Syllabus Please print off and read through syllabus which is :

Please print off and read through syllabus
completely. It can be found on my website
which is :
Links on Website
Test Dates
PowerPoint Lectures
Written Lecture Notes
Lecture Handouts
Old Tests
Histology Lab PowerPoints and Lab Handouts
Announcements and Helpful Links
Current Exam Keys
Did You Know?
Keys to Success
Syllabus Discussion Points
Office and Office Hours
Required Materials
Course Evaluation
Grading Policies
Test Structure
Make-up Policy
Final Exam
Study Plan
Office and Office Hours
Office is 2019 Friday Hall
Office hours are Wednesdays and Fridays
from 12-1 p.m. and by appointment
(please don’t hesitate to meet with me)
Telephone: 962-3352
Email: [email protected]
(best way to contact)
Required Materials
Textbook Package Includes:
Anatomy and Physiology Textbook
by Saladin: 6th edition
Lab Atlas by Eder
DVD Revealed
Lab Manual by Ballard
Study Guide by Ballard
Course Evaluation
5 Lecture Tests
– worth 75% of your grade
Comprehensive Final Examination
– worth 25% of your grade
Final Exam
Contains 200 multiple choice questions
Includes 5 sections
You have the opportunity for grade
replacement on two sections in which
you took the test during the regular
Overall score contributes to 25% of
your grade.
Grade Replacement Opportunity
The two lowest scores on the five lecture
examinations will be compared to the scores
on those specific individual sections on the
final examination. If the final examination
scores are higher on those two sections,
they will be replaced.
Missed lecture exams with a grade of zero
can be considered for grade replacements.
However, remember you only receive two
grade replacement opportunities so if you
miss an exam and receive a zero that already
counts as one of your grade replacements.
Grading Policies
100 – 90
89.99 – 85
84.99 – 80
79.99 - 75
74.99 – 70
69.99 - 65
64.99 - 60
59.99 - 0
No individual tests will be curved. After all of the points have
been tallied at the end of the semester, the overall class average
will be calculated and curved to 75%. That number of curve points
will then be added to each person's score. Your final number
grade in the class is determined by your final average (which
includes grade replacement from the final exam)
+ points of curve.
Five tests given throughout semester
Tests include a variety of questions:
multiple choice, fill-in-the-blank,
comparison questions, matching, short
answer, essay
Examples of old tests can be found on
Make-up Policy
No make-ups will be given!
If you know you will miss an exam due
to a scheduled event, once approved
by me, you may be able to take it early.
Additional Notable Mentions
UNCW Academic Honor Code
No electronic devices
Study Plan
See course website for Keys to
Success Link, Announcements and
Helpful Links.
All of these links give suggestions
about how to prepare for the course.
What to do on a regular basis before and
after every class to successfully learn
and keep up with the material.
Print off lecture notes and any handouts prior to lecture.
Read lecture notes prior to lecture.
Take supplemental clarifying notes during lecture
in the margins of your lecture notes.
Review lecture notes alongside book and Powerpoint
lectures as soon as possible after class.
Practice knowing the material using study guide and
practice questions on DVD
Review, Review, Review!
Important Announcements
Lab begins Monday January 14th.
Print off Epithelial Tissue handout from the
Histology Powerpoints and Lab Handout link
and bring to lab.
Also, bring lab manual and lab atlas (Eder)
Complete Exercise 1 in your lab manual. (pg.
17-20). (worth a quiz grade) If you bought a
used lab manual and it is missing, photocopy
the missing pages from someone else. It is
due next Friday January 18th!