PIT BULL ATTACK MOVIE The Slide Show Presentation By Zupf

The Slide Show Presentation
By Zupf
October 25, 2008 -- PIT BULL ATTACK MOVIE is a warning about the Pit Bull
Type dog and the Pit Bull pure breed's ability to remove human flesh, scalp
children, fracture skulls, require stitches, bite to the bone, disfigure faces,
crush arteries, sever tendons and kill.
This movie was made to honor victims on a day that pit bull owners have
dubbed “Pit Bull Awareness Day”
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A pit bull that escaped from
a Santa Rosa home mauled
8-year-old Annette Rojas,
who had been playing next
door in her yard, deeply
gashing her face, and then
turned on the girl's mother
when she rushed to help.
“The men, Hector Preciado and Jesse
Revas, hit the dog numerous times with a
crowbar and a pool cue and used their
bare hands to pry him (pit bull) from the
girl, deputies said.”
If pit bulls never attack
unprovoked, what in the world
did that precious little girl do
to deserve that pit bull’s
She was playing in her own
yard, not bothering a soul.
If we banned
children pit bulls
wouldn’t be
tempted to maul.
A pit bull killed 7-year-old Zachary King Jr.
On May 26, 2006, Amaya, her mother Bobbie Jo and her sister, Brielle were
walking down Belmont Avenue. Bobbie Jo entered the yard of Mark Hamilton.
After speaking briefly with Mr. Hamilton's nephew Michael, the door to the
house opened and a pit bull ran out the door and latched on to Amaya's head.
He had Amaya in his mouth for a considerable period of time, somewhere from
5 to 8 minutes. When the claw end of a hammer was used to pop open his
locked jaw, half of Amaya's scalp was missing, her right eye was not in its
socket and her right ear was torn from the side of her head.
Scott was lying on his mother's bed
watching TV with his 13-year-old
sister, Ashley, when suddenly Tippy,
the pit bull Scott raised since his
family adopted the dog a year ago
when it was 4 weeks old, leapt off the
floor and attacked the 6-year-old boy
unprovoked, relatives said. Ashley
(Scott's sister) screamed, and their
mother, Kressie Warren, ran in from
another room. "It took her 10 minutes
to get the pit bull off of him," said Joe
Warren, Scott's grandfather who lives
with the family. "What happened to
that dog yesterday, I don't know."
Scott died from his injuries while en
route to Baylor University Medical
Center at Dallas.
Gregg Jones Jr. was mauled by a pit bull and hurt
so badly that his left arm was amputated and he
sustained extensive facial injuries.
On Jan 2006, a four-year-old Pit Bull mauled Destiny
Campbell while she was with her mother at her
grandmother's house. Destiny and her mother, Alycia
Campbell, picked up the child from their grandmother
when the dog, owned by an older cousin, Turquoise
Robinson, attacked the three-year-old for no
apparent reason.
"I tried everything to get the pit bull off my child, you know, I couldn't do
anything. I tried beating her with a cane, I tried everything, she swung her
side to side like a ragdoll," said Alycia Campbell. After several attempts to
free Campbell, her mother and grandmother screamed for help.
Residents in the area responded, striking the dog with sticks and broom
handles until it released the child. "The dog had grabbed her by the crown
and pulled off her scalp and bit off her right ear. She was in
a state of shock," said neighbor Toney Jackson. SPCA officers were able to
locate and capture the dog. Officials said the canine was euthanized quickly,
partly because of the severity of the attack.
Cierra Anyaso was smiling even
though her left leg was bandaged and
required 30 stitches to close her
wound. As she was leaving the school
bus in the 1300-block of Cecilia in
Joliet, a pit bull charged her and her
friend. "I was walking home and even
when I turned around the dog was right
there, and went after me, and grabbed
my hood, and then kind of like got my
coat, kind of like fell off of me, and then
I tried to run but then it got my leg, and
then it kept pushing me around," Cierra
said. Cierra, who only weighs 75
pounds, says the dog would not let go
of her leg. Some of the bites were so
deep they went all the way down
to the bone. "I kept saying help, help,
but my friend just standing there
crying," said Cierra.
A Rottweiler will
exert 800 poundsper-square-inch jaw
pressure and a
Bull Terrier exerts
1200 psi.
A Pit Bull will
exert more than
2000 psi!
Ellie Johnson doesn’t
pet Reuben the family
pit bull terrier anymore.
Not since Reuben the
family pit bull bit her
72 times, grabbed her
by the throat and
mauled her to death.
“4 months had passed since the rain-soaked afternoon when a
neighbor's three pit bulls attacked Nick Foley. The dogs tore pounds of
flesh from his arms and legs. They broke bones, slashed nerves and
spilled half of his blood.
With painstaking work, trauma surgeons
saved Nick's life and therapists helped him
regain much of the use of his body. Most of
the time he acted like the same goofy 5thgrader he had been before the attack. But
he wasn't the same. Chunks of muscle were
missing from his limbs, leaving bone-deep
divots papered over with grafted skin. The
left side of his face bore two thick, halfmoon scars where his cheek had been
ripped open like a tent flap.
And a specialist had just told the family that Nick's right hand, the one he used to hold a pen
and throw a baseball, might never work properly again. It was too much. In the isolation of the
shower, unable to shield his eyes from the damage, Nick cried out: "If it's not going to get
better, why should I have this arm? I want to chop it off. I wish I could set it on fire."
...a neighbor had just let his pit bull outside
to get some exercise. He had the dog tied to
a 20-foot rope, but the rope was anchored
only by the weight of his foot. The large,
white pit bull, dragging the long rope behind
it, took off after Hannah Shreves, biting her
face, arms and legs. "It just took chunks out
of her," said Lois Stern, Hannah's
grandmother. “It threw her in the air and
started chewing on her.” Ann watched
in horror as her daughter was being
attacked. The pit bull owner came up the hill,
dropped to his hands and knees and
screamed at the dog to stop. Ann and Becky
tried to wrestle away the dog from Hannah,
prompting the beast to turn on Ann. The
family's two mixed breed dogs, a Lab mix
and a German Shepherd mix, ended up being
saviors. Their barking somehow stopped the
12-year-old Nicholas
Scott Fabish was
mauled to death by two
pit bulls in the family's
Sunset District home
when Rex and Ella, 80pound pets who had
lived with the family
since they were
puppies, attacked.
In January 2008, Zac McPhillips suffered horrific
injuries to his hands, wrists, ankles and stomach,
including deep puncture wounds. He also suffered
a crushed artery in his right wrist and doctors said
he could have lost the fingers on his right hand
in the pit bull attack.
On October 2007, JaiQuone Nelson was
attacked by a pit bull.
The swelling in Jai-Quone
Nelson's face was the
result of a violent and
vicious pit bull attack.
On a Sunday afternoon,
the seven-year-old was
bitten repeatedly while
playing in the 1600 block
of East Oliver Street.
Danny Jones stepped off his skateboard when a pit
bull jumped up and put his paws on Danny's chest.
For an instant, the dog's eyes
followed the skateboard, rolling
down the street. But suddenly the
dog whirled, sunk his teeth deep
into Danny's left bicep and
dragged the 130-pound teenager
to the pavement. The dog let go
when their bodies hit the street.
Danny jumped up and ran around
a parked car. But Dollar chased
and lunged for his left forearm.
This time, he clamped.
He had puncture wounds on both sides of his arm, a two-inch
chunk of muscle missing from his forearm and a partially
severed tendon.
On May 2007, Erin
Dickinson was bitten
on the legs and face
by two pit bulls, a
male and a female.
The male dragged
Erin by the cheek
and, as one witness
described it, threw
her around like a rag
doll before Sherry
Ruffner and other
residents forced the
animal to let go. Erin
suffered puncture
wounds to her face
and bites to her legs.
On October 2007, a six-yearold pit bull name Loci bit
Elise Donaldson repeatedly
on her face while she sat in
the family's living room in
"I think she probably just used him for a ladder basically you
know climbed on him and maybe stepped on his foot or
something like that but she was in no way being mean to the
dog," said L.J. Donaldson, Elsie's father. Elise was rushed to
Sacred Heart Hospital in Eugene where she was treated for her
injuries. Doctors had to insert several hundred stitches...the
most serious injuries were to her mouth, having almost a third of
her tongue lost during the attack.
Is it 'natural instinct' that causes these
dogs (pit bulls) to snap? Katherine
Houpt, an animal behaviorist at Cornell
University's School of Veterinary
Medicine told The Leader that this breed
of dog was not meant to be a family pet.
“Their primary function is to kill other
dogs and other rapidly fleeing animals,
like cats.” She went on to say that they
are most aggressive over food, though.
Anthony, a little two-year-old
boy was attacked by his
sister’s pit bull. The pit bull
attack left him with a fractured
skull, severe injuries to his
nose, lips and eyes.
He’s had two surgeries, totaling close to 10 hours. He
required at least four more surgeries in the days that
followed. "He has spinal fluid leaking from his skull
fractures, and today he had a spinal tap to relieve
some of that pressure. It was unprovoked, and
unexpected, he did not see it coming, he was
attacked," said his aunt, Sheryl Tucker.
When Kasey Eyring was 7-yearsold she was brutally attacked by a
pit bull after the dog broke
through a neighbor's wooden
fence. Doctors reconstructed her
face immediately after the attack
and during the years that
followed. Kasey’s mom told the
reporter that during the attack her
husband used a metal trashcan
and kept kicking the pit bull, but it
wouldn’t let go. My husband
always carried a pocketknife (in
his pocket) and he realized that he
had it, so he started stabbing the
pit bull in its neck.
Five-year-old Jordan
Wisby was attacked
by an American Pit
Bull Terrier while
walking the 400-meter
stretch home from his
primary school at
Illawong, in Sydney's
south, in April 2005.
Jordan suffered multiple lacerations to his head,
throat, left arm and back during the attack.
"We just put the kids in the
wagon and were going for a
walk. We saw the lady with
her dog and we stopped,"
Wendy Blevins said. "I
watched her -- my daughter
(Charlotte) -- get scalped,
basically," Wendy Blevins
said through tears.
Tina Agerson, the dog's owner, was ticketed. Agerson said
her dog (pit bull) was friendly, and she was shocked by his
action. She said he's been destroyed and she's reaching out
to the Blevins, hoping for forgiveness.
But Emily Page Stinnett hasn't
forgotten about what happened
on April 26. “I got hurt from a
pit bull,” she says. Before the
attack, Emily was a happy,
outgoing kid. These days, she's
just as vivacious. Those big
blue eyes still sparkle. But
something is missing.
“I miss my long hair,” says Emily. Emily was rushed to Kosair
Children's Hospital in Louisville, where doctors made an unusual
request. They needed those missing parts of Emily’s scalp. A search
around the backyard yielded nothing. Then came a startling realization:
the dog had consumed parts of Emily. “The dog was already dead. It's
a good thing the dog was still there, because they had to get into the
dog’s stomach to get her scalp,” Emily's mother Melissa says.
“Three-year-old Kamar Reynolds lies in a
hospital bed at Bellevue after being attacked
by a pit bull. His ear was sewn back on and
his face stitched back together. His ear was
torn off. He couldn't talk. His jaw was
(ripped) open”.
"I don't know what to say because I don't know what happened,
you know what I mean? One minute he's (the pit bull) nice, and
the next minute he's attacking my son and attacking me like a
vicious animal," Jayden Garrison's father said.
In July 2007, the
family pit bull killed
6-year-old Sabin
Jones-Abbott. He
was found dead near
the 6-month-old pit
bull about 15 minutes
after he had been
feeding it.
“Pit bull” is not a breed.
It is a type of dog.
This is how pit bull “experts”
confuse the layman with these
“…it doesn’t even look like a pit
“…the dog that attacked wasn’t a
pure breed pit bull.”
"The ancestors of modern Pit
Bulls come from the bulldogs and
terriers of England."
"Dog fighting, which could be carried out under
clandestine measures, blossomed. Since Bulldogs
proved too ponderous and uninterested in dog
fighting, the Bulldogs were crossed with English
White and Black and Tan Terriers."
Think about that for a
Some British pikies tried to get
bulldogs to fight other bulldogs,
but the bulldogs were
But the
had an idea!
Why not breed a
muscular, stocky
bulldog with a
terrier -- a dog bred
to kill vermin?
The result?
Ironically, the “crown’s subjects” bred the pit bull
into existent and it was the crown who banned pit
bulls in the United Kingdom to stop dogfighting.
The dogs covered by the
ban (under section 1 of
the Dangerous Dog Act)
are of the type known as:
• Pit Bull Terrier
• Japanese Tosa
• Dogo Argentino
• Fila Braziliero
“Pit Bulls were bred from Staffordshire Bull Terriers &
Bull Mastiffs - Not to guard, or hunt, but to viciously rip
other dogs to death in pits while their bloodthirsty
owners cheered. They can literally sever limbs,” said
Paul Edwards of the Royal Society for the Prevention of
Cruelty to Animals Australia.
Pit bulls
are the direct
of bull
dogs used
for “bullbaiting”.
“Bull-baiting” is still in their blood.
"I (Thomas "T.J." Knight)
yelled for Akeel (his
family pit bull) to drop the
bag and he dropped it
and grabbed onto my
arm," Knight said. "He
had been aggressive
before, but he had never
gone after me like that.”
No sooner did he have Akeel locked in the shed than the angry dog squeezed through
a hole near the bottom of the shed doors and attacked Knight again, biting his left arm.
Police said Stephanie Knight told them she tried to break the dog's bite by hitting it on
the head with a shovel. She later got a kitchen knife from the house and stabbed the
dog in the neck and back, but it still wouldn't stop attacking her husband. She called
police. After they arrived, officers fired a stun gun several times at the animal. The dog
got up each time and continued to be aggressive. Eventually an officer shot and killed
the dog with a rifle.
Jimmie Mae McConnell
was gardening in her
yard, until her neighbor’s
pit bull leapt the fence
and mauled her to death.
Neighbors told ABC
News affiliate KMBC-TV
in Kansas City, Mo., that
Ms. McConnell was so
badly injured they hardly
recognized her when she
was pulled from the
Just after breakfast, Angela Silva entered her
garage to clean out her car so she could take her
12- year-old daughter, Julesa, for some back-toschool shopping. Her 4-month-old, Tom Jr., was
cradled in her arm.
Suddenly, Swisher, a
muscular 60- to 80-pound pit
bull from next door, was in
her face. His chest was up
against hers. He began
attacking her, lunging for
the baby. Thinking only of
her baby, she placed Tom Jr.
in a plastic garbage can,
trying to keep him safe. But
Swisher wouldn't stop.
The pit bull went for the crying baby, knocking over the can. Silva did what
she said any good mother would do; she put herself in harm's way to
protect her child. And while she swatted at the dog's snapping jaws, she
suffered severe injuries. She said she has about 50 staples and countless
stitches all over her forearms, where she was bitten down to the bone. Two
contractors across the street rushed to her rescue. "If it weren't for them,
my baby and I would probably be dead," Silva said.
Kenneth Garrison said he had
owned four pit bulls previously and
that none of them was vicious. He
assumed ownership of the pit bull
from a cousin. Despite numerous
news reports of pit bulls attacking
humans and other dogs, Garrison
took the dog in with no reservations.
He said he was familiar with the dog
and that his cousin did not breed
him to be violent. Chocolate - a
caramel-colored pit bull a little more
than a year old - was one of the most
tranquil dogs Kenneth and Melissa
Garrison had until, unprovoked, he
snapped and nearly bit the nose off
the couple's 1-year-old son.
“Four bite holes and
a big gash on this
leg -- you can see all
the way to my bone”,
said Sabrina Harris,
pit bull mauling
victim in Orange
County Florida.
Colleen Lynn was
attacked by a
leashed pit bull while
jogging along 15th
Avenue South in
Seattle when she
tried to pass a
woman walking her
pit bull. The pit bull
inflicted seven deep
punctures and broke
Lynn’s forearm.
Meet Mattea
Her face was
disfigured by a
pit bull.
Angelina Wilkins was mauled by two pit bulls in her
neighborhood walking to the store.
“Bad Owners?”
If only “bad owners” make pit bulls “bad”, then how
many people have been mauled, bitten or maimed by
Michael Vick’s pit bulls? Surely he’s the epitome of a
bad owner?
Pit bull “experts” proclaim that dogs are made bad by poor
socialization, bad owners or a failure to establish a pack
Really? Then exactly how do you make a pit bull attack a
child? Call it a cat? Tell the pit bull its collar makes it look fat?
Put it on a chain?
Truth is, you don’t know how to make a pit bull attack anymore
then you know how to prevent it from happening in the first
Retrievers were bred to retrieve. Collies were bred to herd.
Bloodhounds were bred to track a scent. Pit bull terriers were bred
for bull-baiting, bear-baiting and dogfighting. It’s buried deep in their
genes, they were purposely bred that way by their breeders.
Mother nature gave us the dingo and the wolf. Man has manipulated
the wolf and dog’s genes to suite his or her own desires and needs
with boutique breeds and in some cases, inbreeding.
Lori Woods was visiting a friend at the home of the pit
bull's owner when she kneeled down to grab her purse
and was attacked. "He (the pit bull) attacked me absolutely
unprovoked, and without any warning."
Troy Danforth lives next
door and describes the
Krieger’s family pit bulls as
friendly. "Played with 'em,
fed 'em -- they're just happygo-lucky dogs, I thought,
until this happened,”
Danforth said.
Dozer broke Isis
Krieger's neck;
killing her.
"It was a sickening situation," said
neighbor Reginald Bell, who chased
the pit bulls away with a butcher
knife when he happened upon the
bloody scene.
"He (90-year-old Henry Piotrowski) had no defense whatsoever
-- he was not being mauled by these dogs, he was actually
being eaten," Bell said. "It was horrible. I could not believe
these dogs were eating this man like lions on a gazelle. This is
not Zimbabwe. They were eating this man alive. There was
nothing but bone, blood and cartilage.“
Mr. Piotrowski died from his injuries.
Anna Cieslewicz
Marathon runner
Anna Cieslewicz
died of pit bull
injuries she received
in January 13, 2003
on her arms, legs,
torso and skull. She
was running through
a wooded area when
two pit bulls ended
her life.
Alan Hill
Alan Hill was nearly killed when
three pit bulls mauled him in May
2006. Hill had been mowing a field
when the dogs attacked. The
injuries Hill suffered were
catastrophic. Dr. Charles Beggs,
who helped treat Alan Hill, said
that large areas of one arm were
missing tissue. There was
extensive damage everywhere -to the muscle, skin, blood vessels
and nerves. Hill's rehabilitation,
he said, "will take years." Judge
Vernon E. Scoville agreed and
ruled that the attack caused
permanent disfiguring and
disabling injuries.
Lillian Stiles
Texas Families Against
Dangerous Dogs
Lillian Loraine Stiles,
otherwise known as
"Queen Bee" to her six
sisters, is dead. She was
riding her lawnmower in
the front yard of her
country home, admiring
her garden, when six pit
bull-Rottweiler mixedbreed dogs attacked and
killed her. Her husband
and sister hold her
photo at Lillian’s
A Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR) published
by the Centers for Disease Control titled “Dog-Bite-Related
Fatalities, United States, 1995-1996”, proves pit bulls were
responsible for most dog-related fatalities in America between
1979 and 1996.
An additional study, also published by the CDC,
“Breeds of Dogs Involved in Fatal Human Attacks in the
United States Between 1979 and 1998” emphasizes this
point further. Pit bull killings are not a “trend,” unless
one considers several decades to be a trend.
LT. Fred Huser of the Indiana
Greensburg Police
Department was shaken. He
responded to a 911 dispatch
for assistance to help Annette
Williams, a pit bull owner.
Officer Huser told the
"It (the pit bull named Toby) looked like it was just
eatin' chunks out of her. I mean it was like she was
dog-eaten instead of just dog-bitten.” Neighbors said
Williams raised Toby since he was puppy and no one
ever witnessed any aggression.
Kelli Chapman was killed by her two
pit bulls in January 2008 while she lay
in bed. Though she had defensive
wounds on her arms, family members
said she may have suffered a seizure,
which prompted the attack.
Did a seizure prompt the attack
or did the attack prompt the
"There's a certain small percentage of aggressiveness in any
breed, whether it's a Chihuahua, a Rottweiler or a Pit Bull," said
veterinarian Dr. Ted Hoerner. "The difference is the degree of
damage that a certain animal can inflict. Pit bulls are huge,
they're strong, their musculature is such they can inflict deadly
damage. Unfortunately, that's what we've seen happen."
Kelly Caldwell died at
Barstow Community
Hospital on Christmas
evening 2007 after being
attacked by pit bulls
while walking on Second
Street and Yermo Road.
An autopsy confirmed
that she died of multiple
bite wounds.
Her daughter said it looked like Caldwell’s legs had
been run over by a car. Pieces of her body were
scattered around the scene.
T Tanner Joshua Monk anner
A driver saw 7-year-old
Tanner Joshua Monk lying
beside a road near
Breckenridge, Texas with
two dogs (pit bulls) nearby,
Stephens County Sheriff
Jim Reeves said. She left
her car to help him, but the
dogs became aggressive so
she called 911.
The dogs killed the boy.
Sean Bajwa
Two pit bulls left
11-year-old Sean
Bajwa with deep
wounds to his
head, legs and
arms, which has
since required
three hours of
surgery and over
100 stitches.
Justin Kowalczy,
then 22- years old,
was violently
attacked by his
cousin's pit bull. The
attacked occurred in
2006. “My medical
bills are at $90,000 as
of right now, with me
still needing two
more surgeries.”
Because a friend found
a piece of her nosecartilage, surgeons
should be able to
reconstruct her nose.
23-year-old Tonya Potter
had more than 100
stitches and a skin graph
holding her nose together
after a pit bull bit if off. “I
can’t even look at myself
in the mirror.”
"There was three pit bulls on a
little leash that you basically
keep a poodle on," said
DeShondra Rice, Kiara Lynn’s
cousin. "And they broke loose.
And when they broke loose,
they came and attacked her.
And they viciously attacked her.
They just were coming one after
the other, taking bites out of
her," Neighbor Richard Burns
said. “They just tore her ear
Kiara Lynn
off, tore the back of her
head, the top of her head,
both her arms, both legs."
April Smithell had just started her shower at her mother-in-law's house when
she heard a scream. She ran into the living room and found her
23-month-old son, Ronnie, covered in blood after being attacked by her inlaw's 9-year-old pit bull, Hooch. "I've never seen so much blood in my life,"
Smithell said. "It was like a horror movie." Her son was seriously injured in
the attack and underwent reconstructive surgery at Massachusetts Eye and
Ear Infirmary in Boston.
Tina Marie Canterbury was fatally mauled
by her two pit bulls, which also attacked
the victim's son and a sheriff's deputy
before both dogs were shot and killed.
"This was a responsible owner. These
animals never had any history of any type
of aggression," said Animal Crimes
Detective Annie Henderson.
"It is a tragic and horrific situation that brings to light
the danger of these type of animals," Clay County
Sheriff Rick Beseler said. "These dogs had never
bitten a human before, but they did today -- they did
turn on their owner."
Nina Negron and Dandre were
visiting a friend in the New
Gannam housing area of Hunter
Army Airfield, when she said her
son left her sight momentarily.
Nina went outside and found her
38-pound son in the neighbor's
fenced backyard being mauled by
two pit bulls. "He was being
dragged by a dog," she said. "I
was screaming for someone to
help me out. I couldn't believe
what I was seeing." Dandre was
rushed to a hospital and died from
a significant loss of blood.
Police said Seth and his
nine-year-old brother
were running around their
house in the evening
when the family
pit bull attacked Seth Lovitt and bit his
neck. Seth was taken to Darnall Army
Medical Center, but he later died from
his injuries.
Amber Lynn's neighbor's
pit bull was caught on the
chain link fence; its collar
caught, in an attempt to
jump over the fence. Amber
asked her mom, Lori, if she
could help the dog. Her
mother said yes just like
before. But something
happened unlike the other
times, the family said. The
pit bull attacked Amber.
Lori Jones heard her
daughter's screams. She
ran into the backyard and
saw the pit bull on top of
her daughter.
It had bitten Amber in the stomach and was
now attached to her neck. Frantic, Amber's
mother tried to push the dog off Amber. A
man rushed to help and added the needed
strength to get the dog away from both the
mother and daughter. The family does not
know the man but said if he had not been
there the dog could have attacked Lori Jones
as well. Amber died just a couple hours later.
"I know a lot of people
have them as pets (pit
bulls), but there's just
one day these dogs
can slip and turn on
you, and that one day
is all it takes to end
someone's life," said
Roger Lindee, who told
the reporter he is an
animal lover.
Kelly Edwards vividly
remembers the attack
by three pit bulls as he
went for his daily walk.
"The small pit bull
came out and leaped
for me and got me on
my side, and I fell", he
“Then, when I was on the ground they were snapping at me and
biting me. There was one place on my arm where the skin was
laid open where one of them bit me." Kelly said he tried his best
to fight the dogs off. "I lost so much blood, I was just too weak,
he said."
Mary Duella was only yards from her home when two pit bull terriers
ran past her as their owner shouted for them. "They just turned on
me, knocking me to the floor and the baby's buggy was knocked over
too," she said. "I had one attached to my arm, another to my leg and I
had things racing through my mind”. Mary was taken to St Thomas'
Hospital where she had two operations. The bites were so deep her
muscles were ruptured.
“Huong Le was walking back from
the bus stop and two pit bulls were
harassing her, running around her
in circles and growling," said Eric
John Makus, who has spoken to
Le about the attack. She told
Makus she had not seen the dogs
before Monday. When she reached
the home, the dogs got between
her and the porch, he said. Makus
said she told the dogs to "go
home" and they attacked.
T Huong Le
“She said the dogs were trying to
rip her apart and she thought she
was going to die”.
After the attack she spent more than 10
hours in surgery at the trauma center at
Harborview Medical Center, where surgeons
worked painstakingly to preserve her
hearing and reattach her ears, both of which
had been ripped from her head. Her jaw was
broken and her right arm and wrist were
crushed beyond complete repair, he said.
Her scalp is covered with staples and her
legs have deep, raw wounds that cannot be
completely closed because physicians fear
trapping infection inside, Makus said. “This
was not a dog bite, it was attempted
dismemberment,” Makus said Tuesday.
"There is no way to describe the savagery
and carnage."
T Joyce DeFreitas
Joyce DeFreitas was mauled by a
pit bull as she left her house on a
shopping trip to Ikea. The 56year-old exited her car to close
her driveway gates behind her
when she felt a nudge against
her thigh. The pit bull then
clamped its jaws into her legs
and buttocks, causing three
large wounds and half a dozen
smaller ones. She clung
desperately to the top of her gate
to avoid being dragged to the
ground by the animal. “I just
screamed and screamed and
hung on for dear life,” she said.
In May 2007, Rayvin's teen brother walked
Rayvin Crawford to a neighbors house to
play with that couple's 4-year-old
granddaughter. Rayvin's mother says the
girls were playing with the dog's ball.
According to Rayvin's mom, Rene
Robinson, the pit bull came out of the
house and went for Rayvin. "My baby was
covered in blood and she had a rag over
her face. Her face was torn apart." Rene
says the bottom lip was "split apart" with
a hole in the skin below the lower lip. "It's
a father's nightmare," said Carl Crawford,
"and I just happen to be living it."
Sue Ann Gorman was
sleeping when two angry pit
bulls charged in and attacked
her in what police are calling
the worst mauling they've
ever seen. "It was jumping at
me and ripping my arms," she
recalled. "There's blood all
over the place." "This is the
worst attack in my career in
animal control," said Brian
Boman, a Pierce County
animal-control officer.
6-year old Delaney
Williams was mauled
by a pit bull. Her family
-- her mother Donna,
Dad and sister Caitlin - had been out for a
walk that day. They
briefly stopped at a
corner store.
A woman came by with two pit bulls and the girls asked if they could pet the dogs.
The woman said it was okay to pet the female, but not the male, she was not sure if it
would bite. As soon as the dog owner said bite that's exactly what the pit bull did.
The male dog lunged and latched onto Delaney's face. Donna managed to pull her
daughter out of the dog's mouth. She said, "We’re very, very lucky that the dog's
bottom jaw didn’t get under Delaney's lower jaw, because when I pulled her out of
his mouth, I would have pulled her whole bottom jaw out, which the nurse told me
would have been a horrific scene."
T Carshena Benjamin
71-year-old Carshena Benjamin left her
Golden Gate Estates home for her morning
walk. Later that day her bruised and bloody
body was discovered face down in a
drainage ditch. Her shirt and jacket were
pulled up over her head, leading
investigators to believe she had been
decapitated. Her body was so badly
mutilated, she could hardly be identified.
Detectives only found her body by calling
her cell phone, which lay close to her in the
ditch. The ringing led them to Carshena,
who wasn't too far from her home at the
time of the attack. Investigators later
determined that she was killed by several
neighborhood pit bulls.
On March 2007, Robert Wall, 28, thought he'd
die when four pit bulls jumped on him in a
Target parking lot. "Literally, I'd be running
and I'd have one whole dog on this side and
one on this side and another in the middle.
Finally, I just gave up and hit the ground,"
Wall said. Wall said his priority was
protecting his face, and he succeeded, but
he had more than 182 lacerations on his
body. Doctors at North Broward Medical
Center took more than 2,000 stitches to
close up his wounds. Police had to use a
stun gun to get the dogs off of Wall. Later,
animal control officers captured one pit bull
and shot and killed another in Deerfield
Police believe the dogs may be responsible
for other attacks in Broward County and
were investigating.
Good luck insuring your pit bull.
“The most common breed to be classified as a dangerous breed is the pit bull. In
fact, some cities are now banning pit bulls. These dogs are often bred to be fighting
dogs, and once pit bulls have been trained to fight, it is next to impossible to retrain
this behavior, making these dogs dangerous no matter what their training may be.”
“Many insurers are taking steps to limit their exposure to such losses. Some
companies require dog owners to sign liability waivers for dog bites, while others
charge more for owners of biting breeds such as pit bulls and Rottweilers and
others are not offering insurance to dog owners at all.”
The following insurers may or may not cover your “pit bull”.
The Hartford, Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company, Quincy Mutual Fire Insurance
Company, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Hingham Group, Andover Companies
(Cambridge Mutual and Merrimack Mutual), Commerce Insurance Company, GEICO
and State Farm
The American Temperament Test Society, Inc. (ATTS) is a
“national not-for-profit organization (registered in the state of
Missouri) for the promotion of uniform temperament evaluation
of purebred and spayed/neutered mixed-breed dogs.”
ATTS was established to:
•Provide for a uniform national program of temperament testing of
purebred and spayed/neutered mixed-breed dogs.
•Conduct seminars to disseminate information to dog owners, dog
breeders and evaluators (testers) concerning dog psychology,
motivation, reaction and other aspects of temperament testing.
•Recognize and award certificates to dogs that pass the requirements of
the temperament evaluation.
•Work for the betterment of all breeds of dogs.
•Select, train, prepare and register temperament evaluators.
Standard poodles score slightly higher on the
ATTS temperament test than pit bulls.
But which one would you want to pry off a kid?
Dog trainer Bruce Bonney believes most pit bulls
are beyond redemption. “We had a few 5-week-old
puppies along to classes and when I went to
shake its neck to chastise it, it turned around with
such strength and tried to bite me” he said. “This
was a little puppy, but it had such incredible
strength and absolutely no fear.” “The owners
had done everything right, but in the end of the
day they had to put it down.” If a dog has that
level of inbred aggression, it is only suitable for
guard work, in close quarters behind a fence
where no humans are allowed.
Can’t wait for zealots to launch
“Hyena Awareness Week”.
Because hyenas are great
with children.
Muzzle your pit bull type or
adopt a poodle.