Background music:We are the world

Background music:We are the world
Mind Map-------------------------------P.3
What is a Tsunami-----------------------P.4
Why was the Tsunami occur?----------------P.5
When was the tsunami occur?---------------P.6
The earthquake affected countries-----------P.7
The introduction of the tsunami video--------P.8
A tsunami video--------------------------P.9
Some pictures about Tsunami------------P.10-11
Tsunami impacts----------------------P.12-13
Damage caused by Tsunami----------------P.14
Large people died in tsunami and actuality----P.15
Measures to minimize losses--------------P.16-17
Our reflection about Tsunami--------------P.18
Song introduction------------------------P.19
The End--------------------------------P.20
Mind Map:
How can do the measures
to minimize the loss?
The effect
of tsunami
What cause Tsunami?
What is a Tsunami ?
Tsunami is a sea wave of local or distant origin that is
an outcome from large-scale seafloor displacements
related with large earthquakes, major submarine slides,
or exploding volcanic islands.
The definition of tsunami and its geographical meaning
is also discussed here. The causes of occurrences of
Tsunami and their after effects are mentioned in the
When an earthquake occurs,
the energy travels outward in
all directions.
For the epicentre,the energy
causes a sea wave to move
away at great speed.
Tsunami can be generated
when the sea floor abruptly
deforms and vertically
displaces the overlying water.
The 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, known by
the scientific community as the SumatraAndaman earthquake, was an undersea
earthquake that occurred at 07:58:53 local
time on December 26, 2004.
The earthquake generated
a tsunami that was among
the deadliest disasters in
modern history, killing well
over 200,000 people.
2004 Indian Ocean earthquake-affected countries
The earthquake and
resulting tsunami
affected a large
number of countries
in Southeast Asia
and beyond,
including Indonesia,
Sri Lanka, India,
Thailand, the
Maldives, Somalia,
Myanmar, Malaysia,
and others.
Introduction of the
tsunami video
The destroyed of Tsunami
The tsunami impacts can divided in few main areas:
 1)Humanitarian Impact:
Since many people hurt or die in there. also, the sea
water made the infrastructure fell down, and shortages of
food and drink water,Therefore, they needed a great deal
of humanitarian aid.
2) Economic impact:
The impact on coastal fishing communities and fisher folk ,
has been devastating with high losses of income earners
as their boats and fishing gear In Sri Lanka's coastal
areas.But some economists believe that damage to the
affected countries' economies will be minor because losses
in the tourism and fishing industries are a relatively small
percentage of the GDP.
3) Environmental Impact:
Tsunami impacts
Inundation, North of Phuket, Thailand ASTER
Images and SRTM Elevation As many human lives destroyed
by the tsunami. It has caused the environmental impact that
will affect tin the following years. It has been reported that
severe damage has been inflicted on ecosystems such as
mangroves, coral reefs, forests, coastal wetlands, vegetation,
sand dunes and rock formations, animal and plant
biodiversity and groundwater.
4)Spiritual / psychological impact
health professionals and aid workers are reporting
widespread psychological trauma associated with the tsunami,
and many sightings of ghosts have been reported, particularly
those of foreigners. Traditional beliefs in many of the
affected regions state that a relative of the family must
bury the body of the dead or the ghost will return.
The amount damage tsunamis caused is partly related to
the intensity of the earthquake that produced them.Some
other contributing factor include the nature of the
coastline and the distance from the epicentre.
Damage caused big tsunamis include:
1) People living in coastal areas are badly affected.Houses
are destroyed and people become homeless.There will be a
great loss of life casualties.
 2) Pier or the seaport facilities will be battered by giant
waves.Ships will be overturned and dock is torn up.
 3) Scattered debris hinder rescue and recovery work.
 4) Coastal villages and cities are destroyed. For
example,buildings are destroyed, bridges collapse,sections
of highways are flooded and railways crack.There will be a
huge economics loss.
‧Poor Warning system
‧The economics development is poor
‧The buildings structure is not unfluctuating
‧The people awareness is very low
‧The government don’t teach the public about
the serious effect of tsunami
As at noon, 4 June 2005, there were 12 unlocated
Hong Kong residents. All were reported to be in
As of today, a total of 28 Hong Kong residents
were reported to have deceased.
‧Evacuate people from the affected area and provide
emergency aid such as supplying food,water,blanket,
shelter and other basic necessities to victims.
‧Send rescue teams to search for survivors, especially in
the rubble after an earthquake and give immediate
medical services to the injured.
‧Carry out other relief work such as restoring
communication and transport , putting out fire and
providing medical services to prevent the spread of
Long term measures to minimize loss
Countries around the Pacific Ocean have set up the
Tsunami Warning System to record potential tsunamis
generated by earthquakes.
We can take some various long term measures to
minimize their negative effects:
‧Setting Earthquake prediction and warning system
‧Improving modern technology and construction
‧Land use zoning
‧Education and emergency plans
After seeing these photos, what do you think
about Tsunami?
We felt very sad.In this photo, We saw many
people died and they hurted by Tsunami.
Moreover,people became homeless.Also,the
building fall down and bridge collapsed.
We are the member of society,I think we should
a duty to help the sufferer.We can donate
money to the non-profit making organization.Also,
we must pay more attention to our life.
We use this song to become the background music
because we think that it is related to Tsunami.The song
was about children.After listening the song,we think
that we should save our life.Also, we should try our
best in everything, such as this song’s lyrics.
Here are the main part of the song:
We are the world, we are the children
We are the ones who make a brighter day
So lets start giving
There's a choice we're making
We're saving out own lives
its true we'll make a better day
Just you and me
Chan Wing Yan
Man Wing Shan
Tang Wai Man
Wong Wing Tung
you !!