Jaden Nichols

Jaden Nichols
the first part of the word is from Greek trigon
The second part of trigonometry is from Greek
metron "a measure.“
The Indo-European root is me- "to measure.“
Trigonometry is literally the measuring (of angles
and sides) of triangles.
Trigonometry defines relations between elements
of a triangle.
It is a branch of geometry.
 It came from Ancient Egyptian
and Babylonian times as a way to
work with triangles.
 Trigonometry emerged as a way
to work with triangles and circles
in the 15th century.
It took more than one mathematician to discover
Hipparchus-trig table that measured length for
Ptolemy-table increasing chords by 1 degree
Indian mathematicians-sine functions rather than
Muslim astronomers-studies by the Greeks and
Civil Engineering-calculating surfaces and
Sailors-navigation, determining position
Astronomy-the locations and shapes of the
Electronic fields-quick calculating with math
and science
Carpenters-building, shaping
3 most used functions and their ratios:
 Sine=opposite/hypotenuse
 Cosine=adjacent/hypotenuse
 Tangent=opposite/adjacent
Other 3 functions and their ratios:
 Cosecant=hypotenuse/opposite
 Secant=hypotenuse/adjacent
 Cotangent=adjacent/opposite
Yes, they are related.
 Reciprocal functions!
 http://www.regentsprep.org/Regent
 This was the best website I found. It
shows the functions and their ratios.
It also shows their relations and
other things. It isn’t plain looking
and it was kid-friendly!
 A circle with a radius of 1 with
its center at 0.
 Because the radius is 1, it is
easy to measure sine, cosine,
and tangent.
They are related.
They are used in trig, can be measured in
similar ways.
Scoring a goal in soccer is done with a variety
of different shot positions, but each position
involves knowing the length and depth of the
goal. The distance from the goal, diameter of
the soccer ball and height of the goal form a
variety of angles demonstrating triangular
scoring patterns in soccer.
We could study and make a chart or graph
about the different angles and shot positions.