amass information and knowledge, some students
* samle / ophobe ngt.
glean additional information from select people and books.
* sanke ~ samle ngt. møjsommeligt sammen
The husband reads books on many different subjects.
* om … emne
Some serious books have an occational gleam of humour.
* glimt af ngt
A fascinating subject matter makes a novel riveting;
* fascinerende
it makes riveting reading.
* indhold
* fascinerende
* =
Reading some passages, his eyes are riveted to the text.
* naglet til ngt.
Riveted by the action, he is riveted on the novel.
* fascineret af ngt.
20 He has a good / an excellent command of French.
* naglet til /
fængslet af ngt.
* have godt styr på ngt.
His wife has a poor command of grammar.
* … dårligt …
In the subject of grammar, it is taught that, in a sentence,
* emne
the subject is a noun / o-f substantive, a noun phrase
or pronoun representing the person or thing that performs
the action of the verb about which something is stated or,
* subjekt
* pronomen
* substantiv
* navneforbindelse
in a passive sentence, that is affected by the action of the verb. *
The subject and the sentence verb are the main members
of a sentence.
* led
Natural science was the husband’s favourite subject.
* fag
30 As subjects of / for his experiments with / on creatures, * genstand for > * eksperiment med / på > * skabning
( & førsøgsperson )
he may use guinea pigs as experimental / research animals, * marsvin
* forsøgs-
* dyr
or he may experiment with / on himself as a guinea pig.
Experimenting with`alchemy as an alchemist,
he tried to find the philosopher’s stone which could change
* eksperimentere med / på ngt.
* eksperimentere med ngt.
* ~ forsøgsdyr
* alkymi
* alkymist
* ‘’ filosoffens sten ‘’
ordinary metals into gold or silver, or make people live forever. *
He often used quicksilver also called mercury
as subject of / for the experiments to produce gold.
All theories and results turned out to be a `mare’s nest.
* kviksølv
* grundlag for ngt.
* noget værre rod, en skrøne / and
* merkurium
409 The town crier shouts news.
The crier makes an official announcement about
the king’s visit.
* byudråber
* =
When the king is in town the whole town turn out to watch * være i byen
* hele byen
the king and his entourage / retinue marching in procession. * marchere >
* i procession
‘ The people await you, sire,’ a courtier points out
before the king is going to appear for his subjects.
The procession is subject to delay because of `tumult.
* ( kongelig tiltaleform )
* påpege
gøre opmærksom på
* undersåt
* vise sig for
* genstand / udsat for ngt.
* tumult
A tumult of shouting and screaming comes from the crowd. * ophidset larm
10 The earls and barons today have no authority over
* … autoritet over ng.
the people in the county.
The county town is the main town of the county
where its government is.
The county `council is a group of people elected to be
members of the local government of the county.
The town `council (eE) is an elected group of people,
* amtshovedby
* amtsråd
* byråd
town `councillors, who are responsible for public areas
* byrådsmedlem
and services in a particular town.
The town `hall contains the government offices
20 and, in Britain, usually a hall for public meeting, etc.
Town `planning (E) is a high priority
with the town `planners at the town hall.
The city council is the group of elected officials
* rådhus
* byplanlægning
* byråd
* byens fædre
governing the city.
The city `hall is the building which houses the government * rådhus
There has been a `citywide campaign to vote
* huse ng.
* omfattende hele byen
at the municipal election.
* by- ( angående )
30 Some citizens want some graceless architecture
* borger
of the 60s to be demolished.
* rive ngt. ned
Many city dwellers are bothered with bad means
* byboere
of transport especially traffic difficulties in the inner city.
* indre by
Troubled with bad means of conveyance, the city looks
* være en højt prioriteret sag
* byplanlægger
sometimes called he city `fathers who are responsible for
of the city.
* hovedby
* transport
forward to better planning and public transport E / A
* offentlig transport
public transportation / transit.
* =
* valg
* charmeforladt
* besværet af ngt.
* byen (-s borgere )
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410 The Home `Counties are situated around London.
The City is the area of the oldest part of London
which today is Britain’s financial and business centre.
Business people keep an eye on the City’s reaction
expressed by City bankers, City stockbrokers etc
In America the city hall is the local goverment
and the offices it uses.
* =
* =
* =
* city …
* bankier
* børsmægler
* lokaladministrationen
In England the gentry (o-f), are the class under the nobility, * lavadel
The landed gentry own large tracts of land.
* landadel
Otherwise the gentry are people belonging to the higher
* fornemme / bedre folk
10 social classes.
* social- / samfundsklasse
Members of the gentry settle in certain areas of the city.
Some areas in bad condition undergo gentrification.
* social opgradering
Old poor districts or even slum are gentrified.
* fattigkvarter
Some members of the upper class have a seat (E)
* landsted
in the country, a country `house or country `seat.
People go to `country clubs where they play sports
or go to social events.
* =
* … opgradere
* terræn-
* ridning
* =
* =
Some people go in for cross-country riding;
* dyrke
- `-
they ride across country or cross-country.
* =
20 Some people go to country `dancing (E).
* folkedans
Some people prefer a more sedentary lifestyle
* stedbunden
* livsstil
characterized by a sedentary job / occupation,
stille (-siddende )
* =
sedentary work and sedentary activities.
* =
* arbejde
* job / beskæftigelse
* =
* aktiviteter
Some people enjoy soaking up the sun (<shine ) / warmth. * ~ nyde ( solen etc. )
Some people soak up knowledge and language.
* suge ngt. til sig, ~ nemt tilegne sig ( viden etc. )
Happy to get to or find the answers or solutions to
* komme frem til >
a mathematical problem, a quiz or to a crossword ( puzzle ), * & opgave
they enjoy solving a mathematical problem,
* quiz
* løse >
* finde >
* svar / løsning på >
* krydsogtværs ( -opgave )
* =
answering a quiz, or doing / solving a crossword ( puzzle ). * = = =
30 A solution may be found in a key or be printed elsewhere. * løsning
Some people become increasingly sedentary in later life.
Some animals are ( largely ) sedentary
while others are migratory.
* stedbunden
stille (-siddende )
* stedbunden
* trækkende
* facitliste
* ~ senere i livet
411 Over the years there have been changes in
* i tidens løb
the taxation structure.
* beskatningsstruktur
People pay tax according to income, and businesses
pay tax according to profits.
* betale skat
* i overensstemmelse med
People who have a taxable income or taxable earnings (pl.) * beskatningsmæssig
businesses and companies which have a taxable profit
* =
are taxpayers.
* skatteyder
The tax minister is in charge of the ministry for taxation
* skatteministeriet
which takes care of fiscal matters.
* skattemæssig
10 The tax year begins on April the 6th in Britain
and on January 1st in the US.
Poll tax has the same rate of taxation
while a progressive or graduated system of taxation
* indtægter
* kopskat
* progressiv
* gradueret
* skattesystem
has a number of tax brackets and perhaps a tax threshold.
PAYE (pay as you earn) (E) and withholding tax (A)
* skattetrin / -gruppe
* kildeskat
is a system for paying tax in which tax is taken from
wage earners’ wages and salary earners’ salaries
* ugeløn (-s ) * lønmodtager
and paid directly to the government.
The company pays corporation tax.
* meromsætningsafgift
are a tax paid in addition to the cost of goods and services
you are buying.
based on the value of a persons home.
* opkræve / udskrive >
* vejskat, ~ vægtafgift
A `tax disc says untill when the car is taxed.
* skatteskive
Taxpayers have to fill in a `tax return, a form in which they
* selvangivelse
give information so that the tax can be calculated by
the taxation authorities: the Inland Revenue (E)
* skattemyndighed
30 or Internal Revenue (A).
* =
( Some information is put in brackets / parentheses. )
* sætte ngt. i parentes
A bracket or round bracket (E) or parenthesis (A/E),
* parentes (-tegn )
placed around a piece of extra information or part of a problem * ~ regneopgave
in mathematics.
Brackets (A) and square brackets (E) are put around
phonetic transscription as shown above.
* omsætningsafgift
* kommuneskat
If you own a car in Britain you must pay `road tax (U).
usually used in the plural, is either of a pair of marks / signs
* månedsløn (- ) * =
* selskabsskat
20 VAT (E: value added tax (U) ) and sales tax (A)
In Britain the local council charges `council tax (U)
* skattefri bundgrænse
* kantet (-ede ) parentes (-er )
* skattedepartmentet
412 Some people leave money and property when they die.
Those entitled to inherit inherit money and property from
the deceased.
* efterlade sig ngt.
* arveberettiget
* arve ngt. fra ng.
* afdøde
People have to pay inheritance tax or estate tax (A&) on
the money or property that they receive by inheritance.
One of the descendants of the White Baron is very
* arveafgift på ngt.
* ved arv
* efterkommer
annoyed with the taxman; he is annoyed at the tax burden
* utilfreds med ng.
and annoyed that it has risen.
* … at
* skattebyrden
* =
* pp. steget
Although he has amassed / earned a fortune he is
10 annoyed that the tax load has increased.
He takes advantage of tax shelters: ways of using
or investing money so he can legally avoid paying tax.
* samle sig
* formue
* skattebyrden
* skattebegunstiget ordning
You can earn up to a certain sum tax-`free.
* skattefrit
Some tax-deductible costs can be taken off your total
* skattefradragsberettiget
income before it is taxed that is before the amount of tax
that you have to pay is calculated.
You get `tax relief (U, E) when you do not have to pay
* skattelettelse
tax on part of what you earn such as tax relief on private
health insurance premiums.
20 The government give a `tax break to particular people
* skattelempelse
or organizations such as a special reduction in taxes
for low income families with young children.
The government works to put right / rectify / redress some * rette op på >
imbalance(s) as it, among other things, is a sad fact that
* ( uretfærdig ) ubalance
/ skævhed
* underprivilegeret
deprived children tend to do less well at school.
Tax `free income such as tax-exempt savings is income
* skattefri
* blandt andre ting
blandt andet
* skattefritaget
that you do not have to pay tax on.
Some charities are exempted from paying tax
* fritage ng. fra ngt.
as well as money donated to charity is exempt (adj.) from tax. * fritaget fra ngt.
30 Tax-payers must warrant that they are entitled to
* garantere for at -
either a tax break or a tax exemption.
* skattelempelse
A `tax avoider may exploit tax exemption on money
* skatteunddrager
donated to charity.
Even if some people complain about paying tax,
it’s the government’s job to put right / rectify / redress
* rette op på / bringe orden i >
a / the imbalance between public expenditure
* ( u-) balancen mellem ngt.
-` -
and tax revenues.
* skattefrihed
* … for ngt.
413 The tax protester sends in an article ready to publish
* skatte-
* protestmager, demonstrant
subject to the editors approval.
* forudsat / under forudsætning af ngt.
The article is a contribution to the joust about tax.
* indlæg i >
Subjecting the tax system to criticism, the auther of
* udsætte ngt. for
the article jousts with political opponents.
* strid om ngt.
* kæmpe mod ng.
The headline is foist (up)on him by the editor.
* overskrift
The city desk at a British newspaper is the department
* finansredaktionen
that deals with the financial news.
* påtvinge ng. ngt.
* redaktør
The city editor is the journalist who is responsible for
10 the financial news.
* finansrekaktør
* journalist
At an American newspaper, the city desk
* lokalredaktion
and the city editor deal with the local news.
* lokalredaktør
Journalists, authers and other writers are humorously
or disapprovingly called scribblers.
* misbilligende, nedsættende
Even if there is an element of subjectivity in any kind of
* skribler, smører
* subjektivitet
criticism and everyone’s opinion is bound to be subjective,
* subjektiv
the article reflects a highly subjective points of view.
The system is subjectively perceived as unfair.
* =
* -t
* opfattet som
* uretfærdigt
People who are less subjectively involved are better judges. * personligt
20 Subjectivism is a philosophical teory that all knowledge
* subjektivisme
and moral values are subjective rather than objective that is
to say based on truth that actually exists in the real world.
Annoyed about the difference between profit before tax
* utilfreds over
and profit after tax, the `tax avoider and tax dodger not
* skattefidusmager
only thinks in terms of tax advantages, tax avoidance
* skattefordele
and tax dodging but also practices illegal tax dodges.
* =
* skatteundvigelse ved fiduser
* ulovlig
* skattekrumspring
One day, though, he is charged with tax cheat, tax evasion, * skattesnyderi / -svig
tax fiddling and tax fraud by the tax inspector.
Having not only exploited loopholes in the tax system,
30 this tax evader has been cheating the taxman for years.
So to avoid paying tax in his own country, the tax cheat /
* =
* udnytte
* eget land
tax fiddler goes to live as a tax exile in a foreign country,
a tax haven, where the burden of taxation is less heavy.
* skattely
Exploitation of tax loopholes, tax dodging,
* udnyttelse
and exodus of taxpayers are a fiendish problem.
* skatteflugt
honest taxpayers a lot of money.
* smuthul i ( aftale etc. )
* skatteunddrager
* skattefusker
It’s a fiendishly complicated problem which costs
* skatteinspektør
* uhyre
* skatteyder
* skattefar
* skattesnyder
* skatteflygtning
* skattebyrde
/ -tryk
* skattesmuthul
* tung
* skatteunddragelse
* uhyre vanskeligt
414 Something must be done to put right / rectify / redress
* rette op på >
the balance for honest tax payers so the government
* balance / retfærdighed for ng.
initiates a programme of sweeping reforms
* igangsætte > * program af > * ~ gennem- * reformer
to rectify / redress / put right the situation.
* rette op på >
The ministry for taxation work to close the tax loopholes.
* situationen
* lukke ngt.
Plugging all loopholes is a puzzle of fiendish complexity. * lukke /
In order to exploit the complexities of their tax system,
the fiendishly clever dodger moves to a tax haven.
* svær opgave * djævelsk * kompleksitet
( til-) stoppe ngt.
* indviklethederne
* uhyre
All the flights on offer are `subject to availability.
* i udbud
Flight prices are subject to changes.
* udsat for ngt.
* under forudsætning af
* undviger
* tilgængelighed
( ledige pladser )
10 At times they have / there’s an (a special) offer on a flight. * tilbud på ngt.
A flights may be on ( special ) offer (E).
* være på tilbud
The airline passengers are subject to a airport tax.
* flypassager
All flights are subject to delay.
* udsat for
Air safety is subject to international safeguards.
* flysikkerhed * underlagt * sikkerhedsforanstaltninger
Harassed-looking stewards and stewardesses hand out
* fortravlet
chewing gum wrapped in gold and silver foil.
Foil ( aluminium (E/A) aluminum foil, and tinfoil ) is
* pålagt
* lufthavnsskat
* uddele
* tyggegummi
* folie
* sølvpapir
* aluminium
* stanniol
metal made into very thin sheets of paper covered in foil.
* lag af ngt.
The islands emerged from the sea thousands of years ago. * dukke op af ngt.
20 The islands’ emergence from the sea was caused by
* opdukken af ngt.
volcanic activity.
As soon as a turist enters foreign territory he is
subject to local law, rule or legal agreement.
* underlagt ngt.
At the customs the travellers are subjected to questioning * told
before clearing customs ( being allowed through customs).
Breaking the customs regulations, a violater must
submit to being harassed by routine.
* udsat for >
* udspørgen
* komme igennem …
* lovovertræder
* ~ finde sig i at - * ( blive ) chikaneret /
Beyond being routinely subjected to `harassment
* udover at * rutinemæssigt * udsætte for
A&: hê`ras -
he may be subject to a penalty.
* genstand for /
30 Penalty min. $100.
* ~ rutinemæssigt
* chikane
* straf
hjemfalden til >
The penalty for a first offence is usually a fine.
* bøde
There has been a rash of smuggling over a period.
* udbrud af ngt.
The customs officials try to foil any attempt to smuggle
* ( for-) hindre ( forsøg )
things or people ( into the country ).
Many smugglers are foiled in their attempt to smuggle
owing to the emergence of new technologies.
[email protected]
* smugleri
* smugle ngt.
* + adv.
* smugler
* på grund af ngt.
* være forhindret i ( forsøg )
* fremkomst
415 Taking a taxi, he drives downtown (A, adv.).
* ind i byen
- `taun
The driver rests his right hand on the handbrake (eE)
* håndbremse
also called emergency brake (A) or parking brake (A).
* nødbremse
* parkeringsbremse
( an emergency brake or emergency cord (A) in a train
* nødbremse
* =
is called a communication cord in GB )
* =
Music blares out from the car radio.
* larme / brage
The radio blares (out) local rhythms in between news.
* fra … =
drøne / gjalde …
* rytme
The local team triumphed over its rival.
* sejre over
It triumphed 3 – 0 in the final.
* sejre
10 The club is good at spotting emergent talents.
* opdukkende
They go through uptown (adj.) neighbourhoods,
* i udkanten af byen
- `taun
drive through midtown (U), with its midtown districts,
and end up downtown (adv.) in the center (A) of the town.
They are overtaken both on the left and on the inside
* kvarterer halvvejs
* =
inde i / ude af byen
* bymidten
* overhale ng.
* venstre om
* indenom
by police cars with lights flashing and sirens blaring.
There has been a rash of car thefts and burglaries
downtown, in the center of the city A/E the city `centre.
Most taxi drivers welcome their customers
* larme
* udbrud / bølge af ngt.
* byde ng. velkommen
with an ingenuous smile.
* troskyldig, naiv
20 Smiling ingenuously, many local taxi drivers charge
* -t
extortionate rates of pay, though.
* ublu
oprigtig, åbenhjertig
* opkræve >
* takst
* betalings-
The country has been subject to inflation.
* udsat for >
The government work to conquer the inflation.
* bekæmpe >
* =
The `conquest of inflation seems successful.
* bekæmpelse af >
* =
He has booked a room in a hotel downtown (adv.) so he’s
* i bymidten
* inflation
/ den indre by / centrum
going to stay in the downtown (adj.) hotel for some time.
* =
A famous singer performs in the evenings.
She will be setting out to conquer the world.
* begive sig ud
It’s said she emerged a scandal her reputation intact.
* komme ud af ngt.
30 ‘ In case of emergency, press the alarm button,’
* i nødstilfælde
a sign says next to an emergency exit.
* nødudgang
The door must be easy to open in an emergency
* i nødstilfælde
as people may come charging / rushing towards the exits.
* skynde sig / styrte afsted mod ngt.
and charge / rush through the exits.
* … gennem ngt.
* erobre
416 Many business people work downtown and there are
* i bymidten // i indre by / centrum
fine downtown shops and restaurants.
* bymidte-
Other people work midtown or uptown.
* halvvejs inde i / ude af byen
* i udkanten
To go to work people take a downtown or an uptown bus,
* ind mod byen
* ud ad byen
and vica versa to get home.
City `planning (A) is a high priority at City `Hall (A).
* byplanlægning
The city (A) is working to improve public transportation.
* bystyret
The next day he walks uptown a couple of blocks
* ud ad byen
until he finds a cab to take him uptown.
* bystyret
10 He is looking for a house in midtown or an uptown house. * i kvartererne halvt
* i udkanten af byen
inde i / ude af byen
He always has some extra money with him for emergencies. * nødstilfælde
They visit a vantage (point), a point from which there is
* udkigs- / -sigtspunkt
* punkt / sted hvorfra
a ( beautiful ) view.
The platform is surrounded by a parapet and railed in / off
so the visitors are protected by a low wall and a guard rail.
At some point, the railing of the vantage ( point ) has iron
plates riveted together in a decorative pattern of rivets.
* en ( skøn ) udsigt
* lav mur
* sikkerhedsrækværk
/ -gelænder
* rækværk
* udkigs- / -sigtspunkt
* nagle / nitte ngt.
‘ Don’t lean over the rail,’ a sign says.
* rækværk
The tourists focus their cameras on various subjects in
* fokusere /
* =
* motiv
stille skarpt på ngt.
20 the landscape, townscape, city scape or seascape.
Beautiful flowers emerge all the year round.
* komme frem
Some people are allergic; they have an allergy.
* allergisk
They have an allergic reaction if they come in touch with
or eat a particular substance.
Some tourists realize they are allergic to certain kind of
* hele året rundt
* have allergi
* substans
* allergisk /
overfølsom overfor ngt.
exotic foodstuff.
* exotisk
Having an allergy to some kind of food, they come out in
an allergic rash if they have this kind of food.
The sun brings some tourists out in an itchy rash
30 and others come out in a heat rash.
Some mountaineers try to climb the highest mountain.
* have allergi overfor ngt.
* få >
* allergisk udslæt
* & forvolde ng. ngt.
* kløende
* & pådrage sig / få ngt.
* udslæt
* hedeudslæt
* bjergbestiger
Trying to conquer the mountain the mountain climbers
are linked together by ropes.
Some people who are allergic to physical activity
* erobre
* fastgøre til hinanden
* allergisk overfor ngt.
and don’t cut down on fats and carbs ( carbohydrates )
* fedtstoffer
easily become obese.
* fed, overvægtig
From the vantage ( point ) of the beginning of the 21st
century, obesity seems an alarming widespread epidemy .
* = ( klatrer )
* set fra ngt. ( fra udsigtspunktet )
* fedme, overvægtighed
* kulhydrater
417 A tax exile applies for citizenship after some years of
* statsborgerskab
residence / residency.
* opholdstilladelse
British by birth, holding British citizenship he is
* af fødsel
* indehaver af
a British subject and a British citizen but will then be
* undersåt / borger i kongerige
a citizen of his adopted country.
* borger
If you you hold dual citizenship you are a citizen of
two different countries and have dual nationality.
* statsborgerskab
* borger
* nye land
* dobbelt nationalitet
* =
Much as some people dislike becoming unpopular
* lige så meget som
* ikke kunne lide at -
they know they become unpopular with many people
10 when they move to another country to save tax.
They dislike it when they are pictured / depicted as
parasites on society.
* fremstille ng. som ngt.
* ikke bryde sig om det
Regarding tax evation with intense and violent dislike,
* intens
* & samfundssnylter
* voldsom
* ubehag
* & antipati
& `dislaik
some people regard tax evaders with acute dislike.
* betragte ng. med >
* stærk
So having a strong dislike of / for tax evation,
* have en stærk modvilje mod ngt.
these people have a strong dislike of / for evaders,
* ubehag, modvilje
a dislike verging on contempt.
* grænsende til ngt.
Prepared to put their head above the parapet,
* stikke hovedet frem
stå åbent frem
some people rails at / against the tax exiles
* skælde ud på ng.
20 as soon as the affair is ( out ) in the open.
* være åbent fremme
Letting their dislike for them come out into the open,
people overflowing with anger, rail, ’ Bloody tax exiles,’
* komme åbent frem
* være fyldt til randen af ( vrede )
A company has been overtaken by another company
* overhalet af ng.
and eventually been taken `over by the other company.
* overtaget af ngt.
As a foreing company takes () `over a national company,
the employees of the latter are overcome with sadness
* skælde ud
* overtage ngt.
* være overvældet af ( tristhed )
- `kûm
and filled with fear that their jobs might be moved abroad.
All the objections of the employees are dismissed.
* være fuld af ( frygt )
* indvending
* affærdige ngt.
As the situation in their opnion scarcely warrants / justifies * berettige ( ng&t. ) at 30 ( them / their ) being dismissed, the situation clearly
warrants / justifies further investigation.
* berettige ngt.
( & investigation is warranted / justified )
As all their objections are waved () aside / away
they are overtaken by worries about unemployment.
As the negotiations are then overtaken by events,
the unimployment situation becomes an acute problem.
Some sacked workers seek legal compensation / redress
* feje ngt til side / affærdige ngt.
* blive grebet af ( bekymring over ngt. )
* overhalet af begivenhederne
* akut, alvorlig
* søge >
* kompensation / erstatning >
for unfair dismissal while other dismissed workers
* for ngt.
wave () aside / away // dismiss the idea as unrealistic.
* feje ngt. tilside / afvise ngt. >
* som ngt.
418 One year the volcano becomes active with a series of
* vulkan
* serie
* truende
alarming and menacing eruptions.
* udbrud
Although the volcano has been smoking ominously
* ildevarslende
in the distance for some time, most people believe it to be
a false alarm as usual.
* falsk alarm
All of a sudden the vocano erupts.
* komme i udbrud
The volcano is in eruption, as an explotion of ash
* i udbrud
suddenly erupts from the crater with a deafening crash.
* aske
* bryde ud
* krater
* … øredøvende
Deafened by the loud crash, people are riveted to the spot. * gøre ng. døv
* brag
* være naglet til stedet
10 People are riveted to the ground as an immense volume * =
of rocks and molten lava is erupted from the volcano
* smeltet
* udspy ngt.
at a series of loud bangs and peals.
* brag
* bulder
As volcanic ash showers down, panic erupts.
* akut, tilspidset
The situation becomes acute, and people erupt.
* panik
People erupt in(to) (a) panic, and erupt,‘ God help us’.
* bryde ud i >
As volcanic ash showers ( down ) on everything,
* vælde ned over ngt.
* bryde ud
* panik
and fleeing people are showered with ash,
* overdænge ngt. med ngt.
many people are either killed or taken ill eE/eA sick.
* blive syg
The death toll is initially estimated at 200
* give følelserne frit løb
* døds- * tal, rate * først
i begyndelsen
20 but later revised to 248.
The asphyxiating, choking, and suffocating poisonous
* udbryde
* anslået / skønnet /
vurderet til x
* revideret til y
* røgforgiftende
* kvælende
* =
* giftig
ash and gasses make their eyes smart / sting,
* få øjnene til at >
their throats burn, and their skin erupt in red spots.
* ( få ) halsen / svælget til at brænde * slå ud med ngt.
In acute pain as the fumes are choking them,
* være i akut smertetilstand * røggasser * kvæle ng.
* smerte / svie
have voldsomme smerter
some people are choked to death in / on the fumes
* blive kvalt til døde
while others suffer ( from ) acute asphyxiation
* pådrage sig ( lide af ) akut røgforgiftning
Many survivors become / fall / get acutely ill / sick.
* blive akut / alvorlig syg
Initially, a rash erupts all over their body.
* indledningsvis
In the initial stage(s) of their disease,
* udslæt
* bryde ud
til at begynde med
* første, begyndende * stadie (-r ) af ngt.
30 they suffer from skin rashes and eruptions.
* ( hud- ) =
Acutely aware of / conscious of the dangerous situations, * fuldt ud klar over ngt.
the government takes emergency action.
Acutely aware that / conscious that the situation calls for
* skride til krisehandling
* << at -
immediate action, it holds an emergency meeting,
* krisemøde
and demand emergency measures.
* nødforanstaltninger
* udslæt af pletter
* være sig ngt. fuldt bevidst
419 All kinds of emergency measures are taken.
* nød-
as the government declares a state of emergency.
* erklære >
The police are granted emergency powers to deal with
the emergency.
Receiving emergency aid of thousands of dollars,
* foranstaltninger
* ~ undtagelsestilstand
* nødberedskabsbeføjelser
* nødhjælp
the government receives emergency supplies
* nødforsyning
and emergency equipment for the victims of the disaster.
* nødudstyr
People in the services E/A service as well as people
* militæret
in the police, fire, ambulance, and hospital services
* politi-
10 ( the emergency services (E) ) are trained to deal with
* beredskabstjeneste
an emergency.
* nødstilfælde
People in the essential services, which include
* brand-
* ambulance-
* tjeneste
electricity and gas, know what to do in an emergency.
* nødstilfælde, krisesituation
may work day and night.
In GB a similar room or department in a hospital is called
* hospitalsvæsen
* ~ samfundsvigtig
organisations that provide basic things such as water,
People in the emergency room (ER) (A) of a hospital
* blive iværksat
* skadestue
casualty ( department ) or accident and emergency ( A&E ). * skadestue
The paramedics give first aid to seriously injured victims.
20 Paramedics need strong nerves to treat victims
( * fork. for < )
* ( ambulance- ) redder * yde > * første- * hjælp * til ng.
* stærke
* nerver
who suffer great pain, and may be drenched in / with blood. * lide > * voldsomme * smerter * smurt ind i ( blod )
In the hospital accident and emergency department (E)
on the emergency ward people receive urgent treatment.
* hospitals* på >
Blood easily soaks in.
* ( blod ) sive ind
So sometimes blood has soaked into peoples clothes
* sive ind i ngt.
and soaked throught their clothes
* ~ skadestue
* akut-
* afdeling
* … gennem ngt.
Soaked with blood, their clothes are soaked ( through ).
* ( gennem- ) af ngt.
If people’s clothes are drenched with / in blood,
* ( tøj ) være gennemvædet af ( blod )
the staff has to cut off people’s blood-soaked clothes.
* blodgennemvædet
30 People who need intensive care are taken to
* intensiv
intensive care (U) / the intensive care unit ( ICU ) (C).
* intensiv * behandling
In GB the Coastguard is one of the emergency services
* kystbevogtningstjenesten
In the US the Coast Guard is a branch of the armed forces. * =
A coastguard (E) or coastguardman (A) is a member of
one of these organizations.
A pilot had to make an emergency landing on a field.
[email protected]
* ansat i kystbevogtningen
* nødlanding
* behandling
* … * … * enhed
~ intensivafdelingen
420 A new king was crowned in March.
* krone ng.
* marts
The crowning of a monarch takes place at a coronation
* kroning
* kroning (-sceremoni )
at which a royal crown is placed on the head of a new king
* konge-
* krone
or queen, or an imperial crown on the head of an emperor.
* kejserkrone
As an only child the crown `prince had an obvious claim to * enebarn
the crown and also an ambition to come to the throne.
Before the death of his father, the crown prince had long
been the ( real ) power behind the throne.
As ( the ) sole heir to the throne, the new king was
10 crowned (as) king of the country.
At the the ceremony, having formally accepted the crown,
* kronprins
* krav på ngt.
* & kongeværdighed
* komme på tronen
* den egentlig magt
* bag tronen
* enearving ( til )
* tronen
* krone … ng. til
* & kongeværdigheden
the new king wore and carried the regalia, the crown `jewels. * være iklædt * bære på * rigsregalier * kronjuveler
Wearing the crown and a ceremonial sword,
* bære ( på ) / iklædt ngt.
* ceremoniel
he carried a sceptre and an orb in his hands.
* bære på ngt.
Many of the crowned heads of Europe were present.
* kronede hoveder
The cathedral where the coronation took place
is the crown `jewel and the crowning glory of the city.
The masonry at the crown of the arch of the entrance
* scepter
* rigsæble
* pragtstykke
* =
/ -værk
* murværk
* top
of the cathedral was decorated with a crown made of flowers.
20 Festoons of lilies and decorative greenery ran down
* guirlande
* lilje
* pyntegrønt
either curve.
* kurve, bue
As an exceptional occation for public ceremonial,
the coronation was the main event of the year.
The king, representing the Crown, regards the crown as
a symbol of the unity of the nation and national unity.
Having both political and ceremonial duties,
the king is known for his unity of purpose.
* ceremoniel
* hovedbegivenhed
* kongemagten
nationens enhed
* kronen
& kongværdigheden
* national enhed
* ceremoniel
* pligt
* målbevidsthed
Being a literary man – a man of letters –
he is known as a man of light and leading,
30 and one of the lights of the age.
Although the king is a shining light
* ~ litterær / belæst
* mand
* =
* mand af >
* oplysning
* ledelse
~ leder- / førerskikkelse
* lys, ~ førende skikkelse
* den tids
* strålende
* lys, ~ eksempel
dygtig person
and one of the leading lights in politics,
* førende skikkelse
he hides his light under a bushel.
* sætte sit lys under en skæppe ( 8 gallons )
While the king makes light of many of his achievements,
være ydmyg
* bagatelisere
( let )
he’d never make light of a relationship with a future queen. * kærlighedsforhold
He never treats the issue as trivial and unimportant.
- `på~tênt
* behandle ( sag )
* kommende
* triviel, ligegyldig
banal, ubetydelig
* uvigtig
* over hals og hoved
421 The king sometimes amuses himself watching
the carriages unloading and loading.
* losses
the carriages, the king runs straight into the arms of
* lastes / læsses
blive losset
blive lastet / læsset
* losse ngt. * laste ngt.
* tom emballage
læsse ngt. af læsse ngt. på ( kasser, flasker og glas )
* travlt beskæftiget med at * losse
* laste
læsse af
læsse på
* løbe lige i armene på
the object of his choice.
* emne for ngs. valg ng.
The men unload various goods and load empties (pl).
One day, while the men are busy unloading and loading
ngs. udkårne
As his eyes / he alight(s) (up)on a particular young lady,
his heart starts to beat quickly, much quicker than usual.
Even as his eyes / he light(s) (up)on her, his heart, pulse
10 and breathing quicken; he feels his heart beating faster.
Having alighted from a ( horse-drawn ) coach, she is
struggling with a heavy suitcase, too heavy for her to carry.
* få tilfældigt øje / ng’s blik falder på ngt.
* hurtigt
* hurtigere
* i samme øjeblik som
* åndedræt
* hjerte (-slag )
* blive hurtigere
* stige af ngt.
* fæstne sit blik på ngt.
His gaze fastens on her face in rapture.
* … sig på
Having made a quick decision and touched her gently
* tage en hurtig beslutning
* på armen
Even for the king it’s heavy and difficult to carry.
* =
The lady carries the suitcase which is lightest to carry.
* lettest
A gesture has awoken a flood of tenderness towards her.
* vække
20 He feels his heartbeat quicken as he gives her
* blive hurtigere
a light/ gentle tap on the shoulder.
* let / forsigtigt
* karet
* tung
The king fastens his eyes on her face.
on her arm, the king lifts the suitcase which is heaviest.
* hurtigere
* hestetrukken
* kæmpe med ngt.
* =
* i begejstring
* løfte
hanke op i
* prik
Giving her a helping hand and pushing a heavy door open * give en hjælpende hånd
the king’s heart starts to beat more quickly.
His heart beats much quicker; it beats faster and faster.
* tung
* hurtigere
* meget hurtigerer
The young lady carries her other suitcase – it’s fairly light – * temmelig
light and easy to carry.
While the king tries to fasten his attention to his task,
all his attention fastens on the young lady.
The fair young lady has light blue eyes, fair hair,
30 and fair skin; her head is crowned with a mop of curls.
* let
* fastholde sin opmærksomhed på
* opmærksomhed
* lys
* fæstne sig ved
* =
* dæmpet
It was late afternoon and the light is beginning to fade.
* lys
Looking at the dark devastatingly handsome young man,
* mørk ( -håret / -øjet / -lødet )
the young lady just regard / see the king as a tall and strong,
* betragte / se ng. som ngt.
darkly handsome stranger with a heavy build.
* mørklødet ( smuk )
and dark brown eyes.
* =
* have ngt. på toppen
Her voice is light and pleasant.
He is heavy-`set but not fat with dark skin, long dark hair,
* puls
* kraftig
* =
* blive svagere
* kraftfuld
* smuk
* af kraftigt bygning
* mørk
* =
422 The king goes into raptures about / over the young lady. * blive vildt begejstret / henrykt over ngt.
Going into raptures he invites her to join him for a walk.
* =
A wee bit confused she answers (that) she will join him
* lille smule
in an hour so the king must wait her convenience.
’ Will you wait - will you wait for me ? ’ she asks,
Will you wait for me to clean ( myself ) up and dress?
* slutte sig til /
følges med ng.
* på en spadseretur
* =
* om ngt.
* vente til det passer /
er belejligt for ng.
* … på ng.
* vente
* vente på at ng.
Having waited for an hour the king’s patience is rewarded.
* gøre sig i stand
vaske sig
* fuld af begejstring /
* vente >
* vente i …
There’s a soft gleam / light in her eyes.
* blidt / mildt udtryk i ngs øjne
Being in raptures the king gladly agrees to wait an hour.
10 His eyes gleam / shine with happiness as he looks at her. * øjne >
She wears light summer clothes trimmed with lace
* let
* =
klæde sig på
* en time
* stråle med ngt.
* lys
* blonde
* behagelig
She takes a light sweater in case the evening is chilly.
* let
* kølig
The king wears a `lightweight jacket.
* letvægt
In the west the sun goes down and darkness falls.
* i vest
The air is heavy with the scent of flowers.
* tung af
The air is filled with the heavy scent of wild flowers.
* =
The light is falling and it’s beginning to get dark.
* lys
In the fading light of summer’s evening they can just
in light colours, and light comfortable shoes.
* pynte ngt. ( med ngt.)
20 make out the shape of all sorts of things.
* mørket
* falder på
* duft
* blive svagere
* blive mørkt
* danne sig et omrids af ngt. * alle slags* ting og sager
The evening sky is darkening as the gloom is gathering.
* aftenhimmel * blive mørkere * mørket > * ~falder på
Joining hands with her, the king holds her hand firmly.
* tage ngs. hånd
Joining hands they both feel very happy.
* tage hinandens hånd
After a while he links arms with her.
* tage ng. under armen
He links his arm through / in hers.
* =
so he walks with her, linking arms.
Strolling alternately hand in hand and linking arms,
* fast
* gå sammen med ng. arm i arm
* skiftevis * hånd i hånd * holde hinanden under armen
they go for a walk by moonlight.
* ~ gå tur i måneskinnet
30 Walking arm in arm, their way is lit by the full `moon.
* arm i arm
/ måneskinstur
Their eyes gleam ( white ) in the dark.
* skinne svagt ( hvide )
Scattered clouds float across the moon.
* spredte skyer
The black night sky is filled / scattered with stars.
* nattehimmel
Now and then a cloud obscures and darkens the moon.
* sky
Every time the moon goes behind (a) light cloud (C/U)
the night darkens; it gets more or less darker.
Once in a while a dark heavy cloud hides the moon
For a short while they wander about in the dark
without anything to light their way.
* lyse vej
* fuldmåne
* overstrøet
* dække for /
* formørke ( månen )
skjule / formørke >
gå bag
* let
* sky /
* blive mørkere
blive mørkere
* tung * skydække
* dække for /
skjule ngt.
vandre ( omkring )
* i mørke / blinde
* lyse ( ng.)
423 Having seen a shooting `star speeding across the sky,
* stjerneskud
the king makes a wish before he turns around
* ønske
and take the young lady in his arms.
* tage ng. i sine arme
By the light of the silvery orb of the moon he admires
* i skæret fra
* henover
* himlen
* sølvskinnende
* lysende kugle
her beatiful face and her light hair piled high on
* lys
the crown of her head.
* toppen af ( hovedet )
Holding her in his arms, the king ventures to give her
a light kiss, a gentle kiss on her cheek.
* sætte op
* holde ng. i sine arme
* driste sig til at -
* let
He dares to kiss her lightly on her cheeck.
* driste sig til at -
10 They kiss each other on her mouth, first gently
* =
then passionately.
As they turn their faces towards home,
he puts his arm around her.
* forsigtigt
* vende ( snuden ) hjermad
* lægge armen omkring ng.
With great relish she feels his arm go / going round her.
* med stort velbehag
As she feels something irritating in her shoe
the young lady fastens her hand on the king’s arm.
* mærke ngs. arm >
komme omkring sig
* holde hånden fast i ngt.
She wears a pair of `lace-ups (eE); a pair of lace-up shoes. * gå med /
* snøresko
She’s got shoes with lace fasteners / fastenings.
have … på
* snørebinding / -lukke
Her shoes fasten with laces.
* bindes
20 Her hand fastens on his arm as she unlaces her shoe.
Having unfastened her shoe she turns it upside down
* snørebånd
* holde fast i
* binde / snøre op
* løsne
binde / snøre op
and shakes it to remove a pebble.
* småsten
She puts on her shoe and bends down to fastens it.
* binde / snøre ngt.
She ties up her shoelaces ( A& shoestrings ) firmly.
* snørebånd
If your laces becomes undone you might trip over.
* gå op
Having laced up her shoe she takes the king by the hand
* =
Taking up their walk they once again stroll hand in hand.
* genoptage
Going on with their homeward stroll
* fortsætte med ngt.
* snuble
* spadseretur
* spadsere
* =
they walk with their fingers laced.
* med fingerne flettet
30 They lace their conversation is with witty asides.
* indflette
* åndfuld vittig
Home again, the king fastens his arms (a)round her waist.
* holde … omkring
Having folded her in his arms and kissed her ‘ good night ‘
* holde armene omkring ng.
the king suddenly comes to think of tomorrow.
‘ Will you join me for lunch ?’ it suddenly occurred to him
* sidebemærkning
* komme i tanke om dagen i morgen
* gøre ngt. med ng.
* falde ng. ind at
~ spise frokost med mig
to ask her.
The young lady throws her arms around his neck.
* kaste armene om halsen på
Fastening her arms (a)round his neck, she accepts
* holde …
his invitation with rapture; she accepts it in a rapturous tone. * med begejstring
/ henrykkelse
* begejstret
424 The king relates / narrates his childhood experiences.
Relating his youth experiences to his fiancée,
he relates that they have been troublesome.
He relates what happened, relates who were involved
and relates where and when it all happened.
When the king was a babe in arms he used to wake early
and wake his mother.
He used to wake `up early and wake () up his mother,
* fortælle ( om )
* … ngt. til ng.
* berette / fortælle at * … hvad * … hvor / hvornår
* baby, der endnu ikke kan gå
* vække ng.
* vågne
* vække ng.
a deep and heavy sleeper.
* person, der sover dybt / tungt
10 Having usually woken in the`early hours at first `light
* være vågnet
he had usually woken up his mother, fast asleep.
* have vækket
As he usually woke in the `small hours,
* vækkede
waking up from deep and heavy sleep,
* vågne op af
he was taken care of by a `wet nurse.
* amme
her breast milk to the little prince, and lull him to sleep.
Having breast-feeded the baby she rocks and sings him
* sovende fast
* =
* dyb
* brystmælk
20 The baby used to fall asleep in the nurse’s arms.
* falde i …
She put the sleeping baby down gently in his cradle.
* sovende
Fast asleep, sleeping deeply and peacefully in his cradle
* … tungt
* lulle ng. i søvn
* tonerne af
* let …
When he as usual woke up in the wee small hours
* vågnede
* =
Usually waking (up) from light sleep the wet nurse
* vågne fra / af ngt.
woke (up) to a baby fresh from a good night’s sleep.
* vågne op til ngt.
30 One morning the young boy woke to find his wet nurse
* vågne op og
gone; he woke up to realize that his old wet nurse had
* =
been replaced by a new `nursemaid (o-f).
* barnepige
/ -plejerske
* vågne op til, få øjnene op for
blive klar over, indse
Sometimes when the nanny had woken the child out of
a nightmare, he was happy to wake from the bad dream.
* i ngs. arme
* fredeligt
* tidlig om morgenen
* vækkede ng.
He woke his nurse up in the wee hours.
and accept his new nanny.
* vuggevise
* sove igennem ( natten )
His mother found herself light work to do.
Even being a young boy he had to wake up to reality,
* morgensur
/ -gnaven
* tung
* give bryst
* i søvn
he woke up his wet nurse.
* daggry
* person, der sover let
to sleep to the strains of a lullaby.
the little prince soon slept through the night.
* tidlig om morgenen
* vågnede
and woke his mother, grumpy in the morning,
The wet nurse, a light sleeper, is employed to give
* vågne
* barnepige
* vække ng. af ngt.
* vågne fra ngt.
* <<
* let søvn
* morgenfrisk
[email protected]
425 As a child the king still used to waken early
* vågne
and waken his nanny when it was just starting to get light.
* vække ng.
He used to waken up early and waken up his nanny
as soon as it was light.
One morning he wakened (up) as usual at first light
and wakened his nanny up.
He wakened up to realize that a memory had wakened;
a dream had awakened a forgotten memory.
Most of his childhood he had wakened (up) early
10 and wakened up his nanny.
Sometimes when he awoke early he started to play
silently by himself before he awoke his sleeping nanny.
The nanny who awoke from deep sleep awoke to
the sound of a joyful and playful boy.
Feeling light-hearted and gay (o-f), she awoke to find him
* blive lyst
* <<
* =
* være lyst
* vågne
* så snart det bliver / blev lyst
* vække ng.
* vågne op til at -
* minde >
* være vakt til live
* vække ( have vakt ) ngt. til live
* vågne
* vække ng.
* vågne ( norm. kun datid )
* vække ng.
* sovende
* vågne af ngt.
* vågne til ngt.
* munter
* munter
* =
* =
* vågne op og -
* ~ vil uvilkårligt gøre ngt.
* vække følelser
- `ha~tid
wrapped up in playing.
* opslugt /
optaget af at
Some dreams are bound to awake emotions;
bound to awake happiness, sadness, love, hatred(s),
* =
friendliness, hostility, fear, hate etc.
20 Old emotions and acute / strong feelings may awake.
* stærk
It’s important to awake to the danger of sentimentality.
A member of the ruling class must be awake to the danger
of being too sentimental and indulge in sentimentalism.
* had ( mod ng&t. bestemt )
* = ( i al almindelighed )
* vågne
* få øjnene op for /
* sentimentalitet
blive klar over ngt.
* vågen /
på vagt overfor ngt.
* sentimental * hengive sig til ngt. * sentimentalisme
As a young man the king usually had to awaken quite early * vågne
as his valet had a standing order to awaken him early.
So the young man had usually awakened quite early
when his valet had awakened him in the morning.
The valet, bald on the crown of his head,
* kammertjener
* vække ng.
* skaldet
* vågne tid
30 Sometimes the valet was finding it hard to stay awake.
* holde sig vågen
he was (all) sweetness and `light.
‘ Come on, lighten up,’ the valet used to say
when the prince sometimes needed to lighten up.
* top
* rar og venlig ( til en forandring )
* op med humøret
* komme …
He often told a joke to lighten the conversation.
* lette samtalen
Even if it was sometimes a poor, feeble or weak joke,
* dårlig / tyndbenet
the conversation used to lighten.
* vække
* vågne
spent all his waking hours caring for the prince.
As soon as the prince was around, thought,
* stående
* lettes
* vittighed
426 The prince was awakened to take his turn in
* blive vække for at -
the day-to-day work.
* daglig
So he awakened to take his turn in the day’s work.
* vågne …
Awakening from a good night’s sleep the young prince
* vågne efter
used to awaken light-`heartedly to a secure everyday life.
* dagens … / dont
* … til
* muntert
‘ Things will be fine,’ he used to say lightly.
* henkastet
Soon, however, he found out / learnt to his cost that
* finde ud af / lære af bitter erfaring at -
it’s indeed not (all) sweetness and `light being a prince.
A disaster was waiting to `happen.
10 ….
~ måtte sande at -
* så sandelig
* den rene svir
* ~ ligge og lure
One morning, as someone was knocking at / on his door,
a loud knock at / on the door brought him fully awake.
The sound of loud knocking and heavy footsteps
brought him wide awake.
* banke på >
* døren
* højt / kraftigt bank på …
* høj (lydt)
* gøre ng. lysvågen
* banken
* tung
* fodtrin
* <<
A terrible surprise awaited him.
* vente på ng.
A nasty surprise was waiting for him outside the door.
* =
He was in for a nasty surprise.
* have ngt. i vente
He had got a nasty surprise coming.
* =
It was bedlam when he awakened to some bad news.
* som et galehus
* vågne op til
20 Having had a rude awakening,
* få en brat opvågning
he awakened to be informed that his elder brother,
* … og
the crown prince, had been assassinated.
* kronprins
* informere ng. at * snigmyrde
The news hit him like a thunderbolt.
* … tordenkile
He had a very close relationship with his brother.
* tæt forhold til ng.
His brother had always gone out on a limb to help him.
* ~ løbe en risiko for at -
The turmoil kept everyone awake.
* holde ng. vågen
Despair was in the air; it hung heavy in the air.
* ~ det er en atmosfære /
The prince had clung to the hope that the whole affair
stemning af ngt.
* klynge sig til håbet
komme som et chok
( gå ud på en gren )
* ~ der herskede en tung
atmosfære / stemning af ngt.
was a bad joke.
* en dårlig vittighed
30 It was with a heavy `heart that relatives and friends met
* med tungt hjerte
at the wake before and after the burial to remember /
* vågeperiode /-nat
* mindes ng.
commemorate the departed / the deceased.
* mindes ng.
* den afdøde
All of them, relations and friends were walking heavily,
their head down.
No one had in their wildest dreams imagined the fate
in store ( for him ).
No one could possibly have imagined what had been
waiting to `happen to him.
* familiemedlem
* familiemedlem
* med tunge ( sørgmodige ) skridt
* med bøjet hoved
* i ens vildeste fantasi
* der venter / ventede ( på ng. )
* & have fantasi til at forestille sig
* vente ng.
427 The coffin (eE) was made to carry a heavy load.
* kiste
* tung
* byrde
Eight handles spread the load along the coffin.
* fordele
* & vægt
Eight men carried the casket (eA) to spread the burden.
* fordele >
* byrde
Eight men carried the casket to spread the weight.
* & tyngde
Many people at the funeral service wore black armbands.
* armbind
The death of the crown prince lay heavy on their heart.
* hvile ng. tungt om hjertet
The wake awoke a flood of unexpected tenderness
* vågning
towards both the quick and the dead.
* vække
* ømhed
* levende og døde
Old feelings and emotions awoke as the departed
10 was laid to sleep in the narrow bed.
* vågne
* stede ng. til hvile
The funeral eventually awakened the young prince to
the realization that his brother had died
He realized he’d never been serious about the fact that
* seriøs omkring det faktum at
tage det alvorligt at -
he'd be crown prince in the event of his brother’s death,
* i tilfælde af ngt.
and king in the event that his father passed away, too.
* i det tilfælde at -
Having gone to bed quite late the next night and put out
the candle, the prince hoped to be able to go to sleep.
* gå i seng
* slukke >
* tælle- / stearinlys
Having put the light out, he lay there in the dark.
* <<
He couldn’t get to sleep – he lay wakeful all night.
* falde i søvn
20 He didn’t sleep a `wink.
* graven
~ begrave ng.
* få ng. til at få øjnen op for /
/ blive klar over / indse at * erkendelse af at -
* falde i søvn
* i mørket
* vågen
* ikke sove et øjeblik
Laying sleepless he didn’t get a `wink of sleep.
* ligge søvnløs
Having spend a sleepless night, without ( having had )
* søvnløs
a wink of sleep his eyes were red through lack of sleep.
* ikke få et øjebliks søvn
* et øjebliks søvn * ( på grund ) af > * mangel på søvn
His darkest fears were confirmed.
* ngs. dystreste anelser bliver bekræftet
His worst fears were confirmed; for some unknown reason
* værste …
& det ng. mest frygter sker
his brother had sought out that fabled / storied place
* opsøge og finde ngt.
where so many dark deeds had been committed.
* skumle gerninger
Was the assasdination a foretaste of what was to come.
* snigmord
His brother had been known for his dark humour
* sort humor
30 common in difficult situations.
* sagnomspunden
* forsmag på ngt.
* være i vente
Maybe his black humor had been a `cover-up
hiding a load of trouble and a dark vision of the future ?
* <<
* dække over
* bunke ( problemer )
* dyster
Had there been a darker side to his character / nature ?
* mørkere side af
For some time the prince had a love-hate relationship
* had-kærlighedsforhold >
with his departed brother – had someone been betrayed ?
* til ng.
* vision om /
syn på ( fremtiden )
* afdød ( bror )
* forråde ng.
* have en stærk følelse af ngt.
* forrædderi
Once in a while he felt a great sense of betrayal –
but who was the real betrayer after all.
* virkelig
* forræder
* i sidste ende
428 The prince had tried to reconstruct the sequence of
* række af >
events which had led up to the tragic event.
* tragisk …
* begivenheder
Could he have changed the course of events ?
* forandre begivenhedernes gang
Had a disaster been waiting to happen ?
* en katastrofe, der ligger og lurer
Apparently his brother had had an obscure urgent mission
* ukendt
to carry out and consorted with people harbouring
* omgås med ng.
sinister designs but he’d kept that very dark (E).
pleje omgang med
* skumle planer
As his younger brother he had been as much in the dark
10 He never thought there were any dark secrets between
* dyster hemmelighed
to accomplish a secret plan.
* holde ngt. hemmeligt
* være i uvidenhed
as everyone else.
Everyone had been kept in the dark about his intentions
* nære >
* holde ng. i uvidenhed om
* fuldføre ngt.
Unable to let sleeping dogs lie, he came upon some facts
that showed his brother in a in another light.
Suddenly seeing matters in a new light,
he came to see his brother different light.
* ~ ikke rippe op i fortiden
* vise ng. / ngt. i et … lys
* se …
* =
Many facts will probably never see the light.
* se dagens lys
They will probably never see the light of day.
* =
komme for en dag
20 His departed brother was under a cloud.
He was buried under a cloud of suspicion,
* under mistanke
* =
and the name / reputation he left behind him
* eftermæle
kept having a cloud of suspecion hanging over it.
* en mistanke hængende over ngt.
Suspicion clouded the crown prince’s face,
and doubts were beginning to cloud his mind.
Sadness and worries clouded his brow.
* formørke ngt.
* formørke / -plumre ngt.
* formørkede ngt.
* pande
His brow clouded ( over ) with sadness and worry.
* formørkes af ngt.
His judgement was clouded by worries.
* dømmekraft
For some time his brother’s face haunted him
* hjemsøge /
forfølge / plage ng.
30 not only in his dreams and the dreamlike state
* drømmeagtig
between waking and sleeping but also haunted him all his
* opvågning
waking life, every waking day and waking moment.
* vågne …
The prince’s face darkened everytime he thought about
* forplumret
* søvn
* formørkes af vrede
the detestable assassin who had committed
* afskyelig
the despicable assassination of his brother
* foragtelig
* snigmord
Deep melancholy clouded his features.
* formørke
* ansigtstræk
It was agony not knowing the true facts of the case.
* ( en ) lidelse
* snigmorder
di`spikêbêl / `despi -
Not knowing the truth of a matter prolongs the agony.
* sand * kendsgening * sag
( ~ sagens rette sammenhæng )
* sandheden i ngt. * sag
* forlænge ngt. * =
( ~ en sags rette … )
( ~ trække pinen i langdrag )
429 The loss of his brother was a major event in his life
* væsentlig begivenhed
which clouded his happiness and cast a cloud over his youth. * kaste en mørk skygge over ngt.
The hardship of losing his brother clouded his youth.
* formørke ngt.
It was a tragedy that darkened his otherwise carefree youth. * formørke ngt.
He’ll never forget the terrible events of that period.
* forfærdelig begivenhed
He had many rough nights; he spent many wakeful nights * urolig
and many sleepless nights in agony.
* vågen
* søvnløs
Chronic sleeplessness is called insomnia.
* kronisk
He desparately needed to get some sleep.
* få noget søvn
* i fysisk / psykisk smerte
~ forpint af sjælskvaler
* -hed
10 Even if counting sheep and doing everything to fall asleep * falde i søvn
he spent half the night trying to get to sleep.
If he eventually fell into an fitful uneasy sleep,
he slept fitfully and uneasily disturbed by nightmares
and woke up under a cloud of gloom and despair.
His poor physical condition was a result / consequence of
the close relationship between mental and physical health.
* =
* falde i en > * periodevis
* sove
* periodevis
* ~ tynget af ngt.
* forhold mellem ngt.
He didn’t get much sleep or didn’t get any sleep at all.
* få … søvn
He often cried out in his sleep.
* i søvne
Many nights he walked sleeplessly up and down the floor.
* søvnløst
20 As fitful / uneasy sleep worsened his anxiety,
* urolig / uafslappet
lack of sleep `aggravated an emergent depression
* forværre ngt.
and deepened his gloom.
* ~ forværre / forstærke >
His mood darkened alarmingly at the constant haunting.
* formørkes
As his gloom deepened, his mood ended up
* mismod >
as one of dark depression.
Suffering from a severe deep depression,
he lived through the darkest days of his youth.
The death of his brother and the prospect of becoming
* urolig
* søvn
uafslappet ( periode )
* uroligt
* forstyrre /
forurolige ng.
* mismod
* søvn
* depression
* sindsformørkelse
* forværres / forstærkes
* dyb / svær …
* =
* mørkeste
heir to the throne had burdened the prince ( with worry ).
* bebyrde ng.
30 He had burdened himself with too many worries.
* … sig med ngt.
Suspicion and doubt had loaded the prince down.
* overbebyrde /
Worries had loaded down the prince.
* =
The prince felt loaded down by / with worries.
* overbebyrdet af ngt.
Weighed with worries, he felt left out on a limb.
* =
Weighed down by worries, he felt out on a limb.
* =
* med ngt.
tvinge ng. i knæ
* ~ overladt til sin egen skæbne
( ude på en gren )
He often retired to his den and sat in gloomy / glum silence * et mindre rum, hvor man
or sought refugee in their old gloomy den in the woods
* tungsindig
* stilhed
kan være sig selv
* søge tilflugt i >
* mørk, trist * hemmelig legehule
and sat staring gloomily / glumly into the air .
* trist
[email protected]
430 He had relived a childish fear of the dark.
* genopleve ngt.
* mørket
Afraid of the dark he only stayed out until dark –
* & mørkeræd
he took care to be home before dark
* før mørkets frembrud
and didn’t go out after dark.
* efter …
If he woke up at night, he felt uneasy about ( imagining )
* vågne op om natten
* føle sig utilpas / urolig
/ uhygglig til mode ved ngt.
the darkness of the windows behind the curtains.
Even if a light was burning in the prince’s room all night
the darkened windows appeared darkly sinister.
Nevertheless, during the day in the dark winter days,
* mørke
* lys
* mørke
* mørk, dyster
* ildevarslende, dyster
skummel, uhyggelig
* mørk
10 he sought isolation in a dark and quiet room full of
* =
heavy furniture surrounded by walls painted in dark colours
* tung
and wainscots (o-f) in dark-coloured wood.
* vægpanel
Although his valet tried everything to lighten his mood,
* brænde
* malet i / bemalet med ngt.
* mørk …
* mørkfarvet
* lette ngs. sindsstemning
bringe ng. i bedre humøret
his mood didn’t lighten.
* lette
He felt in the power of the dark forces of his imagination
as if in the mercy of the dark forces of the universe.
* i ngs. vold
* mørke magter
* =
* =
He felt haunted by the forces and powers of darkness.
* mørkets / onde magter
To crown it all, a candle had set a curtain on fire;
* oven i det hele
it had set `fire /eE `light to / ignited a lace curtain.
20 The candle had set a curtain alight, and as the curtain
was alight, some woodwork had caught alight.
* sætte ild til /
* tåge
Fortunately the fire had been put out / stopped burning
* ~ slukke ngt.
Although the smoke had asphyxiated the prince,
* knibling
antænde ngt.
* sætte ild i / til
/ i brand
* stå i brand / flammer
So the room was soon filled with a haze of smoke.
but the prince had been overcome by the smoke.
* sætte ngt. brand
* træværk
* gå i brand
* få røgforgiftning
* kvæle ng. af iltmangel
røg- / gasforgifte ng. ( så de besvimer og evt. dør )
he soon regained consciousness and escaped death.
Dizzy after the asphyxiation he was feeling light-`headed; * røgforgiftning
unable to think clearly and move steadily.
He was ailing (o-f) for weeks.
30 The `after-effects of the asphyxia kept ailing him.
When someone is depressed, physical sickness
puts an extra load on the victim.
* være syg
* eftervirkning
* kvælningstilstand
* gøre ng. syg
* sygdom
* lægge en ekstra byrde på
The extra load of physical illness worsened the situation.
* =
For a long time he had suffered from light-`headedness
* svimmelhed
and other minor ailments.
* ør i hovedet
uklar, svimmel
* mindre alvorlige sygdomme
His long illness was a heavy burden to bear / carry.
* sygdomstilstand
It was a heavy load to bear / carry.
* =
All the agony / <ies of his brother’s death had aged him.
* lidelse
fysisk / psykist smerte
* tung byrde at bære
voldsom belastning at udholde
* få ng. til at føle sig /
virke ældre
431 The future had loong looked depressing / gloomy.
* fremtiden >
* se >
* mørk / dyster / trist ud
To the prince, life had felt like a continuous / uninterrupted * fortsat / uafbrudt
series of cloudy and gloomy days.
* ~ række
* trist dag
The father-son relationship is an important factor.
* … relation / forhold
Father-son relations are very important.
* =
The prince had quite a good relationship with his father.
* forhold til
Hoping there was light at the end of the tunnel,
* lys for enden af tunnellen
the king spent all his energy to lighten the atmosphere,
* lette
lighten his son’s cares and worries, and lighten his spirits.
* lette ngs. bekymringer
10 ‘ Even in the darkest moments, I still have you, my son,
* mørkeste stunder
* ~ få ng. op med humøret
and every cloud has a silver lining,’ he said encouragingly. * oven over skyerne er himmelen altid blå
‘ I suppose so,’ the prince answered heavily.
* tungt, langsomt og sørgmodigt
The king sensed a gleam / glimmer(ing) of hope, when
* ane / fornemme ngt.
* glimt af >
* håb
he caught the glimmer(ing) of a smile in the eyes of his son. * ~ antydningen af et smil i ng’s øjne
As the prince’s cares and worries seemed to lighten,
his mood gradually lightened.
As his spirits gradually lightened the old prince was back
alight with excitement, and a humorous glint in his eyes.
Once again his presence would light () up the room.
20 The whole atmosphere in the palace lightened.
As amusement again glimmered in the eyes of the prince,
recovery took a load `off the mind of the royal family.
* lette
* ngs. sindsstemning letter / humør blive bedre
* -=* lysende af ngt.
* humørfyldt
* ~ lyse op i ngt.
* stemning
* lette
* glimte i ng’s øjne
* lette en byrde fra ngs. sind
The recovery of the prince was a load off their mind.
* en byrde lettet fra ngs. sind
The young prince only gradually awakened to the fact
* vågne op til ngt.
that he was now the heir to the crown of the country,
* kongeværdighed
and would one day become king.
He’d have to face in earnest that the main burden
of ruling an absolute monarchy falls on the king.
He’d have to carry a heavy burden of responsibility.
30 He’d have to carry a heavy load of responsibility.
* glimt i øjnene
* for alvor
* hoved* byrden
~ den største belastning >
* ved at * bære en tung byrde af ( ansvar )
* =
Being a crown prince is a heavy load to bear.
* tung byrde at bære
The responsibility of now being the crown prince
voldsom belastning at udholde
had been a heavy burden for the young prince to carry
* tung byrde at bære
and a heavy burden to bear.
* & voldsom belastning at udholde
Thinking he’d be unable to bear the burden of responsibility, * bære / udholde byrden af ( ansvar )
he thought he’d never be able to bear the load of being king.
' I try to wipe out sad episodes from my mind / memory
* & klare belastningen
* ~ viske ngt. bort fra >
but I can never wipe out the past.' the prince sighed heavily. * viske fotiden bort
* sindet / hukommelsen
* sukke
* tungt, dybt
432 A few glasses of beer or wine, however, made the crown
prince feel light-hearted and more optimistic.
* let om hjertet
munter, sorgløs
Back in a light-hearted mood it might happen that he had
* i godt humør
a glass too many – these things happen – and began to
* det er, hvad der kan ske
feel light-`headed.
* svimmel, ør
Light-`heartedness had turned into light-`headedness.
* munter- /
The alcohol finally made him sleepy / drowsy
* gøre ng. søvnig / døsig
and sent him to sleep, quite loaded (pred.).
In the morning the valet left him to sleep it off.
10 He slept solidly for ten hours.
If not yet a sound sleeper the alcohol for once made him
into a solid sleeper.
Having slept the day away
* få ng. til at falde i søvn
* i træk
* person, der har en sund søvn
* stabil …
* sove ( dagen ) bort
* sove fra ngt.
he had eventually sleept () `off his hangover.
* sove > væk
Normally he couldn’t sleep because of the noise.
* sove
As he was told he’d got sleep in his eyes,
* have søvn i >
Finally beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel
* beruset
* sove den ud
and slept right through all kinds of everyday noice
he rubbed the sleep from the corner of his eyes.
* svimmel- / øruklarhed
* tømmermænd
* øjnene
* gnide … væk fra >
* øjenkrogene
* se lyset for enden af tunellen
20 the king, who was in poor health, succeded to
* være i dårlig helbredstilstand
awaken his son to his responsibility as a crown prince.
* få ng. til at få øjnene op for
/ indse
His depression seems to be lifting at last.
* lette
Once in a while a bad dream awakened terrible memories
* vække ( vakte, vakt ) ( fig. kun T ! )
and awakened fear of the future.
Occationally, he lay awake at night worrying, by turns
drifting into a light doze and waking up from a light sleep
Worrying about the future he lay awake half the night
trying to go back to sleep and get back to sleep.
Light-`headed, dizzy as during a fever, he wasn’t sure
* =
* ligge vågen
* glide ind i > * let døs
* vågne op af
* let søvn
* <<
* falde i søvn igen
* =
* svimmel
ør i hovedet
30 whether he was half awake or half asleep.
He spent many a wakeful night until his wakefulness
* halvt vågen
* halvsovende
* vågen
wore `off and he was able to fall into a deep and heavy sleep.* fortage sig
Again he slept well, soundly and solidly.
* sove godt
As before he would wake up after a good night’s sleep
* en god nats søvn
* falde i >
* =
as fit as a fiddle, as sound as a bell, on top of the world
* frisk som en fisk / havørn
as right as rain, having slept like a log.
* =
Able to doze off and drift into a peaceful dreamless sleep * døse bort
he would wake up having slept like a baby.
* sove som en sten
* dyb og tung søvn
* stabilt
* sove som en sten
* glide ind i en … søvn
433 As the valet ages, the king lightens his duties;
* ældes
his workload and burden of responsibility is lightened.
blive ældre
* arbejdsbyrde
An assistent valet takes care of the hard and heavy work
while the ag(e)ing valet is spared to do lighter work.
He only has a few light duties and some light housework
to do around the king.
* lette
* ansvars
* lette ngt.
* hårdt …
* aldrende
* afse til at -
* lettere ( arbejde )
* lette pligter
* ... husarbejde
Having profitted from a happy master-servant relationship, * herre-tjener forhold
the valet has a long career crowned with a peaceful
* kronet med ngt.
* tilbagetrækning
10 The new king still likes to be woken (up) at dawn by
* blive vækket
the first rays of the sun pouring / spilling / streaming through * vælde / strømme ( gennem ngt.)
the windows and wake (up) to a clear blue sky,
* vågne op til ngt.
and a day of brilliant sunshine.
* strålende solskin
The king regularly pays a visit to his subjects in charge.
Many hills are crowned with a castle so the local
* have ngt. på toppen
nobleman is able to watch the king and his retinue riding to
the crown of the hill and on into the castle.
* top
When a nobleman is appointed to an important post
* ~ skyfri
he sees it as the crowning achievement of his career.
* kronen på værket
20 His efforts are finally crowned with success.
* krone med ( succes )
His appointment crowns a glorious career in the king’s
* blå ( himmel )
* udgøre højdepunktet
An incident may wake a forgotten memory or feeling.
* vække ( vakte, vakt ) (fig. kun vt ! )
The king recollects his childhood and reminisces about
* genkalde sig
* mindes
how he liked to be wakened (up) by bird song, chirps
* blive vækket
warbles, and waken (up) to the sound of warblers singing,
* kvidder
chirping /E& chirruping and warbling outside the window.
Once in a while a dream wakens memories and feelings
of the king’s past sufferings.
* fuglesang
vågne op til / ved ngt.
* kvidre
* vække ( vakte, vakt ) ( fig. kun vt ! )
Dozing fitfully, he dreams about his elder brother,
* døse
* blive vækket af ngt.
and how he awakened to the sound of tumult and turmoil.
* vågne til ngt.
‘ Come on, lighten up ! ’ his valet chirps /E& chirrups,
* sige muntert
Humming softly to himself, the valet likes to potter E/A
putter around / E& about ( the house ).
* et levn
* fra ngt.
how he was awkened by the sound of crying and weeping
as he tries to cheer him up by humming a cheerful tune.
* =
30 Many of his disturbing feelings seems to be a `hangover * sindspåvirkende
( from his childhood ).
* kvidder
* sangfugl
* råben, skrigen
græden, gråd
* i perioder
* græden
* nynne ngt.
* melodi
* nynne blidt
* for sig selv
* trisse / tusse omkring
* i huset
434 The king’s love for the object / bride of his choice
* hans udkårne
and her love for the object of her choice is an open secret.
* hendes …
His whole face, his whole expression would lighten
when anyone mentioned her name.
* offentlig hemmelighed
* lyse op
The young lady indeed returns his love.
* gengælde ngs. kærlighed
They both feel they have achieved their heart’s desire.
* få opfyldt sit inderste ønske
The king can hardly wait to ask for her hand.
* næsten ikke kunne
He can’t wait to ask for her hand in marriage.
vente med at * ikke kunne vente med at -
She’s a woman of wit, charm, and intelligence.
* vid, kløgt
* anmode om ngs. hånd
* =
10 She has a quick and ready wit, happily dry and sharp.
* =
* velvalgt og passende
Being a wit she’s always good for a happy witty remark.
* kvik og vittig person
Her new in-laws (pl.) accept her with open arms.
* svigerforældre (-familie)
Even if she is worried about being a queen
she’d love to give him her hand ( in marriage ).
So she accepts his proposal unhesitatingly
and they are going to get married as possible.
* =
* give ng. sin hånd
* uden tøven
The bride-to-be can’t wait – she can hardly wait.
* kommende brud
She can’t wait to tell the good news –
she can hardly wait to tell it.
* god for
* ikke kunne vente
* næsten …
20 Though she responds to his attempts to lighten her worry, * reagere på ngt.
she still awaits the coming wedding with some anxiety.
* lette >
* se frem til ngt. * kommende
* nervøsitet
forestående spænding / ængstelse
* ikke kunne vente til ngt.
Yet the future queen can’t wait for the wedding.
* kommende
She can hardly wait for the wedding.
* næsten …
She can’t wait for the big day to come.
* … på at ngt. …
She can hardly wait for the big day to come.
* næsten …
She can’t wait to go down the aisle.
* ikke vente på at -
* store dag
She can hardly wait to walk down the aisle.
* næsten …
The morning before the day long awaited, the sky is
* længe ventet
* overskyet
( * tæppe at > )
30 The landscape stretch under a cloudy grey morning sky. * folde sig ud
Later in the morning the day before the wedding anxiously
awaited, the cloud scatters and it’s just lightly clouded.
Looking out over the rooftops and the open sky
they look up at a slightly overcast sky.
* oprinde
* … ( kirke-) midtergang
blive gift
* =
overcast, covered with ( a blanket of ) low cloud (U).
* bekyming
* ( lavt ) skydække
* skyet
* … himmel
ligge udstrakt
* med ængstelse
* ventet
* skylag
* lette
* let skyet
* tagryg
* åben himmel
* let
* overskyet …
[email protected]
435 Already long before noon the sky is almost unclouded;
* skyfri
it’s almost cloudless / uncloudy.
* =
As the last clouds soon disappear they have a view of
a cloudless sky: an unclouded and uncloudy summer sky.
It’s a calm cloudless day and the landscape spreads out
* … udsigt til
* skyfri …
* folde sig ud
ligge udstrakt
to the horizon under a cloudless blue sky.
* …
There isn’t a cloud in the sky; the sky is completely clear.
* klar
The sun is shining brightly high in the sky.
* skinne klart
For hours it shines in a clear unclouded sky.
* skyfri
10 The sun is shining in a sky completely free of cloud (U).
* helt …
The skylarks soar skyward(s).
* sanglærke
Looking skywards you see and hear them singing
* =
while they fly high up in the sky.
* højt på himmelen
* stige
* op mod himmelen
* højt på >
* himlen
It’s been a period of blue skies and warm sunshine.
* blå himmel
Late in the afternoon dark clouds appear in the distance.
* mørk
* sky
As the clouds approach it becomes more and more cloudy. * sky
* ( over- ) skyet
It clouds over; the sky clouds over (A: up).
* blive overskyet
The skies are overcast and the weather is cloudy.
* overskyet
The sky is cloudy and its suddenly a gray and cloudy day.
* skyet
20 Every time the dark clouds hide the sun, the sky darkens. * mørk sky
* blive mørkere
* tung …
* formørke
Soon the sky is covered with thick and dense clouds.
* samle sig
trække sammen
* være overdække af ngt.
* tyk
It looks like storm clouds and stormy weather.
* uvejrssky
The heavy sky means that a storm is coming.
* tung himmel
They stare out of the windows at the gathering darkness.
* på mørket der trækker op
‘ The air is heavy – it’s very heavy – it looks like storm –
* trykkende
As the heavy clouds gather, they darken the sky.
I think there will be a thunderstorm,’ she points out.
Once in a while, when the clouds part, and beams, rays,
and shafts of (sun>) light fall on the ground,
* tæt
* sky
* uvejr
* =
* tordervejr
* skilles
* påpege
* =
* stråle >
* … af >
* ( sol- ) lys
30 a few gleams of sunlight light () up the gloomy afternoon. * genskær af ngt.
As the sky darkens a few drops of light rain begin to fall.
* blive mørkere
As the sky grows darker, it looks like thundery weather.
* blive mørkere
There is a light breeze before it begins to rain lightly.
* let
* brise
* oplyse ngt.
* dråbe
* let regn
* vejr med torden
* regne
* let
436 Suddenly there’s a cloudburst, but after a sudden short
* skybrud
heavy fall of rain, it becomes calm again.
* kraftig
* nedbør af ( regn )
* vindstille
The air is heavy, still and sultry / humid.
* luften * tung * stillestående * fugtig lummervarm
As the calm before the storm, the calm weather is soon
* stilhed før stormen ( uvejr )
succeeded by strong wind(s) and intermittent showers:
* stærk, kraftig * vind(e) * tilbagevendende * byge
heavy showers of both rain and hail.
* stærk
As heavy rain and hail showers alternate
it rains and hails alternately.
At first it rains or hails intermittently
* regn
* byge af >
* =
* regn-
* hagl-
* hagle
* med mellemrum
* regne
* hagle
thundery sky (U) and thundery rain
* tordenagtig
* himmel
suggest that a thunderstorm is brewing.
* tyde på at -
* tordenvejr
Thunder is likely when the thunderclouds gather.
* torden
They are in for a storm with thunder and lightning (U).
* man kan vist vente
It thunders and lightens ominously in the distance
as the distant roll of thunder is nearing.
* regn
* trække op
* samle sig
* torden
* lynen
* rumlen af …
* tordne
* lyne
* ildevarslende
* rumlen af …
* overraske / forbløffe
They are shocked by a flash of extremely bright light;
forskrække / opskræmme ng.
* ( lys-) glimt
They experience an extremely bright flash of lightning
* kraftigt
* tordensky
Suddenly they are startled by a thunderbolt.
20 a flash of dazzling and blinding light.
* byge
* regne
10 but when it starts to rain or hail heavily constantly,
when they hear the rumble and roar of distant thunder.
* hagl (-vejr )
* lyn og tordenskrald
* klart / kraftigt lys
* blændende …
* blændende
* lyn (-glimt )
accompanied by a startling thunderclap, a startlingly great
* overraske- / forbløffe-
clap / crack / crash of thunder.
forskrække- / opskræmmende
* =
* tordenskrald
They both look startled as lightning flashes overhead.
* overrasket, forbløffet * lynen * glimte
The thunder booms and crashes around them
forskrækket, opskræmt
* torden
* buldre
and startle the servants.
* =
* ovenover
hovedet / -rne
* brage
* overraske, forbløffe
forskrække, opskræmme
Looking at each other with startled eyes, some frightened
* <<<
servants come thundering downstairs like startled rabbits.
* tordne
Having clapped and cracked around them for some time
* =
30 the thunder, preceded by gleams of lightning,
* torden
dies out rolling, roaring, and rumbling in the distance.
* rumle
* opskræmte
* ~ komme efter ngt. * svag lysglimt af ngt.
Suddenly they notice a light in the distance.
* lys
After a while the sky lights up; flames light the sky up.
* lyse op
The flames light up the sky in the far distance.
* =
Something has likely been struck by lightning.
* ramt af lynet
Houses and trees are exposed to lightning strokes
* lynnedslag
and frequently hit by lightning.
A lightning stroke may have lit a fire.
* kanin
* =
* =
* oplyse ngt.
* =
* <<
* antænde >
* ilde-, brand
437 The residents wait for the storm to stop.
* beboer
* vente på ngt. <=> at -
As the storm stops it is followed by a showery evening.
* bygepræget
( Years later the palace is provided with
a lightning conductor (E) or lightning rod (A)
* lynafleder
which diverts lightning away from the building.
* lede ngt. bort
* = ( stang )
aflede ngt.
If sb. or sth. in America is a lightning rod for attention
criticism, blame etc. he gets most of it.)
’ Lightning never strikes ( in the same place ) twice’ –
* afleder for ngt.
* lynet rammer ikke samme sted to gange
that is a qualified truth.
* sandhed med modification
10 Many nights they sit in front of the fireplace
* ildsted
and talk by the light of the fire.
* lysskær
Everything looks grey in the dim light of the flames.
* … svag lys fra
When it’s bedtime they go to the bedroom.
* sengetid
The king lights their way.
* lyse vej
Carrying a lamp which won’t blow out, he lights the way.
* blæses ud
‘ Shine a light over here, will you, ! she asks him.
* lyse
Having blown / put () `out the light(s),
* puste / slukke >
* soveværelse
* lyse vej
except for a solitary light burning dimly in the room,
* enligt
they go straight to bed.
* gå lige i seng
The king blows / puts out the candle glimmering
20 on his bedside table.
* lyset ( lysene )
* lys
* puste ngt. ud / slukke
* gå i seng for at sove
Falling asleep in each other’s arms
* i armene på hinanden
* lyse svagt og flimrende
* en der ånder / trækker vejret tungt
The future queen is lulled to sleep by his heavy breathing.
* tungt åndedræt / vejrtrækning
As they may only have a short sleep the next night,
* … søvn
When they go to sleep, they drift / fall into a deep sleep.
* lægge sig til at sove * glide ind / falde i en dyb søvn
Waking (up) at first `light, he doesn’t feel sleepy.
* =
When he awakens, he feels awake.
* vågne
He doesn’t wake ( up ) his fiancée.
* vække ng.
He doesn’t wake his fiancée up but lets her sleep `on
* =
The king wakens his sleeping fiancèe (up) at eight.
* =
* falde i ( en ) dyb …
The king wakes (up) at seven when it’s starting to get light. * =
for another hour.
* …
* … og afslappet …
30 So having got to sleep and driftef / fallen into slumber(s), * falde i søvn
they pass into ( a ) deep slumber / deep slumbers.
* gå ud som et lys
* være gået ud som et lys
The king is a heavy breather; he breathes heavily.
they need a good and restful sleep.
* svagt
* sengebord
Having gone to bed to sleep, they go out like a light.
they are both out like a light.
* brænde
* vække ng.
* blive lyst
* så snart det bliver lyst
* søvnig
* vågen
* sove videre
438 A cold grey light creeps under the heavy velvet curtains. * koldt …
* snige sig ind under
The king opens the curtains to let in the light.
* lade lyset komme ind
The morning light comes streaming in through
the windows edged by lace curtains.
‘ Wakey – wakey, wake up, love, it’s eight, ‘ the king
* tung
* kantet af ngt.
* knibling
* vågne
* min kære
* synge med kvidrende stemmme
Even though he awakens her gently, she’s awake at once
at the warble of his voice.
’ What time did you wake ? she asks,
* =
* vågen
* kvidren
* hvad tid vågner …
hvad er ( var ) klokken når ( da )
10 ’ What time did you wake up ? ’
* =
‘ It was light when I awoke,’ the king remarks.
* lyst
As the rising sun lightened the sky at daybreak,
* gøre ngt. lysere
and it was beginning to get light at sunrise,
* blive lyst
the weather lightened at dawn.
* vejret
The light gray and pink eastern sky lightened
and, eventually, the morning sky turned light blue.
The king slept seven hours while the future queen
* vågnede
* himmel
* ( ved ) daggry
* solopgang
* blive lysere
klare op
* lyserød
* østlig
* lysegrå
* lysegrå
* sove ( i )
* …
20 The dressmaker uses a `tape measure / `measuring tape * dameskrædder
* målebånd
* måle ( ngt. )
Using their scissors, the cutter cuts () `out the dress.
* saks
Using a variety of needles and thread(s),
* nål
the dressmaker starts to sew.
* & lysne
* blive / forandre sig til ngt.
slept for eight hours.
for measuring ( the body and the dress ).
* daggry
* tilskærer
* tilskære ngt.
* tråd
* sy
* synål
* tråd
Sewing seam after seam, she sews the dress.
* sy >
As the future queen is fitted for her wedding dress,
* være til tilpasningsprøvning for ngt.
she tries () `on the sky-blue dress.
* søm
* efter …
* sy >
* prøve ngt. på
* tøj
* himmelblå
-` -
As the dress is full of needles and pins, she puts her arms
* synåle
carefully through the armholes.
* ærmegab
30 The arms will need shortening.
* ærme
The sleeves will be edged with lace.
* kantet med ngt.
The dress fastens at the back; it laces up at the back
* lukkes
If you stay in an uncomfortable position you may
get / have pins and `needles in a limb: in your arm or leg.
* afkortning
* knibling
* på bagsiden / ryggen
* blive følelsesløs
ens … sover
Most people involved in the wedding preparations
* knappenåle
are on tenterhooks (eE); they are on pins and `needles (A). * som på nåle
* snøres
* lem
439 At the wedding day it’s a light day.
* ~ dag med klart vejr
The bride and groom have a heavy schedule / timetable. * brud
Having got a list of things to do as long as your arm,
the bride and bridegroom are going to have a heavy day.
* gom
( = brudeparret )
* alenlang
* travl
* brudgom
* tidsplan
* travl
The royal couple set off for the wedding with a light heart.
* let om hjertet
The king’s eyes light up when his bride goes up the aisle.
* øjen lyse op
His eyes light up with happiness.
* … lyse af ( glæde )
A confident gleam lights up the eyes of the future queen.
* tillidsfuldt
It lights her eyes up.
* =
10 A smile lights her face up; it lights up her whole face.
* program
i godt humør
* gå op ad midtergangen
( kirkegulvet )
* glimt
* få ( ngs.) øjne til at lyse
* få ansigtet til at lyse op
The future queen’s face lights up.
* ansigt
Her face lights up with pleasure, joy, and happiness.
* lyse op af
Wearing his mitre, a hat or cap, with a tall pointed crown
* iklædt
* lyse op
* bispehue
* top, puld
the Archbishop joins the happy couple in marriage.
* forene ng. i ægteskab
ægte-, vie
Performing the ceremony, all his attention is fastened on
* … optaget af
his task and the bride and the groom as they make / take
* ~ aflægge >
their ( marriage / wedding ) vows.
* ægteskabs-
A month ago the king had lit (up)on a couple of rings.
* falde over / tilfældigt finde ngt.
He had lighted (up)on a couple of wedding rings.
* =
20 His eyes had lighted (up)on a couple of choice rings.
* øjne >
His eyes had lit (up)on a couple of choice wedding rings.
* =
As the priest marry the bride and groom,
* vie ng.
he join them together in holy matrimony.
Joined in the bonds of matrimony they promise to be
truthful during their joint lives.
* løfter
* falde på ngt.
* forene ng. i helligt ægteskab
* smede ng. i Hymens lænker
* … forenet / fælles … ( så længe de begge er i live )
What god hath joined no man put asunder.
* sammenføje / forene ngt.
Joined in holy matrimony, the married couple kiss.
* … i helligt ægtestand
’ I’m sure you’ll all join me in wishing the king and queen
* tilslutte sig ng. med at -
* slå i stykker / itu
/ fra hinanden
a long and happy marriage,’ the bishop concludes his speech. *
30 All the guests join with him in his wish.
Tears cloud the eyes of the married couple as well as
the eyes of many of the wedding guests cloud with tears.
Tears cloud their outlook.
The King and the Queen manage to dry their eyes / tears.
* ~ tilslutte sig ng. i ( deres ønske )
* tårer >
* gøre ngs. øjne uklare
* blive uklar / sløres af tårer
* tårer >
* sløre >
* ngs. udsyn
& gøre ngs. syn uklart
* ~ holde op med at græde
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440 The children sit patiently waiting for the wedding to end. * vente / håbe på at ngt. sker
They are waiting for the Archbishop to end the wedding.
* … at ng. gør ngt.
Many of the guests are closely or distantly related.
* i nær / fjern i familie med hinanden
‘ What relation is the best `man is of / to the king
* slags familiemedlem ng. er i forhold til ngt. * forlover
a wedding guest asks his wife.
‘ A close / near relation, a cousin I think,’ she answers.
* nærtstående …
‘ Are the bride’s maids related –
* brudepige
are they related to the bride ?’
‘ What relative is the bride’s maid of / to the bride,’
* … med
* familiemedlem
10 another guest asks his wife.
‘ The oldest one is a close / near relative of / to the bride;
* nær ( -stående) <<
while the younger ones are more distant relations –
* fjern …
they are more distant relatives but I’m not sure of
the exact relationship between them,’ his wife answers.
* familieforhold mellem ng.
Some relations are blood relations while other relations
are relations by marriage: they are related by marriage.
Some relatives are blood relatives while other relatives
are relatives by marriage, related by marriage.
* kødelig …
* slægtning gennem ægteskab
* kødelig slægtning
* slægtning gennem ægteskab
* kusine / fætter
* i familie
441 The wedding is the ( social ) event of the year.
A wonderful light lies over the landscape
stretching to the horizon.
* ( selskabelige ) begivenhed
* lys
( årets )
* ligge / hvile over
* strække sig til ( horisonten )
The valley is bathed in the soft warm light of afternoon.
* badet i ngt.
* blødt, varmt lys
The trees are heavy with ripe fruit.
* tung af ngt.
* moden ( frugt )
The dark brown palace and the beautiful flower beds
* mørkebrun
stretching around the plalace lies bathed in sunlight.
A plume of smoke rises from a chimney
* blomster-
* ligge udstrakt …
* badet i ngt.
* søjle
* bed
* … sollys / -skin
* stige op fra ngt.
and soon smoke plumes out of all the chimneys.
* stige til vejrs
10 Some bricks stand out auburn while the joints between
* mursten
the bricks stand out light brown.
* lyse-
The guards wear full dress: full-dress uniforms including
a wide-brimmed hat fitted with a plume on the high crown.
* fremstå
* bredskygget
* udstyret med >
* fælles anstrengelse
The festivities are organized jointly by the king and queen,
* i fællesskab
A beautiful driveway leads up to the castle.
* snegle sig afsted langs
* byde ng. godaften
* ceremonimester
a light snack and a welcome glass.
* let
and walk around offering the guests a drink and a snack.
* =
* … velkommen
* mellemmåltid
* fylde ngt. op på
* velkomstglas / -drink
* ( serverings-) bakke
Bringing a whole load of gifts, bringing loads (pl. E) of gifts, * en hel bunke
the guests load the married couple with gifts.
* top
* indkørsel
20 by the Master of Ceremonies and greeted with
The waiters load glasses and snacks onto a tray
* fjerbusk
All afternoon an armada of carriages crawl along the drive. * armade
The guests are bid good evening and bid welcome
* fuge
* galla
The weddind festivities are a joint effort.
and the rest of the court.
* rødbrun
* bunkevis
* overdænget med ngt.
‘ Never / don’t look a gift horse in the mouth ‘ it’s said.
* man skal ikke skue given hest i munden
The air in the hall is filled with the heavy scent of parfume
* tung duft
in the wake of the ladies, ( looking ) resplendent in
* i kølvandet på ng.
evening gowns.
* selskabsrobe
30 The escutcheon of the royal family hangs in the hall.
* våbenskjold
* strålende
It’s a shield on which their coat of arms is depicted.
A coat of arms was originally a surcoat or tabard
on which heraldic devices, the arms, were embroidered
* våbenmærke
* =
* våbenfrakke
* heraldik
* brodere ngt. på ngt.
Nobody wants a blot on his escutcheon.
* en plet på sin ære
Heavy-`duty carpets cover the floors.
* kraftig
An old jointed suit of armour is on view in a room
* rustning
with a poor natural light.
Movable in the joints it looks ghoastly in the poor light.
* våbenkjortel
* dække ngt.
* på udstilling
* … dårligt …
* led
* spøgelsesagtig
* dårligt lys
442 The windows of the palace have bars and lights.
The big vindows are divided up into sixteen lights
and some windows have leaded lights.
Slanting down in bars the light of the sun streams in
through the sixteen-light windows.
All kinds of bright, shining and glossy objects
lighten (o-f) resplendently in the sunshine.
In these rooms only colour-fast, heavy-duty cloth
* sprosse
* fag
* dele op i ngt.
* blyindfattet rude
* skråne
* striber
* skinnende
* skinne, blinke
10 Some dark-coloured and gaily coloured materiels
* mørkfarvet
are bleached by the sun so the colours lighten and get pale.
* ( blive ) bleget
It lightens things or makes them white.
* lysne ngt.
The castle’s crown `jewel and crowning glory
* pragtstykke
* godt
Light `coloured walls lighten these rooms.
* i lyse farver
20 The carpets have a slightly darker colour
* anelse
as darker colours are more practical and don’t show stains.
* plet
The pictures depicts and represents `portraits,
landscapes, seascapes, townscapes and still lives.
* lyseste
* afbillede /
* =
* … ( gul )
* portræt
gengive / vise ngt.
* stilleben
* =
* betydning
* gengive
* skarp / skærende …
* mørk
* lys
The wake of a boat appears incredible realistic.
* kølvand
A horse-drawn carriage leaves clouds of dust in its wake.
* støvsky
The colours look different in different light,
* lys
either natural or artificial light.
* lyse- ( grøn )
* lyserød
Showing a winter landscape one picture reproduces
30 with light and shade and delicate highlights.
* gøre lysere
* i godt lys
* lys
* lys
* mørkere
* fuld af ngt.
The pictures are painted in dark and light colours
* blege ngt.
* naturligt
Many pictures are loaded with cultural significance.
the cold, harsh light of a winter morning or afternoon.
* bleg, falmet
* ( maleri på ) lærred ( malet ) af ng.
Most cavases hang in rooms with good natural light.
on light pink, light green and light yellow walls.
* lysne, falme
* farvet
* lysne / få ngt. til at falme
* blegemiddel
The best pictures hang in good light in the lightest rooms
* muntert
Bleach is a chemichal used to bleach something.
is a stunning collection of canvases by famous artists.
* strålende
* kraftig
reflektere lys
* farveægte
* lysægte
gradually lightens the colours.
* vælde ind
* -fags
and lightfast colours will do.
So exposed to sunshine the bleaching of the material
* solens lys
* lys farve
* skygge
* lysvirkning
* =
* naturligt / kunstigt …
The eyes of many men light on pictures of lightly clad (litt.) * ~ ngs. blik
or scantily clad female curves that abundantly adorn
* for letpåklædt
the lightly and scantily dressed models.
* =
* falde på ngt.
* kurver * til overflod
~ former
* letpåklædt
* pryde ng.
443 One of the guests glances at a `skylight.
* ovenlysvindue
Facing the intense light, he is dazzled.
* rette ansigtet mod
Having had the strong light in his eyes, he is blinded by
have ansigtet rettet mod
* få / have lyset i øjnene
the dazzle.
* vinduesrude / -glas
A pane of glass may accidently break.
* rude
Lighting is the arrangement or type of light
* belysning
When it’s light, natural lighting and natural light will do
10 in most rooms.
In the many dark basements and cellars it’ only possible
to see by artificial light and artificial lighting.
So people find / get / take their bearings by
candlelight or lamplight.
* blændet
* gøre ng. blind
* blændende lys
It’s hard work to clean all the windowpanes.
which lights a place and makes it lighted and light.
* skarp
* lys
* oplyse ngt.
* oplyst
* lyst
* naturlig belysning
* … lys
* kælder / -rum
* kunstig lys
* … bekysning
* orientere sig
* levende lys
* lampelys
If the light goes out it’s easy to lose one’s bearings.
* lyset går ud
* miste orienteringen
The evening shadows darken the rooms.
* gøre mørkere
In the evening, when the light begins to fail
* lys
and darkness falls, it's lighting-up time.
It’s time to light up before it gets dark.
* mørket falder på
* lygtetændingstid
* … blive mørkt
* tænde lys
20 Lighted candles in candlesticks, and oil lamps provide
* tændt
the lighting.
* belysning
Large candelabra(s) / candelabrums provide
* svinde
* tælle- / stearinlys
* lysestage
* kandelaber
the brightly lit rooms with bright light.
A candelabra or candelabrum is an object
with several branches for holding candles or lamps.
’ Have you got a light (E) – Do you have a light (E,A) –
Could you give me a light, ’ a servant asks.
They use a spill or a tinderbox to light a candle or a fire.
* klart
* oplyst ( rum )
* <<
* har du ild
* ku’ du gi’ mig ild
* fidibus
* fyrtøj
The tinderbox is fitted with a flint and steel to strike a light. * udstyret med
It holds tinder, a highly flamable material, which catches
30 the spark from the flint and steel struck together.
* tænde ngt.
* flint(e)sten
* slå ild
* optændingsmateriale
* stål
Sometimes the tinder, a candle or a fire won’t light.
* tænde, -s
If they can’t get a candle or lamp to light, it is replaced.
* få ngt. til at tænde
Steel is various artificially produced forms of iron,
* kunstigt
begynde at brænde
having a carbon content less than of pig iron and higher than * kul (-stof )
* indhold
of wrought iron and having qualities varying according to
* smedejern
composition and heat treatment to make it tempered steel.
* sammensætning
Cast iron is an alloy of iron, carbon and other elements.
* strålende / klart * lys
* støbe-
* pig- / rå-
* jern
* hærdet stål
* jern
* legering
444 A darkened room, staircase or corridor may be
* mørkt
* trappe
in complete darkness so the servants carry a lighted candle
* … mørke
* tændt
or a lighted lamp to light their way.
* lyse sig vej
So they see to put a light to the other lamps and candles.
* se at -
In the faint light the servants can just see by the light of
sørge for at * ved ngts. lys / skær
the lamp as they start to light the candles in the lamps
* tænde
* svagt …
* tænde
and candelabra, and light a fire in the fireplaces and stoves. * tænde >
In some rooms it’s pitch-`dark so if the lamp goes out
* ild
~ tænde op >
* … bælg mørkt
they are left in pitch-`darkness.
* efterladt
10 It’s awkwark to find oneself in the pitch dark,
* ubekvemt
and have to find one’s way in total darkness.
* =
* fakkel
A flight of stairs / steps leads up to the front door.
* forløb af trappetrin
The torchlight lights () `up the court and the front steps.
* fakkelskær
The entrance hall, the main stairs or main staircase,
* forhal
* oplyse
* =
* forsamlings- /
and ballroom are well lit.
festsal, aula
* balsal
They are lit by several lights mainly large candelabra(s).
* oplyse
The candelabras light `up all around.
* lyse op
and glint on all the glass and silver.
* udvendig hovedtrappe
* indvendig hovedtrappe
the assembly hall, ceremonial hall, banqueting hall
When all the candles are lit, they light up the whole room,
* kakkelovn
* bælg mørke
Several torches light the court `up.
20 The candelabrums light all the rooms `up.
* i kamin
* =
* solemnitets-
* gildehal
* godt oplyst
* lyse ngt. op
* =
* ~ lyse glimtende på ngt.
* prisme
Glints of the lights on shiny objects come from everywhere * glimt fra ngt.
as the prisms, mirrors, silverware and ladies’ jewellery
* prisme
constantly glint in the light.
* glimte i >
* skinnende
* sølvtøj
* smykker
* lyset
Lit `up all night, the brightly lit castle is a dazzle.
* oplyst * strålende * oplyst * blændende syn ( fig.)
The halls connect.
* ~ være i direkte forbindelse
The halls are connected by big beautifully decorated
* forbinde ngt.
connecting doors gleaming with wax polish
* direkte forbindende
30 A dumb waiter, used to lift food, plates etc. from one level * køkke- / madelevator
… `…
to another connects the kitchen with the banqueting hall.
* forbinde ngt .med ngt.
The kitchen, too, is a room with good light.
* … godt lys
It is warm and brightly lit.
* klart / strålende oplyst
The depositories are poorly or badly lit.
* depot, magasin
di`påzitriz E/A -`på~zitå~riz
Without a portable light it may be hard to find
what you are looking for in a room with poor or bad light.
* bærbar lys
* ringe / dårlig lys
* skinne svagt af ngt.
[email protected]
445 That night lights are burning in all rooms.
* er der tændt lys
brænder der lys
There are lights on all night.
* lys tændt
A lot of lamps, candles and flames from the fireplaces
* ildsted
give light and heat.
* give / sprede lys
* varme
The lighted rooms and lighted windows are bright all night. * oplyst
All night the palace lights up and lights up the whole area. * lyse op
* oplyse / belyse ngt.
Except for rare occations the king spends lightly.
* være forsigtig med at give penge ud
Lamps light the front door, and lighten the stairs.
* oplyse ngt.
If the lighting is bad and the light is bad,
* op-, belysning
10 the guests may easily stumble.
* dårlig
* lys
* =
* snuble
The king and his `consort await the guests in the hall.
* gemal ( -inde )
( A queen’s husband is called the prince consort.)
* prinsgemal
Happily they wait for the guests.
* =
The king has the queen on his arm
* holdende sig under armen
when they await the guests to arrive.
* vente på ng.
* vente på ng. skal
Arm in arm they wait for the guests to arrive.
* =
Their presence light () the room up.
* lyse op i ngt.
A hearty welcome awaits the guests.
* hjertlig
They welcome the guests with open arms.
* med åbne arme
20 Some dear guests are given a rapturous welcome.
Many of the female guests are lightly clad,
* ( blive ) givet >
* vente ng.
* begejstret
* velkomst
* let klædt på
* - - - under …
having a handbag on their arm, or carrying it under their arm. * have / bære ngt. på armen
Having drenched themselves in perfume,
* ~ gennemfugte sig >
some guests leave a smell of perfume in their wake.
Having applied powder and rouge to excess,
* i parfume
* kølvand
* påføre > * pudder
* rouge
and lipstick in loud, gaudy and garish ( shades of ) red,
* i overdreven grad
~ umådeholdent
* læbestift * skrigende * = * = * ( nuance af ) rød
some guests wear real heavy `make-up.
* have > på
On top of that, they often wear garish / gaudy clothes.
* kraftig
gå med >
* spraglet ( tøj ), ~ i skrigende farver
Having applied quiet lipstick and powder sparingly to
* påføre > * ~ diskret * læbestift * pudder * til ngt.
30 their faces, others guests just wear light make-up.
The guests shower / load the newly-weds with praise
* lidt
* overøse /
* nygift
belæsse ng. med ngt.
* gavebord
and presents, so the gift table is loaded with gifts.
* & sminke
The guests won’t disturb the gifts.
* flytte om på ngt.
People may fall into discrete / separate categories, e.g.
* falde i >
* lovprisning
* være belæsse med /
bugne af ngt.
* adskilte
* kategorier
dis`kri ~t
on the assumption that they are either discreet or indiscreet. * ~ ud fra den antagelse at dis`kri~t
A couple of servants follow in the wake of the royal couple. * kølvand
The servants wait on the royal family full-time,
- `…
and wait on them hand and food.
* betjene / opvarte ng.
* i alle ender og kanter
* diskret
* indiskret
* kongepar
* hele arbejdstiden
446 The wedding adds to the workload:
* ( for-) øge ngt.
it increases the staff’s workload.
* =
* arbejdsbyrde
There’s loads to do.
* der er en masse, der skal gøres
As the wedding puts additional load on the staff ,
* lægge en ekstra byrde på
the household needs extra domestic `help.
* hjælp i huset
So more staff is hired to cope with the increased workload, * klare ngt.
and extra staff is taken on in order to spread the load.
More domestics (o-f), more domestic `servants / helps,
* ansætte
* øgede
* arbejdsbyrde
* fordele
* byrde
* tjener, der arbejder i huset
are hired to do domestic `service / work.
pl: tyende, tjenestefolk
* huslig tjeneste
10 The staff is struggling to cope with the heavy workload.
* knokle
Besides the staff of servants, local waiters and waitresses * tjenerstab
assist in waiting on the royal family and waiting at table.
A lot of people want to be in waiting on the royal
* =
* tung
* tjener
* servere for / opvarte ng.
* arbejdsbyrde
* servitrice
* varte op ved >
* bord
* være i tjeneste
/ gøre sin opvartning hos
personages so the butler keeps a waiting list,
* personage
and put people on the waiting list
* sætte på …
There is a long wait; a long wait for full-time employment
* ventetid
* føre >
* … på ngt.
* venteliste
* fuldtids-
The guests wait outside the banqueting hall.
* vente
Come on ! Hurry up ! Quick ! – the guests are waiting,’
* =
the head waiter urges.
* overtjener
20 The servants are ready to wait on the guests.
* & servere for ng.
Some nobles expect to be `waited on hand and food.
* & have en tjener på hver finger
The servants wait at `table.
* varte op (ved bordet)
So if a guest is wainting to be served
* vente på at
he won’t have to be waiting long.
* vente længe
There are loads to eat.
* masser at -
If a guest is waiting for a servant, and reacts impatiently,
* vente på ng.
* utålmodigt
the servants are instructed to politely request,
* høflig
’ Wait your turn, please !
* vent til det bliver din tur
- Wait until I come back, please ! – wait till I come back !
* vent lidt
30 Everything comes to him who waits.
* ~ kan du vente kan du blive konge af Sverige
Burdened with heavy bowls, dishes, and trays, carrying
a napkin over their arm, the waiters serve around the table.
Liquids easily spill so they take care not to spill anything,
especially not to spill it down / on / over a guest.
The banquet includes both light courses
and heavy courses loaded with calories ( sg: a calorie ).
Fish and meat is served on a bed of vegetables.
The guests are requested to do justice to the dishes.
* anmode
* vent til
* bebyrdet af ngt.
* over armen
* spildes / flyde over
* spilde ngt.
* … adv.
* let
* tung
* fuld af ngt.
* leje, bund
* ~ tage for sig af retterne
* ret ( af flere )
* kalorie
447 They have a light white wine with the fish,
* let ( i smagen )
and a rich red wine with the meat courses.
* fyldig /
kraftig …
Some guests prefer a heavy dessert like a heavy cake
loaded with butter and sugar.
* tung og kalorierig
* fuld af / proppet med ngt.
Some pastry is light.
* butterdejsbagværk
* luftigt
Some guests prefer a light, refreshing dessert.
* let og kaloriefattig
Some of the guests are heavyweights
* sværvægter
who help themselves to the dishes.
* tage for sig af retterne
Eating heavily and drinking heavily
* spise / drikke meget
10 these heavy eaters and heavy drinkers
* en som spiser / drikker meget
load their stomach with food drink seemingly unaware of
* fylde /
the fatal effects of heavy eating and heavy drinking.
* voldsom æderi
prope ngt. med
Ordinarily the king is a light eater and a light drinker
who, just like the queen, only eats lightly and drinks lightly.
* normalt
* … druk
* en som ikke spiser / drikker ret mege
til daglig
* spise lidt / let
* drikke …
They don’t eat too much heavy or greasy food.
* tung
At rare occations, though, they enjoy falling to the dishes.
* tage for sig af retterne
The kitchen is fitted out for and prepared for preparing
* indrette til ngt.
* fedtholdig
* forberede på at-
and cooking both light meals and big and heavy meals,
* tilberede ved varme
and occationally big and heavy dinners.
* … middag
20 So the kitchen has a lot of heavy-duty equipment.
* robust
* let
* tilberede ngt.
* solid måltid
The chef, the chef de cuisine, the head of the kitchen,
the head cook, could do most of his work in his sleep.
The butcher has jointed the meat; he has cut it into
pieces of beef, veal, pork, mutton, chicken etc.
* køkkenchef
* =
* i søvne
* udskære / tranchere >
* kød
* oksekød * kalvekød * svinekød * lammekød * kylling
In Britain a joint of beef, veal, ect. is a large piece of meat
or roast, usually containing a bone.
* steg af …
* ( stegt ) steg
Heavy cream (E) or double cream (A) is used to make
many dishes heavy.
* ~ piskefløde ( 36 % )
* fyldig
Once the delivery of salmon was several pounds light.
* laks ( U = pl. )
* i undervægt
30 The kitchen has both light and heavy kitchen utensils
* let
* tung
light and heavy kitchenware such as light and heavy pots
* =
and pans.
* pande
All the steam and vapour from the coocking
mist () `up / cloud (up) the windows.
* køkkenudstyr
* vanddamp efter kogning
* køkkeredskab
* =
* gryde
* em ( synlig masse af
væskedråber )
* tildugge ngt.
The windows cloud (up) with steam / moisture / mist
* dugge til med > * damp, em * fugt * dug ( på rude )
as they mist up / over with condensation.
* dugge til med >
To wipe moist surfaces like the steamy / misted windows, * tørre >
they use a cloth able to absorb / retain moisture.
* fugtig ( overflade )
* opsuge / tilbageholde >
* kondens ( -vand )
* dugget ( vindue )
* fugt
448 Making omelettes /A& omelets and scrampled eggs
* omelet, æggekage
a cook breaks eggs into a bowl, and, using a fork or whisk,
* ~ slå æg op
he beats the eggs as he beats yolk and white together.
* piske >
* & røræg
* i ngt.
* æg
* gaffel
* blomme
* piskeris
* hvide
* sammen
jêuk /A& jelk
You can't make an omelette without breaking eggs.
* man kan ikke lave æggekage uden at >
Breaking eggs, and separating the whites from the yolks
* slå æg op
another cook beats the yolks together with sugar.
slå æg i stykker ( hvor der handles, der spildes )
* hviderne
* blommerne
* piske >
* blomme
* sammen med ( sukker )
Beating in the sugar, he beats (up) the paste until frothy.
* piske i <=> ngt. * … > * massen (op) * skummende
Then he whisks the egg whites to a stiff consistency
* piske > * ægge- * hvide * til > * stiv * konsistens
before he mixes the yolk paste and the stiff white ( together )
* blande ngt. og ngt. ( sammen )
so the mixture of paste and white is still light and fluffy.
* blanding af ngt. og ngt.
10 ( Today we use (egg) beaters and electric whisks. )
* piskeris / hjulpisker
* let
* ~ elpisker
The cooks have soaked dried fruit in cream sherry.
* ~ iblødsætte > * tørret * frugt
Dried apricots have been soaking overnight.
* abrikos
A clean spoon is used to spoon the abricots onto a plate,
* ske
* ~ dessert * =
* ~ ( have ) trukket / ( været ) i blød
* håndtere ngt. med ske
* over på ngt.
and then to spoon a spoon(<ful ) of topping onto the abricots. * skefuld af ngt.
* topingrediens
The cooks use lightly or richly greased pans.
* let
Sometimes they spoon melted grease over the food.
* håndteremed ske > * smeltet
They take care not to be too heavy-`handed with the salt,
* overdreven i brug af ngt.
and not to go too heavy on spices.
* luftig
* rigeligt
* smurt
* fedt
* over ngt.
* bruge meget af ngt.
Flies like to alight on foods.
* lande på ngt.
20 The cooks cover () up much foodstuff to prevent the flies
* tildække ngt.
from lighting on the foods.
* <<
It's said that too many cooks spoil the broth,
* ~ mange kokke fordærver maden ( tyk suppe )
but as many hands make light `work, plenty of waiters
* ~ mange hænder gør arbejdet let
provide a relaxed atmosphere in the banquet room.
* fest- ( middag-)
* ~ sal
The festive atmosphere has a benign influence upon
* gunstig
the spirits of all the guests even upon those of them who
used to feel clumsy, shy and awkward at parties.
* klodset, kluntet
Smiling benignly, exchanging benevolent looks and smiles, * venligt og imødekommende
the guests seem to enjoy each other’s company
30 in benign amusement.
* i>
When a clumsy guest spills his wine, he makes
* venligsindet
* munterhed
* klodset, kluntet ( person )
no clumsy attempt to excuse his clumsiness but says,
* … ( forsøg )
‘ Sorry - that was clumsy of me, ‘ when a waiter quickly
* … af ng.
uses a dry cloth to soak () up the wine.
* suge / tørre ngt. op
Butterfingers, butter-fingered or cack-handed people,
* venlig og …
* fummelfinger
are clumsy as their clumsy fingers can’t do what they should. * klodset, kluntet
* fummelfingret
* … ( person )
* … ( fingre )
449 Usually a man takes another man’s wife into dinner.
* ~ få / have ng. til borddame
and a woman takes another woman’s husband into dinner.
* … bordherre
* & være ngs. …
Singles (pl.) sit next to singles at dinner.
* enlige
A discussion gets a little heavy.
* blive tung ( alvorlig / svær at forstå / kedelig )
So the ( dinner ) partner finds the discussion heavy `going. * bordherre /-dame
The neighbour at dinner forgets herself.
* =
Letting herself being carried away, she sighs deeply
* =
and answers heavily.
She has alternate feelings of boredom and irritation.
10 Her mood alternates between boredom and irritation.
* tung / svær at følge
* forløbe sig
* dybt ( af kedsomhed )
* sløvt, trevent
* have skiftede følelser af ngt. og ngt.
* kedsomhed
* skifte mellem ngt. og ngt.
Her voice is heavily laced with irony.
* voldsomt præget af ngt.
There is a loaded `silence.
* trykkende …
Time hangs `heavy on her hands.
* føle tiden lang
She laces her fingers together out of sheer boredom.
* flette sine fingre * af bar / ren og skær * kedsomhed
The conversation is succeded by heavy `silence and only
* pinlig tavshed
kede sig
reluctantly taken up again in a heavy `atmosphere.
* =
Time still lies heavy on her hands.
* <<
Once in a while he is waiting for her to say something
* vente på at ng. …
as he expects her to comment on his small talk.
* forvente at ng. …
20 His boring talk nearly sends her to sleep.
* få ng. til at falde i søvn
She’s bored witless and has to exert herself not to
yawn sleepily / drowsily.
The consumption of wine and coffee laced with brandy
* ligegyldig snak
* kedet til døde
* anstrenge sig
* gabe
* søvnigt
* indtagelse
eventually seems to lighten their moods
* løfte ngt. humør
and lighten the conversation.
* lette samtalen
Water clouds some clear spirits (E).
* grumse ngt.
Some clear liquors (A) cloud when water is added.
gøre ngt. uklart
* =
So some alchoholic drinks are clear and some are cloudy.
* uklar
The gentleman sitting next to the lady remembers a joke
* komme i tanke om ngt.
* spædet op med
* klar
* spirituøs drik
* blive …
30 to lighten the atmosphere.
' Please don't stand on ceremony (E),' the lady request.
Apparently he has lightened the atmosphere
* lette stemningen
* ikke være formel
* =
and broken the ice by telling the joke
* bryde isen
as her eyes light up with laughter.
* øjne >
Their mood lightens, the conversation lightens,
and the whole atmosphere lightens.
Sometimes they just sit soaking () up the atmosphere.
* lyse op af ngt.
* lette / stige
* lettes
* stemning >
* løfte sig
* ~ indsuge /
lade sig gennemstrømme af ( atmosfæren )
[email protected]
450 The music and the speeches are played and written
with delicate light and shade.
* fin
The king’s speech is full of wit and wisdom.
* vid
He begins his speech with a few serious subjects
but gradually it becomes lighter in tone.
* nuancer
* lettere i tonen
Keeping her tone light, the queen narrates both
the serious and the lighter sides of life at the court.
She’s a witty speaker, and relating the lighter moments
* holde sig til et let tonefald
* kvik og vittig
of her life, her dry wit has everybody laughing.
* vid og humor
10 Her light-`hearted speech laced with witty asides
* munter
receives loud applause.
* modtage / få >
The evening programme includes both serious
and light music.
* berette /
fortælle om ngt.
* fortælle /
berette om ngt.
* lysere …
* få ng. til at -
* iblandet
spækket med
* kvik
* højt bifald
* indbefatte / byde på ngt.
* let
The programme is led `off by a famous piano player.
* indledt med ngt.
Playing with effortless artistry, the piano player leads off.
* ubesværet
He leads the music programme off.
* indlede ngt.
He is famous for his alternating touch:
* vekslende
* kunstnerisk dygtighed
* =
* anslag
his lightness and gentleness of touch alternating with
* lethed * forsigtighed * i anslaget * afveksle med ngt.
heaviness and firmness of touch.
* kraftfuldhed
20 The pianist plays the piano with consummate (attr.) skill
* virtuos
* fasthed
* fuldendt
* kunnen
* virtuositet
kên`sûmêt / `kånsêmêt
and breathtaking virtuosity.
* betagende
Alternating a light and a heavy touch with eminent skill,
* skifte mellem
* fremragende
the virtuoso pianist masters the art of
ngt. og ngt.
* virtuos
alternating a delicate touch with a firm touch.
* lade ngt. afveksle med ngt.
skifte mellem ngt. og ngt.
Touching music makes some people’s eyes mist over.
* rørende
In spite of the fact that he is a famous composer
* komponist
and a piano virtuoso, the pianist is a wise and virtuous man
* mestre kunsten at -
* ~ få tårer i øjnene
* klavervirtuos
* anstændig
who lives an entirely virtuous life.
* =
Even if the pianist could play the music consummately
* kunne >
* fuldendt
30 in his sleep, he never feels virtuous because of his skills. * gøre ngt. i søvne
There is a few minutes wait between the acts.
* venten
His virtuoso performance has his audience applauding
* virtuos
* selvretfærdig
loudly / thunderously / rapturously.
The consummate performer, composer and virtuoso
gets an award which is not given lightly.
* højt
* få ng. til at * tordnende
* bifalde
* henrykt
vildt begejstret
* fuldendt
* skødesløst
uden vægtig grund
The royal performance consummates his career,
* fuldbyrde ngt.
and the award is the consummation of his life’s work.
* fuldbyrdelse af ngt.
He doesn’t remember to have ever received light applause. * let / spredt bifald
* livsværk
451 Even if the room is brightly lit, some of the musicians
* klart oplyst
read the notes in a bad light.
* i et dårligt lys
One of them realizes he is standing in his own light.
* skygge for sig selv
So moving into the light, he brings his notes into the light * flytte sig ind i …
so he can see them clearly.
* bringe ngt. …
* klart
Somebody is standing in another one’s light.
* stå i ngs. lys, ~ tage lyset fra ng.
So he asks politely,’ Could you move a little to the left –
you are ( standing ) in my light.’
* ~ tage lyset fra ng.
The `orchestra wins thunderous applause.
10 The audience applaud thunderously.
* orkester
* tordende
* bragende
A lightning artist wins loud applause.
* lyn- / hurtigtegner
Later in the evening there is a light dance.
* uhøjtidelig
Joining in the dance and joining in the fun,
* slutte sig til ngt.
the guests join hands and dance round and round.
Everytime dancers step out with fatigue, others join in.
* få kraftig bifald
* tage hinanden i hænderne
* træde ud
* af træthed
* give sig til at være med
* træde
* let, forsigtigt, skødesløst
adræt, elegant
* lystspil
The indefatigable queen treads, walks and dances lightly. * utrættelig
She likes best light music, light opera and light comedy.
* let
She never answers lightly, though.
* skødesløst
The servants had been told to leave the light on,
* lade lyset brænde
* operette
20 and leave the light burning the whole night if required.
Usually they just leave a light on in the kitchen.
* hvis / om påkrævet
* efterlade >
* et lys tændt
& lade et lys brænde
Many of the guests are indefatigable
* utrættelig
- `fa -
so the rest of the party go on indefatigably
* =
while the newly married couple retire.
Clearing the tables, and keeping the lights on all night,
the waiters clear up after the guests.
* rydde ( af ) >
* bord
* ~ lade lysene brænde
* rydde op efter ng.
The whole area is lit up by the palace.
* oplyse ngt.
Only a few guests are invited to sleep `over, so all night
* overnatte
there are vehicles waiting for the rest of the guests.
* vente på ng.
30 Having been waiting with their carriages and coaches
* vente med ngt.
to bring the guests home, the coachmen crack their whips
* kusk
* knalde / smelde ( med ) >
one after another / the other to make the horses start pulling. * en efter en / den ene efter den anden
The dew may fall during the night, and in the mornig,
the dewy landscape may be shrouded in mist
Dewdrops glint / sparkle in the morning sunligt,
and, as the sun rises, early morning mist patches clear.
As the sun glints on the dewy grass, glints of silver
reflect from the grass wet with dew.
* duggen >
* dugget
* falder
* hyldet i >
* dugdråbe
* dis
* flage
~ flager af dis
* glimte på ngt.
* dugget
* våd af dug
* dis
* glimte + adv.
* gå i opløsning
* glimt af ngt.
452 Not until the first light appears and glints off
* første morgenlys
the windows of the palace, the servants put out the light.
* slukke >
They must remember to put all the lights out.
and check that all the lights are out.
* lys (-ene ) er slukket
* … gå ud
As the mornin sun glints on the windows,
* glimte på ngt.
and the windows glint in the sun (<light ), the servants
* glimte i ngt.
fasten the windows surely so that they do not blow open.
* lukke ngt.
10 It may need new fasteners / fastenings.
Some shutters are fastened in front of the windows
in the night and fastened back every morning.
* lyset
* … lysene
Some lights go out by themselves.
If a window won’t fasten, it must be repaired.
* tilbagekastes fra ngt.
* forsvarligt
* lukke og fæstne
* lukkemekanisme
* lukke of fæstne ngt.
* fastgøre bagtil
Some servants sleep `in while others sleep `out.
* have sovekvarter der på stedet
The servants keep breakfast waiting for the guest
* holde ngt. parat
who stayed over`night / stayed the night / stayed over.
Though the palace only sleeps 50 guests,
they manage to bed 20 more guests.
Later in the morning or later in the day, some guests
* kunne have ng. sovende
* give ng. sengeleje
* senere om …
* sove længe
20 light for breakfast before they leave.
one of the guests stays in bed all day.
* … andetsteds
* overnatte
who slept `in, slept `late or over`slept just have something
Waking up with a hangover, having a terrible hangover,
* blæse op
* & op ad dagen
* =
* … over sig
* med tømmermænd
* have …
Looking forward to going home to go and soak in the bath, * ~ gå i bad og lade sig gennembløde
he'll have a long soak.
The launderers or washers ( mostly laundresses
* gennemblødning
* vaskeperson
or washerwomen ) bring all the laundry to the laundry room * =
where they do the laundry / launder the clothes.
* ~ iblødsætte ngt.
They give the laundry a good soak.
* give ngt. >
30 They leave it to soak in water with washing soda for hours * gennemblødes
After washing, when the laundry has dried
and folded (up), there’s a pile of ironing to be done.
* vaskerum
* ~ vaske og klargøre tøjet
* vasketøj
* en god gennemvædning
~ en god gang iblødsætning
* vaske* soda
* udbløde ngt.
* ( vasketøj ) tørre
* § lægge ngt. sammen * stabel af > * tøj til strygning
Using an iron, they start doing the ironing.
* strygejern
Busy ironing, busy ironing all the laundry,
* stryge
they have to iron () out all creases.
* vaskekone
* vasketøj
* ~ gøre tøjvaskearbejdet
They soak the laundry / E& washing before they wash it
to soak () off some of the dirt and filth.
* =
* ~ bortstryge ngt.
* klare >
* strygning
* … ngt.
* fold
453 The newly married couple sleep through.
Sleeping through all kinds of disturbance(s),
they manage to sleep through the morning
Waking up late in the morning without hangovers,
they have slept right through till lunchtime.
Even if tears of joy have smudged the queen’s mascara,
* nygifte
* sove igennem
* sove fra ngt.
* forstyrrelse(r)
* … hele vejen gennem
* & om formiddagen
* uden tæmmermænd
* sove igennem lige til
* udtvære ngt.
and her lipstick has smudged, the king finds her so attractive
* blive tværet ud
that he showers her with kisses.
* overøse ng. med ngt.
Instead of breakfast and lunch the newly-weds have
10 brunch in bed.
* morgenmad
* frokost
* frokost og morgenmad samtidig
They pull the servant’s bell and wait.
* trække i ngt.
The kitchen staff has been waiting for the bellpull to ring.
* vente på ngt. at -
After a while there is a light tap at / on the door.
* let
The waiting-maid (o-f) must knock before she enters.
* banke på
She taps lightly / gently at / on the door.
* kammerpige
The king and queen miss the tapping.
* overhøre ngt.
There is then a loud knock at / on the door
* bank på ngt.
* i sengen
* klokkestreng
* vente
* klokkestreng
* bank på
* banke
* let
and after a suitable time a sharp rap at / on the door
* passende * tidsrum * hårdt * bank (- en ) på ngt.
20 as she first knocks then raps at / on the door.
* banke på ( døren )
Having been allowed to come in, she comes into the room
carrying a loaded tray.
* … gentagende gange
* fyldt
* bakke
The tray is loaded with all that the heart could desire.
* belæsset med ngt.
They have a big brunch.
* stor
They smear butter on the bread.
* smøre / tvære ngt. ud på ngt.
* alt hvad hjertet kan begære
Having smeared the bread with butter,
they smear strawberry jam over the butter.
Jam is stored in a jam jar of earthenware ( or glass ).
* smøre ngt. med ngt.
* … ngt. >
* jordbær
* syltetøj
* krukke
* over ngt.
* lertøj
They have tea and coffee with single cream, coffee cream * kaffefløde
30 or light cream (A).
Tea and coffee are stored in tea and coffee jars,
or in tea and coffee canisters ( E& a ( tea ) caddy ).
* =
* te- / kaffe* dåse
A teapot and a coffee pot each with a handle and a spout * tepotte
are used for making and serving tea and coffee,
* krukke
* kaffekande
Coffee is poison to some people.
* tud
* filter
~ kaffepose
* kaffe-
* pose
A tea strainer and a coffee filter bag are used to separate * tesi
the tea leaves and the coffee grounds from the extract.
* håndtag
* te-
* kaffe
* blade
* den rene gift
* ~grums
454 The king and queen relate the events of the day before. * berette /
Their minds are loaded with memories / recollections.
* begivenhed
sammenholde ngt.
* fuld af >
Their memory is burdened by a hotchpotch (eE) of events: * tynget /
it’s burdened with a hodgepotch (A) of events
No matter the jumble of events makes their brain reel,
belastet af
* =
* sammensurium
* det til at køre rundt i hovedet
and the ragbag (E) of memories makes their head swim
* =
the chief events of the eventful wedding stand out clearly.
* hovedbegivenhed
They talk about the highlights of yesterday’s events,
* =
* begivenhedsrig
* højdepunkt
* skille sig ud
* gårsdagen’s …
the highlights of the speeches and the entertainment.
* =
10 They are pleased by the burden of most speeches.
* hovedvægten
They don’t burden, encumber or trouble their minds
* fra dagen før
* erindringer
* sammensurium
* bebyrde >
* =
* besvære >
* sind
with flatteries as they let insincere praise
* med ngt.
go in ( through / at ) one ear and out (of / at) the other.
* gå ind ad det ene øre og ud ad det andet
The queen eventually highlights the wedding night
as the event of the day.
* tomme smigrende bemærkninger
* kaste lys på / fremhæve >
* nat
* dagens højdepunkt
The king had lit a lamp by lighting the wick.
* tænde >
The wick had lit at once.
* tænde
When the lamp had lit up, the king helped her (to)
* =
* lampe
* =
* væge
begynde at brænde
unfasten her dress.
-`20 He lit her to bed with light footsteeps
* lukke ngt. op
holding the lamp at arm’s lenght.
* ud i strakt arm
løsne / løsgøre ngt.
* lyse ng. vej til ngt.
Everything looked grey in the dim light of the flame / lamp.
* svagt lys
‘ Come to my arms, ‘ the queen whispered.
* kom i mine arme
He didn’t keep her waiting in bed.
* lade ng. vente
The king smeared scented oil on his hands,
* smøre ngt. på ngt.
* lette trin
dunkel skær
* parfumeret
and smeared the fragrant oil all over her expectant body.
As he smeared the queen with the oil, the air became
fragrant with scents from the oil.
* … ud over
* velduftende
* forventningsfuld
* indsmøre ngt. med ngt.
* velduft
Having the requisite of/ for tact, and having a light hand, * have * fornødent element af / * ~ være let på hånden
grundlag for ngt.
30 the king had `consummated the marriage
behændig, taktfuld
* fuldbyrde ngt.
- ei -
with `consummate tact and light movements.
* fuldendt
* finfølelse
* let / forsigtig
* bevægelse
& kên`sûmit
In bed they had no secrets from each other.
* have hemmeligheder for ng.
There are no dark secrets between them,
* dyster / skummel …
and between them a promise will never be broken lightly.
Smeared with oil, their bodies touched lightly,
and soon their secret parts joined in love.
* ~ uden videre / tankeløst
* indsmurt i ngt.
* kønsdele
With requisite tact, he fulfilled her lightests wish.
* fornøden ( takt )
They were both on cloud `nine.
* være >
* berøre hinanden
* forene sig / -s
* opfyld >
* let
* i kærlighed
* mindste ønske
* ~ i den syvende himmel
[email protected]
455 A tiresome and tiring clean(-)up awaits the servants.
* besværlig
* trættende
* oprydning
* vente ng.
The whole palace is ( in ) a mess; all the rooms are untidy. * roderi ( det roder i …)
The Lord Chamberlain of the Household has the task of
managing the court.
So it’s his business to set the domestics to work.
* rodet
* hofmarchal
* have til opgave at -
* ngs. opgave
* sætte ng. > * tjener
* i gang
/ hverv at pl. tyende
med at Domestic servants must be tidy people with tidy habits.
* person, der arbejder
* pæn og ordentlig
* =
i huset / pl. tjenestefolk
The staff of servants takes care that the palace is kept tidy, * tyendet
* ordentlig, ryddelig
especially that the royal apartments are kept neat and tidy.
* gemak
* net, pæn
* =
The royal gardeners keep the gardens and flower beds tidy. * gartner
10 The staff starts (E& start) work (U) early in the morning,
* =
* begynde på / gå i gang med >
It starts / they start on it’s / their work with determination.
* … sit …
`Setting about the business of clearing the tables
* gå i gang med /
and cleaning the palace, everybody sets `to.
Setting about their work, the servants set about
cleaning and tidying (up) after the guests.
As they start clearing up and cleaning up,
begynde på ngt.
* rengøre ngt.
* ordne ngt.
the untidy and messy palace.
* uordentlig
20 The dirty floors are smeared with spills of food and drink. * beskidt
be cleaned.
In the messy kitchen, dirty and greasy pots and pans,
* … at * rydde op
* efter ng.
rydde op
* rydde op
in order to tidy (`up), clear () up, and clean () up
Smudgy and smeary windows and mirrors are waiting to
* gå ivrigt i gang
* gøre rent
* rydde ngt. op
are smudged and smeared with fingerprints.
* rydde bord
* begynde på ngt.
they start to clear () `up and clean () up all the mess
The smudged and smeared windows and mirrors
* arbejd /
hverv med at -
* arbejdet
* gøre rent
* =
* ordne / rengøre ngt.
* =
* rodet
* tilsvinet med ngt.
* tilplettet
* tilfedtet
* … med ngt.
* tilplettet
* ~ spildt
* … med ngt.
* tilfedtet
* vente på at -
* rengøre ngt.
* rodet
are all waiting to be cleaned / washed together with a lot
* beskidt
* fedtet
* stak * indsmurt i /
* fedt * sovs
* sovs
snavset til med ngt.
( af kødsaft )
* vaske ngt. op
of smudgy glasses, smudged with fingerprints and lipstick.
* tilsmudset
Smears and smudges of lipstick are difficult to remove.
* plamager
stacks of plates, smeared with grease, gravy, and sauce,
* tilsmudse ngt. med ngt.
* … af ngt.
30 Tidying (up), cleaning () (up), clearing () up the kitchen,
* gøre ngt. i orden
the kitchen domestics tidy () away the kitchenware,
* rydde ngt. væk
clear and clean the dirty kitchen tables,
* rydde ngt.
* rengøre ngt.
tidy (up) the kitchen range, and tidy (up) the cupboards.
* ordne ngt.
* brændekomfur
* rydde op og gøre rent i ngt.
They give the tables a thorough wipe.
* give ngt. en aftørring
Wiping all the tables, they wipe () `up all kinds of spill(s).
* tørre ngt.
They sweep and wash the filthy floor.
* feje ngt.
When the floor has been cleaned, the untidy and filthy
* gøre ngt. rent
* uordentlig
* ren
* ordentligt
kitchen finally ends up clean and tidily arranged.
* … ngt. op
* beskidt
* =
* spildte sager
* meget beskidt
* =
* ryddet op
456 The royal couple don’t get out of bed till late in the day.
* ~ komme ud af fjerene
Their bed is untidy, their dirty clothes lie in an untidy heap * uordentlig
on the dirty floor, and their hair is untidy.
* sent på / op ad dagen
* beskidt
* =
* bunke
* uglet
The king’s chamberlain, the Lord-in-`Waiting
* konges / prins’ …
* kammerherre
or Lord of the Bedchamber attends the king
* =
while the queen’s lady’s maid, the lady-in-`waiting,
* kammerpige
waits upon the queen.
* opvarte ng.
The queen keeps her dressing table /A& vanity tidy.
* holde ngt.
She keeps some toilet requisites neatly on the table,
* opbevare >
10 and keeps other toiletries tidily in the drawers.
* opvarte ng.
* dronnings / prinsesses …
* toiletbord
* ryddeligt
* toiletsager
* ordentligt, sirligt
i nydelig orden
* i pæn orden
* =
As soon as the royal couple have left the untidy bedroom,
the chars, charladies and charwomen go on tidying up.
* =
* soveværelse / -gemak
* rengøringskone * = * =
* gå i gang * rydde op
med at * sovegemak
* & i alle ender og
They tidied (up) the bedchamber (o-f) from top to bottom, * rydde op i ngt.
before they clean the windows.
* pudse vinduer
The dirty sheets are smeared with oily, greasy, viscous, * beskidt * lagen * snavse /
and wet substances and smudged with lipstick and powder.
Doing the cleaning the maid takes care of
* våd
* oliet * fedtet * flydende
snaske til med ngt.
* stof
* =
* gøre rent
the smudgy sleepwear, night clothes or nightwear,
* beskidt
and the smeary sheets full of smudges and smears:
* =
20 smears of butter, jam and oil etc.
* plamage
* nattøj, -kåbe
morgen-, etc
* plamager
She’ll also changes the soiled bedding – the bedclothes / * beskidt
E& the ( bed> ) covers – and makes the bed
* sengetøj
with clean bedlinen, clean sheets and pillowcases.
* sengelinned
* nattøj
* =
* =
* syltetøj
* sengetøj
* sengetøj
/ -udstyr
* rede seng
* hovedpudebetræk
She covers the bed with a bedspread / E& bedcover,
and puts a couple of cushions at the head of the bed.
She tidies () away the clean clothes which do not need
washing, and tidies () up the wardrobe.
Loaded down with a heap of laundry in her arms
dække ngt. med ngt
* pude
* rydde ngt. væk
* rent ( tøj )
* rydde op i
* ( over-) belæsset med >
she leaves a tidy bedchamber carrying a feather duster
* ~ støvekost af fjer
30 under her arm.
* under armen
The wedding cost a tidy sum.
* sengetæppe
* bunke
* betragtelig / net ( sum )
The newly married couple want to spend their honeymoon * tilbringe >
by the sea.
* i sine arme
* bryllupsrejse
* ved havet
So they go to the seaside (eE) for / on their honeymoon.
* tage ( ud ) til >
They honeymoon at / by the seaside.
* holde bryllupsrejse
While the honeymooners are on their honeymoon,
* bryllupsrejsende
* kysten
* på bryllupsrejse
* ved kysten / havet
* være på …
highly trusted people take care of the daily routine at the castle. *
The honeymoon passes fast: it passes very quickly.
* bryllupsrejse
* gå hurtigt
* =
457 The workload is reduced after the wedding.
* arbejdsbyrde
* mindske
The kitchen have the meals waiting for the royal couple.
* have ngt. stående og vente ( på ng.)
They have breakfast, lunch, dinner or supper waiting.
* have >
’ What’s for supper ?’ the king often asks.
’ Wait and see,’ the queen replies to keep him waiting
* vent og se
* lade ng. vente
in suspence if there’s something unexpected waiting –
* i spænding
* ngt. venter
if there’s perhaps a nice suprise waiting for him.
* … på ng.
* aftensmad
Sometimes the king is long in coming.
* være længe om at komme
He may be a long time coming.
* =
* ventende
lade vente på sig
10 If he’s home late in the evening or late at night,
* være / komme hjem
the queen often waits `up, waiting up for him.
* sidde oppe og vente
‘ I’m sorry I’m late – I’m sorry for having kept you waiting,‘
the king says apologetically .
* … på ng.
* lade ng. vente
* undskyldende
The queen looks forward to get in the family way.
* komme i lykkelige omstændigheder
Soon the queen is expecting: expecting a baby / child.
* vente sig ( barn )
The parents expect their first in March.
* vente ( barn )
The expectant parents look forward to the happy event.
* vordende
The consummation of the marriage is soon visible.
* fuldbyrdelse af ( ægteskab )
The expectant mother’s growing abdomen betrays
* vordende
`abdêmên / ab`dêu -
* maveregion
20 the fact that she is pregnant – pregnant with their first
possibly conceived on their wedding night.
* undfange ng.
her eyes feel heavy with fatigue.
* øjne, ~ øjenlåg føles tunge >
Drifting off, she drifts off to sleep for a moment.
* døse hen
As her joints feel stiff, she enjoys to doze on the sofa.
* led
Having drowsed on the couch for a while,
* døse / slumre
30 asks her, ‘ Why don’t you go and have a sleep (E)? ‘
‘ Go to bed – you’re sick.’ he repeats –
‘ you’ll be all the better for a good night’s sleep.’
Breathing heavily, and feeling light-`headed,
she goes off to sleep as soon as she’s in bed.
* … med ng.
* højgravid
* søvnig / døsig
Realizing she nods off to sleep, the expectant father
* afsløre >
* gravid
Although it’s only afternoon, she feels sleepy / drowsy.
she wakes up only to drop `off to sleep again.
* i / til marts
* glædelig begivenhed
* ( det fak
At a time when the queen is heavily pregnant,
* første
* af træthed
* … og falde i søvn
* stiv
* døse / slumr
* på sofaen
* =
* ~ døse hen
* =
* ~ vordende ( far )
* tage sig en lur
* gå i seng
* få det meget bedre efter en god nats søvn
* ånde / trække vejret tungt
* falde i søvn
* svimmel
ør, uklar
* være kommet i seng
Having a fever, the queen drifts into a deep sleep.
* have feber
As he hears a snore, the king knows she’s fallen asleep.
* snork
Having got a bad cold, she is in bed with a heavy cold.
* få en > * slem forkølelse * ligge i sengen med > * =
Having fallen into a deep sleep, she snores heavily.
* falde i …
* glide ind i >
* dyb søvn
* snorke tungt
458 The king joins her at her sickbed as much as possible.
Looking at the snorer with utmost affection, the king
listens to her snores with acute, intense, and deep anxiety.
Heavy and laboured breathing and heavy snoring,
* slutte sig til /
* sygeleje
komme og være sammen med ng.
* snorkende person
* snork * stærk * intens
* tungt >
* hengivenhed
ømhed, kærlighed
* dyb
* bekymring
* besværet * åndedræt * tung snorken
højt og dybt
interrupted by a heavy groan or a heavy sigh, are succeeded * tung
* ngt. efterfølges af ngt.
by periods when she breathes at a fast pace, short of breath. * ånde hurtigt
* kort- / stakåndet
Fortunately, as her breathing eases and gets better,
* åndedræt
she drifts into a light slep, now just accompanied by
gentle snoring.
* let snorken
10 The king only has / suffers from a slight cold.
* let, mild
He only had a slight attack of ( common ) cold.
* lettes
* blive bedre
* forkølelse
* være ramt af / udsat for >
* mildt
As she gets better, she tries to make `light of the situation, * få det bedre, ~ komme sig
but the king can tell that she is worried.
During her pregnancy, like many other pregnant women,
the queen acquires a taste for special kinds of food.
When she’s better she has an irrepressible
and uncontrollable desire to eat (a)round the clock.
‘ How heavy am I ? – how much do you think I weigh ? –
* graviditet
* gravid
* få smag for ngt.
* kommet sig
* uimodståelig
* ukontrollabel
* ønske /
trang til at -
* tung
* tungere end -
20 The king never makes light of her difficulties or worries.
* lade hånt om / bagatellisere ngt.
the queen assures.
Childbirth (U) is an event which always involves
of both mother and child easily cast a cloud over the event.
The queen’s smile betrays the fact that her happines is
* kaste en skygge over ngt.
* … ( det faktum ) at -
consummated when a fine healthy baby boy sees the light
* fuldbyrdet
on an otherwise lazy / drowsy afternoon in April.
* doven / søvnig
* fin * sund
~ velskabt
30 It was quite an event, and then on April 1st ( the first ). E / * noget af en begivenhed
on 1st ( the first of) April E / A: on April 1 ( first ).
They all need a little light relief at the end of the delivery.
It was certainly no April `fool,
and no one makes an April fool of them this year.
døgnet rundt
* veje ngt.
* komme sig
Fear of complications and fears for the lives and safety
* på alle tidspunkter
* noget at ånde lettet op ved
Fortunately, the queen recovers quickly.
considerable risks.
* ~ tage sig ngt. let
I feel two times heavier than I used to be,’ she jokes.
‘ I’m glad you here – I could do with a little light relief,’
* angreb af …
* ~ komme til verden
* den …
* =
* let
* aflastning, lettelse
~ noget at ånde lettet op ved
* aprilsnar
* lave … med ng.
* fødsel
459 A baby may be delivered by a Caesarean ( `section ),
* kejsersnit
si- / sê`zeêriên
a surgical operation in which the baby is delivered through
* kirurgisk operation
an incision made in the abdominal wall and the womb
* ( ind-) snit
* bugvæg
* livmoder
so called because Julius Caesar was said to have
been born in this way.
Caesarian ( section ) is an abnormal delivery, employed
* anormal, abnorm
when a baby cannot be delivered through the vagina;
* & skede
for instance because it is abnormally positioned or is
* unormalt
too large to pass through the birth canal.
* fødselsvejene
10 In the old days, before an(a)esthetic drugs were invented, * bedøvelsesmiddel
the woman was awake during the operation.
* vågen
The mother puts the baby to the breast.
* lægge ng. til sit bryst
When she has given the baby the breast,
* give ng. …
the sleepyhead often falls asleep.
* sovetryne
Usually falling into deep sleep he sleeps deeply.
* falde i dyb søvn
Sometimes the mother’s arm or leg goes to sleep.
* give sig til at sove
When an arm or leg is asleep she changes position.
* ~ sove
A new-born baby is usually a heavy `sleeper.
* nyfødt
Sleeping heavily, the baby sleeps (a)round the clock.
* sove tungt
20 The baby has startling dark blue eyes.
When mother and child are fast asleep and sleep well,
* falde i søvn
* sove tungt
* en, der sover tungt
* … døgnet rundt
* klar ( om farve )
* mørkeblå
* sove fast ( sovende )
* sove godt
the father takes care not to wake them up –
* vække ng.
they must have their sleep `out.
* ~ få sovet ud
He often lays his child to sleep.
* lægge ng. til at sove / & i seng
The baby is light as a feather .
* let som en fjer
When he put his child to bed, he puts his child to sleep.
* <<
Although the baby is a(n) (a)round-the-clock sleeper,
* en, der sover døgnet rundt
it doesn’t sleep through – it doesn’t sleep through the night.
A child may sleep badly and wake up crying.
30 An erupting tooth may cause pain.
* sove igennem
… dårligt
* vågne
* frembrydende
`Baby teeth / E& milk teeth erupt during early childhood.
* bryde frem
The set of baby teeth is replaced by a set of
* sæt mælketænder
permanent teeth.
* <<
* blivende …
Much of the parents’ life revolves around their child.
* dreje sig / handle om ngt.
At a time they have to wean the baby.
* vænne ng. fra
Little by little, being weaned onto solid food, the baby must * … ng. til ngt.
be weaned off a fluid diet, and weaned from suckling.
[email protected]
* vænne ng. fra ngt.
* … fra at -
* die
460 Having gained weight the queen is a true heavyweight, * tage på ( i vægt )
several kilos heavier than she was.
The king, on the contrary, has lost weight –
he’s a lightweight just a few kilos lighter than he was.
The queen has to diet to lose weight.
So she sticks to a light diet and light meals,
while the king has a heavier diet and bigger meals.
The queen is soon well enough to a little light exercise
* flere
* tabe sig
* letvægter
* kost, føde
* kalorierig
* let
* regelmæssig
10 Although the parents themselves spent much time
taking care of their child, a nanny is hired to lighten
* lette >
the queen’s workload.
* arbejdsbyrde
soiled with liquid and semi-solid waste.
* lettere
lettere end gennemsnittet
* være på diet
spise særlig kost
* holde sig til
* kaloriefattig
so she takes regular light exercise.
Usually the nanny changes the baby’s dirty nappy (E)
* sværvægter
tungere end gennemsnittet
* tungere end -
* motion
* let
* beskidt
* ble
* tilsvinet med ngt.
On order to keep the o`ffensive odour away from her nose, * modbydelig
she holds the soiled diaper(A) at arm’s lenght.
* holde ngt.
The nanny must be a light sleeper
* en, der sover let
Drifting or falling into a light sleep or light doze,
* glide ( ind i )
and sleeping lightly she is able to wake up lightly
* sove let
20 from her light sleep.
* let søvn
While she carries and cradles the baby in her arms
the parents can sleep through it all.
* stank
* beskidt
Has the baby woken (up) yet – has he wakened (up) –
* vågne
has he awakened yet.
* =
* vugge ngt.
30 Sometimes they pass a sleepless night worrying
* tilbringe
* behøve mange timers søvn
Yet, when they sometimes don’t get to sleep,
* falde i søvn, få sovet
it often has to wake up the sleepy parents.
* =
* =
* =
* med et sæt
* en søvnløs ( nat )
~ ligge søvnløs ( hele natten )
* vågen ( nat )
Normally they don’t need many hours’ sleep.
A splash of cold water in the face usually wakes them up;
* timer, ~ tid
* vågne ( op ) >
* få ( nogle få ) timers søvn
and look sleepy in the morning.
* i sine arme
* vække ng.
his mother and father, they may only get a few hours’ sleep.
and pass a wakeful night, they really feel sleepy,
* … døs
* vågne let
`emphasizing,’ Don’t waken up the baby – don’t awaken him * indskærpe
as they spend a wakeful night worrying about their child.
* let søvn
* sove fra ngt.
* vågne
If the sick child wakes up with a start, and needs
* ud i strakt arm
* falde i
* bære / holde ngt.
During their waking hours the parents regularly ask,’
As they don’t intend to waken the baby (up), they keep
* let
* stor
* tilbringe
* en vågen ( nat )
~ ligge vågen ( hele natten )
* se søvnig ud
* sjask ( vand )
* =
* føle sig søvnig
* gøre ng. mere vågen
461 Most people talk in their sleep.
* i søvne
Some people sleepwalk; they walk while asleep.
* gå i søvne
* =
Suffering from sleepwalking also called somnambulism.
* søvngængeri
* =
If a sleeper walks in his sleep, the sleep-walker
* sovende
should just be taken by the arm and guided back to bed.
Awake or asleep, the babe in `arms (o-f) is
the light of his parents’ eyes.
* i søvne
* søvngænger
* tage ng. i armen
* vågen
* sovende * barn, der ikke er begyndt at gå
* ~ øjesten
One day the infant in arms or child in arms
will be light of foot, perhaps a light-footed rascal,
* <<
* let til bens
* =
* slubbert
10 noisy and mischievous.
* ondsindet, ~ drillesyg ( om børn )
‘ Will he eventually be a burden to us, unruly,
* sluttelig
ungovernable, and unmanagable ? ’ the king asks,
* =
- ‘ Will he make enough noise to wake the dead ? ‘
* ~ støje som ind i helvede
* være en byrde for
’ Wait and see,’ the queen answers.
* ~ det vil vise sig
‘ Will he need a firm hand,’ the king goes on.
* fast hånd
’ Let us wait and see.’
Some adults find it difficult to relate to children.
* forholde sig til ng.
The personal and social development of the child
* =
& se tiden an
are strongly and inextricably linked.
* være >
20 Strong family ties link a family together.
* knytte ng. / ngt. sammen
A child learns how to link words to objects, action(s)
and conception(s) / `concepts.
* uregerlig
* uløseligt
* forbundet
* =
* undfangelse, opfattelse,
* ide, begreb
ide, begreb
* ~ overøse ng. med ngt.
Showering their love (up)on their children,
the parents distance themselves from heavy-`handed
* lægge afstand til ngt.
child-rearing methods / methods of upbringing.
They dissociate themselves from harsh punishment.
As they disavow cruel, severe and unkind punishment
* tage afstand fra /
nægte at støtte ngt.
* & nægte at vedkende sig ngt.
* streng, grusom
they take vigorous exception to harsh punishment.
So they are not too heavy on their children.
* tage >
* ( kraftig ) afstand fra ngt.
* streng mod ng.
30 They would never crown them with a heavy blow,
* ~ give ng. en ( ordentlig en ) på hovedet
or give them a ( sharp ) rap on / over the knuckles.
* give ng. et ( hårdt ) rap /
en ( ordentlig en ) over nallerne
* med >
They agree only to crown them with a light blow.
* ~ slå ng. oven i hovedet
If they find it necessary to rap their knuckles, they just
* give ng. nogen over nallerne
give them a light rap on / over / across the knuckles.
* give ng.
* let
* let
* slag
* rap over fingrene
Parents who expect their children to be a paragon of virtue, * dydsmønster
and their upbringing to be problem-free and unproblematic
* problemfri
may be in for a rude awakening.
* ~ kunne vente sig ngt.
Some people are weaned on ( a diet of ) rigid discipline.
* uproblematisk
* en brat opvågning
* vænnet til ngt. fra en tidlig alder * streng * disciplin
462 Happily married to the light of his `life,
* sit livs lys
and having added much to his experience
* blive ( mange ) erfaringer rigere
the king recalls his sexual awakening innocently starting
* opvågnen
with heavy `petting.
* heftigt kæleri
gryende bevidsthed
Two princes and two princesses see the light ( of day ).
* se dagens lys
komme til verden
Every time there’s great rejoicing at / over the happy news. * ( stor ) glæde over ngt.
It’s a time of rejoicing(s).
* ( tid) fuld af glæde
Each time the parents have cause to rejoice:
* glæde sig
glædesfyldt ( tid )
they rejoice at expecting an increace,
* glædes ved / fryde sig over at -
10 rejoice over the addition to the family,
* =
and rejoice in the sound of quick light footsteps all around.
* =
* let
* fodtrin
* … at -
They rejoice that all their children thrive.
Even if their children don’t always keep out of mischief,
* holde sig fra ngt.
* spilopper
* arte sig godt
the parents rejoice to see them develop and shape well.
Everyrtime the king returns after some time of absence
* =
from home, the children rush to greet him arms outstretched. * fare afsted for at -
* med udstrakte arme
‘ Come quick(ly) ! Come on ! Quick ! ’ they rap out.
* hurtigt
Each of them want to get to him quickest
* hurtigst
* =
and hurl themselves into his arms.
* kaste sig >
20 ‘ Watch how you hold those scissors (pl.) – you could
* saks
do yourself a `mischief,’ the king warns on of them.
* gøre en ulykke på sig selv
* udslynge
* i ngs. arme
komme til skade
When the lively little princes and princesses are up to
* livlig
The eyes of the imps are bright with mischief.
* øjnene >
* være ude på >
mischief, a mischievous gleam / glint lights ()`up their eyes. * spilopper * skælmsk* glimt * få ngs. øjne til at lyse op
* djævleunge
~ spilopmager
* rode sig ind i …
Having played tricks (on somebody) and got into mischief, * lave narrestreger
the mischievous little children come thundering through
* skælmsk
the rooms with a mischievous / impish grin.
* gavtyveagtig
Without wanting to admit it, the sleepy little `mischiefs
can’t help yawning sleepily.
* tordne / fare + adv.
* smil
* søvnig
* djævel, gavtyv
* søvnigt
* gabe
30 It’s bedtime, sleepyheads ‘ the parents admonish ( them ). * søvnigpeter
‘ Go to sleep – it’s late,’ the parents finally orders,
‘ and good night – sleep tight.’
* lyse af spilopper
* formane ( ng.)
* gå i seng
* go’ nat og sov godt
They sometimes sleep `in.
* sove længe
They sleep `late on Sundays and holidays.
* =
The family is waiting to see the queen’s parents.
* vente på at -
Sometimes they have a long wait – a long wait for them.
* lang
* venten
The king won’t load his wife down with more pregnances. * belaste ng. med ngt.
So he won’t burden his wife or himself with more children.
* bebyrde / belaste / belemre ng. med ngt.
* … på ng.
* graviditet
463 The king’s study is a light and spacious room.
* arbejdsværelse
* lyst
When it’s light, he can work in the natural light of day.
* det er lyst
* naturligt
It gets dark early in winter; it gets dark about 5 o’clock.
om dagen
* det bliver mørkt
When it’s dark outside as in the ( dark ) winter(‘s) days /
* mørkt
* udenfor
/ on ( dark ) winter(‘s) days / on a ( dark ) winter(‘s) day,
* på ( mørke ) …dage
he works by artificial light: by candlelight and lamplight.
* i kunstigt lys
Heavily E/A heavy into politics, the king becomes
heavily involved in politics in his own way.
He’s an avid / a keen collector of books.
* rummeligt
* dagslys
* i vinterdagene
( i de mørke vinterdage )
* på en ( mørk ) …dag
* i lyset fra levende lys
* lampelys
* stærkt inde i ngt.
* stærkt ( involveret)
* ivrig
* samler af ngt.
10 Although the king is a man of comprehensive knowledge, * omfattende, alsidig >
* viden
- `hen -
he finds some books quite heavy.
* tung
vanskelig at forstå
Some heavyweight writers and subjects are heavy going.
* sværvægts-
One day the king’s eyes had alighted (up)on a book.
* falde over ( lande på ) ngt.
He had alighted (up)on an interesting book as he had
* =
lighted / lit on a book giving a comprehensive description
* =
of liberalism in the light of the Crown and royal power.
* i lyset af
* =
~ finde ngt. tilfældigt
Full of wit and wisdom, it’s a book setting () `forth / `out
* omfattende, alsidig >
* beskrivlse
* ~ kongemagten
* kongemagt
/ relation til ngt.
* vid
a thorough and comprehensive study into
* grundig >
a comprehensive range of socioeconomic relations.
* omfattende >
* fremstille ngt. ( i tale / på skrift )
* omfattende >
* mængde
* studie /
undersøgelse af ngt.
* socioøkonomisk
- `nåmik
20 The king can relate to books like that.
As one of the leading lights in the philosophical world,
* forstå sig på ngt.
* førerskikkelse indenfor ngt.
the author is `light years ahead of conventual wisdom
* lysår foran
and the prevailing opinion.
* herskende ( mening )
Lightyears ahead, he is an intellectual heavyweight,
* ~ den gængse mening / opfattelse
* lysår foran
* sværvægter
light years ahead of most of the nobility.
* … ng.
( a ligh year is the distance the light travels in one year.)
* lysår ca. 10. 000. 000. 000. 000 km
His book shows the society in a different light.
* vise ngt. >
It shows that something is out of joint in the society.
* ~ ikke som det skal være
The time is out of joint.
* tiden er af lave
* i et anderledes lys
30 The author is a leading light in social debate,
* ~ ledestjerne i ngt.
and a leading light of social debaters.
* … blant ng.
The author is lightyears better than most leading,
* debattør
* lysår bedre end ng.
`trendsetting and pacesetting social debaters,
* toneangivende
and his book lightyears better than most others.
* <<
* ledende
* =
Deploying all his talent, he deploys powerful arguments.
* anvende / udnytte ( talent ) * … stærkt ( argument )
Deployment of talent and argumentation is his hallmark.
* -lse
It’s said that the author has written a lot of good material
that have not yet seen the `light ( of day ).
* argumentation
* se dagens lys
blive offentliggjort
* adelsmærke
464 The book quickens the king’s interest in social science. * forstærke * interesse ( for ngt.) * samfundsvidenskab
/ øge >
The Queen’s interest quickens too, as she’s told about it.
* interesse >
The King reads fast and learns quickly.
* hurtigt
He is a fast and avid reader and a fast / quick learner.
* hurtig
forstærkes / øges
* =
* ivrig
* læser
* elev
~ hurtig til at lære
* hurtig til at -
Soaking up knowledge and language, he is quick to learn. * suge ( viden etc. ) til sig
~ ( nemt ) tilegne sig …
He is quick on the uptake even if the text is quite laboured * hurtig til at kapere / opfatte
so he is able to understand quickly what the author
* hurtigt
has got to say, and what is on his mind.
* have at sige
He is, in fact, very witty and very quick.
* hvad ng. har på sinde
* fuld af vid og humor
10 Taking an avid interest in economic and social science,
* fatte >
he amazes everybody with his agile mind / brain:
* kvik >
his quickness and eagerness to learn.
* hurtighed
* kvik
* ivrig
* interesse for ngt.
* opfattelsesevne / hjerne
His American connections call him a quick study.
* bekendte
Besides his reputaion as a quick worker,
* ~ hurtigtarbejdende person
the king is known to be quick-witted and entertaining.
* omstændelig
* ~ lærenem elev
* ~ hurtig i opfattelsen, kvik, opvakt, snarrådig
He is known for his wittiness, his witty remarks,
and the quickness of his wit.
* vittig kløgtighed
* hurtighed i
For a time the book engrosses all the king’s attention.
* optage >
Sitting in his armchair, he once in a while folds his arms
* armstol
20 and leans back deep in thought.
Leaning back in his chair, alternately crossing his arms
* kvik ( bemærkning )
* vid, vittig kløgt
~ opvakt- / snarrådighed
* opmærksomhed
* ~ lægge armene over kors
* læne sig tilbage
* ~ fordybet i tanker
( tankevirksomhed )
* =
and resting his arms on the arms of the chair,
* hvile armen(e)
he thinks () over the matters, deeply engrossed.
* tænke over / overveje
Thinking () out a plan, the king spends many of his
waking hours buried and engrossed in the book.
Althought the book describes an engrossing problem,
the king takes care not to let it engross him totally.
* stolearmen(e)
* helt opslugt
gennemtænke ngt.
* udtænke / gennemtænke ngt.
* begravet / fordybet i ngt.
* opmærksomhedskrævende
* opsluge / -tage ng.
The book is intelligible; it’s readily intelligible to the king.
* forståelig
Once when he is engrossed with reading,
* fuldt beskæftiget med ngt.
30 and totally absorbed in the book, the queen barges in.
* opslugt af /
fordybet i ngt.
* umiddelbart
* … for
* opslugt af / fordybet i ngt.
She comes barging into the study.
* … i ngt.
Intent (up)on his studies, lost in thought, the king starts.
* optaget af ngt. * fordybet i tanker
* brase ind
* fare sammen
‘ Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you,’ she says apologetically * forskrække ng.
but I have question – just a quickie.
* et hurtigt et
She’s got a startling question.
* forbløffende / overraskende ( spørgsmål )
Perching on the arm of his chair, and having been
* sætte sig /
* stolearm
sidde og balancere på ngt.
engrossed in conversation with her husband, she concludes * fordybet i samtale med ng.
wittily, ‘ Don’t deny you were startled by my question.’
[email protected]
* kvikt og muntert
* overrasket / forbløffet over ngt.
465 The king reads the book every night by the light of
* læse / … i ngt.
the bedside lamp.
* sengelampe
The queen sticks to a bit of light reading, narrative (U)
* i lyset fra ngt.
* let / underholdnings- litteratur
* fortælling
`narê tiv
laced with a great deal of clever and amusing asides.
* spækket med ngt.
The novelist appears in the book as a first-person narrator. * romanforfatter
* fortæller
He narrates / relates his adventures around the world.
* fortælle / berette ngt.
The novel a startling narration and a gripping narrative of
* fortælling
* =
his journey, each plot about a very different imaginary region. * handlingsforløb om ngt.
So in terms of plot (U), it is narrative fiction, and as a wit
* opdigtet
* handling * fortællende * fiktion
10 and a raconteur, the author is a master of narrative (U).
* fortæller
* kvik og vittig >
person / -t hoved
* fortællekunst
Each plot is a series of very surprising events.
* handlingsforløb
* serie
Through a number of allegories, the book traces the history * allegori
of philosophy and its relationship to ethics and politics from
symbolsk fremstilling
* forhold til ngt.
ancient Greece to the present day.
* til nutiden / vore dage
The king often reads himself to sleep.
* læse sig >
Reading sometimes sends him to sleep as it may be
* få ng. til at falde i søvn
hard to stay awake during boring passages.
Having read through the book, he is familiar with
the comprehensive views, he read in the book.
* efterspore ngt.
* fra ngt. >
* i søvn
* holde sig vågen
* gennemlæse ngt.
* omfattende / alsidig ( betragtning )
* læse i ngt.
20 By means of allegory new ideas and views come to `light. * allegori
The book has a startling effect on the king.
* forbløffende
The king is startled by the conclusions of the book.
* overrasket / forbløffet /
He is startled to read such surprising analysis (U) :
* … at -
* se dagens lys
foruroliget / opskræmt over ngt.
* analyse
such frightening analyses (pl.) of today’s society,
* =
and the possible prospects in the short term,
in the medium and the long term.
* perspektiv
* på kort sigt
* … mellelangt
* … langt …
The book reveals a startling contrast between the classes. * overraskende, forbløffende
foruroligende, skræmmende
It is startling to read that the society is on the brink of
* … at social upheaval which may lead to a major political upheaval. * omvæltning
* på randen af >
* større
30 It startles him to acknowledge that the society may be
* forurolige / forskrække /
* erkende at -
skræmme ng. at on the brink / verge of a popular uprising or even revolution. * på randen / kanten af >
* folkelig opstand
It has been a startling discovery.
* forskrækkende
The book is bound to awake emotions.
* vække følelser
It may one day set the world alight / on fire.
* sætte verden i brand, ~ vække opsigt
Involvment in philosophy can awaken an interest
* vække >
* interesse
* vare >
* hele livet
~ gøre sin indflydelse vældigt gældende
that will last a lifetime.
A respect of human rights links the author and the king.
* sammenkæde ng. og ng.
It makes a connection between the two.
* skabe >
* en forbindelse mellem ng.
466 It was during a period of social crises that his political
awakening took place in earnest, and quickened.
* vækkelse
He has puzzled over / about the problem for aged
before the light suddenly `dawned ( on him ).
The king reconsiders his ideas and political involvment
* for alvor
* bryde sin hjerne med ngt.
* tage fart
* lyset >
* ~ går op for ng.
* genoverveje ngt.
* involvering
in the light of (E/A) in light of the book.
* i lyset af ( bog )
Although things may look different in the cold light of day,
the king finally sees the `light.
* i dagens klare lys
* ~ komme til sandheds erkendelse
lade sig overbevise
The awakening of an interest in philosophy,
* vækkelse af ( intereese )
10 and the awakening of social consciousness make
* …>
the king change his attitude to(wards) people and politics.
* holdning til / indstilling overfor ng&t.
Throwing `light on the causes of poverty,
the book sheds new light on the causes of unrest.
* bevidsthedhed
* kaste >
* lys over ngt.
* … ( nyt ) …
* ( samfundsmæssig ) uro
The book arms the reader with all kinds of information.
* forsyne ng. med ( information )
It never clouds the picture with unimportant details.
* ~ forplumre >
It never clouds the issue with unnecessary asides.
* =
It equips the king with a mass of useful information.
* forsyne /
The king arms himself with all kinds of information.
udstyre ng. med >
* … sig med ngt.
He equips himself for any possible conversation with
* … med henblik på … med ( fakta )
20 all the facts he needs to argue his case.
Ready to join adherents as well as opponents,
the king is eager to join them for a lively and fruitful debate.
Some join ( with ) the king to work for reform
and join ( with ) him in trying to introduce reforms.
Keen in joining `in with a group of debators,
the king is keen to join `in with the debate.
For a while he listens intently but doesn’t join in.
* hovedsagen med >
* sidebemærkning
* en masse ( information )
* argumentere for >
* sin sag
* mødes med ng.
* … til ngt.
* livlig
* frugtbar ( debat )
* slutte sig sammen med ng. for at * =
* indføre / gennemføre ( reformer )
* slutte sig til ng.
* slutte sig til ( debat )
* optaget
Having eventually joined `in a / some discourse on politics, * deltage i
the king joins in discoursing (up)on issues of politics.
* billedet
* blande sig
* foredrag, samtale
debat, diskussion
* foredrage om ngt.
30 Having a biting wit, and armed with all the relevant facts * … skarpt vid
and figures, he tries to prove his opponents wrong.
The king tries to convince his opponents ( that )
* bevise ng. + adj. , ~ bevise at ng. tager fejl
* overbevise ng. at -
it’s a dark country in which the social system, the justice
* formørket
and tax system are loaded in favour of the upper classes
* ~ være indrettet >
and their position in the society.
The system is loaded against the lower classes.
* …>
As the dice are loaded against the poor,
* terningerne
the odds are loaded against social ascent / climb.
* væbnet / forsynet med ngt.
* land
* til fordel for ng.
* ulempe for ng.
* belastet, ~ forfalsket imod ng.
~ skæbnen falder ud til ugunst for ng.
* =
* opstigning
467 The book is inspired by the American Revolution ( 1775
* =
– 1783 ), the successful revolt of the American colonies
* oprør
by which they won their independence from Great Britain,
and the French Revolution of 1789.
The book describes the relationship between
class society and poverty-related problems.
It relates that class barrier and unequal rights have
become an impediment to economic growth.
It relates who profits from a class society, relates when,
* forbindelse mellem ngt.
* klassesamfund
* relateret
* berette /
* klasseskel
* ulige
fortælle om ngt.
* hæmsko for ngt.
* berette / fortælle om hvxx -
* =
10 where, and how class destinctions developed, and
* =
* klassedeling
which means are used to maintain a class-divided society.
* =
* klassedelt
It relates poverty and distress ( anguish, agony,
* sammenholde * kval
It relates poverty to physical and mental suffering.
* kval, pine * & dødskamp
ngt. og ngt.
nød, sorg smerte
* modgang
* besværlighed, modgang * modgang
afsagn, (strabadser )
* sætte ngt. i forbindelse med ngt.
Poverty and a feeling of great worry are closely related.
* være ( tæt ) forbundet
The book then relates a link between inequality
* berette /
adversity, hardship(s) and tribulation ). Look a page 500 !
and social unrest.
It maintains the linkage between social inequalities
fortælle om ngt.
* ( social ) uro
* forbindelse
mellem ngt. og ngt.
* forbindelse mellem >
* uligheder
and political unrest and other related issues.
* beslægtet
20 It links imbalance and popular unrest.
* sammenkæde ngt. og ngt.
It links social imbalance with civil unrest.
* =
It links civil unrest to social disparity.
* knytte ngt. til ngt.
* ulighed
* knyttet til ngt.
Research establishes that the poverty of the lower classes * forskning *astslå at is linked to suppression and inextricably linked with
* uløseligt
their exploitation by the upper classes.
The king knows the lower classes are upset,
and he can relate to that.
* ulighed
* forbundet med ngt.
* forholde sig til det
The book relates to the cloud of revolution.
* forholde sig til ngt. * fare /
Political unrest and disparity between rich and poor
trussel om ngt.
* forskel / ulighed mellem ng.
* & omvæltning
are closely, strongly, and directly linked.
* tæt
30 The book establishes evidence for strong causal links
* tilvejebringe / * tydelig tegn * årsags- * forbindelse >
between psychological, social and political factors.
* mellem ngt.
* stærkt
opstille ngt.
The book establishes a connection between
relative poverty and an urge to revolt.
* <<
* relativ
It connects political unrest and social unrest.
* forbinde ngt. og ngt.
It connects popular unrest with economic
* … ngt. med ngt.
and emotional distress.
* kval
nød, sorg
It connects physical and mental suffering to poverty.
* knytte ngt. til ngt.
* direkte
på ngt.
* forbundet
* forbindelse …
* gøre oprør
468 The author discovers and proves the causal connection * årsagsbetinget
between class barriers and an immanent urge to rebel.
* forbindelse >
* mellem ngt. og ngt.
* iboende
Poverty and class struggle are closely connected.
* tæt forbundet
It’s quite obvious to make the connection.
* skabe sammenhængen, indse forbindelsen
While the king makes the connection between reform
* … mellem ngt.
and economic development, the nobility make no or little
* ikke / i ringe grad { skabe / indse >
connection between the two.
* sammenhængen / forbindelsen mellem ngt.
The nobility are too hidebound to see the connection.
* forbenet
* indse ngt.
* =
* … forbindelse
The narrow-minded nobels refuse to realize there is a link. * snæversynet
…- `… E/A `…-…
10 They deny that there is a link between the two facts.
* … mellem ngt.
They deny a close and strong connection.
* be- / fornægte ngt.
The nobility refuse to see the cloud on the horizon.
* afvise at -
The nobility refuse to see the cloud of rebellion.
* ~ forvarsel / fare / trussel om ngt.
While the nobility cheerfully enjoy their `privileges,
* muntert / ubekymret
* tæt * stærk
* forbindelse
* den truende sky i horisonten
and turn a blind `eye to the danger signals,
* vende det blinde øje til ngt.
the storm clouds of revolution are gathering.
* ~ uvejrsskyerne trækker sammen til ( revolution )
The power of the nobility is horizontally based on
social relations: first of all personal and family relations.
By means of arranged marriages, the noble families have
20 become intermarried in all directions.
* faresignal
* horisontalt
* & … tilknytningsforhold
* … forbindelse
* indgiftet
- `-
So related by marriage in a criss(-)cross ( pattern ),
all the members are somehow close or distant relatives.
* beslægtet ved giftermål
* nær / fjern
Either as blood relations or relations by marriage they are * blodsbeslægtet person
* på kryds og tværs
* familiemedlem
* … gennem giftermål
kødelig slægtning
often both close and distant relations in various ways.
So, often both closely and distantly related,
* tæt / fjern
* familiemedlem
* tæt / fjernt beslægtet
all the members of the noble families are somehow
blood relatives or relatives by marriage.
* blodbeslægtet person * beslægtet gennem giftermål
Vertically the power of the nobility is based on a strict
* vertikalt
master-servant relationship.
* herre-tjener
30 The book goes on the attack.
* gå til angreb
* forhold
It’s a scathing attack on the nobility and its policies.
* svidende
It strongly attacks the idea of a class-divided society.
bidende, skarp
* angribe / kritisere ( ide )
Attacking the nobility for their narrow-mindedness,
* … ng. for ngt.
the book attacks them for standing in the way of `progress. * … for at The nobility has come under fierce attack (U).
It’s under sustained attack for its hideboundness.
Some facts have only recently been brought to light.
* angreb på ng.
* snæversynethed
* stå i vejen for >
* fremskridt
* komme under /
* ( hårdt ) angreb /
blive udsat for >
( skarp ) kritik
* være … * vedvarende * … for > * forstokket- /
* bringe ( fakta ) frem i lyset
The book shows the problems in a new and different light. * vise ngt. >
* i et nyt og anderledes lys
469 The final chapter relates to the need for liberal reforms.
* kapitel
* relatere / forholde sig til ngt.
The benevolent king is heavily influenced by the book.
* venlig og gavmild
Influencing his outlook on life, it influences his decisions.
* influere på / påvirke ngt.
* kraftigt påvirket af ngt.
Casting new light on the causes of social misery, the book * kaste >
awakens the king to the dangers of social imbalance(s).
* ( nyt ) lys på ngt.
* vække ng. til ( fig. trans.)
* ubalance (-r )
Ready for and eager for reform and intent on democracy,
the king receives a call to arms.
Expounding the book’s views on society ( to the nobility),
* parat til ngt.
* ivrig efter /
opsat på ngt
* opsat på ngt.
* modtage >
* et kald til våben
~ blive kaldt under fanerne
* fremstille / udlægge / forklare ngt. ( for ng. )
the king expounds on his new policies.
* fortælle / forklare om ngt.
10 Being out of step with developments / the trend
* ude af trit med ( udvilkingen )
is a matter any leader can’t afford to approach / take lightly.
* gribe ngt. ligegyldigt
It’s not a problem he can afford to treat lightly.
* tage let på ngt.
/ skødesløst an
* behandle ngt. skødesløst / med ligegyldighed
The kings have always been engaged in ongoing battles
* blandet ind i /
* igangværende
* kamp >
with oppotional circles within the nobility and the clergy
optaget af ngt.
* med ng.
* oppositionelle
* kredse
about the government of the country.
* < om ngt.
He neither sleeps away the hours nor sleeps away cares. * sove tiden bort
Awaking to his vocation, the king wants reforms;
he wants to liberalize the laws and the political system.
The underprivileged classes have long fought
* sove fra >
* vågne op til ( fig. intrans. )
* bekymringer
* kald
* uprivilegeret
* kæmpe >
- `-
20 an uphill battle against social discrimination.
The underprivileged classes have long fought for equality
but have so far fought a losing battle.
They have until / ( till ) / up to now lost the battle.
* en kamp op ad bakke mod ngt.
* indtil nu / videre
* kæmpe > * en forgæves kamp
* =
* tabe kampen
Some people regard the king’s reforms as up in the clouds. * ~ højtflyvende
Although he is accused of having his head in the `clouds, * ~ have tankerne andetsteds
ikke have jordforbindelse
the king is prepared to join battle.
He is ready to join battle with his enemies – with those
of the nobility who stand `fast on their `antiquated ideas.
Poverty and ignorance are the enemies of `progress.
* ~ gå i kamp
* … mod ng.
* fjende
* stå fast på >
* antikveret
* fjende af >
* fremskridt
& fremskridtets fjende
* uvidenhed
30 Feeling an urge to engage in the battle for democracy,
* kamp for ngt.
the king engages in the battle with the nobility –
* … med / mod ng,
a battle against social discrimination and inequality
* … mod ( forskelsbehandling )
Intent on, keen on and set on battling with the nobility
* opsat på
the king is keen to, eager to and determined to battle for
* =
* =
* kæmpe med / mod ng.
ivrig efter
* =
* = * & fast beluttet på at - * … for ngt.
freedom and democracy and bent on battling against
* =
social discrimination and inequalities.
Introducing democracy is tough work so the king and his
kindred spirits have to join together to win the battle.
* hårdt arbejde
* åndsfrænder * slutte sig sammen * vinde kampen
/ -fæller
[email protected]
* … mod ngt.
gøre fælles sag
470 The king wants to democratize the government
* demokratisere ngt.
by lessening the power of the aristocracy,
* mindske >
and carry on a policy arm in arm with the commons.
* føre en politik
Both the advocates and the opponents of liberal reforms
stand `fast.
* ngs. magt
* ~ i skøn forening med ng.
* stå fast
As both parties stand `firm the battle lines are `drawn.
* =
The king wants to take up arms against the aristocracy,
* drage i felten /
* ~ fronterne
* er trukket op
føre krig imod ng.
and against social and legal injustice and an unjust electorial * uretfærdighed
* uretfærdigt
* valg- >
system which is loaded in favour of them.
* system
10 He wants to introduce the right for all citizens to
form political parties.
A peaceful and fair government of the country
needs parties that ordinary people can relate to.
Education levels are closely and strongly related to class
and directly related to income.
Having a desire to take up arms for the lower classes,
* være vægtet til fordel for ng.
* forholde sig til ngt.
* knyttet til ngt.
* =
* drage i felten for ng.
the king wants to establish a free education systen for
* uddannelses-
ordinary people.
* almindelige mennesker
He wants to introduce the secrecy of the ballot,
* system, & væsen
* hemmelighed ved >
* afstemning
& hemmelig …
20 the secrecy of mails etc.
* ~ brevhemmelighed
A ballot may have a heavy or light vote.
* overvældende
The lower classes carry a heavy burden of taxation.
* bære >
* ringe valgdeltagelse
* tung
* byrde
* beskatning
~ skattebyrde
In order to promote production and trade the king advocates *
measures to lighten the tax burden on small businesses
* lette >
and income from employment.
* indkomst fra >
Viewing the king’s policies in a favourable and good `light * se >
his advocates present his reforms in a positive light.
The king’s opponents are `thunderstruck as they not at all
* skattebyrde
* ansættelse
~ lønmødtagerindkomst
* politiske tiltag
* i et gunstigt lys
* fore- / fremlægge ngt. i et positivt / fordelagtigt …
* overrasket og chokeret
see the reforms in that light.
* se ngt. i det lys
30 As they don’t look on them in that light, they criticize
* =
the reforms heavily.
* voldsomt
* kritisere
The nobility refuse to see the reforms in a different light.
* se ngt. >
* i et andet / anderledes lys
So they intend to put the reforms in a false light
* have til hensigt /
* fremstille ngt. i et falsk lys
as well as they intend putting the king in a bad light.
As they view his policies in an unfavourable light
they presents the reforms in a negative light.
være opsat på at * =
* se ngt. >
* fremstille ngt.
Monarchy and liberalism seem strange `bedfellows.
* mærkelige
A king and liberalists seem unlikely bedfellows.
* usandsynlige
* stille ng. >
* i et dårligt lys
* i et dårligt lys
* i et negativt / ufordelagtigt
* sengekammerater
* =
471 The power and economy of the nobility are inextricably
linked with their privileges and social position.
* forbundet med
knyttet til
Most of the nobility are connected by marriage.
* forbundet gennem ægteskab
As most of them are related by marriage
* =
the noblility have relations almost everywhere.
* familiemedlem
Strong family ties link the nobility together.
* bånd
Social customs provide a vital link between generations.
* udgøre >
Even if a nobleman lives in his mansion or manor ( house )
* knytte ng. sammen
* livsvigtig * forbindelsesled mellem ng.
on his manor out in the country with his close family,
10 he usually has connections living in the city.
* fjernere slægtninge
The nobility’s confidence is sky-high,
* skyhøj
- `...
and they do what they can to keep up appearrances.
Even if adultery is a common occurrence
* bevare facaden
* ( ægteskablig ) * begivenhed, forekomst, hændelse
( ~ almindeligt forekommende )
* sjælden …
divorce is a rare occurrence.
Many of the most important noblemen profit from
the network of family connections in influential circles
* …forbindelser
of the society.
The members of nobility are well connected.
* indflydelsesrige
* kredse
* ~ have rige / betydningsfulde venner / slægtninge
They have good connections.
* have ( gode ) forbindelser
Usually they have connections in high places.
* =
20 As the members of the nobility have a lot of rich
* på højt niveau
and important friends and relatives, the king is confronted by * familiemedlem
a formidable and difficult task.
Some mischievous noblemen are up to mischief
* stillet overfor >
* overordentlig stor
* ondsindet
* opgave
* være ude på >
although they are quick to deny any involvement in mischief. * hurtig til at By spreading mischievous lies, gossip and rumours,
* ballade
* =
* ondsindet, skadelig
the mischief-making noblemen do all they can to do mischief. * skadevoldende
Their `mischievous obstruction, mischievous intrigues,
and malicious gossip cause a lot of political mischief.
Some spiteful and malicious mischief-makers try to
* skabe > * ballade / fortræd / uro
gøre / volde >
* ondsindet
* obstruktion
* =
* intrige
* ondskabsfuld
* ballade
* ondskabs- / hadefuld * = * ballade- / uromager
make mischief between the queen and her mother in law.
* skabe splid mellem ng.
30 Many noblemen twist facts connected with the issue.
* fordreje >
* fakta
* forbundet med >
* sagen
’You may think people are poor, but it’s all relative, isn’t it ?’ * alt er relativt
they ask rhetorically with the intention of denying facts
* retorisk
relative to the issue.
* knyttet til ( sagen )
Intent (up)on a discussion, the King is sometimes,
so intent (up)on discussing that he doesn’t notice the time.
* optaget af ngt.
* … af at -
* med den intention /
i den hensigt at -
472 When a mischief has been done, it may be to late to
* ~ når skaden er sket
make it up / make up for it.
* gøre det godt igen
Up against an intimate clique of `mischief-makers,
* oppe imod ng. * sammenspist * klike * uromager
a clannish band of haughty and dangerous opponents,
* sammenspist
* hoven
* ballade- / uromageri
obsessed by mischief-making, the king faces
* besat af >
a daunting task.
* overvældende, enorm
Nothing `daunted, the king fastens on to his teacher,
and fastens on to the ideas of his great example.
As self-sufficiency, arrogance, haughtiness, and pride
* ~ uforfærdet
* holde fast ved ngt.
* læremester
* =
* forbillede
* selvtilstrækkelighed
* arrogance, hovenhed
* udsyn
* vision, udsyn
10 cloud the outlook and vision of most aristocrats,
* forplumre / sløre >
the short-sighted nobility fastens onto hangover laws from
* kortsynet * hage sig fast ved > * levn af ngt. fra ngt.
`antiquated role models and their outdated ideals.
-`The book is intended as a source of inspiration.
* forældet
Intended to be an `eye-opener the book is intended to
prepare / pave the way for a more righteous society.
Intended for consciousness-raising and making aware,
the book is intended for open-minded people.
Fortunately, some leading lights of the intellectual world
have the wit to see the need for social righteousness.
* =
* påtænkt / ment som ngt.
* påtænkt at være ngt. * øjenåbner * … at gøre ngt.
* bane vejen for ngt.
* tiltænkt for ngt.
* moralsk retfærdigt
* bevidstgørelse
* … for ng.
* være klog /
connected with the business and academic world,
* indse ngt.
fornuftig nok til at * fremsynet
* intellektuel
* knyttet til ngt.
welcome the king’s ideas and plans with open arms.
* byde ngt. velkommen
Keen on taking advice from these far-sighted pioneers,
-`the king arrange to make contacts and connections to
* ivrig efter /
these kindred souls.
* åndsfrænde / -fælle
20 Some far-seeing intellectuals and kindred spirits
- `-
* =
* retfærdighed
* ~ åndsfrænde
/ -fælle
* med åbne arme
* fremsynet
* & foregangsmand
opsat på at * sørge for at - * skabe kontakt * … forbindelse til ng.
It’s surely not beyond the wit of man to find a solution.
* ( ikke ) hinsides mennesket forstand
It should not be beyond the wit of man to resolve
* =
the issue and the dispute in order to resolve the conflicts
* sagen
and the crises and the problems they have caused.
30 One of his business connections is now a close friend.
* forbindelser
* løsning
* bilægge / løse >
* …>
* konflikt
Appreciating a chance to pit his wits against a leading light, * ~ sætte sin viden på prøve overfor ng.
the king is always ready for a battle of wits with an opponent. * kamp på viden med ng.
A fierce battle of wits between disagreeing opponents
often turns into a battle of wills.
* … mellem ng.
* … viljestyrke
The king needs all his wits to fight and win the battle.
* intelligens, forstand, kløgt, vid
The comprehensive king is prepared to fight every time
* alsidigt begavet
his mischievous and malevolent opponents launch
/ vidende
* ondsindet
* forberedt på at * kæmpe
& være kampberedt
* iværksætte >
an attack against his radical and comprehensive policy.
* angreb på ng. * omfattende * gennem- * politisk
473 The snobbish / stuck-up nobiltiy are scared `witless
* snobbet, hoven * = * skræmt > * fra vid og sans
at the thought of losing their privileges.
The reform plans frighten the nobility out of their wits (pl.). * skræmme ng.
* fra vid og sans
They are scared out of their wits at the reform plans.
* =
Terrified out of their wits, the nobility are up in arms.
* =
Up in arms about / over the king’s reforms, the nobility
* i oprør / rasende over ngt.
often make strong attacks on the king’s policies.
Ready for a pitched battle with his opponents,
* kampberedt, i krigshumør, i oprør
* komme med …
* ~ voldsomt sammenstød med ng.
the king is ready to do battle.
* gå i kamp, ~ kæmpe
10 Ready to do battle with an opponent over the reforms,
* … med ng. over ngt.
the king often has { a comprehensive exchange of words /
* vidtspændende
angry passages / a passage of arms with his opponents.
* ordveksling
The discussions revolve around the question of
changing the social order.
* politiske tiltag
* ordveksling
* dystende ordveksling /
holmgang med ng.
* dreje sig om ngt.
The struggle is in the nature of a war of `words:
a psychological warfare – a war of `nerves.
Once in a while a debater pauses to gather his wits;
he pauses to collect and recover his wits.
Most points link in /eE tie in with earlier discussions.
* ~ have karakter af ngt.
* psykologisk
* krigsførelse
* ~ få samling på tankerne
* =
* knytte sig til ngt.
20 Both parties accuse each other for using loaded words
* ladet, belastende ( ord )
and of coming up with loaded statements.
* =
The smooth manners of many noblemen often covers
mischievous remarks and a heart of darkness.
Starting vicious rumours about the king’s mental health,
* krig på ord
* ~ nervekrig
* glat, slesk
* manerer
* ondsindet
* ~ ondt hjerte
rumour(-)mongers attempt to smear the king by spreading
* bagvaske
mischeivous, malicious, and malevolent rumours of
* ondsindet
udsprede ondsindede rygter om
* ondskabsfuld
* =
* =
the king’s inability to keep / preserve his sanity.
The government issues an official denial of a circulating
rumour: a denial that there’s any truth in the rumour.
* mangel på evne til at * dementi / benægtelse af >
* fornuft, tilregnelighed
* cirkulerende
* rygte * … af at -
* sandhed
* i rygtet
~ rygtet ( på nogen måde ) taler sandt
30 Even if he is cleared of the charge of criminal mischief,
* rense ng. for ngt.
* skade
a nobleman is still suspected of launching smear campaigns. * smæde* kampagne
Giving the prosecuter a dark, malevolent stare,
* ondskabsfuldt
* stirrende blik
and having a malevolent grin on his face,
* =
a wittness is held in contempt for refusing to testify.
* ~ anse ng. for at have foragt ( for retten ) for at -
* smil på læben
Disregarding this order, any person will be held in contempt,* ~ betragte ng. som havende foragt for retten
and be guilty of contempt of court.
The witness could be jailed ( two years ) for contempt,
while malevolence in itself is not punishable by law.
* skyldig i ngt.
* fængsle ng. ( en tid ) for ngt.
* ondskabsfuldhed
* foragt for retten
* foragt
* i sig selv
474 Most noblemen can’t relate to modern times
* ikke forstå sig på ngt.
and the social developement in the long term.
* på langt sigt
They can only relate to politics (U+sing./ pl.)
* <<
which relate(s) to their own short-term interests.
* politik /
politiske emner
* kortsigtet
* relatere sig til /
angå / vedrøre ngt.
When they debate politics, and decide their attitude to it,
they do it with a haughty face.
When they discuss politics and take a stand on them
they do it with a smug face.
Most of the nobility take a position on politics as if
the ideas and activities should only relate to their benefit.
* politik
* tage stilling /
forholde sig til
* udtryk
( politiske emner )
* arrogant, hoven
* politiske emner
( politik )
* selvtilfreds
* tage stilling /
* tage stilling /
* angå / vedrøre ngt.
10 The nobility generally hold the lower `classes in contempt * betragte / opfatte ng. med foragt
and usually treat lower-`class people with contempt
The nobility look at the lower class with open contempt.
* behandle ng. …
* … åbenlys foragt
* utilsløret …
They look at them with disdain and undisguised contempt. * med foragt / ringeagt
- `gaizd
The contempt they feel for the lower classes is obvious.
* foragt ng. føler for ng.
They show deep contempt for the lower classes,
* vise dyb foragt for ng.
and their behaviour often shows utter contempt for them.
* … udpræget …
The king can’t relate to people like that, and regards
* forstå sig på ng.
their haughty behaviour as mean and contemptible.
Contemptuous of course of the king’s reforms,
20 many noblemen are openly contemptuous of the king.
They even have the nerve to throw the king
* arrogant, hoven
* foragtelig
* fuld af foragt overfor ngt.
* åbenlyst …
* have nerver / være fræk nok til /
ikke genere sig for at -
a contemptuous glance.
* foragtende
An opponent once turns up having a smug and haughty
expression on his face.
* dukke ( uventet ) op
* selvtilfreds
* overlegen
* udtryk i ansigtet
Provoked by a smug and haughty smile on his face,
the king asks, ‘ What are you looking so smug about ?’
The nobleman is quick to point out mistakes: too quick.
* <<
* selvtilfreds over ngt.
* hurtig til at -
‘ Not so fast – You’ve got to prove it first,’ the king objects, ‘ *
and don’t let your personal feelings cloud your judgement.’
* skygge for / forplumre >
* dømmekraft
30 The king fastens on the term ‘ of noble descent ‘
* hæfte sig ved ngt.
* af ædel byrd
in the noblemans answer while the nobleman fastens on
* =
the kings ideals of liberty, equality and fraternity.
* frihed, lighed og broderskab
The nobleman fastens on to the ideal of noble descent
while the king fastens onto his ideal.
* holde fast ved ngt.
* =
The nobleman gets on the king’s wick (E).
* ~ irritere ng. ( komme på ng’s væge )
The king is offended by the iniquity of social prejudice,
* være forarget /
and by the iniquities of the justice system.
[email protected]
stødt over ngt.
* =
* uretfærdighed
475 The king is a fast thinker whose quickness makes him
* hurtig tænker
* hurtig opfattelsesevne
an articulate and quick-witted debater,
* velformuleret
* =
who articulates quick-witted questions,
* formulere /
and expresses articulate answers.
udtrykke ngt.
* =
The wording of propositions and questions influence
who will listen and how they react.
* ~ ordvalg
* <<
* velformuleret
* påstand
* influere på >
* hvxx
Thrown off balance by the king’s quick thinking,
many opponents lose their composure in no time.
* bragt ud af balance / fatning
* miste besindelsen / fatningen
As he is quick on the `uptake and quick off the `mark,
* hurtig i opfattelsen
10 you’ll have to be first off the mark to outsmart the king,
-`and quick on the draw to outwit him.
* hurtigst i optrækket
* hurtig i aftrækket
Having a haughty look on his face the nobleman keeps
* arrogant, hoven
* meget hurtigt
* hurtig i optrækket
* udmanøvrere /
tage fusen på ng.
* =
* udtryk >
* i ansigtet
* forplumre ngt.
clouding the issue.
Unable to relate to up-to-date facts, the nobleman keeps
* ude af stand til at - * forstå sig på
* tidssvarende
clouding the issue with `antiquated and outdated ideas.
* forplumre ( sagen )
* forældet, bedaget
* =
Caught off balance, wording only stupid questions
* fanget > * ~ ude af fatning * formulere / udtrykke ngt.
and answers, the nobleman seems quite slow-witted.
-` ’ Stop beating about E/A around the bush and come to
* langsom i opfattelsen, tungnem
the main point,’ the king interrupts him after a while.
20 As the nobleman realizes he’s slow off the `mark,
* ~ langsom i optrækket
his mood, however, changes like quicksilver.
* som kviksølv, ~ uberegneligt
He has a quick temper; he is quick-tempered.
* ~ snakke udenom
* hidsig
* =
He is quick to take offence.
* hurtig til at -
He must have got out of bed on the wrong side (E).
* ~ få det forkerte ben ud af sengen
He must have got up on the wrong side of the bed (A).
* =
His nails are bitten ( down ) to the quick.
* negl * bidt helt ned til >
He is a quick-tempered debater and, second off the mark, * opfarende
* blive fornærmet
* kødet ( ømt kød
især det under neglene )
* komme fra start som nummer to
he loses control over his quicksilver temperament.
He can’t deny ( that ) the king’s remarks hurt him.
* uberegneligt …
* benægte at -
30 Revealing his haughty manners, the nobleman now
* arrogant, hoven
replies with haughty disdain.
* med >
* =
The king’s criticism cuts the nobleman to the quick.
* ~ smerte ng. dybt ( skære ng. smerteligt )
His remarks pierce the nobleman to the quick.
* = ( stikke hul i / gennembore ng. )
As the king’s remarks and criticism sting him to the quick,
* = ( stikke ng. i det ømme kød )
the nobleman quickly / soon gets very heavy.
* blive ( meget ) truende
He gets heavy with the king about his liberal ideas.
* … overfor ng. pga. ngt.
Life isn’t always a bed of `roses.
* rosenbed, ~ en dans på roser
* foragt
476 The nobility maintain that they are qualified to bear
* kvalifificeret til at -
the heavy responsibility for the welfare of their subjects.
* tungt >
The king never hesitates to deny their allegation.
* bære >
* ansvar for ngt.
* afvise / benægte >
* ( tvivlsom ) påstand
He accuses the nobility of lack of responsibility,
and ignorance of the widening gap between rich and poor.
As the noble denies the king’s accusations out of `hand,
the king enlarges on and elaborates on his accusations.
* voksende
* gap / kløft mellem ( rig og fattig )
* benægte ngt.
* ~ uden videre
* udbygge / -dybe
* =
gå i detaljer med / nærmere ind på ngt.
* =
Developing his accusations further,
and going more thoroughly into his accusations,
* =
10 he goes into details about his accusations.
* =
While the nobility deny themselves neither any pleasure
* nægte sig ngt.
nor any luxury, they deny ( that ) there is a poverty problem. * ( be- ) … at They either deny the existence of extreme poverty
* fattigdoms-
* problem
* afvise /
benægte ngt.
among the lower classes or deny being responsible for it.
* … at -
The nobility `abdicate responsibility / their responsibilities.* fralægge sig ansvar / svigte deres ansvar
The nobility stand fast; living in the past, they stand firm. * stå fast
Blaming the troubles on the lower-class man’s inborn
* leve i fortiden
være urokkelig
* skyde skylden for ngt. på ngt.
* =
* medfødt
-` -
inferiority and laziness, the nobility wash their hands.
They deny and disclame the responsibility for poverty.
* ~ fralægge sig ansvaret
* afvise / benægte > * fralægge sig > * ansvar for ngt.
They deny having responsibility for the poor,
20 and refuse to accept responsibility for poverty.
As the nobility hold fast to their antiquated privileges,
they deny the lower classes their basic human rights.
* … at - ( en påstand )
* afvise / nægte at gøre ngt.
* holde fast ved ( privilegie )
* nægte ng. ngt.
Standing fast on their privilege of exemption from taxation, * stå fast på ngt.
the nobility stand fast against the kings reforms.
Standing firm against liberal reforms,
* stå fast på sin modstand mod ngt.
* =
the nobility stand firm on their demand that the lower classes * <<
should be denied tax reduction.
They influence the government with all their might to
* krav om at -
* nægtes ngt.
* påvirke ng. >
* af al magt
deny the lover classes any tax relief.
* nægte ng. ngt.
30 They expect the government to deny any tax cuts to
* & sætte sig imod ngt. til ng.
the lower classes.
Just like he denies all allegations of irresponsibity
* ligesom * afvise /
* påstand om > * uansvarlighed
benægte ngt.
this nobleman in audience denies that the lower classes are
* … at -
too heavily taxed.
* hårdt ( beskattet )
The king presents the fact that the lower classes
* til at -
carry a too heavy burden of taxation damaging to
* bære en ( for ) tung byrde
economic growth, general welfare, and social rest.
477 Straight `off / out, without beating about E/A around
* ~ lige ud ad landevejen
the bush, the king calls attention to the fact that the situation * omsvøb
is getting out of hand; riots are waiting to `happen.
Despite the nobleman’s repeated denials of oppression
* ~ påpege >
* ( det faktum ) at -
* komme ud af kontrol * kan opstå ( ske ) nårsomhelst
lure under overfladen
* gentagne
* afvisning / benæftelse af ngt.
exploitation, social unrest and simmering upheaval,
* ~ ulmende ( simre )
the king knows the nobleman is wrong.
The king has an intent look in his eyes.
* uden >
* optaget, anspænt
Listening intently, he looks intently at his opponent.
* =
The nobility are in denial, and although refuse to admit it,
* ~ nægte at se kendsgerningerne i øjnene
10 there’s no denying / gainsaying the social unrest.
There’s no denying (the fact) that social unrest simmers
* det kan ikke benægtes, at der findes ngt.
eksistenses af ngt. kan ikke benægtes
* ~ det kan ikke ( be-) nægtes at -
as the lower classes’ strongly protests against denial of
* nægtelse af ngt.
basic human rights.
It’s a fact which connot be denied / gainsaid.
* ikke kunne modsiges
It can’t be denied that reforms are needed.
* … nægtes at -
Scowling darkly at the king with a contemptuous look,
* skule >
the nobleman creates a heavy atmosphere.
With arms akimbo, he hints darkly that the king is
* dystert /
truende af ng.
* skabe en trykkende >
* ~ ulme
* med et foragteligt blik
* stemning
* ~ med hænderne i siden * antyde >
to blame, and that he has not heard the last of the matter.
* hørt det sidste ord i den sag
20 As the nobleman looks at the king with a scowl,
* skulende blik
his eyes burn darkly in the midst of his heavy features.
The nobleman grins mischievously / malevolently.
/ udtryk
* ~ gløde > * mørkt, dystert * plumpe * ansigtstræk
* ondsindet
* smile
Arms akimbo, he looks at the king with a mischievous grin. * ~ medhænderne i siden
There is a mischievous look in the nobleman’s eyes.
* =
His voice heavy with irony and `sarcasm,
* ~ fuld af >
as he speaks with heavy irony and heavy sarcasm.
* dystert /
truende at -
* ondskabsfuldt
* =
* grin, smil
* sarkasme
* tale med >
* bidende ironi / sarkasme
The king’s mind alights (up)on some counter-arguments. * ~ tanker
* lande på ngt.
* modargument
~ pludselig komme i tanke om ngt.
Being a fast thinker, the king quick-wittedly fastens on(to) * hurtig * tænker * kvikt og
* hæfte sig ved ngt.
a weak point in the nobleman’s argument.
30 Acuteness is a requisit for success in a discussion
* skarpsindighed
with the king and the nobleman is no great light.
* lys, lyst hoved
He lacks the requisite qualifications to be a match for
* nødvendighed for ngt.
* fornødne * kvalifikationer for at - * ~ hamle op med /
the king and cope with him.
kunne måle sig med ng.
* hamle op med / klare ng.
The nobleman has a face like thunder.
* ~ se rasende ud
His face darkens and his eyes are full of mischief
* ansigt > * formørkes * øjne * fuld af > * ondskab
as his own arguments are difficult to sustain / uphold.
* argument
* understøtte / opretholde <
There is a murderous light in his eyes. ! Look at page 500 ! * ~ blik
His face is like thunder, and he looks like thunder.
* ansigt
* ~ lyse af raseri
* være gal i skralden
478 By outward appearence he is a revolting heavyweight * ydre
* fremtoning * frastødende * sværvægter
but by his intellectual `make-up he is a lightweight.
* åndelig
* sammensætning
* letvægter
His lightweight arguments bear little or no relation(ship); * tyndbenet
* have ringe /
ikke nogen sammenhæng
they are not or not much connected and bear little or no
* forbundne
* have ringe / ikke have nogen >
relation(ship) to the subject of their conversation.
Most noblemen are unable to relate to today’s problems,
as they don’t relate to the underprivileged classes.
The nobility disdain the lower classes
* forbindelse til ngt.
* relatere / forholde sig til / forstå ngt.
* & have forståelse for ng.
* foragte ng.
and their contemptuous manners.
* foragtelig
10 The nobility disdain manual labour, and maintain that
* foragte ngt.
the lower classes were created for it.
They treat the lower classes with disdain
and look at their manners with disdain.
* behandle ng. med foragt
* betragte ngt. …
The King can’t relate to that.
* have forståelse for ngt.
As the nobleman shows a disdain for democracy,
* vise foragt for ngt.
and shows a contempt for the king’s outlook,
* -=-
he shows a contempt and a disdain for the king.
* … for ng.
Disdainful of people who are not noble of birth,
* fuld af foragt for ng.
he keeps being disdainful to people of the lower classes.
* … overfor ng.
20 His contempt for equality and disdain for democracy
* foragt for ngt.
is reflected in his contempt and disdain for the king.
* afspejles i ngt.
Finding it difficult to relate today’s problems in his mind,
the nobleman repeatedly disdains to reply.
He even disdains the king’s offer of a glass of water
to clear his voice.
* =
* … fo ng.
* forbinde ngt.
* afstå fra / være for stolt til at * afslå ngt. af stoltned
* klare stemmen
The nobleman doesn’t understand how the problems relate. * have forbindelse til hinanden
He doesn’t understand that the problems are related.
* & være forbundne, hænge sammen
He doesn’t understand that they are closely related.
* have tæt forbindelse til hinanden
His arguments relate to conditions ages ago
* forholde sig til ngt.
være tæt forbundne, hænge nøje sammen
30 and show a staggering contempt for the harsh realties. * … en
He seems to be ( living ) in cloud-cuckoo-land (E).
-`( A: cloudland or `la-la land ).
Claiming that there’s no warrent for criticism,
* forbløffende
* foragt for
chokerende, rystende
* drømmeland / -verden
* barsk
* berettiget grund til ( kritik )
he maintains that there’s no warrant for criticizing
* … til at -
the established order.
* herskende
* orden
479 The king’s reforms relate social rest to social welfare.
According to the king’s reforms social welfare relates to
democracy and increased productivity.
* relatere / forbinde ngt. til
* være forbundet til
There’s a thunderous expression on the nobleman’s face. * rasende udtryk i
He’s talking a load of nonsense: a load of crap, a load of
bull (<shit ), a load of garbage and a load of rubbish.
* sige en bunke
* & sludder
* bras
* lort
The king crosses / folds his arms.
* ~ lægge armene over kors
Standing silently with his arms crossed / folded, he looks
* med …
thunderstruck at the nobleman’s facial expressions
* ~ overrasket og chokeret
10 as his voice thunders in the king’s ears.
* tordne
The king considers the nobleman’s disjointed remarks
* pladder
* =
* ansigts-
* udtryk
* usammenhængende ( bemærkninger )
as an expression of his disjointed thoughts.
As the discussion turns into a pitched battle between
the two, a member of the court comes to the king’s rescue.
‘ It’s all right, I can fight my own battles,’ the king
assures him.
* =
* voldsomt ( regulært ) sammenstød mellem ng.
* komme til >
* ngs. undsætning
* kunne kæmpe >
* sine egne kampe
The king has / keeps his wits about him.
* ~ være / holde sig årvågen
‘ I shall treat your suggestions with the contempt
* med ( den ) foragt
they deserve. ‘ he assures the nobleman.
* ( ngt. ) fortjener
20 As the nobleman eventually appreciates that he has been * blive klar over at outwitted by the king, a heavy silence falls upon the room.
* overvinde ng. ved kløgt og snilde
Outsmarted by the king the nobleman is at his wits’ `end.
tage fusen på ng.
* =
’ Down with the king and his bloody reforms ! ’ he finally
thunders disdainfully ( with ) legs akimbo,
* tordne
and his thunderous voice loud and unpleasant.
* tordnende
Giving the king a look of complete disdain,
* foragteligt
* foragteligt
and has a contemptuous look in his eyes.
* =
* bevidst, vidende om det
is in the process of offending the king.
* i gang med at -
get him out of an awkward situation.
Nevertheless, as the behaviour of the haughty nobleman
* høj
* have den ( kind / ansigt ) ~ frækhed at -
30 It’s clear that, wittingly and unwittingly, the nobleman
As a rare exception, the king’s quick wits fail to
* skrævende ben
* foragt
he has a disdainful look on his face,
He even has the cheek / face to laugh haughtily.
* trykkende
* ~ ikke ane sine levende råd
* hovent
* u-
* & undtagelsesvis
* snarrådighed
only accelerates king’s zeal for reform, the nobleman,
* iver efter >
contrary to his intention, becomes the unwitting cause of
* ~ årsag til ngt. uden at vide det
the speeding up / stepping up and inavitability of reform.
* fremskyndelse af ngt.
* reform
( = reformiver )
* uafvendelighed af ngt.
[email protected]
480 As things have got too heavy, the king exceptionally
* blive (for) belastende
sends an opponent packing.
* ~ sende ng. på porten
In a highly charged atmosphere, the king reminds him,
’ No one twisted your arm about coming to see me,’
* anspændt
* atmosfære
* ophold i
’ The quicker you get away from her, the better –
* hurtigere
* ~ trykkende >
* udstøde
Packing his bags, the nobleman walks quickly away.
There’s a startled expression on his face.
* forbløffet, overrasket
As his eyes cloud ( over ) in disappointment ,
his face clouds ( over ) with anger.
* hurtigt
* udtryk
* formørke >
* øjne >
* i ngs. ansigt
* ng’s ansigt
* ~ formørkes af ( skuffelse )
* … af ( vrede )
* ansigt >
Barging his way out, barging his way througt the rooms,
* stilhed
* ~ sæt aldrig dine ben
over min dørtærskel igen
* ~ endegyldigt forlade et sted
10 Anger and disappointment soon cloud his face.
* påminde ng.
* ~ tvinge ng. til at -
There is a lull in the conversation and a loaded silence.
and never darken my door again,’ the king raps ( out ).
* undtagelsesvis
* mase sig vej ud
* … gennem ngt.
down the stairs and past all the servants, gaping, gawping,
* … ned ad ngt * … forbi ngt. * se måbende på ngt.
and gawking at him, he barges his way to the front door.
* mase siig vej til ngt.
His sort of behaviour is beneath contempt, and the king
can’t deny ( that ) this kind of obduracy alarms him.
* under >
* ikke kunne benægte at - * stædig - / * forurolige ng.
’ I’ll warrant ( you ) ,’ the king assures the bystanders,
’ I’ll warrent ( that )we won’t see him again.’
* ( foragt ), ~ lavmålet
* jer garanterer ( dig )
* omkringstående
* … at -
20 The king won’t lose `sleep over this obdurate nobleman. * miste >
He will lose no `sleep over the lightweight opponent.
* søvn over ngt.
~ ligge søvnløs på grund af ngt.
* =
Emotions can be destructive if they are suppressed
and denied.
* fornægte / nægte at anerkende ( følelser )
The king’s secretary denies the king to all those without
* nægte foretræde for ng. til ng.
The secretary have to deny many petitioners.
* afvise ng.
Most noblemen think the time is out of joint, while the
* ~ tiden er af lave
* ansøger
visionary king accuses them of being intellectual lightweights * visionær
stuck in the `Dark Ages when it comes to their attitudes
* sidde fast i >
30 to reform and liberalism.
The Dark Ages in history is the period in Europe between
the end of the Roman Empire (476 AD) and the 10th century.
* letvægter
* den mørke middelalder
* <<
The glimmer(<ing)s of an idea often come to the king.
* antydningerne / glimtene af >
So as a true visionary, the king is lightyears ahead of
* visionær person
most of the nobility with his policies to introduce democracy,
and policies to maintain / sustain economic growth.
* opretholde >
Elections are essential for the sustenance of
* væsentlig for ngt.
parliamentary democracy.
* stædig
* letvægts-
* demokrati
* ide
* lysår foran ng.
* vækst
* opretholdelse af >
481 A few noblemen who try to steal the king’s thunder
are met with a shake of the head.
The news about the king’s startling ideas
* stjæle >
~ opmærksomheden / ngs. ideer fra ng.
~ tage ordet ud af munden på ng.
* ~ hovedrysten
* overraske- / forbløffe- /
forskrække- / opskræmmende
hits most of the nobility like a thunderbolt.
* ramme ng.
They are startled by his intentions.
* som en tordenkile
~ komme som et chock for ng.
* være / blive overrasket etc. over ngt.
It startles them to know about his plans
* det overrasker ng. at -
in startling contrast to their own.
The king has got a load of friends
* overraskende etc.
* have en bunke ( venner )
but has also got loads of (E) enemies among the nobility.
* have masser af ( fjender )
10 The nobility keep up and `safeguard their privileges
* hæge om ngt.
with great and inveterate passion and fondness.
* forhærdet, indgroet
He gets loads of letters passing on loads and loads of
complaints about his reform plans.
The nobility are thunderstruck and look thunderstruck
* værne om ngt.
uforbedrelig /
* bunke- /
* lidenskab
* forkærlighed
* viderebringe ngt.
* =
* være som ramt af lynet
~ himmelfalden, målløs
as they consider the progressive king to stand in their light,
* fremskridsvenlig
* stå i vejen for ng.
and also stand in his own light.
The heated and highly charged debate revives
old hatreds and prejudices that simmer below the surface.
* … sig selv
* ophedet * ~ stærkt ophidset * debat * genoplive >
* gammel * had * fordom * simre under > * overfladen
Reluctant to join hands with far-sighted advisers
* uvillig til at - * fatte > * hænder med ng. * fremsynet
~ samarbejde med ng.
20 the nobility join hands with forces of the past.
Reluctant to join hands with forces of the future,
* ~ gårdsdagens kræfter / magtfaktor
* fremtidens …
looking (up)on the king’s reforms with inveterate distrust,
* med indgroet ( mistro )
they thunder against the evils of liberal reforms.
* tordne mod ngt.
Feeling a deep / pure hatred for / of reform,
* ~ skadevirkninger ved ngt.
* føle >
* dyb / ren >
looking at the reforms with passionate / profound hatred,
* med >
* lidenskablig / dybfølt
the nobility feel nothing but hatred for / of the king.
* føle >
Filled with an intense, inveterate hatred towards the king, * fyldt med >
the nobility look for a chink in the king’s armour;
* had overfor ngt.
* had mod ng.
* intens
* indgroet
* sprække i >
a weakness or weak point in his character, argument etc.
* svaghed
30 that can be used in an attack.
* had
* had mod ng.
* rustning
~ ngs. svage punkt
* svagt
* punkt i ngt.
As they expect the king to make a big mistake,
* forvente ng.  at -
* stor
* fejl
they are waiting for him to make a serious mistake.
* vente på ng.  at -
* alvorlig
* =
A grave mistake is the opportunity they are waiting for.
* graverende
* fejl
* vente på ngt.
The king’s attitude is accused of being an encouragement * holdning * beskylde ngt. for ngt. * opmuntring til ngt.
of lightning strikes as a weapon in the class `conflict
* uvarslet / vild strejke * våben i > * klasse- * kamp
and the class struggle.
* klassekamp
A place or time could be a tinderbox that might plunge
the country into civil war, and virtually wipe () out the nobility
* ( fyrtøj ), ~ krudttønde
* udslette ng&t.
482 The nobility are quick to point out mistakes,
* hurtig til at -
and leave the king to take the rap; to take the rap for them.
* overlade ( det til ) ng. at - * tage skraldet * … for ng.
They are too quick to leave the king to take the rap for
* … for ngt.
* for hurtig til at -
social unrest as the responsibility in fact lies with themselves. * ansvar >
The nobility maintain their right to punish members of
their staff who are disobedient and join a strike.
The nobility don’t realize that the king’s reforms, abolishing
* ligge hos ng.
* opsætsig
* deltage / gå med i >
* strejke
their privileges, are an urgent need to prevent a class `war:
* klasse-
a mercyless civil `war and internecine class warfare
* borger- * krig * gensidig ødelæggende * = * ~ kamp
* ~ kamp
10 that might led to virtual wipeout of the nobility itself.
The king’s inveterate opponents thunderously try to
muzzle his advocates.
Although many advocates of democracy consider the king
* udslettelse af ngt.
* forhærdet
* rasende
* give ng. mundkurv på
* fortaler
* fortaler for / forsvarer af ( demokrati )
to be in their light, the course of events will one day
* være i vejen for ng.
prove the opposite.
* bevise >
In the course of time, `epoch-making events will
inevitably happen, and change the society.
The decisions taken by both parties will influence
* ~ i tidens løb
* gang  * begivenhedernes
* det modsatte
* epokegørende
* indtræffe
the march of events now and in the march of time.
* ~ begivenhedernes gang
20 The `progress of events will one day prove the king
* =
to be right, and prove his foresight.
* have ret
The sequence of events will one day prove that many
* i tidens løb / med tiden
* vise ( at ) ng.
* vise >
* rækkefølge af >
* ngs. forudseenhed
noblemen by their thunderous aversion to reform
* begivenheder
~ den almindelige udvikling
* rasende
stood in their own light.
* ~ stå i vejen for sig selv
Their reactionary attitudes serve only to quicken
anti-nobility feelings.
The nobility’s resorting to ingrained confidence in
their inherited privileges lulls their anxiety,
* begivenhed
* be-, vise at -
* forstærke ( følelser )
* tilflugt til >
* indgroet
* tiltro til ngt.
* nedarvet ( priviligie)
and lull them into a false sense of security.
* bringe /
* bekymring
dysse ngt. til ro
* lulle ng. ind i en falsk følelse af sikkerhed
30 Looking at the disquieting, disturbing, alarming,
* foruroligende
and worrying development of the society,
* & bekymrende ( udvikling )
just according to their own `lights,
* som man har evner / forstand til
most noblemen are lulled by their own smugness;
* ~ narret af >
too much self-satisfaction, (self-) complacency
* =
self-confidence and self-sufficiency.
* =
The nobility is lulled into believing that
everything in the garden is lovely.
* forstyrrende
* narre ng. til at * ~ der er ingen ko på isen
( så længe rumpen er på land )
It may be the lull before the storm.
* ~ stilhed før stormen
* alarmerende
* selvtilfreds- / -god/ -behagelighed
483 Seen in that light, the nobility need waking up.
They haven’t yet woken up to the seriouness or, rather,
the gravity of the situation.
* set i det lys
* vågne op
* … til ngt.
* alvor ( af ngt. )
* =
It’s time the nobility woke up to the fact that the times
have changed.
* det er på tide at - * vågne op til >
* det faktum /
den kendsgerning at -
Nevertheless, most nobles stand fast or stick fast.
* stå fast
* sidde fast
ikke lade sig ændre
Many noblemen don’t awake to the fact that some changes * ~ blive klar over at -
are inavitable.
* uundgåelig
They need awakening to new times.
* opvågning til ngt.
10 They need visionary leaders to awaken them to the fact
* ~ gøre ng. bevidst om / klar over at -
that the times have changed.
The success of emerging parliamentarism should be
a `wake-up call to all hidebound noblemen.
Even if they show off their refined manners,
they often practice heavy-handed manners
* advarsel / varsko til ng.
* forstokket
* vise ngt. frem, vigte sig af ngt.
* hårdhændet
- `…
when it comes to having their ( own ) will.
To consolidate their position, the condescending nobility
* få sin vilje
* nedladende
often use heavy-handed methods of managing their estates
* hårdhændet ( metode ) > * til at håndtere ( ejendom )
and for managing their businesses.
* … ( forretninger )
20 Feared for the heavy `hand of management,
* ( den hårde hånd ), ~ hårdhændet ( ledelse )
many lords as well as their dispositions are heavy `going:
* tunge at danse med
they are difficult to deal with and difficult to understand.
They often make heavy weather of ordinary work.
* ~ gøre et stort nummer ud af ngt.
As it is, the nobility heavily profits from the fact that
the obsolete administration procedures of the current society * forældet
* procedure
are discriminating, clumsy and time-consuming.
* kluntede
* tids-
* ~ krævende
Disregarding the problems caused by the privileged nobility, *
another area that warrants attention, consideration etc. is
* fortjene / behøve ( opmærksomhed, overvejelse )
that of the lower classes' want of enlightment and education.
30 So with the reformist King as the initiator of reform,
* reformvenlig
his government initiates a programme of economic reform,
* igangsætte >
* initiativtager til / igangsætter af ngt.
* program for ngt.
i `ni$ieits
and on the initiative of the reforming King, the government
* på ngs. initiativ
sets / puts in motion a programme of social reform.
* sætte ngt. i gang
The wheels of change are set / put in motion.
* ~ forandringens hjul
* reformvenlig
* sat i gang
484 At all events, the society will change radically
and, in any event – when it comes to the point –
the nobility will lose their constitutional power.
After all – when all is said and done – many noblemen
will lose their fortunes and privileged `precedence.
Confident, however, that they could keep their power,
they will have a rude awakening.
All the same the noblemen only await a chance to
* forrædderi
* i alle tilfælde / al fald
* radikalt
under alle omstændigheder
* i hvert tilfælde
* når det kommer til stykket
/ fald
/ alt kommer til alt
* forfatnings- / grundlovsmæssig
* når det kommer til stykket
* =
/ alt kommer til alt
* formue
* forrang
* få et brat opvågnen
* alligevel
* vente på > * chance / anledning til at -
act counter to the king’s wishes,
* handle >
* stik imod ngt.
10 and counteract his bad influence.
* imødegå / modvirke / -arbejde ngt.
The reactionary noblemen wait in order to counter.
* reaktionær * vente, med det formål at - * svare igen
They wait to counter the king’s requirements
* =
with counter-requirements of their own:
* imødegå / modsætte sig
kæmpe imod ngt.
* mod-
requirements that don’t run counter to
* gå imod ngt.
or go counter to their own inclinations.
* det man hælder til i sind / vilje
* krav, behov
hang, tilbøjelighed
Many reactionaries already have plans
* reaktionær / fremskridsfjendsk person
of how to retrieve an eventual loss of formal power,
* genvinde / få ngt. tilbage
of how to retrieve their businesses from financial ruin
redde / genopbygge ngt.
* … fra ngt.
and retrieve their fortunes.
* <<
20 In the event, the retrieval (U) of their power and fortunes
* da det kom til stykket
turned out severely limited.
* stærkt / yderst begrænset
A strange sequence of events eventually forces
the king to plunge the country into war.
* besynderlig
* forsætligt
When he does so, it ‘s quite intentional.
* tilsigtet
Intentionally misleading a young lady, another nobleman,
* række af begivenheder
med vilje
a court creep and, as it eventually turned out,
* hofsnog ( kryb)
a deceitful, perfidious and treacherous lover,
* bedragerisk
unintentionally thrusts the young lady straight into the arms * uforsætligt
That was quite unintentional.
* generhvervelse
* kaste ng. ud i krig
One noblrman intentionally betrays his king and country.
30 of the traitor.
* eventuel, mulig
endelig, sluttelig
* =
* =
* =
* kaste / skubbe ng. lige i armene på ng.
[email protected]
485 The nobility want to marginalize the King.
Althought he is heavy `hitter (eA) they work at
* marginalisere ng. / køre ng. ud på et sidespor
`sidelining the King as they don’t want him to play a role as
* <<
a political heavyweight.
* sværvægter
Althought most of the nobility are political lightweights,
* arbejde på / tumle med at -
* letvægter
they work on pushing the King to the sidelines
* køre ng. ud på et sidespor
as they want him only to watch from the sidelines
* fra sidelinien
whenever they cling on to power or struggle for more.
* klynge sig til >
Many aristocrats counterwork in the open
10 and some openly malign the King in the press.
Having a war on with the King,
they constantly counteract and counterwork the King
* magten
* kæmpe for ngt.
* lave modarbejde
* ~ åbenlyst
være i opposition
* skade / bagtale / tale ondt om ng.
* ligge i krig med ng.
* modarbejde ng. / opponere imod ng.
* =
* … ngt.
* =
Counteracting and counterworking the King’s reforms,
they want to counterbalance and counterpoise his reforms.
Submitting counterproposals and counterpropositions,
* afbalancere ngt. / danne modvægt mod ngt.
* fremsætte >
* modforslag
they want their `counteraction and counterwork to
* modstand / -virken / -arbejdning
act as a counterbalance to liberal reforms.
* virke som >
In spite of the aristocracy’s counterpressure,
* modtryk
* modkræfter
20 its counterstatements and counterdeclarations,
* moderklæring
countermanifestos and counterpropaganda,
* modmanifest
counterdemonstrations and counterclaims,
* moddemonstration
the counteractive aristocrats’ counterviews
* modarbejdende
as well as the countertendencies of the society
* modtendenser
are too weak to counteravail the king’s reforms.
* opveje / modvirke ngt.
a counterreformation.
As all counterreforms are watered () down,
* =
* modvægt til ngt.
of all it’s counterforces and countermeasures,
In vain the counteractors of the nobility counterclaim
* =
* forgæves
* modforholdsregler
* modarbejder
* moderklæring
* modpropagande
* modkrav
* modanskuelser
* stille modkrav om ngt.
* modreformation
* modreform
they are not able to countercheck the liberal reforms.
* modvirke ngt.
* udvande <
486 Circumstances conspire against the King
* omstændighederne
and his reforms.
A chain of events conspires to make the political
situation very tense.
* kæde af >
* konspirere /
sværge sig sammen imod ng&t.
* begivenheder
* … for at -
* ( høj-) spændt
Members of the conspiratorial opposition
* konspiratorisk, sammensværgerisk
have private talks to form a conspiracy.
* føre underhåndssamtale * danne >
* konspiration
In public, their voices become low and conspiratorial
* <<
as they whisper conspiratorially to each other
* =
in a conspiratorial tone.
* =
10 Having secret talks, and having a malign influence upon
* & underhåndssamtale
the weaker brethren (pl.), a small core of opponents
* svagere
form a conspiracy against the king and his reforms.
Making private agreements, the conspirators
* skadelig, ondartet
* ( ånds-) brødre
* kerne af ng.
& ubefæstede sjæle
* konspiration / sammenscærgelse rettet mod ng&t.
* lave
* ~ underhåndsaftale
* sammensvoren
- `spi -
conspire against the king and his reforms.
Making secret agreements, they form a conspiracy
to oppose the king reforming the society.
* konspirere / sværge sig sammen imod ng&t.
* <<
* danne >
* sammensværgelse >
* for at - * modsætte sig ng.  at - * reformere ngt.
They conspire to bitterly oppose the reforms.
* sværge sig sammen for at -
Hatching schemes and making back-`room deals,
they conspire together to oppose the king.
* udklække > * skumle planer * lave > * ~ underhånds~ lave rævekager
* konspirere / sværge sig sammen for at -
20 Although the king keeps his opponents at arm’s lenght,
* holde ng. på tilbørlig afstand / tre skridt fra livet
a traitor at the kings court secretly consorts with
-`some hard-`core conspirators.
* forræder
Having joined the conspiracy to overthrow the king,
he conspires with a hard `core of conspirators
Conspiring with them to revolt against the king,
he plots with them to overthrow the king.
Plotting the king’s overthrow,
the plotters have opened war on him and his position.
Secretly plotting against the king,
30 the hard-`core conspirators hatch a plot.
Hatching a plot against the king,
the hard core even hatch a plot to assassinate the king.
* hemmeligt
* omgås /
pleje omgang med ng.
* ( hårde kerne ) ~ forhærdet
* slutte sig til ng.
* vælte ng.
* konspirere med ng.
* hård kerne af ng.
* sværge sig sammen
* gøre oprør mod ng.
med ng. for at * lægge skumle planer med ng. for at * vælte ng.
* lægge skumle planer for /
* omstyrtelse
* indlede en krig /
kamp mod ng&t.
pønse på ngt.
* komplotmager
de sammensvorne
* lægge planer rettet mod ng.
* udklække >
* komplot, skummel plan
* … rettet mod ng.
* <<
* med det formål at -
They plot to assassinate the king.
* planlægge på skummel vis at -
At all events, any appearance before the public
* unde alle
by the king or his family warrants a large police presence.
* snigmyrde ng.
* fremtræden / * for offentligheden
visen sig >
* berettige / nødvendiggøre ngt.
487 There’s often a conspiracy of silence surrounding
* ~ en mur af > * tavshed * ( omgivende ) ~ omkring >
people ( having ended ) in the nobility’s pocket.
* folk
* ( komme )
The police are constantly on their search for a missing `link * manglende
in their attempts to foil a possible assassination plot
* forhindre ngt.
by detecting and disclosing / uncovering conspiracies.
* opdage
* ( informations- ) led / brik
* mord-
In order to lighten her conscience, a fellow conspiratrees, * lette sin samvittighed
however, startlingly reveals a conspiratorial secret.
The secret was a too heavy load for the traitress to carry
10 First she has betrayed her mother’s trust.
* svigte ngs. tillid
* tynget af >
Then she has betrayed the king to the conspiracy.
* forråde ng. til ng.
Having betrayed state secrets to the conspiracy,
* afsløre / røbe ngt. til ng.
made her betray her beliefs.
It is to be regretted that people’s hurt feelings make them
betray their ideals.
It is regrettable that people’s hurt pride
* medsammensvoren kvinde
* tung byrde for ng.  at bære
* hjerte
She regrets that her wounded heart and wounded pride
* komplot
* afdække / -sløre ngt.
* overraskende * afsløre > * konspiratorisk * hemmelig-
and her heart is loaded with regret.
she has betrayed the king and her country.
* ~ i lommen på ng.
* forræderinde
* fortrydelse
sorg, ærgrelse
* forråde ng.
* fortryde at * forråde / svigte
* & det man tror på
* det er beklageligt at * svigte sine idealer
* <<
makes them disloyal to their ideals.
* illoyal mod >
20 Regretting how she has betrayed her principles,
* angre / fortryde hvordan -
she regretted what she had done.
* … hvad -
* ( sine ) idealer
* svigte sine principper
Her traitorous misdeeds hung / lay `heavy on her.
* forræderiske ( ugerninger )
* hvile tungt på ng.
The betrayal of the king hung / lay heavy on her heart,
* forræderi mod ng.
* tynge ngs. hjerte
and the betrayal of her ideals hung / lay heavy on
* svigt overfor ( idealer )
her conscience.
* samvittighed
The betrayer had begun to feel sharp twinges of regret.
* forræder
Feeling pangs of regret she began to realize
* =
that her practice didn’t consort with her conscience.
Realizing the burdensome consequences of
* anfald ( smertende stik ) af anger
* kunne følges / harmonere med ( samvillighed )
* byrdefuld
* konsekvens / følge af ( at ) ngt.
30 ( having ) a bad / guilty conscience,
* ( have ) dårlig samvittighed
and of saying anything that would make her betray herself,
* afsløre sig
she soon began to regret her participation in conspiracy.
* fortryde ngt.
* i sammensværgning
She deeply regretted her decision to join the conspiracy.
* inderligt angre / fortryde ngt.
She greatly regretted joining the conspirators.
* voldsomt
So the conspiratress decided to betray the conspiracy,
* afsløre / røbe ngt.
and inform on / against her fellow conspirators.
‘ If you don’t do it now, you’ll only regret it –
if you don’t do it, you’ll live to regret it,’ she’d thought.
* … ngs. >
* … at -
* deltage i ngt.
* slutte sig til ng.
* informere om / ~ angive ng.
* bare ville fortryde det
* ~ fortryde / ærgre sig over ngt. resten af livet
488 Her voice betrays the anxiety she’s trying to hide
* afsløre ngt.
when she betrays her co-conspirators to the king.
* afsløre ng. overfor / røbe ng. til ng.
* … ( det faktum / den kendsgerning ) at -
Her trembling voice betrays the fact that
joining the conspiracy was a regrettable decision;
* fortrydelig
a stupid thing to do which she bitterly regrets.
* bittert angre / fortryde ngt.
Having a regretful look in her eyes,
* angerfuld, fuld af fortrydelse
she expresses her regret at her intended action as well as
* anger over ngt.
the regret for the unintended consequences of her actions.
* … for ngt.
* påtænkt
* utilsigtet
As much as she regrets ever having betrayed the king,
* fortryde at -
10 she has / feels no regrets about betraying the conspiracy. * være ked af at * angerfuld
Sounding genuinely regretful, she apologizes regretfully.
* oprigtigt
Nevertheless, the traitress has a ( heavy ) cross to bear.
* … et ( tungt ) kors at bære
* største fortrydelse
~ det man mest fortryder
Telling the king the startling truth, she unburdens her mind * overraskende
* fuld af …
Betraying the king is her greatest regret.
as she unburdens her heart, and unburdens herself.
* lette sit sind
/ sin samvittighed
* =
* lette sit hjerte
The traitress hopes to retrieve her honour.
* genvinde sin ære
Hoping for retrieval of her honour
* rehabilitering
~ rehabilitere sig
she hopes her character is not beyond retrieval.
At least she hopes for a fairly light punishment.
* skudsmål
* hinsides genoprettelse
umulig at genvinde, uigenkaldelig
* straf
* ~ mild
20 Thanks to her eventual loyalty to the king,
* endelig, sluttelig
her regretful character is not past retrieval.
* fuld af ærgrelse / sorg
i sidste ende
* <=
Her confession takes a load off her mind.
* tilståelse
It is a load off her mind.
* =
A tear traces a path down her cheek.
* ~ bane sig vej
Are tears a woman’s weapon ?
* våben
The faintest trace of a smile seems to appear on her face.
* svagest
Her heart lightens as she lightens her conscience.
* ~ blive lettere om hjertet * lette > * sin samvittighed
She admits she intended revenge by her collusion with
* påtænke /
* ~ få en sten til at falde fra ngs. hjerte
* spor / antydning af ngt.
the traitor but she never intended things to turn out the way
få bedre samvittighed
* ved hjælp af
være opsat på ngt.
* … ngt  at ( skulle ) -
30 they did; things turned out in a way never intended.
* på en måde
Merely intending her actions as a revenge towards
the court creep she was then led astray by the traitor.
* påtænkt
* påtænke ngt. som ngt.
* ledt på afveje af ng.
When she returns to her mother a burden lifts.
* ~ en sten falder fra ens hjerte
The king has taken a load off her mind,
* ~ vælte en sten fra ngs. hjerte
and again she feels free to join in a conversation.
* hemmeligt samarbejde med ng.
* deltage i ngt.
The King bears the penitent traitress no malice.
* ~ ikke bære >
She never regrets her decision to inform the king,
* fortryde ngt.
* angerfuld
* nag til ng.
and he’ll never know her to betray a confidence.
* afsløre / røbe >
489 Having taught the naive and gullible traitress a lesson,
* ~ give ng. >
* fortrolighed
* godtroende
* en lærestreg
nem at narre
and pointed out her naivity to her, and expostulated with her * ~ foreholde ng. ngt.
* bebrejde ng. /
protestere overfor ng. vedr. ngt.
about her gullibility, the king makes her a counteroffer.
* <
* godtroenhed
* komme med et modtilbud
Accepting the king’s expostulation, the young lady
* indsigelse, bebrejdelse
agrees in acting as an informant / informer so the king
* meddeler, anmelder,
will be able to countercheck information on his enemies
* efterkontrollere ngt.
in order to keep a countercheck on his information.
* holde >
angiver stikker
The king lays a fast hold on the young lady
* genkontrol
* ~ holde ng. i stramme tøjler
and keeps a watchful eye on her until he’s convinced that
* holde et vågent øje med ng.
10 she’s reliable and `trustworthy.
* pålidelig
Convinced about her reliability and trustworthiness,
* =
til at stole på
* pålidelighed
the king relies heavily on the former traitress,
* stole meget på ng.
now acting as a double-dealer and a double-crosser.
* dobbeltspiller
* dobbeltbedrager
-snyder / -svindler
Having regained her self-reliance, the young lady
* selvtillid
- ‘ri `laiêns
has become an independent and self-reliant person.
As she is a reliable friend and a reliable supporter
they become fast friends.
* selvtillidsfuld
* pålidelig, til at stole på
* ~ fine / svorne venner
He relies on his informer for information.
* være afhængig af ng.
He relies on her telling the truth.
* stole på / være afhængig af ng.  at -
20 He relies on her to tell the truth.
* … ng.  at -
He relies on her to hear the truth.
* … ng.  at -
She can be relied on to keep the secret.
* stole på ng.  at -
He relies on secret information coming from his informer.
* være afhængig ngt.  at -
As she double-crosses the conspirators, the king relies on * dobbeltbedarge /
- `…
-snyde / -svindle ng.
her double-cross (C) to lead to the arrest of the conspirators. * dobbeltbedrag
As his information comes from a reliable source
the king is reliably informed about the conspiracy.
* stole på >
* ngt.  at -
-snyd / .svindel
* pålidelig
* kilde
* pålideligt
* informeret om ngt.
The information casts / throws doubt on some noblemen’s * kaste / så >
motives and reliability.
* pålidelighed
30 The relies heavily (up)on her secrecy.
* stole afgørende på /
Heavily reliant (up)on her and her double-dealing (U)
* tvivl om ngt.
* diskretion
sætte sin lid til >
* dybt afhængig af ng. / ngt.
* dobbeltspil
- ` -
the other way round, he is and heavily dependent (up)on
* den modsatte vej
her and his counterchecks.
* efter-, dobbeltkontrol
In order to make a countermove, the king and the girl
start to countermove.
Eager to counterplot a few adherents of the king
form a counterplot.
* lave >
* … af afhængig af ng. / ngt.
* modtræk
* lave modtræk
* lægge modplaner, modsammensværge sig
* danne
* modsammensværgelse
Some sources of information are totally unreliable.
* kilde til >
* information
~ informationskilde
* upålidelig
[email protected]
490 The king shrouds his dispositions in secrecy
to keep the treachery secret from everybody.
Only as regards the queen, he feels obliged to
go so far as to lift a corner of the veil of secrecy.
* indhylle ngt. >
* i hemmelighed
& mørklægge ngt.
* holde >
* forrædderi
* hemmeligt for ng.
& ~ fortie ngt. for ng.
* hvad angår, & overfor ng.
* gå så vidt som til at -
So one night when he comes to bed and she’s still awake, * komme i seng
he touches lightly on the problem.
The rebellious conspirators intend a rebellion.
The conspirators intend to stage a rebellion.
They have plans to stage a rebellion against the king.
10 Their intended purpose is to rebel.
They fully intend rebelling against the king.
* løfte en flig af hemmelighedens slør
* vågen
* ~ berøre ( problem ) flygtigt
* oprørsk
* have ngt. i sinde
påtænke ngt.
* have i sinde /
* iscenesætte /
påtænke at anstifte >
* … mod ng.
* påtænkt / tiltænkt ( formål )
* oprør
* =
* gøre oprør / opstand
* helt og aldeles
The rebellion is intended to bring () down the king.
* påtænke /
have til hensigt at * være tiltænkt det formål at -
The `rebels are ready to revolt.
* rebel
* … mod ng.
* vælte ng.
They conspire with the intention of overthrowing the king. * med det formål / den hensigt at They conspire a rebellion with intent (U) to topple the king. * =
* vælte ng.
The rebellious nobles have every intention of revolting.
* oprørsk
It is their intention to revolt against the king.
* være ngs. hensigt at -
It is their intention that the rebellion will spread.
* hensigt at -
It is intended that other manors rise in rebellion.
* påtænkt /
20 The conspirators intend other nobles to join the rebellion.
The conspirators intend that each of them are going to
lead a rebellion, rising from each of their manors.
Confident that all enemies of the king will rise in revolt
the noblemen are deterrmined to lead a local revolt.
* have allehånde hensigter om at * gøre oprør mod ng.
* rejse sig >
* i oprør / opstand
meningen at * påtænke ng.  at -
* påtænke at * lede >
* oprør / opstand
* opstå fra ( sted )
* overbevist om at - * rejse sig >
* i oprør / opstand
* lede >
* =
They have every intention of being in the head of a revolt. * have allehånde hensigter om at It is their intention to be in the head of a local revolt.
* være ngs. hensigt at -
Intent (adj.) (up)on regicide, the head of the conspiracy is, * opsat på ngt.
however, intent (up)on assassinating the king one way
* … at -
or the other whenever the unusual circumstances
30 offer the opportunity to do so.
* frembyder >
He’s ready to put his intended victim to death
whenever the opportunity offers itself.
* ~ slå >
With consummate skill, in deepest secrecy,
he has infiltrated the traitor’s set.
So before the conspirators could reach their manors
* muligheden for at * påtænkt ( offer )
* lejligheden >
Even if they have tried to keep their intentions dark secret, * holde >
the king has, however, stolen a march from the rebels.
* kongemord
* ihjel
* frembyder sig
* hensigter
* ~ dybt
* hemmelige
* ~ komme ng. i forkøbet
* fuldendt ( dygtighed )
* omgangskreds, slæng
* i dybeste / al hemmelighed
i det skjulte
most of them were spotted by the king’s men and arrested.
491 In full assurance thata spreading revolt will lead to
* i sikker forvisning om
revolutionary uprisings, the warlords are intent (up)on
* revolutionær
staging an extensive revolt against the king.
* iscenesætte >
In the confident assurance that growing revolt
* forårsage >
revolt to start a revolution.
* gøre opstand
and change the political system.
* opstand
* krigsherre
* omfattende
* i sikker forvisning om at -
will cause a revolution, the revolutionary noblemen
The revolutionaries rebel in order to overthrow the king
* & omsiggribende
* opstand mod ng.
* voksende
* revolution
* starte >
* opstand
* revolutionær
* revolution
* revolutionær
* gøre oprør
In the head of a revolutionary aristocratic movement,
10 the revolutionary leaders have plans to form a junta,
* revolutionær
* bevægelse
* danne >
* junta
`d§ûn- / hun-
a military aristocratic government to control the country.
Troops loyal to the king are, however, prepared to
suppress the rebellion.
Loyal to the king they are ready to crush the rebellion.
* slå > ned
* oprør, opstand
* knuse >
* =
Sent out to put down the revolt, the royal troops succeed in * slå > ned
crushing the revolt within a few days.
* =
* knuse >
* =
The country has been heading towards revolution.
* styre / have kurs mod ( revolution )
It has been a country on the brink of revolution.
* være på randen af ( = )
In case of an aristocratic revolution
20 the king has contemplated a counterrevolution
The head conspirator, however, smells a rat.
* påtænke /
* kontra-, modrevolution
udtænke ngt.
* lugte >
* rotte
~ lugte lunten
He escapes through a secret door.
* hemmelig
Fleeing through a secret passage
* flygte
the traitor has disappeared / vanished without (a) trace.
At first when the secret police come for his arrest,
* dør
* hemmelig
* forsvundet
* passage
~ løngang
* ~ sporløst
* hemmelig
they are unable to find any trace (U) of the traitor,
* finde >
or discover any traces of the crime.
* opdage >
There’s no trace of the traitor.
* intet …
Though a criminal usually leaves traces of the crime,
* politi
* ( noget som helst ) spor af ng.
* ( nogen ) spor af ngt.
efterlade spor om ngt.
30 every trace of the traitor and all trace(s) of the crime
* … efter ng. / ngt.
have been effaced.
* fjerne ngt. / få ngt. til at forsvinde
Having covered his tracks, the fugitive from justice
and the police seems over the hills and far away.
People are called (up)on to denounce the traitor
* skjule >
* sine spor
* flugtperson fra ngt. / ng.
* ~ over alle bjerge
* opfordre ng. til at -
* angive ng. >
to the police, but although the police do all they can
* til ( politiet )
to trace the subversive fugitive, they have little hope of
* opspore ng. * samfundsomvæltende * flugtperson
tracing the fugitive subversive at the present time.
* spore ng. * flygtende * samfundsomvælter * for nu- /
492 When the conspiracy comes to light, the town
* komme for dagen / for en dag
is in revolt.
* i oprør
It revolts most people to hear rumours of treachery.
* oprøre ng. at -
All decent people revolt at betrayal.
* føle afsky over ngt.
The rumours of treason revolt most people.
* ( lands- / konge- ) etc.
They are revolted by the rumours of high treason.
* oprørt over
Most people condemn the conspirators as traitors to
* fordømme ng. som ngt.
the country and traitors to the king.
The town is up in arms about the revolting news.
* ( lands- / konge-) forræderi
svig, løftebrud, troløshed
* forræderi etc.
* oprøre ng.
* høj-
* forrædderi
* forræder mod ngt.
* … mod ng.
* i oprør over ngt.
* oprørende ( nyheder )
10 The rumours of a treacherous and treasonable con>
* forrædderisk, svigefuld
spiracy produce a wave of anger and revulsion against
upålidelig, bedragerisk
* ~ fremkalde > * bølge af ( vrede )
the infamy of the betrayers.
* skændig karakter/ opførsel
* =
* afsky mod ngt.
* forræder
The rumours of a treasonous regicide fill people with
revulsion against the cowardly and traitorous plotters.
The march of civilization has brought along
moral principles that march with most people.
* forrædderisk
* kongemorder
* fylde ng. med >
* afsky for ng. * kujonagtig * forrædderisk * komplotmager
* føre med sig
* udvikling
* harmonere med ng.
Most people feel revulsion from acts of violence.
* føle afsky ( over-) for / væmmelse ved ngt.
Feeling a revulsion against assassination,
* =
most citizens feel a deep sense of revulsion at regicide.
* =.
* kongemord
20 There has been collusion (U) between trusted noblemen * hemmelig forståelse / samarbejde …
* betroet
and the infamous traitor.
* infam, berygtet
Among other infamies, highly trusted noblemen have
operated in collusion with the traitor.
* skændselsgerning
* højt
* betroet
* <<< med ng.
It’s a collusion that will live in infamy.
* skændselhed
Several trusted noblemen have colluded.
* arbejde hemmeligt sammen
They have colluded in the outrageous conspiracy.
* … i ngt.
They have colluded to overthrow the king.
* … for at -
They have colluded in rebelling against the king.
* … om at -
They have colluded with the traitor.
* & være i ledtog / spille under dække med ng.
30 They have colluded with the traitor in the conspiracy.
* skændig
* … med ng. i ngt.
They have colluded with the traitor to overthrow the king.
* … med ng. for at -
They have colluded with him in rebelling against the king,
* … med ng. om at -
and turned traitors themselves.
Although his mind rebels, the infamous acts and deeds
have taught the king to be oversuspicious.
* ( selv ) blive >
* forræder
* gøre modstand
* infam, modbydelig
* overmistænksom
He denies quicker action could have averted the revolt.
* benægte at -
He denies that it could have headed off subversive activity * =
* =
* afværge /
forhindre ngt.
* samfundsomvæltende
and prevented the rebellion.
* afværge / forhindre ngt.
493 It seems the police has lost all trace of the traitor until
* miste færten af ng.
a secret closet bearing traces of the crime is found
* hemmeligt
together with documents showing traces of the crime.
The conspirators have closeted themselves away
* skabsrum * bære > * spor af ngt.
~ lønkammer
* vise >
* =
* lukke sig inde ( i noget )
for at føre privat samtale / være alene
in the closet.
* privat samtalerum
The traitor has been closeted with the rest of
the secret society.
* lukke ng. inde med ng. for at <<
* hemmeligt selskab
Although some of the writing has become light,
the secret documents discloses collusive plans.
* utydeligt
* =
* afsløre
* hemmelig aftalt
10 Some documents are countersigned.
The countersignatures prove that the traitor is
* kontrasignere / dobbeltunderskrive ngt.
* -signarur
* bevise at -
colluding with some people of the neigbouring city state
* være i hemmelig forståelse
and its collusive dependencies.
/ spille under dække med ng.
* som spiller under dække med hinanden
* bystat
* lydland
Seen in that light, things easily get heavy.
* set i det lys
More noblemen come under suspicion.
* komme under mistanke
Some suspected noblemen deny all accusations.
* mistænkt
They strenously deny attempting to overthrow the king.
* ihærdig, ivrigt
They strongly deny assisting in conspiracy .
* på det kraftigste
They vehemently deny any allegation of co-operation in
* lidenskabligt * … > * påstand om > * medvirken i ngt.
20 conspiracy to assassinate the king.
* tingene >
* ~ udvikle sig alvorligt /
* benægte ngt.
* anklage
* benægte at -
* … at -
* medvirke i ngt.
heftigt, vredt
Denying the truth, some deny all charges against them.
* fornægte > * sandheden * benægte >
They repeat their vehement denials of the charges.
* harmdirrende
They maintain their denial that the charge is false.
* … af at -
The treacherous plot to overthrow the reforming king
* forrædderisk
revolts all reformists.
Committing treason against the king, `avid for reform,
is a revolting act to all reformist people.
* reformvenlig
* oprøre ng.
* reformist
* begå > * højforræderi mod ng. * ivrig efter > * reform
& reformivrig
* reformivrig
* oprørende
People are appalled at the traitors denial of his country.
* bestyrtet /
A traitor or betrayer who betrays his country by betrayal,
forfærdet over
* forrædder
* fornægtelse
30 treachery or treason is a traitorous, treacherous,
* lands- / konge-
treasonous, traesonable, and revolting person.
* =
Such revolting, treacherous, traitorous, treasonous
* afvisning af >
* anklage
mod ng.
* anklage
* afskyelig
* =
* forråde /
* forrædderi
svigte ng.
* =
* forræderisk
* =
* afskyelig
* forræderisk
* =
* =
and treasonable conduct arouses a chorus of indignation.
A storm of indignation rises from among the public.
* =
* storm af …
* vække
* kor
* indignation, harme
forbitrelse, forargelse
Vehement in their protest, people stage a protest against * lidenskablig * & modstand * arrangere * protestaktion
fuld af harme
the reactionaries.
People hold an indignation meeting in order to
* forargelse, harme
* møde
~ protestmøde
show their indignant and venement protest.
* harmdirrende
494 Relations (pl.) with the city state are under strain.
* ~ forholdet til ng. >
The king’s spokesman refuses to either confirm or deny
a mass of rumours.
Having read the compromising documents,
* =
* være anstrengt
* afvise / nægte at - * bekræfte >
* benægte >
* masse / mængde ( af ) >
* rygter
* kompromitterende
the king decides to carry out secret diplomacy
* hemmeligt
in the natural course of events.
* ~ som led i den almindelige fremgangsmåde
The king wants to improve the relations between the two
states with the greatest possible dispatch ( despatch ).
So the king sets pen to paper.
* diplomati
* relationerne / forbindelserne mellem ng.
* i en fart
* sætte >
10 Writing in pen and ink he uses blotting paper
* skrive med >
in order not to smear the writing.
* tvære ngt. ud
* pen >
* pen of blæk
He takes care not to smudge the writing with his sleeve.
* … med >
When the writing has dried, it won’t smear.
* tværes ud
Once in a while he raps the table with his pen.
* tromme på ngt.
The area around the inkpot or inkwell is full of smears.
* blækhus
With dispatch the king writes an enquiring letter
* ~ i al hast
for dispatch in order to get light on the problem.
In the natural course of things, he fastens an envelope,
* til papir
* ~ klat-/ trækpapir
* ærme
* indbygget …
* plet
* forespørgende
* afsendelse, besørgelse
* få kastet lys over
( hurtig ) ekspedition
* ~som det plejer at være * lukke ngt. fast * konvolut
dispatches a King’s messenger ( to the city state )
* sende ng. afsted * kongeligt sendebud * til et sted
20 and awaits events.
* ~ afvente begivenhedernes gang
In the usual course of events a peaceful settlement
will be found.
In the normal course of events, the conflict would
have been settled peacefully.
* ~ går det, som det plejer / skal
* ~ hvis det var gået, som det plejer
* bilæge ( konflikt )
The city state replies to the kings letter very quickly / soon. * meget hurtigt / snart
When the dispatch carrier, however, hands in
the dispatch from the city state, the King is appalled.
The city state has broken off diplomatic relations with
* kurér
* depeche
* aflevere
* være / blive >
* afbryde > * ( de ) diplomatiske forbindelser med ng.
the kingdom.
30 Diplomatic relations between the two states as well as
* ( de ) << mellem ng.
other official connections between them are broken off.
* forbindelser mellem ng.
Could the reason for the diplomatic rapture
simply be a piece of clumsy diplomacy ?
Storm clouds are gathering over the relations between
the two states.
* bestyrtet, forfærdet
* diplomatisk
* kluntet
* uvejrsskyer samler sig over ngt.
* afbryde <
* brud
* diplomati
[email protected]
495 The king rises, his eyes still fastened on the dispatch.
* rejse sig
* fæstnet på
War is most likely under way.
* på vej, under opsejling
The king has come upon quicksand(s).
* ~ være havnet i en vanskelig situation
The king is no armchair politician, no armchair hero
* ( lænestols- )
It can’t be decided lightly so he sleeps on the problem.
* afgøres
* politiker
~ skrivebordsor armchair strategist who only does armchair speculations. * ~ hjemmefrontsstrateg
The decision could be one he lives to regret.
* ~ skrivebordshelt
* ~ skrivebordsfilosofi
* ~ uden videre * & tænke over ngt.
& ikke nogen let / nem beslutning
til næste dag
* ~ komme til at fortryde fremover
Having slept on it and weighed (up) the relative merits of * sove på det * afveje > * forholdsmæssig * fortrin
his plans, he realizes he can’t afford a policy of wait-and-see. * tillade sig >
10 So he won’t wait to see what will happen.
* politik
* & afventende
* vente og se / se tiden an hvad -
As the king won’t wait in order to see what will happen.
he won’t play a `waiting game.
* vente >
* for at -
* se hvad -
* ~ indtage en afventende holdning
stille sig afventende
Everything seems to show that the city state is up to
* ~ alt tyde på at -
* pønse på >
* ondt
There is every indication that the city state is up to
armed conflict.
* <<
* <<
* væbnet
All indications are that the city state mediate
* konflikt
* ~ alle tegn peger på at -
an armed struggle against the kingdom.
* pønse på >
* væbnet kamp mod ng.
As there is little support for a waiting game,
* ( kun ) lidt > * opbakning til > * ~ afventende holdning
20 and strong support for final countermeasures,
* stærk >
the king and his council of war decide with much regret
* med ( megen ) beklagelse
to fight a war on / against the unexpected enemy.
* udkæmpe >
* krig mod >
* luften
* ladet med >
The air is charged with tension as they have to
make a quick, speedy and swift decision.
* =
* modforholdsregler
* uventet
* fjende
* spænding
* hurtig
Agreeing to wage (a) war on / against the city state
they decide to wage war at once.
* beslutning
* føre krig mod ng.
* føre krig
They want to make war immediately in order to forestall
* =
* komme ngt. i forkøbet
the enemy’s plan.
In order to forestall the enemy by force of arms,
30 the kingdom mobilizes at once.
Confident of the army’s armament (U),
* komme ng. i forkøbet
* ~ våbenmagt
* mobilisere
* oprustning, våbenforsyning
and relying on it’s up-to-date armaments( pl.),
* beholdning af forskellige våben
the king immediately mobilizes the army
* mobilisere >
in order to make war on the city state as soon as possible.
* … mod ng.
Many weapons had become obsolete / out of date
* blive forældet
but fortunately the King’s provident Minister of Defence
* forudseende
* hæren
has had their obsolute / out-of-date weapons replaced.
* forældet ( våben )
496 Giving the military plan the green `light,
* ~ give grøntlys for ngt.
the King gives the general staff the green light.
* … ng.
Giving the green light to the general staff
he gives the green light to immediate mobilization.
During the armament, while the army is equipping
* =
* =
* krigsforberedelse
and arming, the soldiers prepare themselves to go to a war
* gå i krig
and fight in a war.
* kæmpe i krig
When all the armed forces mobilize, the soldiers are
* mobilisering
* væbnede
* styrker
prepared to go to the war and march on the city state.
* gå / drage >
10 Preparing for a march on the enemy, they prepare to
* march mod ngt.
go to the wars and fight in the war.
* ~ gå i krig / drage i felten
* mobilisere
* ~ i krig
* marchere mod ngt.
* kæmpe i krigen
An army marches on its stomach.
* ~ en hær fungerer på fyldte maver
When the soldiers go to the war with the city state
* << mod ng.
they leave their loved ones with a heavy heart.
* med tungt hjerte
The army is on a war footing.
* på krigsfod
In the nobility it is the tradition ( for the sons ) to choose
* det er traditionen ( for ng.) at -
arms as their profession.
* ~ militæret
In the army there’s a long tradition that the army officers
are recruited from the noblility.
* tradition for at -
* militær* officer
& officer i hæren
20 Having been on the battlefield, drawn up in battle order, * være på slagmarken
and fought on the battleground, many of the officers
* kæmpe >
are experienced in war craft and warfare,
* ~ have erfaring ( i > )
Some of them are war heroes and war veterans.
* krigshelt
A brave soldier must show a contempt for danger,
* vise >
and an officer must show a contempt for his own security.
Most officers have a hard-handed approach to disciplin.
* opstille ng. i >
* slagorden
* på slagmarken
* krigskunst
* krigsførelse
* krigsveteran
* foragt for ( fare )
~ byde ( farer ) trods
* ~ se stort på ngt.
* hårdhændet
* tilgang til ngt.
- `…
The walk around rapping ( out ) orders.
* udslynge ( ordre )
Once in a while, the soldiers have participated in
a war game, a simulated military operation carried out to
* krigsspil
30 test the validity of a war plan or an operational concept.
* gyldighed, brugbarhed
* simuleret, efterlignet
Being a soldier is a job in which a variety of skills
will be deployed.
* operationel
* anvende / udnytte ( færdigheder )
Deployment of talent and resources is important.
* -lse
Clever deployments of troops and weapons are of
* indsættelse, udsendelse
decisive strategic(al) importance.
The kingdom is, to E/A for all intents and `purposes,
* afgørende
* for så vidt, praktisk talt
* strategisk
at war: at war with the city state.
* i krig
* … med ng.
497 As attack is the best defence the king’s plan is
* angreb er det beste forsvar
to attack the enemy by a lightning attack.
* angribe ng.
In order to make lightning war the kingdom doesn’t
* lynangreb
* lynkrig
declares war on the city state until the moment / instant (that) * erklære krig mod
it opens war on the enemy.
* i samme øjeblik som
* indlede (en) krig mod
The king deploy the army corps: two regiments
* indsætte / udsende /
* hærenhed
opstille >
each of four battalions each of four companies, thousands of * bataljon
* regiment
sg. kå / pl. kåz
men of all arms, some of them heavily armed troops.
The kingdom is at war; it’s at war with the city state.
* kompani
* våbenart
* svært bevæbnet
* … med ng.
* i krig
10 Ordinary people are at a ( complete ) loss to understand
* være ( helt ) i vildrede med at -
a war between the kingdom and the city state.
* krig mellem ng.
As they are unable to understand the kingdom’s
* ude af stand til at -
war against the city state, they cannot account for
* krig mod ng.
it’s war with the city state.
* krig med ng.
The army officers try to explain why war broke out
and what led to the outbreak of war.
* gøre rede for ngt.
* krig >
* bryde ud
* lede til udbrud af …
The king only reluctantly went to war with the city state.
* gå i krig >
He didn’t go to war unless all alternatives had failed.
* gå i krig
Going to the war, everybody hopes for the kingdom’s
* gå / drage >
20 victory and the city state’s defeat in the war.
* tropper
* mod ng.
i krig
* sejr
* nederlag
* i krigen
Fighting in a / the war, the soldiers have a heavy workload.* kæmpe > * i en krig * have > * tung * arbejdsbyrde
The privates pull a heavy load physically.
* trække >
The privates do the heavy work, such as loading ( up )
* gøre >
unloading, heavy lifting and heavy digging.
* læsse af
/ krigen
* et tungt
* det tunge >
* fysisk
* arbejde
* læsse
* tungt * løfteri
Some privates are weighed down.
* overbebyrde ng.
Weighed down with full marching equipment,
* … med >
some privates fall over from exhaustion.
* ~ læs
* fuld
* =
* graverarbejde
* march-
* opparkning
* falde omkuld af ngt.
* udmattelse
The officers only do light manuel work.
* lave >
On the other hand they carry a load of responsibility.
* på den anden side * bære > * en byrde af > * ansvar
* let
* manuelt
* arbejde
30 Some of them are loaded down.
* være overbebyrdet
The war load some officers down with responsibility.
* overbebyrde ng. med ( ansvar )
They are weighed down with responsibility.
* overbebyrdet med ngt.
Even if the officers carry a burden of responsibility,
* være bebyrdet med ngt.
and carry a weight on their shoulders,
* bære >
the privates and the civilian population
* civil-
bear the main burden of the war.
* bære ( hoved ) byrden ved ( krigen )
* en byrde på >
* sine skuldre
* befolkningen
498 The troopers harness their troopers,
Having put harnesses on the warhorses,
the troopers harness them to the horse-drawn vehicles.
A warhorse must be accustomed to the turmoil of war
so it won’t stop dead in its track and refuse to move.
* kavalerist
* give seletøj på > * kavaleristhest
~ give … seletøj på
* ( lægge ) seletøj på >
* krigshest
* spænde ng. for >
* hestetrukken
* tummel
* firehjulet hestevogn
and arsenals to pick up loads of munitions (pl.): weapons,
( til persontransport )
* arsenal
ammunition and equipment.
* =
10 as soon as it gets light.
* krigs-
* ~ blive lamslået
Carriages and waggons (A -g-) drive to the armouries
The privates start loading: they start loading up
* køretøj
* =
* våbendepot
( til tungt gods )
* ladning
* krigsmateriel
* laste
* =
* blive lyst
They are busy loading vehicles; they are busy loading up
carts, carriages and wag(g)ons all morning.
* … ngt.
* =
* tohjulet trækvogn
The soldiers load the light carts with supplies
from the stockpiles kept in the arms depots.
* laste >
* let
* trækvogn
* med ( forsyninger )
* beredskabslager
* våbendepot
They load some of the supply onto carriages,
* laste ngt. op på ( vogn )
and load some of it into the bigger wagons
* … op i ( vogn )
covered with tarpaulins made of heavy-duty canvas.
* presenning
* slidstærkt
* kanvas
Soldiers have to work in harness ( with each other ).
* ~ trække på samme hammel
When the soldiers put a load on a vehicle,
* komme læs på ( køretøj )
20 they take care not to overload the vehicle.
* overlæsse / -belaste ngt.
An overloaded vehicle may shed its load ( on the ground ). * overlæsset
* tabe sin last
Making the loads fast, the soldiers and fasten the tarps (A) * fastgøre
with strong ropes.
* =
* hurtig
The carriages designed to carry a heavy load are slow.
* bære >
Beasts of burden and vehicles must be lightly or
* ~ trækdyr
* vogn
* bære > * tung * byrde
or because the horses or the wheels won’t be able to
30 bear / sustain the weight ( of the burden or load ).
* bære >
* last
* belæsset, lastet
* krigshest
* trække > * tungt
* læs
* vægt ( af ngt. )
The army is prepared to set out at first light the next day.
* ~ så snart det bliver lyst
At dawn, at the first gleam / glimmer of dawn,
* ved daggry
It is still dark when the officers prepare to set out.
* byrde
* let >
not be able to carry a heavy burden or pull a heavy load
* morgenen >
* let
* tung
* tungt
before sunrise.
* presenning
* bære >
not too heavily loaded either because the warhorses might
It gets light at about 6 o’clock about half an hour
* jorden
The fast carriages are designed to carry a light burden.
when the morning and day dawn, it begins to get light.
* på >
* svagt lys ( af > )
* dagen >
* gry
* daggry
* det bliver lyst
* … klokken x
* solopgang
* det er ( stadig ) mørkt
* begive sig /
drage / tage afsted
The army leave in the morning as soon as it’s light.
* det er lyst
499 Men-at-arms, officers and privates, carry light weapons * ~ soldat
* bære >
like handguns and other guns while the heavy weapons –
* ( enhånds ) skydevåben
light and heavy artillery – are pulled by warhorses.
* artilleri
* lette
* =
* våben
* tung
* våben
* trække ngt.
* krigshest
* ladt
* pistol
The officers often carry small arms (pl.) like loaded pistols. * håndvåben
Some officers are fast / quick on the draw.
* hurtig på aftrækkeren / i vendingen
Fast / quick on the draw they are able to draw a gun
* =
quickly in order to pull / squeeze the trigger and shoot.
Whether a gun is a weapon of offence, or a weapon of
* trække >
* ~ trykke på >
* våben 
* aftrækkeren
* forsvars-
10 Some people are too `trigger-happy and trigger-ready.
* skydeglade / -gale
to difficult questions and in difficult situations.
Some officers ride a carriage.
* køre i ngt.
A loaded-down carriage is fast in the mud.
* tungt belæsset
The driver must lighten the heavily loaded carriage
* gøre ngt. lettere
He revolves the wheel a bit of a counterturn
* skydeparat
* ~ hurtig i vendingen
comes to be good at reacting quickly and intelligently
to reduce the load on the wheels and make a countermove.
* våben 
defence depends upon which end of it you are at.
An officer must be fast / quick on the draw when it
* skydevåben
* personhestevogn
* ~ sidde fast i ( mudder )
* tungt
* læsset, lastet
lette vægten af ngt.
* vægten på ( hjulene)
* modbevægelse
* dreje >
* modomdrejning
* hjul
before it’s able to make a revolution the right way.
* omdrejning
20 The wheels revolve anti >E/A counterclockwise.
* dreje
* mod uret
Warhorses pull the carriages of the light cannons,
* hjulvogn
* let
and the lightly armed soldiers only carry a light load
* let
on their bag in order to overwhelm the enemy
* løbe ng. overende
by a lightning stroke.
* lyn-
* bevæbnet
The cavalry and the light artillery are important arms.
* kavaleri
The soldiers await orders and await the signal.
* vente på >
When the combat troops train or go to fight,
* kamptropper
they wear a battledress (E).
While they wait orders and wait the signal,
30 a trooper strokes the muzzle of his fast horse.
* =
* byrde
* ~ angreb
* let
* artilleri
* ~ militær gren
* ordrer
* signal
* tage af sted for at * kæmpe
~ gå i kamp
* kampuniform
* afvente / vente på ordrer
* kavalerist
* ae >
* =
* mule
In times of peace, the troopers bed their horses.
* give ng. leje ( af strøelse )
Cavalrymen are ready to ride into battle.
* kavalerist
A field cook carries off a donkey loaded down with
* feltkok * trække
its burden of firewood.
* glds. kanon
* hurtig
* ride >
* signal
* hest
* i kamp
* æsel * tungt belæsset med >
afsted med >
* byrde, læs
* brænde
The donkey brays; it makes a bray: a harsh loud sound.
* skryde
Sheep, goats and calves ( sg: calf ) from the surrounding
* kalv
* skryden
* skærende ( lyd )
farms bleat and blat in chorus.
* bræge
* =
* i kor
ad 467 ) Potraying the appaling / dreadful living conditions * portrættere > * forfærdende * skrækkelig
of the poor, often living in overcrowded conditions,
* i>
* overbefolkede
* livsbetingelser
* omgivelser
the book gives a devastating portrait / portrayal of life
* sønderlemmende * portræt
* portrættering af ngt.
under humiliating conditions in abject poverty.
* under * ydmyg- * betingelser * ( i ) ussel ( fattigdom )
ad 477 ) Realizing that his arguments are unsustainable,
* uholdbar
the nobleman realizes that they have no sustainability.
* holdbarhed, styrke
So arguing further would only give further sustenance to
the king’s arguments.
* give >
* argumenter
* understøttelse / styrke til >