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2 Health & Wellness November
2014 - TTi-Cities Tennessee
Premier Senior Living that Doesn't Break the Bank
f you are like most people. you worry about
the eost of heahhcare and the future . As our
health needs cbange. we all want to feel eonfident that the future will be secure and comfonable. Finding appropriate accommodations fOT all
tbe places life can take you Can be a challenge for
seniors. But Appalachian Christian Village can
steer you in the right direction that can improve
you or your loved one's quality of life. P ine Oau
and Magnolia C rossing at Appalachian Christian Village (ACV) are more affordable than most
people realize, helping you get quality care
without draining your ban k account.
Appalachian Christian Village has served thc Tri_
Cities for nearly five deeades . ACV is the only
Continuing Care Retirement Community in
Johnson City. TN. The AC V community spans
Washington County and consists of multiple sites
that offer services such as independent living.
assisted living. secure memory care, respite. adult
day care, skilled care, and long term nursing care.
ACV provides a wide variety of choices for its
residcnts. while promoting complete body and
mind wellness. The staffof Appalachian Christian
Village actively strives to rn~ the "total"' need of
each individual SO that everyone will feel at home
throughout Our community.
Appalachian Chri5tian VIllage offers two outstanding assisted living choices. Pine Oaks and
Magnolia Crossing are the premier assisted living
communities of Appalachian Christian Village.
We offer a full range of seNices and help with
activities of daily living .
Pine Oaks is located JUSt otT University Parkway
in Johnson City and features 70 newly renovated
apanmenlS that provide an all-inclusivc living
e ~ perience. Also located at Pine Oaks is the new
Loving Touc h Memory Care . It is a state of the
an community designed fOT Alrl>eimc-rs and
dementia care with staff trained in the latest care
techniques. In addition. Pine O aks also offers
Respite and Adult Day Care.
Mllgno/ill Crossing offers 20 of our largest
assisted living apanments all located On OUT
Sherwood campus which features ground level
access . Magnolia Crossing offers a great deal of
activities for their residents while maintaining a
high level of privacy and serenity. There i~ no
entranec fee for aSl;isted living and portions of
yOUT monthly service fcc may be tax deductible.
Li ke Pine Oaks. Magnolia Crossing also offers
all inclusive pricing.
Established in 1966. ACV is one of the first
established Continuing Care Retirement Communities in East Tennessee. and a not -for-profit
organiUltion that is governed by a local Board
of Trustees. The community offers a continuum
of care with Independent Living, ASI;isted
Living, Long-term Care. Memory Care. Adult
Day Services, and Respite Care Services.
Appalachian Christian Village is a member of
LeadingAge (AAHSA), LeadingAge Tennessee
(fNAHSA). American Health Care Association
(A HCA), and Tennessee American Health Care
Association (TNHCA).
Schedule a visit today for Pine Oaks or Magnolia
Crossing and learn how Our affordable, allinclusive pricing package assists you with your
goals for value and security. For more infonnation, please visit www.christianvillage.orgorcall
Christian Village
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New N.,e. New Look.
Advanced Care for Ch ronic Pa in.
Could it be Chronic Pain?
Far too many people believe ongoing aches and pains are
just part of life. Regardless of your age or your health,
ongoing pain that affects your daily life is not a normal
condition. Chronic pain demands immediate medica l
attention, arid in most cases, it can be effectively managed.
If any aspect of yOUf daily rife is disrupted by pain
occurring for one month or longer, you may be
experiencing chronic pain, Even pain that is not constant
may still be chronic. If you're suffering, rest assured. the
staff and resou rces at PainMO ' are here to help.
Live more. Hurt less.
Don'! let pain rule yOUf life. Talk to your phYSiCian about
PainMD ~ or ca ll us at Kingsport: (423) 245-3170 or
Greeneville: (423) 787-0400
PainMO' accepts Medicare, Workers' Compensation and
most commerCial insurances.
PainMO ' Greeneville
PainMO ' Kingsport
906 Tusculum Boulevard
Greeneville. TN 37745
(423) 787-0400
1700 Pinebrook Drive. Suite 2
Kingsport. TN 37660
(423) 245-3170
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lhat'$ wilY"" cr$01$d Shap&lhe Sial", 10 parlnorwilh
_S10 ;m"""" p/1y$ica1 edoca1ion And teach kids to stay
ad i.. and hea"tyy; Leam
moreat sIIape\tlestate.eom
A not-for-prof it. Tennessee-based company.
or Tennessee
The Power of Blue
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hooliday-1"hanIu&ivm,. The older I Ft. I lose my
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rhinas oflif. ristu;" /Ton. of ..... I" m 10 lhankful for my
loving husband, ... y . ,,_ - . III)' "",ide, ful fom;l y and
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What You Need to Know
November 2014 18 About
2 AWalael\ian ClviSliall Village:
PrVITlI(Jr SenIOr living ItIaI
Doesn', Break the Bank
20 Fighting the Flu
6 Epilepsy Awareness Month
22 Help CNldren Navigate
7 62+11-1ow HECM for Purchase
Can Help You WI • SeIers Mar1IaI
8 Nationalliaalthy SKIn Month
Life's CharI
Safe, W:IrIOOg Stair un
Knee Pain In Athletes:
Pain Synckome
Patel~ aI
To Care For OrpharlS
Understanding Food Addiction, II
29 November Can Be Fine for
Diabetes AwaJW'IeSS Morlth
Diabetic Eye Disease
15 Are You w-ing Proper
Diabetic Footwear?
16 Eat,PnIi!e~mBe~ 31
Hdday FaYOriIes Can Be Healthy
runni.., clun .."a1.... incIoof plumbin& churthcs lO ..otnd.
transporWion, and most of all, rrudoon. Did roo mow _
ofobc world', popu-
H:Io., if>-
25 November Running EVENTS
26 GINI Americar1 Smok~
27 Show Hope: A Movement
Caught Between Two Worids
C"'" "'''''"''
tarion litcnlly do "'" M\,C \tIt$c dunp7 I lU"CfItly ..... rhis
SIIn in Jonesborough:
28 My Torrid Love Affair w~h EO
12 The Sandwich Generation:
M adicare Plan Re\iew?
10 Proper Service Is the Key to a
100. IIw II AmtricanII
f"ood in ...... pIIiI1rieI.
bean. Iku lhm: is
Of. can SO often take for cranu:d-
23 . . - .
24 ... You Done You" Y8lWly
AntiQlddanl . & Skin Health
II 's Never Too Late to Play!
''''' """""'"
Appalachian Sustainab4e
De>oelopmeut: Planting Seeds of
Hope ... One Comm.rity at a Tme
Recipe: RoO( Vegetable Pan Roast
with C hestnuts and Apples
This J;J, is "p'''''''' ",_";".,n/>,, .f_ '? .fIt....
""'"" """"'"
PiIgIims 'Nith a PIxpose
f.dl f""",.;u s: IWttI pomOCl ••".'<nuu. "",pic »'fUp •
• nd.ppIes. Enjoy!
- I robleopoon putt ....p. .,.....p
p<>OI<><>. pedtd and
- 21org< .....,.
cur into
T.. . .... . . . -
I..,.~ ....
"'.I1".Ine ..., be b..oId in __ 800 Tn.
~'. -,'. ~ ' .r.::I
dentiJ. Ol'licel. Firol 0 copy of you. FREE .... tIh " Wen..... Mag".I"" in Bris'or.
John ...... CII)'. Klng. port orol SY.rouroling ..... .
To get your arti c le publi s h e d li nd for li d flIt" . c a ll 615.584.1833
[email protected] ln he a lthandwe llne
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II uuly ;~ ..... I. ~'(11 i ~ my II_year old ..... In .... nighrly pr3)'CD.
Ire no......-en pnys, "LtwtI, ,Ir""k J_IM.U ,10 .. /Ai" xs MII,I"_/argmUig 10
'Ir,,~k ,_1M. ~ One of rlre """fire .....Y' to
higher quality oflif. i. _imply
to be &r*kM. I . ... II""iC you dun", rhil monrh ofNovcmbcr to ...Tit. do..." each
day 5 rhinp you .... thankful for. Somc1imct if . the heer" pace of our lifc that
b lindo us 10 tire gitU wc'vc been ,iven. l)evcloping mir.::lful~ i. the II1tidole to
thi&. Sec the articlc on pa~ 23 to help you live. more mindful li fe. Hcalth chal·
lenges lik. diabetes (pa~. 14. 15). cancer. or .'·cn ' bout wj,h the Au (p. 2(1) ClIl
quickl y '''U(I1 UI to our gratitude for the aiA of healrh. I hive Icamod rhat
whatev ... our challenges mi&ht be. we III h..e thinas to be grareful for. B.
mindful and be grateful ! I hope you ar.::l you. loved ones h,,·c . fabulous Thanks·
giving. Ar.::Ithonk YOU for taking the time to ~ad this mag.,.; .... !
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'IIIO-CtnU TV<QSE ........lH & WEllNESS
2-""" dlunks
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Dittcdo ...
I Prmrat tht - . . to 400" In • small
.. uapon. combo.... rhe ad.. "'n<pr.
chd<en " od<. bull" and ....p. syrup and
brtns '0a bod. Cook ..... I1IoOdmtdy high
.....r un.d .... """" by h.tlf. abou, 15
~1c-1n • +"k, ,n.Iorg<.JuIIow -"'''11 pan.
r_ ,he ....... 1"""10<1. OIl""" and ct.....
nyu ... rh tht 01,,,,, 001 and thyme: "'""'"
w; . nd p<pp<t. Tude ,he ...... """""1\
,he 00 ...... .-.geubI<s and roau for 20
moou, ... Gmdy lUI" tht ><g«.bIa. odd
.he . ppk:o . nd",... for 20 m,"u,.. Iong<"!.
Of un, ,1 :oil of ,he .-.geubI<s and .1>< apples
. 1< tend.. and hghdy browned. Add rhe
sou« and rou gr",ly. 1hn.r., '" a pia" .,
. nd oervt
SOI.!IOiO'. _
. """""'" TVENU _ , . . . 'MllHlM _ _ ... ",.,.., _ _ ...... ""
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"you have. healthy .e<lpe It..!: you low, send II ln!
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www_ tn ll e~lth~nd w e llne$S. c om
Tri - Citi e s T e nnessee· N ovember 201 4 Health & Wellness
62+? How HECM for Purchase
Can Help You in a Sellers Market
Buy Now. .. Sell Later
By ~Campbell
t wa sn't long ago we couldn't sell our homes for a fair price. Then the
market turned, and we joined the leg ion of buyers bidding and com·
peting for our Oream Homes- in a heated sellers' market.
The 62+ Solution
Today 62 + sellers and buyers can be the big winners in this intense housing
market. In 2009 the FHA (Federal Housing Administration) created the
HECM (Home Equity Conversion Mortgage) for Purchase program- to
enable those of us 62 + to buy our Dream Home for only 40%-55% of the
sales price (based on the age of the youngest buyer-borrower) and never
make a monthly mortgage payment as long as we live in the home. " With
the present, pent-up demand, your present home - once on the marketw;U see more activity, likely sooner than you cou ld have imaginedl So
serious 62 + buyers and sellers have bum their 2014 strategies around the
spe<:ial benefits of the HECM for Purchase. Knowing the growing demand
for move·up homes, they've priced/listed their current homes agg res·
sively, giving t hem flexibil ity to react to market conditions. They can do this
because they·1I be buying their next home for less- only needing to bring
40%-55% of sales price of their Dream Home from proceeds of their
current home·s sale OR from other personal assets.
Buying Time ..•
Savvy 62+ sellers are also building in longer dosing/escrow timelines into
their listings- for their comfort, COnvl!nience an-d sanityl The longer escrow
period coincides with and provides them- now buyers - a longer timeframe to find, and then close, on tkei r Dream Home. At the same time,
bel:ause they're buying their Dream Home for 40 to 55 cents on the dollar,
they're able to finally get all the options they've wanted in their next home
AN D still retain a large portion of their departure home·s equity to invest or
add to their cush ion/nest egg/portfolio in this next stage of enjoying their
new life. Additionally, if you are interested in buying from a bu ilder, it ma kes
sense to start looking r.ow, make you r offe r, get under contract and get
started on construction. In this Seller's Market you've litt le to fear, as attrac·
tive, well-priced and ma intained homes are quickly snapped up. What's the
worst that could happen? Uke some of our buyers, you could be trave lling
th is great country- seeing more places on your Buc ket list I
.t.rc<I Compbell, HECM fo< Pun:1>o« :;pec;. lm NMlSIJSII6S67 TN M""""I. l.nd<, li<on><
CI 2014 R eft~ M ~ fu""; .... llC. 14SS 8",od St .• 2"" floor. 81oomfield, NJ 07003. NMlS ID .
1019941 . www.nmIKOn ... mer_ . ...OfJ. AlIRIfh" Ro><Md.
, ~ , is ~ ~ . 10< p,..,.rty " "", . homeo"' ..... in,u.. <><o. and pt..,.rty m.;nt ..... nu , "HEeM I, a _
·"","red (lob' pay. b .. upon dof.u1t Of a ..... tu,;!y eftnt . Tho>< motoNl, h""" ,,,"
boon .mewed, .1>P,.,....j Of ;" ued by HUD. FHAo<.ny """,mmen' ~.
DIRECT: 4 23-773 - 3309
E FAX : 8 88 - 573 - 9027
Free HECM for Purchase Home Buyers Seminars
Reverse Mortgage Fund ing's Tennessee Branch Manager,
Angel Cam pbell (NM LS 506567). conducts free inform ational
HECM Buyers sem inars or personal cons ultations.
Call 423- 773 -330 9 or email acamp be [email protected] reversefu nd ing .com
fo r mo re info rmatio n o n future sem inar dates.
w_.Reversel nfo4Se .
RMF .. ""-,,
www . tnhe ~ lth~ndwe l l
""" .H.e'
8 Health & Wellness November
2014 • Tri-Cities Tennessee
November Is NatIonal Healthy Skin Month
By DermalOlogy Associates Cosmetic Center
ur skin is our first line of defense against
all sorts of environmental assaults -\.JV
radiation, pollution, smoke exposure, and
the normal process of aging. And, no matter how
hard we try to protect our skin from the sun's
destructive rays, damage occurs. Da rk spots, pre·
mature wrinkles, leathery skin - these are all signs
of long·term damage. Fortunately, there IS a
solution. Antioxidants are nature's way of not only
reversing past damage but also allowing the body
to build up its defenses so it is more protected
from future exposures.
Most of us have heard of the term Hantioxidants;
but do you really know what they are? Antioxi·
dants are nutrients and enlVmes which prote<:t
cells by neutralizing free radicals. Free rad icals can
be created by both environmental and internal
factors; excessive sun exposure, pollution, cigarette smoking and alcohol use, as well as stress,
can lead to the formation of free radicals. Once
free radicals are formed, they can start a chain
reaction that can damage the body's cellular structures. Fortunately, antioxidants neutralize free
radicals and slow, and in some cases, even reverse
cellular damage.
enhanced IN protection, as well as increased
col lagen produ~tion, which tan de<:rease the
appearance of damage from past sun exposure.
CEFeru/U;- /s used for.
• Sl<in damaged by sun exposure
• Poor skin elasticity
• Fine lines and wrinkles
Resve'fltrol8 e-
• Sl<in redness.
Phloretin CFPhloretin CF- is also a daily treatment that
protects against a variety of skin complaints.
Phloretin is derived from apples and is known
for its anti-inflammatory and anti ·fungal prop·
erties. Additionally, it accelerates cell turnover,
increases elastin production and slows the
destruction of collagen. Phloretin CF· also
contains L·ascorbic acid (vitamin C), which Is
known for its ability to prote.::t the skin from
UV rays;.
Phloretin a - Is used for:
• Sun-<lamaged skin
The Cosmetic Centers at Dermatology Associates
offer SkinCeuticals· , an advanced sk incare line
backed by science. Oesigned to prevent future
damage, protect healthy skin and address
previous damage, SkinCeuticals· antioxidants are
Resveratrol 8 E- is a nighttime formula that al lows
the body to, essentially, repair itself. 8y boosting
the bodys internal antioxidant defenses, the skin is
a~e to repair any accumulated free radical
damage, and prOlect against further damage.
Resveralrol B E-;s used for:
" Redness/uneven color/motHed appearance
of the skin
" Loss of elasticity.
If you've ever heard that a glass of red wine at night
is good for you, then you've probably heard of resveratrol. Resveratrol is a powerful antioxidant
fo<Jnd in grapes, red wine and nuts, and has been
called the "longevity mOlecule" due to its effects on
long-term health and life span. Resveratrol works
by neutralizing free radica l damage and repairing
the viSible effects of prematurely aged skin.
• Neutralizing age-act('lerating internal free radicals
• Promoting skin's natural repair to dim inish tile
visi~e signs of accumulated damage
• Strengthening functionality to resist I'>I!W damage.
For more information on how these antioxidant
treatments may help enhance yourskin health, you
may schedule a complimentary consultation at any
one of our three Cosmetic Centers in Bristol,
Johnson City, or Kingsport.
a must-have for an effective skincare regimen. To
maximize the effiCiency of their super antioxidant
formulas, once absorbed, SkinCeuticals· products
can't be washed or rubbed off, remaining protective for up to three days;. Outlined below are three
of our most effective antioxidants we offer:
C E FerullcC E Ferulic· is a daily application that contains
three separate antioxidants - making it a powerful
formula for protection against UV rays and prema ·
ture ag ing . Made of L-ascorbic acid (vitamin q,
alpha tocopherol (vitamin E), and ferulicacid, which
is a plant-based antioxidant, C E Ferulic· provides
-----""00" .. 0
- . ~ -~
www . tnhe~lth~ndwe l
Kingsport 1423) 246-4961
2300 West Stone Drive
Bristol (423)764-7131
31B3 West State Street
Johnson City (423)928-9014
1021 West Oakland Avenue
CaD and let us knowyou are onyour W'9...
orj ust Walk-In!
Walk-In Clinic
Operaling Houts
MOfIdo)' - Friday I 8:00 on. -8:00 pm
Salu nl.oy 1 9:00am_5:00pm
S.ndoy I 9:00 om _ 5:00 pm
.lOl Me<! Tech
• Sui,. 110, John..,n Cily. TN 376G-i
_ """" ~ ~_
':::==================~W~W~W~.~"~"~'~'~";h . ndw ___________________
10 liea~h & Wellness November
2014 - T ri-Cities Tennessee
Proper Service Is The Key To A Safe,
Working Stair Lift
By John E. Carter, Sales Manager Concise Consulting Inc.
s with any tool in yQur hQuse. accessibility and mobi lity equipmcm
need to be properly serviced tQ maintain the reliability and safety of
the device. If you negle<:t your stair lift. you might find yourself
stuck Qn the wrong floor.
Basic care can add to the life of your device. as well as prevent some
unnecded service calls.
Stair Lift Problems
Thc mQst CQmtnQll problem with a stair lift is a triggered safety featur<:.
In-home stair lifts typically have at least Ihree safely catches: a pan on the
foot r<:stthat stops the device if;t feels an obstacle. a seat cutoffswitch. and a
swilch at Ihc lOp and OOIlQm of the rails that pr<:vent the lift from going QVcr
ils track limil.
Che<:k thallhere ar<: nQ QbSlacies and thallhc seal is locked intQ Ihe CQrre<:t
p<>sitiQn. [fyQU have a cable driven system. which uses a cable tQ pull the lift
up and down. make sur<: it is tight. Ifit is slack then i1 has triggered a safety
catch and locked the lift in place. wiving Ihis problem will take rome strength
due 1Q the weighl Qf the unil. but if yQU pull the cable slraight up this will
release the safety ca1ch It the oollom of the unit, and then slowly lower the
cable back in place hetwecn Ihe tracks.
Common Maintenance
Your stair lift should be cleaned or
serviced every s ix months. This is
very imp<>nant. eSpe<:ially Qn any
cable driven lift system.
Keeping the tracts cleaned is very
imp<>nanl 10 preserving the life of
your lift. To do this, spray W D 40 into
the track tQ loosen the din. Then take
(Ot>.tacles..;l1 stoplhe lit't«>mpktoly)
a ciean rag and screwdriver and push the rag into the oonom of the tract.
Using the screwdriver, push the rag al11he way lQ the top. D<:> this Qn b<:>th
tracts and when cleaned lighlly spray White Lithium Grt:ase. (not W-D 40)
into both sides, not the boltom. of the tracks. That will keep the track well
lubricated and din free.
Periodically. you should check on the
cable. If it is frayed. bent or the lift
has SlOpped, because the cable has
unspooled off the dmm. Call a
because the cable nc<:ds tQ he
Most Slair lifts are equipped Wilh IWO
rechargeable balteries located wilhin the
unit. Typically, all stair lift manufacturers offer at least a Qne year warranty on
their bal1eries. but occasionally one or
ooth will fail. It is never recommended
10 unplug a unit unless il is being
serviced. because the baneries will lose
str<:ng1h if nOt constantly charged.
UnfQnunalely. if ;t is a ballery is~ue.
ooth bal1eries necd to be replaced: again.
that is a recommended service call.
Prevention is always the best solution. To keep your lift mnning smoothly
you shQuld have if service agreement in place and h"'e your unit che<:ked
and cleaned every six months by a ccnified technician.
"Living alone at my age would be
impossible without my stair lift:'
Jean, Fall BranCh, TN
Concise Consul/inB, Inc. is a mobility soIutiCHIS specialist. Our mission is
tQ improve Ihe quality oflife fQF thQse who wanl indepcmlent Jiving. Accessibility ami mobility are Ihc driving force of our Durable Medical Equi~
ment division. Veteran owned and servicing the Tri-Cities. we are cerTified
dealers. installers. and mQbility specialists for lIannar. PVI. EZ-Acccss.
ConverTa-step. as well as several orher companies.
Mobility Solutions
Stair Lifts • Mobility Lifts· Accessibility Ramps
Eatt T. nn,,"" Owned .nd Ope.,ted
1-866-852 -1167
=:: _ _
by a cel1ified
and thistechnician.
should only he
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ www .tnhe althilndwe
Tri-Citles Tennessee - November 2:01 4 Health &
W~ 11
Knee Pain in Athletes:
Patellofemoral Pain Syndrome
By JoM PaszkiewiCZ, PT, MS, COMT, Results physiotherapy
Of the seven most common
sports injuries the knee is
associated with two of them ACL Tears and Patellofemoral
Pain Syndrome (PFPS). This
month we will focus on PFPS.
Wh;u ere the common symptoms of
PFPS syndrome?
Usually Ihis condiTion ~nts a~ pain on either
side of the patella (kneecap) or on the front of the
knee. II is onen dcsi::ribed as a deep ache or a
sharp pain. In mon: advaroced cases, symptoms
of "grindi"," or "popping" of t~ kneecap may
.lso be present. 11 is onen wone when performing repelitive 5pOfIing III;tivities $Uth as running.
landing after a jump. and quid; swu and Slops.
During nonna.l daily activities it is limiting ",-ben
going up or down stairs. :;quailing. sining for prolonged times or aner ge1ling up from sil1ing for
an extended period.
of the thigb. Rc:-cducation of the quadriceps
muscles has been shown to be: benditial in
lrealing this condition as "l:11. Taping of the
patellll may help imprm'e the tfllCking of the
kneecap and take srrn$ off of the ligalTlCfllS
that stabilize the kneecap. Appropriate
footwear or supportive 011hotic5 may need TO
be: implemented if poor foot biomechanics are
a contributing f""'tor. Rest or modified acti vity
from IIggraYJIting activities and lpor!5 may be
needc:d to KIlle innammation to allow
"".tment to COITttt the contributing factors.
Physical therapy is an optimal treatment for
pa«:llofemoral syndrome in alhletes. A rehabilitation program should be 5pceifically
designed to liuitthe needs of the athlete so they
can retum to pre-injury status as quickly as
possible . It should also include a home
cx~ise program to maintain results and
prevent reoccurrence of 5yrnptOn1S.. Athletes
should SCl:k OUT a physicaltherapi" thai U$CS
the COITttt combination of both manual
therapy and exereisc to rehabilitate their injul)'
most effcaiveiy.
Whet .,e the ceUHS of PFPS syndromel
This is. complex c:ooditioo with a varie1y of con·
tributing factors. "The ~ is ClUght in the middle
of twO retali"ely complex areas--the hip and the
foot. Most o;onunOnly it is caused by poor
tnCking of the kncec;l.p on the femllf. the long
bone of the thigh. This may be due to imbalance
in the thigh mll$Clcs, poor fOOl biomcdunics, or
wcakncss of Ihe glutcal muscles at the hip all
causing abnonnal lTIOyement of the ~ and
kneecap. placing abnormal stress on t~ knee.
00 I n.e-ed e rllferrllifrom e physldlln for
physical therllpy?
No. In TenneliSCI: you can be treated by a physical
therapist without a referral from a physician. AI
Results PhysiOTherapy we can have you in for your
appointment the same day in m(l$t cases. Early
inlC1"\"enlion with physiclll t~y is proven to
shorten the rehabilitaTion procas and significantly
reduce the O'o-erall cost of treatment.
Kingsport (423) 343-7570
444 Oincllfte1d St. Ste. 102
Johnson City (423) 232-8302
101 MIld iedt Pall<w1P)'. SIc. 301
Morristown (423) S8?5023
Whllt \rutmenu lire ;&V.II.ble for
PFPS syndrome?
Physical therapy offe-rs solutions to address the
For a complete list of IocatlOllS and inioonaton
underlying problems that commonly occur " 'ith
reg.;rdiflg Results f'hysiothetapy Centers. visit us at
PFPS. The pn".Iper treatmenl begins with identify. .
ing what the contribUTing f"",tors are and addressing these lhrough COTJ"tttive ex~ises, manual
If you would like individual que,tions
therapy. taping and ortboliel. Strengthening and
an,wer~ bv a ... nier clinician ".;,it
re-c:ducacion of the hip mll$Cles. $pOCiflCally the
gluto:als h:as been found to signiflClntly n:duce
au -a-physiClthera piS!.
Slress on the knee by controlling excessive: motia:t
_ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _- - - - - - - - - - - - -
12 Keafth & Wellness November
2014 • Trj·Cities Tennessee
The Sandwich Generation:
Caught between two worlds.
he "Sandwich Generation" refers to Ihe
l31ge number of aduhs who are dealing
with bolh young children and aging parents.
If you an: a member Qf this group, it may be chal_
lenging to find a safe and reliable in,'cstmen! that
prote<:1S your family and addresses your specific
needs. However, there are more options than you
may realize.
Preparing for thefulure.
Caring for others is a large responsibility. But.
there are many steps you can take 10 ensure thai
your loved ones are taken care of if something
happens to you . First, contact an estate_planning
anomey 10 hdpyou write a will and update it when
cin:umstanccs change. Secondly. think about pur-
chasing life insurance, which can be tailored 10 the
specific needs of you and your family. For
inSlance, a tC1'Tl11ife policy can provide affordable
death benefit protection for a certain number of
years. and may be eligibic for conversion to a
whole life policy at a future date. Whole life
policies provide financial security later in life. and
their cash value can be borrowed against to serve as
an alternate souree of funds as needs arise .
While there are events you can plan for, such as
your retirement Or your child's education, caring
for an elderly parent can be unpredictable. While
savings and investment 3C<:OUmS can provide some
assistance, so can the right insurance.
Simply put, members of the Sandwich Generation
do not need to go at it alone. Tenn insurance, whole
life insurance, and long_tenn tafe insumnee are
three strong solutions that can help provide financial prote<;tion forchanging needs.
This educational. third-party artide is provided as
a courtesy by Christopher O'Quinn, Agent, New
York Life Insurance Company. To learn more ahout
the infonnation or topics discussed. please conlaCt
Chris by phone at (423)767.5064 or ( -mail:
eaoquinn @ft.newyorklife.eom.
. . . ..-... -
, ..... __ -. ....... -....tho .............. _
... ""'....,... ""'
ChristOpher O"Qu,nn
New York ute Insurance Company
507 Laurel Avenue
Johnson Oty, TN 37604
(423) 767-5064
[email protected]
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Antioxidants - 11'@[email protected]® past damage,
i§l1l1l!~©1 up defenses, [pI11'@it~ from future exposures.
Available at
Cosmetic Center
King spo rt
(423) 246-4961
(423) 764-7 13 1
Johnso n City
(423) 928-9014
Christian Village
Pine Oaks & Magnolia Crossing
877-302-8720 -
www.t nhe a lt h .. nd we
14 Health & wetness November
ZOt4 • Tri·Cltlu Tennessee
In the early stales, Slron,er li,htin, and eye.
,llIsses may lessen vision problems caused by
cataracU. At some point, however, sur,ery
may be required to improve vision,
Glaucoma tends to be inh"rited and may not
show up until later in life, yet the American
Diabetes Association reports that people with
diabetes are 4mi more liktly to suffer with
,Iaucoma. Gliucoma is a condition thlt nuses
dama,e to yoor eye's optic nerve and can
worsen over time . It is often associated with a
bu ildup of pressure inside the eve caused by an
improper function of the eye's drainage
system. The increilst(! pressure, called intril ·
ocular pressure, can dam"ge the optic neNe,
which transmits ima,es to the brain. Dcca·
slonlllly, intraocular PfeSSUre can ri$e to severe
levels. In these cases, sudden eye pain,
headache, blunt<! viSion, or the appea,,,nce of
halos around lights may occur. Oftentimes the
loss o f periphe rill or side vision ciln go unno·
ticed until late in the disene. If dama,e to the
optic nerve from high eye pressure continues,
,Iaucoma will cause permanent Ion 0 1 vision.
Without treatmf'nt, ,Iaucoma can cause total
permanent blindnMS within a few years.
By Jch IS10n ~ Eye Clinic and Surgery Center
very patient with diabetes Is at ris k of
developing diabetic eye disease, specifj·
nlly diabetic r"tinopathy, Citiracts or
,laucorNl. It is imp<>rWnt for the diabetic P<'tient
to have a dilated eye exam on II ~arty basis. The
yearly dilated eye e ... m allows you to detect the
disease earty, before iI. se-verely affeds yoor vision.
To,ether, you ilnd your doctor can treilt t he
disease and pre-vent blindness.
Most utar.lct$ ter.d to advance slowly ar.d can ta ~
~ars to mature.
However, accordinB to the
Amtriein Diabetes ~, p«IpIe with
diabetes lin! 6CJ!I' more IibI'f to develop QUracts at
a youncer ace. ~ an! a doudirc of the lens
in the ~ - the part of the eyethat focuse:s Ii8t1I and
produces dear images. The natu~ k!ns il; c:on..
taine<! In a capsule inloide of the~. As cells die
they are trawed within this CIIpSUie, The xcumula·
lion of these cells cauo;es the lens to cloud, maki ng
Imaces look blurry, tuuv or faded. Because there
isn't a $Udden deteriorilllon, you ITI'V be UI13b1o! to
Thf're Is effective treatment lor diabetic eye
disuse, It Is important to remembe, to have a
comprehensive eve e xa m lit lent once a vear.
The Physicians of Johnson City Eye CliniC and
Sur,ery Center
board certified ophthal·
malo,ists specially t rained In the treatment o f
diabetic eye disease. Johnson City Eye Clinic
also offers the regions' only three fellowship
trained glaucoma speciilli~ts and lellowship
t rained pediatric specialist ,
Diabetic retinopathy is " compllntion of
diabetes and a leadinB nuse of blindness.
Diabetic retinopilthy occurs when diilbetes
on your WIoo. A yearly visit: to your ~ doctor can
damales the tiny blood vessels inside the relina,
help to Identify cataracts ellrty on, but there are
the lI,ht sensitive tissue at the back olthe eye. A
some symplomsyou can look lor indudin&:
healthy retina Is necessary lor ,oad vision. OVer
• cloudy vision
888.929.JCEC (S232)
• hilos around lights
time diabetic reti nop at hy un worsen, ca using
vision lou and usuall y il ffectins both eyes. There
• frequent chanBes in glasses or contact le ns
are very o ften no early warnlnll silinS; however, il
you see specks 01 blood, or spots, 'lioatin,- in
• double vision in one eye
225 Mic1w7i MediCII Pirie
• poor nl,hl vision
your vision, s"" yoor ey" care profenional imme·
Johnson City
diat"ly. You may need treilm"nt before more
' Itcht sensitivity
110 Med Tech P"rkway
s"rious blef'din, occurs.
• seein, laded colors.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _- - - - - - - - -- - - -
Tri-Cltlu Tennessee - November 2014 Health & Wellness
November is American Diabetes Month
Areec.ey,You Wearing Proper Diabetic Footwear?
LiCensed PedorthotisI
re you living with diabetes and 1101 weanna the p<Qp<:r fOOlwear?
For most people the answer is YES. Yet if you have diabetes and
arc nOI wearing Inc proper footwear, you could potentially be
facing IU1lputation. One maj<>r fa.cTor today of amputation is complications
from ulcers that $1.ar1 on the fOOl; improper fOOlwar and 1101 having an
accommodative ill$el1l11QSt often lead to these fOOl iSSlK'$.
Diabetic Foot Problems
An estimated 22.3 million people "'-ere livina with type I or type 2 dLabt1ts in
2012, up from 17.S miJlion in 2007. Tbere are 7 million people IMt are undiaanosed and 79 million pre-diabttics. New rescan:h $bows ~t W lOlal cost
of diabe1es _ 524S biJlion in 2012 •• 41 % increase from W 5174 biJlion
spent in 2007. I"rtsmtly foot problems ICCQUnt for 20% of the annual
diabetic_related hospitalizations; more than SO% of the 120.000 0011traumatic, 10""(f~~trt1l1ity amputations each year ~It from complications
from diabetes. Neuropathy, mechanical streSSeS, and angiopathy (ischemia)
are the majorcause!offooc ulccn in diabetic patients. UowevCT. a number of
other fa.ctors have been cited that include Ion of protective sensation,
abnormal pressure. deformity, chan:ot deformities. connective tissue changes,
infection, poor foot can: and ... improperly fining shoes.
Mosc people don'I know that mOSI i~ c:ofllIIOOics will ply. portion or
sometimes the full amount for dialxtic shoes and insau, if you meet W
criteria. To meet w criteria. you must havee diabe1es mellifU$ and """CC a folIowina condition:
• hiSlory of part;al or ~ fOOl amputation
ha\"CC lhe COIl"eCt site and dctenni~ if your shoe " 'ill be off_tbc-Jhc:lr or
CUSlOm. We .... ill also makee alStom diabelic: insnu 10 ao with your shoes.
These are as important as the shoe. Jt allows 1110 10 be able to offload III«n
and many foot conditionl.
• hiSlory of foot ul«r
• history of pre_UICC13tivcc callus formation
• peripheral neuropathy with evidence of can us formation
• fOOl defonnity
• poor cireulation.
Ii ;s important ~I you sec: your diabe1ic doctor also calltd In endocrinologist. You $bould sec: your mdocrinologiSi regularly to have )'OUI" fttl checked.
Your rccl arc very importllnl so why would you neglect your fttl and ri!ik
losing one or bolh? The nut time you see your doctor, make sure they a~
checking yollr fe<.:!. [f you are not currently wearing diabetic shoes. talk to
your doctor aboUtlhcm.
"lor.! In/ormDIiDN Dr 10 $chedule on oppolrltm/.'n/, con/ocr Bri$lol
Or/ho/ia &: Prosrhe/ies III 1-I100-J14-4447 Or ....."".MUIllloondp.conr.
How we Can Help
At Bristol OnhoIics and Pro5thcties our licensed ~itioncn arc highly
skilled and trained 10 111«1 any root problem. Wee have had utcnsive training
and arcc wntinoously rtSCaI"Ching new rndbod$ 10 rornbat any fOOl problems.
All palien15 that.~ seen for diabelic shoes and inxns Ilf"l: given I compk1c
rOOl chcotk. Wee do a Monofilamenl test on your reet and 1150 lake a temperalUre ~ading. We will lalk 10 you 10 see what kind ofissucs you are having or
had in the paSI. Wee will do a complete fOOl inspection.
Once the foot exam 1$ complete we will discuss diabeiic sOOcs. Wee offer a
wide variety of shoes, but sometimes due to fOOl conditions you may have to
have ruslom shoes. Often tirrlC$ some people may need a CUSTom shoe
because they 'imply can't fit into an off the sbel( shoe or they have. \kformilY ofthe fOOl. We will measu~ your feel fordiabttic $hoes 10 assure ""CC
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - www .tn healthant!welltluS .eom _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
16 Health &. Welness November
Tri·C,ties Tennessee
Eat, Praise Nutrition, and Be Merry!
Holiday Favorites Can Be Healthy
By Monique RiChafd MS, RON, LON
he ho1ida~are here, and inAmeriea.thal
can C(juate 1'1 a few, '1r several, 'splurges'
in tum eontribuling to a shrinking wallet
and an expanding waistline , Before giving praise
and thanks for the many blessings you have, make
sun: )'0\1 and your family arc: gelling their hnlth
I'ICeds mc1 with a ll the beneficial nutrients the foods
plentiful this time o f ~ar offer. A I'Cgistem! dieti_
lian nutritioniSt (RON) is able to individualize )'QUI"
nutrition plan based on your needs, goals, environ ment, genetic pm:Iispositions. health ronditiOll,
ph ysical tetivity and many 0Ihc:r facton . .... sk your
physician about 5C'hcduling. visit with me today.
During the holld.ys: InStead of a traditional
store· bought or homemade piecruSI, try an apple
crisp Uiing oatmeal and brown sugar to save on the
calories. Try
http ://lowcaloriecooking.about.comIodidessensir/a
pplecri~. htm. Go casy on the apple cider because
it tends to have some Mkkd sugar, but mi~ing it
with an unsweetened tea Of watc:r is a ~al option
10 gc'I a tasty treat and healthy benefits.
The Heillth Benefits:
This garnet C'1l'1red fruit is
tart and powmul. Cnm·
berries ha"e been reponed
to prc'"ertl uri..ary tract
(UTI) and
~h has shown that
the ben<:fits may be linked
t'1 the many phylonulOOts (cheminl compounds
in plant-based foods) that SU, 'C offbacterial W'D"1h
and infeclion. Studies have also shown evidence of
specific anti .inflammatory propenies which m~y
lowcr risks for cardiovascular disease. Cranberries
an: a strong source of antio~idants (which preserve
cc ll intcgrity) incl..ding vitamin C and have bt::<:n
associated with anti-caneer properties. Cranberrics
an: also packed with manganese too. so along with
the anti-oxidants, they help boost our immune
s~tem -proI~ing from the common cold Of nu.
Throughout tM}"Nr: JIISI I handful ofcranber·
ries (In ha,"C healthful benefits. SO add 114·\12
cup 10 smoothies. cerca.I, or salad Make a trail
mix with equal pans 1/3 cup each of dried eran·
berries, nuts, and pretzels. Try 40"1.. cranberry
juice cocktail (no sugar added) with 4 01.. seltlCf
watct for a refreshing and tasty drink.
Tips: Because cranberries are naturally tan.
they are generally paired with a 101 of lUgar.
Look for the whole natural betTy in the produce
Of freezer S«1ion. juices that ha,'e no Mkkd
sugar (in any form). or have "cry minimal.
.... h, the apple pie, apple
eri~. candied apples, and
apple cider. . . Conjured
up arc: memories of child·
hood and wann holiday
gatherings. Maybe we don't
always have time to make from scratch
from apples "'C picked al the orchard, but apples
arc: a great fall Slaplc that
ven.uilc:, satisfy·
ina-and aI:t 50 good for us.
Throughout the ,.ilr: Buy a ~g of apples and
keep lhemon your counter in I nicc dish reminding
)'0\1 to grab one on your way to $Chonl Of work
every day. Chop up the apples and lOSS them in a
salad. tuna or chicken/turkey salad sandwich for a
sweet and tasty crunch. Cu t in half and top each
half with a teaspoon of natullli peanu t bunt r for a
greal energy packed snack of protein and carbohydrate before: or after working out. Top Y, cup of
low_fal COItage cheese with apple chunks and
cinnamon for. satisfying and lIcal!hy snack .
Tips: Along w ith being inc~pcnsi,'C, appln are
easily portable and keep fOf quile a while in the
,'efrigeralor Of on the counter. Try to eat with the
skins on though : a lmost half of the vitamin C
content is just underneath the skin.
Pumpkin and SWNt potatoes (.nd other
squash varletl'. tool
Th' Health B,n,fiU: Pumpkins and sweet
potatoes have a lot in common; Ihey are loaded
with vitamin A and antioxidant carotenoids (you've
heard of bcta-carotenc. responsible for the rich
orange color, like carrots). Both are good :;ourceS
of vitamins C, K, and E, and lots o f miflmlls,
including magnesium. potaSSium, and iron. Half a
cup of eanned pumpkin has 6.S gnms of t,:arbohy.
dnue and l.S gnms offiber.
During the Holidays: We 1Ia"e all been witness to
The Heahh Benefits: Apples are • great soun:e
the pretty glass planer adorned with the canned
of fiber (insoluble and soluble). Soluble fiber
eranbetTy sauce complete with the jo:llied ridges,
helps 10 P""'"Cflt cholesterol buildup in the lining
but making homemade cranberry sauce is su]lCf
blood vcsscl ....alls. redocing the incident of
s imple and SO much bc:ner for you. Your guests
will be praising this tasty s ide d ish inste:ad of the
atherosclerosis and heart disease. The insoluble
fiber in apples provides bulk, holding water to
dish it sils 011. The internet has lots of easy recipes
cleanse and !TIO\'e food quickly through our
with only thm: or four ingredients, try them out and
dig~sti,'C system. Rich in vitamin C, vitamin
make it your own delicious goodnesi. One to try is:
B-6. and small amounts of various minerals.
hllp:/isavorys wccii ifc .coml2009l ll lsimplc-and apples (small-medium) are usually less than 80
amazing-cranberry-puce·m:ipcl. Also, top salads
with dried eranberries and walnuts this :;cason or
ca lories cach. All of this makes apples a great
option for a ~k Of meal addition fOf ilS natural
try steamed green beans with toasted slivct"ed
carbohydrate: and vitamin-rich composition.
almonds and cran~C$ on lop.
_ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ w . tnhe :;t lt h:;tndwellne u. eom _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _- -- - - - - - - - - -
Tri-Cities Tennessee
During the holidays: Yes, yes, the famous
pumpkin and ~weet potato pies are no doubt a
favorite, S ....·eet potato casseroles topped with
the buner and sugar just run
together in this orange dream. This year. try some
variations to knock out calories, fat. and sugar and
keep the luxuriousness of these staples. Pumpkin
mousse cups are super easy and deli~h. try thi~
recipe: hnp:/
Panially boil sweet potatoes to get them a linic
softer in onier to make it easicr to eut or chop for
baking, roasting or other recipes. if you prefer.
You can also put them in a wok, thinly sliced, or
use your microwave to cook.
November 2014 Health & Wel lness
hup:llwww.whfoods.comlgcnpage.php?lnamefoodspic<: & dbid ~ t 4 $ ~hcatthbenc fi 1:$
Accessed September 29, 2014
hnp:llurbanext.illinoi •. edulapplesfo utrition,cfm
Accessed $q)l<cmber 29. 2014
The Health Benefits: Nuts
are rich in protein, omcga·3
fatty acids, potassium. B vita·
mins, Vitamin E and fiber.
They hav e been lin ked to
lowering cholesterol, preventing caniiova$Cular
conditions. lowering blood pr=urc. and
lowering the risk of colon and other types of
cancer, The Omega-) fatty acids found in nutS
also offer some benefits in conditions such as
rheumatoid arthritis, certain cases of Schizo.
phrenia. depression, and Alweimer 's disease.
The benefits and components of nuts are ~tin
being c~tensively researched and more and more
positive findings arc ocing investigated.
Also, try baking or roasting sweet potatoes and
topping with some cinnamon and a sprinkle of
sugar. The skins add the benefits of fIber and
minerals , You can also boil and mash s"'eet
potatoes Or yams instead of russet potatoes and
driv:1c with maple syrup. Cube a variety of
squash and sweet potatoes and roast with some
seasonings for a great addition to a holiday meal.
During the holidays: Opt fw a fruit and nUl tan
(gluten·free. instead of a heavy pecan
pie this year. or $Calc down from the pie to indio
vidual pecan tan cups. These easy recipes will
help you decide:
http://allm:ipes .comlRecipeitiny.pecan·tansi
Throughout the year: Don't just wait until
Thanksgiving to create some nutritious dishes
with these powerhouses. Canned pumpkin is sold
throughout the year and can be added to smooth·
ies (great with peanut butter, plain yogun.
cinnamon. nutmeg , touch of syrup or honey, and
soy milk), pancake bal1er. used in place of oil for
muffins, breads. and baked goods. mixed in
oatmeal or yogun or spread on toast. Sweet
potatoes can be thinly sliced for a baked version
of sweet potato fries and pumpkin and squash Can
make great soups or mealtime additions when
prepared similar to many other vegetable favorites. The versatility and variety of options with
these vegetables sh<mld be admired and Ulilized
all year long letting your creativity now during
the holidays.
Instead of making a cheese ball C"'S\ use
almonds, peanutS, and walnuts as an appetizer
ponioned out in ramekins and topped with a
sliver of fine cheese or piece of dark chocolate
covered fruit. Top the green salad with walnutS
(with the cranberries). feta cheese. and a light
vinaigrelle for a nice change of taste.
hup:llwww.nutrition-and-you.comlapple-r... it.html
Accessed On September 29. 2014
http://www.shcknows.comlfood •• nd.=ipesl
anideslS032541. wect-potaco.nutrit;on<ooking$wtt\.pOI3tocs
Accessed on September 29, 2014
Accessed on Septcmber 29, 2014
Throughouttht year: Usc nuts in a homemade
trail mix for a quick and nutritious snack. Add
peanuts to a stir·fry for added protein. pizazz.
and crunch. Make a fruit and yogurt parfait and
top with a variety of chopped nutS. You can toast
pine nuts. almonds. and walnuts ocforeadding to
salads, breads. or dcsscns for a more flavorful
and poignant alternative.
TIps: Buy nUlS in bul k and freeze or refrigernte
to keep them fresh longer. Keep ponions in
Tlps: For cooking purposes. choose smaller sized
check because nuts are high in fOIl and calories. A
pumpkins, for tenderness and mOre flavor. Select
handful (2-3 oz.) is a serving. Don't forget about
pumpkins with thcir stems intact and free ofblem .
301 Med Tecb Parkway, JOhn..,D City, TN 37604
varieties of nuts too, there are several. Did
ishes and those which feel heavy for their size , A
42)·794· 5$50 I www ....
YQU know 49 pistachios are a serving and
shiny skin indicates the squash was picked too
provide 6g of protein and 3g Qf fiber? (cracking
soon (unless the grower waxed them); look for a
is half the fun).
dull skin.
________________________ www.tnhe a lth a ndwe _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
18 Health &- Wellnes.s November
201 4 - Tri-Cltles Tenness ee
What You Need to Know About Constipation
By Gastmenlerok)gy Associates
onotipolion means dilfemll ohinp 10 diffemll peq>le. You may Ju".., constipaI;"" if you ","v.: three Of r...."Cf bowel """,-emcnIJ ;n I week or if """,I i. hard,
dry, painful, or difflClll, to pal. Some people willi oonstipation b.:k ~ and
Whol tflU_ dono 10 find ttl. ~ of am.lip,llilon'
To lind 001 why you bayO ~tiPOlion, your doctor will perfonn I ~
phy3.ical cnminItion. The docIOr moy abo onIer one or """" 10SIS if I serious
poobkm islllSpCClCd II It.. tIIUSC of <:CnS1iPOlio1'1.
- CT scan ofabdommlpclvis
• CT coIonojpophy
reel full or bIoolCd.
Some people tlunt Ihoty
ODOSIipalioa if \hey don' t ,..".., • booo"d ""","....... , "'""'Y
"""~..... bcnvcl _
ore dilfCfenl foo eo.-ayone. Tk roods )"011 m. how
mucb you um:isc. Ind .,.".,. rK'lOn ./Totl ~ booo"C1 habits.
AI 0... Ii.... or anotho:r, &I.- ~ JCII COMtipilCd. In mosI c.ases.. jl Lam for only
Wl\(d )'0\1 ~ .... Iw causes COMtipalion, you can
• shon Ii .... """ i. IlOl
lake Sleps 10 pt'e'"Ul1 it
WhM U\IWS wlltll~ f
To.....Jemand wIIa1 cll\lSeS COMtiplolion. j, helps 10 know bow \he Iatgc in,ts,ine works.
The luge inlestine rm>OVCI mosI or \he "'..,<If (l0I'II stool and .twlg.. ;1 f'rom .. $em;'
liqui.d 10. solid waite. The I..... inleslinc lbc:ft "",,"'os the Jloollhrough the and
anus . . . bowel move ....... l. Constipllion o«un when 0I0OI passes lhrough lhe large
intes,ine 100 slowly. WbCfI Il00111&)'1 ;lIlhe 'lI1C ;nl(Stine: '00 long, lhe intesti"" removes
100 m""b Wiler. and Ihe 01<>0' MeOWCI hlrd IIIId dry.
5om.ln.flyl., thot moy auS. amltl~llon Indud.:
• Changing you. normal diel. exe.d ... or Imvel hab;"
• Igno<ing lhe: urge: 1o
bowel moV(m(fI1
• F«li"3 ,101 Ofsl",SS
• E.aling a low_fIber die!
• NO! drinking enough liquids. eSpeCially WII ••
• Taking c~ki,,", or iron supplemonlf
diumks. l1so i<Jooy,'11 as waler
• Taking medici"", , as painkillers w;lh
pill.: medici"" for dq:>resIion: lind 501'l'IO AIIUCids
Some rTMdlul amdillont Ihall'NlW UIrM confllp,llllon Ind~:
• ~gnancy or hayinl giy ... binh
• Problems ... ilb the _let 0( DONa in tbo imtlliM. _rum, 0( lOllS
• Itri1abIe Jxw,~1 .yndlOl". (IBS). • DOrIdition in ,,1IK:h \he """'" that IXlllbOI the: ttlus<1et
in the inlClli"" arm'l .......tina ....... y: the: imOSlu.o bee ....... """" ......ili'~ and
.-;:'Iivo to food. _~ pi. and _
• 0i""",0$, _ condilioa in wtoich I per-. has hip blood loUB*'. also eolkd hypaglyttttlia.
bccauK It.. body connot UK blood &1_ 0( blood oupr fO(.......,
• Hypolbyroidism. I DOrIdirion in whkh the thyroid &land does DOl produce enough
hOld""" 10 moe! the: body', ncaIo and many of the: body', f\mction slow <:\ov.."
01'1' "'
- Colo"o.....j>jI - the: docIOr looks II the:
Iarac inIWu.o with _long. fbible
tube ",ith • """""" 10 the: end that tfit;pIays irna&eo .... TV Iafttl.
• SiglOlou.opy _ the: docIOr inser1s I thin, f1c:>.ibIe tube into It.. rer:tum. ThiI
soopo ,,"IPI"" doclor -.isualize die loll !llird or your Iarac imesline.
• CoIorectaIlmol$ll $NtIy you ",'allow ImIIl capP,let that <In be....", on '" N1ty
IS t1t.ey """.., throuch the: Large inltstil\e and ",us
• Anorer:taI function !CSt - ..aJ rnanornetJy (p'essure KnSQr1t d><d: the: function and
......ilivity of..,..,..,,) Wld/or balloon c:qlIJbion !CSt (_ small balloon is inserted into
tIt.e TO<:tunt and the: unount oflin1e il lIkeslO CJlpo:l lhe: bIolloon is rneISt.tml)
• [kf(:(:Q(!J1tl)hy
an x_my $bow$ how ~1l1 per-. con hold Ind ",'IICU>.I< StOOl
Who! un I do _bout conlllp,llllon'
You Cin lIk. St:\'t11t1 strps 10 I"""""'IInd relieve constip&IH>n.
I. 1:'''1 "''''~f1bn.
~'iber helps form ...n, bulky stool$ and is found in marty ""getablcs, fruits. and
groins_ Your doctor tilly SUIIF$I you like fiber pills Of powder 10 he:lp son ... or bulk
up It.. otool. Be ....., to like lhe: fiber with plenty of "'''ler as di=Ier!. Some people
e. pnicr<:e pi and blooliJli at iiI'$! whc:n taki"i ••1m fiber. Be ....., to Ie! your
dexlor know if you .... ba,i"l pmbl<1l\S thaI do IIO! Il" IWlly In .... few dltyl.
1. Drilo/r pie"" o/_tor ...01 "'Iter III,NIb $N~1t a/noil.nd ...,,,,,blejNica IIIId
l iquids ha,~ linlo o"«I ... ltoOI fornI: ~. drinking CIIQIIgh ftuids prevenIS
dchydnrioa "lIi<:h 0... _
constipation. Do tIQl drink liquids thaI contain caJfcino
or alcohol if you ..., fttlm, th~ or dchydmlerl.
RqulM- C'lt<rl:iK belp your dilC$li"" sySlerIIlllty ocrivo and hcIlthy. ~ 2(1
10 JO minu!C:I "''''Y doy mil)' belp ~ conslipMion.
#. 'iJio~
wIIno,_frrldt~ Nrp "'~,Hwd _~L
Allow yourxlf ......... Ii"", 10 max. ReIdi.., I book or mapriDC CIt! hdp)'Oll
",Iu.. If you <:aMOI( hI'~ I bowel ............... within 10 IllinIllCl, F' up ODd n:tItnt
the: ...,.1 run" you F' the: Iqt.
5. u". /lxlli.w ...ty i/~r __
s.,,",- $10,,*,1£
laxatives..., modl<;int:s that belp you puol1OOl. If you ..., doing III the: riplt things
..:I you . . lIill constipated. your dextOr lI'IIy 'tICOIl.'OOlod 11au\i"" for I limiler!
timo. Your do<'IOr win dctn'tninc whl(:h .... is ~ for you.
Experienced Professlonsls
innovative digestive ca.e
w." R.ovin< Rood. $wrc M
1Gnpp"r<. T<nl>tf4eO 37660
ll5 M«Iial v."k lIo\Ile...«i
Bri"ot. T<n.... _ 37620
4ll.27U l5()
Abl ..p. Vl<JboIo
v;,p.;. 24210
6. Clt«/r ~illt )'ONT 11«/", . """1 ''''Y "'etlkille$,.... ",,,-,.
Ask your dexlOf if any or lhe: medications yoo ..., lIkinll could cause conSlip&lion_ Your doctor may ,uuc" malmenl to prev""l conSlipoli .... w hile On Ibcsc
Constipated and Miserable?
No ... corollina pf-tietttl id' clillicil research ItudW.
Call our rewan:h coordinators .1 423·23(}'3lS0.
www . t n lle~lth~nd w ellne$ ---------------------
State of Franklin Healthcare Associates
Monique Richard
Registered Dietician Services
301 Me<! Tech Partway, Johnson City, TN 37604
423-794-5550 I
www .t nhe~lth .. ndwe
20 Health & Wellne» November
2014 - T r i-Cities Tenn e ssee
lu ~ ue Ihou",1 10 sprud mainly from
per$On to per$On Ilvouih dlOpIets rna when
peopIt with Au couch. snee!e. or ~Ik. flu viruses
sprnd when peojIle touch somethi", with flu
virus on il ~nd then toudl their mouth, eyes. or nose.
~Iso m~
People infected with flu m~ be able to infect othe'B
be&inni"ll d~ before symptoms develop and up to 5-1
diIVS after becomln, sick . That means you m~ be abloe to
spre~d the flu to someone else befofe you know you ire
sick ~s well ~s while you are sick. Young child.en. those
w ho are severely III. and those who have severely
weakened immune systems may be able to infect othef'l
for longer than 5-1 days.
Everyday preventive actions
• Try to avoid close contact with sick people.
• If you or your child gets sick with fiu ·llio.e Illness, stay
home for at least 24 hours ~fter the fever Is gone e~cept to
get medical care o. for other necessities. The fever should
be 80ne without the use of i feve.· reducln, medicine.
• While 'ick,limit contitt with othef'lllS much is possible
to keep infecting them.
• Cove. you. nose and m01.lth with i tissue wtlen you
cough Of sMetre. Th.ow the tissue In the trash ifter you
use it .
• Wash you. hands often with ~p ind witer. If ~p and
water a.e not aonil:able, use in ilcohol·bued hand rub.
• Avoid touchine your eyes, nose ind mouth. Germs
spread this way.
• Clean and disinfect wrlice5 and objects thit may be
with ~ke lhe flu.
\I __
Because we .espect O1.Ir pitient$" busy lifestyles, we a .e
to offer you the convenience of Cili Ahead
Healthc..e . Just give uS I call and let uS know what time
you plan to be at the Walk-In Cllnle o. let us know you a.e
on your way. We will get you checked in over the phone
and save you a spot forthe time that best fih your needs.
When you arrive at the Walk· ln Cllnle, you will be .udy
to see one of O1.Ir e~perienced providers. No time to ull
ahead? No problem I You are weleame to Jus t Wilk· /n .
We will ta ke It from there!
y_ """'y I I:• • • -I:tOpIII
s-.nb)·1 ':"_ · 5:" pm
s..ioy I ". ... 5.....
Have the flu? We can help1
Walk-In Clinic
Operating Hours
At Slue of Franklin Hea lthQre Walk. ln Clinic, we know
your time Is We undef'ltand that getting sick or
Inju.ed Is the last thin. you need w ith your hectic
schedule. We also unOef'ltand that you don't have time
to spend waiting In an Urgent Care lobby.
Call Ahead Healthcare is Here!
Contact Information
,....: 41J."'.!SM
["': .oW~
GUJ;nuI 1#1 MJ ~.:Jf1'f '"' fItI.,JOIff 1M:!Jl .. or.f*sl W.J..t-l.or!
_ C l l y T'o" l7Mf
Did you know?
• Office Visit Co-PiIVS ... ther th,In U'I!ent Care
or ER cost.
• You do not have to be a patient 01 State of
F.anklin Healthcare to be treated In our
Walk-In Clinic.
• No appointment needed.
• For you. p.otettion, we have Sick and
Well Lobbies.
• If you a.e currently a Stale of franklin HealthCire p,atient, we have access to your reco.ds.
This access your visit so much more
efffcient and effe<tive.
• We treat adults and children.
• If needed, we will also he lp you establ ish
with a p,'mary Cilfe Physician.
www.tnhealth an dwellness .com
Tri-Cities Tennessee· November 2014 Health & Wellness
By Logan Hellick
cabhy living is not just eating right and exercising. but also
engaging in social activities and continuing to learn, The Active
Older Adults (AOA) program at the Kingsport YMCA is dedicated
tQ improving the Qverall well_being Qf Qur partilOipants by crcating activities
and events for adults 5S and older \Q be involved and have fun,
The Kingsport Y also partners with the SilverSneuers* exercise prQgram,
which is Qffered as a part of select health plans at nQ additional COSt to
Medicare-eligible members. This ineludes membership at the Kingsport y,
alQng with access tQ the Kingsport Aquatics Center. Special exercise classes
are offered tQ adapt to all levels of physical abilities, including those with
arthritis and joint replacements. In addition to membership at the Kingsport
Y, the SilvcrSncakers~ Fitness Program allows older adults to participate in
the AOA program.
We've been keeping busy and plan on continuing the trend' In October, the
AOA program held an Alzheimer's Awareness presentation with Tabitha
Ebbert, a representative from the Alzheimer's Association. She presented the
basics of Alzheimcr's, the wamingsigns, andQthereducational facts about the
disease thai affects more Ihan S million Americans. In conjunction with the
presentation, Ihe program held a potluck-slyle event where participanls
brought their favorite recipes.
Field trips are not JUSt fQl" the YQUJlg anymore!
1l>e AOA prQgram al the Greater Kingsport
Family YMCA also plans monthly trips for
older adults 10 enhance connections and make
new friends. Field lrips are an extra 005t tQ
our AOA friends, but the Y works hard 10
Qffe, experiences of all kinds in Qrder tQ
appeallQ differenl imercsts.
In August, they traveled 10 Knoxville and
boarded the Tennessee Riverboat OJmpany's
lunch cruise for a leisurely ride down the Tennessee River, As the Volunteer Relations
Director and AClive I
at Ihe Kingsport y, I had many AOAs approach me
and 11'11 me aboul the lively convCTSalions they had
on Ihe bus there and back wilh people wilh whom
they may not have spokcn with otherwise. The
AOA program is such a great way IQ not only
enrich social connections bUI also have FUN allhe
same time.
Many of the Kingsport Y's AOAs are retired and looking for ways tQ give
back tQ their community. The AOA program gives older adults the tools
they need 10 volunteer in the Kingsport area, In September, the AOAs
traveled to the Se«>nd Harvest Food Bank of East Tennessee where they
assembled over 1,000 bags for the "Food For Kids" Backpack Program
which providc$ needy children with a bag full of kid-friendly food to munch
Qn thrQughout the weekend. [1'1 October, Ihe AOAs wanted to give back \Q
those who no longer have as much freedom as they once had. They look an
afternoon to give their time at the Remington House, an Assisted Living
facility located in Kingsport. Manicures were given, card games were played
and fun was had by all!
Our Qlder adults are some Qf Qur mQS! loyal Y members. The YMCA sees
such value in cr'ealing programming for them in order for them to conlinue \Q
keep active and enable them 10 grow in spiri!. mind and body. To learn morc
Qr get involved in the program, contact the Kingsport YMCA today!
F... more inloonation:
YMCA \\Iemmont Center I Greater Kingspon family YMCA
1840 Meadowview Pkwy
I Kingsport. TN
I ymca1<ptorg{423.247.9622
September took them tothe Creation Kingdom Zoo
located in Gate City, VA where they saw everything
from dromedary camels to red ruffed lemurs! Their
mOSt recent trip was to the Barter Theatre located in
Abingdon, VA where they viewed the Southern
comedy, "Driving Miss Daisy,"
.. ndwe _
Health &0 Welness November ZO 1-4
T",Cltle5 Tennessee
November is National Child Mental Health Month
Help Children Navigate Life's Challenges
By Kathy Benedetto, SPE LPC LMFT
Frontier Healtlt Senior V"IC& Prosidenl of Tenness" Children'S Services
or many of us, memories of our childhood are of carefree days.
without awarcnen of the dangers in the world. But in an evcr·
ehanging, media·saturated world. today'. youth may OOt have the
same experiences.
Children an: now exposed 10 u:Trifying news of death. war. disI:;uc, crime
and ~hild abductions. Our instincts an: 10 sbc:ltcr and protect OUT children
from frightening realities in the world. ootthis is noIalways possible. What
we can do is help provide IJK, tools !hey need 10 face life's clLallcnges.
Build ing Resilience In Children
Children n«d to develop strengths, acquire coping skills. learn to recover
from hards hips and prepare for any future hardships . They need resil.
ience. that indescribable quality that allows us to experience difficulties
and come back litronger. Rather than ICl1ing failure and fear overeome
them, resilient people find a way to overcome the oblilacle. Arc we bom
resilient? Or is resilience a quality we can teach and integrate into tile
belLaviors of our children?
In. MA Pm:nt 's Guide to Building Resilien« in Children and Teens: Giving
your Child Roots and Wings. KtnDdh Ginsburg. M.D. MSED, FAAI',
identifies SC''CtI MC'I~ of ra;ilience.
While there an:: no g""""'ce$ for rcsilicncc. we can piloc chi ldren toward
developi", D«ded skills to find their ,uy through life's clLalienges. We can
help them to bccome ra;ilient, competent. content individuals who an: able 10
gel up e\'Cf)' time they r,lI.
• C4>,.,pnellce teaches you can handle a situation cffectivc:ly.
frontier Health provides many school based progmns!hat belp promote the
,je,,'e!opml:nt of ra;ilicno;y including Project BASI C. School-Ihsed Mental
Health l..i,i$005. and Student Assislan« Programs.
• COlljidtllce helps you believe in your own abilities.
• COIIIIU tion develops close family and community ties that create a strong
sense of $C(urity.
C" ~r"C'tr creates
a strong sct of morals and values to help distinguish
right from wrong and develop empathy towards others.
• COlltrlb,,';4>11 helps you undc~tand IJK, world is better because you an,: in
it and tlLat personal conuibution is imporunt.
Frontier Health is • leading provider of community behavioral health, mental
health, substance abuse. co-occurring. developmental disabilities. recovery
and vocational rehabilitation services in Tennessee and Southwest
ViTiini• . Call-423-467·3600 in Tennessee and 276-523·8300 in ViTiinia, Or
visit www.fronticrhealth .oTi.
, CopillK skills teach you to rope cffedi"ely with Itrns to O'o-en::ome lifc's
d ..,lIenges.
• Ct"drol helps you
n:al~ you !.aye control ovcr tbe OU\COlne$ of
Understanding you can make. difference promoles competence ""d confidence. GinsbuTi says that in addition to the 7 "C's," children need to know
there is ~n adult in their life who believes in them and who will love them
Adult menton and role models can have a huge impl(:t on how children
view their ability IQ rope with adversity. Witnessing adults who have
oven;ome utremc: hardships builds their eonfidmce that lJK,y can
" .0 . eo.
_. Orrj. TN 37111
_ _ _ _too.
_ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ w . tnheillthilndwellneu.eom:
Tri-Cities Tennessee - November 2014 Health & Wel lnes5
By J ames 5<:hre nke r, MD ABIHM , Integrated Health Concepts
hal is mindfulness? II is likely
the most imponam characler_
isric of humans. h is our ability
IObesclf_aware in a posilive manner. II
i. n01 shulling oul !he em'ironmem,
ralher being lorally aware of it.
[t is not just during a Reiki treatrnem.
massage or acupuncture treatment. Yes.
}'(Iu can achie"c it during toose limes;
mosl of uS need practice getting there.
and Ihcsc arc excellenl IOOls 10 usc.
However. mindfulness needs 10 be all
Ihe lime. You need 10 cuhivate a character of mindfulness so when you are
prescnt}'(lU are a<;lually pruent.
Th ink of your cl>Hd asking )lOU a question
when you're driving_ You are probably
going to be able to answer il oorrectly_
Now let's put you on an unfamiliar road,
Dying 10 na" igatc traffic and find a store
for the first time. You might say"AlIStin,
please be quiet I am trying to concentrate," or )lOU may give a superficial and
likely answer to satisfy him
temporarily. There are a couple things
here to recognize. First. your brain can
multitask things il has meroorized easier
than il can wh ile il is leaming. Second,
you probably can't remember lhe details
regarding lhe SlrelCh of road you travelled nver while listening and answerins
your chi ld. Soeven when you were able
to carry OUI the task, a 101 of new infonna_
lion is not processed consciously; it i.
processed SIl~iously_
Now fast forward to your cu".,nt age.
Whal have you m issed? lI ave you
b«n truly P"<'SWI during your life or
just mulli_tasking your way through
il? Whal memories do you have? Are
Ihose memories COrfttt or jusl bits
and pi«es sewn together wilh fa bricated evenu? Were you mindful of
the relationships thai crossed your
path Or did most of them JUSt pass li ke
a blur? O n a mOre personal notc, how
did that disease JUSt show up ... how
did those extra fifty pounds show up?
Look at mindfulness from your
heallh's standpo int. You have been
lold the dangers of eating I toxic diet,
of having a negative attil>Klc and of
not exerelSlng. lI ave you listened?
Did you hur" lIave you trans lated it
into aclion? Cancel'. diabetes. hean
disease and obesity don 't care if you
intendedlo change. These are all preventable. bul preven tion is transla ted
froln mindfulness. Be mindful oflhe
infoonalion you arc hearing; how else
can God communicate with you? II is
your body and YO U are responsible
for it. [fyou choose nOlln care for il.
the .onsequened are yours as well.
There is no bella living through
demistry. just longer existence.
Remember medications arc designed
to enable you to cominue to live a
dysfunctional life, 1101 improve it .
r-------James H. Schrenker,
Dev~l opln9 m l ndfutn ~$$
Be mindful of your breath, your pulse,
your tensinn. As lhese change in a
negative way, identi fy the emotion o r
lhought that caused the physical
"<'action. Nexl take three d«p cleansing breaths and ,,<,lease Ihis emolion
with each exhalation . Then identify
lhe lrisger to Ihe emotion and be
ntindful that this trisger can only affect
you nes ati" ely if you 1(1 il;}'(Iu are in
control, not the trisger.
No w expand this to all aspects of}'(lur
life . How does Ihat food make ynu
feel now and two hours from now?
How does that medicalion aff«t }'(Iu?
Ho w is }'(Iur mood, energy, mental
clari ty? How are all these enhanced o r
degraded by your da ily choices of
lhoughts, diel and a<;livily. It wi ll nOi
take you long to deteon;ne the
"hsolul~ ~Sl porlr for }'(Iu to take in
this life. Just be aware the choi ces you
are making right now- today wi ll
either enhance o r degrade your life. [n
lhe end il is your choice. I choose love
and everything !hat goes along w;th ;t.
Have you been truly
present during your
life or just multitasking your way
through it?
If you need help in becom ing mindful
please call us at 423· S73-9g70 to see
Morita for Reiki, Eleanor for HypnoIhet'3py or Rei ki, Judy fo r Massage o r
Don for Acupuncture. All praclitioners are very capabl e to help you
"<'alize your highest potentia l. Call
423·S73-9873 10 sc hedule an appoint_
ment with Dr. Schrenker or Brandy for
die-tary counsell ins .
Our m ission at Integrated
Hea~h Concepts is to bring
compassionate, individual ized care
to people. Our holistic approach
empowers individuals toward
better health by helping them see
the relationship betweeo spiritual
balance, emotional balance, a nd
true welt-t>e;ng.
We offer:
• General Family Medicine
• Ucensecl Dietitian and Certifie d
• Diabet~ Educator
• Male and Female natural
hormone replacement
• Intensive Thyroid testing
and ba lance
• Customized Supplement and
• Nutra-ceutical program
• E-Stim (Electro Stimulation) for
pa in management and other
health'related issues
IHe Practitioners:
James H. Schren ker, M.D, CMD
Brandy P. Schrenker, MS,RD. CO(
He idi Robella PA·C
Integrated health partners
Your Life In Balance
Ptef....",.,1 prrKll/iotlm dNirO!td to
~)'OII~ B<llcnct in)'Olllli/e.
, Reiki
, Crani.,."",,,1
, Massage
, HyptlOtherapy
, ES<enUal oil'
. Privale Yoga cla,
, Rene. ology
, Therapeulic Pedicure,
• Nail Techn ician for fungal na ils
CeI1423·SlJ·98lJ oplicll
2 fe r more dete j)s.
Call1nl*9'''1'td H",/flt """nm al 423-11J ·M7" 10 "ltWu~ an appolnlm,nt
or <olllnl*9"" '" _lilt C""r.,.u at42J·S13_M13 10 ... Dr. Sc/tl'ftl"'.
------------------------ www .t n he ~ lt h~ nd w e l lnes s .c o m
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __
24 Keatth & Wellness November
2014 • Tri·Cities Tennessee
Have You Done Your Yearly Medicare Plan Review?
Medka", is stronger Ihan ever wilh beuer chokes and lower coslS 10 yoo,
• Expanded Medica", benefilS under Ihe Affordable C.", ACI conlinue I<> be
availablc __ things like free p",vent.(uive benefils. CanCCT screenings, and yearly
"Well,,"s" visilS.
• You can save money ifyoo'", in lhe "donul hole" willi big discoonls on
brand,name prescriplion drug.,
Each year. lhe", a", new heallh plan and prescripli"" drug co"enge choices. YO"
should review your currem heallh and prescription drug coverage each falk and
your plan'••lill righl for you.
What you need to know about the Marketplace
l1Ic Heallh In"""""e Markelplace. a key pan of lhe Affordable Care AC1, i. a "'ay
for individ .... ls. families, and ernploy«s of small \>u$in= I<> gel heahh covemge.
Medicar. isn'l part oflhe Mukelplace, so you doo'l need I<> do an)"lhing. The MarkC1place doesn'l affect your Medicare choie<:s. and your benefil. havco'l changed.
No mancr bow you gCI Medicare, whelher Ihrough Original Medica", or a Medicare
Ad"anlage PI.,., (like an HMO or PPO). you have Ihe same be .... fil. and security
you've al,,'ay. had. You don'l ha"e 10 make lIly change •.
Remember. during Medicare Open Enrollmenl. you can decide to slAy in Original
Medic .... or join a Medic .... Ad"anlage Plan. If you'''' already in a Medicare
Advan'age Plan. you can use Open Enrollmenl '0 .wilch back 10 Original Medica",.
4 ways to get the help you need
I. Visi' Medicare,govlfind-a-plan I<> use lhe MedicI'" Plan Finder.
2. Look al your mos' recen' "Medicare & Yoo" handbook I<> see a liSling of plaJl$ in
yOUT area, You should al"" ",view any informalion yoo gel from your current plan.
including 'he "Annual NOlice ofChange"lelle,.
3. Call I·BOO-MEDICARE ( 1-800-633-4227). and Illy ~Agen'-" TTY USC1'S should
call 1.-877-486.2048. Help is IVlilabl. 24 hours a day. i""luding weekends, If you
need help in a l""iug. Other than ElJglish or Spanish, 1e1 lhe cUStOmer ...-vice repI'C$CnlAli,,<, know lhe language.
4. Gt-t free personali~ed health ins~ counseling by calling your Slale Hcolth
Insurance Assi'lAnee Program (SH IP).
To gel Ihe phone number, vi,il!corl\aclS. or call 1-800 MEDICARE.
ImportaDt Medicare Dates
NOle: The Marke1place doesn'l offer Medica", Supplemen\ Insuranee (Medigap)
policies or Part 0 <hug plaJl$.
September 8. October- RevIew 8. co-mp;ore
Review: Your plan mlY change. Review any nolices from your plan about
ch.,.,ge. for ,he next year.
b your plllll still right for you?
Compare: Slarting in 0cI0ber. use Medicare'. tool. to find a plan !hal ,,-. your....e,
Medicare can show you plan. in your area lhal may:
• CO$\less
• Cover your drugs
• Lei yO" go 10 !II<: providers you wanl, like your doctor or pharmacy
You can also gel
• An eslimale of your oul-of_pockel C"'IS
• Quality and cu<1omer ...-vice ralings finm current plan members
Decide which plan will mCC1 your needs for neIl year. If you wanll<> change plans.
coillhe plan yo" wanl I<> join. Medicare can also help you enroll-online, in person,
al an evcm in your community. or on the phone, If you're salisfied Ihal your current
co,'crage will meet YOUT needs for next year, you doo', need '0 do an)"lhing.
Octobef I S- Open EnroUment begin.
Thi. i. the one time of year when ALL people on Medicare can make changes to
lheir heallh and prcscriplion drug plans for lhe neXt year.
Decide: 0cI0ber 15 is the f1l'!l day you can change your Medicare ~ fortlC.'<tl-='.
!>Kember 7- Open Enrollment end s
In m<>S1 cases, December 7 is the las' day you can change your Medicare ro,'erage
for lhe next year. l1Ic plan has
gel your enrollment rcques' (Ipplication) by
hnuary 1· Coverage begi ...
Your new eo"mgc begins if you .wilched 10 a new plan. If you $!IIy wilh!he same
plan, any changes 10 coverage bentfils. or C<>:s1S for !II<: ntW year will begin on
houary l.
Making changes to your coverage after January 1
BC1"'cen J.,.,uary I- February 14 , if you're in a Medicare Advantage Plan. you can
ltavc youT plan and swi'ch 10 Original Medicare, If you Swilch I<> Original
Medicare during lIIi. period, you'll have until February 14 I<> also join a Medic ....
Prcscriplion Drug Plan 10 add drug co"c-noge. Your co"erage will begin lhe firsl
day oflhe monlh after lhe plan getS your cnrollmenl form,
Do you need Ilxtnl Help payillg fOT Medicare pres<:ription drug coverage?
If you hl"e limiled income and ",sou.. es. you may qualify for "Exlra Help" I<> pay
youT pl'C$Criplion drug cOStS. socialsecuriry,gov/iI020 to apply ""Ii ..... Or,
coli Social Securily 111·800-882·1213 and ask for form 5SA_iI020, TTY users
should call 1-800-32HI778.
s.o....;.: hnpo ://www,~ ,,,, .~1I 11ll(l,p;lr
eMS""""" "0, 11220
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Tri-Cities Tennessee - November 2014 Health & Wel lness
Saturday, Nov. 1
Jonesborough, TN
7th Annual Race for Ian 5K
, 0000000000000000
Saturday, Nov. 15
Abingdon, VA
Glow Baby, Glowl
5K Run and Walk
o 0000000000000000000000000000000000000
Saturday, Nov. 1
Abingdon, VA
Run Fur Their Lives 5KJ10K
Run and Strut YOYr Mutt Walk
, 000000000000000000000
Saturday, Nov. 1
Johnson City, TN
Wizard Run (ETSU Homecoming
Costumed 5K walklrun)
, 000000000000000000000000
Saturday, Nov.
Kingsport, TN
BAE Veteran's Day Classic
Ha" Marathon and 5K
Saturday, Nov. a
Tweetsie Trail, Johnson City,
S 'mores Campfire Run
(Fabulous Five Series)
Sunday, Nov. 9
Bristol, TN
15K RUN and WALK presented
by Fleet Feet Sports at Bristol
Motor Spssdway
Saturday, Nov. 15
Br1stol, TN
34th Annual Women's
YWCA lurker Trot &
GobbIer's Galt 15K RunlWaik
Saturday, Nov. 15
Greeneville, TN
The VIBE 5 Presents
·Stars & Strides·
A Veterans Day Tribute
Glow Run
o 0000000000000000000000000000000000000
, 0000000000000000000000
Saturday, Nov. 15
Erwin, TN
Unicoi Unites Through Fitness
5K Run & 2M Walk
Saturday, Nov. 22
Kingsport, TN
Santa Special AniMile &
10Mile Human Race
Thursday, Nov. 27
Kingsport, TN
5th Annual Chase the Turkey
5K Race and Family Walk
Thursday, Nov. 27
Johnson City, TN
Up & At 'Em Turkey Trot
5K Run & Family Walk
Send us your event listings!
If you would lik.e to see your event listed on our Calendar.
e-mail your event date, location and contact information to
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26 l-ieatth & Wellness November
2014 • Tri·Cities Tennessee
Great American Smokeout®:
Join the American Cancer Society to finish the fight against tobacco
Quitting smoking can save your life. Make a plan to quit for good on Nov. 20.
uitting tobacco is not easy. but kicking the habit is one
of the best ways to prevent cancer. Whether you're a
smoker Or SOmOOne trying to suppon 3 friend Or loved
one, the American Cancer Society can help, The Sociely enCQurages smokers to use the Great American Smokcout on Friday. Nov.
20, 10 make a plan to quit and urges everyone to take action and
help finish the fight once and for all.
Every person who chooses to put down cigarettes does it for their
own unique reasons. That·s no differem fw T,'_C't'u usld~nI
Cindy Lewis. She de<:ided to quit smoking in March of 1999
because of the damage the smoke would do in her house; she
soon found out thaI the heahh bcnefilS far OUlweighed her need to
light up.
"' This is crazy. but I didn'l nece.uarily quit for my hrolth . .. Le»'is
said. .. Ite had mowd into our n t'»' home a couple of months earlier
and I had already decided Ihat II'" had worked too hard on this
hOlUefar me smoke In it. lurn e'''''Ything broll'n and ha,,,, it smell
bad. I had attempled to quil st.'e rallimes before bul /II'OJ" determined Ihtll this lime II'OJ" going to be different. I jlUt had to malee up
my mind Ihal f 11"0.1" quilling and stick wilh il. And thai'.! lI'htll I did.
f quit cold tllrkey - no ~Iches, no/hing. ..
Lewis explained that quilling was one of Ihe hardest things she
had ever done - even making hcr physically sick - but soon afler
she started realizing (he positive effects oCher new freedom from
"'I never realized whtll a nOJ"ty habit I had, ne,,,,, realized haw bad
f smelled along lI'ith my halUe and car," she explained. ../ also
never realized how short of breath IwOJ" and how il wOJ" affecling
my health. In Ihese past 15 years, smoking has become mare and
more unaCCt'plable making me ",,,,n mare glad f quit. ..
She is also happy that. with help from the American Cancer Society
Cancer Aeli(>n Network, Ihere are now laws in place 10 limit
smoking in public places like restaurants,
"'If someone choosi's to smalee others should nal ha,,,, 10 be subjec/cd 10 ii, .. Lewis said. "f n",...r IhoughlI lI'Ould be an advocate
against smoking bUll am and will cominue to be, !wish I had never
slarled but I am proud ofmyselffor quitting. I hear pcaple say. ·Oh.
f colild never q,,;t. I'm 100 stressed Or I ha"e smokedfor 100 long..
Ifl quit, anyone can qllll. It'.! not easy bllt II Slire is worth it. "'
About the American cancer Society
The American cancer Socitfy is a global 03ssroo!S foo:e 01 0l0<e than three million ~unteers saYIng
lives and fighting lor e'>'efY birthday threatened by eo.oery &ancer In eo.oery communilj'. "-s \lie iargesl YOIun·
tary health rnganization. the Society's efforts hIM! contribtJted to I 20 peftenl dedme ill &ancer deatll
rates in \lie Us. since 1991. aod a 50 perteflt dlOll ln smoking rates, Thanks in part to OUr prol1fe$S
nearly 14 million Americans"",o have had cancer and countless more VIIIo I\aYe lII'Oided tt"';l1 celebrate
0l0<e birthdar.; tIlis )'IIIIr. "-s we marl< OUr lOOth birthday in 2013, we're deteJTnillflll to finO$h \lie figM
ag,ainst &ancer. We're finding cuteS as \lie nation's largest pfflate, OO!·/o(..prolit Investor in &ancer
researth. ensuring people fadng &ance< I\aYe the help they need and continu ing \lie fight lor access to
quaUty l>ealth &are. lifesaving screenings, dean air, alld more, For more Information. to get help. or to join
the fight &all us al1)1ime, day or night at j.llOO· 227·2345 or ';sI! _&
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TrI-Citlu Tennessee - November ZO 1 4 Health '" Wellness
November is National Adoption Awareness Month
Show Hope: A Movement To Care For Orphans
By Stacie Vining
how Hope" is a I'I'1oCM!fMfIt 10 eare for
~ the hope of a
orpNns in distress around the world. founded
by Nashville based GRAMMY· Award Winning
ArtIsl Siew-n Curtis Chapmiln ind his wife Mary
Belh, this nonprofit organllation Is helping 10
make iI differen<:e for millions of orphans and
wi ltinl e/lildren.
When the Chapm ans ildopted their daughter
Shilohan~h Hope in 2000 Irom Chinil, they des·
perately wanled 10 do somelhlnl about l he
millions of waiting children who still needed loving
Iilmilits. ln february 2003, they sl irted the OfliIniution Shaohilnnah's Hope, now called Show Hope,
as an official SOld.
Adoption Aid Grant.
Sintt lIS Inception. Show Hope has helped provide
lor_r homes throulh Adoption Aid IranlS lor
more than 4,000 orphans Irom 50-+ counl ries,
Inc:ludinl the U.S. In addition, more thin 1,500
orphans with spe6a1 needs have received critically
needed medical (;are throulh Show Hope's Special
QreCenters, giving them a hope lor iI family and a
future. Through numerous other programs for
Individuals, sludeng, families, and commu nities,
Show Hope Is mobililing iI movement to tare for
the world's children w ho need it most.
C&nI Cenlen in China
This Pist summer, Show Hope celebrated the
five-Y1!ar ilnniversary of M ilrla's 811 House of
Hope (M8HOH). their flrsl Spedal Care Center.
Named after the Chapman's younlest daughter
Marla Sue, MBHOH is located In Luoyang, China, a
city of more than six million people. Providing
CIIre In one of the country's poorest provinces,
Marla's 8il House of Hope Is iI beacon of hope
not only for tl>! Henan province and the orphans
il _ 5 , but also lor the world.
&euuse of the generosity of lens 01 thousands 01
donors and monthly supporters these past five
years, every ehild at Marla's Big House of Hope is
provided with love, hope, and much needed
ilcu te medical cilre. Additionally, the sta ff ilnd vol·
unteers ilt Maria's 8ig House have been ab le to
care lor more than 800 children since opening iiIS
well is employ hundreds of lUOYin, residents.
It Il/lIS also celebfated this pnt summer that. in
early 2015, Show Hope will be openi"l their
fifth Special Care Cenler. louted In Nanyans,
China, this new tare center will provide highly
specialized med ....1care for orphans In the area,
with tl>! capiKity to provide medical CIIre to
children at one time.
Show Hope is elICited to ex~nd their scope of
work to Na.-.yarc. which is a city with a population of more than 10.5 million and Is the Ihird
laf8l!lit dty In the Hen;," Province . This special
care center will be three stories, more than
12,600 square feet and housed In a brand new
complex developed as '" civil affairs project.
"this new unit will not only allow us to servo!' a
,reater number of children with spedal needs,
but in rime, we trust it wi. also .,eatty increase
the survival ratl!li of children with ilCUte mediall
needs In this resion; shilfes Scott Hasenbals,
Show Hope's Executive Director.
The . . . .
yet, there Ii still such a need lor your helpl Did you
know that millions of children around the world are
waiting and lonsins for a famlty 01 their own7
A1thouah there ire many familiet willina to adopt,
the cost of itdoption can be belWHn $25,000 and
S4S,OOO. Additlonillly, lhere are hi&h costs ilssotlated with sustaining a Special Ore Center that
proYidet hilh-quillity care to children who have
ilCUte mediall needs. Many of these children will
never know the love of i family beause 01 this
finan<:ial barrier.
Donatlng monthly towards an Adoption Aid finan·
dal,rant is _11 is to their Speclill Ore Centers,
you, too, can be i part of lranslorml"l the lives of
e/lildren holistically, takin, them from OfPh,ans to
bekNed $OrIS and dauatlters.
To find out how you can help, or to obtain more
InlorrNtlon, pluse visit ShowHope.OfJ.
A Movement To Care For Orphans
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28 Health & Weiness November
Tri,Cit'u Tennessee
My Torrid Love Affair with ED
By Kimberfy Toby
Once I was f= of my obliptions al wort:. I
would ravcoously hit the flSl food joints. sometimtS) or 4 in one evening. AI I was cali", the
food from one place, I would drive to my nc:~1
delici0u5 deSlination. Then. I would make a final
stop at my favorite bakery or grocery ston: to buy
cupcakes and candy for when [ arrived home.
!;t'. bo:gin " 'ith a tcchnical twiSl befon: I
dc:l,·c into my lo,-e affair wilb EO. Eating
Disorder. Did you know that at some
point, 20 million "'Omen and 10 million men are
!uffering from a significan1 eatinll disorder'? The
National Eating Diwrder Associalion defines ED
thi, way :
I would eat all of Ibis food in .IWO hour or less
time frame. get sick, feci a briefbigh.lbm. sleep
;1 offunti[ the roe~t day. My choices were killing
InC .•• in an e:<t:rucialingly slow. painful manner.
Eatln, Disarders swelt as Anoruia. bulimu.,
and bln,e eotillg disrmJu lulvde Ut1Tme
emorio"-,, allitJUlu, and b<thavu.I'I sllrro,,,,,Jjng
_I,M and food Wvu. Eating Disorders are
serjalU emotional and phys ical problems that
call Ita"f! life- titreotelllllg eOIUe<juent:u for
malu olld fe"'ale8. i;
If )'OIl read carefully. the e:<~uion "lifethreatening"' is used 1<) define the various forms of
this disorder. and those who $Offer from an
unMalthy relationship with food know Ibis 1<) bo:
de\'lStatingly true. "The proble:m is thai if you
have a weight iuue as • result of binge eating.
mosl peop[c feel Ibey should bo: .ble 10 control it
on hiJlhcr own. I know I did.
I wci~ 23 4 pounds at a towering S'4". In my
mind and what I projccted onto the world around
me, was that I was • foodie who lacked self·
control , .. that I ,,'as lazy and did n()I care. OIl,
bul.1 did care... immcrtiC:ly!
YC1. [ carried wilh me the physiul evidellCe of
something much deeper than laziness. lack of
wilipowCT. and the lovc of junk food. What others
could nat tru[ysee was that my food addiction was
the result of emotional
psychological issues
that I did n()I want to face; my dni& of choi« for
nnpi", was food.
In my
with SED. Binge Eating
I was in Troob[c... capital T! Not only was I in
tIM;: "obese" catcgOf)' on body mass index charts. I
was wffering from persistenl digcsti,'c distress.
depression. assiduous and unexplainablc aches
and pail\$, IC1Iwgy. and most conc:eminl, hopelessness. [Iruly felt I was in a dank, [ighl[ess pit
of despair withoulany way of escaping.
O nce my symptoms began disrupling my work
life (I did not much can: about my personal life al
this point because I fclt ully and wonh[css
anyway), and I aclmowLcdged Ibal .11 I did was
ravctJOUSly cal to escape loneliness. pe1l'eived
petWIIIl failure. and an unidentified sense of
un"..,.,hi"en, then. I decided to do ton>Cthing
about it.
s parked a faint flicker of motivation. I began
thinkinl about my sw~ aunt who died from her
own food addiction; she " 'eighed over 400 powlds
and lived as a =Iusc. I wanted man: for myself
and hoped tllall OOIIld li'-e a life that would honor
her and every person sufferi", from Ibis miSoef3ble
cycle of food addiction.
Atthis point, I began observing my bo:havior. The
observations were enlightening yet horrifying. [
wO\lld crave food from the moment [ awoke until
the mo~t 1 00II1d have my sn:rd affli r with the
foods [ most desired: cupcakes. fast food french
i __,.
What others could not truly see
was that my food addiction was
the result of emotional and psychological issues that I did not
want to face; my escape drug of
choice was food.
Stay tuned next month far the rest of the
SlOt)'.• .
Takc care!
I acknowledged something c15C in my life whieh
Disorder. I discovered that in order to begin healing
from any food tlddiction, you must come to a place
of absolutc humility and admit that you do havc a
problcm. This may sound familiar because as with
:my tlddictian--akoholi$fO. drugs. se~. etc .......,.,., 10 fll'Sl admit that)'OU arc in trouble:.
The: moment r admiued III<: problem and
acknowledged Ihese behavion. I did some
research and realized I had a medically =og·
ni7.ed disorder. Then. I began my journey toward
healing and. wllat r now know. lifetime manage~t of this addiction.
About K[mbe rlyTo by
A half Freneh. ha[fEasI TenllC$seean who clllTt1lt[ y \Caches
French and Public Speaking 10
high sehoo[crs in the Tri-Citic:!l
arcI. Kimberly has a passion for
sharing her journey about health
and fitness in order to belp others
livc. more full and authent ic life! On nights
and on weekends. yo u ca n find her in historic
downtown Brislol [eadinll Zumba classes and
emphasizinl that health and fitn~1S can bo: fun.
Kimber[y has her B.A. in Speech Communica·
lion and her Master 's in Education . She can bo:
reached II [email protected]
did [ ~tlon
pittl, aU manner of
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Tri-Cities Tennessee - November 2014 Health & Wellness
November Can Be Fine for the Outdoors
By Johnny Molloy
ong about August. when summer days
shMen. our minds invariably tum to fall.
November-officially officially within
the September 21 to O<x:embcr 21 boundaries of
autumn-can paint a gloomy picture: barren.
leafless trees. prolonged chill rain. a low slanting
sun now weak on heat. short days, cold nights. "Not
the greatest outdoor weather." you think. but when
November actually arrives we arc surprised at the
beauty it can deliver_ few trees hanging on with
color standing boldly in now open woods. sunlight
reflecting off clear Streams on~ shaded in vegetation. evergreens of pin", spruce. rhododendron and
mountain laurel contrasting with brown mountain_
sides silhouetted by a crisp blue sky, free of
Summer haze. Hey. the eleventh month of the year
ain't so bad'
November has its surprises. too. While hiking the
Smoky Moumai!l$ I heard strange unidentifiable
sounds--Was it people breaking wood? Was it a
herd of animals treading on dry crackling leaves?
But the heavy, loud breathing really threw me off.
What was it---Sasquatch of the Smokies? Chill
bumps crept over mc. yet J continued up the trail. I
reached a gap and found the anSwer. In the midst of
the leafless woods two bucks stood facing each
other, Iheir chests heaving, attempting to catch their
breath. Ignorant of me. they moved back and forth
in concert. I inched closer, then realized the reason
for such synchronicity- their antlers were interlocked! Thc twO were playing tug-of-war, antlers
clacking loudly as they crashed around in the
brush. All this expenditure of energy lefl heaving
lungs. Maybe a female was nearby, and the bucks
were competing for the right to breed with her. In
between ballles, the bucks leaned against one
another like twO prizefighters trying 10 grab air
between punches. After watching the show for
upwards of an hour I moved on, wondering what
became of the animals. Bucks interlocked this way
have ended up starving to death.
November is also when you might see.---or hearrumed grouse. Sometimes they explode in flight
before you, surprising the outdoorsman. Other
times. you can'l sec a grouse but can identify their
presence by the Strange thudding sound they make.
known as drumming. This curious sound is made
by the grouse beating their wings. On stage
you have never seen a better actor than a mother
grouse pUlling on her wounded bird act, to
protect her nearby brood from intruders. Though
found in lower coves and valleys, they reach
their greatest numbers in rough and high mOuntains typical of our region.
Open November woods may help you spot a
bruin. Black bears are still feeding. primarily on
oak acorns and hickory nuts. bUI also black gum
and dogwood berries, black cherries, and the
occasional persimmon. They may be scouting for
dcnning locations, usually in the cavities of
larger trees . Interestingly, the three most sought
after dcnning trees are red oak, tulip poplar and
chestnut oak.
Views open up when the leaves drop to the
ground. You can then see the topography of the
land bener, as well as the geology. Rock fonnations you never knew were present show them_
selves while walking down the trail. Far off
mountain ranges stand beyond what was once
tree cover. The November fade can be depressing 10 some. but this transitional time from
autumn to winter offers unique rewards after all.
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Keatth & Wellness November 2014 • Tri-Cities Tennessee
Appalachian Sustainable Development
planting seeds ofhope... one community at a time
7th Annual Conference
Appalachian Fanners Market
By Sylvia Crum
ith ,h. end of 2014 in ,i'c, loco! non·
profi,. App.bchian Sustainable ~lop­
men' (ASD) look. forward
201 $; its
20'h ycu >CMOg .\Ou,h...... , Virginia and n""heas' Ten_
n...... C .... ed in 1995. ASD opero,.. 10 prng ... m. in
,h,ee !CCfO<$: lu". inable fOr<>trylwood p,<><Ioct.,
, •• gricultulCJfood ')'Stem developm.n, . nd f"""
>«:C$$. As an organi .. 'ion ,h .. l"ng ' go '<COgniud ,he
importance of local farmers .nd local f""", ASD h..
,harp<ncd itS focU$ moe' ,h. nccd$ of ,he fC$iden" in
i" foo, prin"
~~-----. .
Taddin8 pm'Cny by increasing
A5 it mov.. fo~d. ASO will
continue (O!C ..... ,he r<ginn by
fulfilling its m;",ion of growing
f""", communi,.,. and OPPOflUnm.s to build • thrivirt\ AppoIach>a.
/\SO btli ...... ,h. , food sys .. m. an drive imp""",m.n ..
in ,h. h•• lth of ,ural communi,ies .nd ,h" local devel_
opmen, i. bette, fur ,he communities i, "fVC$ bc<:au!C i,
""'I" doUa" drcul.,ing locally. ASO improves ,he
well·being of ... idcnts in 14 coun,ies by irnpl.meming
food a«cM $tra'cgi<> ,h.. uSC «Iucation ond economic
d,ive" '0 provide greot.r acctU to and int.... ' in
choosing '0 f... h, h""lthy, nUffi,iou. f"""
How ASO create. im plct
• Appolachian Harveu i, a f""" hub which «.oh..
.... il m.. ke" ,hit loal f.. m... could nO! o,h~r·
wi!C '<;<;cO> and oceum p,.,duce ord." helping
f.. m. . . .orn incom~ for ,h~.oJ. of,h.i, f,ui" and
• Appalochian """.." Mtdtt As$odacion (AFMA)
b,ings "'geth.r ",a,ket m.nage" ,o,hare ideas and
""petti«: wi,h ,he goal of inn.... ing m>Ike' viahili,y.
AFMA support. EBT/SNAP .. formet. m.rkeu and
provide. the ahility to r= through fund. fo,
doubling SNAP benefits. local f""" guid. . .re
produced annually which guide consume" to farme"
and farm." m.. k." .nd which help ,hose in n~ by
.h.,ing which farme" markets accept EBT.
Seed Swap
Winter Market
November 15, 2014
• Rooted in Appolachia .. rvn micro·farmets in,er·
."ed in !Clling , locally yown p,<><Iuc. r.".u·
ran ... and heol,h cart facili,i .. ,
• Hcolthy Familie.-Fl mily Farm. r.ises mon.y to
buy "oceond, p,<><Iua: from farme,", which i, then
don.,ed 100% free of charse '0 Feeding Am.,ia
and ,mall f""" pantri.., Practi...1 nutrition edu<;a·
tion. fresh food , . "ing' .nd ... y ,edpeo ar. olon
provided '0 f""" pan 'ry dien".
• G arden BOI program provid.. contliner garden.
'0 ,ho!C in n.ed. W.i,,-high and on "'''''', ga,d.n
box.. . lIow"nio" an d ,ho.. wi,h di ... bili,ies 0, lock
of yecn .p.a: '0 grow food fo, ,h.m!Clvco.
• G,ow Your Own incre..... acccs.s '0 f ... h healthy
f""" for ,ho.. in nMOl by ,.aching families how
to g'ow f""" in hom.-based garden •. Thi .... ul" in
mOre physical activity. imp'oved h.alth. h~ol,hi ..
eating, greater oo<iai engag.m.nt, and th. opportu·
nity to .lIn incom. from sales of cx<:css produce.
Virginia Highlands
Community College
[email protected]/
(276) 623-1121
Thls ~ar. Appalachian Farmers Market
Association has joined ,he ""nual Seed Swap
evenl with the W,nle< ConIe<ence and Market
into one O""'t evenl l Save !he date and join ""
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Tri-Cities Tennessee· November 20 I 4 Health & Wellness
Pilgrims with a Purpose
6y Eric Pot\ef, MD, Sanctuary Medical Care and Consulting, PLLC
s pilgrims in this lik weernbark upon an
adven1ure filled with great stories. S10Ties
of breathlessness. stories of laughter.
and stories of woe fill our memories and await
our tomorrows. HowevCT. all noble journeys.
regardless of their rabbit trails and pit stops. must
be destined for a singular end . Iluman life is no
exception. The "end" for mankind determines
more than eternity. It also concerns present spiritual wellness. As we alternate betwe<:n the peaks
and valleys of the journey. today's wellness
depends On Who is our end. Our own health or Our
heavenly Father.
Upon the peaks of life. the gripping wind may
enchant us with imaginations of inner strength.
We may rejoice in vinually soaring above the
world and forget ourselves. Look at me! Look 3t
what I acwrnplishcd' We forget thaI our glory is
nOI the purpose for which we were placed upon
the eanh. We forget Ihatthe glory of Anolher is
our true calling.
Within the depths of life. the valleys of despair.
Ihe Slagnancy of the thick darkness may se<:m 10
choke us. We may agonize OVCT why we were
born orwhy we were "faled"to such a state. Woc
is me' I am undone . likewise. we forget Ihal our
success and victory were never meant to be the
end at which we aimed. We forget thai the glory
of Another is our calling. This Other docs I>Ot
need our success.
One would hope lhat we might fare bener when
neither the heights of success into~icate us nor
the depths of suffering overwhelm us. However.
in the midSI of everyday life. we strive but often
away from the noble purpose of Another. As we
consider our state. we see the rdlcclion of an
aging monal and ask ourselves how we might
improve what we pereeive. We ask how to lo"'CT
Our cholesterol so that we might live a few more
years. We ask how we might raise our hormone
levels to invigorate our persona. We ask how we
might lessen Ihe pain so we might remain independent jusl a linle longer.
Though we are not wrong in seeking life. vitality.
and relief. may we not forget the higher goal
withoul which all else becomes possibly selfish.
The higher goal. the noble goal. the true goal is to
live for God's glory.
Wh<llever you do. work <II it ..-irh all your hearl,
as ",wkingfor Ihe wr<i. Mlfor men. (ColQ$!iiofl$
So whelher you e<ll or drink or .... hatever you do.
do il all fo, Ihe glory of God. (I Corinlhi(lIIs
This is I>Ot only the end to which our Journey
should aim. bul the constant focus of our daily
walk akrng Ihe palh whether on the peaks, in the
valleys. Of somewhere in bw':ecn. May our years
be filled with this purpose. May our vitality be
harnesscd for this purpose. May both our suffering and our healing be turned to such a wonhy
goal - the glory of God.
Kccping this goal of God's glory constantly in
mind, our spirits can be well whelher our bodies
strive through life or limp along till the end.
Either way. we will look back and give thanks
for the blessings of our pilgrimage.
Eric Potte r, MO
Sanctuary Medical Care and Consulting. PLLC
Wholistic Heal1hcare for the glory of God
(Col. 3:23)
Business: 423-%3-5982 or 615-714-0002
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