Put your talent data to
work and make better
workforce decisions
alent management has already moved from an
administrative process to one centered on employee
engagement and productivity. The next step is happening
now and it’s the move to data-driven people management.
Put another way: it’s time to move from just monitoring your
business to using information and analytics to actually improve it.
It’s not so far-fetched. With Cornerstone Analytics, you can not
only look retrospectively for compliance reporting and everyday
talent record-keeping, but also harness the power of predictive
analytics to make better decisions for the future and to push
employee productivity to the next level.
Eliminate the “hunches” and guesswork. Move your Big Data
strategy forward today to optimize the performance of your
workforce through fact-based decision-making in hiring and
managing your people.
Unified Data
across the
Employee Lifecycle
One of the great advantages of an
organically built talent management
system is the unified data model
that lies under the surface. With
Cornerstone, you access data from
all of your people management
processes seamlessly and from a
single source.
The Right Data at
the Right Time
Schedule reports to be delivered
to key executives at the moment
of need. Roll out slick, graphical
dashboards to your managers
and let them drill down into the
data they need most. Embed
meaningful reports across the talent
management suite where the data
can have the biggest impact.
Talent Decisions
Data without analysis is not
valuable. Cornerstone’s
predictive analytics (driven
by our proprietary machine
learning technology)
simplifies the process and
provides clear, actionable
capabilities to improve
your workforce.
Take complete control of your
data for all types of reporting,
whether for compliance,
optimizing the performance
of your workforce or
predicting the future.
Reporting & Business
• Over 200 standard reports across all areas of
the employee lifecycle
• Configure fields and sorting for the most
meaningful display
• Schedule reports for delivery to any audience
• Powerful custom reporting engine to build
your own reports
Meaningful Graphical
Views of Your Data
• Make your data talk with highly graphical
• Build charts, graphs, visual timelines and more
• Make sense of relationships and patterns
• Simple to customize your own views
Predictive Analytics and
Big Data Insights
• Machine learning technology drives meaningful
workforce insights
• Analyze workforce data and combine with
operational data
• Business simulation and “what if” scenarios
• Allow line managers to apply predictive insights in
everyday operations
Executive and Manager
• Build highly graphical custom dashboards
• Push meaningful data to executives, managers
and HR staff
• Pull from any type of talent management data
• Drill down into data directly
Cornerstone OnDemand is a leader in cloud-based applications for talent management. Our solutions
help organizations recruit, train, manage and connect their employees, empowering their people and
increasing workforce productivity. To learn more, visit csod.com/analytics.
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