How MARTA Implemented Oracle iRecruitment for Public Sector Vijay Gogineni

How MARTA Implemented Oracle
iRecruitment for Public Sector
Vijay Gogineni
Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transport Authority
(MARTA) is the 9th largest Transit system in the US
Bus – over 600 buses
Rail – serving 38 Train stations in metro Atlanta
100+ Para- transit vans
Over 5,500 employees
Locally funded. (No Federal/State funding)
About Polaris Associates
Specialty firm with laser-like focus on Oracle EBusiness Suite Applications
Gold Certified Partner - frequently invited to national
conferences to present papers
Three lines of business
• Professional Services for new implementations and
R12 Upgrades
• Managed Services for Applications Support and
Remote DBA Services
• State of the art Reporting Workbench solution for
real-time reporting across all modules of Oracle EBS
MARTA’s Oracle Story
• Went live with Oracle Financials in 2006
GL, AP, AR, Fixed Assets, PO, Inventory, Order
Management, Cash Management, Treasury, Project/Grant
• Went live with Oracle HRMS in 2008
HR, Payroll, Labor Distribution
Went live with Oracle iRecruitment in 2011
Went live with Oracle Time & Labor in 2012
Upgraded to R12 in 2012
Went live with Oracle iSupplier in April 2013
Went live with Manager Self-Service in July 2013
Using Polaris Reporting Workbench since 2007 for all
Operational Reporting needs
MARTA’s iRecruitment Timeline
• Phase 1 – December 2011
• Vacancy Management - Automation of requisition creation
and approval
• Phase 2 – July 2012
• Creation of a DMZ environment
• Job postings – Automate internal and external postings
• Applicant Pool – Enable external and ex-employee
registration, search job postings and submitting applications
• Application Processing – Evaluation of applicants,
extending offer letters and hiring
• Hiring Automation – Applicant to employee conversion has
been automated. Network, Outlook and Oracle accounts are
created and information distributed to employees at
Key Features
• Custom assignment status transition workflow
• Integration with CCure (badging system), Active Directory,
and Microsoft Outlook
• Custom Reporting Workbench reports (for managers) to
display requisition status as applicants progress through
the approval workflow
• Custom RWB Dashboards (for executive management)
that display the recruitment summary
• Concurrent process to email job postings to diversity
• Performance tuning of the load balancer (F5)
• Setting up the Symantec Antivirus scan engine in a load
balanced environment
Custom assignment status transition
• Designed a custom assignment status transition workflow to force
recruiters to review applicant information in a timely manner and to
ensure that each applicant is progressed through the appropriate
assignment status workflow
Integration with External Systems
1. Read offer accepted
applicant information
and update CCure
7. Run a concurrent
process to create
Oracle usernames
for all new hires
that don’t have
3. Update applicant
information with
4. Complete hiring
action within
6. For non-represented
employees, create
Outlook account
5. Create AD
account for all
MS Outlook
2. Update applicant record
HIRE_DATE when they
get a badge as part of
employee orientation
Reporting Workbench for Managers
• Created custom reports for the following:
 MASTER REQUISITIONS REPORT - includes information about
ALL requisitions in the system (Open, Closed, Approved,
Rejected, On Hold, etc.). Displays the number of days each
requisition is Open for and the number of days taken to fill
the requisition
 SPECIAL REQUISITION REPORT 1 - Requisitions that are
submitted and NOT approved for more than 6 months
 SPECIAL REQ REPORT 2 - approved and Open for more than 5
months. Recruiting needs to focus on these requisitions as a
high priority
RWB Dashboards for Executives
• Created personalized dashboards that display
information on the entire recruiting lifecycle
Job postings to Diversity Organizations
• MARTA has a mandate to email all new job postings
to several diversity organizations within the metro
Atlanta area. So, we created a concurrent process
that queries for all new job postings and sends an
email blast to the diversity organizations.
Performance tuning the F5
• Issue: We performed a load test simulating a concurrent
virtual user (VU) load of 55. This was causing the httpd
processes on the middle tier apache server to jump to 1000.
Persisting with this VU load for a few minutes resulted in
crashing the apache server.
• Solution: Change the load balancing method to PREDICTIVE.
This enabled the number of httpd processes to drop to under
20 resulting in a very stable middle tier environment.
Setting up Symantec Antivirus scan
• Set the IRC: Anti Virus Server profile option to specify
the server name on which the Symantec AntiVirus
Scan engine is running.
• Set the profile option at the SITE level.
• Set server to scan all files regardless of extension.
Key Challenges /Recommendations
• Allocate adequate time for end user training. Because of
the diverse nature of MARTA’s workforce, we opted for a
two-fold approach to end user training
– Non-represented employees and managers - designed online
training courses and conducted Q & A sessions
– Represented employees - conducted road shows at the various
• Ensure that user guides are comprehensive and that the
entire recruiting team spends enough hands-on time on
the application prior to go-live
• Ensure that the IT Help Desk team is trained on the
application prior to go-live. We created comprehensive
service desk guides and trained the team prior to go-live