Lit hua nia A nice place called

A nice place called
Some facts:
Official name - The Republic of Lithuania
Highest body of power - Supreme Council
System - Parliamentary republic
Capital - Vilnius
with Latvia - 610 km
with Byelorussia - 724 km
with Poland - 110 km
with Russia (Kaliningrad region) - 303 km
sea border (Baltic Sea) - 99 km
Lithuania’s area - 65000,2
Some facts:
Population – 3 366 357 inhabitants
Major towns:
Vilnius - 600.000
Kaunas - 430.000
Klaipeda - 210.000
Šiauliai – 133.000
Fields and meadows - 57%
Forests and bushes - 30%
Swamps -3%
Inland waters - 4%
Other land - 6%
Relief: ¾ of the territory consists of low-lying plains
Highest hill - 293 m above sea level
Some facts:
Largest river - the Nemunas -937 km, of which 475 km in Lithuania.
71,6% of Lithuania’s territory belongs to the Nemunas’s basin.
Largest lake - 44,8 sq. km - Drūkšiai.
Total number of lakes larger than 0,5 hectare is 2833 (1,5% Lithuania’s
The protected natural area - 327 thousand hectares (5% of Lithuania’s
The climate is that of the middle latitudes, changing from the maritime
to the continental. The mean yearly temperature +6°C (average for
January being -5°C, average July +17°C). During the last 50 years
the lowest registered temperature was -43°C in 1956, and the
highest (+37°C) in 1979. Thus, the seasons are differentiated quite
distincly in Lithuania - cold and snowy winters and warm and sunny
Lithuania is divided into
five ethnic regions. This
regional division is
evident in foods that
are particular to each
1. The Highlanders
(Aukstaiciai) live in the
North Eastern region
and are known for their
pancakes and cottage
cheese dishes.
2. The Samogitians
(Zemaiciai) inhabit the
North Western region
and have their special
sour butter, porridges
and gruels.
3. Dzukai are the people of the South Eastern region and are main consumers
of buckwheat, mushrooms and potatoes.
4. Suvalkieciai, people of the South Western region favour smoked meat,
sausages and cepelinai.
5. Fish plays an important role in the diet of the seacoast Lithuanians and
those living near lakes and rivers.
Lithuania is a country worth
seeing, so come and visit US!!!!
Trakai, town of Lithuania
Sand dunes in Nida
Capital of Lithuania, Vilnius
Fond of basketball
Capital of Lithuania, Vilnius
Capital of Lithuania, Vilnius
The Hill of Crosses, near Šiauliai
Moonlight in Kaunas
Beautiful landscape
The Hill of Crosses, near Šiauliai
Country that raises
Talkša lake
Gediminas tower
Juodle lake, near Šiauliai
The Cathedral of Saints Peter and Paul in Šiauliai
Great dancers
Fields of beauty
Country were everyone
can sing
Klaipėda’s port
World famous designers
Jus a nice place to relax
Welcome to Lithuania 