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News from the D
3rd & 4th November, 2014
feed rate and tool nose radius on the machining
characteristics. He conducted experiments on the
Department of CSE donated Rs/- 41,750 towards workpiece with cemented carbide tools. The
Hudhud Cyclone Relief Fund. Dr. N. Gnaneswara Rao experimental results of surface roughness, work piece
Head,CSE department, Dr. M. Venkata Rao, Dean
IQAC, Prof. K. V. Krishna Kishore, NSS Program
Officer,Mr. S V Rama Krishna, Asst. Prof & In-charge
Student affairs, Mr. D. Veeraiah, Asst. Prof.and NSS
Student volunteers forwarded the amount to Dr. V.
Madhusudana Rao,Dean, Engineering & Management,
in his chamber.Dr. V. Madhusudana Rao ,Dr. N.
Gnaneswara Rao HOD and Prof. K. V .Krishna
Kishore appreciated the students for their involvement
and commitment.
News from the Department of CSE
vibration and volume of metal are taken for tool condition
monitoring in all the eighteen experiments. A laser
Doppler Vibrometer is used for online data acquisition
of work piece vibration and a high-speed Fast Fourier
Transform analyzer is used to process the AOE signals
for the work piece vibration. Taguchi, Analysis of
Variance and Artificial Neural Networks are used to
establish empirical relationships between the cutting
parameters and machining characteristics. Significant
contribution of parameters is determined by analysis of
variance. A composite desirability value is obtained for
News from the Dept. of Mech. Engg.
machining characteristics using desirability function
Hearty Congratulations:
analysis. Optimum levels of cutting parameters are
JNTU-K awarded Ph.D to Dr.K.Venkata Rao
identified based on composite desirability value for less
The Department of Mechanical Engineering felicitated surface roughness and amplitude of vibration. The
him. He did research on “Tool condition monitoring by model developed by him is also capable of predicting
analysing Surface roughness, Work piece vibration and the machining characteristics with less error.
Volume of metal removal in boring of steels”. In his work,
News from the Department of ECE
tool condition was monitored by analyzing machining
characteristics like surface roughness, work piece Communication Group Research Meeting was held on
vibration and volume of metal removed in boring of 31st Oct 2014 (Friday) at ECE Department. Mr Y.Ravi
AISI1040 and AISI 316 steels. His work focused on Sekhar gave a presentation on "Enabling proximity
the effect of cutting parameters namely cutting speed, services via LTE device broadcast".
Electricity Consumption on Vadlamudi campus in the past 48 hours 14,025 units.
"Happiness is good health and a bad memory."
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News from the D
3rd & 4th November, 2014
News from the Department of ECE
News from the Placement Cell
Congratulations to the selected students VLSI Group Research Meeting will be conducted today, 4th Nov 2014 in ECE Department. Venkata Reddy
Fony Technologies
Sl.N Student Name
College Branch
Justina Vutchula
Sowjanya EL
Krapa Nagalakshmi
Sk Jameer Hussain
RAJA Mettu
Kaasara Srija Reddy
Regalla Jyothi
Swaroop Reddy
Karuna Sindhuja Adapa
Sk Muhammed
Arvapalli Mounika
Kosaraju Sivanvitha
B Priyanka
Medplus India
1. Parimi Harish Lakshmisai
2. Kommalapati Raviteja
3. Kothamasu Manikanta
4. Chigurupati Ashok
5. Ankam Sowri Joseph Kumar
6. Ashwini Dutt Tadimety
News from the Dept. of Biotechnology
Faculty Contributions:
Dr.R. Bharath Kumar, Dr. D. Jagadish & Mr. E.
Manoj Kumar (Res.Scholar)-School of Biotechnology
& Mechanical Engineering,published a Research Article
titled- A note on algae as potential source for
alternate fuels – Biodiesel, in International
Journal of PharmTech Research,Vol.6, No.6, pp
will give presentation on Topic "Fin-Fet History ,Fundamentals and Future".
Poem - To Our Ellis
How does a loving mother, explain
Heaven to her dying child?
Please give me the words, O Lord, and
let me say them with a smile...
There is a place called Heaven, Son,
beyond the skies above,
It is the place where GOD is watching,
His Heart so full of Love.
He watches all His children, Son,
He watches you and me,
He wants to know we love Him, and
hopes that we will be...
Always strong and healthy, always
kind and free!
But, sometimes, things do happen, Son,
and sickness takes a hold,
It might be something serious, it
might be just a cold.
GOD sends His special angels,
to watch over us and pray,
And, by our side they linger, they
are never far away.
They lift us up on angels' wings when
we are all too weak,
And, oh!, they pray so softly, Son,
with gentle whispers do they speak.
So, have no fear, my darling, should
GOD come to take you Home,
For it is up there in that Heaven,
Son, where you will run and laugh and roam.
Electricity Consumption on Vadlamudi campus in the past 24 hours 6,087 units.
"Imagination is more important than knowledge."
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