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Internet of Things
How to create new valuable services based on
Cloud, Data, Analytics, and Sensor technology
Who is Mjølner?
Why talk about ‘Internet of Things’?
Smart Natural Disaster Management
• Smart City
Smart Healthcare
Smart Manufacturing
Siemens' Amberg Electronics Plant
Smart manufacturing
• Responsive
• Tailor-made
• Small batch
• Cyber physical system
• Intelligent products
• Smart maintenance
• Smart supplier network
• Advance Control Systems
• Cloud / Data analytics
Cases & Scenarios
ThyssenKrupp – Predictive
maintenance and real time KPI´s
Vestas uses big data to sell faster and
grow their service business
Agile innovation and speed
There is a gap between perceived IoT readiness and reality
Source: Accenture
Waste and District Heating in Aarhus
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A Concept for the Energy
”The ability to predict consumption and act
according to that, in regard to buying or using
excess energy, is of great importance”
”There is an increasing need for providing better
services or differentiated products to consumers, in
order to retain consumers and strengthen the
bottom line”
Validating the business case
Pia Rosenberg, Energy Planner & Partner,
Plan & Projekt
Consumer overview
A Dashboard for the modern
energy provider
Technical overview
New insights,
New possibilities
Q and A
21. October 2015
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