Tech Talk 2

Tech Talk 2
Sponsored by the Beth Aaron Men’s Club
Avi Greengart
Principal Analyst Mobile Devices, Current Analysis
Editor, Home Theater View
 FAQs
 How to use technology to improve your
avodas HaShem
What’s the Best…
SWAG Raffle
Note: this presentation was created
for the Internet. I sincerely hope I
never create PowerPoint
presentations with this much text in
Technology & Avodas HaShem
 Tefillah
 Finding a minyan:
 Improving your kavanah (see
 Davening on your gadget:
 PalmOS: EshSiddur
 BlackBerry: JewBerry
 Checking Your Tefillin position: Cingular 3125
 Limud Torah
 Web, Mobile Web
 iShas
 MP3 shiurim
Tech & Avodas Hashem, II
 Finding kosher food
 Hashkafa (Mind what you watch)
 TiVo can help avoid ZWS (Zombie Watching Syndrome)
 Tzedaka
 “Planning/Savings accounts” in Quicken or Microsoft Money for
ma’aser separate out your tzedaka from general funds, so that
when you give it away, it’s not “yours”
 Supporting Israel
 Nike sports clothing, iPod armbands are made in Israel
 Morel home theater speakers. Similar in size and cost to Bose
Lifestyle systems, but look and sound better.
 Is this really your job?
 Yes. Part of my job is to play with gadgets. There is a lot of actual work involved
(I write hundreds of reports a year) but, yes, part of my job is to play with
 Home theater, too?
 Not any more – I used to run a home theater research service. But I still write for to stay up to date.
 Do people send you these things for free?
 Yes.
 And you get paid for this?
 Yes.
 Do you have to send them back?
 Yes. I send most things back even when the companies don’t ask for them back
just to get them out of my house. I NEVER sell things on eBay. This is my job,
and access to the products is sacrosanct, because it gives me unique insights. I
do not profit from the toys themselves.
 Can I have one?
 No.
While home theater equipment, converged
cellphones, and wireless watches are cool:
 Nobody needs this stuff
 Your wife’s priorities are correct
 I’m going to win this game anyway
What’s the Best…
 There is no such thing as the “best” cellphone
 Smartphones with/without QWERTY keyboards vs.
music phones vs. phones that just make phone calls
 Everyone has their own needs
 The best values in the market right now:
 Motorola RAZR V3m at Verizon Wireless
 Motorola RAZR V3m at Sprint
 Samsung SYNC at Cingular
 All include megapixel cameras (2 MP on the Samsung), MP3
players with removable memory, and high speed wireless
networking. All are just $49 after rebates with a 2 year
Best Wireless Carriers for Teaneck
 Everyone has gotten better over the past
3 years
 Cingular and T-Mobile have gotten a LOT
 Verizon Wireless is NOT the best
Spreadsheet with details available on
Best Wireless Carriers for Teaneck
Cingular – works everywhere, including Glatt Express!
T-Mobile – works everywhere but Glatt Express!
Sprint – EV-DO almost everywhere!
Verizon Wireless – phone calls in most places, EV-DO
in half
Nextel – Same good coverage as Sprint, but iffy quality
for now
Yes, you should update your phone already
Your reception will improve
You’ll be safer (lower radiation levels)
Cingular works inside Glatt Express!
Spreadsheet with details available on
Digital Cameras
 1st Digital camera
 Kodak 5 MP (any model)
 2nd Digital camera
 Canon 5 MP (any model), Kodak 2 lens, Panasonic
 3rd Digital camera
 Canon Rebel Digital SLR or Nikon Digital SLR
 Note: nobody needs more than 6 megapixels
(even to crop relatives you don’t like out of your
photos). Above 6 megapixels, picture quality
tends to suffer.
What’s the Best…
 Digital camcorder
 First decide if you really need one
 Then decide if you want to record on DVD
 Then any miniDV (Canon, Panasonic…)
 MP3 player
iPod nano
iPod 30/80 GB
…for subscription use: SanDisk Sansa
…for gym use: new iPod shuffle
What’s the Best…
 Basic: Palm Zire
 Anything more than that: Get a smartphone
 Gaming device
 Nintendo DS Lite
 Game Console
 Nintendo Wii is the most innovative (and fun) of the
new consoles. XBOX 360 and PS3 really require
HDTV for the full effect, and you aren’t getting a PS3
any time soon anyway.
What’s the Best…
 Bang for Buck HDTV
 50” Samsung DLP
 Plasma or LCD?
 Depends on what size you need
 Plasma has the better picture except in direct
 You definitely get what you pay for
 If you must economize, reconsider
 If that didn’t dissuade you, go with Vizio at Costco
What’s the Best…
 Front projector
 You measure your screen in inches? How quaint.
 $2,000 - $4,500 = 10’ stunning picture in 720p or 1080p
optimized for home theater
 Business projectors are cheaper, but different. Don’t go there.
 Need room light control
 For recommendations, see
 Is TiVo worth paying extra for?
 Yes
 Microsoft Media Center PCs are also excellent, but wait for Vista
 Cablevision’s box is better than nothing
What’s the Best…
 Surround sound system
 Anything is better than what you have now
 Need to spend $1,500 - $3,000 for good sound
 Brands to look for: M&K, B&W, Paradigm, Klipsch (the higher
end of their range), Polk (the higher end of their range),
Atlantic Technology
 Bose is not a good surround sound value (though they make
excellent headphones and car audio systems)
 Best entertainment system upgrade:
 Logitech Harmony self-programming universal remote
2006 Non-Obvious Gift Guide
This list does not contain any recommendations for flat panel televisions,
iPods, automobiles, game consoles, or cell phones.
 In-ear (passive noise
reduction) headphones
 Shure e3c
 etymotic er6i
 Logitech MX Revolution
laser mouse
 Sonos audio system
 Netflix subscription
 PowerSquid surge
 Logitech Harmony 880
universal remote
CardScan 8.0 Business
Card Scanner
Dymo or Royal label
Westinghouse digital
photo frame DP-0801
 Email: [email protected]
 Home Theater View:
 DO NOT CALL ME. (I will get annoyed.)
assur. Plus, everyone will get annoyed.)