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2015 -1
FH-DCE Newsletter
Ulf Jensen
FH-DCE Newsletter March 2015
Federation Harley-Davidson Clubs Europe
I Believe ... That you should always leave
loved ones with loving words.
It may be the last time you see them.
Lincolnshire Showground
Last weekend there was an international gathering at the Lincolnshire Super Rally
Showground in Lincoln as delegates from H-DC Estonia, West London Harley
Riders and H-DC Aragon met together with me and our two treasurers to be
informed about the upcoming Super Rally.
During the Friday some of us were invited to a security meeting with Lincoln City,
Police and Fire department to share information and to be informed. As always,
there were worries from the city how to avoid the arrival of 1% clubs.
Some point of the information that we received from the Super Rally organizers
are important for your club members so do not hesitate to pass them along:
First of all, be sure to tell your members to use the pre-paying system as only cash
money in English £ will be accepted at the gate.
There will be NO way of paying the entrance fee by credit card and the same will
probably also go to the dealers’ area and also in the food area. Some dealer may
still use the old type of manual credit card machines for the cards, but at this time
we cannot be fully certain of this. There is also no possibility to take cash from
your credit card at the SR area.
Secondly, police will walk the area all the time to insure that no drunk driving or
driving without helmets will take place.
And third, the city of Lincoln is a fantastic town and a must to see, but as the SR
area is out in the countryside you need to go there with your bike or by taxi.
Minibuses will also be available during the rally.
FH-DCE Newsletter March 2015
Welcome to Lincoln
FH-DCE Newsletter March 2015
FH-DCE Newsletter March 2015
FH-DCE Newsletter March 2015
FH-DCE Newsletter March 2015
H-DC Wales have thanked Ian Marshall
For the 14 years he had the Presidency and presented him the club shield at the
recent AGM.
The FH-DCE also thank Ian for all his time and here is the list of the new board
and a copy of the updated logo of H-DC Wales
Vice President
Membership Secretary
FH-DCE Newsletter March 2015
Andrew ‘Ginger’ Richards
Andrew Jenkins
Jason Jones
Phil West
Jake Richards
New president in H-DC Ireland,
Just making you aware I have taken up the position of President. Hugh will be
giving me all the help and support I need along with the rest of the club.
Yours Faithfully,
Gar Taylor, formerly PRO HDCI
Also Big Twin Espania have a new board
President: Vicente Nuñez
Vice president: Carlos Vives
Secretary: Juan Bautista Llorens
Treasurer: Mª Dolores Reina
Port City Bikers in Antwerp
Pacque Jean, president of Port City Bikers in Antwerp informs us that Gregory
Dorikens no longer is a club member and no longer a member of the federation.
He also encloses the updated logo of the club.
FH-DCE Newsletter March 2015
Christmas card challenge
As always I invite my friends to vote for the best FH-DCE Christmas card and I
am happy to present the 2014 lucky winner.
FH-DCE Newsletter March 2015
It is time for a change.
My period as FH-DCE Secretary
ends next year at the 2016
presidents meeting in Brno and I
won't put myself forward as a
candidate for the coming years.
I have been lucky to be your
secretary for 15 years now and it has been some of the best, and
hardest, years of my life.
But now I feel there is a need for me to go on into new
Please look into your clubs to find a new secretary replacement
and I will of course do anything I can to help him or her out in
the work. The person I see as new secretary is perhaps someone
who has resigned from a club board and is well familiar with the
idea of the FH-DCE.
Perhaps a retired president who speaks, read and write English
with absolutely no restrictions.
He must also be absolutely trustworthy and able to listen and to
keep his mouth shut and to be totally neutral as he will be
involved in club politics that also might involve taking part
against friends and also his own club, as I have at several
For more information just call or write me.
FH-DCE Newsletter March 2015
Ulf Jensen, Federation Secretary
Stora Köpinge byväg 94
S-271 73 Köpingebro, SWEDEN
Phone: +46 (0)709 611 148
Email: [email protected]
Homepage www.fhdce.eu
Wise man – Large
René Wansink from
H-DC Netherland
Peter Bruel, Federation Treasurer
Overakkerstraat 14
4833 XN Breda, Holland
Phone: +31 (0)6 53 97 10 01
Email: [email protected]
Wise Man – Middle Club
Sue Manning from H-D
Riders Club Great Britain
[email protected] [email protected]
Cash control member
Jeroen Emke from
H-DC Eagle,
[email protected]
Cash control member
Danny Van
Langendonck from
H-DC Disconected
Antwerp, Belgium
[email protected]
Wise man – Small
Breusegem from
2-stroke Spaghetti
Harley Riders,
[email protected]
Treasurer prospect
Roberto Garbade from
Harley Indian Club
[email protected]
Do not forget to check into the FH-DCE homepage now and then.
Federation Harley-Davidson Clubs Europe [email protected]
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FH-DCE Newsletter March 2015
FH-DCE Newsletter March 2015