Teddy Goes To South Africa Barnaby’s cousin Teddy went

Teddy Goes To South Africa
Teddy went
to South
Africa on
holiday for
a month
Teddy travelled to Heathrow airport to
catch a plane at 4 o’clock in the morning.
The flight lasted for
12 hours. Teddy slept
for some of the time.
Teddy looked out of the window on the
plane and saw the Alps in Switzerland. The
Alps are mountains.
The next day was very hot and Teddy was
very tired so he relaxed by the pool.
Then Teddy travelled to a camp site to
meet lots more friends. He slept in a tent.
He enjoyed his breakfast
It was very hot so Teddy went on the
water slide. Then he had to get dry.
Teddy watched the barbecue
being cooked.
Then he had a go.
Next Teddy went to a farm in the
Orange Free State. There are lots
of farms in the Free state. This is
what he saw on the way.
He also saw a giant
ant hill. You can see
thousands of ants
crawling about. It
takes then years to
build a home like
this. Ants are hard
A tame meerkat came into the farm
house to say good morning to Teddy.
Teddy saw lots of
animals on the
farm and enjoyed
his ride on a horse.
Then Teddy set off on another long journey. It
took 6 hours to get to the Eastern Cape.
Teddy saw
a river on
the way
He also saw
He finally got there.
Queenstown is where Nelson Mandela was born.
In South Africa they call these
houses ‘squatter’s camps’. If the
people move they break their house
down and build it somewhere else.
Teddy had a lovely
time on the beach
at the seaside.
He met lots of interesting people.
Teddy saw lots of interesting things.
Before he went home Teddy went to
a South African school.
Teddy had a wonderful time in South
Africa. He saw lots of different places
and people and would love to return.