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Powerful You, our new wellness incentive program, rewards you for taking
control of your health and achieving healthy outcomes. It’s available to
all benefit-eligible U.S. employees, even if you aren’t covered by our
medical plan.
To help you achieve your health goals, we’ve partnered with StayWell®
Health Management, an organization with 36 years of wellness
experience. StayWell will provide you the information, support, and tools
to make changes and help you sustain a healthier lifestyle. With the help
of StayWell, you’ll get a better picture of your current health and the
inspiration to make smart choices that work for you.
Throughout 2015, Powerful You will focus on achieving a healthy weight.
Living with an unhealthy weight can be a precursor to other health risks
that may impact you down the road. It’s also the most prevalent health
risk among our employees and one that most people understand.
This introduction to Powerful You includes details about the program and
how you can get started:
Throughout 2015, we’ll focus on weight management, our
biggest health concern. Last year, nearly two-thirds
Get a Biometric
Take the
Health Risk
Work towards
your 2015
health goals.
of our employees said they were overweight or
concerned about their weight and its implications.
Many also wanted help making lifestyle changes.
We’d like to help you make those important changes
Take these steps to a more powerful you.
and address your concerns.
Biometric screenings
Powerful You focuses on achieving healthy goals. Each year, you’ll
gather information on your health by completing a biometric screening
(i.e., blood pressure, weight, cholesterol, etc.) and the Health Risk
Questionnaire (HRQ). This will set a baseline for your annual goal.
Throughout the year, you’ll work towards achieving your individual target
goal. The following year, you’ll gather information again to see how you
did by completing the biometric screening and HRQ. If you meet your
goal, you’ll receive a $200 incentive. Spouses and domestic partners
(who are covered by our medical plans) can also participate to earn a
$100 incentive, if they achieve their individual target goal.
Goals and rewards
• From now through October, you and your covered spouse or domestic
partner will need to complete a biometric screening and take the HRQ.
Completing these steps will establish a baseline for your 2015 target
body mass index (BMI) or weight goal.
• For 2015, the target goal will be to maintain or achieve a BMI under
25 or achieve a 5% weight loss.*
• In 2015, you and your covered spouse or domestic partner will complete
another biometric screening and take the HRQ. This will be used to
measure success toward your target goal. If you fall within the BMI
range or show a 5% weight improvement, you’ll earn the incentive.
• NOTE: Even if your BMI is within the healthy range, you’ll need to
complete a biometric screening and HRQ to receive the 2015 incentive.
Earn this incentive
Take these steps
• In 2015, we’ll determine and communicate the target goal for 2016.
Health Risk Questionnaire
Health Risk Questionnaire
Biometric screening
Biometric screening
When you’re educated about your health and know where you stand,
you have the power to make informed wellness decisions. You have two
options to complete a biometric screening:
Attend an onsite screening event. You’ll be measured for
height, weight, waist, blood pressure, total cholesterol, HDL and
glucose. Screenings take 15 to 20 minutes. Fasting isn’t required.
Visit your health care provider and submit a health care
provider form (HCPF).
You must complete a
For more information about onsite
screenings or to download the
health care provider form, go to
biometric screening and the
HRQ by Oct. 31, 2014 to
establish a baseline for your
2015 target BMI goal.
Health Risk Questionnaire (HRQ)
Once you’ve completed the biometric screening, take a closer look
at your lifestyle by completing the HRQ. The 10-minute questionnaire
will show you where you’re already making healthy choices and where
you can improve. With the right information, you’ll have the power
to make informed, healthy decisions. To complete the health risk
• Go to
• Log in with the User ID and password that you previously created.
If you’re a new user, click Create My Account Now. Follow the
on-screen instructions.
Maintain or achieve a BMI under 25
or have a 5% weight loss. BMI goal
determined from HRQ results.
Employee: $0
Employee: $200
Spouse or domestic partner: $0
Spouse or domestic
partner: $100
(Baseline year, no incentive.)
Starting in 2015, you won’t need to complete the HRQ to get discounted
contribution rates for your medical plans. Instead, all Health Investment and Health
Advantage Plan participants will automatically pay contribution rates that are
similar to the “discounted rates” you received in 2014 if you completed the HRQ.
* You can contact the Motorola Solutions Employee Service Center at (800) 585-5100 to discuss a
reasonable alternative if you feel that you’re unable to reach your target weight goal. The Service
Center will connect you to StayWell to help you.
Don’t go it alone. Get support from StayWell.
After you receive your health screening results, you may receive a call
from a health coach to talk to you about achieving healthy goals.
A health coach works like your own personal trainer and can support you with:
• Developing an action plan and setting realistic goals
• Connecting you with the best resources to meet your needs
• Keeping you on track with regular check ins and suggestions
Coaching topics include:
Back care | Blood pressure | Cholesterol | Nutrition | Physical activity
Tobacco cessation | Weight management | Stress management
If you prefer to work on your own, use one of the many online programs
that StayWell offers. Online classrooms provide immediate, practical
solutions 24/7 for improving behaviors and health, offering something
for everyone.
Get connected with a new Wellness website —
StayWell Online®.
New for 2014, you’ll get great new tools and resources at StayWell
Online. Use these resources to track your goals and stay focused on
what matters most – a healthier, stronger you!
Healthy Living Program topics include:
Easy start | Heart health | Healthy aging | Cancer prevention
Diabetes management | Health seniors | Exercise
Nutrition | Smoking cessation | Stress management
Weight management | Healthy kids
Rest assured, we treat all information as confidential medical
information. You allow StayWell to handle this information by
Online classroom topics include:
Nutrition 101 | Weight management 101
Stress management 101 | Back care basics
signing the Screening Consent Form and agreeing to the HRQ
privacy statement. Your personal results aren’t shared with
anyone at Motorola Solutions.
The onsite wellness center will also be available to support onsite
wellness activities.
Employee Service Center
If you have questions, contact the Motorola Solutions Employee Service
Center at (800) 585-5100, Monday through Friday, from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Or to get in touch with StayWell directly, contact them at (800) 492-1091.
StayWell Health Management HelpLine Hours (CST)
Monday – Thursday 8 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Friday 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.
Saturday 8 a.m. to 1 p.m.
P.O. Box 21427
St. Paul, MN 55121–0427
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