Knight Lites

November 1, 2014
Volume 10, Issue 5
Knight Lites
Father Veryser Council #13810
From the Desk of the Grand Knight
Rev. Paul Ballien
Grand Knight:
Joe Zeolla
[email protected]
Deputy Grand Knight:
Bill Strieff
Jess Ventro
Phil Flavin
[email protected]
Financial Secretary:
Tom Kramarz PGK DD
[email protected]
Jerry Malinski
[email protected]
Michael Beurer PGK
[email protected]
Tony Marimpietri
Darrell Staley
Inside Guard:
Dave Zmudczynski PGK
Outside Guard:
Greg Stierman
Trustee 1st Year:
Larry Jaskowiec
Trustee 2nd Year:
Robert Smyth
Trustee 3rd Year:
Mark Hyzer
Field Agent:
Greg Rapelje
[email protected]
888-880-9708 fax
734-474-8398 cell
11292 Hubbell St.
Livonia, MI 48150
Brother Knights
I would like to wish you and your families a Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry
Christmas! Thank you for helping to have a very successful Tootsie Roll Drive.
We collected over $3000 for our charities. I would like to thank Pat Chmura for
leading the corner at Ford rd. & Beech-Daly and everyone else that helped that
We have several events this month and your help and participation is needed.
1) The Novena for the Deceased. Starts on November 1st and ends on the 9th
at 6:30pm in the chapel. 2) Euchre Tournament on November 15th, @ 7pm
in the activities room. This is open to anyone who wants to play. You do not
need a partner, just come and bring a friend or two. It cost $15 per person. 3)
On November 23rd we will host our Blood Drive in the activities room, from 8
am to 2pm please help save a life, sign up or drop by, your help and
participation will make each event a success! Thank you.
As with previous years, we will start collecting sweatshirts and gift cards for the
children’s at Holy Cross. We need the collections no later than November 30th
so we can be prepared for the Winter Meeting the first weekend of December.
We need college and professional teams, but let us not forget our Armed
Services. Let’s help a kid to have a gift this Christmas.
Our annual Christmas Social will be on December 30th @ 7pm at St. Linus.
Contact Tom Kramarz [email protected] or call (313)410-2796 if you plan
to attend. As we enter the Christmas season, let all remember to Keep Christ in
Joe Zeolla
Grand Knight
Vivat Jesus!
Knightly Lites
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Date’s to Remember
Novena for the Deceased
Euchre Tournament
3rd Officers’ meeting
3rd Business meeting
Blood Drive
4th Degree Meeting
3rd Officers’ meeting
4th Degree Meeting
3rd Business meeting
11/1-9/14, 6:30pm @ St. Linus
11/15/14, 7pm in the activities room
11/18/14, 7pm annex
11/20/14, 7pm in the activities room
11/23/14, 8am to 2pm in the activities room
11/25/14, 7pm Monsignor Hunt Hall
12/18/14, 7pm annex
12/23/14, 7pm Monsignor Hunt Hall
12/30/14, 7pm in the activities room ‘Christmas Social’
Don’t forget to check our web site for any changes in our events.
If you wish to receive the newsletter by email, send me an email @ Joe Zeolla
Sick List
In Loving Memory
Please remember the sick and recovering from our council
and their family members especially,
Bishop Francis Reiss
Fr. Ben Luedtke
B.K. Ted Bartek
B.K. Fred Musika
B.K. Scott Rechtzigel
B.K. Walter Pruchnik
B.K. George Chelar
Stephanie Pruchnik (daughter of B.K. Walter Pruchnik)
May Robinson (Mom of B.K. Mike & B.K. Ed Robinson)
Sharon Zain (cousin of B.K. Jess Ventro)
Sharon Luka (wife of B.K. John W. Luka &
Mother of D.W. John L. Luka)
Bridget Ziemba (wife of B.K. Martin Ziemba)
Lynette Gardner (wife of B.K. Jack Gardner & mom of
B.K. Ed Gardner)
Ray Dodson (father in-law of G.K. Mike Beurer)
Helen Kubik (wife of B.K. Bill Kubik)
Corrine Chelar (wife of B.K. George Chelar)
Kathy McLaughlin (daughter of B.K. Jim McLaughlin)
Tom Rada (father of B.K. Justin & B.K. Adam Rada)
Anthony Marimpietri Sr. (father of B.K. Anthony
Marimpietri Jr.)
Samantha Mihalik (granddaughter of B.K. Steve
Rachel Cavazos (daughter of B.K. Michael Cavazos)
Belda Mendiola (mother of B.K. Alex Gonzalez)
Carmela Smyth (wife of B.K. Bob Smyth)
Linda Rossi (cousin of B.K. Jess Ventro)
Eternal rest grant unto them, O Lord, and
let perpetual light shine upon them. May the
souls of the faithful departed, through the
mercy of God, rest in peace. Amen.
Cyril Stierman
(Father of B.K. Gregory & Grandfather of
B.K. James)
Ted Zaroff
(Brother of B.K. Art Zaroff)
The Deceased members of St. Linus Parish
Gentlemen I ask you to always keep OUR Men
and Women of the Military in your thoughts &
If you know of a Brother Knight or member of
his family who is in need of our prayers, please
contact GK Joe Zeolla.
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Knightly Lites
Knights of Columbus Insurance
Only Having Insurance “Through Work” Doesn’t Work
Do you know anyone whose life or career has drastically changed during these years of
economic downturn? It’s very likely that someone in your immediate or extended family or
group of friends is facing financial uncertainty. Maybe there’s a possibility that you (or
your spouse) could lose your job or change employers.
Too many people have often relied on group term life insurance as their only safety net.
Often, this insurance is an employee benefit provided at low or no cost. The existence of
this coverage might convince someone that personally-owned life insurance is not
But only having “through work” insurance can leave you and your family vulnerable. Most
group life insurance policies are limited in amount, which may be tied to salary or some
other benchmark. These numbers are often capped, and this cap may be dangerously
low when compared to your family’s actual needs. In fact, a detailed needs analysis that
evaluates your specific situation, will likely show that any employer-provided coverage
falls short.
In addition, the amount of group insurance offered is almost always reduced, sometimes
dramatically, when you retire. You could one day find yourself without coverage, and if
your health has changed (which it will as you age), you might also find yourself unable to
secure individual protection. At the very least, it will definitely be more expensive.
While group life insurance can help, it does not replace the need for individually owned
life insurance. I’ll be happy to meet with you and provide a no-cost needs analysis, so
you’ll know exactly where you stand.
Greg Rapelje
[email protected]
Prayer to St. Michael the
A Prayer for Our Military
Merciful Lord, We humbly pray for Your
Almighty protection for all those in
service to our county. Help and
strengthen them all in the righteous
struggle for the preservation of liberty
and justice for all mankind. Make them
ever mindful of their duty to our country
and fill them with courage and loyalty.
Saint Michael the Archangel
defend us in battle. Be our
protection against the wickedness
and snares of the devil. May God
rebuke him, we humbly pray; and
do thou, O prince of the Heavenly
Host – by the Divine Power of God
– cast into hell, Satan and all the
evil spirits, who roam throughout
the world seeking the ruin of souls.
Knightly Lites
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Father Veryser
6466 Evangeline
Dearborn Heights, MI 48127
Joe Zeolla
Euchre Night
November 23, 7pm
In the activities room
[email protected]
Blood Drive November 23,
8:30am to 2pm
In the activities room
We’re on the Web!
See us at:
6466 Evangeline
Dearborn Heights, MI 48127
CITY, ST 22134
Christmas Social
December 30, 7pm
In the activities room