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November 2014
Save the Date
November 8th – Angel Party
November 8th – FCC Benefit Concert
November 15th – Marine Ball
November 23rd – Thanksgiving Service & Lunch
Saturday, December 6th – Holiday Party
December 7th – FCC Choir Christmas Concert
December 24th – FCC Candlelight Service
May 8th – Annual Gala
In This Issue
Photos by Julia Martins, Girl Scout Daisy, age 5. Pictured below from left to right are
Julia Martins, Stella Winter and Elis Bryce dos Santos.
Ask The Ethicist
Story edited by Sophia Fuchsloch, above.
She is a 6 -year-old Girl Scout Daisy.
Page 6: Our ethical compass tackles
the issue of nepotism and conflicts of
interest in the hiring process. If you
have a question, send it her way!
Local Girl Scouts Report on Weekend Farm Excursion
We Are the Champions
Page 12:AmSoc’s golf team takes
the Munro Cup for the 5th time in the
Annual Golf Challenge against the St.
Andrew’s Society.
Lots of Laughs
Page 13: American Kim Levone
brings stand up comedy (in English!)
to a stage in Vila Madalena.
Our Mission
The American Society of São Paulo
promotes friendship by organizing social,
cultural, and athletic events for its diverse
membership; encourages integration
with the Brazilian society; and supports
the American traditions of education,
philanthropy, and volunteerism.
By Stella Winter
Girl Scout Brownie, age 7
We went to the Fazendinha on Dia das
Crianças (kids day). We rode horses and
fed sheep, goats, and guinea pigs. We
also milked a cow and watched a turtle
race. There was a bridge that went around
the park and ended with a slide. There
were green birds, lots of kinds of turtles
and there is a place just for the guinea
pigs. We even played animal bingo!
There was a slide that the turtles raced
down and since it was kids day, we got
to choose our own turtle but some kids
wanted one turtle while other kids wanted
another. And they served lunch. We ate
French fries and sausage.
USA Overseas Troop 04001 was established in 2013 and
follows the American Girl Scouts program. The Troop has three
age groups: Daisies (kindergarten and 1st grade), Brownies
(2nd and 3rd grades), and Juniors (4th and 5th grades). All the
girls are fluent in English and generally speak Portuguese
fluently as well. Some girls speak three languages on a regular
basis. The Troop gets together once or twice a month on
weekend mornings for meetings and excursions. The Daisies
have been learning about caring for animals and the Brownies
and Juniors have been working on a newsletter, so the Troop
went on a field trip to Santo Amaro’s Fazendinha Estação
Natureza. For information about joining Troop 04001,
e-mail [email protected]
President’s Corner
n September 24th we held our
annual VIP Cocktail Party
to honor the many corporate
and individual
donors to AmSoc
and its charities.
The event was
held at the atelier
Brazilian artist,
Bia Doria. Her
work is extra
special, as she
uses materials
from the earth,
By Frank Pierce,
such as wood
AmSoc President
transforming them into wonderful table
top to large floor-to ceiling sculptures.
At the event we presented special thanks
and plaques to General Motors, Cabot
Industries and the U.S. Consulate of São
Paulo for their many years of continued
support. We wouldn’t be as strong as
we are today without the help of these
organizations and the U.S. Consulate.
There are many, many more contributors
– too many to mention here – but a few
like Marriott, Delta, American Airlines
and Rubeiz and Associates stand out
as strong supporters. Bia also donated
a beautiful sculpture to AmSoc, which
will be featured on the cover of our
annual Directory and Resource Guide
and auctioned off at the 2015 Gala on
May 8, 2015. What’s more, she will also
donate 20% of the sale proceeds to any of
her pieces to AmSoc members through
the end of the year. Her generosity to
our organization is overwhelming and
greatly appreciated.
On October 15th the annual Golf
Challenge was held between AmSoc
and the St. Andrew Society. For the
third year in a row, our team brought
home the Munro Cup, making it
5 to 4 in Cups won since the contest’s
inception 9 years ago. Thanks to John
Kennedy for organizing the event
and to all the AmSoc players who
successfully defended “our” cup!
Besides the monthly happy hours,
networking and ongoing charity work,
we have two more major events before
the end of 2014: the Angel Party on
November 8th and the Holiday Party on
December 6th. We’re always looking for
more volunteers for the Angel Party so if
you’re available, e-mail Maureen Alves
Kennedy at [email protected]
to sign up. The Holiday Party will be
held in a beautiful home and, as always,
will feature Marlene’s famous eggnog.
This is a great social event with food,
drink and Christmas Carols. Contact the
office to sign up for the party.
The annual Marine Ball, will be held on
November 15th at the Hilton Morumbi.
The United States Marine Corps was
established on November 10, 1775, and
each year celebrates the birthday with a
formal ball in all the locations it serves
around the world. The first formal ball
was held in 1925 and throughout the
About Forum
Forum is published monthly, with
the exception of January and July, by
Ysa Rivera,
editor and layout
Forum is printed by EGB.
The American Society of São Paulo
Rua da Paz, 1431 | 04713-001 São Paulo, SP
Tel: (11) 5182-2074 Fax: (11) 5182-9155
e-mail the editor: [email protected]
Views expressed in Forum
do not necessarily reflect
those of the American Society
board of governors, members,
or staff. Forum reserves
the right to edit content for
brevity and/or clarity.
years took on various forms including
mock battles, musical performances,
pageants and sporting events.
celebrations were formalized in 1952,
incorporating a cake-cutting ceremony,
which was even entered into the Marine
Drill Manual. As tradition, the Marines, in
full uniform, carry the large cake with a
slow, synchronized walk to the front of the
room. The first piece of cake is given to
the oldest Marine present who then hands
it off to the youngest Marine present,
symbolizing the old and experienced
Marines passing on their knowledge to
the new generation of Marines. The event
also includes a reading of Marine Corps
Order 47 and a message from the current
Commandant. Many times, the birthday
celebration includes a pageant of current
and historical Marine Corps uniforms.
Today’s celebrations also include a “unit
run” on November 10th to celebrate the
birthday, regardless of where they may be
in the world, even in austere environments
or combat. It is a spectacular annual event
and a great opportunity to meet and get to
know the young men and women serving
in the local unit and hearing of their
experiences around the world. During
last year’s celebration one of the Marines
proposed to his girlfriend (who accepted),
which added to the celebratory ambiance
of the evening. If you’ve never been to
this great celebration, go. Get your tickets
now. You won’t regret it!
Our office phone lines are
experiencing problems; if
your weekday calls made
between 10 a.m. and 3 p.m.
go unanswered, e-mail
[email protected]
Some members are not
receiving our emails. Please
add [email protected]
to ensure that you receive
timely information about
AmSoc news and events.
The American Society
of São Paulo
To Our New Members: Welcome!
We are very grateful for the support of those who recently joined AmSoc – encourage others to join the club!
Last Name
First Name
Ricardo Breslauer
Toyland Import
Family Supporter
Ruth Miller
Family Supporter
Angela Edholm
Family Supporter
Gisele Kohl
Family Patron
Lemes Avelar
Adiel Avelar
Family Patron
Ieda Loureiro
Single Patron
Koncept Solutions
Where were you born? In Toronto, Canada.
Length of Time in Brazil? We’ve been in Brazil since
March and expect to be here for a few more years.
Cognitive weaknesses are a
result of ongoing learning
struggles. Fortunately, obstacles
can be overcome and
improved significantly.
Family with you? Or at home? My husband, Chris,
and daughters (3 years and 9 months old) are here.
What do you find great about Brazil? I’m excited
about the travel opportunities. Brazil is a huge country
and we hope to see a lot of it while we’re here.
Favorite place to hang out? I’m at home with the kids
and haven’t found any babysitters yet, so I haven’t done
a lot of hanging out but I really like Ibirapuera Park.
Places you plan to visit? We are planning to head
to the beach soon: Rio in October when my in-laws
visit and hopefully a fazenda, too. We’d also like to
see some of Argentina and Chile in the next couple
of years. I lived in Ecuador for a year when I was
15, so I’d really like to get back there for a visit too.
Other overseas assignments? This is our first.
What do you like to do in your free time? We don’t have
a ton of free time with the kids but travel is definitely up
there. Reading and trying to be physically active, too.
What has surprised you the most about São Paulo
Bia Doria
The artist will donate 20% of
proceeds from the sale of her
pieces to our charities through
the end of the year.
Contact gallery manager Flavia
Vidal at 3063-0572 and say
you are an AmSoc member!
Alamedia Gabriel Monteiro da
Silva, 1802 - Jd. Europa
Jennifer Moad & Family
and/or Brazil? I guess the sheer difficulty of getting
things done is still a surprise to me. Also, I find grocery
shopping very frustrating for some reason.
What part of town/neighborhood will you be
living? We’re living in Vila Nova Conceição.
What school do your children attend? At the
moment my 3-year-old attends Maple Bear but we
may be making a change soon.
Contact info: [email protected]
Biggest question you have today to ask a
Brazilian: Where are the locals going when they
get out of São Paulo?
Specializing in sensory cognitive
treatment for Autism Spectrum
Disorders, AD/HD, Learning and
Communication Disorders, and
Behavior Modification.
Comprehensive Evaluation
In-depth pre- and post testing for
the following areas:
Expressive Language
Written Expression
Initial and Follow-up Consultations
• Identification of strengths and
areas for improvement
• Recommendations for follow-up
treatment and/or support
• Homeschooling available
Dr. Wendy M. Smith
Credentialed Learning Specialist
55 (11) 3885.7256 [office]
55 (11) 9.9236.5267 [mobile]
Volunteerism Sends a Meaningful Message
By Adam Stern, Vice Consul
ften, the most effective way
to spread a positive message
about the United States
overseas is through active engagement
of the expatriate community. The
same is certainly true in São Paulo,
regional headquarters to several
hundred Fortune 500 and small and
medium U.S. firms, as well as home
to thousands of talented American
students, business professionals, and
their families. U.S. Consulate General
(CG) São Paulo supports numerous
outreach activities geared towards
strengthening bilateral relations across
all strata of Brazilian society. There
are volunteer opportunities available
throughout the year for U.S. citizens,
friends, and neighbors interested in
making an impact locally.
In addition to the inherent benefits of
volunteerism, active engagement in and
around São Paulo readily demonstrates
the best of the United States to our
local counterparts. Our expatriate
community’s philanthropic activities
send an unequivocally positive
message about our commitment to
strengthening local communities while
showcasing America’s tremendous
ethnic, religious, and socio-economic
The following programs solicit
volunteers on a routine basis:
Amigos Americanos: In 2012, a
group of Consulate officers created a
new initiative for children aged 3 to 16
at Lar Tia Edna orphanage, a local home
for disadvantaged youth. Modeled after
the Big Brother/Big Sister program in
the United States, volunteers provide
one-on-one attention for their “kids” via
weekend outings and other recreational
activities. For additional information,
contact [email protected]
Children’s Field Day: Every
April, CG São Paulo partners with
the American Society to host children
from underserved communities on its
grounds for a day of fun and games.
Events are geared towards instilling
confidence in local youth who have
faced significant challenges in their
lives. To learn more about corporate
sponsorship or volunteer openings,
Community Warden Program:
In the event of emergency situations,
CG São Paulo depends on volunteer
community wardens to spread accurate
information to fellow U.S. citizens
living, working, and traveling in Brazil.
If you are interested in serving in this
capacity, please send an expression of
interest with contact information to
[email protected]
As always, we welcome your
feedback about how CG Sao Paulo can
better inform, involve, and communicate
our mission’s strategic goals to members
of the AmCit community. If you are
interested in learning more about CG
São Paulo’s public involvement in the
community, please follow the U.S.
Embassy’s Facebook page and/or
Twitter feed. Thank you again for your
continued involvement.
The American Society
of São Paulo
Earn Your Wings at Angel Party
By Sue Banman Sileci, Angel Party Committee
The 15th Annual Angel Party will
be held November 8th at Chapel
School. With 240 children from
AmSoc-supported daycare centers and
orphanages, you can be sure that your
help would be appreciated. How?
• Be one of our “super shoppers” –
people willing to go out and buy gifts
for last-minute arrivals in orphanages.
Contact Sue Banman Sileci at
[email protected] if you’re interested.
• Making a donation that would go
toward super shopping and last minute
prizes and treats or for helping pay for
parts of the party for which we did not
receive direct donations. Contact Eileen
Tasso at [email protected] if
you’re able to help in this way.
• Volunteering on the day of
the party! Contact our volunteer
coordinator, Maureen Alves Kennedy
at [email protected] if you’d
like to sign up for a shift. Please wear a
red T-shirt if you attend.
A sponsored child, right, meets Santa and Mrs. Claus at the Angel Party
on November 9, 2013.
Of course, if you’d like to come to the
party to meet the child you sponsored or
see what it’s about, don’t hesitate to contact
Maureen about that too. You can’t just
show up. Security regulations at Chapel
School require that we know in advance
who is coming, so please let us know!
Thank you for all your help so far. We look
forward to a great party on November 8th!
Thanks to AmSoc, Projecto Sol
Gets Much Needed New Stove
Run by Sister Angela, Projecto Sol feeds
230 children their two main meals of
the day. The first group arrives at 7 a.m.
for breakfast, then is given lunch before
going off to school at 1p.m. The second
group arrives around 1p.m., then is served
lunch and a small dinner before going
home at 5 p.m. The children then return
at 7 p.m. for evening activities. Meals at
home usually consist of a sandwich. Sister
Angela is proud that she is able to feed
these children the only healthy meal they
receive everyday.
Aside from serving meals, the main
focus at the center is art. The children
have classes every day in either art, music,
drama, or dance. “Projeto Sol is an intense
light that shines for all. It transforms lives,
showing the beauty in life, and giving
the opportunity to know and live other
realities,” noted Cleusa Barbosa Sena,
educator at Projecto Sol.
Ask the Ethicist
Dear Ethicist,
I would like to hire my brotherin-law to do some consulting in
the company where I work. Is this
okay? He’s trained in this field and
I trust him personally.
Signed, Conflicted
Dear Conflicted,
Even if your brother-in-law is the best suited
candidate for the position, hiring him would
create, at minimum, an appearance of a conflict
of interest, especially
if you are involved in
the hiring process.
Conflicts of interest
arise when personal
interfere with
business decisions.
Many companies
have policies
restricting the hiring
of relatives to avoid conflicts of interest. Here are
some questions to consider:
Does your company permit the
hiring of relatives? Check your company’s Code
of Conduct and HR Policies.
Would hiring him adversely affect other
employees? Could it aversely impact morale?
Could this be perceived as
favoritism or that your brother-in-law had
an unfair advantage because of his familial
relationship with you? Favoritism involves
giving unfair preferential treatment to
family members or friends over others. Other
applicants could feel they did not have an
equal opportunity for a position because of
nepotism or favoritism in the decision process.
Would you supervise him and be
involved in reviewing his performance? How
would this affect your personal relationship?
How would this affect your relationship with
other colleagues?
How would be handle the situation
should he not work out at the job? What would
happen if you had to fire him? Your handling
of this could have a negative impact on your
colleagues and your family.
Should you still want to move forward with
hiring your brother-in-law, I recommend that you
disclose the familial relationship to your manager
and recuse yourself from the hiring process to
ensure that the most qualified candidate is hired.
That way if he is ultimately selected competitively,
it would avoid creating an appearance that he
was hired based for any reason other than merit.
~The Ethicist
Send your ethical dilemmas & questions by
email to [email protected] This column
was written by Erica Winter, an International
Business Ethics Consultant from Washington, D.C.
Meet Our Intern
Hi all! I’ve been the intern at the
American Society since May. I am 23
years old, I was born in São Bernardo
do Campo - SP,
and am currently
living with my
parents and my
in São Caetano. I
enjoy spending my
time with friends,
no matter where
or what we are
Vivian Amorim
and writing have
been my passions since a very early
age, George Benson is amazing, and the
7x1 game in the World Cup still gives
me nightmares. I’m an International
Relations student at ESPM and am two
months away from graduating. My future
plans involve Japan or maybe England.
These almost 5 months at AmSoc
have been special. Not only because this
was my first experience with making my
own money or being more independent,
but also for the things I’ve been learning
every day at the office. I was lucky to have
this opportunity and to meet so many nice
people during this time, starting from
my boss Victoria of course, who has
been teaching me so much. It makes me
really proud to be part of the American
Society’s history and I will always have
fond memories of this internship.
The American Society
of São Paulo
Royal British Legion Will
Remember World War I Heros
at St. Paul’s Cathedral
By David Warren, AmSoc Member
The American Society and Fellowship
Community Church will co-host a
Thanksgiving Service on Sunday,
November 23rd, a few days before the
holiday. The service will start at 6 p.m.
followed by a reception of the traditional
turkey sandwiches with refreshments,
sparkling wine and homemade cookies and
brownies. All are welcome; if you wish
to contribute to the sweets, contact David
Warren at [email protected]
We will be honored with the presence
of Mr. Dennis Hankins, Consul General
of the U.S. Consulate in São Paulo and
will read President Obama’s Thanksgiving
Proclamation if it is available at that time..
Thanksgiving marks the beginning of
the holiday season and the good folks at
Fellowship are having an array of holiday
events to get you in the spirit. On Sunday,
December 7th, Marilyn Mangels will lead
the Chancel Choir’s traditional Christmas
Concert during the Sunday morning
service at 10:30a.m. This has become a
popular tradition and we are sure you will
enjoy the presentation and leave feeling in
the spirit of the season.
On Christmas Eve, caroling and
refreshments will begin at 7 p.m.,
immediately followed by the Christmas
Candle Light Service at 7:30 p.m. This
is a beautiful experience and all will
leave with Christmas in their hearts.
This year, we have a very special treat
for all music lovers. On November 8th a 25
piece string chamber orchestra will perform
a benefit concert at Fellowship Community
Church. Tickets are R$10; all proceeds will
go to the church’s operational fund.
Fellowship Community Church is
conveniently located at Rua Carlos
Sampaio, 107 just two blocks from
Avenida Paulista, at the Brigadeiro Metro
Station. Discounted parking is available
at great parking lot just across the street.
The Remembrance Service organized
by the São Paulo branch of the
Royal British Legion to honor our
fallen comrades be held on Sunday,
November 9 at 10 a.m. at St. Paul´s
Cathedral: Rua Com. Elias Zarzur, 1231Santo Amaro.
The service will mark the 100th
anniversary of the outbreak of WWI. We
will make a special effort to remember
those from São Paulo and Santos who
fell in that war and whose names are
inscribed on our war memorial. At the
reception in the church hall after the
service we will have a display of medals
and other memorabilia related to these
people and other veterans of that war.
International Newcomers Club
Set to Host Annual Holiday
Bazaar on November 12th
There will be over 100 vendors – the
most ever – participating at INC’s Holiday
Bazaar on November 12th selling artisenal
items. There are some fun new additions to
look forward to
• INC will be selling Prosecco and Mimosas
to get everyone in the holiday spirit;
• FREE 15 minute massages brought to
you by Sebastian Massages & Bodywork;
• A team of manicurists will be giving
manicures for the discounted rate of R$10;
• The first 100 guests will receive a goody
bag full of offers and favors from our
beloved exhibitors
• Extended hours: Open from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
All of this will take place in the air
conditioned Espaco Escandinavo at Job
Lane, 1030 - Alto da Boa Vista.
There will be great food available
for lunch, or you can always just sit
down and chat with friends over a
coffee or cappuccino from Encanto
Natural. Don’t forget to grab a cupcake,
brigadeiro, cookie or cake while you’re
at it. Don’t forget to grab a cupcake,
brigadeiro, cookie or cake while you’re at
it (shopping has been known to work up
an appetite!.
Best of all, get your holiday shopping
done with one of a kind offerings from our
Brazilian artisans! Come one, come all –
you don’t have to be an INC member to
enjoy this amazing event. See you there!
Halloween Party
at the U.S. Marine House on October 25h
Over 120 children enjoyed a wonderful Halloween Party and parade. Many
thanks to our Marines for hosting this fantastic event and the haunted house!
Photos by Ana Claudia Teixeira:
The American Society
of São Paulo
Caffeine & Conversation
AmSoc Hosts Second New Member Coffee
By Kaitlin Weatherly, Membership Chairwoman
Lucy Nunes, Luis Boldizsar, and Ruth Miller attended the coffee held
on October 22, 2014, welcoming new members to AmSoc.
Boa Viagem
Traveling soon? Take a snapshot with your Forum
and we will publish it in next month’s issue!
Send your photos to [email protected]
What better way for our new members
to get to know some fellow American
Society members and learn how to get
involved then by attending a bi-monthly
New Member coffee? Topics ranged from
hometown sports teams, the ins and outs
of researching the Japanese population in
São Paulo, the Amsoc Halloween party
and Happy Hour that week, to one of the
attendees leaving that evening for a short
vacation in France!
Want to attend the next coffee or even
host one? Write to Kaitlin Weatherly at
[email protected]
If you are new to AmSoc and are
interested in attending a future coffee
and/or volunteering, contact the office at
[email protected]
The sculpture displayed on the table above by Claudia Kiatake was
featured on the cover of the 2013 AmSoc yearbook.
Recognize this spot in São Paulo?
e-mail the location to [email protected]
We’ll announce a winner in next month’s Forum!
Carol and Frank Pierce took their Forum
to Chicago on October 18, 2014
Congratulations to John Lyons, who correctly identified
the Praça do Porquinho in the October issue.
He will receive a complimentary massage from
Dra. Vanessa Andréia, licensed masseuse & physical therapist!
The American Society
of São Paulo
On Giving Thanks for the Little Things
By Patricia de Luna, Forum Contributor
he smell of turkey roasting in
the oven, a beautifully decorated
table and a homecooked meal
with all the trimmings and ready to be
shared with family and friends ... as if we
needed any reminding, it’s Thanksgiving
in the U.S.A. later
this month.
E v e r y y e a r,
I think back to
that very first
when we were new
arrivals in Illinois.
We were invited
into the Cashell’s
home for our very
first celebration
Dra. Patricia de Luna
of what would
become our own family tradition. My
sisters and I were young children and
our excitement had been building as
we made pilgrim hats at school and
learned about the celebration of the
first harvest. Mrs. Cashell gifted each
of us with a doll, as well as a bag full
of coloring and activity books, crayons
and games to keep us busy while Mr.
Cashell led the adults into the den for
drinks – and we all felt welcome.
I was no stranger to the concept of
cultural integration – at the early age of
6, the USA was already my 3rd country
and I added the traditions and values of
Turkey Day to my bag of experiences,
which already included birthday piñatas
to the tune of Las Mañanitas and
chanting of “y pique, pique, pique”
(which, admittedly, to this day I have
no clue what it means).
It’s easy to see why, for millions
of expatriates, Thanksgiving is the
day when homesickness reaches its
peak. However, we musn’t forget
that Thanksgiving is also a day for
feeling grateful for all the things you
have, wherever you may be – and that
includes our own bag full of cultural
experiences we collect as we move
across the globe.
This year, my Thanksgiving will
be spent right here in São Paulo, so I
wanted to share my third culture kid list
of things I am thankful for:
I am thankful for the unique media, e-mailing and Skype, that
opportunity to have lived in multiple has made it so much easier to stay in
countries, to have absorbed a little of contact with friends from all over and
the culture of each and to have a keen I am especially thankful for the “see
translation” button
understanding and
on Facebook that
respect for global
And though I too have my
allows me to
post in whatever
I am thankful for
‘Bad Brazil Days’, I am thankful
language my
the ability to speak
little heart desires
different languages
for all the wonderful things
without having to
and to transition
translate for each
among them with
that only Brazil can offer: my
and every friends
ease, and I am
out there.
especially thankful
weekly mani/pedis, my kind
And though I
for the eagerness
too have my “Bad
it brings me to
continue to learn household helper who cares for Brazil Days”, I am
thankful for all the
I am thankful for us as much as we care back, for wonderful things
that only Brazil can
the little things in
life that I can’t get the delicious pão de queijo and offer: my weekly
mani/pedis, my
a coupon for. I’m
kind household
thankful for sunny yes, I am even thankful for the
helper who cares
skies (Amsterdam
occasional caipirinha.
for us as much as
had few of those),
we care back, for
fresh drinking
water (Mexico City was tough!) and the delicious pão de queijo and yes, I
for the “tudo bem, tudo bem” attitude am even thankful for the occasional
that puts seemingly serious things like caipirinha.
So cheers and a Feliz Thanksgiving
a waiter bringing you the wrong type
of fries into perspective (oh boy, the to you and yours!
Patricia de Lunas is a dentist practicing in Vila
American in me would have a much
harder time not sending those back!). Nova Conceição. To learn more about her pratice,
I’m thankful for technology like social visit
AmSoc Takes 5th Munro Cup
By John Kennedy, Sports Committee Chairman
On October 15th at the illustrious Sao Fernando
Golf Club, the St. Andrew Society of Sao Paulo
hosted the 9th Golf Challenge for the Munro
Cup. This year there were twice as many golfers
playing. Eighteen AmSoc twosomes squared off
against 18 twosomes for the St. Andrew Society
in a “Four Ball Best Ball Match Play” format. The
match began at noon in a shotgun start and was
completed by 5 p.m. with AmSoc’s Team winning
8.5 match points to the Scots´ 6.5, as shown below.
Afterwards everyone gathered in the
restaurant to enjoy the company of one another
over a full feijoada meal and drinks. Traditional
awards were announced for longest drive and
closet-to-the-pin shots and speeches were made.
John Kennedy then introduced a new award
to this golf outing by presenting the Team´s
M.V.P., Scott Griggs.
Pictured at top is the AmSoc golf team, Annual
Golf Challenge Champions, on October 15, 2014.
Above right, Sports Committee Chairman John
Kennedy receives the Munro Cup. Above left,
John and AmSoc Treasurer Richard Wegman
present the President of the São Fernando Golf
Club with an engraved pewter plate on behalf
of AmSoc’s Executive Committee. It reads:
The American Society of São Paulo presents
this plaque to the São Fernando Golf Club in
appreciation for allowing our members and
guests to play at your beautiful golf course for
the Munro Cup over the years.
The American Society
of São Paulo
Expat Brings Stand-Up Comedy to Sampa
By Kim Levone, Founder & Producer of Improbable Comedy
am from Silver Spring, Maryland just
outside Washington, D.C. A clinical
social worker by training, I worked
in foster care and
mental health for
years. In 2011,
I founded a small
production company,
Improbable Comedy,
and began to
produce live standup comedy, which
is something I have
always loved. When
my husband got the
offer to come to
Kim Levone
Brazil for a few years,
I knew I wouldn’t be able to work as a social
worker and decided to focus on this comedic
endeavor. I jumped right into the mix and
met a number of comedians, eventually
partnering with a Carioca comedianvto
produce Mic Aberto Rio, an amateur
comedy competition and open mic that ran
for eight shows over two months in 2013.
In any case, I eventually came around
to this idea of stand up comedy here in
English. I realized that there are many, many
expats in Brazil who would love to come to
a comedy show and fortunately English is
a common language for estrangeiros from
other countries as well. Plus, whenever I
mentioned comedy to Brazilians, they were
ga-ga over American stand-up (often citing
Chris Rock and Jerry Seinfeld as favorites).
Pictured sitting
in the front
row at a recent
performance in
São Paulo from
left to right
are AmSoc
Alana &
Skyhart, Liz
Miller, Mariza
Taillefer and
De Maria.
During the World Cup, two professional
comedians contacted me saying they would
be in town for the Copa. So, we set up a
one-night show in Rio. It was a success!
One of them was staying in town for a while
so we joined forces to create a regular standup show. We aimed to get the show going
in Rio where we both live, but quickly
realized that there was more interest in São
Paulo, so we kicked off the show there. It
has been running in Sampa for two months
and we have also started the show in Rio.
The goal is to create a scene for English
language stand-up comedy to grow and
thrive. The atmosphere is very supportive
and low pressure. I always remind the
audience how hard stand-up is even in
your mother tongue – and for many of our
comics, English is not their first language.
So far, we have had professional comics
(Brazilian and expat) as well as some
newcomers who are trying stand-up for
the first time – some of whom have said
performing in our show was the fulfillment
of a lifetime dream to do stand-up!
An unexpected bonus is the friendly,
social nature of the audience. We have
had great attendance so far by quite a few
Brazilians, expats from many countries,
and even a few tourists. We hope to become
a weekly staple of the São Paulo nightlife.
Additional goals of this project are to
grow to other cities and eventually bring
in big name American comics to do a
multi-city tour of Brazil. I know it’s crazy
to dream so big but this show was crazy
in the abstract to begin with and it’s been
amazing. Maybe it’s good to dream big!
Improbable Comedy takes place at SubLime
Bar (Rua Mourato Coelho, 973 - Vila Madalena).
Visit for
upcoming performances.
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Family Dentistry
I am a Graded School Alumna and have a BA in
Psychology from PUC-SP. I concluded courses
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depression and Junguian Psychology. My work
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Av. Brigadeiro Faria Lima, 1572, cj. 1110, (across
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Fernando Knijnik has been offering tutoring
services for over 25 years. Physics, math and
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more info, please call (11) 991346700 or e-mail
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A monthly classified ad of up to 350
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A discount is available for placing ads
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10 a.m. and 3 p.m., or send an e-mail to
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A Note to
Our Readers
S ervices
Neither Forum or AmSoc confirm or
verify the information offered as a
convenience to our readers by advertisers
appearing in this newsletter. We
gladly promote these offers; however,
we urge you thoroughly check prices
and services prior to finalizing any
purchase agreements.
The American Society
of São Paulo
November 2014
Learn more about this month’s AmSoc events (highlighted) at
Practice Your
2:30 to 4 p.m.
Rua Henrique Schaumann, 332 Apt. 51 - Pinheiros
AmSoc member Maria Fernanda Favilla hopes to gather a group of up to 8 people
who wish to improve their Portuguese twice a month. Contact Fernanda at
[email protected] if you are interested in joining!
AmSoc Little League Sports
9 a.m. to noon
PACA: R. Cássio de Campos Nogueira, 393 - Cidade Dutra
For more information, contact Paul Groom at [email protected]
Angel Party
11 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Chapel School: R. Vigário João de Pontes, 537 - Chácara Flora
For more information, contact Paul Groom at [email protected]
NFL Viewing Party
49ers v. Saints
Kickoff at 4 p.m.
Pe na Jaca: Rua Harmonia, 117 - Vila Madalena
International Newcomers Club
Holiday Bazaar
9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Espaço Escandinavo: Job Lane, 1030 - Alto da Boa Vista
Marine Corps Ball
7 p.m. to 3 a.m.
Hilton Morumbi: Av. das Nações Unidas, 12901 - Brooklin Paulista
R$200 per person; to purchase tickets, contact [email protected]
Happy Hour
Starting at 6 p.m.
BOS BBQ: Rua Pedroso Alvarenga, 559 - Itaim Bibi
AmSoc Little League Sports
9 a.m. to noon
U.S. Consulate: Rua Henri Dunant, 500 - Chácara Santo Antônio
For more information, contact Paul Groom at [email protected]
Only registered players and their families are allowed to enter Consulate grounds.
Thanksgiving Service
and Dinner
Starting at 6 p.m.
Fellowship Community Church: Rua Carlos Sampaio, 107 - Bela Vista
AmSoc Little League Sports
9 a.m. to noon
Chapel School: R. Vigário João de Pontes, 537 - Chácara Flora
For more information, contact Paul Groom at [email protected]
Coming Soon: AmSoc’s Annual Holiday Party in Chacara Flora at 7:30 p.m. on December 6th
Blog of the Month: 8 Essential Nordestino Musicians
Every month, Forum’s last page will introduce you to a blog from the English speaking community. This month, we feature Brasil Wire; visit this featured blog at
n The 1970’s, while the military
dictatorship was crumbling and
before the economic crisis of the
1980’s kicked in, Brasil had a happy
interlude; post-tropicalism, a vivid,
unique & independent rock culture
emerged, and artists from the Nordeste
took over the charts. Richard Klein
presents his list of 8 essential artists of
that moment
With a stage presence close to David
Lee Roth’s, Alceu was very successful
in mixing the sounds of his native
Pernambuco with what was happening
in the seventies in terms of rock. He
was the most successful of all the artists
from the nordeste in the seventies and
nowadays he is something close to
carnival royalty in Recife.
Sounding like a nomadic shepherd
of the Arabian desert, his intimate and
very poetic style made him the voice
of his native Ceara in the seventies.
Although less influenced by rock than
Alceu, he used the electric guitar in his
arrangements, as well as orchestras, and
had a unique body of work.
Probably the craziest and most
original of all the northeastern artists
in the seventies, his songs and lyrics
were very trippy and his artistic persona
almost biblical. This spiritual aura
of his work mirrored the medieval
religiousness that was still very alive in
the northeast in the seventies.
This accordionist almost does
not belong to this group. Unlike the
three above he came from a humble
background and was simply the best of
his generation at playing this instrument,
which is central to northeastern music.
He recorded a lot with Gilberto Gil
and other great artists of the time and
produced a respectable amount of his
own work too.
This artist from Alagoas. although
belonging to the same generation and
coming from the same region. was more
eclectic in his style than the rest of those
in this list. Being the only black artist
among them, he wrote many samba-like
songs as well as many Motown-like
R&B tunes, and unabashedly flirted
with the tropicalia style. Anyway, above
all, his work and his great talent has an
unmistakable taste of the Nordeste.
A friend of Alceu Valenca and Ze
Ramalho with whom he formed a
band in the early seventies, of all the
names of this list he is the one with
the most musical knowledge. Trained
as an orchestra conductor, his work is
very minimal and beautiful. He sounds
best with just a guitar and his voice
and although he was not as prolific as
his friends, his songs strike deep with
everyone who stops to listen.
He was something like the Bob
Dylan, a great lyricist of the Nordestinos.
Although he never recorded anything
in northeastern rhythms, only rock and
pop, his lyrics described the hard life
of immigrants from the nordeste, and
his avoidance of using their traditional
folkloric styles was a way of saying that
the nordestinos were just like anyone else.
Although he can almost be considered
a one hit wonder. His song Pavao
Misterioso hypnotized the country when
it was the opening theme of the novela
Brasil Wire was founded in mid 2014. Much
of the initial reason for starting an English
language site for Brazilian news, opinion and
culture was driven by frustration at the coverage
leading up to the World Cup. Brasil Wire offers
something different from what is currently
available in English, which the editors felt was
somewhat homogenous and lacking in context.
We are a labour of love, with a mixture of foreign
and Brazilian editors and contributors.