Broad Bean Experiments Project Overview Learning Areas Levels

Broad Bean Experiments
Project Overview
Learning Areas
Classroom, ICT Room, Visit to Botanic Gardens, Outdoors
10-12 years
Pupils will be able to:
Classify and identify different types of plants using information handling
techniques (graphs, tables, surveys)
Investigate the relationship between volume and capacity
Use a range of problem solving skills such as hypothesising
This VCT explores the Science topic of Living Things and the cross
curricular connections with Mathematics.
RM Starting Graph and Information Magic, Internet, Microsoft
Word/Powerpoint, Active Primary 2
Scott Haxton, P6/7 Class Teacher
Broad Bean Experiments
Teaching Resources
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teaching of this learning project:
Project Overview:
Pupils were asked to grow broad beans in class; they were responsible
for feeding the beans, recording the rate of growth and discussing their
findings with their peers. This linked with the class topic of Living Things.
We considered a range of factors which would influence the growth of
the beans; for example temperature, sunlight etc. This provided us with
the opportunity to look at a range of mathematical and scientific skills
including problem solving, measuring. For example in measuring we
explored the relationship between volume and capacity and discussed
how volume can be measured accurately. Hence we used a range of
scientific equipment. Pupils were encouraged to record their findings in
graphs, tables. Pupils also had the opportunity to visit the University of
Dundee Botanic Gardens.
Broad Bean Experiments
Teacher and School Information
Class Teacher: Scott Haxton
Head Teacher: Mrs Evelyn Noble
Borrowfield Primary School, Newhame Road, Montrose, Angus, DD10 9EZ
E-mail: [email protected]