Software licensing: Microsoft Campus Agreement

Software licensing: Microsoft Campus
This document explains how to obtain Microsoft products and the
various licensing implications.
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1. Details of the Agreement
Microsoft Campus Agreement1 is a subscription licensing programme
that allows any member of the University, whether staff or student, to
use products licensed under the Agreement on any University-owned
computers. Staff may also use the products at home for work-related
purposes (see Section 3).
Information Services, on behalf of The University of Nottingham, has
signed a Microsoft Campus Agreement (version 3.1) initially for a 3
year period until 31 December 2005. Licences under the Campus
Agreement have been paid for by Information Services and are
provided free of charge.
Campus Agreement is a rental agreement; hence licences under it are
not perpetual, and all copies must be deleted if the Agreement is
terminated. At the end of the term of the Agreement, the University
can renew it, cancel out of it by purchasing licences, or remove the
software from all computers.
People can also obtain licences for other Microsoft products through the
existing Microsoft Select Agreement; comments on the differences
between the Campus and Select Agreements are given in Section 4.
1.1 Products
Microsoft Office (Standard, Professional or Macintosh) and Microsoft
Windows desktop operating system upgrade are covered until the end
of the Agreement. Other products may be added on the annual renewal
date (December).
1.2 Upgrade/
Licences obtained under the Campus Agreement have full upgrade and
downgrade rights. That is, you are always entitled to run the latest
version of a product, but may run an earlier version if you so wish.
1.3 Operating
If the Windows desktop operating system upgrade is used, you must
have a Microsoft Windows operating system already fitted and licensed
from an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer).
1.4 Restrictions
on use
• The components must not be separated where a product is made up
of multiple components (in the case of product suites, such as
• Products must not be rented, leased or lent to people outside the
• The products may not be reverse engineered, de-compiled or
IS1022/May03 replaces: None
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1.5 Languages
The products are available in the following languages (though we have
media only for the English versions):
• Arabic, Chinese-simplified, Chinese-traditional, Czech, Danish,
Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian,
Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian,
Spanish, Swedish, Thai, Turkish.
1.6 Support
People acquiring software under the Campus Agreement are not
entitled to free telephone support from Microsoft. In the first instance,
you should contact the relevant helpline:
• [email protected] ext 133331
• [email protected] ext 166771.
The problem will be referred to Information Services support staff, who
will refer the problem on to our Microsoft reseller, Viglen Ltd, if
Many answers to Microsoft enquiries can be found in the knowledgebase on their Support site2.
1.7 Other Rights
All products included in the Campus Agreement are licensed by
Microsoft and use of the products is subject to Microsoft Product Use
2. Media and software distribution
If required, media for Microsoft products can be purchased from IS IT
Stores4 (for example, in the Cripps Computing Centre South Building)
priced per CD (see the IS IT catalogue5 for details).
3. Who can have a personal copy?
It is expected that most copies of software made under the Campus
Agreement will be installed on University-owned computers. However,
there is scope under the agreement for use by staff on personallyowned computers.
During the licensed period, current staff are entitled to run a copy of
the latest (or a prior) version of the Campus Agreement product in any
language and in either a Windows or Macintosh version, on a home PC
that they own or lease. Note that this is for work-related purposes only.
These copies must be deleted if the staff member leaves the employ of
the University. They must also be deleted if the Agreement is
Retired staff, academic visitors and students (either postgraduate,
visiting student or undergraduate) may not make personal copies of
the Campus products.
1. These are extensions at University Park, so a prefix may be needed e.g. 73 from
QMC or City Hospital, or (0115) 95 if you are calling from outside the University
telephone system.
[email protected] ext 13359
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IS1022/May03 replaces: None
The University has not taken the “student option” — which would have
enabled students to have personal copies of Campus products — as it
was considered to be far too expensive. However, licences are available
under the CHEST/Microsoft Student Select Programme1. Copies can be
obtained from Viglen Ltd. Information is available at
by clicking on Software licencing (sic).
3.1 Reproduction
and record
The Campus Agreement requires that records are kept of all
reproduction, distribution and use of the Campus Software Products.
Each School or relevant unit has a Software Licensing Co-ordinator
(SLC). Whenever a product licensed under Campus is installed on a
computer owned or leased by the University, the relevant SLC must be
informed. The SLC needs a unique identifier for the computer, such as
its serial number.
If you are provided with the media for personal use, then your School
must ensure that you are covered by the “work at home” provisions of
the Campus Agreement and that you are aware of the licence details
and usage terms, as set out in this document.
You must sign the Code of Conduct appended to this document and
return it to your SLC.
Microsoft reserves the right to audit customers during the term of the
agreement and for a period of one year thereafter. Reasonable
cooperation will be given to Microsoft for them to investigate and
remedy any unauthorised reproduction of the software made available
for access or use by University staff.
4. Campus and Select Agreements
Further information on Select is provided in document IS1021:
Software licensing: Microsoft Select Agreement. This section
summarises the differences between the two Agreements.
• Campus is the appropriate licensing scheme for Microsoft products
Office, and Windows desktop operating system upgrade. Select is the
appropriate licensing scheme for all other Microsoft products.
• Campus licences are not perpetual, whereas the licences bought
under the existing Microsoft Select Agreement are valid in perpetuity.
• Under the Select Agreement a new licence must be obtained if you
wish to upgrade.
IS1022/May03 replaces: None
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IS1022/May03 replaces: None
IS1022a/May03 None/
Software licensing:
Microsoft Campus Agreement
Code of Conduct
The following steps must be taken if an employee is supplied with a Microsoft product under the
“work at home” provisions of the Campus Agreement.
1. The employee must sign a copy of the Code of Conduct below.
2. The signed copy must be retained by the employee’s Software Licensing Co-ordinator.
3. Another copy of the Code of Conduct must be retained by the employee.
Code of Conduct for home use of Microsoft software under the
University of Nottingham Microsoft Campus Agreement
Under the University of Nottingham Microsoft Campus Agreement, you are hereby authorised
to use a copy of the following Microsoft products for the period that the University remains
• Microsoft Office Professional
• Microsoft Office Standard
• Microsoft Office for Macintosh
• Microsoft Windows desktop operating system upgrade
You are granted the right to install a single copy of the software referenced above on a home or
portable computer. This right is granted on the basis that:
1. You will ensure that all requirements of the Campus Agreement under which the
University licenses the software will be upheld.
2. You will ensure the security of any software made available to you, and agree not to
make any additional copies, or knowingly permit other individuals to do so.
3. You will use the software only for the following purposes: teaching, research and
personal educational development.
4. You will not reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble the software.
5. You agree to return/delete all copies of the software at the end of the period of your
employment, at the termination of Campus Agreement, or when requested to do so.
In signing this Code of Conduct, I agree that the University of Nottingham
reserves the right to take action against any individual who violates the terms of
the licensing agreement, under which the aforementioned software is made
available to me.
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IS1022a/May03 replaces: None
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