<< Thank you for reading these Instructions first >>

<< Thank you for reading these Instructions first >>
Zappers are electro-medicine units powered by 9-volt
batteries - alkaline for longest life. They work by passing
a 20-24 - Hz square-wave signal into the body to rid it of
all manner of microbes & the dis-eases they cause. In
Lakota, they are called "wozani akita" / "health-seeking"
items. (Say, WOH-zah-nee ah-KEE-tah.) <<>>
Zappers work rates differ between individuals because
In hornets / wasp season , he bites them & they sting
him inside. This caused him to have diarrhea or vomiting
– until we used the zapper on him – since then, he does
not get sick at all. No having to clean vomit/diarrhea
from upholstery! Zappers work fine thru hair/fur – NO
<<>> Zappers are warranteed for 1 year against defects in
manufacture but not abuse such as dunking, dropping on hard
surfaces, unauthorized repair/modification efforts, or abrasion
of the terminals among others. Please see our website for more
details. <<>>
<<>> Zapper users should be careful when changing the
battery, & not pull on the red & black wires or their
connection to the battery connector, as these wires are
fragile & can either break or pull loose. If this happens, the
we all differ . Use the unit daily for any length of time,
even a year. At first, you should wear your zapper 24
hours a day except when it will get wet. Don Croft's
website, www.WorldWithoutParasites.com , has many
reports from users around the world of success they have
had on a wide variety of disease conditions - bacteria,
fungi, malaria, worms, & viruses such as colds & flu even poisonous spider- & snake-bites. You can also see
unsolicited testimonials & warrantee information at our
site, www.IndianMaidDonCroftZapper.com . <<>>
The metal terminal discs can be applied to any dry skin
of the body while you go about your daily activities. Hold
in place with a tennis wristband or elastic bandage or slip the
box inside a sock or bra cup. When the zapper has been on
long enough on dry skin, users will feel a tiny 'bite' or
'itch' like a mosquito bite. At that time, users should
either remove it or move it to a different spot. If you do
not, it can make a tiny hole to form in the skin, which will itch
& may turn reddish. If you sweat, you will feel this 'bite' or
itch much sooner so try to avoid sweating while using the
zapper, or use it during sleep. OR, cover the discs with a
piece of ‘waterproof’ adhesive tape. It will work fine.
To wear it while sleeping, put the zapper inside a glove
or sock with the metal discs against the palm of the hand
or sole of the foot, because the skin is thickest there. You
should not step on it, of course, should you get up at night <<>>
To protect the company dog from fleas, worms,
microbes or bee/ hornet/ wasp venom, an hour a day is
sufficient, once a week. Chakli has not had worms or
fleas in years, with the same hour of use / week. He loves
it! No poisons, no hassles – just “no fleas or worms”.
unit should be returned to Indian Maid Products Inc; PO Box
233; Washburn, ND 58577 USA along with $20 USD for repair
& return. Bubble envelopes protect well. <<>> The easiest
way to remove the battery connector is to push on it up
& sideways with the thumb between the terminals. They
fit tightly. <<>> If you want to clean the terminals, Brasso
or Noxon 7, applied with a swab, work well. Do NOT
abrade the terminals. <<>>
<<>> We hope you enjoy using your zapper as much as
we enjoy bringing it to you & wish you great good happy
health! <<>> Indian Maid is an American Indian womanfounded business run on Traditional Lakhota principles;
providing profitable support for ND family farmers and
culturally-appropriate job opportunity for horse-Indns.
Your Zapper purchases support the Church of the
Helping Hand, Inc, & help heal the Sacred Hoop of the
world as your Zapper heals you. In the Lakhota Way,
this is o’kichiyapi (OH!kee-chee-yah-pee) – helping each
other. <<>> Pilamiyaye! / Thank you! Check out our
website at www.IndianMaidDonCroftZapper.com! (c)
IMPI 2010