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Today’s message:
Sunday School
9:15 am
Morning Worship
10:30 am
4 pm
Wednesday Meal
6 pm
Bible Study
6:45 pm
November 2
Bonnie Gibbs
Jerral Howard
Seth & Emily Parker
November 9
Tim & Lisa Collins,
Debby Cook
Farrah Scott
Nursery I
(0-12 mos.)
Nursery II
(12-24 mos.)
Tim Crawford
Neil Weathington
Clay Little
Clay Little
Randy Collins
Kerry Cooper
Communion Preparation for November: Keith & Michele Burns
Baptism Team for November: Cindy Harris
2868 Carrollton-Villa Rica Hwy., Carrollton, Georgia 30116
2868 Carrollton-Villa
Rica Hwy.
Carrollton, GA 30116
November 2, 2014
Combined worship in
the Sanctuary
Please continue to lift up all our military, and our country’s leaders,
in your prayers. Also, pray for those who would do harm, that they
would find salvation through Jesus.
Musicians & Technicians
Joey Musick (piano); Debbie Bailey (organ); Denny Ivey
(keyboard); Zachary Lancaster, Drew Scott, Jonathan
Brown, Anthony Johnson (guitar); Kerry Cooper (bass);
Joseph Venenga, Jacob Orbeck (drums); Tracie Cooper,
Amy Dickerson, Megan Stamps (vocals); Lynn Weathington,
Glen Schirmer, Kevin Watson, Adam Musick, Russell
Bennett (sound/ lighting/video)
Jack Turner
WELCOME VISITORS! We are glad you chose to worship with us
today. Please fill out a visitor’s card from the pew and place it in the
offering plate so we will have a record of your visit. Assisted hearing
devices are also available. Parents are welcome to take advantage of
our nursery facilities and graded worship through middle school. (See
a greeter for directions.)
“GRATITUDE SUNDAY” will be held on November 30. This is a
special service of gratitude for all that God has done for us over the
past year. Our “Gratitude Offering” this year will be designated for
building maintenance, including a new roof for the sanctuary. Please
keep this special service and offering in your prayers.
OUR FALL WEDNESDAY SCHEDULE continues this week. The
fellowship meal begins at 6 p.m. in the FLC. This week’s menu is a
deli sandwich bar, chips & dessert (donations are taken for the meal.)
Dick Hollis teaches, “Why We Believe What We Believe,” and there is
also a Bible study on “The Story behind the Song.” Both of these
classes will meet in the FLC at 6:45 p.m., and the Adult Choir will
meet in the sanctuary at this same time. We have classes for children
in the FLC, and [gloh] worship in The Lighthouse for middle school
through young adults.
“THANK YOU” to everyone who participated in filling an Angel Bag.
The bags will be delivered just before Christmas to villages near Cris
Garcia, a missionary who is supported through our Faith Promise
Missions program.
THE YOUTH BAKING MINISTRY meets again on Tuesday,
November 11, from 6-7:30 p.m., in the FLC. This is for youth in
grades 4-8, and is led by Jenn Nasser.
BETHANY’S “HARVEST DINNER” is planned for Sunday,
November 23, at 6 p.m. in the Family Life Center. This is a wonderful
time of fellowship each year for the Bethany family. We will need a
few volunteers to bring turkeys and some to bring large pans of
dressing (see the list in the foyer). Everyone else is asked to bring
several side dishes (vegetables, salads, casseroles, and desserts.)
FOOD PANTRY DRIVE – The “Item of the Month” for our Food
Pantry for November is canned soups, spaghetti sauce and corn.
There is a bin in the foyer to deposit these items. Thanks for your
help, and remember if you know of someone in need, either send
them our way, bring them to the pantry, or take items to them.
SUNDAY BREAKFAST is served at 9 a.m. each week. Donations are
taken for the meals. They will continue through November 16.
Christian Camp’s Annual Meeting of supporting churches, please
contact Michele in the church office. It will be held on Thursday,
November 13, with dinner at 7 p.m. in the Junction Dining Facility. We
would love to have 2 people to represent us at this meeting.
THE TURNERS’ SMALL GROUP meets today at 5 p.m.
THE WOMEN’S SHELTER November item is baked beans (in the
large institutional size cans, if you can find them.) There is a bin for
these items in the foyer.
during this time of transition at Bethany. If you need a list with their
contact information, call the church office.
DO YOU HAVE FLAGS that are worn? The Boy Scout Troop which
meets at Bethany will dispose of them properly for you. A basket is
provided in the foyer for old flags.
TO RECEIVE BETHANY EMAIL, send an email to [email protected] To receive the Bethany eNewsletter
on Wednesday, email [email protected]
communion brought to you at home, please contact the church office,
or the men in charge of home communion for the week.
Attendance & Offerings for October 26, 2014:
Attendance: 130 Sanc=106; Nurseries=4; Kids=20
General Fund: $3,026 ($3,018 under budget)
Missions: $250 ($229 under budget)
Dollar/Week: $13
Immeasurably More: $120 (Total to date = $227,250.71)
--------------------------------------------------“THE CHRISTMAS CARD PROJECT” begins this month! Through
November 23, we ask that you would turn in names and addresses of
those you may know who would really appreciate receiving Christmas
cards. Try to think of those who may otherwise be overlooked, such
as home-bound individuals, the elderly, those suffering from illnesses,
etc. We'll comprise a list of folks, and then ask our Bethany family to
send Christmas cards during the month of December. (Also, instead
of our usual Christmas post office, we’ll ask each family to bring in
just one card, and they will all be displayed in the foyer.) If you know
of an individual, please submit their name and address below, and
drop it in the offering plate as it is passed.
Name __________________________________________________
Church Family: Judson Hardeman, Joey Mullins, Adam Musick (surgery
in Dec.), Jim Smith, Paul & Peggy Wilder, Gordon Gibbs, Rick Parker,
Jerral Howard, Tim Brady, Buvena Turner, Ted & Susie Bear, Maritza
Schirmer, Greg Adams, Janie Ebner, Pat Alexander, Genelle Sudduth,
J.W. & Yuvonne Pate, Allen Howard, Mary Hardeman, Hollice Eason
(Knute’s wife), Rita Henry, Kami Burns (missionary/MX), Debbie Smith,
Priscilla Sudduth, G.W. & Barbara Cook, Hilda Daniel, Elaine Baxley,
Maurine Musick.
Friends & family: Our nation & leaders, our troops & their families, our
missionaries, Lois Simmons (Melanie Spears’ mom), Jimmie Gammon
(Richard’s dad), Vickie Dillon (lung cancer), Jim Wood, Joyce Langston
(friend of Bonnie Pate), Debbie Ridley (cancer, friend of Amy Emory),
Austin Bonova (fractured hip, grandson of Bonnie & Steve Turner),
Raymond Crumbley (Tony’s dad, cancer), Judy Chandler (Jenny’s mom),
Joyce Dumm (sister of Louise Heartstedt), Anthony Rooks (brother of
Naomi Quigley), Sally Kuglar (breast cancer), Bobby King, Ruth Shaw
(Ramona Smith’s mom), Kevin Harris, Juanita Hollis (Dick Hollis’ wife,
cancer treatments), Carolyn Cook (Jan Rosson’s sister), Polly Rankins
(Zella Musick's sister, lymphoma treatments), Tori Boynton (leukemia),
Chuck Butler (Debby Cook’s brother), Polly Criswell, Barbara Strickland
(bladder cancer), Cecil Herrin, Noah Bishop (child w/cancer), Tanner
Dunlop (16-yr-old w/cancer), Margie Bell, Todd Logan (son of Don &
Cindy Logan), Greg Crook, Sharon Milford, Sue Curry, Sarah Nelson
(Carolyn Foster’s sister), Lisa Kuntz (Dale Hilmer’s daughter, cancer),
David Hyde, Felicity Withrow (Sylvia Suddeth’s great-niece, cancer),
David Estes (friend of Gwen Strickland), Linda Curtis, Robert Hooten,
Carol Samples (Sandra Crubaugh’s mom), Doris Morgan (Ronnie
Morgan’s mom), Betty Turner (Jack’s mom), Yuvonne Butler, Harvey
Copeland, Bill Estep, Hilda Nasser (Mike’s mother), David & Larry Griffis
(Carolyn Foster’s brothers), Jack Herrin (Lisa Butler’s dad), Darren
Goolsby (Roy & Glenda Gable’s son-in-law), Doug & Bobby Boatright,
Butch Broome (Beth Orbeck’s dad), Sarah Stevenson (Jack Turner’s
sister), Ima Jean Hurst (Tim Collins’s mom), Lydia Hoel (Bill Orbeck’s
mom), Ken Fowler.
5 pm
Turner Small Group meets
7 am
8 am
Double Nickels Breakfast Club at Jerry’s Country Kitchen
12 noon
4 pm
6 pm
6:45 pm
12:30 pm
Men’s Lunch at Zaxby’s on Bankhead
H2O for Middle & High School youth
Fellowship Meal in the FLC
Adult & Children’s Bible Study in the FLC, [gloh] Worship in
The Lighthouse, Adult Choir in the Sanctuary
Ladies Lunch at American Pie on Maple Street in Carrollton