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One Stop at UC
• Current setup.
• Types of payments processed.
• Walk through of:
- Web Payments.
- Conferencing and Events.
- Administration
• What’s next.
Current Setup
• Latest version (v2010) installed June 2011 to
update cashiering operations.
• Web payments March 2012.
• Conferencing and Events March 2012.
• Student Fee - Australia Post imports May 2012.
• Int’l Student Fees- Western Union imports
October 2012.
• 3rd party cashier closed on January 2013. UC now
run cashless (almost).
System Architecture
The hosted experience so far
• Centralised (specialised) support.
• Lower cost of ownership
• PCI compliance (card details stored offsite).
• Good relationship with vendors.
• Note to self: research the hosted solution to
determine any risks.
Payment types
• Student Fees (via Australia Post and Western Union
• All other student payments via Web Payments
- include library fines, print/copy credit,
replacement student ID cards,
transcripts/testamurs, and faculty specific
payments advertised internally.
• Trade debtors, staff repayments.
• Conferences and Events (internal and external
attendees). Builds on web payments technology.
• 2012 value/volume $41.1M/25,300 transactions.
Web Payments
• UC accept Visa and MasterCard
debit/credit card. This also includes
the UC1 student card which has a
MasterCard debit facility via CBA.
• Flexible configuration of pages to UC
branding and enhance user
interaction via scripting (ITM).
• Payment gateway selection
• 4 payment gateways for UC and
external entities.
UC College
UC Union
NATSEM (Research Centre)
Web payments walk through
• 1. Create a transaction
Web payments walk through
• 2. Create fields to be used in the transaction
- Different data types (text, currency, numerical)
- Can add validation to control input (eg no of
- Create dropdown lists within One Stop
- Link fields to corporate system data (directly
or via data warehouse)
Web payments walk through
• 3. Design screen layout
Web payments walk through
• 3. Publish to web
Web payments walk through
Web payments walk through
• 3. Customised emailed receipt (can include form data)
Events walk through
• First University to go live.
• Immature product this time last year.
• Range from student field trips to international
conferences – it’s all an “event”
• Handles delegate registration, registration
periods, caps no of registrations.
• Payment by credit card or generate an invoice
(govt depts).
• To date approximately 40 conferences through
One Stop
Conferencing walk through
• 1. setup an event
Event Organisers
• Install One Stop – can do booking enquiries.
View/Cancel/Edit details. Export to Excel.
One Stop Administration
• User security – create profiles with
permissions on data and menus. Then assign
user to a profile.
• Segregation of payment types to cashier
registers or payment gateways via Locations.
• eg Library Cashier, Admin Cashier.
• Locations allow segregation of transaction
types, tender types, receipt numbering, which
bank account to deposit in.
One Stop Administration
• Event Processor
• Controls all “events” such as create .csv files,
email files to mail recipients, close web
payment registers, update external systems,
import files, FTP files to UC network.
One Stop Administration
• Session Manager
What’s next - Graduation
• Business driver – a seamless experience for
students / remove cash handling risk.
• To include gown hire and guest tickets.
• Validate details with Callista (gown type/ no of
guest tickets/ award / ceremony details).
• Online payment and gown deposit refunds.