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Celebrating 40 Years of Excellent Senior Care
Lake Shore Assisted Living
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Lake Ronkonkoma, NY 11779
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Lake Shore Times
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November 2014
Let’s Talk Recreation
Saving Time
Sunday Nov. 2nd
Election Day
Tuesday Nov. 4th
Root Beer
Floats &
Music w/Phil
Thursday Nov. 6th
Salute w/Jim
Monday Nov. 10th
Lake Shore’s Staff
Steven Marcus-Administrator
Christine Klein-Administrator
Employee Spotlight/News
**Congratulations to Gladys J. our Evening
Supervisor on being nominated Employee of the
Month by the Lake Shore Resident Council.
Gladys has been a part of the Lake Shore Family
since December 2013.
Lori Brandt-Admissions Coordinator
Denise Komnick-Bookkeeper
Happy Birthday to You…
Tiffany C-November 26th
Garvies Point
Indian Museum
Thursday Nov. 13th
Star Playhouse
Jekyll & Hyde
Sunday Nov. 16th
American Air
Power Museum
& Picnic
Bill Klein-Recreation Director
Wednesday Nov. 19th
Christopher Grzymala-Head Chef
Birthday Party
w/Joe DiPiola
Sean Baksh-Maintenance Supervisor
Donna Feuer-Housekeeping Supervisor
Sherry-Ann Phagoo-Wellness Director
**The Lake Shore Administration would like to
show their appreciation to all the hard working
and dedicated staff by providing a Thanksgiving
Gift Card to new Fairway Market. Gift Cards will
be given out on Thursday November 20th.
Wishing all the staff a very Happy Thanksgiving!
Tuesday Nov. 25th
Sweater Contest
Wednesday Nov. 26th
Thursday Nov 27th
Dear Friends,
What does November mean
to you? For many this time
of year brings thoughts of
roasting turkey, pumpkin pie,
friendship and of course
family time! The holiday
season is just around the
corner and soon the craze
will begin… Before we get
completely involved with the
holiday planning take some
time to sit back and reflect
on all that we are thankful
for-We are celebrating
Thanksgiving this month
after all! In between the
cooking, shopping and
holiday gatherings
remember to give thanks;
there is so much many of us
take for granted!.
To help everyone get ready
for Tom Turkey our
Recreation Department has
put together the perfect
recipe for an adventurous
month… Some highlights
include: a trip to the
American Airpower
Museum, a tour of the Gravis
Point Indian Museum, and a
Sunday afternoon at the
theater! The activity
calendar is over-flowing with
all sorts of good things; take
your time to review it!
From the Lake Shore Family
to yours we would like to
wish everyone a Happy
A Lucky Break
Approximately 88% of
Americans will eat turkey for
their Thanksgiving dinner. It
is unclear how many of them
will make a wish on the
wishbone. This strange
tradition requires removing
the Y-shaped furcula (or
wishbone) from the bird,
drying it out, and then
tugging on opposite ends by
two “wishers.” The wisher
who holds the largest part of
the bone when it snaps gets
their wish granted.
While Thanksgiving is a
uniquely American
holiday, the tradition of
making a wish upon a
wishbone is an ancient
tradition dating back to the
Etruscans, who lived in
Italy as early as 700 BC.
The Etruscans believed
that chickens could predict
the future. Chickens were
held in such high esteem
that even after they were
killed or eaten, their
furcula bones were saved,
with the Etruscans
believing that they still
possessed magical powers.
Etruscans carried the
bones for luck, prayed
over them, and made
wishes on them. As the
story goes, the Etruscans
passed on this belief to the
ancient Romans, who
added the bit about
breaking the bone in two.
When the Romans swept
across Europe, the
tradition eventually passed
to the English, who then
brought it to America.
With a newfound
abundance of turkeys in
America, it was only a
matter of time before this
tradition evolved from
chickens to turkeys. Many
of you may remember
including this tradition in
your families
Thanksgiving Celebration.
Grandma Glo’s Joke Coner
Ready, Set, Groan
November 8th is a day to turn our
groans and guffaws into laughter:
it’s Aid and Abet Punsters Day.
Why would we want to encourage
punsters to make their dreadful
jokes? Because a good pun is a
masterful, intelligent, and playful
use of language, unlike these
Did you hear the one about the
broken pencil? Forget it. It’s
“Only those who
dare to fail
greatly can ever
achieve greatly.”
~ Robert F.
(born November
20, 1925)
Becoming a vegetarian is a huge
missed steak.
I couldn’t figure out how to use my
seat belt, but then it clicked.
The person who invented the door
knocker won the “No Bell” Prize.
Or perhaps take this quip from the the
King of Puns: “It looks like another
reigny day.”
Last year during the month of
November many of our Residents
participated in a special Gratitude
Box Project. The Gratitude Box was
such a success last year; we would
like to see even more Residents
participate this year. Starting on
Tuesday November 4th we will have a
special box that will be located in the
2nd floor lounge where we encourage
you to write down things you are
grateful for. You can put something
in their once a day, once a week or
once throughout the month.
On Monday November 24th we will
read all the entries in the box during
Happy Hour. Throughout the year
sometime we don’t think of just how
much we have to be grateful for.
Once you stop to realize just how
much you have to be grateful for,
you will be amazed!
Radio City Christmas Spectacular
There is no better show to see this holiday than the classic Radio City
Christmas Spectacular! It is a one of a kind celebration for sharing with
family, friends and loved ones. Come see this amazing show that is
gauranteed to get you into the Holiday Spirit!
Date: Wednesday December 17th 2014
Time: Bus leaves Lake Shore at 8:00am
Cost: $180 per person includes: Transportation w/Hampton Jitney,
Orchestra Seats & Lunch at Pietrasanta (683 9th Avenue)
Geographical Know-How
The third week in
November is Geography
Awareness Week. You
may perhaps remember
geography as nothing
more than a class you
slept through in
elementary school, but it
is integral to our
understanding of personal
identity—who we are and
where we come from.
November 16–22 is a
good time to learn how we
function with the world
around us.
You don’t need to be a
mapmaker to appreciate
geography. We are
physical beings who
inhabit a physical
landscape: our homes lie
on the earth, our food
comes from the earth, the
weather affects our daily
routines. We
constantly manage our
relationships with the world
around us in
order to survive,
thrive, and be happy.
In all of these ways,
we live through geography
every day.
After you’ve taken our quiz
below, go out and explore
the local geography. What
geographical terms describe
your area?
Geographical Quiz
Match the term to the definition below:
1. Where a river meets the sea or ocean
2. A pair of points that are on opposite sides of the planet
3. A mountainous land formation, flat on the top with steep walls
4. A body of land surrounded by water on three sides
5. A cold, treeless area
A. Mesa
B. Peninsula
C. Estuary
D. Antipodes
E. Tundra
Answers: 1. C; 2. D; 3. A; 4. B; 5. E
Happy Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving is here, so our minds have turned
To what time has taught us, to what we’ve learned:
We often focus all our thought
On shiny things we’ve shopped and bought.
We take our pleasure in material things,
Forgetting the pleasure that friendship brings.
If a lot of our stuff just vanished today,
We’d see the foundation of each happy day
Is special relationships, constant and true,
And that’s when our thoughts go directly to you.
We wish you a Thanksgiving you’ll never forget,
Full of love and you-your best one yet!
Happy Thanksgiving,
Love the Lake Shore Staff
will often
carry us to
worlds that
never were. But
it we
go nowhere.”
~ Carl Sagan
(born November
9, 1934)
Welcome to the Neighborhood
Health & Wellness Column: Thankful
The Lake Shore staff is dedicated to
making sure you feel at home.
We’ve had several residents move
in this month and we’d like to
extend a special welcome to those
folks who are new to our
The holidays are a busy
time of year. Sometimes it
is easy to forget to be
thankful. Have you ever
stopped to think about
exactly what you are
thankful for and if your
thankfulness shines
through? Many times we
do not show our loved
ones just how thankful
we are for them. We are
sometimes blinded by the
irritations of life instead.
It’s important to live in a
Lake Shore’s New Residents
John G-Room 109
Anthony T-Room 217A
Andrew C-Room 219
Marilyn K-room 230
George S-Room 324
“Harvest home,
harvest home!
We’ve plowed,
we’ve sowed
We’ve reaped,
we’ve mowed
And brought safe
Every load.” ~
English harvest
New Resident Welcome Tea
Monday November 24th at 4:00pm
in the 2nd Floor Cocktail Lounge.
Come discover your new home.
Refer a Friend Program
Wouldn’t you love to have your
friends as your neighbors? So would
we! And we’ll reward you with $500
off your next monthly payment for
recommending Lake Shore. Make
sure your friends list you as their
referral. Speak with Lori Brandt or
Christine Klein for more details.
Resident of the Month: Walter Kopiske
Our Resident of the month is Walter
Kopiske. Walter was born in Brooklyn.
His family lived in the Flatbush section.
Walters’ father was a barber; he had his
shop on East 41st Street. Walters’ mother
kept house for a few local
schoolteachers. Walter had one sister,
Edith, who was four years older.
Walter attended PS 119 and then went
on to Brooklyn Tech. Walter worked in a
supermarket while attending school. He
graduated high school in 1950. After
graduating High School, Walter went to
work for Acme Supermarket. When
Acme left New York, Walter went to
work for Waldbaums. He eventually left
Waldbaums to work for a food broker.
Walter worked for two different brokers
the rest of his working career until 1972.
In 1951 Walter was drafted by the
Army and stayed in the Army until 1953.
He was sent to Korea where he was
awarded the Purple Heart. He was
actually wounded on July 27th 1953, the
last day of the war. Walter was with the
5th Regimental Combat Team. The Army
wanted Walter to stay in, but he said,
“No Thanks.”
Walter met his wife Anna Duffy when
he came home from Korea. He met her
at a dance at Holy Name Church in Park
Slope, Brooklyn. They were happily
married for 47 years.
Walter and Anna moved to St. James
where they raised their family. They
followed Walter’s sister out there and
lived next door. Walter and Anna had
two boys and one girl.
Walter’s son, Brian, lives in Manhattan,
his son Walter lives in St. James and his
daughter Kathleen lives right here in
After retirement Walter and Anna
moved to North Ft. Meyers, Florida.
They liked living in Florida very much.
Walter was a member of the chorus
there for 14 years. Sadly, Anna passed
away and Walter’s children persuaded
him to return to New York and come to
the Lake Shore.
Walter’s #1 hobby is singing! He loves
to sing and always leads our singalongs. So say hello to Walter, a truly
nice guy!
daily place of
thankfulness- thankful for
the day as it is. Thankful
that you can try again.
Thankful that while you
may not feel great, you
can still feel. Thankful
that you can tell your
loved ones how you feel.
for the people you are
thankful for, with the
explanation-I saved this time
just for us because I am
thankful for you.
~Make a list that complete
this sentence as many times
as you can think of-I am
thankful for you because…
~A random act of kindness.
Ways to Express Gratitude
~A thank you card or note
detailing why you are
thankful for that special
person in your life.
~A special time set aside just
**This Holiday Season let us
all remember to be thankful!
**We encourage everyone to
participate in our Gratitude
Project starting November
Celebrate Lake Shore’s November Birthdays
Those born between
November 1st–21st are
passionate Scorpios,
considered the most intense
sign in the zodiac. While on
the outside, Scorpios are
calm and composed, inside
they are forceful, emotional,
determined, and ambitious.
If you were born between
November 22nd–30th, you
are Sagittarius, the Archer.
Archers are optimistic,
energetic, generous, and
honest. They enjoy
exploration and keep open
minds during new
Lucille D-Nov. 2nd
Virginia B-Nov. 3rd
Michael C-Nov. 3rd
Otto R-Nov. 6th
Raymond H-Nov. 9th
Sydell R-Nov. 9th
Carmen C.-Nov. 15th
Nancy D-Nov. 25th
What Tree Did You Fall
Nov. 1 -11th-Walnut
You know what you want,
you know how to get it,
and no one is going to stop
Nov. 12th-21st-Chestnut
In your mind, honest is
always the best policy.
Nov. 22nd-30th-Ash
You are a fast learned, and
you can quickly become
talented at a new skill.
Some famous people
born during the month
of November include:
Jenny McCarthy (model)
Nov. 1 1972
Gordon Ramsay (chef)
Nov. 8, 1966
Richard Burton (actor)
Nov. 10, 1925
Nadia Comaneci
Nov. 12, 1961
Claude Monet (artist)
Nov. 14, 1840
Jamie Lee Curtis (actress)
Nov. 22, 1958
Dick Clark (entertainer)
Nov. 30, 1929
Jimi Hendrix (musician)
Nov. 27, 1942
Birthday Breakfast
Wednesday November 19th
Monthly Birthday Party
w/Joe DiPiola
Tuesday November 25th
Britain Formally
Recognizes U.S.
Nov. 30, 1782
Lincoln Delivers
Nov. 19, 1863
Panama Canal
Treaty Signed
Nov. 18, 1903
Special Events for November
Nov. 2nd-Day Light Saving
Times Ends (Time Change)
Nov. 4th-Election Day
Nov. 6th-Root Beer Floats
& Music by Phil
Nov. 8th-Friends & Family
Trip to Casino
Nov. 10th-Veterans Day
Salute w/Jim Papa
Nov. 13th-Garvies Point
Indian Museum Tour
Nov. 16th-Star Playhouse
Presents: Jekyll & Hyde
Nov. 19th-American Air
Power Museum Tour
Nov. 25th-Birthday Party
w/Joe DiPiola
Nov. 27th-Happy
Activity Areas:
ICS=Ice Cream Shop
MD=Main Dining Room
SD=Small Dining Room
MO=Main Office
PL=Piano Lounge
1L=1st Floor Lounge
2L=2nd Floor Lounge
CL=Cocktail Lounge
3R=3rd Floor Rec. Room
P=Porch in front of building
Activity Staff:
Recreation Director:
BK=Bill Klein
Recreation Assistants:
LB=Lori Brandt
EB=Eileen Blanchard
JM=Josephine Murphy
JD=James DiVita
MC=Maria Cosenza
RV=Resident Volunteer
Community Volunteers:
Dorothy Reinmuth:
Psalms Hymns & Songs
Pat Meyer: Communion
Service & Rosary
Deacon Chris: Holy
Cross Lutheran Service
Stanley Gatland:
Pet Therapy w/Sally
Thursday @3:00pm
Leslie Sampson:
Pet Therapy w/Daisy
Sunday @ 1:30pm
Beauty Parlor
Tuesdays, Thursdays &
*All activities are subject to change.
9:15 Nail Painting by Eileen
10:00 Bagels & Juice-CL/BK
10:30 News & Views w/Eileen-CL
11:15 Scratch off Tickets-MO/EB
12:00Lunch at Chinese Buffet-B
1:00 Arts & Crafts-2L/EB
2:00 BINGO-2L/EB
9:15 Learn to Paint w/Eileen-2L
10:00Shopping at Dollar Store-B
10:15 Weekly Chronicles-2L/EB
9:15 Chair Yoga w/Diane-2L
9:30 Coffee & Crosswords-ICS/JM
10:00 Hallway Bowling-CL/BK
11:00 Waist Watchers/Walking-C/EB
12:30 Island 16 Cinema: “Silver 11:00 Chat & Color w/Eileen-1L 11:00 BINGO-2L/JM
Screen Classic Movie”($2)-B/BK 12:00 Lunch at Flanagans Pub-B 12:00 Special Invitation Lunch
Eggplant Parm. (Tables 1-10)
1:00 Hand Weights w/Eileen-2L
1:00 Gratitude Project (Begins)-2L
1:30 Word Search Competition:
Sight Seeing Adventure-B
2:00 Penny BINGO-2L/EB
“Searching for November”-CL 2:00 BINGO-2L/EB
Sangria & Dips-CL/JM
2:30 Trip to the Polls to VOTE-B/BK
2:00 Movie: “Draft Day”(2014)-2L 3:00 Happy Hour-CL/EB
4:00 Roulette for Prizes-CL/JM
2:30 Happy Hour-CL/MC
4:30Dinner at Boston Market-B
4:00 Geography 101-CL/EB
4:00 Wii Bowling-2L/EB
3:00 Italian Ice Social-MD
Poker Game-3R/RV
6:30 Poker Game-3R/RV
3 6:00 Psalms, Hymns & Songs-2L 4
9:00 Coffee Social-ICS
9:15 Zumba Gold w/Joy-2L
10:00 Waldbaums/Cleaners-B/BK
11:00 BINGO-2L/JM
12:15 Delicious Dessert Sale-MD
2:00 Root Beer Float Party
w/Phil Accardi-MD
3:00 Happy Hour-CL/JM
3:30 Volunteer Meeting-3R/BK
4:00 Wii Games-2L/JM
4:30 Dinner at Olive Garden -B
9:00 Coffee Social-ICS
9:30 Chat & Color-2L/RV
9:15 Zumba Gold w/Joy-2L
9:30 King Kullen/Cleaners-B/BK
10:45 Garvies Point Indian
Museum Guided Tour &
Picnic Lunch($10)-B/BK
11:00 BINGO-2L/JM
3:00 Happy Hour-CL/JM
Day light Saving Times Ends
9:30 Chat & Color-2L/RV
10:15 Mass at St. Joseph’s-B/JD
11:00 Holy Cross Lutheran
1:00 BINGO-2L/RV
9:15 Workshop w/Eileen-2L
10:00 Shopping at Wal*Mart-B
10:15 Mass at St. Joseph’s-B/JD 10:15 Weekly Chronicles-2L/EB
11:00 Lutheran Service-2L
10:45 Do You Remember?-2L/EB
1:00 BINGO-2L/RV
12:00 Lunch Miller’s Ale House-B
1:30 Word Search Competition: 1:00 Jackpot BINGO-2L/EB
“Famous November Birthdays”-CL
2:00 Veteran’s Salute
2:00Movie: “White House Down”
w/Jim Papa-MD
2:30 Crocheting Club w/Maria 3:00 Happy Hour-CL/EB
2:30 Happy Hour-CL/MC
4:00 “Thanksgiving Price is Right”
3:00 Italian Ice Social-MD
9 6:30 Poker Game-3R/RV
9:15 Exercise To Music-2L/EB
10:00 Chair Volleyball-CL/EB
10:00 King Kullen-B/BK
10:00 Rosary & Communion-2L
9:15 Coloring & Tunes w/Josephine-2L
10:00 Rosary Prayer-2L
10:00 Roulette-CL/JM
10:30 Classical Piano Music w/Jeff
11:30 Mega Million Tickets-See Denise
1:00 Shake Rattle Roll to Music-2L
1:30 November IQ Test-2L/JM
2:00 BINGO-2L/JM
9:15 Friends & Family Trip to
Resorts World Casino ($10)-B
9:15 Nail Painting by Eileen
10:30 News & Views w/Eileen-CL
11:15 Scratch off Tickets-MO/EB
1:00 Arts & Crafts-2L/EB
2:00 BINGO-2L/EB
3:00 Make Your Own Sundaes-MD
3:00 Happy Hour-CL/JM
Wii Games-2L/EB
4:00 Wii Games-2L/JM
“Punny Business”-2L/EB
5:00 Italian Take-In (Place order by 3)
6:30 Poker Game-3R/RV
7 6:00 Classic Movies-1L
9:15 Chair Yoga w/Diane-2L
9:30Coffee & Crosswords-ICS/JM
10:00 Hallway Bowling-CL/BK
10:00 Rosary & Communion-2L
11:00 BINGO-2L/JM
11:00 Chat & Color w/Eileen-2L 12:00 Special Invitation Lunch
1:00 Poetry Connection
Eggplant Parm. (Tables 11-21)
Music & Poetry w/Stacy-2L 1:15 Sight Seeing Adventure:
2:00 Prize BINGO-2L/EB
3:00 Drink of the Day-CL/JM
2:30 Bakery Day Social-MD
Roulette for Prizes -CL/JM
3:00 Happy Hour-CL/EB
Dinner at Wendy's-B/BK
4:00 Wii Bowling-2L/EB
6:00 Psalms, Hymns & Songs-2L 11 6:30 Poker Game-3R /RV
9:15 Coloring & Tunes w/Josephine-2L Vow Against Complaints Day
10:00 Rosary Prayer-2L
9:15 Nail Painting by Eileen
10:00 Roulette-CL/JM
10:00 Bagels & Juice-CL/BK
10:30 Classical Piano Music w/Jeff 10:30 The Story of No Complaints...
1:00 Shake Rattle Roll to Music-2L
11:15 Scratch off Tickets-MO/BK
1:30 Jeopardy Trivia-2L/JM
1:00 Arts & Crafts-2L/EB
2:00 BINGO-2L/JM
2:00 BINGO-2L/EB
3:00 Happy Hour-CL/JM
3:00 Make Your Own Sundaes-MD
3:30 Make Your Own Personal
Pizza for Dinner w/Chef Chris
3:30 “What Am I?”CL/JM
3:30 Wii Games-2L/EB
4:00 Wii Games-2L/JM
4:00 Beginner Wii-2L/JM
4:00 “Dino & Vino”-2L/EB
6:00 BIG Screen Movie-MD 13 6:30 Poker Game-3R/RV
14 6:00 Classic Movies-1L
9:15 Exercise To Music-2L/EB
10:00 Chair Volleyball-CL/EB
10:00 King Kullen-B/BK
10:00 Rosary & Communion-2L
11:00 Chat & Color w/Eileen-2L
12:00 Special Invitation Lunch
Eggplant Parm (Tables 22-Back)-CL
9:00 Coffee Social-ICS
9:15 Zumba Gold w/Joy-2L
10:00 King Kullen/Cleaners-B/BK
11:00 BINGO-2L/JM
11:30 Volunteer Luncheon
At Lake Ronkonkoma Diner-B
12:15 Delicious Dessert Sale-MD
2:00 Wine & Cheese Social
3:00 Happy Hour-CL/JM
4:00 Wii Games-2L/JM
9:15 Coloring & Tunes w/Josephine-2L
10:00 Rosary Prayer-2L
10:00 Roulette-CL/JM
10:30 Classical Piano Music w/Jeff
1:00 Shake Rattle Roll to Music-2L
1:30 Where in the World? Trivia-2L
2:00 BINGO-2L/JM
3:00 Happy Hour-CL/JM
4:00 Beginner Wii-2L/JM
5:00 Chinese Take In (Place order by 3)
6:00 Poker Game-3R/RV
Holiday Sweater Contest
Happy Thanksgiving
9:15 Chair Yoga w/Diane-2L
9:00 Danishes & Coffee-CL
9:30Coffee & Word Game-ICS/JM
Macy’s Parade
10:00 Trip out East To Briermere
11:00 Thanksgiving Word Search
Pie Co & Lunch at the Snack Bar-B
12:00 Thanksgiving Day Feast-MD
11:00 BINGO-2L/JM
1:00 Movie: “War Horse”
2:00 Resident Council Meeting-2L
9:15 Coloring & Tunes w/Josephine-2L
10:00 Rosary Prayer-2L
10:00 Roulette-CL/JM
10:30Classical Piano Music w/Jeff
11:30 Mega Million Tickets see Denise
1:00 Shake Rattle Roll to Music-2L
1:30 Random Trivia-2L/JM
2:00 BINGO-2L/JM
3:00 Happy Hour-CL/JM
4:00 Beginner Wii-2L/JM
6:00 Poker Game-3R/RV
Veterans Day
9:15 Exercise to Music-2L/EB
10:00 King Kullen-B/BK
9:30 Chat & Color-2L/RV
10:15 Mass at St. Joseph’s-B/JD
11:00 Lutheran Service-2L
1:00 BINGO-2L/RV
1:15 Star Playhouse Presents:
Jekyll & Hyde ($20)-B/BK
1:30 Word Search Competition“On the Map”-CL
2:30 Crocheting Club w/Maria
2:30 Happy Hour-CL/MC
3:00 Italian Ice Social-MD
8:00 Birthday Breakfast-MD
9:15 Chair Yoga w/Diane-2L
9:30Coffee & Word Game-ICS/JM
9:30 American Air Power
11:00Waist Watchers/Walking-C/EB
Museum Guided Tour &
11:30Lunch at J & R Steakhouse-B
1:00 Hand Weights w/Eileen-2L
Picnic Style Lunch($10)-B/BK
11:00 BINGO-2L/JM
2:00 Jackpot BINGO-2L/EB
1:00 Sight Seeing Adventure-B
3:00 Drink of the Day-CL/JM
3:00 Happy Hour-CL/EB
2:00 Penny BINGO-2L/EB
4:00 Roulette for Prizes-CL/JM
3:00 Shopping at Target-B/BK
3:00 Happy Hour-CL/EB
4:30 Dinner at Red Lobster-B
4:00 Wii Bowling-2L/EB
4:00 “A Thanksgiving Family”-2L
6:30 Poker Game-3R/RV
17 6:00 Psalms, Hymns & Songs-2L 18 6:30 Poker Game-3R/RV
9:30 Chat & Color-2L/RV
10:15 Mass at St. Joseph’s-B/JD
11:00 Holy Cross
Lutheran Service-2L
1:00 BINGO-2L/RV
1:30Word Search Competition-CL
2:00 Movie: “The Holiday”-2L
2:30 Crocheting Club w/Maria
2:30 Happy Hour-CL/MC
3:00 Italian Ice Social-MD 23/30
9:15 Brunch in the Courtyard
Egg Sandwiches & More…-CL
10:00 Shopping at Wal*Mart-B
10:15 Weekly Chronicles-2L/EB
9:15 Workshop w/Eileen-2L
10:00Shopping at K*Mart-B/BK
10:15 Weekly Chronicles-2L/EB
3:00 Make Your Own Sundaes-MD
3:30 Wii Games-2L/EB
4:00 “What Am I?”-2L/EB
6:00 Classic Movies-1L
9:15 Exercise To Music-2L/EB
10:00 Chair Volleyball-CL/EB
10:00 King Kullen-B/BK
10:00 Rosary & Communion-2L
11:00 Waist Watchers/Walking-C/EB 11:00 Chat & Color w/Eileen-2L
1:00 Hand Weights w/Eileen-2L
1:00 Penny BINGO-2L/EB
2:00 Jackpot BINGO-2L/EB
2:00 November Birthday Party
3:00 Happy Hour-CL/EB
w/Joe DiPiola-MD
3:30 Gratitude Project Read-CL 3:00 Happy Hour-CL/EB
4:00 New Resident Tea-CL/EB
4:00 Wii Bowling-2L/EB
6:30 Poker Game-3R/RV
24 6:00 Psalms, Hymns & Songs-2L 25
2:30VOTE for Best Holiday Sweater
3:00 Holy Cross Lutheran
Church ThanksgivingService-2L
6:30 Poker Game-3R/RV
9:15 Nail Painting by Eileen
10:00 Bagels & Juice-CL/BK
10:30 News & Views w/Eileen-CL
11:00 Travelogue-Where?-2L
11:15 Scratch off Tickets-MO/EB
1:00 Arts & Crafts-2L/EB
1:00 Trip to Sachem Library-B
2:00 BINGO-2L/EB
3:00 Make Your Own Sundaes-MD
3:30 Wii Games-2L/EB
6:00 Classic Movies-1L
9:00 Coffee Social-ICS
9:15 Nail Painting by Eileen
10:30 Tree Trimming & Hot
Chocolate-1L/BK & EB
11:15 Scratch off Tickets-MO/EB
1:00 Arts & Crafts-2L/EB
2:00 BINGO-2L/EB
3:00 Make Your Own Sundaes-MD
3:30 Wii Games-2L/EB
4:00 “Not all Bad Guys are Bad”-2L
6:00 Classic Movies-1L