By Bradley Martin

By Bradley Martin
• What is Reiki?
• History of Reiki
• How Reiki works
• Applications of Reiki
• Levels of Reiki Training
• Reiki Treatment Methods
• Reiki Attunement Process
Reiki Master Symbol
• Rei = Universal
• Ki = Life force energy
• Synonyms of Ki
 Chi in China
 Prana in India
 Ka in Egypt
 Holy Ghost in Bible
 Pneuma in Greek
Reiki in Japanese
• Used long ago by the Tibetans.
• Rediscovered by Dr Usui.
• Dr Usui trained Dr Chujiro Hayashi.
• Dr Chujiro trained Hawayo Takata.
• Hawayo brought reiki to the western world.
• Inside every human being
there is a subtle system of
channels (nadis/meridians) and
centers of energy (chakras)
which look after our physical,
intellectual, emotional and
spiritual being.
• Reiki flows through this
• Ida/Pingla/Sushumna are
main Nadis for flow of Reiki.
• All beings are given a spark of Ki at
birth, which is stored in them for life
• This Ki energy has its own force field,
known as Aura, which has colours.
• Along spine there are seven energy
transformers in form of vortices known
as Chakra
• Flow of Reiki removes blocks and
balances Chakras and increases Ki
• Chakras impact Endocrine glands and
which results in healing
 Physical Ailments Healing
 Proximity
 Distance
Emotional and Stress Healing
Goal Achievement
Relationship Issues
Plants /Animal Healing
Healing the Earth
Spiritual Advancement
 First Degree
 for self and others proximity
Second Degree
 Distance Healing/practitioner
Third Degree
 Master Healer
Fourth Degree
 Master/Teacher
Fifth Degree
 Grand Master
• Reiki in not taught but is
transferred by a Reiki Master
during an attunement process.
• This Process opens the crown,
heart and palm chakras and
creates a special link with Reiki
• The person receiving
attunements become a Reiki
Channel for one lifetime.
• Reiki energy has intelligence of
its own and flows automatically
based on the requirement of the
person receiving Reiki.
2500+ years ago Tibetan practitioners
1870 – Dr Mikao Usui
1900 – Dr Chijiro Hayashi
1939 – Mrs Hawayo Takata
1973 /80 – Iris Ishikuro Takata
1982 – Arthur Robertson
1989 – Jeanine Sande
1992 – Judith Tripp Chasin
1994 – Anna Khan
1995 – Iona Williams
1997 – Cheryl Duggan
2008 – Gloria Williams