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United States Coast Guard Auxiliary Flotilla 73 Butler, Pennsylvania, Eighth District Eastern Region
Volume 1 Issue 1 November 2014
David A Lynch, FSO-PB, Editor and Publisher [email protected]
Joan Lanz Receives Swivel Shot Award for Exceptional Service
By David A Lynch
Butler, PA – Mrs. Joan Lanz, who has been a very active, long time member of the Coast
Guard Auxiliary, until her retirement, has been awarded the Swivel Shot Award for
exceptional and sustained service to the United States Coast Guard and the United States
Coast Guard Auxiliary. As the wife of the National Commodore of the Auxiliary, Joseph Lanz
Jr, Joan Lanz represented the Auxiliary at many meetings and other functions and has been
the host for a number of key national conference events for both the Coast Guard and the
Coast Guard Auxiliary. She coordinated many of the non-meeting activities that occur at
these events. She also worked as the Director of Community Services for the past twenty
years at the Parent and Child Guidance Center in Pittsburgh, PA. She has testified before a
Congressional Subcommittee on the issues of child care and the Job Corps program.
Flotilla Ranks Grow with New Members
Butler, PA - The last two months have seen an influx of five new members into our
Flotilla. Anchor Losch in September and Thomas Schaefer, David Lynch, Jonathan
Stroud and Donald Straw in October. Welcome aboard!
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Left to right Commodore Joseph Lanz, Thomas Schaeffer,
David Lynch, Jonathan Stroud, Donald Straw and Mark
Draskovich, FC.
Flotilla 73 meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month at the Butler County Airport
Schoefield Field in the Pilots Room (1rst floor) and begin promptly at 19:30.
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Left to right David Barnas, FSO-HR and
Anchor Losch.
Newsletter Spotlight
Flotilla 73 October Meeting Notes
Butler, PA - October’s meeting began with the swearing in of four new members, followed by the announcement that
Mrs. Joan Lanz had received the Swivel Shot Award. It was reported that Pittsburgh has been selected to host the 2015
D-Train (more details to follow as they become available) and that flotilla members are able to participate in the Color
All flotilla members were encouraged to visit the flotilla website at:
http://wow.uscgaux.info/content.php?unit=082-07-03 Joe Lanz, FSO-DV, will be conducting diversity training after the
November meeting. David Barnas, FSO-HR, reported the possible formation of a detachment in DuBois. Karl Richter,
FSO-MS, reported that MSEP barge examination training is available and this offers auxiliarists a chance to work with
active duty personnel. See Karl for more information or if you are interested.
Anchor Losch was congratulated on passing her VE and RBSPV tests and her appointment as the new FSO-PV.
Mark Drascovich, FC, reported that the flotilla will be reorganizing staff offices and wants to spread out the
responsibilities. Please contact Commodore Joe Lanz if you are interested in running for office as Flotilla Commander or
Vice Commander. The Commodore was also asked to chair the Nominating Committee. Planning for the Christmas Party
is underway. See Mark if you are interested in helping.
We Need Reports and Articles
In order to communicate with our growing membership more effectively, flotilla
staff officers are encouraged to submit any reports or articles that they would like to
share with the membership to keep everyone informed and in the know.
Flotilla members are also encouraged to submit any articles or ideas for articles on
Auxiliary or Coast Guard related matters that are of interest to them and would benefit
our members.
Please submit your work to the Editor, David Lynch, at [email protected] in Microsoft Word format and
attach any pictures in *.jpg (jpeg) format. The deadline for content submission for the next month’s newsletter in the
15th of the current month, i.e., submission deadline for Decembers issue is 15 Nov 14.
Butler Flotilla 73 is coming to FaceBook
Stay tuned for more details!
Other Links of Interest:
Division 7 website: http://wow.uscgaux.info/content.php?unit=082-07
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Buter Flotilla 73 website: http://wow.uscgaux.info/content.php?unit=082-07-03
From the Flotilla Commander
By Mark Drascovich, FC
I am very proud to present one of the most optimistic and positive reports from Flotilla 7-3 in my own
memory. The reason centers around the dramatic membership growth that we have had over the last few
months. I welcome aboard Anchor Losch, Don Straw, David Lynch, Jonathan Stroud and Thomas
Schaeffer. Together with Josh Gelles who also joined this year our Flotilla has experienced a dramatic
growth in membership and talent.
Josh has taken over the Communications staff office, Anchor takes on the Public Visitor program, David has
already started the new flotilla newsletter that you are now reading as Publications Staff Officer. Don Straw
takes on Materials, Jonathan will take over as Public Affairs and Thomas has expressed interest in either
Public Education or Vessel Examiner staff offices.
In future editions, we would like to feature each of these new members in a profile similar to one done on
Anchor Losch for our division newsletter.
I look forward to working with all of our new members and on behalf of the rest of the flotilla, WELCOME
From the Vice Flotilla Commander
By Ray Nagy, VFC
Coast Guard Trivia
As you have heard, I spent 4 years with the CG, mostly on Lake Superior.
In 2002, the US Coast Guard
That was 55 + years ago, so I am kind of "dated". I spent part of the
became part of what newlysummer staying in touch with old ship-mates in Michigan & Minnesota. We
established Government started with a tour of the "retired" CG Cutter Mackinaw in June. That was
my first time aboard but saw the old girl plenty of times on Lake Superior
Answer on the last page.
in the past. There is a new Mackinaw, of course, bigger & better, now
days. I also worked with the Cook County, Minnesota Museum on
displaying the Grand Marais Lighthouse original Fresnel Lens. The CG replaced it with LED & plastic optics
last year. Also on display is a set of dress whites & dress blues from the Coast Guard in the 50's. (Mine).
We are on an inland lake 14 miles from Lake Superior & spend alot of time on the water, weather permitting.
The weather (& fishing), this year was horrendous. Besides being busy at the museum, telling tall tales of the
Coast Guard, I did manage to do a couple of VE's on local boats.
DISCLAIMER: The Flotilla 73 Newsletter is the official publication of Flotilla 73, Eighth District Eastern Region of the
United States Coast Guard Auxiliary. The information provided here is for the edification and convenience of members of
the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary and the readers of this publication. The Editor and staff reserve the right to use or reject
articles and photos; edit submitted articles and photos for clarity, space, and or other concerns. Reprints of articles in this
publication may be used by other publications provided proper credit is given and a copy sent to the Editor of these
publications. Bylines and pictures are the property of the Editor unless otherwise credited. Please direct any comments or
constructive criticism to: Editor and Publisher: David Lynch, FSO-PB at email address [email protected]
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My youngest Grand-daughter, 13, calls my "tales", "Historical Malarkey". She may be right.
New Instructional Resource on Emergency Signaling
Posted on 2 July 2013 by bc-bri
The RBS Outreach Directorate is pleased to announce a new partnership with Orion Signals, a leading
manufacturer of flares and other emergency signaling devices. Orion is offering Auxiliarists a free “Safety
Awareness Kit.”
Orion Safety Information
This kit includes laminated flare charts (Visual Distress Signal Guides), ‘Saved by the Signal’ brochures, and
some useful “Upcoming Vessel Safety Check” posters. It also includes rebate coupons that Auxiliarists can use
when purchasing needed Orion safety products.
To enroll in the program, Auxiliarists should visit this site.
In the Guestbook window, enter your name and mailing address.
Clicking “Submit” will launch a short introductory video, followed by a 20 minute instructional video (which you
can pause at any time). This 20 minute video is a tremendous resource to deepen your understanding of the
various types of marine flares and the proper use of each. It’s so comprehensive that it can even be used for
Auxiliary Member Training. As you watch the video, take careful notes — every Auxiliarist will learn several
useful pointers from this video, and chances are that you will not pass the questionnaire (required to recieve
your Orion RBS Kit) unless you do.
After the video, a 20 question review of the video begins. Answer the questions with a passiing ratio, and you
will receive your Orion Safety Kit, directly from Orion. More importantly, you will be a better Auxiliarist, Vessel
Examiner, Program Visitor, and/or Instructor.
The RBS Outreach (“B”) Directorate sincerely thanks Orion for helping to make us all better Auxiliarists by
increasing the knowledge we pass along to the boating public.
Photographs containing uniform, policy or regulation discrepancies will not be published
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Editor’s note: Reprinted from USCG Archives
Captain Breakwater’s Safety Notes from the Quarterdeck
as reported by Donald Straw
This time of year, when most boaters are winterizing and storing their vessels, some of us are looking forward to
extending our boating season by using them for hunting, fishing and sightseeing, to enjoy the fall colors and scenery.
This presents us with some very important safety concerns and precautions that we must address and pay strict
attention to. We all recognize that the temperature of the water has drastically changed and that the daylight has
shortened, so we must think about some safety issues a bit differently.
Be aware of both weather and water conditions: During the fall and winter seasons, the weather can change rapidly
which could present a serious problem if you are not prepared for it. Make sure your emergency kit is well stacked and
you have enough survival equipment for everyone on board. This might include foul weather/rain gear, sweatshirts and
extra clothing, some blankets and knit hats, since we lose most of our body heat through our head.
All navigation and other lighting should be operational: Make sure all your vessels lights are functional. If any require
batteries, make sure you have enough spares. It’s also a good idea to make sure some of the flashlights are waterproof.
These can be helpful in an emergency and can assist in offloading passengers at the end of your cruise and help you with
making sure your vessel is properly stored and tied down onto the trailer.
Top off ALL of your fuel tanks: Be mindful that at this time of the year, there are fewer boats on the water and your
local marina or dock, or favorite fueling spot may have closed for the season. By making sure you have enough fuel with
you, you’ll be able to complete your day of enjoyment on the water.
Have a working marine radio with you: Since we already know that there will be fewer boats on the water, you must
be able to contact a reliable source of assistance if an emergency arises, whether this is a fellow boater, marina, or your
dock. It’s recommended that you conduct a radio check prior to getting underway and maintain contact with that
person during your time on the water. Make sure you have a spare battery for your radio too.
Maintain updated charts/maps and other needed navigational aids: At this time of the year, our friends and neighbors
along shore are closing their camps, which means they’re taking down flags, turning off lights and removing docks and
other things we may have used during the summer as navigation references. Night and low light navigation becomes
more difficult. Pay attention to your surroundings at all times.
WEAR YOUR PFD: We talk about this all year long, but now, it is extremely important that you wear one at all times.
Children under 12 years old are required to wear a PFD at all times, but with the water temperatures dropping, falling
overboard or falling off of a dock could make hypothermia a deadly situation. Be aware that a PFD that fits you perfectly
during the summer months may be to small now, since you’re probably wearing extra clothing, such as a sweatshirt or
jacket. As always, if your PFD has a zipper or strap, it must be fully zipped or snapped. Too many times we hear about
boaters who drown while wearing a PFD that is not properly secured. It is recommended that your PFD have both a
whistle and a working light source attached to it at all times (remember the spare battery if applicable). Remember to
change the battery, if applicable, every few months whether it needs it or not.
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Remember: It’s your life: We all want to have fun on the water. Paying attention to safety issues can help us all return
home from a memorable day on the water with family and friends, or just relaxing. If we all use some common sense
we’ll be able to limit the factors that lead to accidents and cause injuries to ourselves, our shipmates and passengers.
Pennsylvania Mandatory Cold Weather Life Jacket Wear
Beginning in 2012, the following regulation was established:
a person shall wear a Coast Guard approved personal flotation device (PFD or life
jacket) during the cold weather months from November 1st through April 30th
while underway or at anchor on boats less than 16 feet in length or any canoe or
kayak .
Upcoming Events
Nov 5 – Flotilla 73 monthly meeting at Butler County Airport at 19:30.
Nov 27 – Happy Thanksgiving.
Dec 3 – Flotilla 73 Christmas Party. Location TBA at November meeting.
Dec 25 – Merry Christmas.
Jan 1 – Happy New Year.
Jan 24 – Change of Watch 2015 Airport Marriott Grand Ballroom
11:00 – 16:00 Service Dress Blue, Tropical Blues and Suits/Sport coat
and tie are the Uniforms of the Day.
Jan 26 – Division 7 monthly meeting at Sewickley Moorings at 19:30.
Join us for the Annual Flotilla 73 Christmas Party
Wednesday December 3, 2014
Beginning at 19:30
Location to be determined at November’s meeting
The Flotilla 73 Newsletter is published twelve (12) times a year. Our electronic newsletter is distributed as a * .pdf
file. Direct email articles and correspondence should be submitted in Microsoft Word format and pictures attached
as *.jpg files to the Editor, David Lynch, FSO-PB [email protected]
The next publication deadline is: 15 November 2014
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Coast Guard Trivia Question Answer: The Department of Homeland Security.