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Free and Easy Collaboration Tools
Marti Atkinson
October 29, 2009
For audio call Toll Free 1-888-886-3951
and use PIN/code
Maximize your CCC Confer window.
Mute your phone (*6) if you have visitors or noise in your office.
Please note phone audio may be in presenter-only mode.
Ask questions over the phone when the presenter prompts.
Ask questions throughout presentation via the chat window.
Adjusting your computer audio
1) To listen on your computer, adjust your speaker volume
2) If you’re using a phone, click on phone headset.
3) To speak you’ll need a microphone or USB headset.
a) First, run the audio wizard Tools/Audio/Audio Setup Wizard.
b) Second, press on the mic icon when it’s available (release
when finished speaking)
Saving Files & Open/close Captions
1. Save chat window with floppy disc icon
2. Open/close captioning window with CC icon
Emoticons and Polling
1. Raise hand and Emoticons
2. Polling options
FREE & EZ Collaboration Tools
 Doodle
 CCC Confer
 Google Calendar
 Doodle
 Meeting Wizard
 CCC Confer
FREE & EZ Collaboration Tools (cont.)
 CCC Confer
Document sharing
 CCC Confer
 Google Docs
Project Site
Google Site
 Doodle
 CCC Confer
 Simple Yes/No - upper menu icons
 A-B-C-D multiple choice - upper menu
 Publish results - upper menu icons
Polling - Multiple Choice
Which place do you *most* want to go:
A. Europe
B. South Seas
C. Australia and New Zealand
D. Someplace else
Scheduling Tools
Google Calendar
Before using any Google tools sign up for a gmail account
Set up your own calendar and share with colleagues
Doodle versus Meeting Wizard
CCC Confer
Set up MyConfer
Set up meetings
Brainstorming - activities ?
Document Sharing
Sharing on Confer session
1. Have your doc ready
2. Click on file share icon
in upper menu
3. Browse to pick up file
and send
4. File will be delivered to
all participants in
Sharing with Google Docs
1. Set up Gmail account
2. Go to Google Docs
3. Can create or upload
file to share
4. Choose who and how
to share
Put It All Together with Sites
Google Sites great to share Project Files
1. Security is good but not perfect
2. Website assembly of a set of pages
3. Can add many kinds of files
Marti Atkinson
[email protected]
831 722-9898 office
831 334-9898 cell
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