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Dear Members …
Our Executive Council as of May 3, 2014:
This NEWSLETTER was a fun one to put together. One
of our members suggested we do a short bio on the
members of our Executive Council. Some members
knew we were connected to the B-58 in some way or
another but that’s all they knew. I polled the Council
for a bio and a photo if they so desired. Not all responded but most did. I’ve printed the response from
Council members who did respond.
[email protected]
Then I asked you, the membership, to send me some
information about themselves, their kids, grandkids,
activities they were involved in, trips they had taken
and anything they thought would be news to our other members. I got some pretty good response from
that request. After you read some of the activities our
members sent in I hope it will jar your memories and
you too will respond so that I may include it in a future NEWSLETTER.
The 2014 Reunion is history but I thought I would
print the Proclamation from the Mayor of Ft Worth,
TX which cites May 3, 2014, as “B-58 HUSTLER DAY”.
Zim Zimmerman, Mayor Pro Tem, read the proclamation and then presented it to the B-58 Hustler Association. We also had a letter from Texas Governor Rick
Perry. He said he was “honored to welcome all of
those in attendance at the B-58 Hustler Association’s
40th Reunion in Ft Worth.” Our Executive Director
Harry Rumzek was instrumental in obtaining both
the Proclamation from the Mayor of Ft Worth and the
letter from Governor Perry! Harry and other members of his Reunion Committee are hard at work
planning the next reunion: May5-8,2016.
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I hope all of you have a nice Thanksgiving, a Merry
Christmas and Happy New Year. BJ Brown, President,
B-58 Hustler Association
My name is BJ Brown and I’ve been your President
since September 2012. I was reelected in May 2014 at
our Ft Worth reunion Business Meeting.
I was a bomb/nav on a Select crew in the B-47 when I
volunteered and was accepted into the B-58 program
in 1962. Our crew quickly made Select status and we
went to CCTS. While at Grissom AFB I went to college
on “Bootstrap.” I got my degree, came back and resumed crew duty. Then in 1967 I finally got off of crew
duty and went into the Armament & Electronics
Maintenance Squadron as Maintenance Supervisor. In
August 1969 I was transferred to Kadena AB, Okinawa.
My name is Alex Brewer and I have served on the B58 Executive Council for many years as a Director.
In the latter part of 1961 I was selected as the first B52 navigator to check out in the B-58. When we landed from our fifth student flight our crew was told that
we were now instructors and we were assigned to the
43rd CCTS. When the 43rd was transferred to Little
Rock AFB, AR I was moved to a staff position as Wing
Navigator. I was involved in the planning of all low
level missions and RBS targeting. As Wing Navigator I
was scheduled to fly with B-58 student and staff pilots. In 1969 I was transferred to a C-119K assignment.
My name is Ed Johnson and I’ve been a Director for
two terms. I was reelected as a Director at our last
I completed the aircraft maintenance course, JET
OVER TWO ENGINES, with AFSC of 4313E at Amarillo
AFB, TX and was assigned to the 43rd Bomb Wing at
Carswell AFB, TX. I was assigned to A/C 60-1111 and
the Assistant Crew Chief, Richard Smith, was assigned
as my "5" level trainer. Upon completion of my security clearance, B-58 Familiarization school and OJT I received the 43151E-S AFSC that qualified me for alert
duty. I was promoted to A1C and was assigned to 581018 as the Assistant Crew Chief. The 43rd moved to
Little Rock AFB and I spent most of my time on alert.
The B-58s were phased out and I changed my AFSC to
1A151, Flight Engineer on the C-130. After a tour in
South East Asia I left the Air Force.
I’m Ken Archibald and I have served as Treasurer of
our Association for a number of years. I came to the B58 program (DSO) in 1965 as a brand new Captain. I
went through training with Larry Whitehouse (AC) and
Harold Culter (BN). I later flew with Don Neff and then
with Guy Smith and Clay Arundel as a stand board
crew. After Grissom I went to tankers and served in 2
Young Tiger deployments. (NO PHOTO PROVIDED)
I was transferred to the Bomber Branch and was assigned to help ground crews. After the wing moved to
Little Rock AFB in 1964 I was assigned as the Assistant
Crew Chief on 59-2436. In March 1966 I became the Crew
Chief on 59-2437 and held that position to October 1968.
During this time I earned the prestigious SAC Master
Crew Chief award. The aircraft crashed in July 1968 due
to materiel failure of the right main landing gear. In October 1968 it was determined that the aircraft would not
be repaired. I and my crew were assigned to 60-1122, a
loaner from Grissom AFB. After promotion to TSgt I was
assigned as a bomber Recovery Team Chief. My last
working day in that capacity was in December 1969. I
have been a member of the B-58 Hustler Association
since 1982.
My name is Harry Rumzek. I was appointed Executive
Director to the B-58 Hustler Association Executive
Council in early 2013.
After B-58 Nav-Bomb Upgrade Training at Mather AFB,
CA, in January 1967 I was assigned to the 305th Bomb
Wing at Bunker Hill (Grissom) AFB, IN. I flew with Major David T. McBride, pilot, and Capt Richard H. Sherman, DSO. We became B-58 Combat Ready and in September 1967 was assigned to Crew R-63 with the 364th
Bomb Squadron. Our crew was upgraded to E-63 in
June 1968. In turn, Captains Ken Leatherbarrow and
Monte Correll served as DSO. We were selected as
Wing B-58 Aircrew of the Quarter for April-June 1969
then upgraded to S-63 in July 1969 and became a
Standardization Crew on July 15, 1969, with Tom
Stelmar as DSO. In January 1970 I returned to the B52D as a Navigator/Bombardier.
Richard Bolcer is presently serving as Secretary of the B
-58 Hustler Association. After tech school I was assigned to 43 Organizational Maintenance Squadron
(OMS) at Carswell AFB, Texas in September 1960. I
served in this squadron all the way through to its deactivation in January 1970. After earning my 43151E AFSC
Darrell Schmidt has been a Director on the Executive
Council for many years.
In late 1966 I received my orders to travel to Perrin AFB,
TX for "Lead-in" flight training in the F-102. Then off to
Carswell for nuclear weapon training and on to Little
Rock for B-58 training as pilot. I was in the 63rd Bomb
Squadron with Herk Neifert as Nav and Charlie Creech as
DSO. Near the close out of the B-58 I checked out as an
instructor and changed crews to have Harry Neilands as
Nav and Bill Nelson as DSO.
Ray and Beatriz returned safely home after their departure from rural Pritchett, Texas, after another
'comradery-stop' in Abilene, Texas. Bob, upon their departure, was heard to loudly mumble, "That darn Ray
really ticks me off - he never ages - still the youngster of
the group."
fini, Bob Worn
One of the members of our Executive Council suggested
that I should put bios/photos of our Council in the NEWLETTER. I asked the guys twice for that information,
with or without photos. I’ve printed the ones I received
in this NEWSLETTER ~ some without photos.
OK BJ, I've got just one little snippet for the newsletter.
On their way home from Ray Guffee's B-47 unit reunion, Ray and his bride Beatriz stopped at Pritchett, Texas to visit with Lynn and Bob Worn at their home-at-the
-end-of-the-road. Ray said that, with the 'flight-plan'
that Bob gave him, it wasn't difficult to find the place. It
was a wonderful time to renew old friendships and to
review the blessings that we have all received. Many of
the old, good times were discussed and reflected upon.
Ray, being the consummate gentleman and good friend
that he is, did not once broach the subject of one of
Bob's career FUBARS - the time Bob, while flying one-of
-the-last-missions-on-Christmas-Eve, sent in a ZippoHot-News (not 'practice') through the channels to our
Wing-Co, reporting a sighting of Santa Claus and then
reported the propulsion system AS ONLY SIX REINDEER.
(Bob's explanation was that the center page in the KAC72 was printed askew and difficult to extrapolate) Later that night, Bob had to answer a (telephonic) verbal
RBI as to why he didn't also submit a "Zippo-Hot-NewsLost-Reindeer-Report." Repeat - Ray, the consummate
gentleman, never broached the subject. Ray was heard
to comment that Bob had not changed one bit over the
years - that he was just as tall, dark, handsome, oliveskinned and debonair as he always has been.
—Continued next column …...
Monique Evans is the current Miss Texas. She is the
grand-daughter of Colonel Richard Evans who was in the
B-58 program 1957-59. She came in 13th at Miss America and 4th in the Miss America Mock Pageant. Monique
Evans is a senior at the University of Texas and she is
spending this year serving as Miss Texas.
Vic Mayer was a B-58 DSO at Bunker Hill AFB, IN. He's
pictured here with his grandson, James A Mayer. James
is an 18 year old Pro Bowler and has bowled two perfect
- 4 -games (300) in competition.
BJ ...
You may want to provide information that active duty
or retired military that wants to come to Walt Disney
World check into the Shades Of Green Resort on the
WDW property. www.shadesofgreen.org They are
very busy, so you need to book early. If they are filled,
they can provide discounts to other WDW Resorts as
well as park tickets. As a side note, I work part-time at
the Magic Kingdom. They can contact me for park information. Richard White, DSO [email protected]
My son, Mike Brown, works at the Palmyra research
station located one thousand miles south of Hawaii.
HIs job is pretty much feeding, housing and supporting the researchers along with doing minor repairs, carpentry, painting, and power washing the
buildings. In this picture he is kayaking in a squall off
Barren Island. “The Navy used this island for shell
practice during WWII so they don't want us wandering too far off the beach. One group of researchers
are studying what keeps corals alive. As one person
put it, ‘we know what kills them, but what mechanism brings them back?’ Another group from NOAA is
studying the effects of el nino from the ocean floor
up. I think the Scripps Institute is mapping Palmyra's
reef system with 3-d camera as a way to study the
growth and degradation of the coral systems. Another group is studying the pollution effects by looking at
the nutrient uptake of a certain algae that grows
here. Some guys are studying the fish systems in relation to the corals and this season my mission is to
identify different fish species. The fish researchers are
helping me with that.” He does a 3 month stint then
it's back to Arizona for 3 months. By BJ & Mike Brown
55-0668 was modified to carry the Quick Check pod in
June of 1960. A new and slightly bulged nose radome
was fitted to accommodate a special Raytheon forward-looking radar, and the instrumentation installed
at the second crew station was revised. The Quick
Check modified aircraft was delivered in May of 1961.
The Quick Check aircraft was actually used for an overflight of Cuba during the October 1962 missile crisis.
The radar system functioned fairly well, but resolution
was found to be the highest when subsonic speeds
were used. Despite its promise, the Quick Check program was cancelled following completion of the flight
test program. Following the end of the Quick Check
program, B-58 55-0668 was scheduled to be the
testbed for the B-58B project, but when that program
was cancelled as well, the plane was converted to TB58A trainer configuration. The plane is now on static
display at Little Rock AFB, AR.
I am not aware of this pod BJ. The Main Line Pod, photo recon, was used to provide pictures of natural disasters on some occasions. I personally flew to Alaska in,
probably 1968, to photo a flood there. Took off from
Little Rock, flew to Alaska and worked the area, landed
at Barksdale, where the film was developed and sent
to the President. Longest mission, for me, in the great
Hustler, 12 hours. Roger Schwarzenbach
— 5—
Hi BJ … My family, (Audrey, two sons and one grandson)
and I went to Kenya last July on a wildlife safari. It was
an outstanding trip and we saw a LOT of their wildlife.
Monte Correll
After the 1965 Bomb/Comp the 305th BW was 1st in
Navigation, 3rd overall and best in all B58 categories. I
donated my trophies and stuff to the Grissom AFB museum a couple years ago. Tom Chaffee ~ 305 Bomb/Nav
technician, 1959-1970.
Charley Adams
Milo Myers
James Coryat
Patsy Barrett
Alice Fross
We’ve had two new members join our Association since
the last NEWSLETTER. We welcome them to our group!!
Pat DeCambra, Rancho Cucamonga, CA
David Sharrock, Sacramento, CA
George Klump, my favorite DSO, shot this 8 point deer
near Johnsonville, SC on October 14th with a 270 rifle.
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My first goal with the NEWSLETTER is not to offend anyone
and my second goal is to keep
members informed on past,
present and future happenings/
events. In order to keep you informed I must have your current email and home address. I
get this information from Secretary Rich Bolcer. So, if you have
ANY changes to this info please
email Rich at his address:
[email protected]
That’s me, begging on the left!!
BJ Brown, President, B-58 Hustler Assn