Smithsburg Middle School

Smithsburg Middle School
November 2014
Dates & Details
Nov. 2 – Daylight Saving Time Ends
Turn back your clocks one hour
Nov. 3 & 4 – Professional Learning
Day for teachers – NO SCHOOL
Nov. 5 – Picture Retake Day – 1:00
Nov. 11 – Veterans Day
Nov. 11 – PTSA Meeting-6:00 PM
Nov. 14 – Grade 6 WEB Dance
3:30-5:00 PM
Nov. 17 – Grade 8 IB Presentation
11:00 AM
Nov. 18 - American Education
Week Parent Visitation Day
Nov. 19 – Mega Event – 3:00 –
4:30 PM (Gym)
Nov. 21 – Student Council Activity
Night – 6:30-8:30 PM
Nov. 26 – 28 – Thanksgiving Break
Schools Closed for students
November is:
Aviation History Month
National Novel Writing Month
Native American Heritage Month
Peanut Butter Lovers Month
Volume 1, Number 4
From the Principal’s Desk…
Dear Parents/Guardians:
The first marking period ended on October 31st. Grades will be sent home the first week in November. I hope
you are using ParentVue to see your child’s grades and attendance. This is an excellent tool to keep up with
your child’s progress. If you are having difficulty accessing ParentVue please call the front office for support. It
is my expectation the overwhelming majority of our students will earn very good to excellent grades. Many of
our students will achieve the honor roll and distinguished honor roll. The Student Service Team (SST) meets
weekly to review students’ grades and attendance. The SST will identify strategies to use to address the needs
of individual students and if necessary meet with parents to develop a home and school plan. I encourage you
to check ParentVue at a minimum weekly to make sure your child has completed all of the assignments and to
check on grades. The success of every student is our goal at SMS.
Staff has continued to participate in staff development activities to improve their delivery of instruction and to
implement the new Common Core State Curriculum (CCSC). Communication between the elementary schools,
middle school and high school communities is a goal of the cluster principals this year. On October 22nd we
held our first Parent Night on the Common Core Standards. On November 19th the cluster principals will
conduct a second informational meeting on the Common Core at 7 PM at Smithsburg High School. As part of
the CCSC students were administered the Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) test again this Fall. You
should have received MAP results for your child in October. Understanding each student’s academic level gives
teachers the power to help them excel. MAP computerized adaptive assessments are the tools that make it
possible – providing educators with the detailed information they need to build curriculum and meet their
students’ needs, one child at a time. The results of this test will allow staff to identify objectives for clusters of
students in their classes and to differentiate instruction for individual students in mathematics and English
Language Arts.
I continue to enjoy working with you and your children. It is an honor to serve the Smithsburg Middle School
community. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or concerns.
e…students at a minimal cost.
Dr. Stephen Tarason,
Some of the activities
student council offers include: a. Any h events. If you
are able to help please contact Mrs. Izat by email.
SMS Mission
[email protected]
The mission of Smithsburg Middle School is to develop
self-directed learners who take responsibility for
their behavior and learning as they are prepared for
career and college.
Our School Newsletter is now available on our
school website Go to
Schools, Middle, More Info
Contact Us
Stephen Tarason, Principal
Kyle Lingg, Asst. Principal
Phone – 301-766-8353
Fax – 301-824-5147
68 N. Main Street
Smithsburg, MD 21783
The Board of Education of Washington County does not discriminate on
the basis of race, color, national origin, sex, religion, size, age, or disability
in employment or the provision of services. If you have a question about
this policy, call the Director of Human Resources at 301-766-2808.
Seeing Double/Triple!
Multiple births are not uncommon but what
are the chances of having seven sets of
multiples in one school at the same time?
Fun Facts:
Worldwide there are at least 125
million living multiples
Up to 22% of twins are left-handed
Multiples have been known to
develop their own “language” that
only they understand
Identical twins exhibit almost
identical brain wave patterns
This year at SMS we have six sets of twins
and one set of triplets! What fun!
Pictured at Left:
Front row: Triplets, Jack, Gabrielle, and Olivia
Middle Row: Madison Gearhart, Morgan Sigler,
Ryin Spessert, Davin Spessert, Sara Barnes
Back Row: Mitchell Gearhart, Madison Sigler,
Aliyah Newberry, Asher Newberry, Derek Seeders,
Donavon Seeders, Rachel Barnes
Advisor for this year’s Student Council: Mrs. Lisa Waters
[email protected]
Pride Schedule for November
Friday, November 7th Smithsburg Pride
Friday, November 21st College Pride Day
Picture envelopes are available in the front office
Important Dates
November 3rd - 25th
Community Service for the Hagerstown VA
Outpatient Clinic in Hagerstown
We will collect Pre-Packaged Snacks for Veterans who have
appointments at the VA Clinic in Hagerstown during the month of
November in honor of Veteran’s Day. SGA members will take the
collected snacks and Thank You Signs/Cards to the Clinic and
participate in a tour of the facility. The date for the tour in December will
be announced ASAP. Help is needed with transportation to the facility.
This is an Outpatient Veterans Clinic with 4,000 patients having 200
visits a day.
The following snacks are appropriate:
 Individually wrapped snacks: granola, fruit snacks, pretzels,
hard candy, or other items.
 Hot cocoa or powdered drink pouches like Crystal Light.
Tuesday, November 11th - WCASC Meeting for Student Council
Members @ CES
All Members may attend. Permission Slips can be obtained from Mrs.
Waters and must be signed and returned by November 6th. Mrs. Waters
will need to know if you are purchasing lunch. You must let your
teachers know that you will be absent from class that day, and you are
Responsible for any work that you miss.
Saturday, November 15th - Fall Leadership Conference
Location: Huntington High School in Calvert County. Registration
Closes: November 8th.
Costs: $25 per person. A bus will be provided
for transportation.
Tuesday, November 18th - National Education Week
We hope that everyone has had a smooth start to their school year and
is enjoying the change of season! The Smithsburg Middle School PTSA
has been busy planning some fun events for the middle school students:
• A fundraiser will take place at Misty Meadows on Thursday,
November 18, so bring the family and friends to enjoy some goodies
and 10% of the purchases will be donated back to SMS.
• On December 12, the PTSA will sponsor a holiday activity night in the
gym from 6:30-8:30 PM. We hope that the students will help us come
up with some fun activities by submitting their own ideas in our
suggestion box, soon to be located in the Media Center.
• Spirit wear will soon be available for purchase at SMS! Clothes
sporting the SMS logo are fun to wear and make great holiday gifts.
This is not a fundraiser and prices will be kept as low as possible. Keep
an eye out for more information coming soon!
The Smithsburg Middle School PTSA is always accepting memberships
and would welcome your involvement. The fee is $6.00 per
membership and multiple family members can join. We meet on the
second Tuesday of each month in the Media Center. Students are also
welcome to attend the PTSA meetings and take an active part in
planning for their school!
Happy November,
Jennifer Ashbaugh, Mary Glessner, Amy Woodward, Jen Keller, and
Anne Jessop
PTSA Executive Board
Student Council members will escort, direct, and or aid parents during
this week as they attend or participate in their children’s’ education.
Wednesday, November 19th SMS Meeting
There will be a meeting after school in Mrs. Water’s classroom from
3:45-4:45 PM. All members need to attend. The Activity Night for Friday,
November 21st will be discussed. Activities for December will be
discussed as well.
Friday, November 21st - SGA Activity Night
Student council is sponsoring an Activity Night from 6:30-8:30 PM. The
admission is $5.00 and includes a snack and drink. Music, karaoke, and
games such as bowling, Wii Just Dance, Basketball, Limbo, and Hula
Hooping will be provided. Student council members are encouraged to
bring desserts; cookies, brownies, etc… Volunteers are needed in order
to make this night a success! Please contact Mrs. Lisa Waters, Student
Council sponsor, at [email protected] or at 301-766-8353.
Box Tops for Education
Please clip all box tops from all of those Holiday items you use
for baking. Another contest will take place beginning in
December through January. Each person to collect 30 box tops
(please include your name on the baggie) will receive one ice
cream coupon.
Let the clipping begin!
American Education Week
American Education Week – November 17 – 21, 2014 –
presents all Americans with a wonderful opportunity to celebrate
public education and honor individuals who are making a
difference in ensuring that every child receives a quality
Please feel free to visit your student’s classes during the day of
Tuesday, November 18, 2014. It is suggested that you check
your student’s schedule for that day. (It will be an “A” day)
Kudos to the Smithsburg Middle School Staff for
collecting $400 for BCA CV (Breast Cancer Awareness –
Cumberland Valley) during a recent Pink Casual Day to
honor one of our staff members.
Gabby Johnson, Katie Li, Sara Ritchey and Caitlin
Boswell performed recently with the Smithsburg High
School Orchestra. These selected students learned
“Brandenburg Concerto #3” and “The Billy Tell Overture”,
and after two rehearsals joined the high school during the
Autumn Concert.
To the following 7 and 8 grade students who
participated in the All County Chorus Concert held on
Tuesday, October 16 at North Hagerstown High School:
Taylor Bassler, Tory Halsey, Abigail Hebert, Paige
Howard, Hannah Jones, Josh Kebe, Hope Kemmerer,
Leah Lindsay, Joel Martirano, Aliyah Newberry, Asher
Newberry, Emily O’Brien, Tiffany Ohler, Nicole Prather,
Emily Schaeffer, Elizabeth Watkins, and Ryan Wetzel.
Congratulations to the following SMS staff members who
will be honored this month at the Celebration of Service
Recognition Dinner for their years of service to Washington
County Public Schools:
Five Years – Jessika Krietz
Ten Years – Jessica Lindstrom, Stacy Maginnis, Susan
Fifteen Years – Sonya Gjurich, Lynn Izat, Jennifer
Twenty Years – Nancy Souders
Twenty-five Years – Vicki Reed
Thirty-five Years – William Collins, Barbara Jones
Student Life
The concert was spectacular!
The Smithsburg Music Department invites you to the
upcoming winter concerts:
Heading to Rec
December 9, 2014 – Chorus Winter Concert – Grade 6 –
6:00 PM, Grade 7 – 7:00 PM, Grade 8 – 8:00 PM
December 16, 2014 – Band Winter Concert – Grade 6 –
6:00 PM, Grade 7 – 7:00 PM, Grade 8 – 8:00 PM
December 18, 2014 – Orchestra Winter Concert (held at
Smithsburg High School) – 7:00 PM
Red Ribbon Week “Jersey Day”
The counselors have been busy doing classroom lessons with
grades six through eight in the academic and personal/social
domains. They have covered topics about learning styles
(grade 6), study skills (grade 7), and work ethic (grade 8).
Currently, counselors are working on empathy with sixth grade
student to help develop conflict resolution skills and in seventh
grade looking at how understanding our own perspectives as
well as others can help improve out interactions within our
school community. Eighth grade students will focus on positive
decision making skills to improve the climate in the classroom.
Counselors continue to offer individual and small group
counseling as needed for all students. Please contact the
counseling center if the counselors can assist you in any way.
Attention 8 Grade Students: Please look at upcoming open
houses for the variety of programs available in Washington
County. You can access this information through the WCPS
website. BIFSA (Barbara Ingram School for the Arts) presented
to all eighth grade students recently and will host several open
houses in November.
Anger Management Group
Attention 8th Grade Parents
A field trip to the Maryland Theater is planned for eights grade
students on December 11, 2014. Students will enjoy plays
presented by Chamber Theatre Productions from Boston,
Massachusetts. Please mark your calendar! Cost will be
approximately $20. Watch for more information.
If you email your child’s teacher, please remember to put your
child’s name in the subject line. This will make it easier for the
teacher to recognize the email if it is caught by our spam filter.
After-School Tutoring
Don’t forget – after school tutoring is available for students on
Tuesdays and Thursdays from 3:30-4:30 PM. Please be
advised that students must have homework or work from their
teachers when they stay.
FFA News for November
FFA will meet from 3:30- 4:30 PM on November10 and 17. Our
focus will be repotting our school plants.
Where: Robert W. Johnson Community Center
109 W. North Avenue, Hagerstown
When: Wednesdays, 4:30-5:30 PM
For more Information, please call Holly Veith, (301)697-4725 or
email at [email protected]
Aggression Replacement Therapy (ART) Curriculum
Participants will learn:
3 coordinated components:
Social Skills Training
Teaches participants what to do, helping them replace antisocial
behaviors with positive alternatives.
Anger Control Training
Teaches participants what not to do, helping them respond to
anger in a nonaggressive manner and rethink anger-provoking
Moral Reasoning
Helps raise participants’ level of fairness, justice, and concern
for the needs and rights of others.
At Pressley Ridge, “we do whatever
It takes to create success for children and families”.
A big THANK YOU to everyone who purchased movie tickets
during our recent sale. An order form for those interested in
purchasing fruit can be found in the front office.
November 11, 2014
This Veterans Day, we offer our deepest
appreciation for your selfless service to our great
nation. Your strength and valor kept us safe and
free; now all Americans thank you sincerely!