Smart and Modern Materials Textiles GCSE Theory Lesson Objective to know the difference

Smart and Modern
Textiles GCSE Theory Lesson
Objective to know the difference
between modern and smart materials
Success Criteria
To enter into a discussion about smart and
modern materials;
To watch the PowerPoint and ‘you tube’
[email protected] (articles)
Extreme Skydive (modern materials) :
World Record HALO Jump :
To write up notes to help in your with our
own memory skills.
What are Smart Materials?
Smart materials respond to differences in
temperature or light and change in some
way. They are called smart because they
sense conditions in their environment and
respond to those conditions.
Smart materials appear to “think” and
some have “memory” as they revert
back to their original state
Function meets fashion with the
emerging interest in smart textiles.
Recently, Cornell student Olivia Ong
debuted a jacket and dress made of
"nanofabrics" on the fashion runway.
Both items, coated in nano-sized bits
of metal, are resistant to dirt,
allergens and even break down
harmful pollution before it reaches the
wearer's skin.
BioCare – Protection
Golden Mills is introducing the ultimate
antimicrobial treatment for one of the
most intimate product categories in the
Hospitality Industry – Bed Linens.
With the introduction of Golden
BioProtection™ Bed Linens, Golden
Mills has created the ultimate
permanent solution for protection
against microbes, bacteria, mildew,
fungi, allergens and yeast.
This product is now available on the
full line of Golden Memory Eco-Smart
products and will soon be available on
linen products under the Golden
BioCare label.
This will provide Hospitality guests, as
well as staff, the ultimate in protection.
What are Modern Materials
‘Modern materials are developed
through the invention of new or
improved processes, for example,
as a result of ‘man’ made materials
or human intervention.
In other words, not naturally
occurring changes. They are
altered to perform a particular
Sonic Modern Materials
From new materials testing
in the flying environment,
quality tests adapted to the
specifics of jumping,
ergonomical approaches
and modern designing,
to benchmarking and
development planning... all
these and more, makes
Sonic able to evolve with
the sport and the
performances, and keep up
its position as a leader in
advanced flywear.
Kevlar is the DuPont Company's brand name
for material made out of synthetic fiber of polyparaphenylene terephthalamide which is
constructed of para-aramid fibers that the
company claims is five times stronger than the
same weight of steel, while being lightweight,
flexible and comfortable.
It is also very heat resistant and decomposes
above 400 °C without melting.
Your task
You are requested to put together a word document that could be used
by you for revision into Smart or Modern Textiles;
Use the following list of fabric names to help:
microscopic metallic threads
Gorix Ltd
Fastskin; Laminated fabrics which sense temperature changes;
Electro-conductive textiles which heat garments in; extreme
Fabrics which prevent water ingress;