Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Activities

Charlie and the Chocolate
Writing a Descriptive Paragraph of a Room in
the Chocolate Factory
 Choose
a room from the chocolate factory.
 Make a bubble map with all the descriptions and details
of the room as it is described in the book. Use your
five senses.
 Use the bubble map to write a paragraph (rough draft).
The paragraph needs to be 6-10 sentences long.
 Have two students revise and edit your rough draft.
 Write the final copy of your descriptive paragraph.
Illustrating a Room in the Chocolate Factory
Use your descriptive paragraph of a room in the chocolate
factory to illustrate the room.
 The title for your illustration will be the name of the room.
 Draw as many details as you can.
 Remember, use only the actual descriptions mentioned in the
 Don’t forget to color your illustration.
Making a Character Sketch of Mr. Wonka
Draw a picture of Willy
Wonka according to the
descriptions of him in the
book. Make sure it’s
 Around the picture, write
down how Mr. Wonka looks,
acts, feels, and what he
Creating Your Own Candy
You will write a paragraph about a
candy that you will invent.
Make sure you use your 5 senses
to describe it.
Include the recipe of your candy
and how it is different from other
candies. What does your candy
enable the consumer to do?
Draw a picture and color your new
candy invention under your
Remember to give your candy a
Creating a Board Game
You will create your own board game of
Mr. Wonka’s chocolate factory.
Your game must include game pieces,
cards that tell the players what to do,
and the characters from the book.
It must also have some of the rooms in
the factory that are mentioned in the
Your board game can be flat or 3-D.
You also need to write the rules and
directions of the game.
After you finish creating your game,
you need to find someone at home or at
school to play with. After playing,
write about how your game went. What
was good about your game and what
needs to be changed?
Making a Diorama
You will make a 3-D diorama of one of the rooms in the chocolate factory
described in the book (e.g. The Chocolate Room, The Nut Room, The
Inventing Room, etc.).
Make sure to include as much of the details of the room as possible, as
described in the book.
Also include the characters, and show how one of the children got
themselves into trouble in that particular room.
Writing the Next Chapter
Pretend that you are Roald Dahl
and you want to add one more
chapter at the end of the book.
How would you continue the
story? What happens to Charlie
and his family? What will they
do at the factory? Will they
make any changes to the
factory? Will they create new
types of candy?
Your chapter needs to be at
least three pages long.
You will need to illustrate your
chapter as well.